Breaking: “Is Congress Secretly Passing the “Equality Act” To Persecute Christians and Deny them their Freedom and Religious Rights in Favor of the LGBT Pending!

Rose Colombo (C) 3/26/2019 – award-winning author, poet, and media host seen on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines over the years as the “Consumer Advocate and Activist against Injustices and Legal Abuse”

Should Americans not ask why would the Congress currently be considering the passage of the “Equality Act” when the United States Constitution guarantees “equality for all?” Does the Democratic Congress intend to persecute Christians? Does the Democratic Congress seek to force every institution (religion included!) to hire and serve individuals based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity? . Alex Newman discusses his article based on this issue with Christian Gomez in the video, “The New American” published March 26, 2019. Call your Reps and Oppose The Equality Act, HR 5 and S788 at 202-225-3121.

The Congress are not Dictators? Are they discriminating against everyone who isn’t gay or Muslim and defining what we can be or do or say or wear and believe regardless of faith? These are monstrous attacks against the American people and the Catholics, Jews, Christians, and other religious organizations that trample on the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights!

What on earth are the Democrats really all about because they are not the same loyal American Democrats of the past who upheld their sworn oath and believed in Freedom and Freedom of Choice and Morals. Many of these Democrats appear to have no morals as they’re okay with killing babies and calling it legal and confusing children about their gender identification and brainwashing them into sexual preferences using America’s taxpayer funded public schools.

Write Your Legislators and Oppose “Equality Act’ proposed by the Democrats because they are so extreme now that they ignore the Constitution and appear to be determined to eliminate the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Laws of the Land along with Sovereignty and pushing for Gun Control, Open Borders and flooding the nation with illegals without inspections.

Everyone should read the following information and call their representatives in the USA at 202-225-3121. Oppose the “Equality Act, ” H.R. 5 and S. 788. Call your Reps. today!


“Exempt occupations. Certain employment is exempted from the act, including: Priests, monks, nuns, rabbis and ministers of religion. Actors and models in the film, television and fashion industries (a British Chinese actress for a specific role, for instance).”

This paragraph provides all the exemptions under Western Civilization’s laws for anyone who apparently is a Liberal Hollywood star, or British or Chinese actress. It would exempt anyone who claims to be a religious leader. Therefore, no matter what they did there would be no consequences for them. They could assist foreign migrants to invade, infiltrate, overpopulate, dominate and impose their demands on foods, clothing, employers, restaurants, markets, blocking roads to pray, setting up their own police and no-go zones cities without fear of consequences.

How can the “Equality Act” be considered equality when it protects specific religions and sexual preferences, but not all? For example, it should be a constitutional federal and state violation to set up no-go zones inside the USA and denying access to Americans on their own homeland. How does the Congress justify such acts and where is the equality?

How is it equality of a state such as West Virginia declares “eminent domain” and forces legal natural-born and legal naturalized Americans from their home and moves them to sub-standard homes out of their communities to set up no-go zones for fake or legal refugees or fake or legal asylum seekers while the state uses tax dollars paid by the Americans to build new homes and tear down a Christian church to build a foreign religious building? Where is the equality?

Where is the equality when the Congress of the USA allows foreigners to wear their head pieces in congress or military or law enforcement or in the workplace and deny the same to the Christians, Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Amish and other religions practicing the faiths in the USA? How is one exception to the Rule meet the standard of equality?

Description of The Equality Act

“The Equality Act is a bill in the United States Congress, that, if passed, would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, public accommodations, public education, federal funding, credit, and the jury system.”

“The Equality Act can also provide protection for certain illnesses when they are established as a disability. Under the Equality Act a person is disabled if they have ‘a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities’.”

“These are age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation. The Equality Act 2010. The Equality Act became law in October, 2010. It replaced previous legislation (such as the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) and ensures consistency in what employers and employees need to do to make their workplaces a fair environment and comply with the law.”

“The Act simplifies, strengthens and harmonises the current legislation to provide Britain with a new discrimination law which protects individuals from unfair treatment and promotes a fair and more equal society. … the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003.Oct 30, 2017. Why is America and Britrain changing their Equality Laws to protect foreigners migrated into Britain and America, but not legal lawful Americans and Christians, Jews, and all others?”

The quoted materials are sourced from Wikipedia.

Islamophobia is not a Phobia! Fake Word? It’s not Recognized in the English Language, so is it Made Up for a Purpose?

Rose Colombo, Patriotic Natural-Born American!

AMERICANS ARE NOT ISLAMOPHOBIC OR RACIST! The truth is that Americans don’t suffer from a fake made up word, “Islamophobia” but foreigners could suffer from a made up word known as “Americanophobia.” Phobia is defined as “irrational fear,” but Americans aren’t suffering from “irrational fear” but real fear and concern for the safety of all Americans who shall never forget 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012….as well as attacks recorded throughout history .

Rimsha Masih, an 11-year-old Christian girl suffering from Down Syndrome, was falsely accused of burning the Koran. Muslims responded by rioting, destroying Christian homes, churches, and crosses, tearing Bibles to pieces, and calling for her death. While under arrest, it was discovered that Muhammad Khalid, a learned Muslim cleric, had planted the charred Koran in her backpack “in order to get rid of Christians in the area.” — Stefan J. Bos, Worthy News, August 22, 2012; The Guardian, September 2, 2012, and others.

Islamophobia is not an American English word and the English word phobia means “irrational fear,” but Americans have real fear when they are accused of being racist and haters as well as being accused of irrationally fearing foreign immigrants. The fear is created by the immigrants, who hold up signs on U.S. soil, declaring their goals to “Dominate America.” The radicals are seen in videos and news both foreign and domestic news reports stating, “Death to America!” That is a threat and should require deportation from the USA because Legal U.S. Citizenship requires assimilation as an American and allegiance to the USA. Naturalized Americans who are immigrants and new legal or illegal immigrants aren’t granted authority to harm American citizens or plot to attack America or steal American land by setting up no-go zones.

How about the radicals who have been attacking and murdering Americans since 2001 inside the USA as well as attacking Americans at military bases or on the battlefields since the 1970’s? In fact, U.S. congressional reps should never be allowed to threaten the POTUS and declaring in hearings that they are guilty of lying, perjury, covering-up to protect the POTUS and being traitors to the American people and Nation which stirs up the radicals in the world and communist and socialist nations making it appear that the POTUS is under attack and weak. It’s unbecoming and unprofessional to see men, and especially females, who demand respect, spewing vile curse words and declaring that he is guilty of crimes without a trial or evidence directed at the POTUS that most men wouldn’t use in public.

It would appear that it would be prohibited by Congress to allow U.S. Representatives to be the key speakers at the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR meetings that are kept secret and guarded by American police officers. The Muslim reps in congress have been reported and seen and heard on camera calling for a revolution in the USA. It appears that their mission and purpose is making congress a majority of Muslims and put a Muslim in the oval office as stated by former rep Ellison and rep. Rashida.

Furthermore, the Muslim female representatives and their close link, Linda Sarsour call for the Muslims to “wake up angry” every morning at the White House. Rep. Omar calls for the Muslims to “Rise Up” in the USA. Loyal Americans who love their country would never do that and haven’t done it, but the females who support the radical organizations and began speaking out after 2016, continue to do so. In fact, Ilhan Omar, told the CAIR audience to “raise hell” in the USA! In most of the countries they support in the Middle East, women can’t speak out at all and they definitely wouldn’t be in public office or speaking out on stage or in the media.

Americans aren’t suffering from an irrational fear, but a serious concern based on facts and history as well as the speeches presented at CAIR and other anti-Israel organizations that call for the domination of America. Remember, all U.S. legal citizenships require assimilation as an Americans and loyalty to the U.S. Constitution.

The concerns about terrorism and radicals for Americans is based on facts that go back generations throughout history. Recently, during the Obama regime and Democratic congress and senate the foreigners chanted on U.S. soil, “Death to America” and “Death to the Jews” which Americans watched on social media or television. And, targeting Jews is not different than targeting Christians who believe in the same God and same Bible. Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East, Nigeria, Africa, China and other foreign nations and the media is silent, unless it’s a mosque in New Zealand then the world news is non-stop it appears.

It appears that the word “Islamophobia was made up to silence Americans and force natural-born Americans to remove crosses, Bibles, Christian events, Christian advertisements by threatening business owners and mall administrations that they are insulted on U.S. soil while they distribute the Koran and their literature. This agenda affects the Jews and Christians, America, Europe, Canada and the rest of Western Civilization.

The word “Blasphemy” which is of ancient days, not modern times in the USA is being tossed around by Muslim immigrants and CAIR. Blasphemy is a crime in the Middle East and a mob rule death sentence according to experts and news articles. Never let the Blasphemy Law be implemented in the USA. Read again a paragraph from a true story below- again and let it sink in – Can you imagine mob rule and inhumane punishments recurring in the USA and Europe or Canada? Thank God, America wasn’t disarmed by the Obama Democratic administration which is their never ending chant, “Gun Control.”

“Rimsha Masih, an 11-year-old Christian girl suffering from Down Syndrome, was falsely accused of burning the Koran. Muslims responded by rioting, destroying Christian homes, churches, and crosses, tearing Bibles to pieces, and calling for her death. While under arrest, it was discovered that Muhammad Khalid, a learned Muslim cleric, had planted the charred Koran in her backpack “in order to get rid of Christians in the area.” — Stefan J. Bos, Worthy News, August 22, 2012; The Guardian, September 2, 2012, and others.” ( quote: Gatestone Institute)

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Breaking: Rose Colombo: I know what a Trump Team member told me and What Trump’s Team Believed on 10/19/2016! Russia vs. Hillary Team vs. Trump Team vs. Landslide!

Rose Colombo 3/2/2019 (C)

Mueller and Democratic Team vs. Donald J. Trump

On or about February 27, 2019, Michael Cohen, President Donald J. Trump’s former attorney, testified against the President of the USA as a convicted felon who lied before Congress in the past. It appears that he will be referred to the DOJ for lying again under oath to the senate committee on oversight enacted by Senator Jim Jordan and Senator Meadows.

Mr. Cohen didn’t testify against President Trump when Special Investigator Mueller targeted Cohen and charged him for lying to congress and felonies. It appears that Investigator Mueller wasn’t happy with Cohen’s testimony who said he didn’t believe that Trump colluded with the Russians in order to win the election. A new revelation was reported by Fox News that Cohen only turned on President Trump when Mueller threatened to target his wife as stated below:

“What many of you may not be aware of is the fact that I can personally confirm that the ONLY reason Michael Cohen ‘turned on’ the President of the United States is because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years. Period,” Patton posted on Jan. 18.

