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Kids for Cash at Gestapo-Like NWO Schools? Missouri-USA Schools a Pipeline to For-Profit Prisons as felons to fill the beds? Kids as Human Commodities for-profit and Taxes?

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Is the New World Order aka United Nations intending to use America’s children as human commodities for profit on Wall Street? Remember, the prison system is referred to as the Prison Industrial Complex and it is big business!   Is the Missouri government planning on using minor children, who are students in public schools, as human commodities for prison and turn them into felons?

Shouldn’t America’s parents be stepping up to the plate and asking questions and fighting back against this sinister agenda? If students in Missouri’s public schools misbehave, it appears that they could be used to fill the private for-profit prisons and private for-profit juvenile facilities that were overbuilt across the nation. Will the Principal and school administrators receive financial incentives from the Private for-profit prisons and federal government for every child they report to the police?

Should’t Americans ask if  Missouri’s government will be using their public schools as an assembly line for students may be targeting a student for even a personal bias and perhaps financial incentive and report them as “TM” or troublemaker on campus?

Is this a gestapo-like program appears to be using minor children as state property and human commodities to be used for taxes and profit for the Prison Industrial Complex that needs beds filled in order to remain open and obtain profits and taxes to operate?

The truth is that “bribes for kids” or “Cash for Kids” isn’t a new corrupted concept in the USA.  “Cash for Kids”  has happened before in this USA.  The news reported that the schools were reporting little kids to the police so the police could arrest them.  The Judges weren’t contacting the parents but were ordering the kids to jail in private for-profit juvenile facilities.  The Judges were finally exposed for taking “Cash for Kids” and ended up with at least $2,000,000 in bribes.  Should parents in Missouri take their kids out of the public school system now?

You may recall when the Department of Justice decided to try kids as adults and send even 13-year-olds to be imprisoned with dangerous adult criminals. Most of the kids were Black that hit the news. The truth is that it was about the money. Again, kids used as commodities to keep the prisons filled or even overflowing so each year, the powers that be can submit a report requesting more funding paid by the taxpayers every year and that request for funding probably never remains the same as the previous year or requests less funding.

Therefore, it’s important for the parents and citizens of Missouri and throughout America to investigate this program because what happens in one school will spread like cancer and happen across the USA before you know it.

Missouri allegedly is proposing to report kids to the police who will then label them as felons and they will spend 4 years in jail or juvenile facilities to fill the beds for the private business owners who built the secret for-profit juvenile facilities and prisons under the approval and watch of George HW Bush and George W Bush and Dick Cheney. 

It is the duty of every Judge in the nation to protect the safety and welfare of every minor child and monitor the welfare and safety of every child and make decisions as to the best interest of the child, not the public school administrators and the for-profit juvenile facilities and prisons.

The congress and the state legislatures should disclose to the American people how this is in the best interest of the future Americans who could be disciplined, suspended, expelled and attend continuation schools and tech schools that teach skills as most kids turn their lives around and become productive citizens.

Why would they label kids who misbehave on schools grounds as felons without due process of law and send them to jail for 4 years without due process of law? What happened to the civil rights of parents and minor children in the United States of America? This would mean that they would be on parole and if they get a ticket, they could be arrested again and some cops and prosecutors know how to turn a misdemeanor into one or more felonies.

How is it legal and lawful and constitutional for states to use taxpayer funded schools as a pipeline to the police for this assembly line of potential customers for for-profit prisons and private for-profit juvenile facilities?

Americans should investigate and ask if any taxpayer funded public servant within the schools administration have been offered financial incentives to approve of this gestapo-like program. Is this a program that will create, “Cash for Kids?” Are the Missouri private for-profit prisons regulated by the state and county and inspected and audited? Will the parents have the right to hire lawyers and overturn the school’s decisions and clear their child’s record of a felony and 4 years behind bars?

The Democrats are screaming because they claim that President Trump separated illegals from their kids at the borders, but Obama separated thousands of kids from their parents at the borders and they were silent. In fact, 10,000 kids went missing and a lawsuit was filed by a law firm in South Carolina against Obama and the federal government who were concerned about the missing kids. On the other hand, the Democrats don’t appear to have a problem about separating legal American kids from their parents for 4 years and labeling America’s kids as felons.

How is it kids will be separated from their parents for 4 years and locked away as felons versus  detention and staying after school or suspending a student or ordering community work and calling the parents?


Is the Missouri government intent on destroying the lives of America’s future generations by targeting their students who misbehave and calling the police so they can arrest them and send them away to prison for 4 years turning America’s little kids or teenagers into felons?  How is it that Missouri is intent on destroying the lives of American families and separating American families from their children and turning their students into felons on U.S. soil? 

The Missouri Public School pipeline leading straight  to prison will destroy families which is the intent of the New World Order and Communists who despise morality and the Family Unit.  The foreign enemies and domestic enemies are aware that the Family Unit is the foundation of a civilized nation.

Ironically, the Democrats scream consistently that  President Trump is separating children of illegal aliens and illegal invaders who enter the USA  from their children after they are caught and detained.  How is it the Democrats aren’t protesting Missouri’s schools and prison system from separating American parents from their American children just because they misbehave on school property?  Have they disclosed this program to every parent and taxpayer in their state and disclosed the constitutional authority to use public schools as a pipeline to prison?

Why is Missouri intent on separating families and turning the future generation of legal American kids into criminals with felonies on their records before they even have a chance at counseling and detention, suspension or being expelled and sent to continuation school? A felony and criminal record will follow them the rest of their lives and traumatize the targeted kids forever. This program will destroy the lives of future Americans who may not be “felons” or future “felons.” 

How do the Democrats in Congress and the Senate justify separating America’s parents from their kids by throwing them into prison for 4 years versus detention, suspension, after school assignments, or community work programs and working with the parents?  This program will be traumatizing and difficult for the parents and very hard on single parents with children. Do minor kids really deserve to go to prison for violating any behavior on school campus?

How many little kids acting out as kids and getting in spats at  5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 will be removed from public schools in Missouri and at taxpayer’s expense and imprisoned for 4 years at taxpayer’s expense. The prisons are overcrowded today with Americans and about 1/3 are illegally in the USA. Think about it. 

The average cost per prisoner per year to the taxpayers is between $50,000 to $75,000 each. If a minor child is 5 years-old and jailed for 4 years, they wouldn’t be reunited with their parents until they were 9 years old. The child will more than likely turn out to be traumatized and angry and confused. They might even blame their parents for not protecting them. This gestapo-like program in my opinion is another totalitarian unconstitutional program that punishes kids without treating them as minors.

If a child is dangerous and threatening then he should be expelled from the school. The parents should be called into the school and arrangements made for counseling and a community work program and continuation school unless the minor child has committed a “real” felony.

If the taxpayer funded schools are turned into pipelines for the for-profit prisons and as a tracking system for America’s kids so that every American kid is under the thumb of the federal and state government for the rest of their lives then we are no longer the United States of America and the constitution has been revoked in my opinion. After all, it was Obama who was slipped into office non-vetted by the federal government and he declared the U.S. Constitution was “meaningless” and the U.S. Congress stood up and applauded.

It appears to me that sending children to fill the beds in private for-profit prisons for 4 years and labeling them as “felons” appears to be outside of the scope of the U.S. Constitution and cruel and unsual punishment.

How many legal American children will grow up traumatized and fearful of law enforcement and school teachers?  There are many issues of how the prisons can protect the children from being raped or abused by staff or other prisoners? Will the state have the authority to secretly microchip the kids without parental consent and DNA swab them or vaccinate them with chemical-laden vaccinations? How about sterilize or radiate them? How about operate on them or experiment on them? Who could stop them? Who will be responsible for these children, after all, we now know pedophiles are in all levels of public service.

Remember, it was President Bill Clinton and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who approved sending condoms to minor children in public schools without parental consent to be passed out even though the news reported that they were defective and had holes. And, Bill Clinton and his Democrat regime attempted to create Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in public schools and allow female students, minor children, to get abortions without parental consent. How then do you think since the Clinton’s are alleged to be pedophiles who traveled on the Lolita Express and Orgy Island along with many other public servants and celebrities and CEO’s be trusted any longer with minor children siphoned off to for-profit private prisons?

Americans should be concerned because under the Clinton’s and Obama’s Democratic regime, they promoted and implemented the indoctrination of minor kids into same-sex and transgender lifestyles which Justice Kagan favors as well. The prisons now engage in transgender taxpayer funded surgeries. There are reports that they prison administrators ordered female prisoners to be made sterile against their will. Could this happen to America’s minor kids as well and if exposed just say, “Oh, sorry about that?”

Americans should be asking if the prisons can declare a child mentally disturbed while in the for-profit juvenile facility or prison and prescribe and force the children to take drugs as they did in public schools in the 80’s and 90s without parental consent?  Anyone remember how they were abusing their authority in the public schools and sending little boys to psychiatrists because they weren’t feminine enough and the parents were told they were over-active and needed to take the addictive Rx drug, Ritalin. Many of those kids got hooked on drugs!

