Is OSHA Filing a Case in Supreme Court using the Misleading word, “Vaccines” and Filing a Case to Mandate Fear and Recruiting Employers by Mandate to be their watch dogs and spies for this worldwide Covid 19 Experiment?

Rose Colombo (C) January 07, 2022Consumer Advocate for Justice; author; poet, producer and host of Colombo Chronicles podcast..

Americans should be asking if OSHA is filing a case promoting Fear? Is Osha filing a case against Healthy Americans and healthy children, teens and young adults? And, is it a crime in America today to be of sound mind and a individual with a healthy immune system and healthy body for those who resist being jabbed or used as Human Lab Rats?

Should Americans not ask if healthy Americans feel as if the Democrats and NWO Billionaires are placing an imaginary gun to their heads saying, “Stand in Line every 3 days or every 3 minutes and be jabbed when we order you to do so and, if you don’t comply, we will punish you? We will impoverish you and destroy your life. We’ll strip you of your state licenses and fire you from your jobs!” Or, we’ll have you arrested for daring to breathe in fresh oxygen if you take off the masks and breathe in free fresh air that keeps your body and immune system healthy and keeps you alive?

These Blue State Socialists Democrats who are invested and laughing all the way to the bank raking in Billions coerce and fear monger and threaten Free people that they must comply with diminishing your natural needed supply of oxygen and the right to breathe in and exhale all day and night by ordering people to wear 1, 2, or 3 masks and a plastic shield and goggles and stop inhaling fresh oxygen or exhaling carbon monoxide? How is that healthy when they have no Scientific studies to prove CDC or WHO or Dr Fauci’s opinion and theory to my knowledge. In fact, Dr. Fauci stated on MSM that masks don’t stop a virus but make people feel protected. He also has been caught off camera removing his mask.

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Should we the American people, who are are the government, ask the question, “When did America’s representatives forget they are public servants and they don’t own our bodies and minds or our children’s bodies and minds? They don’t own private small businesses and which authority are these federal and state agencies applying to order employers to become doctors without licenses order people to get a medical experimental treatment and become watch dogs for the government and compile medical records and report their employees to the government as well as firing healthy people and forcing employees to work under duress? Why is Dr. Fauci, WHO and CDC, FDA and DHHS, Surgeon General and OSHA attempting to control everyone’s minds and bodies and force them to become human lab rats without knowing what’s in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula and what the consequences are of the mRNA genetically engineered organism gene manipulation never used on human beings and immediate or future consequences to humanity?

How is it that the federal and state Democrats are working overtime to deny Free Will and Free Choice with intent to control our minds and bodies and deny us the right to live our lives as a free people granted by God, not by Democrats or Republicans or wealthy New World members on Wall Street compromised or working with China as well as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution?

Americans should be asking the elected representatives when did the Democrat elected and appointed taxpayer funded public servants decide it’s okay to rip up the U.S. Constitution and replace it with the alphabet soup agencies created by government who appear to be creating police states and seeking to either starve Americans to death or destroy their lifestyles and impoverish them or throw them in FEMA camps? Did Obama and Biden secretly grant police powers to CDC, WHO, NIH or DHHS without disclosing that information to the American people?

Perhaps, we should ponder if that’s why Speaker Pelosi ripped up the State of The Union without fear of being removed from congress or charged with a crime while standing behind President Trump on the world stage. Her mean and childish act cast a shadow of shame on America as she insulted a duly elected President of the United States of America. She insulted the people honored during the event and Fallen Heroes as well as the entire nation.

Words have meaning. Ripping up the State of the Union and ignoring, rewriting, altering, or ripping up the U.S. Constitution by announcing it is “meaningless” by taxpayer funded elected or appointed representatives should be a crime and they should be stripped of their titles. It appears that Speaker Pelosi was attempting to send a message to the NWO Democrats and RINOS, Iran, EU, China and the CCP as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and the world that the U.S. Constitution will be ripped up next after Covid 19 in 2019 was announced as an alleged covid19 pandemic because the Biden-Harris and Democrat regime appear to be trampling on the Constitution is “meaningless” by taking Americans hostage for 2 years which is a far cry from a quarantine which is rare and lasts about 2 weeks.