It appears after Cohen was threatened by Mueller to have his wife end up in prison, Cohen agreed to testify a second time under oath before the senate committee. Isn’t that coercion or maybe not. Cohen stated that he met with Chairman Cummings and Sen. Adam Schiff and the Clinton’s long-time friend and attorney, Lanny Davis, prior to the hearings.

This entire action is unprecedented in U.S. History where the Special Prosecutor, alleged to pressure a convicted felon, who previously lied to Congress, to testify. The other persons mentioned who Cohen alluded may have pressured him to testify a second time before congress was attorney Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton’s long-time attorney, with knowledge Hillary Clinton is angry that she lost the Presidential Race to Donald J. Trump in 2016. Mr. Davis, and the Chair of the Democratic Committee, Mr. Cummings, and the Democratic Senator, Adam Schiff, who are anti-Trump and pro-Hillary supporters were also persons that Michael Cohen, a convicted felon, alluded pressured him to testify against the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, as witnessed online to the best of my knowledge.

Cohen and Clinton’s attorney and the Democratic Chair and Senator Schiff apparently met in secret behind closed doors and according to Cohen’s testimony pressured him to testify prior to the senate hearings of February 27, 2019. It appears they also may have met at lunch during the senate hearings because after lunch, Cohen testified and admitted that he had assistance with his statement that he read before Congress when questioned by Senator Jim Jordan. The actions taken by the Democrats on the senate oversight committee as well as Hillary’s lawyer, Lanny Davis and Special Investigator, Mueller, appear to be unprecedented in U.S. History and a Conflict of Interest by the Hillary fans involved and appears to be highly unethical in my opinion.

Even more stunning is the fact that it has been reported that the Special Prosecutor threatened to arrest the wife of President Trump’s former personal attorney and send her to prison for 30 years if Cohen didn’t testify before Congress the second time in order to get the bird to sing. (Fox News)

According to CNBC, Michael Cohen, made the following statement during the congressional hearings that I, Rose Colombo, do not believe to be factual based on my first-hand knowledge of a different version of how Trump probably won the 2016 election by a landslide.

  • Michael Cohen told a congressional committee on Wednesday that President Donald Trump would have the potential to cooperate with a foreign power to win the White House.
  • “Mr. Trump is all about winning,” Cohen testified at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The testimony stating that Trump would have the “potential” to cooperate with a foreign power to win the White House could apply to anyone and it is a broad and general statement, not a fact.

The second testimonial statement, “Mr Trump is all about winning,” applies to anyone who enters into a race. Hillary Clinton is all about “winning.” Mueller is all about “winning.” Candidates are all about “winning.” Prosecutors are all about “winning.” Basketball Players are all about “winning.”

Ironically, disgraced Senator Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was in a historical scandal and an alleged love scandal. She supports Hillary Clinton and the DNC. She has knowledge of the Awan scandal that appears to have been swept away involving the AWAN brothers and hacking into government computers.

The Awan brothers were employed in the State Department, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and in charge. Pakistan is the hotbed for terrorism. Pakistan is where they train young boys and young men to graduate as Jihadist at the University of Holy War. A reporter back in the 90’s for the OC Register newspaper asked a graduate of Jihad what was their goal. He said, “To kill all the infidels.”

The Pakistani Awan Brothers were caught and accused of hacking into the Democratic Congressional computers during the Obama-watch and while former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was removing classified emails from the State Department without authorization while on or about that same time, the AWAN Brothers were hacking into the Democratic emails. No one bothered to ask what information they were gathering or accessed?

This was also at a time when Senator Dianne Feinstein allegedly employed a Communist Chinese spy as a staff member of 20 years according to the news. It appears that Mueller and the FBI key members who are all long-time associates and go way back with the Clinton’s and Clinton Foundation including former AG Holder and former AG Lynch who were removed from office after they were interviewed by congress. Holder was removed after the Fast and Furious hearings and Lynch was removed after the Hillary Clinton email scandal and meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac. Former FBI Director, James Comey was fired by President Trump after the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Wasserman Schultz noted to Cohen that she had been the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee at the time Russian agents hacked into DNC computers and stole that information. Was she sure it was the Russians? What if it was the AWAN Brothers or Senator Feinstein’s Communist China staff member or Communist China? Maybe it was Huawei? It could have been anyone since the government emails were being removed to personal servers every which way under the Obama- Hillary Clinton watch.

Did anyone in the Department of Justice investigate if a foreign entity hacked into the 33,000 emails, classified emails, that Hillary Clinton lied about and transferred to her personal servers at home without authorization? Did anyone look for hackers into Huma Abedin’s home computer storing 650,000 government emails? The FBI had knowledge that Huma Abedin’s parents, are employed by the Muslim Brotherhood. How is it these scandals were all swept away by the Department of Justice?

The congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz asked Michael Cohen during the Democratic Senate Oversight hearings, referring to the news that WikiLeaks was going to release the stolen material, if Trump had “cheered that outcome?”

“Yes,” Cohen replied. The guardian published the release of emails related to Hillary Clinton who was under investigation – and I say that loosely, considering the key FBI agents during this time period appear to be loyal fans of Hillary Clinton. Hillary was given a pass on the serious email scandal by former FBI Director James Comey and former USAG Loretta Lynch. It would appear that the email scandal is more serious than knowing that Assange was dumping more emails onto the internet.

The truth is that most of us read that Julian Assange was about to release emails damaging to Hillary Clinton. The public probably knew about it before candidate Trump heard about it as millions of Americans were following the emails being dumped on the internet by Julian Assange including myself. It would appear that the email scandal and Uranium One involving Hillary Clinton and Obama was more serious than Assange dumping emails onto the internet or Trump and Roger Stone knowing that Assange was dumping more emails onto the internet.

“Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has said his organisation is preparing to publish more emails Hillary Clinton sent and received while US secretary of state.” The Guardian pub. June 12, 2016.

The truth is that candidate Trump was behind in the polls when these emails were being dumped onto the internet by Julian Assange, so what difference would it make if he told Roger Stone or not? That is called a communication. Trump didn’t have any control over Julian Assange. The emails were public on the worldwide net. What difference does it make at that point what Assange was doing because his behavior was a pattern and not new to anyone as he always announced what he was going to do on the internet prior to doing it.

The True Story of How Trump Won The Election!

Rose Colombo can state beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was present at the Trump Towers on October 19, 2016, with her daughter to watch the Trump-Hillary Clinton Third Debate. Colombo says when they arrived after dark, a large group of female protesters were present in front of the Trump Towers. She said that to our surprise every major news station was present. The majority of protesters were females holding signs and marching for the cameras. Lights! Camera! Action! The crowd was Pro-Choice in support of abortions and they were protesting the election of Trump for 2016.

Colombo said, “My daughter and I walked inside the Trump Towers to watch the Third Debate. We entered the Trump Towers cocktail lounge. The lounge was crowded; however, the host managed to find us a small table. The Trump supporters were energized and excited. We could feel the energy. It felt as if we were attending the Super Bowl. People Cheering. People chatting. It was truly a fun and memorable event.

We were the unseen live audience for Trump. It was an exciting evening, despite the fact that the media was outside the Trump Towers taping the protesters; however, not one TV station bothered to interview anyone in the Trump Towers.”

After the debate, most people left the lounge. My daughter and I stayed. She was chatting with some young males and females as well as the Hispanic bartender with a super personality. The bartender told us that he loved working at the Trump Towers and he’d been there a long time. I decided to sit at a table behind the young people so I could relax and watch the results being televised on the television. The news reporters on mainstream media were excited. Hillary Clinton was ahead in the polls. She was the favorite and the “sure bet” in the race. Trump was the long shot that night.

Awhile later, a young man approached my table. He was wearing a suit and tie. He asked if he could sit down and chat. I said, “sure.” He sat down and ordered a cocktail and we chatted about New York and chit chat. We ended up discussing the Trump-Clinton campaign and debates. He mentioned that my daughter told him that I had a radio podcast and that I was a Trump fan and promoted Trump for 2016 on my podcast and Facebook.

I smiled and said, “I sure am,” As I made that comment, his face looked as if he was concerned about something. He said, “Our team just doesn’t see how Trump is going to win against Hillary Clinton. She is way ahead in the polls. I smiled and without batting an eye, I said, “Oh, he’s going to win, He’s going to win big.”

The young man looked shocked. He asked, “How can you say that? Didn’t you see the polls after the debate? Hillary Clinton is way ahead in the polls and the mainstream media won’t give Trump the time of day. We need the mainstream media to win.” I looked at him and said, “Oh, Mr. Trump is going to win. He’s going to win big and he will be victorious.”

The young man looked at me in disbelief. He said, “How can you say that? I’m a member of his campaign team and we can’t figure anyway that Trump can beat Hillary Clinton at this late time in the game. There’s only a few weeks left and her numbers in the polls are way up.” I smiled. I looked at him straight in the eyes and said, ” “Trump will win. Trump will be victorious.” He said, “I don’t understand how you can believe that. How can he possibly win with only weeks left?”

I said, “You go back to Mr. Trump and his team and tell them that Rose Colombo said, “Start using social media 24/7 as his platform. Forget about mainstream media. They aren’t going to help him. Tell him to blast his face and message on Facebook, Twitter, and all over social media 24/7, non-stop, until the last minute of the elections.” He said, “You really think that will work?” I said, “I know it will work. He will win victoriously. I have a movement online promoting Trump for President and it is expanding because of Patriots jumping on board and helping promote Trump.”

I said, “Look, I have a lot of people who follow me. And, in 2015, I began a movement on my popular Facebook, Twitter and Social Media encouraging people to vote for Trump and share my message. This was at a time when even my followers said that “Trump is a joke” and “Trump isn’t serious, he just wants publicity.” I said, “I didn’t see Trump as a joke or a loser, but a winner who could help stop the Clinton machine. I believed Trump could help turn the country around and disrupt the Clinton machine.”

I remembered as a Advocate for Justice who started a movement in 1989, “Women Fight Back” exposing the corruption in family law courts and CPS and NAMBLA how many people attacked me. I proposed laws that were implemented and let the legislatures take the credit when many were passed. I was followed by people at that time – don’t know who – after my name and the organization was written up in major newspapers. One FBI agent told me, “Rose you can’t beat the system. The machine is already in operation and you can’t beat the machine.”