Check out this link shared as information for educational and entertainment purposes only:

Was America  sold out under the administration of President George H.W. Bush, who died on November 30, 2018?  After all, he looked straight into the camera on national television after he was elected into the oval office and he declared his allegiance to a foreign international body known as the New World Order aka United Nations aka Globalism consisting of wealthy leaders and CEO’s from around the world. 

It appears that wealthy families; however they accumulated their wealth, such as the Bush family and Senator Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters, the Obama’s, and appear to favor the ideologies of Saul Alinsky, Marxism, The Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR strategies, and Socialist and United Nations Redistribution of Wealth, but not their wealth, everyone else’s wealth. They support Agenda 21, which is premeditated murder to wipe out 90% of the population and commit a massive worldwide genocide of who they view as the undesirables or discardable or disposable or deplorable bottom feeders. The mass genocide that has killed more future Americans than all soldiers at war in the history of the USA is being enacted at Planned Parenthood under Obama’s signed E.O., The Global Poverty Act, and under Obamacare, worldwide mandated taxpayer funded abortions requiring Americans to pick up the costs to reduce the surplus of human being on the planet under the guise of reducing poverty.

Is that why so many in public office in the UK and America support the One World Government ruled by an Iron Fist?   Is the reason the Democrats and Rinos  support the Muslim Brotherhood partially due to the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood supported the Marxist ideologies of Adolph Hitler, a mad man, drugged out on Rx drugs? Is that why the Clinton’s and Bush’s and Obama’s, Democrats and Rinos support Margaret Sanger’s depopulation program to wipe out Jews and Black babies during WWII through Planned Parenthood?  is that why Hillary and Bill Clinton and the rest of their inner circle embrace Communist China, Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger, and Saul Alinsky?

As we know, Hitler wanted the state to control the minds and behaviors of all the children.  He wanted to control their minds and indoctrinate them which appears to be the agenda of the Clinton’s and Obama’s and Democrats who have implemented sexual preference as a political tool into public schools across American in order to indoctrinate the American kids into same-sex and transgender lifestyles so they can be perverted and confused and participate in the reduction of the population of natural-born Americans in conjunction with Planned Parenthood. The Rinos who pledged their allegiance to the NWo along with the Democrats, CFR, United Nations, and NWO forced Open Borders on America’s citizens against their will and in violation of the right to sovereignty. The Clinton’s, Bush’s, and Obama’s and their teams, George Soros and Henry Kissinger, and all who assisted in the Open Border policy so they could flood the nation with illegals and radicals from foreign enemy nations because it appears they sold out their country and the American citizens and their children,

The politicians have help in this change and transformation of turning American from a sovereign nation of legal Americans into a nation of unidentified illegal foreigners who many state they are here not to assimilate, but to dominate and overthrow the White House and the POTUS and replace pro-natural-born American Patriots with foreigners from the Middle East in Congress as the majority and elect a Muslim President which is stated from their own lips during speeches sponsored by an organization named CAIR. One member stated that they are here to create a “Revolution” in the USA and that the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has “met his match.”

It is reported that foreign enemy cells are recruiting America’s kids and young adults inside America’s juvenile facilities and prisons as well as by the use of public schools, computers, and cell phones? It appears that the entire Bush family, Clinton family, and Obama family, Soros family, Rothschild family, Rockefeller family, Bill Ayers and Elizabeth Dorn, Bill Gates, Oprah, The Muslim Brotherhood, members of ANTIFA, BLM, Communist Party USA, Socialist Party USA, and Liberals, support the United Nations Redistribution of wealth that will make the Middle Class equally poor as the Third World Nations and wipe out the Middle Class creating a nation of chaos, crisis, and civil unrest if they succeed. America will be gone forever.

The American kids will be enslaved if the United Nations succeeds. The kids have been brainwashed and groomed as sexual objects by perverted adults who gained access to public office. They are being brainwashed by Hollywood Liberals through cartoons, movies, video games, and socialist agendas. They are not being taught the real history of the USA. It appears that under Obama’s regime, America’s kids weren’t encouraged to learn how to read and write, add and subtract, divide and multiply. And, America’s kids aren’t taught in public schools about etiquette, home economics, and respect for human life. It’s important that children are taught in public schools to remain loyal to the Constitution of the United States and to respect the the United States Flag, “The Right-to-Life, and embrace God, Family, and Country in order to stay out of for-profit prisons.

The wealthy inner circle who embrace the U.N., NWO, CFR, EU, and NWO assure their members and families that they will be protected and promise their own that they will be wealthy and be appointed or elected to key jobs. They appear to promise protection from punishment as well. They operate above the law.  They self-protect, self-police, and self-discipline for political, financial and personal gain.  They mandate laws for everyone else and in this case, for everyone else’s children and grandchildren, but not their own.

It appears that the U.N. and the NWO members are a majority of  males from the Middle East who don’t respect females and don’t respect children.  In fact, I read an article that alleged the U.S. government migrated top Scientists from Nazi Germany into the USA after WW II with the agreement that they wouldn’t go to jail if they exchanged their knowledge on how to create a Superior Being and carry on what HItler began.  The danger of your children being siphoned to a for-profit private prison should be very frightening to every American.

Today, the government is allowing the Scientists to play god and create a “transhuman” which is neither male or female and can’t procreate.  They intend to create human beings in petrie dishes using DNA and stem cells as they play god.

In fact, the government and scientists are making cows obsolete which could be why they are creating drought and destroying farmland and grass so they can claim there isn’t enough grass to graze or it’s too expensive to maintain.  They are creating “Lab meat!” This is frightening. (Remember, they were threatening to kill the cattle linked to the Bundy Ranch under the Obama-Holder-Reid watch). The Obama-Holder-Reid regime and were seeking to take the property owned by the Bundy Family for generations and arrested innocent natural-born Americans who were eventually released.

The scientists and chemists are making meat in a lab which is disgusting. They allege they intend to feed the overpopulated world, but on the other hand, they are attempting to depopulate the world by 90% under the guise of reducing poverty, so they are liars.  Heaven only knows what they’ll insert into lab meat as we hear more about the evil wealthy ones allegedly eating kids.

The United Nations aka The New World Order consists of mainly people from the Middle East who are a majority of Muslims.  There are members from  Africa and Somalia, Central America and South America.  These are over-populated nations. They are seeking to flood our nation because they’ve run out of land and space. They’re running out of clean water and resources. China is polluted and needs not only clean water, but clean coal.

The New World Order and U.N. agendas known as “The Redistribution of Wealth” and “Agenda 21” are leaving the “Natural-Born American” babies and children vulnerable to their long-term sinister agenda to take down the USA and take over the USA. What better way to control America’s children then by throwing them into juvenile facilities and prisons as felons so they are controlled by the government for life.

 Why would any moral and loyal American in the Department of Education approve of such an evil and sinister attack on America’s minor children? We know the government grants passes to the foreigners form the Middle East, Africa, and Somalia or illegal immigrants, who commit crimes inside the USA and Europe, especially under the Obama-Hillary-Holder Democratic Congress, so you can bet that they are only targeting legal loyal natural-born American children in my opinion.  

If a child is 9 years old when arrested and spent four years in prison because he or she got into a fight on school property, even if it wasn’t a big deal, that child would be 13 years-old before the minor child was allowed to go home!  Do the parents and child have to go before a probation board to decide if the child will be released? Americans need to ask questions of their public servants who work for Americans.

This means Americans would have to pay $75,000 in taxes each year per child for four years at a cost of $280,000 per child just to house one minor child for 4 years after incarceration.  Multiple that by thousands of minor kids across the nation! That is BIG BUSINESS for BIG PROFITS! Cash for Kids is it or not?

I would think that Bush and Cheney would be invested in these private for- profit prisons and private for-profit juvenile facilities since it was their secret project to build private prisons for profit when they were in office. Apparently, they used U.S. tax dollars to build those private for-profit prisons that destroys American lives and families. And, Halliburton is reported in news stories to be linked to child trafficking. That statement should frighten every parent.

Is Missouri and the government using children as human commodities for big profits, taxes, and Human Capital as the test state?  Is this Cash for Kids?  It would appear to me that the citizens of Missouri should seek legal advice on possibly filing a class action lawsuit against the Department of Education and Missouri’s Governor and public schools before they expand this program to more  states around the nation.  Nothing good will come from this evil and sinister program, except angry kids, who will end up fearful of their school administrators and teachers and the law after being locked away and separated from their parents for 4 years. This is definitely not the American way of life or the way the Framers intended our American kids to be treated. This is cruel and unusual punishment and not in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

The truth is that in the 1990’s, there were so many private prisons that some prisons didn’t have enough beds filled. Prisons need bodies. Prisons warehouse people. If there aren’t enough adults to imprison to keep the doors open, they are called “ghost prisons” because they are still in operation, but with few bodies. Why not use kids as “human commodities” for “Human Capital” by using the public schools for the Prison Industrial Complex built ty the Bush’s and Cheney and the for-profit prison CEO’s?