They did and continue to destroy and threaten the livelihoods of American lives as well as destroying the right to an education, businesses, jobs and income. They have impoverished millions of Americans. They forced once successful free Middle Class Americans into food lines and ordered them to fear each other, wear masks with no Scientific evidence and wait for a bag of food and a bottle of water as they train up the population. They ordered healthy people to stand in line and be jabbed with experimental and trial injections knowing that there were high risks of serious direct adverse health effects and even death.

Natural News reported on January 18, 2022, that Male Teen Deaths have skyrocketed 53% from covid vaccination. Click on the Link Below:

Did OSHA file a Supreme Court Case Case Mandating Fear? Did OSHA file a Supreme Court case against We The People and in favor of Big Pharma investors? In Osha’s filing of a Supreme Court case did their legal counsel refer to the injections as “vaccines” instead of referring to them for what they are basing their case by referring the injections as mRNA treatment as an “FDA approved Emergency Authorization Act of Experimental and Trial Injections or did OSHA’s lawyers file a case that misrepresents the truth?

The truth is that the chemical-laden jabs are no more than warp speed experimental and trial injections with an mRNA genetically engineered organism never used on human being and a Pfizer Trade Secret Formula unknown to anyone except Pfizer what is in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula injected into millions of human beings and not FDA approved licensed vaccines that taked 5-25 years to complete.

Why is OSHA requesting employers mandate that their employees be jabbed with ineffective experimental jabs knowing more than 1,000,000 people are reported to have died or been permanently injured after they were jabbed once the experimental jabs were rolled out in 2021? Isn’t that more than lives lost on foreign battlefields and now being lost on the Big Pharma covid experimental jabs creating a battlefield in the USA as the Democrat Socialist federal government and Blue State Governors and Mayors divide the nation?

Americans should be asking the question, “Why is OSHA interfering in private businesses and dictating what employers must do when it comes to ordering Americans to be used as Human Lab Rats and discriminating against healthy employees who aren’t covid infected or possibly be shut down or cut off their employee’s oxygen supply with 1, 2 or 3 masks and a shield without Scientific published evidence that masks stop a virus and Scientific evidence that suddenly Natural Immunity and strong immune systems no longer work. Where is the Scientific published evidence in medical journal on these issues and the fact that healthy people are dangerous to the Human Lab Rats?

Which medical journals or U.S. Law Books and Medical Books can we find this this Scientific evidence on these controversial issues that are putting people into “camps” or jailing good people and denying them the right to work or go to church as well as threatening to remove people into FEMA camps?

Americans should call their senators (202) 224-3121 and demand to know how is it constitutional for agencies to force employers to become doctors with licenses and watch dogs over the medical treatments of their employees and ignore or violate the HIPPAA laws and invade the confidential medical records of patient-doctor confidentiality?

The White House and Congress should be explaining to the American people where in the U.S. Constitution does it state that employers have the authority or any government official to violate the privacy of any American and Wall Billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros can buy corporations to track and trace individual Americans as well as and create files on every American without violating all constitutional rights to privacy and Freedom?

It’s no secret that Bill and Melinda Gates and Gates’ dad and Bill Gates’ friend, Jeffrey Epstein, and the NWO Globalists end goal is to reduce the population while raking in Billions in profits and working hard at controlling human beings under the guise of “health care” using advanced technology. Which constitutional authority is the federal or State Democrat Socialist Party applying to require employers to fire healthy employees or discriminate against healthy employees and/or demote them or isolate and punish them?

It’s a fact that doctors report that they can’t distinguish the difference between covid 19 patients and seasonal flu, pneumonia, or other respiratory ailments; however, most patients who enter the ER or testing sites or ICU are reported as covid 19 patients and all other top causes of death such as seasonal flu and pneumonia, Heart Attacks and Strokes, which are increasing it appears after the roll out of the experimental covid injections in January 2022.

Therefore, it’s important to note that the FDA and Dr. Fauci 2020 FDA compiled a covid lst of potential direct adverse health effects include blood clots and Myocarditis and Heart attacks and strokes. They also include the potential for Paralysis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Kawasakei Disease, and many more serious adverse effects that change healthy people into permanently injured persons whether immediately, hours, weeks, months or 1, 2 or 3 years or more down the road because every human being reacts differently to chemicals and drugs.