I looked at him and I said, “Well, maybe, I can’t beat the machine who steamrolls over innocent people, but God can.” He just smiled and shook his head and then laughed. I said, “Nice meeting you.” He said, “you, too.”

Now years later, I was in new York talking to one of Trump’s team members by chance to my utter surprise. Help comes from unexpected places. It was time to leave the Trump Towers. We exchanged names and emails. He was headed back to D.C. I truly believed that the Trump Train movement I started online in 2015 began taking off in 2016 nationwide would only expand as Americans were waking up just in time.

Trump began taking advantage of social media just in time to his advantage. The internet can reach millions in a click and the TV stations reach only so many thousands or millions for 30 minutes who were promoting Hillary Clinton. And people can share information in a click so just think how powerful that tool happens to be for sharing information.

Rose’s Connection to Trump since 1993 without meeting Trump!

My life as a business owner helped me to meet many people from all walks of life as well as a political activist and advocate for justice of more than 25 years which ended up to be my calling and mission in life. This appears to be one more mission that I was called upon to complete. Over the years, I have gained a vast knowledge about the legal system from first-hand experience. I’ve interviewed hundreds, probably more than a 1,000 in reality who were victims of legal abuse from around the nation. I understand how the system protects each other and how they can target anyone on their radar.

It appears that Mueller and the Democrats, who appear to be loyal to the Clinton’s, are targeting Trump. The Democrats want him removed as President of the USA despite the fact that the majority of Americans elected him. There are prosecutors who would go a step further and if the person they target doesn’t resign. They might go after family members, friends, business associates, or anyone linked to the targeted person just to pressure that person to resign. Americans are under the illusion that there is justice for all. No, not true. There is not justice for all.

The world is filled with good and evil people. And, sometimes, people in positions of power abuse their power. They care less who they step on, destroy, injure or kill or let rot in a jail cell or go to their death. It use to be only Blacks were targeted even if innocent, and secondly Hispanics and Asians, but not any longer. Anyone can be targeted even the President of the United States of America and that should be very frightening to every conservative American.

Americans should be concerned about the direction that America is being shoved whichi is anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-Israel, anti-Constitution, anti-Sovereignty, anti-Legal Immigration, anti-U.S. History that is being changed as I type, anti-historical U.S. monuments and statues, anti-historical U.S. articles and books and art, and anti-Bible, anti-Christian Churches, anti-Cross, anti-Ten Commandments, anti-natural-born American babies; anti-Natural-Born elderly, chronically ill, veterans, and physically and mentally challenged. Christians are being persecuted around the world. And, of course, the progressive socialist communist Democratic party is anti-God of the Bible. They are anti-Patriot and anti-U.S. Flag and anti-Bill of Rights, and anti-Legal Citizenship, anti-legal Drivers Licenses and anti-legal voting rights. Every Patriot. Every Constitutionalist. Every Pro-Life Advocate. Every Traditional Marriage advocate. The Socialist Democrats and foreign and domestic enemies support illegal no-go zones and illegal sanctuary cities, and are working overtime to eliminate ICE as an agency and from performing their job. They are anti-barrier along the borders, but in the past, they voted for the barrier, but never funded it or built it.

It was apparent that the bias mainstream media was doing everything in their power to promote Hillary Clinton for President 2016. Liberal Hollywood support the Clinton’s, where pedophilia appears to be out-of-control according to investigators and victims who speak out. Pedophilia is an international crisis exposed on the internet and produced in documentaries and books. The government publishes reports on the increased number of kidnapped children. Senator Nancy Shaffer ended up dead under suspicious circumstances who provided a scathing report on bribes for kids through CPS.

On or about 1996, I interviewed Senator John De Camp and he told me that his life and his family’s lives were threatened when he investigated The Franklin Cover-Up after he wrote the book. It’s public knowledge that wealthy Liberals in Hollywood support the Clinton’s and donate millions of dollars to their campaigns. The newspaper reporter, who investigated the international pedophile ring linked to the Franklin Cover-Up investigation named Caradori died before delivering the evidence. Caradori and his minor child son were in a plane with evidence on their way to deliver it when his plane exploded. The Chair of the Franklin Cover-Up committee was reported to have died. It appears that babies and children are an endangered species and it is a risk to save them.

On the other hand, Trump funded his own presidential campaign with his own money so he couldn’t be controlled. It appears to millions of Americans today that the game that has been in play for decades is to fund people who can be controlled. President Trump wasn’t one of them. They liked him as a celebrity on the television show, “Celebrity Apprentice.” The politicians and Hollywood liked Trump when he was a businessman and contributed to their campaigns and charities. They are angry that he was elected by the majority of Americans to be the President of the USA in 2016. Did the Democrats fear that he wouldn’t play on their same team or participate in their globalist game of Chess?

The Trump Book for $1 and the Trump Christmas Ornament for $1!

The reason I felt a connection to Trump was inadvertent and not a physical connection, but a spiritual connection. In 1993, I came across a book he wrote providing information on how to become a millionaire. There was only one book and it sold for $1 on the clearance table. I chuckled and said, “Well, how can you become a millionaire if your book is on the $1 clearance table? A few weeks later, while looking through the book, I thought, wow, Trump is pretty smart. Even if you sold a book for $1 each and 1,000,000 people purchased the book, you would earn $1,000,000.

In 2011, I was at a Christmas clearance table at Macy’s. I only buy Christmas ornaments after Christmas. I came across one ornament that stood out. There was only one. I knew it was meant for me. It was big. I think it said, “Dream Big. Think Big.” It was gold in color, of course. The ornament had the Trump name and logo in the center. Again, there was only one and it sold for $1. Of course, I had to buy it. Since 2011, I’ve hung that ornament on my Christmas Tree every year. It’s even a conversation piece. I remember thinking, this man is going to run for President of the United States one day, after picking it up and purchasing it.

Anyway, let’s return to the Trump cocktail lounge where I met the young man on Trump’s campaign team. The lounge was closing and we said good-bye to the people we met. My daughter exchanged emails with the bartender and they are still friends to this day. I looked in the eyes of the young man, who was a member of Trump’s campaign team, and I said, “Promise me that you will get this message to Mr. Trump and his team. Tell them to use social media 24/7 and blast his face and message all over social media until the very end of the elections.”

The young man promised me that he would bring my suggestion back to Trump and his team. He walked me and my daughter outside where we caught a cab and we had a friendly hug and said “good-bye after exchanging emails.”

At this point, Trump had nothing to lose by using social media 24/7 non-stop as a tool to share his message and photos and campaign slogans. Whatever he posted would be shared by millions on FB and Twitter and other social media sites. The Mainstream Media wouldn’t give Trump the time of day and only bashed him. The truth is that millions of Americans don’t dream big. And, millions of Americans don’t have hope. They give up. They don’t believe in God or listen to God and the inner voice inside their heads or discern the good from the bad.

I believe this was totally a “Good” thing and a “God” thing. It isn’t the first time God sent me on a mission that I didn’t expect to do because I didn’t expect to meet people that I wouldn’t have ordinarily met if I banged down their doors or called or written letters. It’s my belief that the voice that kept telling me to go to New York for the third debate at the Trump Towers was that of the Holy Spirit. I have completed several missions when I’ve heard that inner voice and I recognized it.

Many people will say, “Colombo is delusional,” but I say, “Tune into your higher power. Be calm and quiet and listen to the positive messages or instructions sent from a Higher Power and see what happens in your life.

Remember, I had no intention of going to New York, but I knew I must go. Call it intuition, but I call it the Holy Spirit. Take your choice. And, without any plans, but on a whim, I asked my daughter, “Do you want to go to New York and watch the Third Presidential Debate at the Trump Towers?” And, the thoughts in my head continued to urge me to fly to New York which happened right before the Third Debate on October 19, 2016. I knew I needed to be there on that night, but I didn’t know why.

Of course, my daughter wasn’t going to say no when I asked her if she’d like to fly to New York. The one place she always wanted to visit was New York. New York! New York! She’s an artist and a photographer and New York is a photographer’s dream. I guess Trump’s message of “Dream Big and Think Big” may have played a part in this mission. Two and one-half years later, my daughter’s photo of New York caught the eye of a wealthy man in the world of art and he requested that she send a portfolio. Her photo art will soon be reviewed by experts. So, you just never know what rewards we might receive when we follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit.

After we arrived in New York, we were just as excited as anyone else who had never been to New York. The hotel was fantastic and in the middle of Times Square. I was so excited to visit the Statue of Liberty and as we passed by, I thought about my grandparents. They were young when they left Italy to come to America so long ago. They told me how excited they felt to become Americans. Of course, we also saw a live on-stage play and we visited Central Park. We loved the carriage ride on the bike. I suggest everyone take a carriage ride through Central Park because you will see so much more that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

On or about October 20, 2019, we stopped by the Trump Towers after dinner to say hello to the bartender because he and my daughter became friends. On that same night, we met one of Trump’s best friends and his female friend. He was a tall attractive senior gentleman.   Intelligent.  A Delightful man. We chatted about the presidential race and once again, the conversation went from casual talk to the presidential race. His best friend said, I don’t think Trump believes he will win the race, but he can get a lot of publicity by running in the race. “

 The comments by the Trump team and his best friend appear to be proof that there wasn’t any Russian collusion. Trump was behind in the polls. Hillary was ahead in the polls. Maybe, it was Hillary that the Russians were helping after all, she sold 20% of our U.S. uranium to the Russians without authorization who paid millions to her, not Trump.

And, Hillary Clinton deposited the millions into the Clinton Foundation according to the news instead of being held accountable and returning the millions to the taxpayers.

Saying good-bye to Trump’s friends and New York!

After we finished talking and the gentleman promised to find my daughter a good man from New York, we laughed about that and we said good-bye. We took a photo. Upon arriving home, the young man on Trump’s campaign team and myself continued to email back and forth about the Trump campaign.

I emailed that I was happy to see that Trump was using social media and he had taken a huge liking to Twitter. Trump drove the mainstream media and the Democrats crazy. Trump’s Tweets still drive them crazy. Trump was using social media to his benefit and the Democrats continually tried to shut him down and discredit his comments. In fact, I read that at one point, Twitter suspended his account for a few days after he was elected in 2016.

The young man on Trump’s campaign and myself emailed back and forth about the campaign until Trump was inaugurated. Trump won the Presidential election victoriously. Trump won Big! He won just as I believed and predicted. Again, as I stated, after the inauguration, the emails stopped.