It appears that the prison system counts on overcrowding so they can justify asking for additional tax dollars for the coming new year. These kids will probably become repeat offenders after the schools sends them to prison! Repeat offenders keep the prison doors revolving which could be part of the reason for the open borders and repeat offenders who violate our immigration laws by entering illegally.

What if the powers that be on the dark side realized that if the border wall was built then the repeat illegal offenders would reduce the number of prisoners warehoused because the budgets are based on the number of prisoners, right or wrong? Do we have too many prisons in the USA that need to be turned into shelters for the homeless or do the powers that be want to keep the prison system that imprisons more citizens than any nations in the world? How could so many Americans be criminals?

It’s a sad time in U.S. history as we witness thousands of corrupted former U.S. Presidents, Former First Ladies – congressional members, specific members of the FBI in key positions, CEO’s, and public servants on all levels as corrupt as they come covering for each other. Yet, they are still wealthy and free, but if Jane Doe violates the law for jay walking, or a child gets in a spat on the schools ground, it could end up as a felony and 4 years in jail!

Remember, former deceased Senator Kennedy, for example, was probably drinking and driving with a young girl in his car on their way home from a party when he drove off a bridge and left her to drown while he escaped and didn’t call the police to report the crime for hours. Could she have been saved and lived? Nonetheless, no punishment for the rich and famous, only for “Jane Doe” who jay walks or “little Johnny” who got in a spat with another student on the school grounds. I won’t even mention the crimes of removing classified and sensitive materials from National Security without authorization which was a huge scandal, but reduced to carelessness by the FBI Director James Comey and former USAG, Loretta Lynch, against HIllary Clinton, Huma Abedin and their team. This is what I refer to in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse” ans “Justice for $um and Justice for Some.”

In fact, Louis Farrakhan just hit the news stating he was allegedly funding prisoners to be recruited by foreign immigrants from across the oceans inside the prisons. Aren’t they concerned that their kids could be  raped and turned into homosexuals?   Americans have been fooled and easily tricked because they’ve been living in an illusion of justice when there is no justice except for the well-connected and wealthy inner circle.  These wealthy NWO supporters self-protect which should be obvious in today’s news exposing historical scandals committed by America’s key leaders in the government who are giving each other the golden pass.

Will the schools be required by law to contact the parents prior to calling the police? Will the schools be required to have 3 warnings of misbehaving at school? Will the children be required to have representation by a lawyer to protect them from the accusation as required by law since they are minor children and it is the duty of all adults, but in particular, the judges to protect and monitor the welfare of minor children in the USA.

Can the public school administrators and the Private Prison wardens guarantee the parents that they will not indoctrinate their kids into same-sex and transgender lifestyles or declare them mentally unstable and fill them with drugs or protect them from being raped which if raped as minors would be pedophilia?  

It appears that this pipeline from the taxpayer funded public schools in Missouri to the Missouri private for-profit prison system could lead to more Governors signing the same sinister law for tax dollars and profit without any conscience of what they are doing to the American children who are suppose to be the future of America. Kids were to be disciplined not imprisoned. This Missouri totalitarian law is very disturbing. This truly appears to be part of the United Nations aka The New World Order agenda because it appears to be cruel and unusual punishment, immoral, and without any common sense, and outside of the authority of their legislatures as well as outside of constitutional law.  

The promotion to arrest little children who were disciplined in schools and possibly required to call the police was shocking to witness on television as the tall police officers handcuffed little boys as young as 5 or 6 or 7 as they ordered the little guys with their hands cuffed behind their backs into police cars.  It was the saddest and most disturbing arrest to witness on U.S. soil.  Police Officers arresting little kids for misbehaving in school, while the Clinton’s and their Clinton Foundation and their friends in high places all get a pass for what is truly beyond misbehaving.

In conclusion, this program will probably lead to parents having their kids reporting to a parole or probation officer if arrested and if they don’t report, they could be arrested again. This will be a huge burden to parents and in particular, single parents.  And, anything the kids do that appear to be unacceptable to the teacher, could lead them back to prison for a second felony. In California, it’s 3 Strikes and You’re Out, but in reality, it’s really 3 Strikes and You’re In Jail for 25 years to life.

In fact, two Judges were caught taking bribes paid to them that reached about $2,000,000 that occurred in 2 different states. They engaged in “Cash for Kids!” The Judges were paid kic backs for every child they sent to the for-profit prison system or private for-profit juvenile system because the little kids misbehaved in class. It’s alleged in the news that the teachers would report the kids to the principal and the principal or counselor called the police, but not the parents. The police arrested the little kids and the judges ordered the little kids into custody at the private for-profit  prisons or private for-profit juvenile facilities. So, did the teachers or school principals get a kick back for each child they reported to the police in this public school pipeline to prison?

Click to read about the corruption of linking taxpayer funded public schools as a pipeline to private for-profit prisons.  Kids for Cash! Details Teens Struggle in-state Detention in Pay-Off Scandal  _Pennsylvania Judge gets life sentence for prison kickback scheme 

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The USA was a simple land of proud Americans prior to the disease that struck 51% of the population known as “Liberalism.”  The Liberal Socialist Democrats operates on “feelings” and no consequences for them. It operates on the blame game for anyone who doesn’t agree with them which is the way that Communist and the Muslim Brotherhood’s radicalized loyal citizens believe. Liberals believe in “tolerance” and “political correctness” without consequences for their crimes or sins against one person or one nation or the world. They protect their own like-minded sheeple even if they are involved in crimes against children, humanity, and nations including storming and forcing their way into sovereign nations. In America, the Supreme Federal Laws of the Land establish such behavior as “illegal immigration” and a crime requiring detain and deport, but the Liberal Socialist Democrats defend to illegal as meaning legal and refuse to uphold their sworn oath and the Constitution of the USA and maintain a sovereign nation. They believe it’s only the feelings of foreigners who who are committing a crime against sovereign nations that matter.

The Democratic Liberal and Socialists appear to care less about enforcing U.S. Constitutional Laws and upholding federal and state laws, because everything those they favor do, right or wrong, can  be explained and understood based on their feelings at the time they committed the act including murdering police officers, Border Patrol, trafficking guns, humans, and drugs into the USA and sovereign nations. It appears that they are okay with illegals and domestic enemies and foreign enemies engaging in known pedophilia, kidnap females and kids, even with proof and evidence the kids are tortured, sacrificed, or snuffed out. In fact, the key FBI agents allowed the King Pin Pedophile and Child Trafficker to slide and get a get-out-of-jail pass along with his best friends, “The Clinton’s” who were his guests.

Truman’s veto was overridden by a vote of 278 to 113 in the House and 57 to 26 in the Senate.  

“I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished. I take no issue with those who would praise the contributions which have been made to our society by people of many races, of varied creeds and colors. … However, we have in the United States today hard-core, indigestible blocs which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its deadly enemies. Today, as never before, untold millions are storming our gates for admission and those gates are cracking under the strain. The solution of the problems of Europe and Asia will not come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States. … I do not intend to become prophetic, but if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation’s downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation.” (wikipedia) 

It appears that the Liberal Democrats led by congressional Reps. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sheila Jackson, Lewis Cummings, the Obama’s, Clinton’s, George Soros, John Brennan, John Kerry, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Justice Roberts, Bush’s, Cheney, Biden, former FBI Director, James Comey, and his loyal agents to the Clinton’s and Obama’s are a few of those who are of like-mind when it comes to open borders, illegal immigration, and funding the foreigners from foreign enemy nations, a majority of males, who storm through our borders. In fact, ICE, who we support to detain, inspect, and deport, dumped off 23,000 illegals including unidentified, men, women and children on the streets of Texas in December, 2018 – so Merry Christmas Conservative taxpaying Americans!

In fact, the Obama’s and Biden, Holder, Lynch, and the Democrats in office as well as the Rinos such as McCain (deceased) and deceased President George H.W. Bush, appear to have been okay with violating the laws in incest, Bigamy and Polygamy. They allowed Obama and the Department of Justice to migrate polygamists from the Middle East, one man with many young wives and dozens of kids to become stay-at-home parents in violation of U.S. laws and instead of detaining and deporting them back to the Middle East, they force Americans to pay about $350,000 in taxes and entitlements to keep them housed, fed, and access to free Obamacare paid by the U.S. taxpayers. Another female who is alleged to be married to her brother is in violation of incest laws and allegedly lied about it and somehow was elected to Congress and allowed to place her hand on a book of foreign ideologies that pledge her allegiance to 57 enemy nations in the Middle East, not to the U.S. Constitution and the God of the Bible. So, does that now make incest, pedophilia, Bigamy and Polygamy legal in the USA and surpass the laws of the U.S. Constitution and State Laws of the USA and enforce the laws of the 57 foreign enemy nations under their foreign ideologies?

