Gov Abercrombie, Obama & Holder & Obama’s Concealed Records

Rose Colombo – 1/22/2011, Rev. 7-4-2013

Rose Colombo, author, award winning author, poet & Freelance writer
Rose Colombo, author, award winning author, poet, Radio Host

Rose Colombo,  1/22/2011 (c), rev. 7/4/2013


Governor Abercrombie shouldn’t waste his time chasing rainbows.  Immediately after President Obama was elected in 2009, he implemented and signed Executive Order 13233, approving executive privilege and the concealment of  all of his personal records unless he gave his permission.  Executive Order-Presidential Records states, “NARA” refers to the National Archives and Records Administration.”  And,(c) Presidential Records Act” refers to the Presidential Records Act 44 U.S. C. 2201-2207.”  And, “Sec. 3, (c), if the President decides to invoke executive privilege, the Counsel to the President shall notify the former President [Bush] the archivist, and the Attorney General [Holder] in writing of the claim of privilege and the specific Presidential records to which it relates. After receiving such notice, the archivist shall NOT DISCLOSE the privileged records UNLESS directed to do so by the INCUMBENT President or by a final court order.”

Therefore, is it only the men in black robes who have the  power to hear the case of eligibility and correct the record one way or the other?  Therefore, shouldn’t  Governor Abercrombie file a lawsuit with Hawaii’s federal court requesting access to the records based on improper vetting and an alleged violation of Article, II so he can prove his case of eligibility, not only to the people, but to himself.  After all, how does Obama’s credentials and identification records affect National Security.  It’s understood that Executive Privilege is only invoked if National Security is at risk to the best of my knowledge and research on this issue.

I believe this is the first time in U.S. history that a U.S. government finds it necessary to announce that Obama will not be ordered to produce a Certified Copy of a U.S. President’s Birth Certificate because the U.S. president refuses to follow the law, Article II, after he swore an oath to uphold U.S. law.   Article II requires proof that the person seeking to be President of the USA is a U.S. Natural Born Citizen established as the only person who is eligible to be a U.S. President.  How is it then that Governor Abercrombie doesn’t realize that Obama can’t be a U.S. Natural born citizen because Obama admits that his biological  father is a generational  Muslim and a Kenyan native-born citizen and subject of Britain and his Birthright is passed down from his father.   Obama’s dad is foreign-born and only his mother was a U.S. natural-born citizen, which means that Obama might be a legal U.S. citizen, but he can’t be a U.S. “Natural” or “Native” born citizen of the United States as required by the Rule of Law, Article II, of the U.S. Constitution.

Governor Abercrombie stated Obama has a long-form Birth Certificate and he will produce it, but he has now retracted his statement claiming that “Hawaii law bars the release of Obama’s long-form birth certificate,” which he should have known when he set out to prove that millions of U.S. citizens are wrong and intended to prove his friend, Obama, is eligible, but could not. So, how did they access the short form live birth certificate and then claim that it’s illegal to access the long form birth certificate without Obama’s consent?   If Obama gave consent for a short form live birth certificate then why wouldn’t he give his consent for the long form birth certificate which is a very simple thing to do?

How is it that Governor Abercrombie isn’t concerned with the fact  that Obama has spent millions of dollars on legal fees concealing his birth certificate when he could produce it for about $20 and end this controversy over his eligibility?  It isn’t logical for a man in public office to be labeled brilliant and  simultaneously waste millions of dollars concealing a twenty-dollar ($20) piece of paper!  It doesn’t make any sense for the President of the United states to beg the American people to trust him with trillions of U.S. tax dollars by promising that he’ll create U.S. jobs, but to-date, has failed to do so.  He promised to create 350,000 shovel-ready infrastructure jobs with the Stimulus Money when he misled Americans to believe the sky was falling, but it was not.  Any average citizen with any amount of common sense understands that it’s wasteful and irrational to spend millions of dollars on attorney’s fees when the cost to resolve the eligibility  issue would cost the government or Obama about twenty-dollars.

Just because Obama’s proud grandparents paid to have an announcement published in a Hawaiian newspaper announcing the birth of their grandson is not proof that Obama was born in Hawaii.  A newspaper article wouldn’t be enough evidence to prove that Obama was born in Hawaii, only a certified copy of Obama’s long form Hawaiian birth certificate can prove his birth place, but even the birth certificate wouldn’t qualify him as a “natural-born U.S. citizen.”  And, many experts are stating the Birth Certificate is forged and altered.

Although, Hawaii’s  Health Director states that Obama’s name is listed in vital records, the listing isn’t proof that he was born in Hawaii.  The Health Director, Ms. Fuddy, who knew Lolo Soetoro and Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s white mom who married Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia and legally adopted Obama making him a  Indonesian Citizen is intriguing as well.  She may have mentioned that the short Live Birth Certificate is published on the internet, but to my knowledge, she hasn’t stated that she has reviewed and vetted Obama’s long form birth certificate if she were called upon to testify at congressional hearings or in a court of law.