The reason I knew Trump would win victoriously in 2016 was simple. I knew how he could win if he took my suggestion and used social media 24/7 and blasted his face and message on the internet until the last minute of the elections. This quiet effort was combined with the online movement that I began in 2015 when most people, including my loyal FB friends weren’t on board, but eventually, they came around and spread the message and together with the Patriots online as a united quiet movement, together, as the United States of American Patriots, we were able to encourage more Americans across the nation to get out and vote and Jump on the Trump Train and Vote!

Abraham Lincoln once said, “We Must Try. If we don’t TRY how then shall we succeed?”

These were the three reasons I used to promote candidate Donald J. Trump when I began my movement online in 2015:

  1. Trump is not a lawyer or a disbarred lawyer.

2. Trump is a Natural-Born American with a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate making him eligible to be a U.S. President

3. Trump is a Businessman. America needs a businessman who can add and subtract because the Democrats and Obama racked up a $20 Trillion Dollar National Debt. The Democrats never balanced the budget and forced Americans to pick up the tab for millions of foreigners who don’t belong in the USA as they didn’t enter legally. And, for the first time in U.S. History, America’s credit rating was downsized twice.

Trump needed a final touchdown to beat out Hillary Clinton. The truth is that we fail when we don’t listen or try. Most people today aren’t taught to listen to the Holy Spirit or the power of the mind, whichever you choose to call it, your choice.

As a child, the Catholic nuns taught us to listen to our inner voice. The mind is powerful and the messages sent to our minds shouldn’t be ignored. The Holy Spirit, which I speak about has led me on other missions or guided me at times when there is danger that must be avoided. It is when I ignore the voice that things don’t work out in life. I believe that is the same for all people.

It’s my opinion, that the unexpected mission led me to the Trump Towers. I was to meet Trump’s team member. I was to deliver the message on how to win the election with only a few weeks left. What were my chances of meeting one of his campaign members and obtaining his email address just in time?

And, what were my chances of meeting one of his best friends the night that we returned to the Trump Towers where we were able to get the inside scoop in October 2016 from those who knew him personally and a member of his campaign team, who were willing to confide in me that they didn’t expect Trump to win the presidential election and they didn’t think Trump expected to win at that point?

In fact, the young team member said at that point, after the Third debate, Trump didn’t think he could win. And, I knew that this was the turning point for Trump. It was time for him to use the power of social media and jump on our Trump Train. Besides, what were the chances of my daughter taking photos of New York that would catch the eye of an prominent artist? I believe that my mission was accomplished.


If Russians were helping out candidate Donald J. Trump win the elections, they were doing a lousy job. On October 19, 2016, when I arrived with my daughter at the Trump Towers, Hillary Clinton was way ahead of candidate Trump in the polls. If the Russians were helping out President Trump, they definitely weren’t doing him any favors. It appears the Russians would help out Hillary Clinton who was winning despite the dump of emails made public by Julian Assange prior to the elections.

Is there a law that states that Roger Stone couldn’t speak to Julian Assange if he did speak to him? I don’t know if Roger Stone did or didn’t speak to Assange, but what’s the big deal? Assange was dumping emails consistently on the internet for public review? Roger Stone couldn’t stop Assange from dumping emails onto the internet and what crime is it to receive such a message if he did? This is what Assange had been doing as his pattern.

In fact, up to the last minute on November 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton was celebrating because she believed she would be the first female to be elected as President of the USA before the polls closed. The Russians were a moot issue between the Third Debate and the elections. If Hillary believed she won the the Third Debate and the presidential election on election night then why would the Democrats and Mueller be investigating the Russians? Obviously, the Russians failed big time if they were involved in helping out Trump because Hillary believed she won.

It was the American people who quietly united and decided that they had enough of the Clinton’s and Clinton Foundation. The majority of Americans had enough of the Democrats telling them to shut up, sit down, and that Obama would dictate by Executive Order. The Americans had enough of the Democrats lying about Obamacare and mandated taxpayer funded abortions and shoving Obamacare down America’s throats.

The truth is that the majority of Americans wanted restoration and feared the change and transformation of the Obama’s, Bushes, and Clinton’s and their open border policies. The Americans had enough of the cover-ups, scandals, and the dead bodies of witnesses and whistleblowers reported dead, before they testified against the Clinton’s, which has been going on and swept away for decades. The Americans were fed up with the cover-up of the email scandal, Benghazi, Libya, Fast and Furious, Orgy Island, open borders, illegals and radicals secretly migrated into the USA setting up no-go zones on our Homeland.

I hope and pray that my message delivered to the Trump team helped in the election of President Donald J. Trump along with the efforts by myself and Patriots online who joined my movement online. We spent time and effort encouraging Americans to change course and vote for President Trump. The fact that candidate Trump was appearing for many speeches combined with the Trump supporters online and his use of social media is what led to the Trump victory. Americans were fired up.

Americans wanted their country and constitution and sovereignty back. It wasn’t the Russians, it was the passion of the American people to save their nation from the radical Democrats who build “Fema” camps and bought “Fema” trains and support mandated taxpayer funded abortions of America’s future generations needed to preserve the USA as well as their push for “Gun Control” and Silencing Americans while protecting radicals and non-citizens. The Democrats motto is “Americans Last” vs. Trump’s motto, “Americans First!”

Millions of Americans felt that it was the only chance we had to save America and the U.S. Constitution, sovereignty, Second and First Amendments and Article II. We The People realized that it was our only chance to restore America and preserve our Homeland as America. We The People were awakened to the fact that foreign and domestic enemies on the left and the Muslim Brotherhood and Socialist and Communist were a threat to our nation and our Freedom.

Of course, millions of Americans wonder why Trump uses social media and consistently Tweets? That question always puts a smile on my face. I remember when I thought, “I have to get this message to President Trump before the elections. He needs to utilize the power of social media, but I don’t have anyway to get my message to him.” But, God knew how to get my message to him and God’s way always works.

The mainstream media complains about Trump’s tweets. You see, God doesn’t tweet. God doesn’t give away his plan on how he can turn things around and use people to change the course of events or help expose people who are mocking God. God doesn’t tweet on how he will expose evil people who lost their way called Liberal Socialist Democrats, Atheist, Satanist, Communist, and Radicals.

God doesn’t tweet on how angry and hurt God is about the Democrats who approve of torturing and killing babies in the womb, at birth, and after birth which are God’s creations. God warns not to harm babies or children and women, but even women are killing their own babies and choosing abortion because the men in black robes declared it legal.

God doesn’t tweet about how hurt and angry he is about replacing God and the Ten Commandments with Communism or a foreign ideology and foreign religion bonded to their political ideologies with knowledge that any foreign agendas mentioned are in opposition to the Bible, Ten Commandments, and the Constitution.

God chose a man, who would be the least likely to be taken seriously, by the opposition. God chose Trump because he was the least likely candidate to beat the Clinton’s and the Clinton machine. God chose Trump because he knew he would work hard to restore the USA and maintain the Judeo-Christian Foundation and U.S. Laws rooted form the Bible and Ten Commandments even if Trump didn’t think he could beat Hillary.

God chose Trump as the least likely to expose the international pedophile ring and help save the children from being raped, tortured, and killed. God chose the least likely man to fight to end to stop the killing of Natural-Born Americans on abortion tables by the millions which the Democrats and Justice Roberts who fooled me, calls legal.

God chose a man who would fight to secure the borders, build the wall, and enforce the Ports of Entry and enforce the law that requires inspections established by state and federal laws of the land.

God chose a man who would fight to keep the words alive that state, “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God.”

God knew that the Democrats and radicals would become vile and threaten to assassinate the President of the USA and threaten harm to his family and the Trump supporters. He needed a man who could withstand the darts being thrown at him daily.

In fact, the FBI and Secret Service must remain alert to continue to stop radical Jihadist who conspire to blow up the White House and overthrow our government in order to shred the U.S. Constitution. Most recently, the Secret Service and FBI prevented such an attack by a terrorist cell who they captured and arrested.

Americans were upset about Obama and Hillary Clinton secretly migrating tens of thousands of radicals into the USA , pulling out the race card, lifting the quotas for radicals they flew into the USA secretly at night and scattered them around the USA for 8 years. Obama and Hillary weren’t held accountable for diverting $220M from America’s taxpayers in order to implement their preplanned scheme to change America and destroy Freedom and transform the USA into a foreign nation of foreign ideologies.

The Holy Spirit is seen and expressed as a “Dove” in the Bible and as a symbol of “Peace.” Ironically, my first name is “Rose” and we know that a “rose” is mentioned in the Bible, The Rose of Sharon, and a rose is also a symbol of “Love.” My last name is Italian and in English, Colombo means “Dove” in English. I don’t believe in coincidence.

The olive trees and olive branch is a symbol of peace as revealed in the Bible, Israel and America. The olive branch is pictured with the white Dove carrying the branch as a symbol of peace to an individual, group or nation. In fact, my Italian grandpa grew olives in Italy and in the backyard in America. We always had green and black olives cured in olive oil in a jar on the kitchen table. The olive trees and olive oil and olives are sought after in Israel and Italy and Spain. I believe that Trump was chosen by God to protect America and Israel.

I believe Trump was the inspiration for Spain to build the wall where thousands of illegal foreign migrants were forcing their way into Europe from Africa and the Middle East through Spain at a porous area along their border. The majority of males would gather in large numbers and storm the border and overwhelm authorities making their way into Europe. Spain and Italy and the citizens of France and the UK love President Trump.

I personally believe that Trump is working to bring “Peace” among foreign enemy nations and working hard to keep the world safe. I believe that Trump has a message for the world. We, the United States of America, will never be a “Socialist” or “Communist” or Muslim Brotherhood nation.

Trump is offering the olive branch to Communist China, Russia, and North Korea and the Middle East, to preserve peace so no one pushes the nuke button, but the Democrats don’t get it. They view it as collusion with Russia. Ironically, I recently came across a photo of Trump holding a white “Dove.” There are no coincides as Trump “rose” to power.

After the inauguration, I never heard from the young man on the Trump team again. I received that last email before the inauguration and after the inauguration, I didn’t receive anymore emails from him. I was blocked from that email address. I accepted that as “mission completed.” We never heard from the senior gentleman, one of or the best friend of Donald J. Trump. We only knew that he lived at the Trump Towers. They will be in our prayers and hearts because it was meant to be and a moment in time that shall be remembered.