Furthermore, President Reagan and the congress and DHHS granted immunity to Big Pharma and all investors and everyone involved in the business of licensed vaccines and now experimental and trial injections as well. Why would President Reagan and the DHHA and Congress protect Big Pharma from liability and not protect Americans from permanent injuries or deaths caused by Big Pharma?

The deaths that are recorded as covid 19 deaths on death certificates, after all, the hospitals and nursing homes are offered $39,000 for each covid death as reported online. This agenda creates dishonesty and a potential to pull the plug on patients for financial incentives. Hitler targeted the elderly first for death panels and then the children for depopulation.

The truth is that is what happened in the USA starting in January 2019 when Covid 19 was announced. They told us that they were worried about the elderly and were saving their lives. They said they were jabbing the elderly first to protect them, but instead they were dying by the thousands in New York City where they ordered covid patients be admitted into non-covid 19 facilities. Apparently, NYC didn’t care about the deaths of those infected by the covid 19 patients that former Gov. Cuomo ordered to be admitted into non-covid facilities, but care more about Trump’s taxes.

Were “financial incentives” paid to public servants to issue such an immoral and unethical order? It appears to me that the words “financial incentives” equate to “Bribes for Covid Deaths.”

If the OSHA case filed in the Supreme Court misleads the public and U.S. Justices consciously or unconsciously into believing the experimental jabs are FDA approved licensed “vaccines” while reading and hearing the case, it’s possible that they may base their opinions on thinking of the jabs as FDA approved “Licensed Vaccines” which would could create a decision based upon false statements that appear to be grossly negligent.

The alphabet government agencies as well as media funded by Bill and Melinda Gates who spent over $500 million to buy up air time on MSM and BBC and Social Media have repeatedly referred to the FDA Emergency Authorization Act using Experimental and Trial injections as “vaccines.” How is it ethical and legal for anyone to purchase the majority of air time or invest in their companies on Wall Street to influence a medical narrative and silence and threaten all other doctors and Scientists with case studies who treat covid patients.

How can the government if they aren’t invested not take action and stop Twitter and Facebook and MSM from denying doctors who save lives using HCQ or Ivermectin and other FDA approved safe and effective treatments and supplements be silenced and allow the media to control the narrative that may have caused thousands of deaths by suppressing the information of ethical doctors in the USA and around the world?

Is it Payola? Isn’t using millions of dollars to influence media and radio and retailers without any consequences of the deaths or injuries to promote a consumer product without disclosing that these are PAID COMMERCIALS to be repeated non-stop by all media hosts and the 2 giant Social media ads that influence people with the words, “Get Vaccinated,” which is similar to Payola. How is it any different because payola is a crime in the USA.

The newspapers and TV news was balanced and objective and the anchors or hosts didn’t give their personal opinions and bash politicians freely based on their personal political beliefs. The hosts actually reported the news as it happened and left out their personal opinions. The news has been turned into talk shows and personal opinions, not news.

Nevertheless, the scandals were reported at a time when Americans were taxpayer funding real Department of Justice agents and FBI agents, who were not political, but men and women who investigated crimes that led them to uncover crimes. They uncovered payola in the music industry. DJ’s were caught repeatedly playing and promoting the same songs and rock stars on their radio stations in exchange for “financial incentives” shall we day? How many doctors or hospitals or nursing homes are taking the “financial incentives” since 2019 to promote covid patients and deaths?

Conflicts of Interest: Bill and Melinda Gates spent over $500 Million to promote the Big Pharma experimental and trial injections. They’ve donated millions to Dr. Fauci’s NIH research and WHO and CDC agencies, who are in the business of patents and vaccines, and once a patent is manufactured and distributed then they can began raking in Billions using human lab rats as their built-in customer base by fear mongering, coercion, and threats which are crimes. How is it not considered influencing the medical treatments of people in the USA and the world when the alphabet agencies and the Director of NIH earns more money than the President of the United States? And, it’s the same people promoting the experimental and trial injections and using human beings as their human lab rats for-profit and without any liability for injury or death.

