Colombo Chronicles Live: White House and Congress! 10 Commandments! 10 Minutes – Rose Colombo says, “Our Time is Now!”

Attention:  White House and Congress!  Take Back our Country, Now!  Bring back men and women who are honest and express principles, values, traditions, patriotism, statesmanship, integrity, and men and women of good character.  Our Time is Now!  

OUR TIME IS NOW!  TOMORROW COULD BE TOO LATE!   Please Pray for our Country.  Pray for the 10 Commandments which I created and I will recite. They are written  with good intent and sincerity as the Will of the Majority of Americans which were ignored over the past 8 years by the Obama’s, and the Clinton’s, majority of Democrats, and RINOS, who favored Obama’s  foreign enemy invasion into the USA under the guise of religion by design. Many of the Democrats and RINOS have been in office too long. The US needs Term Limits. How is it so many Reps are wealthy on taxpayer funded wages while the average person struggles.  If caught in a scandal, they lie. If questioned, they take the 5th without fear of punishment. Obama said we are “small minded” people, but he is the one who is “small minded” and showed his rainbow, Marxist, Muslim Brotherhood colors. The dollar is shrinking and the Cost of Living is increasing. The White House and Congress are elected or appointed into taxpayer funded positions and its up to We The People demand that they remember their sworn oath to uphold, defend, preserve and protect  the U.S. Constitution that guarantees legal Americans freedom, rights, and liberties, and sovereignty.  The frogs are jumping out of the pot and they are “hopping mad” as they realize they were nearly boiled alive.

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