The only reason I am disclosing this true story is because I was told by one of Trump’s team members first-hand and in person as well as one of Trump’s longtime best friends that President Trump and his team didn’t believe he could beat Hillary Clinton on the night of the Third Debate October 16, 2019. The Clinton’s and the Clinton team consisting of wealthy well-connected DNC players believed Hillary won the election before it was called on election night, but God was in control, not Russia and not the DNC.

The Democrats bet on what they believed to be a “sure bet” and ignored the “long shot!” They underestimated the American people who they called, “stupid,” and “ignorant” and “small minded.” They called anyone who wasn’t a Democrat to be a “deplorable” and “foolish” and “easily tricked.” The American Citizens now ask, “Who are the foolish ones?”

It appears that the Left are the Liberals who believe in violating federal law and illegal immigration, trampling on sovereignty, and Liberalism which means killing babies and calling it legal. They appear to be okay with the Luciferins, Satanist, Atheist, Communist, Socialist, and foreigners with foreign ideologies in opposition to the Bible, God of the Bible, and the Ten Commandments and the Cross.

It appears there was No Russian Collusion, only American Votes!

It is ridiculous to think That Russia could influence America’s voters or that Hillary Clinton would believe she won the 2016 election up to the last minute if the Russians were supporting Trump! When did she decide the Russians were helping Trump win when he was losing and she was prepared in her purple attire to give her victory speech? After all, she’s the person who paid for the fake Russian Dossier. Why pay for a fake Russian Dossier and trick the Judge in the FISA Court by intentionally failing to tell the entire truth?

It’s my sincere opinion that President Trump did not win the November 9, 2016 election because of Russia or Russian interference. President Donald J. Trump was probably surprised that he won! His team was probably surprised that he won! Megyn Kelly was definitely shocked when the polls announced that Trump won the presidential election. I still remember her face of disbelief. The Clinton’s and her team and supporters were definitely shocked that Trump won. I was not surprised. I was happy for him and for loyal patriotic Americans.

In the end, it is my opinion that God won and the Democrats weren’t counting on God’s choice or on God’s Vote!

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Colombo has been seen and heard on cable and local TV and local and major radio stations as the “Crusader for Justice.” She was a columnist for two years creating and writing, “One Woman’s Opinion” for a local newspaper in the O.C.. She created, produced and hosted 2 cable TV shows, “Issues of the Day,” and “Women Fight Back.” She has articles published and poetry in newspapers, and she’s been quoted. The L.A. Times, Orange County Register, Boston Globe, Denver Post, and Huntington Beach news and more have covered Rose Colombo’s grassroots movement for more than 25 years. She’s received many awards from the media. And, she’s been written up in Marquis, “Who’s Who in America” and “Who’s Who in the World.” Check out her Facebook and Twitter @Rose4Justice and blogs at

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Listen! Silenced In USA China and Europe by Thought Police? “Hate Speech” and “Web Speech?”/ Is Online Spying Entrapment Targeting Natural Born Citizens and Seniors?

Rose Colombo (c) 2/16/2019

What if there were secret “Thought Police” implemented in sovereign nations targeting Europeans, Canadians, and Americans, in order to silence the Free Citizens, so the New World Order can be implemented? This appears to be entrapment with the intent to turn good people into criminals and place fear in their minds so they keep their mouths shut and comply with totalitarian laws. What if the Free Western Civilized Nations turned against their natural-born mature and senior citizens who know the history of their nations and the taste of freedom with intent of forcing the right to comply or else be punished?

The natural-born citizens, who were born on their homelands and innate to their soil which they love, appear to be an endangered species in Europe and America since the “age of Obama and the Bush’s and the Clinton’s.” This agenda flowed into Germany and France, and EU nations, with the approval of Merkel and Macron, Belgium, and Sweden whose leaders can’t get enough of it. Anyone who voted for Barry Soetoro aka Obama voted for what appears to be a usurper. In most free nations, the natural-born citizens are guaranteed Freedom of Speech; however, Freedom of Speech appears to have been trampled upon by the “Big Foot” of the EU and the Democrats in the USA.


The Democratic Party appears to have changed and transformed into the Socialist Party. The Democrat leaders and their followers engage in violence after they created an anti-American organization known as ANTIFA. ANTIFA was funded by George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama. The Democrats use knock downs of innocent seniors walking down the street, who support President Trump, as well as, unlawfully confront Trump supporters. They spew vile words against the “right” who are a majority of loyal Patriotic Americans.

The Leftist organizations and leaders in Congress and Liberal Hollywood and their supporters threaten to indict or assassinate or impeach President Donald J. Trump, which includes Liberal Hollywood Celebrities, and politicians on the Left. It appears they are using nazi-like fear tactics to silence their fellow Americans on the “right ” and anyone, who disagrees, with their socialist or Muslim Brotherhood agendas.

The Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Liberal Democrats and legal or illegal foreigners from foreign enemy nations have been brainwashed from childhood by a Leftist thinking Liberal Public School System. The Millennials and the Muslim Brotherhood nations state that America is the “Big Satan” and Israel is the “Little Satan.” The Middle East radicals, who Obama and Hillary Clinton migrated into the USA and overflowed into Europe and Canada are anti-semitic and anti-Israel which is stated from their own lips in the USA and the Muslim Brotherhood nations.

The Democrats on the far Left are against Sovereignty of the USA. They are against Legal Immigration and God, and the Right-to-Life for natural born babies. They appear to be anti-Christian, anti-Capitalism, and anti-Constitutionalist which means they are against Freedom for the masses.

The foreigners from foreign enemy nations from Palestine linked to a terrorist organization, Hamas, and later on, ISIS as well as al-Qaeda, were secretly flown into the USA as pre-planned by Obama, Hillary, possibly the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Democrats without the knowledge or agreement of the American people as there are laws preventing the Middle East foreigners from becoming U.S. Citizens approved in 1952 due to their anti-Western Civilization and anti-Israeli published writings and statements carried on for generations.

The Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Kerry, Holder, Biden, and Democrats in congress was a pre-planned agenda using $220,000,000 in U.S. tax dollars to implement this agenda which appears to be a Trojan Horse as they set up no-go zones on U.S. soil which belongs to natural-born Americans and no-go zone training camps across the USA without the Democratic FBI stopping them for 8 years even though they were seen on video training up with guns and weapons. Americans were being forced to pay for their own demise and to kill off the future natural born Americans by calling it legal and forcing Americans to taxpayer fund the evil Planned Parenthood agenda that Hitler subscribed to during WWII.

The overflow of migrants from foreign enemy nations flowed into Canada, Mexico, and Europe. They had the blessings of the Democrats in the USA, Trudeau in Canada, the Former President of Mexico after Obama secretly flew to Canada and Mexico right before the secret foreign invasion took place in America and those countries. Obama and Hillary lifted the quotas established by U.S. Law to allow for as many as possible Middle East foreigners to be brought through the U.S. Refugee Agents who were paid financial incentives to migrate as many as possible each day for 8 years without no inspections by ICE or Border Patrol or TSA as required by law.

Obama and Hillary Clinton used taxpayer funded DHS buses in the night after flying the radicals into the USA at taxpayer’s expense and scattered the foreigners from foreign enemy nations into U.S. cities where they set up no-go zones and training camps around the USA. If that isn’t treasonous than what is the definition of treason? Of course, they would have to silence the conservative Americans, who would oppose their agenda, once they found out it.

Instead, Obama and the Democrats used social media it appears to work against the conservatives on the “right” and secretly appear to have implemented, the “Thought Police” as well as the “Web Hate” agendas targeting anyone who dared oppose their agendas. They also implemented a discriminatory bill known as the “Hate Crimes Bill,” which only protects Muslims and gays and denies Freedom of Thought and Speech to Americans in many cases and can criminalize loyal lawful natural-born taxing American citizens on their own Homeland.

The Americans were shocked when they woke up one morning in cities such as Dearborn and thought they were having a nightmare. They may have thought they were somehow transported to a foreign nation in the Middle East or Somalia when they looked out their windows. The Americans can thank the non-vetted man, whose roots lie in Kenya and his appointee, Erick Holder, and Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton lost the bid for POTUS to a Kenyan man who couldn’t produce a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate. She wasn’t angry losing to a man with two names who stated he was born in Kenya making him ineligible, but she was extremely angry when she lost to an eligible U.S. natural-born American in 2016. Obama aka Barry Soetoro remains a mystery to the majority of the American people. Kenyans were shocked and stated they were surprised that America would elect a Kenya to be the President of the USA back in 2009. Prior to the elections, Obama or Barry stated on video that he wouldn’t run for POTUS because he was too inexperienced. What does that say about Hillary Clinton’s bid to be the President of the USA when 51% of Americans voted for a stranger in the night?


Americans woke up only to witness their cities being changed and transformed into foreign cultures as Obama and Hillary Clinton migrated tens of thousands of foreign Muslims from Palestine, a hot bed for the terrorist organization, Hamas. They migrated radicalized foreigners from Africa, Somalia, Philippines, and the Middle East into the USA without disclosing this agenda to the American people. How is that not treasonous is a question blowing in the wind even in 2019!

The foreign migrants are natural-born citizens of their Homelands in Third World Nations. The foreigners migrated into the USA are of the same political and religious beliefs, cultures, civilizations, and ideologies that are in opposition to the U.S. Constitution, Freedom, Women’s and Children’s Rights, Christianity, Jews, Israel, Marriage, Foods, clothing, dogs, pigs, and the Bible as well as the American way of life. Their foreign ideologies bond politics and religion together and the two can’t be separated.

The Third World foreigners of the same ideologies have been given the golden passes to speak out against Christians, Jews, America, ICE, Border Patrol, President Trump, Israel, AIPAC, NRA, Border Security, and Law Enforcers in America without being fined or jailed or held accountable by the Congress, DOJ, or the “Thought Police.” They are given a pass and allowed to run for Congress even if they declare they believe that terrorists aren’t dangerous and defend them or support overthrowing the White House and the POTUS or declare their anti-semitism and call for a revolution inside the USA.

The foreigners are infiltrating into key positions of power in the USA even if they committed bigamy or incest or were arrested in a foreign nation or lied about their address to gain access to a seat in congress. Americans are asking the question if these agendas is the new socialist America on its way to the “New World Order?” In fact, it appears that many American Public Servants on the Left, who swore to uphold U.S. Constitutional Law, appear to be okay with these foreign enemy agendas even if it violates U.S. Law.

It appears that the foreigners can chant, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” or “Death to the Christians,” or “Death to the Jews” and “We will dominate America,” or “We’re not here to assimilate,” etc., on U.S. soil and their foreign soil, which Americans and the world witnesses, as seen on national and worldwide news without being charged by the “Thought Police.”

