Vetting Law Must Include Two Words: “Incumbant” and “Retroactive”

Who will be the First Female U.S. President?
Who will be the First Female U.S. President?

Rose Colombo, (c) original 2009, rev. 2010, rev. 1/27/2011, rev. 7-4-2013

My original blog and proposal published on-line on Town Hall and Newsvine about 2009 and submitted to my Representatives on and more. I believe that applications to be a U.S. President must require a Certified copy of a Birth Certificate attached to the application of a candidate for Congress, State of U.S. Senator or U.S. President. This should be a simple and mandated requirement before the application is accepted by the DNC and GOP and signed off by federal public servants. In fact, this proposal is the fastest and easiest way to prevent any person, who may or may not be a U.S. Natural Born Citizen, the opportunity to produce a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate, and remain transparent or be forced to quit the race. The U.S. Justices and Congress have knowledge that if there is a technical or administrative error that slipped through the cracks of any candidate for public office that it is their moral responsibility and fiduciary duty to correct the record.

My proposal of 2009 targeting a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate if implemented must include two words, “Incumbant” and “Retroactive.” Such legislation would eliminate any doubt or lawsuits in the future. The 2008 and 2012 elections have placed grave doubt upon the integrity of the U.S. President, Justices, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the U.S. Congress. These two elections and the question of the eligibility of a U.S. President shall leave a bad taste in the mouths of U.S. Citizens for years to come.

In fact, this proposal should be proposed as an Amendment to Article II. The elections of 2008 and 2012 have placed grave doubt as to the fairness and honesty of U.S. National elections and left the door open for foreign born or anti-American foreign born, illegals, or foreign enemy spies to infiltrate the federal government and access the taxpayer’s money and the keys to the White House, the keys to Air Force One, and National Security, which leaves America at great risk to the welfare and safety of the American people, and the U.S. Military men and women on the battlefields, or on U.S. soil left unarmed.

Stop the controversy over Article II with a simple common-sense amendment to Article II, which I proposed to my representatives and blogged on-line five years ago. The issue of Obama’s eligibility could have been resolved before the inauguration of 2009 and the election of 2012. 

Consequently, I read that Rep. Jim DeMint proposed a similar law, but it is my understanding that his proposed legislation didn’t include two words which I believe are crucial in order for the law to be effective in 2012 which are “Incumbant” and “Retroactive.”

Ironically, the democrats didn’t have a problem spying on Palin’s e-mails or arresting a citizen who doesn’t have their proper identification on them when stopped by a cop, but they care less about the identity of a non-vetted man elected to the highest office in the land, who the next day after swearing an oath to uphold all U.S. Constitutional laws and be the most transparency president ever in U.S. History, concealed his records from law enforcement, lawmakers, and the world.

  I strongly urge congress to implement or amend Article II of the U.S. Constitution and include the two words  “incumbant” and “retroactive.”  It’s my understanding that when  Rep. DeMint proposed a similar bill that the Republicans didn’t feel that it could pass if  the words “incumbant” and “retroactive” were included, but with a Republican congress and if Republicans take the Senate back in 2014, I don’t see a problem with its passage.

Therefore,if Americans are to be protected in the future against a non-vetted U.S. President then two most important words must be included, “incumbant” and “retroactive” for this is the only way to prevent history from repeating itself. If Americans don’t take this opportunity to close this serious loophole now, before 2015, there may never be another opportunity to prevent a foreign enemy or usurper or illegal citizen from by-passing the vetting process and Article II which would render Article II meaningless.

Consequently, if this law isn’t amended, than it’s possible that foreigners and illegals could use Obama’s senate race and presidential race as the test case and file lawsuits arguing that a precedent has been set. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices and Congress failed to act when Obama ran for Illinois Senator and ran for the office of US President twice without proper vetting requirements being enforced. Therefore, the foreigners or illegals could argue that a pattern has been set and they could steal the birthright of a U.S. Natural Born Citizen who inherited his or birthright at birth when he or she was born on U.S. soil to two U.S. legal parents. This could risk the freedom, liberty, sovereignty, and democratic form of government run by three branches of government and balanced by Checks and Balances.

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18 thoughts on “Vetting Law Must Include Two Words: “Incumbant” and “Retroactive”

  1. in blog re: mandated health ins. you mentioned that those choosing no health insurance will go to “free” clinics to get it. There are no “free” clinics in the USA.
    Someone must pay. The yearly cost of uncompensated health care in the USA is approx. $100B. (34 B public, 65 B private) That drives up all health costs for those who do pay. How do you think we get to $2 tylenol pills? Many hospitals and their docs must provide these billions of dollars of services free. Heckovadeal. Mandatory auto insurance, health care, retirement funds etc. are FAR from ideal solutions. But those who refuse health insurance when they can pay and then demand “free” care are hypocrites.