After all, who cares in the Democratic Party if a polygamist marries several wives, which is allowed in Third World Nations and their wives give birth to dozens of kids who have different mothers but the same dad at the expense of the American taxpayers within the Democratic Party?

In the past, Americans watched Hollywood movies such as the “King and I,” which is an American classic with the famous actor now deceased, Yul Brenner. Americans believed that Polygamy only happened in the Middle East or Africa, and Somalia; however, thanks to the Obama’s, Clinton’s, and Bush’s and the Democrats and Rinos, Polygamy and Bigamy and Incest and Pedophilia are common-place it appears in the USA among the foreigners who are in violation of Constitutional Law and State Laws. The Democrats appear determined to replace the U.S. Constitution with foreign ideologies.

The truth is that Obama’s alleged generational Kenyan born and generational Muslim Brotherhood dad entered the USA on a foreign student loan, so the American taxpayers paid for the high priced education he was granted at the University of Hawaii and Harvard University where Obama was elected President of the “Harvard Law Review” with nothing to “review” so far. If this story is true then the foreign-born student married to two wives with children in Kenya violated U.S. Law by having sex with a minor, 17 years old, and impregnated her during a time when strict segregation laws were enforced, Bigamy laws were enforced, and having a baby out-of-wedlock by a white American girl was a disgraced and she would be ostracized by her family and friends.

In fact, having a baby with an adult Black Kenyan Muslim foreigner married to two wives in Kenya with children would be a scandal in those days. It was a time when a Black man couldn’t even talk to a white female. It’s also alleged his white mom left him with a transgender nanny in Indonesia while he attended school as an Indonesian National studying the Koran, Islamic Studies, which was required and the only studies allowed in the Muslim nation. How is it that his white mom could marry a Muslim in Indonesia and allow him to adopt her son, relinquish his U.S. Citizenship, and not convert to the Muslim religion as the wife of a Muslim man as required by their laws? The story is extremely complex, right? And, Obama’s alleged history makes no sense.

The fact that Obama sr. was funded by Americans at the University of Hawaii and Harvard is ironic considering George Stephonopous ended up interviewing Obama also known as Barry Soetoro during the 2008 campaign on national TV, as well as, Henry Kissinger, Justice Elena Kagan appointed by Obama jr.,  and former Rep.Al Franken, attended Harvard and many more involved in the government. Ironically, Al Franken, Maxine Waters, and many of the same key Democrats in office today, 2009-2018, were involved in the financial bubble bursting when the housing crisis of 2008 caused millions of Americans to lose their homes and ended up homeless. Many Americans have never recovered. Maxine Waters told the congressional investigators that there was nothing to investigate and that everything is “just fine.” Maxine Waters lives in a walled in mansion.

In fact, a Middle East man named al-mansour tied to domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, and the Obama’s attended a fund raising dinner for Palestine which was anti-Israeli prior to Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama being elected to the highest office in the land. Obama and Bill Ayers were neighbors along with Farrakhan. It’s alleged Bill Ayers helped fund part of Obama’s U.S. education and that al-Mansour assisted in the millions donated by the Saudi Prince to Harvard University and Georgetown when Obama suddenly was elected President of the Harvard Review with nothing to review so far.

Apparently, the laws don’t apply to Obama or his father and white mother or the foreigners secretly flown into the USA during the night while Americans were asleep.  Obama and the Congress and Senate in 2009-2016 failed to disclose this information to Americans or how the program was funded with $220M in taxpayer’s money.  Americans should want an investigation into the $220M that Obama and Hillary used for their pre-planned foreign invasion of radicals, mostly males, from foreign terrorist nations. And even more coincidental, three of Obama’s friends who were gay according to news reports and attended Rev. Wright’s church were found dead after Obama announced his candidacy about December 2007.

Ironically, his white communist grandma ended up in the hospital and died who knew everything about his birth and his history right before his sworn oath on the red book, which he flubbed up and took in secret with Justice Roberts swearing him in on a book of foreign ideologies, not the Bible as reported in online news and photos and research. In fact, he chose Eric Holder to be the USAG and Eric Holder was a key AG for Bill Clinton when Bill Clinton ordered the Law Enforcers to fire on American men, women, and children on U.S. soil at Ruby Ridge and WACO and Americans were killed including children and pregnant females and a boy’s dog. But, Americans re-elected the Clinton’s and nearly elected Hillary Clinton so that Comrades Bill and Hillary could carry on with their mentors, Soros, Kissinger, Rothschilds and CFR and the United Nations.

Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro was allowed by the entire Federal Government to withhold and conceal all his past, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Live Birth, Military Records, ABA records, University records, and the Harvard Law Review and anything to do with his past from the public domain for public review and public scrutiny.

Today, because of the invitation and funding of Middle East radicalized males into the USA flown in and walked across the borders without required inspections and allowed to set up no-go zones on U.S. soil protected by Obama and Holder and later on, Lynch, in my opinion was the declaration of conquering territories of American soil by foreign enemies. They were even allowed under the Democrats reign to raise their flags on U.S. soil and they continue to attempt forcing foreign law on American soil.

The majority of foreigners who by-passed inspections required by law were being processed without proper vetting, so this is why under the Trump administration, Americans are facing 33,000 unidentified males from foreign nations with a few women and children used as shields so authorities don’t use force against them attempting to storm our borders holding up foreign flags from socialist and communist and radicalized nations.

The M.O. for what happened in Europe apparently was to be used in the USA when they stormed through a major opening in Spain and Italy as they overwhelmed authorities by coming in large groups and gained access into Europe. Today, Spain is building a wall and Italy is detaining and deporting and Poland, Hungary, and other countries are building walls and barriers to keep the foreign invaders from violating their immigration laws. On the other hand, the UK, Theresa May, Tony Blair, and the Queen appear to be doing nothing to stop the foreigners from conquering their nation. And, Sweden and Germany appear to be nearly overrun because of their leaders, Merkel and Franco and Theresa May who appear to be converts to foreign ideologies and foreign nations and appear to be selling out their nations and their citizens. In fact, Trudeau appears to be doing the same as he’s in the news alleging he will migrate 1,000,000 foreigners from the Middle East into Canada which is along the U.S. borders.

The Democrats appear to be okay with 33,000 unidentified foreigners from Socialist and Communist and Muslim Brotherhood nations storming our borders and threatening the health and safety of every American. They appear to be okay with knowledge that ICE and Law Enforcement, Intelligence has reported among the foreigners, a majority of males are pedophiles, rapist, murderers, terrorists, and gang members who traffic females, children, drugs and guns. What does that tell you about Senators, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, and all the rest who support the violation of Federal Laws at the U.S. Border. In fact, Tijuana and Mexico don’t want them illegally flooding in their nations as well as many have communicable diseases. Again, what does that tell a loyal American about the Democratic Party pushing for Illegal Immigration into the USA?

The fact is that Obama and Hillary not only used $220,000,000 in U.S.  tax dollars to fund their foreign invasion into the USA from foreign enemy terrorist nations, but they forced Obamacare on Americans against their will which was the catalyst to force Americans to be enslaved to the Muslims. Obamacare is not completely repealed so it’s still in effect and Obamacare mandates that Americans pick up the tab for their living expenses and Obamacare and that is enslavement of America’s citizens and taxpayers who are being denied and rationed health care and medications and social security which the federal agencies are redistributing to the illegal foreign invaders who didn’t contribute one dime.

In the meantime, legal natural-born Americans couldn’t get signed up because of the computer glitches and found out they couldn’t afford to sign up and faced punishment by Obama’s mandates inserted into Obamacare. If Obamacare is so wonderful than why isn’t Obama and Michelle and their kids and family as well as the Clinton’s and Chelsea and grandchild and the Bush’s and the Pelosi’s and Schumer’s, Waters’ and the Democrats signed up and standing in line and waiting for appointments under Obamacare? Why are they given $12,000 per year kickbacks to purchase premium health care paid by the taxpayers on top of the taxes they are funding for Obamacare’s free care to illegals and foreigners they migrated from the Middle East?

According to the whistleblowers who worked at the U.S. Refugee agencies, they stated online that Obama and Hillary offered them financial incentives to push through as many Muslims into the USA as possible each day with little or no inspections. They stated they were handing out cash and entitlement programs to the foreigners entering in a seamless assembly line of unidentified illegal foreign migrants. The migrated tens of thousands into the USA while Americans were asleep and the majority were radicalized males.

The goal as written into secret E.O. and preplanned by Obama and Hillary and the Democrats stated that their goal was to migrate a minimum of 5,000,000 Muslims from palestine and other parts of the Middle East who were linked or members of a terrorist group known as Hamas. Obama and Holder and Hillary Clinton preplanned flying them into the USA on taxpayer’s time a dime and marked about $220,000,000 for their preplanned agenda to change and transform America into a Muslim nation. Remember, Obama declared the Constitution is “meaningless” and Congress is “meaningless” and “American is no longer a Christian nation.” Michelle Obama stated, “This nation belongs to the Muslims,” about January 2017.