It appears the “Thought Police” and DOJ care less if the foreigners who migrated into Western Civilization speak out in public and online and on camera on U.S. soil or European soil and declare they will overthrow the White House and the POTUS and “impeach the mf.” Some female foreigners have called for a “revolution” inside the USA and stated in speeches that they intend to replace Americans in Congress with their own people of like-mind and slip one of their own into the oval office. It appears that not only are the “Thought Police” and “Web Hate” staff are okay with anything foreign immigrants from foreign enemy nations inside the USA or Europe but also the elected representatives on the Left.

These issues raise the question if the Department of Justice who support the Left are targeting and spying on grandma and grandpa, especially in Sweden and the USA, who dare to exercise freedom of speech and speak out in defense of their sovereign nation’s crisis or crimes by the foreign invaders. Their crimes include pedophilia, rape, gang rape, drugs, stealing, knocking down grandma and grandpa and stealing their money, or home invasions. The “Thought Police” appear to ignore the foreigners of specific nations who migrated into Western Civilization.

In fact, it is the foreigners who appear to have “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Religion” while the natural-born Europeans and Americans and Canadians are being suppressed and told to shut up. The foreigners whose ideologies they claim allow them to engage in these acts are “crimes” in Europe and America and Canada, so how can crimes established in sovereign nations of Western Civilization be approved by the elected politicians and law enforcers as a “religion?”

There are many foreigners who target Christians as offending them and who refuse to assimilate as citizens of the sovereign nations they entered and they call the police to have the natural-born citizens arrested. How can this possibly be upheld by the elected politicians of Western Civilization? How is it that the citizens of other faiths such as Christianity aren’t granted the religious “privileges” when they are offended by the foreigners who they kill in their countries.

How is it okay for foreigners from foreign enemy nations who are loyal to a foreign ideology to state on worldwide television and social media that they intend to “impeach” the President of the USA and spew “hate speech” with vile words such as the “mf” aimed at the President of the USA without the “Thought Police” knocking on their back door?

It appears that the Third World foreigners – even if illegally here – even if they are polygamist or committed the crime of incest or bigamy on U.S. soil which is prohibited by U.S. Law are given a pass? How is it that they’re allowed to display signs that state, “no go zone” on U.S. soil?

In fact, the foreign migrants have been in major and local news in the USA as they are creating organizations that spy on Americans who they believe offended them. The goal is to have Americans arrested who they accuse of offending them even though this is the Homeland of the Natural-Born Americans. This agenda is more than likely a problem in Sweden, Belgium, France, UK, and Germany.


What if the discriminatory policies which are implemented in Communist nations such as Communist China crept into Free Sovereign Nations in all of Western Civilization to suppress the Free Citizens of the world from speaking out against evil deeds, crimes, or totalitarian laws. What if the intent is to target natural-born citizens of each sovereign nation in Western Civilization with intent of placing fear in their minds and prevent them from speaking out for fear of being jailed or fined?


Americans died and were injured and flew across the oceans to save Europe from the Nazi German foreign invasion during WWII. The foreign enemy of Europe and the world, Hitler, intended to destroy and commit genocide and usher in the One World Government. He ordered his Dr. Frankenstein’s to experiment on human beings.

What is the difference of politicians leading their countries and paid to uphold the laws ignore gang rapes and pedophilia in their nations and that of Hitler hand picking young females for his army to rape? They aborted babies and used radiation to sterilize young Jews. Hitler pillaged cities across Europe and he executed people along the way, so what is the difference between those home invasions and the home invasions recurring across Europe and America and Canada by the foreign invaders?

In fact, billionaire George Soros, who pilfered the jewelry and money and assets from the Jews before taken away on trains to concentration camps or executed stated he enjoyed working for Hitler. Hitler not only hated Jews, but he hated Blacks. Polish Citizens. Gays. Christians and most people even though he was an ugly little man hooked on drugs.

One evil man was not taken down. One evil man mesmerized millions of people who carried out his crimes against God and Humanity. One evil man came to power because the people didn’t question him, just believed him. One evil man came to SILENCE and Control the Thoughts of the masses! He came to force them to “comply” or “else” be punished. He came to force free people to march to his drum beat or “else” be executed. He believed he was an icon to be worshipped and his goal was to be the “one world leader.”

Europe was saved by America but only because America was a Free Nation and a Sovereign Nation of loyal natural-born citizens and legal naturalized Americans who believed in sovereignty and human rights and God.


The New World Order in line with the United Nation’s population control is working through Planned Parenthood just as it did during WW II under Hitler’s reign of terror. Today, the Socialist Democrats who brainwashed the Millennials to be Liberal Socialist and Commie types by their leaders are anti-Constitution and anti-America and anti-Sovereignty.

The Socialist Democratic types are public servants from Chicago, California, New York such as former California Governor Jerry Brown and the current Ca. Governor Newsom. Obama. Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Bush family. Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Senator Chuck Schumer. Former NY Mayor De Blasio and Bloomberg. Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren. Maxine Waters. Diane Feinstein. John McCain (deceased). John Brennan. John Kerry. Michelle Obama who stated that Americans “belongs to the Muslims.” And, many more on the Left as well as the Rinos.

These same Socialist Democrats who embraced Communist China and The Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR and their links support Death to American babies even at 9 months or if they live, leave them to die, after aboritonist stab them in the head with abortion scissors. This is a silent and quiet genocide behind closed doors that wiped out 70,000,000 future natural-born Americans at birth since Roe v. Wade was made legal. They aren’t here to help Americans fight back against evil and foreigners who come to steal the land of Western Civilization.

The One World Government believes in mandated taxpayer funded abortions which was implemented and lied about by Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi on national television. They lied to 330M Americans stating that mandated taxpayer funded abortions was not inserted into Obamacare, but it was inserted, not only in America, but Obama and the Democrats secretly signed a global bill requiring American to fund abortions worldwide in Third World Nations, especially Africa. These agendas are Marxist agendas to depopulate purge and cleanse the world of specific races and ethnicities. This is the United Nations Agenda 21.

On the other hand, the foreigners from the Muslim Brotherhood nations overpopulate. That’s why they have billions of citizens in China, India, and the Middle East. Their females don’t get abortions. They don’t take contraceptives. They are running out of land and resources and clean water and clean coal. One of the weapons used by the Muslim Brotherhood to reach their stated and strategic goal which is to dominate the world with their foreign ideologies is overpopulation, not abortion.

Do the leaders within the EU and Socialist Democrats have the legal, lawful, and constitutional authority to silence the natural-born citizens of each sovereign nation by implementing the “Thought Police?” The man in Sweden who created the “Thought Police” has a criminal record.

Is this secret wall Street internet operation linked to the Department of Justice with intent of entrapping natural born citizens. grandma and grandpa, patriots, who expose their concerns and crimes occurring in their countries by foreigners migrated from foreign enemy nations?

Are the natural-born citizens in America and Europe still guaranteed “Freedom of Speech” without fear of being accused of insulting the foreigners and ending up in prison and fined for telling their truth while the foreigners can say and so whatever they please?

The question is why are elected leaders of the EU and the past leaders of the USA, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, GHWB and GWB, and the CFR and many more on the Left implementing the “Thought Police” in the USA? Isn’t denying Freedom of Speech and Thought a violation of the Constitution of the USA? If they don’t disclose the words they used to target Americans and Europeans and all Free People who are protected by Freedom of Speech, thoughts, opinions, and media which they determine to be “hate speech’ or “web hate” then they are entrapping people in my opinion.

Why are they allowing Americans and Europeans to be entrapped if they type a word on the internet that the “Thought Police” staff decide is “hate speech” or “web hate” based on their opinions without providing that list worldwide in every language! It appears to me that the “hate speech’ is against natural-born citizens of sovereign Free Nations.

And, if the patriot is accused of “web hate” or “hate speech” and ends up standing before a Liberal Judge who approves of the One World government agendas then what chance does the innocent natural-born citizen of sovereign nations have in a court of law?


The “Thought Police” appear to be denying natural-born citizens their right to exercise their “free thoughts” determined by private corporations and the “Thought Police” that was created by a man with a criminal record. If he hates animals, why would he not hate people? Free Citizens should not be jailed and fined for refusing to comply with communist laws such as “gun control,” or “tolerance” and “political correctness” or allowing Freedom of Speech and Thought to be controlled, denied, and suppressed in Free nations. Everyone of these agendas deny Freedom.

It appears that the government is in bed with social media and that they aren’t targeting the radicals as much as they are targeting grandma and grandpa who know the history of the Free Sovereign Nations in which they grew up. Grandma and Grandpa and their parents helped build their Homeland with their hard work and taxes. They need to legally remove their leaders who are punishing them because they are in compliance with the One World Government’s agenda which in my opinion appears to be an act of treason against their country and citizens.

Instead, it appears that millions of natural-born citizens in America and across Europe are just waking up to the totalitarian secret agendas of the EU, U.N., NWO, Clinton Foundation, Muslim Brotherhood, International Pedophile Ring, Drug & Gun Running and Organ Harvesting traffickers, Communist China, Russia, and the Middle East. These nations are competing and vying to control the world, but first they must destroy Freedom in Western Civilization in order to succeed. Thank God, America woke up just in time and elected President Donald J. Trump!

After 9/11/2001, Americans were suddenly accused of being “intolerant” and “politically incorrect” by the Democrats, i.e., former Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Chuck Schumer, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and Obama! The American people opposed the activist radicals from the Middle East who demanded that Americans allow them to build a “victory mosque” on the remains of the innocent Americans murdered on September 11, 2001 at Ground Zero.

The American Citizens like those in the EU countries of Europe are facing the greatest challenges in the history of modern times. Will Freedom Ring Out across America and Europe in 2020? Freedom and Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Press, and Opinion are worth Fighting Back to Preserve!


Sources: Gatestone Institute and La Croix


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Rose Colombo, Radio Podcast Host (c) 2/12/2019

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Remember listening to news stories on main stream media blasting Trump and attempting to “strip” him of his legal right to agree to a Settlement Offer drawn up by his lawyer? The Liberal media was obsessed with Stormy and her lawyer, and Trump. They talked about Stormy in the morning. Noon. And, night. The news anchors talked about the famous “Stripper” named, Stormy Daniels, and attorney, Avanetti, for months. Stormy’s attorney, Avenatti, filed a lawsuit against President Donald J. Trump.