In fact, I watched a video which went viral in 2008/2009  and may have been removed from the internet which featured Obama’s Kenyan grandma stating that she was present at the Kenyan hospital when Obama was born.  Another video appeared on You Tube featuring Obama’s sister and she also stated that  Obama was born in Kenya, but that video may be been removed as well.  The Kenyan Parliament posted a video that they had a copy of Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate on file, but its been reported to have gone missing as well, whether true or not, I don’t know, but it does remain a mystery.

The vetting process is an examination and review of the records by the DNC in order to confirm that the statements made by Barack Hussein Obama are true or false about his birth, names, age, social security, parents, education, social or political groups.  Background checks are required by all government  agencies when citizens apply for a position.  To the best of my knowledge, I’ve been led to believe that a certification is signed by the Speaker of the House declaring that Obama’s records were reviewed and true and validated; therefore, the birth certificate should have been produced and vetted, but allegations filed with the courts complain that Obama did not produce a valid long form birth certificate or any other personal records during the vetting process and before he was elected into public office.  In fact, there are allegations that Rep. Pelosi altered the Certification while she was Speaker of the House.

For example,   before any U.S. citizen or immigrant leaves or comes into the country or when a government employee or private corporation employee is hired, they are required to answer specific questions about their backgrounds.  The employers or government agencies vet the background information and assure the American people with clever words that the information is complete and truthful before the candidate is approved to run for office.  But, they aren’t required to attach a copy of their Certified Birth Certificate which should be a requirement in line with Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

Just recently, a woman was arrested in Canada because she changed her birth date on her passport as reported in the news.     A certificate of live birth, such as the one published by Obama on the internet with black lines drawn through it is invalid and it is not proof of U.S. Natural born citizenship.  Even if there is a long form birth certificate, It appears that Obama is ineligible as a “Natural Born U.S. Citizen” because his biological  father was not a U.S. citizen, but a Kenyan born citizen and a British subject.  Also, Obama was adopted as a child by his step dad Lolo Soetoro, who legally changed Obama’s name to Barry Soetoro and changed his citizenship from a U.S. citizen to a legal Indonesian citizen.  Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship.  Upon re-entering the U.S. during the 80s, Barry Soetoro or Obama would be required to repatriate his U.S. Citizenship and Renew his U.S. Passport, apply for a U.S. Social Security number, and Selective Service Records and Legally change his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama.  So, when did he accomplish all those requirements since he’s alleged to have attended college on a Foreign Student Loan?

So, how is it that U.S. legal and natural-born citizens must produce their birth certificates and follow the Rule of Law, but high-ranking public servants are given a pass and to add fuel to the fire, they are  allowed to write laws which by-pass Article II, the law of the land, which is a self-protecting agenda for self-gain and they are trampling upon the 4th Amendment and 1st Amendment as well.

Therefore, it is unconscionable to most Americans that the U.S. government is allowing a high-ranking public servant to appear to be in violation of the law of the land,  Article II, and Repatriation Laws as well as Legal Name Changes, Selective Service Records, application for a Social Security Number required to work in this nation and pay taxes.  Obama stated that he was too-inexperienced to be a U.S. President after he stated he was a licensed lawyer, but he was not licensed at the time he campaigned and he stated he was a College Professor which has also been debunked.  He is a Community Organizer and he did join hands with Bill Ayers, an American terrorist and his neighbor, and created an organization named ACORN.  They trained the ACORN members, who eventually committed voter fraud in 2008 when Obama ran for President and some members landed in jail.

In conclusion, Obama slipped into public office as an Illinois senator without any experience in politics as the two experienced candidates suddenly dropped out.  He slipped into the oval office as a non-vetted President and immediately with the blessings of the entire DNC and Federal Government concealed his identification records and credential from the government and from the American people.  These actions cast a shadow over the country causing serious doubt in the minds of American citizens.  This is similar to an activist judge who has a wealthy and connected litigant before them with unclean hands and came to court in “Bad Faith.”   The judge and lawyers know the guy is in violation of the judge’s court order and the guys says, well, here’s a xerox copy of the check that I paid her off, but he did not.  He provides no certified bank copy of the check as evidence, but the judge doesn’t care and says, “I believe he paid his child support.”  The lawyers say, “Oh well, we believe he paid his child support.  They ignore the truth and violate their sworn oaths to uphold the constitution, and ignore the cries of the hungry children.  Shame on all those who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and have not.  The lawyers  know that if a judge says he “believes” a litigant that it’s a done deal regardless of truth!

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  1. I doubt that Abercrombie comments were made for nothing more than political cover for the birth certificate controversy, and that he never intended to actually produce a document. Now that he has been called on it, I wonder if he has now determined that he cannot find one and that he has stepped in a hole that is going to be difficult removing himself.


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