After the Middle East males and some women and kids were flown into the USA, Obama and Holder ordered DHS-FEMA to use taxpayer funded buses and scatter them into cities around the USA, mainly Dearborn, Michigan. They claimed territories of U.S. soil as no-go zones meaning they stole land as squatters from Americans. This was the biggest hoax of taking down a nation ever played on a nation in world history without dropping one nuke on U.S. soil by slipping in an unidentified groomed and what appears to be a pre-selected and pre-elected foreigner without proof of being a natural-born citizen as required by law. Pelosi is alleged to have altered the Certification for Obama prior to crowning Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian National, “King Obama!” King of the USA, even though he stated in a speech, bio, and recent speech in Kenya scrubbed from the internet that he was born in Kenya. In fact, the Kenyan Parliament, Kenyan Newspaper, Kenyan grandmother, Kenyan relatives, Kenyan citizens, Gadaffi, all on video stated they were surprised that Americans elected a Kenyan to be President of the USA.

It’s ironic that the Muslims that Obama, Hillary, Holder, and the Democrats migrated into the USA for 8 years secretly at night or allowed to walk across the borders when they changed “detain and deport” to “detain and release” allowed them to walk across our borders without inspections as required by law for 8 years. They by-passed inspections by TSA, naked x-rays, Border Patrol and ICE.

On the other hand, every natural-born and law-abiding legal American is required to undergo invasive inspections by TSA and naked x-rays and pat downs and questioning and producing certified B/C’s and D/L’s and Passports in order to leave or enter their Homeland. This raises the question why Obama and Hillary were allowed by the entire Department of Justice and violate state and federal laws for  8 years?  The Obama’s, Jarrett, Huma, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Soros, and Hillary Clinton team thought of everything to protect the foreign invaders from being inspected or deported.

How can bigamist and polygamist and their wives and children apply for legal U.S. Citizenship inside the  USA or be granted welfare programs and be allowed to remain in the USA living off the taxpayers if they weren’t asylum seekers or “Refugees” fleeing their tyrannical laws since they aren’t in the USA to work and assimilate, but came to the USA as Polygamists, to live off the American taxpayers as they refuse to work as healthy persons. How is it that foreigners can be migrated into the USA and practice their foreign ideologies with a goal to impose their foreign laws on America’s children in public schools? How is it that they have been allowed to attempt to impose their foreign ideologies on all Americans which are in opposition to the laws established as the Supreme Laws of the Land known as the Constitution of the United States? How is it they are allowed to attempt to impose their foreign religion on Americans which is in opposition to Christianity and the Bible on U.S. soil without being detained and deported?

It appears to any reasonable American that foreigners who state they aren’t here to uphold the U.S. Constitution as required by U.S. Law in order to be granted citizenship should be deported as “fake” asylum or “fake” refugee seekers. How is it they can be given citizenship when they entered in violation of U.S. Laws that clearly state Polygamy and Bigamy and incest and pedophilia and rape is prohibited by U.S. Law?

This does explain why Obama or Barry Soetoro changed “Detain and Deport” to “Detain and Release,” so the foreigners that the NWO and U.N. supporters on the Left migrated secretly into the USA couldn’t be deported under the agendas laid out by Obama and Hillary Clinton and the United Nations and NWO supporters.  How does that not make them traitors?

Remember, Obama and Pelosi lied about Obamacare. They stated that Obamacare didn’t include mandated taxpayer abortions and that Americans could keep their health care plan and doctors.  Obama lied to the American people when he stated every American family would save $2,500 every year. It only makes sense that based upon all the lies documented from Obama and Pelosi’s lips that Obamacare must be nullified or repealed as a fraud on Americans.

I blogged in 2009 prior to Obamacare being approved as “unread” and rubber stamped despite all the lies and sent a copy to every congressional members including my own and posted it on and across the web. My blog was partially read on the House Floor with my name stating that Obamacare bordered on “extortion” and included death panels but only for Americans and future natural-born Americans. I wrote that Obamacare is illegal, unlawful, and unconstitutional and Americans should be demanding to know how the Obama regime can force Americans to  follow laws that aren’t legal, lawful, or constitutional?  How is it the government under Obama’s regime could punish Americans for not signing up or buying a consumer product they didn’t want with no guarantees that they would get anything back for their money since the money is their personal income after taxes?  

In fact, the Democrats appear to have committed Gross Negligence by stating they didn’t read the 2700 pages of Obamacare, and that they had to approve it to find out what was in it.  The Democrats have no legal or constitutional authority to exempt themselves from the laws they  mandate for all Americans unless they are foreign enemies of the USA. Pelosi, Schumer and waters and all who approved of Obamacare should be sitting before the ethics committee and stripped of their titles. In fact, America is past due on taking back their country as We The People are the government and allowing career politicians who are volunteer public servants without Term Limits have turned into dictators who ignore the will of the people and ignore Constitutional Law and their sworn oath.

The truth is that U.S. Constitutional law prohibits terrorists,  radicals, communists, criminals, polygamists, and bigamists from entering the USA. It is a known fact that the Muslim Brotherhood published the book, “The Project” that declares that written and stated strategic goal which is to  wipe out all of Western Civilization. Based upon their written and statted strategic goal to kill infidels and wipe out Americans and steal our land through invasion, infiltration, lying, overpopulation, and domination sets their truth out as foreign enemies of the USA from their own lips and writings.

In fact, Iran continuously threatened to  blow America off the face of the map even after 9/11.  Obama was the catalyst used to keep the borders open for the radicals, illegals, and traffickers, as well as gang members and terrorists with knowledge that they traffic kids, women internationally for billions of dollars. He was aware of the open tunnels. and that these are dangerous unidentified men recruited in this multi-billion dollar business that includes the USA, Russia, China, Philippines, Cambodia, Africa, Somalia, Nigeria, and all 57 countries in the Middle East which is a United Nations agenda.

Why would legal, loyal, American leaders migrate tens of thousands of healthy males from radicalized nations into the USA who declared war on the USA?  Why would the Democrats demand citizenship for Islamic Terrorists with knowledge that America was attacked, not with bombs, but planes that caused the death of 3,000 Americans on 9/11/2001?  Why would any true American leader continue to migrate foreigners from terrorist nations and gang-infested countries into the USA using U.S. tax dollars forcing Americans to pay for their own demise?

The U.S. Law prohibits Communists from becoming U.S. Citizens because U.S. Citizenship laws require legal entry, inspections, and loyalty to the U.S. Constitution. The law requires that foreigners seeking citizenship must swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Flag, which includes “One Nation Under God.” Allegiance to the USA includes defending the Sovereignty of the USA and protecting the The  U.S. Flag.  The Middle East and Africans of the same ideologies state that their ideologies allow them to lie if it helps them achieve their goal and access entry into the USA with intent to infiltrate into all branches of government and wipe out all of Western Civilization.

The democrats must have forgotten that  U.S. Citizenship requires assimilation as an American.  The Constitution prohibits foreigners from forcing their way of life on Americans or making demands to change and transform the U.S. Constitution into their foreign ideologies.  Citizenship and assimilation prohibits foreigners from entering with intent to change America’s civilization and culture into their foreign civilizations and cultures or languages until they dominate and conquer as the majority.  English is the primary language in the USA, yet it feels as if the Democrats cater to Spanish and Vietnamese and Arabic.

It is impossible to have allegiance to foreign enemy laws and be loyal to the U.S. Constitution and to America and the American citizens. For example, How can the United Nations order Americans to disarm and turn their kids over to the state so the state can take control of biological kids? How can the U.N. demand that parents agree to parental alienation and no opt outs to any agendas by the state. Hitler used parental alienation as well as the Muslim Brotherhood who train kids up by the time they are toddlers.

Foreign ideologies require enslavement to their foreign laws and ideologies as Obama stated on television, “Americans must give up their Liberties.” Recently Merkel stated that Germans must give up their

Communism and Islamic Ideologies and Socialism requires Americans to give up their sovereignty and Christian beliefs, Bible, Ten Commandments, and belief in God. Foreign enemies require Americans give up Free Enterprise, property rights, Capitalism and Liberties if they aren’t Communists?  This should raise the question as to why Americans are funding a Communist organization that seeks to rule Americans with an iron fist or impose Sharia Law on all of America and Western Civilization because of leaders who turned traitors to their country and citizens?