It’s a fact that the covid 19 experimental and trial injections appear to be intentionally being advertised with misleading words in the media and social media around the world when they order people by stating, “Get vaccinated” repeatedly. These ads are non-stop on TV, Social Media, radio and BBC over the past 2 years and continuing into the 3rd year. This appears to be indoctrination. They’ve been misleading Americans into believing that they are being injected with FDA approved licensed vaccines and are protected from getting covid and the variants. They are promoting the false narrative that the human lab rats jabbed with the experimental and trial injections should be angry and isolate and fear the healthy people who don’t have covid and have a strong immune system and resist being used as human lab rats.

The truth is that the government may know and are concealing the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula, but it appears to be gross negligence when they don’t reveal what is in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula or wait until they do know before injecting millions of people in the USA and around the world. And, the same goes for the mRNA genetically engineered organism that allegedly alters God-given DNA and without known consequences to individual human beings as its never been used on human being until this experiment on humanity was rolled out by Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors and the Federal Government in 2019.

Bill Gates boasted that he invested f $10 Billion in Big Pharma and expects a $200 Billion return on his investment in this Big Pharma Human Lab Rat Covid 19 Cult Industrial Complex. In order to generate $200 Billion in profits, he and Big Pharma need a built-in customer base of repeat customers who will roll up their sleeves and be jabbed repeatedly. They hold themselves above the law and congress and DHHS granted Big Pharma, distributors, marketers, and investors 100% immunity from the deaths and injuries being caused worldwide.

In fact, Bill Gates partnered with George Soros to buy a tracing and trcking company called Mologic because they intend to spy and trace and track all the survivors on the planet as well as using the Gates ID 2020 Vaccine Passport to control the survivors on the planet. In fact, they’re training DOGS to sniff people who a dog believes has a flu symptom, believe or not, this is tyranny.

Consequently, if OSHA used the word “vaccines” in their case filings then they have misled the Supreme Court Justices and the public on the fact that they have knowledge that these jabs were approved and intended for the use as “Experimental and Trial injections” only with “high risk” as admitted by Astra Zeneca and Dr. Fauci and “unknown efficacy” as well as direct “adverse reactions” and “unknown consequences” to the individuals.

The U.S. Supreme Court is aware that the White House and Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors are using coercion, threats, and fear mongering against the American people claiming that everyone will die from Covid 19 if they aren’t jabbed multiple times and healthy people are the culprits who don’t have any covid symptoms. It’s the first time since God breathed oxygen into Adam’s lungs so he would live as the “Breath of Life” that healthy people are the problem.

During an interview, Dr. Fauci stated his goal is to get everyone injected in the USA and then order them to be jabbed 2X per year. That is a creation by Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, and Big Pharma and the NWO investors to keep Big Pharma and those investors free from liability for deaths and injuries while raking in billions for investors using the courts and OSHA and DHHS and Surgeon General and Democrats to order Americans to be thei built-in-customer base and repeat human lab rats that cause a money making corporation to remain in business and without any liability for the consumer products they’re selling that can kill people or injure them for life.

The airlines have the same program going for them by using naked x-raying and DNA swabs and Hair strands collected for their NWO wealthy masters knowing Radiation can injure people permanently or cause cancer and death without any liability to the CEO’s of those airlines.

The White House and congress, senate, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors need to tell the truth and stop using the word “vaccines,” which is dishonest and misleading the world’s population. If the investors and MSM and Social Media giants and the alphabet government agencies were honest, they would tell the truth when promoting their snake oil and state that the Big Pharma ineffective jabs are FDA approved as “experimental and trial” injections with High Risk of adverse side effects to humans and can even cause death.

The question that people should be asking is why would the Directors of these government agencies, social media giants, and media conceal the fact that Dr. Fauci and Astra Zeneca admitted that these experimental and trial injection have a High Risk of permanent injuries and deaths? Death is permanent. No one can go back and reverse course and remove the experimental and trial jabs from their bodies. Click on the Link Below:

As the name suggests, emergency temporary standards “are an ‘unusual response’ to ‘exceptional circumstances.’” Int’l Chem. Workers, 830 F.2d at 371 (quoting Pub. Citizen Health Rsch. Grp. v. Auchter, 702 F.2d 1150, 1155 (D.C. Cir. 1983)). Thus, courts have uniformly observed that OSHA’s authority to establish emergency temporary standards under § 655(c) “is an ‘extraordinary power’ that is to be ‘delicately exercised’ in only certain ‘limited situations.’” Id. at 370 (quoting Pub. Citizen, 702 F.2d at 1155).