At the time that the two adults had an affair and the Settlement Offer was drawn up by attorney Cohen, Trump was a businessman. He had not entered into politics. The news reported that he settled with Stormy for $30,000. The Settlement Offer and financial payment is quite common in California and other states among two or more people who settle outside of court for many reasons.

People want to put a case behind them and end it and move on. But, Stormy came back after Trump once he was elected as the President of the United States of America. Stormy came back to “strip” Trump of more money when her attorney hit the news declaring he filed another lawsuit against President Trump. The Liberal Media ate it up as did the Democrats.

The Democrats had a field day. The Democrats despise Trump and have threatened to “take him out” and “indict” him or “impeach” him, The Democrats have even alleged and threatened to “indict” his adult children in some cases. They attempted to declare the First Lady, Melania, as an illegal alien.

Should Americans not ask why would the Democrat party threaten to remove Melania from the country when the Democrats promote illegal alien entry into the USA? In fact, the Democrats “harbor” and “aid and abet” illegals who commit the crime of illegal entry that legally according to the law books makes them criminals.

The Democrats pushing to impeach President Trump based on the Stormy Daniels story may have been based on the former President Bill Clinton’s affair in the oval office. Clinton was impeached for lying about the affair and for lying to the Grand Jury. I doubt that the young intern he seduced on the job and on taxpayer’s time and dime was gifted with a cash settlement offer. Instead, she ended up with a lifetime of embarrassment in my opinion as a victim of Hillary Clinton’s husband and Hillary Clinton, who defended her husband.

Just In! A new scandal hit the news, only this time, it involves the Democratic former non-vetted President, Barack Hussein Obama. The reports published alleges that an Ice Agent, Taylor Johnson, refused to accept a $100,000 settlement offer as hush money so she wouldn’t speak out about the corruption she uncovered in the federal government involving the Obama regime, former secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s brother, former Senator Harry Reid and his son, an attorney, and others. It also involves the abuse of EB 5 Visas for-profit.

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Breaking: Listen Taped Live: Trump’s Border Wall USA Is Close! Crime Decreased in El Paso After Wall Was Built!

Rose Colombo (c) 2/22/2018

The Hosts of Liberal Media continue to state that Trump misled the American people in his speech when he stated that the Border Wall built along El Paso helped decrease crime and illegal immigration.

The Truth is that crime did decrease and one of the reasons included the wall that was built along El Paso, Texas. Although, there were other factors, it’s a proven fact that the wall helps deter illegal immigration that include healthy males who are just seeking work, but also gang members, terrorist cells, traffickers and bad guys who kill people to harvest organs and sell them on the Black Market. The caravans also include rapist, murderers and thieves as well as people who are looking to be part of the USA.

The bad guys make it very difficult for the women and children who march with their caravana for thousands of miles among strangers of about 75% men from Third World nations which is very dangerous for the females and for the children, so the wall doesn’t just protect Americans, it will save lives of women and kids who are raped or killed or trafficked along the way.

America has always welcomed immigrants, but Legal Immigrants. America is a Nation of Americans. America is a Nation of Natural Born Americans who allow immigrants to apply legally for citizenship by entering through the legal ports of entry and submit to the inspections required by law. Many Third World persons carry diseases that were eradicated in the USA or carry new diseases that can spread and kill Americans.

Communicable diseases can cause a pandemic and quarantines which happened in San Diego when a rare form of Hepatits spread where illegals entered and set up sanctuary cities. Typhus is spreading in L.A. and San Francisco in the tent cities. America is experiencing outbreaks of Measles, Chicken Pox and Sars and there was a case of flesh eating disease brought into the USA.

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Breaking: Was George Soros, Billionaire, arrested in Switzerland on 2/3/2019? Or, Taken to GITMO? Or Did he Die about 2018? Or are these online stories a HOAX?

Rose Colombo (c) 2/8/2019

After researching the online story declaring George Soros was arrested in Switzerland on 2/3/2019, Rose Colombo, Host of Colombo Chronicles Live, decided to do a little more research and try to find the truth, but that was not truly possible. She did come up with the following information which can be heard in a 15 minute commentary:

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Listen to Colombo Chronicles Live with Host, Rose Colombo interviewing the world’s expert on DIAMONDS! And, with Valentine’s Day coming up, you don’t want to get ripped off when searching for the right diamond for your loved one. GERRY HAUSER, owner of HADAR DIAMONDS and world experts in San Diego, California provides invaluable information and some history about diamonds.

On Part 2, Rose Colombo provides commentary on a shocking story about Doctors in America. No one is talking about Doctors and the problems inside the USA that they are facing on main stream media and one of those crisis is that America’s Doctors are committing suicide at an alarming rate! Leave a LIKE and COMMENT at the bottom of this page if you appreciate the topics.

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Obama Approved the United Nations Compact for Migration and President Trump Ended It!

Rose Colombo (c) 1/28/2019

Americans can say, “Thank You, President Donald J. Trump!” And, Americans should thank God that Obama and Hillary and Kerry, Brennan, Holder, and the Democrats aren’t in control of the USA after they migrated tens of thousands of unidentified foreign radicals secretly into the USA at night. They migrated unidentified foreigners from foreign enemy nations who took over the city of Dearborn and allowed these non-Americans to claim an American city as theirs and illegally declared U.S. soil to be a no- no-go zone without any legal authority under U.S. law.

This is America’s Homeland and this nation belongs to the natural-born Americans innate to this soil, who are obligated to defend the entire nation from foreign enemies. The new unidentified foreigners immediately declared that an American city is off-limits to Americans who live there or any American for that fact by declaring U.S. soil to be foreign soil and ordering Americans off land that belongs to natural-born and legal loyal naturalized Americans. The government should put an end to such a ridiculous declaration.

The Obama Democrats secretly used taxpayer money to fly a majority of radical males into the USA for 8 years on America’s time and dime concealing his intent and that of Hillary Clinton’s and Eric Holder and the Democrats who have forgotten that they serve the American people who pay their taxpayer funded wages. They knew that if the American people knew of their sinister preplanned unconstitutional agenda that the American citizens would have risen up and defended their nation from being flooded with foreigners from foreign enemy nations who threatened to wipe us out with a nuke!

It appears these Democrats pledged their allegiance to international foreign bodies, not to the the U.S. Constitution, i.e., CFR, NWO, EU, and the “UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT for MIGRATION”

The United Nations Compact for Migration is a worldwide open border policy that lets everyone and anyone into all sovereign nations. Apparently, this is the reason that Germany’s leader, Angela Merkel and President Franco of France, staunch EU members as well as President Trudeau of Canada who embraces the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the leaders of Belgium and Sweden appear to be selling out their countries.

The United Nations Compact for Migration worldwide appears to be the reason that former non-vetted President Barack Hussein Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former President Bill Clinton, who embraced communism and communist China along with the support of the Democrats pushed for Open Borders in the USA and around the world and explains why Bill Clinton signed NAFTA.

Although the Bush’s, who embraced open borders and Saudi Arabia and former V.P., Dick Cheney, who approved invading Iraq at a time Halliburton was bankrupted and ended up with the government no-bid contract making Halliburton a multi-billion dollar business after the invasion weren’t concerned about sovereignty of any nation. It appears that the Clinton’s, Soros, and Obama’s view themselves as “globalists.” In reality, it appears their open border policy is sinister and violates their sworn oaths and violates the Constitution of the USA that establishes sovereignty, under federal law.

The U.S. Constitution instructs the Presidents of the United States and Congress and all Americans to defend the borders of the United States of America from foreign invasions, but they refused and failed. In fact, it appears that these public servants who swore to protect and serve We The People, may have “tricked” the “foolish” Americans and changed the words “treason” and “espionage” to “globalism” and “The New World Order” and “Outsourcing” to protect themselves and not bring attention to the word “sedition,” or “treason” or “Misdemeanor and High Crimes.”

The United Nations Global Compact for Migration worldwide that allows violating the sovereignty of every nation in the world, but in particular, the United States of America and Europe, Canada and Mexico, our surrounding neighbors and our ally which was always Europe was needed to take down the United States of America and usher in the One World Government. Of course, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is the same as the KGB and Communist regime under Hitler which is take control of the youth and females and brainwash them to believe in Liberalism and Socialism.

The foreign enemy’s goal is erasing the memories of all who survive should civil unrest or WW III break out and they were to succeed. The goal is to erase all memories of Freedom, Liberty, Rights, God, Morals, Sovereignty, Capitalism, Traditional Marriage and heterosexual relationships as they create a transhuman.

The goals of evil and sinister dark thinking is to eliminate Christianity, and Jews as well as The Ten Commandments, The Bible, and the Freedom of Thought. They intend to end Free Will and Free Choice. The intent is to enslave all people upon the earth and end any thoughts or words related to America or Europe. They intend to remove all statues, books, and art that reflect America and Freedom or God, because the One World Leader demands to be worshipped as a god.

Communism and the Muslim Brotherhood ideologies eliminate Freedom, Liberty, Rights, and future natural-born Americans as well as Traditional Marriage and morality, and sovereignty. It appears that the United Nations Compact for Migration is a key part of the U.N., CFR, EU, and NWO movement. This is why they are trying so hard to remove President Trump from office, because he refuses to sell out his country and Fellow Americans like Merkel, Trudeau, and Franco.

Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Democrats and Rino regime, appear to be in compliance with United Nations Policies, more so, than supporting President Trump and standing with the majority of Americans who demand sovereignty.

It appears that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer and the Democrats support the open border policies. They approve of unidentified and unlimited numbers of foreigners, even unidentified foreigners from foreign enemy nations to flood the USA in violation of legal immigration laws. They have knowledge that intelligence and ICE have reported among the caravans, of mainly males, that women and kids are raped along the way or trafficked or used as fake families to enter as asylum seekers. They know that some of the foreigners are cartel members and have engaged in rape, robbery, home invasions, drug and gun trafficking.

In fact, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Schumer and the Democrats are aware that foreigners traffic guns and explosives and drugs into the USA, when entering without inspections as required by law, as they bypass the Ports of Entry. Shame on them for being derelict in their fiduciary duties to the American people as they continue to sell out America and the American people who pay their taxpayer funded wages and trusted them with their lives and their tax dollars as well as their sovereignty. Instead, they have embraced foreign international bodies such as the United Nations Compact for Immigration.

The United Nations Compact for Migration intends to flood Europe and America with a majority of Third World poor people from foreign friendly or enemy nations knowing that many state and write that they aren’t coming to Europe or America to assimilate but to dominate and conquer our lands and drain our resources. This is treason. Many unidentified foreigners, 75% are males, a Trojan Horse it appears, intend to implement civil unrest and a revolution.