    1. Thank you for your reply. In response, let me say that I worked for a Medical Director and a Chief of Psychiatry at one time so I am familiar with the indigents. I also know people who are poor and have received free services because they had no money to pay for their health care emergencies in the United States. Illegals do not pay – the taxpayers do! Obama Care provides that all illegals and Muslims who use a religious claim and refugees who migrate from Palestine do not have to pay! The American people are required to pick up the tab, but these protected by the federal government do not have to pay – it’s free! And, anyone without insurance who needs emergency care must be provided emergency care. It is the taxpayers who pick up the tab, not the indigent or those mentioned and receive free services. America does not turn people away because they have no money for emergency services.


    2. dgold, all emergency rooms must take care of patients who show up on their doorstep in America – There are free clinics through the counties and at county hospitals and there is federally funded government programs paid by taxpayers. Always has been in America, at least since the 80s.


  2. The word is “Incombent” . I’ll assume you just copied it from someone else’s work. Since it is a featured word, the mistake is glaring.

    Your arguement for the B certificate reminds me of all the noise about Pres. Bush election in ’99. Dems carried on for years that he was illegitimate because of the close vote. They then spent the rest of his administration asking for impeachment because they disagreed with his decisions. It was a waste of time. As is the B certificate argument. In fact it will help Obama’s reelection.

    I know it is difficult to percieve when you are inside the echo chamber of political rhetoric, but centrist politicans usually win. By successfully defining a group as non-mainstream ( in this case Birthers) the Dems will win many millions to their side. They pray that Palin, Gingrich or Paul gets nominated to run. That will make it very easy to get Obama reelected. A non birther like Romney, Cantor or Boehner immediately grab the political center. The “100 million muslim” conspiratorialists, birthers, “He’s a secret muslim” types are viewed as quite out of the mainstream. And if they get a candidate to support them during primary season, that Republican candidate will hand Obama an immediate advantage, despite all his negatives. Check the polls. The closest matchups are with those who eschew non-mainstream beliefs.
    Check what happened to Buck in Colorado or Angle in Nevada. Their non-mainstream statements about peripheral issues during the primaries sunk their candidacys.

    I know you are convinced you are right about issues that are perceived as peripheral and unproven by the majority. But I assume you understand that the country faces vital problems that are much more real to the average citizen than birth certificates etc. We want candidates who will fight for our financial future and not obsess about plots, secrets, usurpers etc.

    And, BTW. How is it more for a 20 something to demand unlimited emergency/hospital care and expect taxpayers to foot the huge bill? Your observations are quite correct about. We do not turn people away even if they could afford health insurance. Heckovadeal. I am forced to pay taxes so that someone who can afford insurance does not pay for it ends up with huge medical bills. 100% guarantee: All insured and taxpayers end up footing the bill. ( or the govt. prints money) Insurance goes up because medical providers must charge more. I can’t quite grasp how someone who demands free care is more moral than those demanding that s/he pay for insurance. ..Reminds me of stem cell research… but that is another discussion.


    1. “INCUMBENT: The spelling is correct. Sorry, you’re spelling is incorrect. Please check Webster’s New Pocket Dictionary – it’s only $1.99 or you can look it up on line. I stand by the truth. Article II is the law of the land. If Obama does not have to follow Article II of the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Justices no longer have to hold up the entire U.S. Constitution then we don’t need them, do we? And, if Obama doesn’t have to follow the law then why should we? So, why are police officers arresting people who aren’t doing anything wrong if they don’t tell the officer their name if he asks in California? Why do you have to show your birth certificate and D/L when you get hired for a job or travel out of the country? Do you realize that violating Article II of the U.S. Constitution equates to an illegal, usurper, foreign anti-American enemy can apply in the future for the U.S. President without being vetted and without proof of birth based on Obama’s precedent? In fact, are you aware that Senator Obama stated in 2008 on “Meet the Press” that “We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is why mywife disrepsects the flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past.” And, if you check out You Tube – you can find several videos of Obama refusing to salute the U.S. flag or face it and refusing to wear “that pin.” There are many other facts, but that’s why the Constitution was written – to follow it – not violate it, including Article II.


    2. Thank you for your respnose. It appears that the majority of Americans are now convinced that Obama is a foreign born citizen, and his foreign-born dad makes him ineligible, period with or without a birth certificate. The fact that voter fraud is a serious problem and rigged electronic machines, dead people voting, double and triple voting, illegals voting, and the Military Votes left behind in a warehouse, not to mention the criminal ACORN types, and New Black Panther intimidation, are far beyond fair and honest elections whether a “Birther” or Muslim Conspiracy type runs or a Democrat or moderate main stream type. The truth is fair and honest elections went out the door when electronic machines were implemented and accelerated in the 2008 and 2012 electoins…Pre-Selected and Pre-Elected is the norm now -regardless of party or platform. I am not a “birther,” I am a realist who understands how important it is to follow the vetting policies, Article II, 22nd Amendment, and Identification laws before approving a candidate and handing him the keys to the Rolls Royce. If he steps on the gas and turns extreme left and favors illegals, Muslims, and non-citizens and the Muslim Brotherhood, he may crash the people’s RR into the People’s House – and do a lot of damage. www,


  3. Typo:
    Last paragraph should read: And, BTW. How is it MORAL for a 20 something to demand unlimited emergency/hospital care and expect taxpayers to foot the huge bill?


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