OSHA: “No person shall discharge or in any manner discriminate against any employee because such employee has filed any complaint or instituted or caused to be instituted any proceeding under or related to this Act or has testified or is about to testify in any such proceeding or because of the exercise by such employee on behalf of himself or others of any right afforded by this Act.”

Jackson Lewis writes, “Forty-seven U.S. Senators and 136 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives assert they needed to file an amicus brief because of their concern with the executive overreach seen in the current administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They argue that vaccine mandates are “a prototypical state police power” and “not within the purview of the OSHA Act, let alone something on which Congress intended OSHA to take unilateral action under its ‘emergency’ powers.” They further argue that OSHA’s assertion of authority over COVID-19 violates the non-delegation doctrine because “Congress provided no authority—let alone an intelligible principle—for OSHA to become a roving public health agency.”

Court Filing by Petitioners states, ” After the President voiced his displeasure with the country’s vaccination rate in September 12, the Administration poured over the U.S. Code in search of authority, or a “work-around,” [13[ for imposing a national vaccine mandate. The vehicle it landed on was an OSHA ETS. The statute empowering OSHA allows OSHA to bypass typical notice-and-comment proceedings for six months by providing “for an emergency temporary standard to take immediate effect upon publication in the Federal Register” if it “determines (A) that employees are exposed to grave danger from exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from new hazards, and (B) that such emergency standard is necessary to protect employees from such danger.” 29 U.S.C. § 655(c)(1)..

‘Huge Impact’

The OSHA case “will have a huge impact on the future of American workplaces,” said Robin Samuel, an attorney with Baker McKenzie in Los Angeles.

“In the short term, the case will determine whether millions of additional American workers will get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs,” he said. “In the longer term, if the ETS is struck down, federal OSHA’s authority to regulate workplaces on a national scale will be significantly undermined, leaving states to regulate workplace safety issues in more of a patchwork fashion.” (SHRM)

Colombo says, OSHA is filing a case to mandate FEAR! Coercion. Threats. And their case would create physical, emotional and financial stress in the work place which has been present since 2019 – 2021. OSHA would add the stress that would be placed on the employers and employees forced to work under fear and duress. How is that healthcare? They are causing duress for employers who don’t fear healthy American employees. OSHA is discriminating against healthy Americans and especially children and teens and young adults with strong immune systems, but kids are now in hospitals after jabbed at their public schools.

Why are the Democrats and Billionaires working overtime at criminalizing healthy people who have the right to refuse to be used as money making human commodities for Gates and Big Pharma and the investor’s profit who are attempting to make it legal that they can use human beings as human lab rats forever without being held liable for deaths or injuries.

When was it a crime for Americans to question experimental jabs by people of sound mind and have read historical events, where people such as Hitler and Psychiatrists behind closed doors or Scientists or Nazi doctors used human beings, under duress and without consent to be used for mind and body experiments as well as in current times after WW II in Canada and the USA? How is it that in 2019 when Dr. Fauci announced the Covid 19 plannedemic that it became a crime to be healthy? It should concern every American why it’s a crime to buy or be prescribed a 70 year old “miracle drug” by Rx or OTC available in drug stores named Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and FDA approved Ivermectin used on horses and humans that doctors state has been approved as safe and effective and helped cure covid patients who many state kept case studies?

Why would healthy people want to be human lab rats for private corporations and investors raking in billions on Wall Street while we are witnessing by proven statistics by One America Group Insurance company and Morticians and Hospitals who agree that there has been a 40% increase of serious injuries and deaths between people between the ages of 18 and 64 since 2021 when these jabs were rolled out? Why is the government pushing for Americans to be Human Commodities for Human Capital?