The American people elected Bill Clinton for two terms between 1992 and 2000 with knowledge that he dodged the draft and said he would never fight for this nation [the USA]. Both Bill Clinton and Obama and their wives attended flag burning events by their own admission.  Both men were alleged to smoke pot and were anti-military.  The Obama’s and Clinton’s support the United Nations, Communist China, Muslim Brotherhood.  The Clinton’s and Obama’s as well as George HW Bush,  Soros, Kissinger stated they support Open Borders, and The New World Order.  The Clinton’s, Bush’s, and Obama’s, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Democrats support disarming Americans which is a United Nations agenda.  Hillary Clinton wrote and called the police “pigs”  and she embraced the baby killer Margaret Sanger and the Planned Parenthood that the men and women in black robes declared legal.

In fact, Obama and Holder called out the race card and Obama allowed anti-American wealthy George Soros to pay protesters to throw rocks at the police. Neither Obama or Bill Clinton and I doubt that Eric Holder served in the U.S. Military and allegedly they didn’t sign up. So where was their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution if they believe the U.S. Constitution is dead while admitting their allegiance is to the One World Order? The first U.S. President to announce his allegiance to an international foreign body, was  President, George H W Bush, who passed on 11/30/2018. 

It’s not new news that the Muslim Brotherhood published a book entitled, “The Project.”  The fact is that the written and stated strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist organization’s stated and written strategic goal is to invade, infiltrate,  overpopulate, and dominate all of Western Civilization.  The radicals believe it is their duty to kill all the infidels and declare on television in the news and online. The foreign enemies are allowed to reside inside all of Western Civilization quietly until they reach substantial numbers. It’s reported that after they establish no-go zones and multiply and invade that the next step is infiltration into all branches of government for control and power over the citizens of the sovereign nations. They continue to migrate into Western Civilization and overpopulate until they dominate in numbers over the natural-born citizens of Europe, America, and Canada.   

The Muslim women do not get abortions because they are used to overpopulate the countries they invade for domination. Overpopulation is one of their agendas to dominate nations. The average Muslim girl in the Middle East gives birth at 15.  So, they don’t need to bomb Europe or Canada or Mexico or America, they just need these four steps to be completed with the help and support of Hillary, Holder, Obama, Michelle, Jarrett, Huma, Bill Clinton,Bush’s, Brennan, Kerry, McCain, and the Democrats who fight to disarm Americans and keep the borders open and illegal immigration moving forward for civil unrest and to spread diseases and force a m myriad of chemical-laden vaccinations that many times adversely and directly affect the body of every American. In fact, babies and children and adults have become paralyzed and died from chemical-laden vaccines.

On the other hand, the Communists believe in economic and military strength to take down the USA.The Communist build up their armies and weapons.  They intend to attack with ships and planes and bombs and invasion. Russia and China are building missiles and weapons that they hope supersede those of the USA. Why would they do that if they weren’t preparing for WWIII in the future? Iran is building nukes and Obama and John Kerry and John Brennan and the Democrats support funding Iran’s nuclear program.

The goal of foreign enemies is the same as in the past with the KGB and Nazi Germans.  They brainwash the youth for decades who are now the Liberal, Socialist, Communist leaning, Snowflakes and Millennials who can’t accept defeat. They are brainwashed into believing that all white people are evil and that Historical monuments, statues, art, and books that represent America and Christianity or Jews must be destroyed. And, the majority of white young Americans brainwashed by the Left are leading the movement through ANTIFA funded by Obama, Hillary, and George Soros. 

The Liberals are brainwashed into believe that America’s seniors and elderly, homeless, poor, veterans, disabled, and chronically ill should be euthanized.  They support killing off the future of America’s babies and that it’s their right to kill the babies who would have been the future natural-born Americans needed to preserve America. By killing off millions of natural-born Americans at birth by abortions, they are making room for the overpopulated foreigners from foreign enemy nations to infiltrate and overpopulate America until it is no longer America.

The new Liberal generation raised up in socialist-communist-Liberal leaning public schools believe that the foreign invaders are entitled to take what Americans earned even though the illegal or legal foreigners didn’t contribute one dime or work for what they take from Americans who did earn it. In fact, many foreigners are lazy and refuse to work and demand Americans pay for their living expenses and Obamacare.  The Middle East radicalized males  believe that it’s their right to rape women and children and enforce genital mutilation on little girls and force it on a civilized nation. They believe that pedophilia is their and and marrying little girls at 6, 7, 8, or 9 years of age is their right.

In America, these are crimes against women and children. So, why does Schumer, Pelosi, Reid, Waters, Warren, Sanders, Jackson, Cummings, Harris, Booker, Holder, Jarrett, Huma, Obama, Michelle, Liberal Celebrities and the Democrats and Rinos support the migration of pedophiles and rapist and repeat offenders be allowed to illegally enter and remain in America as well as force Americans to pay for their living expenses or prison time?

The foreign invaders slowly infiltrate into the  government, churches, public schools, universities, and courts and the DOJ. These foreign enemy nations use their loyal citizens to recruit inside U.S. prisons. The Democrats helped them out because of key members of congress and the senate such as Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama, George H.W. Bush, George Bush, Senators Feinstein, Waters, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, and more…as well as Democratic Governors Cuomo and Jerry Brown.  Included in this anti-American movement are  Mayors such as De Blasio and Bloomberg, Rahm, and Garcetti and more.  If they succeed, good-bye to Europe, America, Canada, and Israel.

The Democrats left Mexico’s citizens and Americans vulnerable to the second wave of a foreign invasion on our borders in November and December of 2018.  There are thousands of Hondurans hooking up with El Salvadorians, a majority of males, planning a third wave of illegals headed to our borders! We can thank President Donald J. Trump for attempting to enforce the Rule of Law at the borders and his loyal team of GOP members.  We can thank President Trump for standing firm on building a wall and sending troops to the borders, but we can’t understand how ICE could dump 23,000 illegals onto U.S. soil in Texas in December 2018!

Furthermore, Obama removed the authority of Law Enforcers to “Detain and Deport” foreign enemies and dangerous terrorists from U.S. soil by replacing it with what I coined “Capture and Release,” but President Trump refers to Obama’s law as  “Detain and Release. Obama and Holder and Liberal Federal Judges do just that since Obama got into office. Obama and Holder and the Democrats will be known as the U.S. lawmakers and law enforcers who released terrorists from GITMO who murdered Americans and were funded and returned to their homeland protected by them.

On the other hand, they don’t appear concerned about the Navy Seals and Military personnel who are in Leavenworth charged with insulting Obama by asking for his Certified U.S. Birth Certificate or accused by foreign enemies who claim they were insulted by the U.S. Military despite the fact that they tortured and murdered U.S. Navy Seals and Military personnel. In fact, Obama and Holder, Gov. Jerry Brown and Gov. Cuomo release dangerous felons back onto the streets of California and New York.

Democrats and Liberal wealthy CEO’s and celebrities promote the false narrative that illegal means legal and legal means illegal. Yet, the Democrats are the last to open their homes to the migrants or support them with their own money. It would be a different story if they had to house immigrants and invaders and use their personal money to support them.  They don’t care because they pass the costs to support the illegals and foreign enemies they migrate into the USA by increasing taxes for the Middle Class Americans.

It is apparent that the Democrats definitely are working overtime to punish Trump and all Conservatives who oppose them after their favorite two, the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, Hillary and Bill Clinton and their passengers, Obama and Michelle and George Soros do everything in their power to indict, impeach, and threaten President Trump and his family and supporters.

The Democrats showed their true colors and how far they will go to oppose President Trump and Conservatives during the Dr. Ford versus Judge Kavanaugh hearings. The Democrats declared the “Presumption of Guilt” during the senate hearings against Judge Kavanaugh and turned a job advancement hearing into what appeared to be a criminal trial.  America has always been a nation that embraced the “Presumption of Innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt.” Hillary and Bill and the Obama’s and key FBI Agents are demanding the “presumption of guilt” when they’re under investigation, right? It appears the Democrats will steamroll and destroy anyone who opposes their New World Order, United Nations, EU, CFR, Secret Societies, and Muslim Brotherhood agendas.

There are tens of thousands of children that have been trafficked in and out of the USA as well as young females. Only God knows how many adults and children have been kidnapped and trafficked for organ harvesting which is a multi-billion dollar international business.

There are thousands of women from 9 to 90 in Europe at risk and unsafe if walking alone in their homelands because of the Middle East and African  radicals who stormed their borders and thrive on trafficking women and kids as well as gang raping the females. There are many from foreign nations in the Middle East and Africa who state women and kids have no rights and that they are no more than chattel. In fact, genital mutilation is against the law in the USA, but it’s happening in the USA, and the accused radical doctors appear to be given a free pass out of jail by some judges inside the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, and Germany.

America and Mexico now have tens of thousands of young healthy males at our borders and thousands of foreigners, mainly men, are headed to the U.S.- Mexico borders. in January 2019 as I stated. These young healthy males are not the Boy Scouts!   The American Liberals attempt to promote that all these men flooding America and Europe are all “good” people who just want a better life, but unfortunately that is not true.  The mothers who had children with them traveling with the caravans are complaining on the news and to the Mexican police that they can’t find their children. The kids were probably trafficked along the way including one baby that disappeared. The Democrats don’t address the kidnapping problem, only the 2 kids who died because their parents chose to take them on a dangerous journey without concern for food, water, and medical supplies.