In fact, a Muslim congressional member recently called for a Revolution inside the USA against the POTUS and the White House in her speech as well as a Muslim female activist, so are they linked to the terrorist cell who were plotting to blow up the White House last weekend. If successful, they would create civil unrest, disease, and economic strife. When will the next terrorist cell attempt to take out the President and V.P. as there are many now inside the USA who were allowed to by-pass inspections and by-pass ports of entry.

The United Nations Global Compact for Migration from the world’s poor into the USA through the CFR’s open border policy invites everyone and anyone to flood through U.S. Borders, Canadian borders, Mexico’s borders, and Europe’s borders. They are encouraging a free-for-all which we witnessed in cities around the USA and Europe. Americans witnessed the the pre-planned ANTIFA riots when Soros paid protestors to destroy property and throw rocks at the police under Obama’s regime while Obama and Holder pulled out the race card to create a black-white race division. Divide and Conquer and many fell for it.

The message makes so much sense when and why Americans are warned that it doesn’t hurt to prepare for emergencies, even for the possibility of civil unrest and Martial Law. Americans are told it is good to learn how to protect their property and themselves and their families because if civil unrest did occur inside the USA, there may not be enough law enforcers to help Americans in need.

The United Nations Compact for Migration is worldwide just like Obama’s signed E.O. when he forced the unconstitutional Obamacare down the throats of every American and exempted himself and family, congress, senators, Justices, federal judges, SEIU, Muslims and Illegals. They held themselves above the law and exempted themselves from the laws that they imposed against the will of the majority of Americans!

This blogger wrote and informed Americans that Obamacare was unconstitutional and part of my blog was read on the congressional floor with my name. I warned that Obamacare bordered on “extortion” and that Obamacare included Death Panels for Americans and unborn babies worldwide. Today, we are witnessing sinister laws written by Democrats such as Governor Cuomo to allow anyone to kill their baby at 9 months which in my opinion is cold blooded murder!

Should Americans living in what was once a Christian Foundation in which to make decisions by We The People and Lawmakers not ask if killing babies at 9 months isn’t murder and if not, what is the difference? If that’s the case then why not release all people who are jailed for murder, especially those who killed a baby or a pregnant woman?

Why throw anyone in jail for murder since we are becoming a lawless rogue government that appears to be turning into a Banana Republic where life is meaningless and the law is meaningless? It appears that people believe he’s trying to gain the approval and gain the votes of women, but it appears to this blogger that he supports the NWO and U.N. agendas that calls for the depopulation of future natural-born Americans as part of the NWO’s worldwide plan to reduce the surplus population by 90%.

The United Nations Compact for Migration calls for open borders so that tens of thousands, mainly men, can storm the borders and overwhelm the authorities. They want to erase America’s history and citizens and replace them with foreigners, who the Wall Street wealthy can enslave and use as workers bees, like in the prisons for 25 cents per hour and control them and microchip them it does appear. The foreigners at the borders use women and kids to be trafficked or raped or as fake families to get into the USA. They also use women and kids as human shields to prevent the authorities from firing on them which has been a long time tactic in the Middle East.

The United Nations Compact for Migration allows everyone and anyone to flood into the USA, Europe, Mexico, and Canada from poor and diseased Third World Nations no matter what their backgrounds or intent happen to be, even if they are carrying a dangerous communicable disease.

The United Nations Compact Migration policy which Obama agreed to uphold when Obama, Holder, and Hillary flooded the United States of America by a pre-planned secret Executive Order he signed about 1/27/2009 with the intent of changing and transforming the USA into a Muslim Nation. In fact, Obama stated, “America is no longer a Christian Nation,” and his wife, Michelle stated, “This nation belongs to the Muslims.” This does appear to be part of their goal. Imagine the United States of America operating under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR and what would happen to legal loyal naturalized and natural-born Americans!

It would appear to me that the new motto would be “Comply or Die!” Obama made sure the radicals were to be migrated into the USA so that they would be by-passing ports of entry at the airports and TSA inspections as well as Ports of Entry at the borders and inspections required by law by ICE and Border Patrol. Obama and Hillary had a goal of migrating a minimum of 5,000,000 foreigners from Palestine linked or members of Hamas, the terrorist organization into the USA on America’s time and dime. It appears that Obama, Holder, and Hillary and the Democrats were forcing Americans without their knowledge to pay for their own demise.

It appears that the United Nations Compact Migration of Obama and Hillary migrating tens of thousands of mainly males into the USA without public disclosure from foreign enemy nations violated the United States Federal Constitutional Laws establishing U.S. Sovereignty and Legal Immigration and Legal Inspections required by law. Were they not “Harboring Illegals and foreign enemies inside the USA?” Wasn’t former Jerry Brown not “Harboring” illegals inside California as “harboring” illegals and criminals is a crime.

The whistleblowers who worked in the U.S. Refugee agencies stated they were provided financial incentives (taxpayer’s money) to migrate as many radicals as possible each day for 8 years with little or no inspections and handed entitlement programs and even “cash.”

The United Nations Compact for Migration allows entry of anyone, i.e., criminals, repeat offenders which makes them felons, minor kids with fake parents or even minor kids traveling alone. According to intelligence and ICE and Border Patrol, the foreign invaders include cartels and terrorists who traffic females and kids. Many females and children end up raped and some die along the way. Many of these unidentified foreigners were pirates or gang members or terrorist cells who traffic guns and drugs. The open border policy and agreeing to “The United Nations Compact for Migration” in my opinion, is a Dereliction of Duty and Gross Negligence on behalf of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and the Democrats in Congress.

In fact, intelligence and ICE report that some of the unidentified foreigners both adults and children are carrying deadly communicable diseases that could spread and kill thousands of Americans such as SARS known to be found in the Middle East or Measles. There is an outbreak of Measles currently in Washington and Oregon. There are cases reported in the news of the disease known as Typhus spreading in a sanctuary city of in Los Angeles. The news reported that among the current caravan, someone is infected with the flesh eating disease on their way to the U.S. border. And, there was a rare form of Hepatitis which struck Americans in San Diego, California and hundreds in Germany.

And, of course, there are hundreds of females in Europe and the USA, Canada and Mexico being gang raped, but afraid to report it, because Obama and Merkel and Franco and Belgium and Sweden’s leaders suppress it which means they are protecting the foreign migrants, not their citizens. In fact, the Democrats and Obama approved the “Hate Crimes Bill” which only protects Muslims and Gays and discriminates against the majority of Americans who they can accuse of insulting them and report it to the police which should never be allowed in the USA. The Constitution protects all Americans equally and doesn’t allow for discrimination and abuse for political agendas that protect one or two groups of people only..

The United Nations Compact Migration would provide an avenue that allows foreign enemies to enter into the USA and Europe, Canada and Mexico, to form armies of unidentified foreign males with the possibility of setting up no-go zones, stockpiling guns, training up inside the USA without government inspections, with intent to implement a revolution and plot a coup d’etat. And, if that were to occur, then it would be at the hands of Obama and Hillary and the Democrats who migrated them secretly into the USA for 8 years.

Many may think that could never happen in the USA. No-go zones are set up around the country. The FBI reported that there are weapons hidden around the USA and they aren’t sure where they are hidden by the radicals who were allowed to enter into the USA under Obama and Holder’s watch without inspections for 8 years. In fact, under Obama’s watch and Janet Napolitano, former DHS Direction, the foreigners who came through U.S. airports were given a pass by TSA and weren’t forced to be inspected and naked xrayed and radiated, only the legal lawful natural-born Americans were treated as the suspects.

And, most recently, January of 2019, there was a recent coup d’etat by a terrorist cell who attempted to assassinate President Trump and V.P. Pence by planning to blow up the White House, but fortuantely, their attempts were thwarted by the FBI and they were placed under arrest according to news reports. And, that same weekend, it was reported that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her congressional team and family were attempting to fly out of the country and if the terrorists had succeeded, Speaker Pelosi would have been President Pelosi on Monday morning.

The United Nations Compact for Migration is a recipe for revolution and civil unrest and disease and economic strife for America, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the world.

The United Nations Compact for Migration is an open invitation for friendly or enemies of Western Civilization to illegally storm through the borders of any nation around the world and demand that Americans and Europeans, Mexico, and Canada be enslaved to the foreign invaders and obligated to provide for all of their necessities of life which is inserted into Obamacare.

In the meantime, Americans are forced to pay for the educations of foreign kids and adults and their Harvard educations. Americans and Europeans are forced to pick up the tab for the foreigner’s housing, food, education, health care, social security checks, cash, cell phones, drivers licenses, and voting rights, so they can infiltrate and put their own people into public office. They appear to be using foreigners who are promised free-bies by Obama and the Democrats even currently, who are handed out illegal Drivers Licenses by the Democrats in order to illegally vote with the illegal Drivers Licenses How can a Drivers License be legal if they are given to illegals? I guess it’s the only way the Democrats can win an election.

The United Nations Migration Compact appears to be the agenda that is used as worldwide “Collectivism” and the Reduction of America’s future natural born Americans as well as the reduction of the population around the world by 90%.

The United Nations Compact for Migration is a key component to the success of taking control of the USA and changing and transforming America into a Banana Republic by forcing Middle Class Americans to redistribute their wealth they earned by the sweat of their brow to the foreigners illegally entering into the USA. America’s Middle Class are forced to pick up the tab for their own livelihood and that of their family, the entire State and Federal Government’s wages and benefits and since the age of Obama and Hillary Clinton, America’s Middle Class is now enslaved to pick up the tab for the world’s unidentified illegal foreigners who invaded our Homeland and that of Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

Pray for President Donald J. Trump who ended the United Nations Compact for Migration from around the world and standing strong on building barriers around the borders of the United States of America as he has many enemies inside Congress and those who left office on the Left as well as Rinos and foreign enemies inside the USA and foreign enemies outside of the USA.

Be sure to say Thank You to President Donald J. Trump for standing strong and against horrendous pressure and upholding the Constitution of the United States of America Supreme Laws of the Land which includes Sovereignty, Legal Immigration, Legal Identification, and Legal Citizenship which is required in all foreign nations. We can Thank President Donald J. Trump for ordering the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement to defend the borders and protect the welfare and safety of every American. In fact, if necessary, the President of the USA is instructed by the U.S. Constitution to call upon the citizens to arm themselves and join the militia in time of need.

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