In addition, the NFIB said that even if the ETS results in a 1 percent to 3 percent attrition in the workforce, the ETS would cause significant injury to businesses.” (SHRM)

COVID AND HEPATITIS: We have read with interest the recent cases suggesting the possibility of vaccine-induced immune-mediated hepatitis with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccines for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.1234567 However, as the cohort of vaccinated individuals against COVID-19 increases, the previously reported cases could not exclude a coincidental development of autoimmune hepatitis, which has an incidence of 3/100,000 population per year.[8] Our case demonstrates conclusive evidence of vaccine-induced immune-mediated hepatitis with a rapid onset of liver injury after the first Moderna dose, which on re-exposure led to acute severe autoimmune hepatitis. (source: Journal of Hepatology)

It appears that the case filed by OSHA is an overreach and they are seeking to enact a tyrannical mandate on all Americans or punish healthy Americans who resist being used as human lab rats. They are criminalizing 80M Americans or more who are not willing to be Human Commodities for Human Capital, Human Lab Rats which violates their Human Rights, and Human Collateral for their money making Experiment with Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros and NWO Billionaires who seek to reduce the population of the planet from their own words and written and stated strategic goals.

Does this sound more like Communism? OSHA will be causing more of headaches for business owners that will lead to more government interference in their business and more paper work and tracking and tracing and reporting to the government who will punish the healthy Americans. Employers will be under more regulations by the government agencies. The stress will effect productivity.

For example, many County District Attorney’s offices have passed the burden of collecting child support from deadbeat parents onto the employers without compensation complying with these governmental orders. Employers are forced to do all the paper work for the government taxpayer funded agencies. They have placed the county’s job on the employers who must comply with the government agencies and provide information and deal with the payments through the employee’s wages without any compensation for the extra work and effort and time taken away from the employer’s businesses.

Moving back to the experimental and trial injections, Bill Gates stated in an interview seen in the news and online that they will “plunge a genetically engineered organism into the arm of every child,” and Bill and Melinda Gates with WHO have travelled to the Congo and India where kids died or were permanently injured after orally vaccinated or plunged chemical-laden needles in thousands of children’s arms and Bill Gates is seen giving vaccines to children in photos and he’s not a licensed doctor. How is it Bill Gates is allowed to be the world spokesperson on covid vaccines and biochemical viruses when he doesn’t have a medical license, just a lot of money to market and buy up MSM and BBC as well as Radio and FB and Twitter commericals aired to the public as speeches or interviews with only Dr. Fauci or Bill and Melinda Gates orWHO and CDC Directors?

Why would the entire Democrat and the RINO members of congress promote “FDA Experimental and Trial Injections on Humanity when there are statements by Dr. Fauci and Astra Zeneca on their packaging that state the “candidates” aka human lab rats, who are jabbed are at “High Risk” and that the jabs contain aborted fetal tissue, and alter DNA? And no one knows what the Pfizer Secret Formula consists of because Pfizer and Dr. Fauci to-date haven’t disclosed what they are plunging into everyone’s arms including pregnant women, babies, children, teens, young and old adults.

Sadly, no one is protecting the Scientists and Doctors who oppose Dr. Fauci’s NIH agendas on mRNA Gene manipulation theory. They have been silenced, even though they reported that mRNA is dangerous to our health. Some of those whistleblowers in the medical field who spoke out including the inventor of the PCR Test who stated it wasn’t intended to detect covid and the tests are faulty have been reported online as suddenly passed away. Plunging unknown materials and possibly Graphene Oxide, Bromides and Phosphates and stem cells into the arms of every human on the planet without disclosing the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula appears criminal or at the very least grossly negligent and malpractice.

“Scientists associated with the initial development of recombinant DNA methods recognized that the potential existed for organisms containing recombinant DNA to have undesirable or dangerous properties. At the 1975 Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA, these concerns were discussed and a voluntary moratorium on recombinant DNA research was initiated for experiments that were considered particularly risky. This moratorium was widely observed until the National Institute of Health (NIH – USA) developed and issued formal guidelines for rDNA work.