Shouldn’t Americans be asking the question as to  who is funding tens of thousands of foreign invaders from Central and South America and the Middle East, Brazil, and Columbia, who are a majority of males, encouraging them to storm Mexico’s borders and storm America’s borders in violation of international and national laws?  This is an expensive pre-planned foreign invasion because the women and children are used as human shields to stop the authorities from firing off non-lethal weapons to stop them, so they know what they are doing. The Middle East uses women and children as human shields. Who is supplying all the shoes and food and water and cell phones?

This current foreign invasion is the second foreign invasion The first foreign invasion occurred when Obama and Hillary secretly migrated the  tens of thousands of radicals, a majority of males, into the USA between 2009-2017. It’s my opinion, that these healthy young males are part of the Soros-Obama armies known as ANTIFA and OFA! Remember, Obama declared he would create an army that would be more powerful and more well-funded than the United States Military.  Is it the creation of ANTIFA and OFA and is Jarrett and Holder and Hillary and Bill involved?

The reality of the situation at the borders is simple.  America doesn’t need an additional 30,000 plus young healthy males entering into the USA after tens of thousands were flown into the USA for 8 years by Obama and Hillary. We don’t need a third caravan of males planning to storm Mexico and America’s borders in January 2019. The truth is they’re all being handed out Drivers Licenses, Obamacare, Food Stamps, Social Security, and Medicare and Housing at the expense of the American taxpayers. They will take what doesn’t belong to them known as The Redistribution of [America’s] Wealth. The Liberal Americans are total idiots for buying into this Liberal agenda that allows foreign enemies to steal what their parents and grandparents and great grandparents built for them.

In fact, the news reported that the Middle East men stole nearly $20M from Medicare and nearly $20M from the SNAP program.  The foreigner radicals were arrested including one doctor. The news reported that camps where children appear to have been abused are being discovered such as in Arizona. Bodies of children have been discovered whose organs have been removed. And, there are stories that are too horrifying to reveal.

In Sweden, rape has increased by 58% leaving women and kids to feel unsafe in their own cities. This probably reflects an increase of rapes and gang rapes in Belgium, UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, who aren’t reporting because the rapists are from Africa and the Middle East and the Muslims. It appears that the leaders of these EU European countries punish their own citizens for exercising Freedom of Speech and reporting a crime against the Middle East foreign invaders instead of deporting them.

Furthermore, rocks are a weapon when used to kill a human or an animal. The Bible reported that the child, David, used a rock as a weapon to kill the giant, Goliath, by hitting him in the temple. In Mexico, during the second wave of healthy males throwing rocks at police officers killed a young Officer in Mexico by throwing a rock at him. The Democrats are always silent on these crimes by illegals. Only when it affects them or their families will they care.

The foreign invaders claiming to be “asylum” seekers but are mostly “fake” asylum seekers were throwing rocks at the Military and Officers at the U.S. Borders when they tried storming the U.S. borders and forced the officers to use non-lethal force in 2018.

Politics and religion[edit]  The 1952 McCarren-Walter Act:

The Act allowed the government to deport immigrants or naturalized citizens engaged in subversive activities and also allowed the barring of suspected subversives from entering the country. It was used to ban members and former members and “fellow travelers” of the Communist Party from entry into the United States, even those who had not been associated with the party for decades. (wikipedia) 

The act also allowed the government to prevent polygamists from entering the country. It specifically stated under Title II, chapter 2, “GENERAL CLASSES OF ALIENS INELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE VISAS AND EXCLUDED FROM ADMISSION”, Section 212, sub (a), part (11): “Aliens who are polygamists or who practice polygamy or advocate the practice of polygamy”. If one was a polygamist, advocate of polygamy or one’s religious belief or ideology advocates the practice of polygamy, they would not be allowed in the United States under this law. (Wikipedia) 

 In fact, California’s Governor Jerry Brown and New York’s Governor Cuomo also release felons from prisons onto the streets. They support forcing Americans to support the illegals and radicals living  in sanctuary cities along with drug addicts using needles and pooping on America’s streets that is spreading HIV, Typhus, and Hepatitis C. They should be held liable in my opinion by the federal USAG.  They are changing and transforming California and New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and Michigan into unrecognizable ghettos.  The residents of California and New York are fleeing because of the Democrats and these two Liberal Democratic Governors.  Why don’t these two governors go hang out in the sanctuary cities they created?

Speaking in the Senate on March 2, 1953, McCarran said:[4] 

“The Act abolished racial restrictions found in United States immigration and naturalization statutes going back to the Naturalization Act of 1790. The 1952 Act retained a quota system for nationalities and regions. Eventually, the Act established a preference system which determined which ethnic groups were desirable immigrants and placed great importance on labor qualifications. The Act defined three types of immigrants: immigrants with special skills or relatives of U.S. citizens who were exempt from quotas and who were to be admitted without restrictions; average immigrants whose numbers were not supposed to exceed 270,000 per year; and refugees.”

“It expanded the definition of the “United States” for nationality purposes, which already included Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, to add Guam. Persons born in these territories on or after December 24, 1952 acquire U.S. citizenship at birth on the same terms as persons born in other parts of the United States.[5]”

“Some provisions that excluded certain classes of immigrants based on their political beliefs were revoked by the Immigration Act of 1990, however members of Communist Parties are still banned from becoming citizens of the United States.” (wikipedia)

Therefore, we must ask how terrorists, and radicalized foreigners, polygamists, and communists are living inside the USA at least since 2009.  And, We The People, must ask our representatives if they are card-carrying  Socialist or Muslim Converts or card-carrying communists living and working in the USA as our laws were created, signed, and approved by God-loving men.  U.S. Laws are rooted from the Law of Nations, Bible, and the Ten Commandments.  Many of the radicals, who  migrated into the USA from the Middle East terrorist nations, state they intend to replace the U.S. Constitution with Shariah Law which is treason.  In fact, Obama stated that the U.S. Constitution is “meaningless” and the Democratic Congress didn’t exit the room and file for impeachment, but stood up and applauded him. 

Furthermore, Michelle Obama stated that the USA is a “Muslim Nation.”  Obama stated, “The USA is no longer a Christian nation” and that Americans must “give up their Liberties.” Obama described all Americans as “small-minded” people. And, Obama wasn’t impeached or deported back to Kenya.”  It appears to me that according to the U.S. Constitution based on Obama’s anti-American and anti-Constitution and anti-U.S. Flag and anti-Bible declarations that his behavior equates to what most Americans would consider to be an enemy of the USA and treasonous.  Obama wouldn’t have been slipped into office or the Congress or Senate if the U.S. Constitution didn’t exist.

Should Americans not ask the questions as to why are we printing everything in Arabic, Spanish, and Vietnamese or Chinese instead of the primary language which is English?  When do we get our nation back and stop the demands of the foreigners who refuse to assimilate?  The foreigners who refuse to assimilate as Americans and walk out on the National Anthem should be reason to deport them back to their countries.  Why should natural-born Americans pay for the education and living expenses and Obamacare of persons we aren’t responsible to support?

Where in the U.S. Constitution does it grant the President of the USA, V.P. or Congress the authority to force Americans to pay taxes to support illegal immigrants, foreign enemies, radicals, terrorists, criminals, murderers, repeat offenders, rapist, pedophiles, liars, and con artists who rip off the taxes of Americans and or funnel the taxes of Americans to fake charities and off-shore banks accounts? Whje

Where does the U.S. Constitution grant Congress the authority to open the borders and risk the lives and welfare of every American or allow communicable diseases to be brought into the USA and to force legal and law-abiding natural born Americans to be naked x-rayed while giving a pass to legal or illegal or foreign enemies entering into the USA?

Foreigners from foreign nations who decide they have the “RIGHT” to storm our borders and the “RIGHT” to demand that American taxpayers pay them to violate our laws by forcing Americans to pay for the births of their anchor babies after violating U.S. laws and then demand that we support them on welfare and Obamacare programs, social security, and pass out Drivers Licenses and voting rights is insanity.

The Democrats and Rinos have misled foreigners from Third World Nations to believe they have constitutional rights in the USA even if they violate our federal and state laws. The Democrats who support illegal migration of foreign enemies and force Americans to support foreigners Americans aren’t responsible to support need to go to jail and at the very least resign.

When do We The People, The Natural Born Citizens, demand that the Democrats and Rinos stop selling out our nation to foreigners and foreign leaders and take our country back is the question blowing in the wind?

Disclaimer:  Nothing stated is intended to be legal, medical, financial or political advice or racist or hate speech, but intended as information for educational and entertainment purposes only as opinion and food for thought. Always do your own homework and research and come to your own conclusions.

