Will Humanity Survive or WIll Humanity be made Extinct by Wealthy Powerful Forces and wipe out the Judeo-Christian Nations?

Multi-Award-Winning Author, Rose Colombo, Releases Her New Book, “Obamasaurus”

A Humorous and Scathing Political Satire that Contains a Dire Warning for the Survival of Humanity

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 2022 — In the modern political landscape, it can take an unconventional approach to reveal truths and fight back against oppressive forces. The multi-award-winning author, Rose Colombo, is doing just that with her latest book release, “Obamasaurus: The Legend of How the Judeo-Christian Dinosaur Nation was Depopulated and Suffered Extinction.” Colombo’s short story uses fantastic-but-familiar and well-crafted imagery to remind readers of their God-given nature and issue a warning that is of concern to everyone.

  •  What if the evil ones were planning on creating famine worldwide?
  • What if an evil force was planning on wiping out humanity?
  • What if 150 billion people disappeared from the earth in 3 years?
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Will Professor Noah’s dream of traveling to a remote and foreign land in search of the dinosaur clues explain the truth of how the powerful ancient dinosaurs could suddenly vanish off the face of the map? Noah is haunted by such a mystery and wonders if one day humanity could vanish from the face of the earth. After all, tribes have disappeared as well as birds, fish, and animals. Noah has been intrigued with the dinosaur world even as a child. Obamasaurus includes humor; however, one editor stated, it is a scathing political satire that causes us to be concerned about our world today and our nature. Professor Noah keeps his political opinions to himself out of fear of being fired from the university.

OBAMASAURUS Click it on – Will Humanity Survive? Shound humanity and babies be on the endangered species list?

But what happened that day in Noah’s office? He heard the door creak, He sat quietly at his desk grading his student’s papers. Noah didn’t have any appointments. Everyone had gone home. Yet, Noah felt a strong presence as if he wasn’t alone. Suddenly something startled Noah and he thought that he was hallucinating as a strange event occured. He can’t stop staring at the surprise visitor who presents a very unusual request that demands an immediate decision. Time is of the essence. If Noah accepts the mission can his life remain the same or will it change his life forever?

Will Professor Noah accept the challenge and travel into the remote jungles of Africa where even the Natives won’t enter for fear of an old wives tale about a magnificent Dinosaur named, Obamasaurus, who the natives believe roams inside the sacred grounds of the jungles. Can Noah complete the mission and save humanity from depopulation or extinction?

How will Noah’s life change forever after he receives a letter from the university at the end of his semester? It’s a dilemma Noah must face. He has no choice but to figure out his purpose and his mission now that his eyes are open to reality. http://www.amazon.com

A Global Leader in Exile – In line with OBAMASAURUS – a must read for all ages

OBAMASAURUS by Rose M ColomboGreat short read and timely for all ages – Kindle and Paperback – http://www.amazon.com

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