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Why did Obama Implement a Database That SPIES ON Every American Before Leaving Office in 2016 & Did He Apply the Unconstitutional Patriot Act To Enact OFA?

Image result for Free Stock Photo of spies

Rose Colombo, Irwin Award Winning author, “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, RedNecks and Radicals” and former newspaper column, “One Woman’s Opinion.”

It appears that non-vetted former President of the USA, Barack Hussein Obama, spent his last days in office creating a powerful organization that could possibly influence elections and punish Americans.   During those last days, Obama was busy releasing felons from prisons onto the streets of America, while Michelle, was busy stating that this country “belongs to the  Muslims.”

Since when does a President of the USA and  a First Lady have the power to give away a Free Christian Nation to  57 anti-American Nations whose ideologies are in opposition to the U.S. Constitution and the Christian Bible?  It appears that Americans are so busy focusing on abortions and transgenders and same-sex that they haven’t realized that America is vulnerable to Communist China, Communist Russia, The Muslim Brotherhood.  America is at risk of an attack because of open borders and migrating terrorists and gang members into the USA by the tens of thousands each time.  In fact, they’ve been implementing what I coined the “catch and release” program which President Trump refers to as the “Detain and Release” program.   They detain the illegals and bad guys from foreign nations then release them back into the streets inside the USA.  Obama and Holder were releasing terrorists, gang members, cartel members and felons onto the streets in America for 8 plus years.  It’s no secret that America has been infiltrated with domestic and foreign enemies into all branches of government during the Obama, Holder, and Hillary Democratic regime for  8 years .  

Even during Obama’s last days in office back in November 2016, he spent his time campaigning against candidate, Donald J. Trump.  In 2015 and 2016, Obama  boldly declared many times, “Trump will never be President of the United States.”  Obama was extremely busy  campaigning for Hillary and Bill Clinton.   The reason I stated “Hillary and Bill Clinton” as a team is simple.  They are a team. They are on the same Socialist Liberal and communist leaning page.  They always embraced Margaret Sanger, Saul Alinsky, and Robert Byrd.  They embraced the United Nations, Globalists, New World Order, China, and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The Clinton’s are are anti-Military and anti-Police and anti-Sovereignty .  They always hold themselves above the law and they haven’t any problem lying about anything they believe helps them achieve their goal which is the same for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Maybe, they learned the lesson on lying from the Muslim Brotherhood.  They embrace the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR and Socialist Party USA.  They are mentored by Kissinger and Soros.  They were funded by  George Soros.    George Soros donated to Obama’s campaign as well.  Soros funds many organizations under the guise of charity.  The Clinton’s, Obama’s, Bush’s, and Soros promote and support Communist China and the United Nations, Agenda 21, and The New World Order which is an Old World Order operated by the Communists.

In a shocking interview on television, Maxine Waters blurted out revealing information about Obama and his intent to implement an organization  that he signed into law under the unconstitutional Patriot Act.  Obama made sure that NASA would be granted authority to spy on every American.  This is even more stunning coming from a man who can’t produce a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate or identification or credentials.  Perhaps, he used the “Patriot Act”  to implement spying on innocent Americans and invading their privacy, while he concealed his personal credentials and identification from the entire federal government and American citizens, without being deported back to Kenya as an illegal alien.

In an interview, Maxine Waters, inadvertently blurted out that prior to Obama’s leaving office in 2016 that he had everything in place for the next President, who he believed would be Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton taking over the White House.

Maxine Waters revealed the following:  The President [Obama] has put in place an organization that contains the kind of data base that no one has ever seen before in life.  And, that data base  will have information about everything on every individual that  has never been done before.  He’s been very smart what he is leaving in place -[OFA] is also known as the Organization for Action, a 501(c) 4].  And, whoever runs on the Democratic side is going to have to deal with that. He has been very smart.  It is very powerful what he is leaving in place.”  This statement should send chills down every American’s spine.

Excerpts from the Washington Post re: 501(c)4:

“In other words, the 501(c) 4 allows the President of the United States and the federal government to trample on the Right-to-Privacy guaranteed by the United States Constitution and influence elections as well as keep donors names concealed from the general public and possibly from the federal government. “

Furthermore, “Crossroads GPS, the conservative group co-founded by Karl Rove is one well-known example. On the other end of the political spectrum is Organizing for Action [OFA], which is what President Obama’s campaign operation transformed into after he was re-elected about November  2012.  The truth is that it’s no uncommon for candidates seeking election to embrace organizations with  multiple arms, including a nonprofit and a super PAC. American Crossroads, for example, is a super PAC affiliated with Crossroads GPS.”

Image result for Free stock photo of Christine Blasey FordImage result for Free stock photo of Christine Blasey Ford

This brings up the question if Christine Blasey Ford and her dad and brother were linked to the CIA as allege din the news as well as George Soros.  Politifact posted, “Ford has a brother, Ralph Blasey, who worked for Baker Hostetler, a law firm that retained Fusion GPS, the infamous DC company that produced the unverified Steele dossier on President Donald Trump and Russia, sparking the Russia investigation,” the release states, linking to

Furthermore,  I stated in my radio show, “Colombo Chronicles Live” on BTR that “The Ford’s Letter is the Most Important Piece of Evidence” that was sent to Senator Feinstein.  About September 25, 2018, a psychologist stated that Ford’s “Letter” to Feinstein is a fraud.  She confirmed what I stated on my radio show.  I questioned if Senator and Mr. Feinstein and the Dr. Christine and Mr. Ford’s or attorney and former FBI agent, Monica McLean, knew each other prior to the hearings.  McLean was reported by Ford’s former boyfriend to be Ford’s long-time best friend, Monica McLean, who lives in Rehoboth, DE..  It’s alleged by the boyfriend that Dr. Ford helped McLean with tips on how to take a polygraph test and according to Dr. Ford’s testimony, her “beach friends” helped her with the Letter and getting her on the plane testifying she was terrified of flying.   

Dr. Ford testified that her attorneys never told her that the Senators offered to fly to California to hold the Senate Hearings in the Ford v. Kavanaugh interviews assisted in retaining attorneys for Ford.  It’s also reported that Senator Feinstein may have paid for Ford’s retainer fee and polygraph fees and that Senator Feinstein recommended the Democratic attorneys to represent her at the Ford versus Kavanaugh Senate hearings.   

This raises the question if there was any collusion or a conspiracy to stop President Trump from appointing a conservative Justice to the Bench because of fear that Trump would follow through and arrest politicians who may have committed sedition or Treason. On the other hand, the question has been raised if  Dr. Ford testified against Judge Kavanaugh because it’s alleged that Ford and her husband are invested in Big Pharma and the sale of abortion pills.  Was Dr. Ford concerned that legal abortion would be overturned by conservative Justices?  It’s been alleged that Senator Feinstein and Senator Schumer were involved in helping set up two GoFundMe accounts that paid off Christine Blasey Ford at about $1,000,000 after she testified that she didn’t benefit in any way from testifying.  It appears that isn’t entirely true as $1,000,000 isn’t chump change. 

In fact, the article stated, “Here’s the key difference: Super PACs must disclose their donors while 501(c)(4)s do not. If you are a donor looking to influence election but do not want to reveal your identity, the 501(c)(4) is an attractive option through which to send your cash.”

Therefore, Americans should ponder if  Obama’s Organization known as “OFA” has  tentacles similar to the Clinton Foundation that reaches across the nation and around the world.  Does OFA seek donations on domestic and foreign soil from donors who would remain anonymous under the 501(c)4 umbrella?  Did the OFA tentacles and/or the Clinton Foundation tentacles reach out to GPS and the Russian Dossier that is supposedly under investigation by Special Investigator, Robert Mueller?  Has anyone in the FBI investigated if Obama and the Clinton’s and Ford’s brother, attorney Ralph Blasey,  allegedly linked by association to the Russian Dossier and Fusion GPS?  

The IRS  Director, Lois Lerner, under Obama’s watch spied on the Tea Party and Conservative organizations.  Should we ask the question if  Obama’s OFA is part of  NASA and the Federal Government or is OFA, a private organization.  OFA is  alleged to be worth $40,000,000 with an army of 30,000 members.   It appears that “OFA” is allegedly being used to either disrupt or influence elections.  Did Obama set up the spy program with people who would spy on individuals and report back to OFA?  Remember, during the 2012 elections, Valerie Jarrett was in the news stating that  “Anyone who opposed them would be punished.”   Recently, Senator Pelosi repeated the same threat.

Americans need to be pro-active and call their representatives and  write or email their representatives and ask questions about “OFA.”  Americans deserve to know if NASA is  using OFA or and an alternate 501(c) 4 non-profit status and/or the Obama Executive Order to spy on Americans without probable cause in violation of the United States Constitution.  You can call and ask for your representative at 202-225-3121 or 202-224-3121 as soon as possible.

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