Today, recombinant DNA molecules and recombinant proteins are usually not regarded as dangerous. However, concerns remain about some organisms that express recombinant DNA, particularly when they leave the laboratory and are introduced into the environment or food chain. These concerns are discussed in the articles on genetically modified organisms and genetically modified food controversies. Furthermore, there are concerns about the by-products in biopharmaceutical production, where recombinant DNA result in specific protein products. The major by-product, termed host cell protein, comes from the host expression system and poses a threat to the patient’s health and the overall environment.“[33][34] (Wikipedia)

If these attacks on small business owners and employees continue in the USA, it won’t take long before this HEALTH CARE program causes more people to shut down their businesses as it’s already caused the loss of millions of businesses and jobs and loss ofincome. They’re insane plannedemic agendas have increased divorce, child abuse, crimes and drugs and alcohol abuse from depression and suicides. It’s a fact that idle minds are dangerous as kids around the USA have lost their right to an education for 2 years. How is it that the people in charge of NIH, CDC, WHO, DHHS, White House and Big Pharma believe they are saving lives when there are over 1,000,000 injuries and deaths?

Why doesn’t OSHA and the the White House concentrate on the illegals pouring into the USA from a myriad for foreign enemy nations who are working in the USA and who came into the USA with covid. President Biden and the Democrats, OSHA or CDC or WHO and NIH Dr. Fauci aren’t interested in that fact or that illegals and Muslims aren’t required to be health care checked or vaccinated as they spread infectious diseases into America.

Click on: Crisis in America Deaths Up 40% among those aged 18-64 years old based on Life Insurance Claims for 2021 after Covid 19 experimental injects were rolled out. (Coroners, morticians, and hospitals are stating they’ve never seen so many deaths as in 2021, especially among young people).

Actually, doctors and the Dental Association report that masks worn long term can cause dry mouth, cavities and loss of teeth and gum disease. Gum disease can kill people. THe masks worn long term according to one doctor stated that the masks worn long term can cause Legionnaire’s disease as well as physical, emotional, and financial distress that leads to duress and operating one’s life under duress and a stressed out body and mind isn’t healthy. It’s common sense that people need people, sunshine, and fresh air aka oxygen to remain healthy. The cells, heart, brain, lungs and immune system can’t remain healthy without breathing in fresh air and releasing carbon monoxide 24/7 every single day. Fresh Air and Oxygen and Sunshine, walking, help keep our bodies healthy and our immune system.

Common sense tells us that If masks are the answer to stop a flu then China should be virus free. We have 22 Trillion viruses in our bodies so we can never get rid of viruses, we live with them, and we have cures and herd immunity or else mankind would have been wiped out long ago, but the covid 19 virus is alleged to have been created in a lab using gain-of-function research declared by credible doctors and Scientists.

Osha has a moral and fiduciary duty to inform the public of the never ending jabs and injected mRNA spike proteins and gene therapy that has never been used on humans until 2021. All vaccines can have direct adverse health effects, but those are licensed vaccines. In this case, the warp speed chemical-lade jabs are with unknown consequences to individuals which they admit can cause blood clots that travel in the body and can attack the heart, brain, lungs and so forth and injure people permanently or they can die. Why doesn’t President Biden and Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and CDC and WHO and MSM inform the general public of the truth that their bodies can be permanently injured as well as their brains and can cause early death?

Why doesn’t anyone in congress, senate, White House, CDC, WHO, OSHA, DHHS, Surgeon General and Dr. Fauci-NIH and Bill Gates who ignore that the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula injected into millions of human lab rats is a secret formula and know one knows except Pfizer what they are injecting into millions of human bodies. How is that moral or ethical or okay with the FDA?

How is a mandated taxpayer funded experimental and trial injection with unknown ingredients any different than the Americans who followed Jim Jones into the deep jungles of Africa and when he learned the government was flying in a congressman to investigate? Jones ordered the murder of the U.S. congressman. And, at gun point, ordered the Americans to drink the Kool-Aid. They were under duress and believed they had no choice and found out too late what was in the Kool-Aid.

.By the way, shouldn’t we be concerned why the DOJ isn’t investigating these issues? Does the USA still have a U.S. Department of Justice because they’re pretty silent and when questioned in Senate Hearings, no one know anything or can’t remember or will get back to them in the future.

There is an FDA List of known Direct Adverse Side Effects provided by Dr. Fauci and the FDA on the potential direct adverse effects that can occur from the FDA Approved Experimental and Trial Injections which they listed a 2020 Workshop. An important fact is that the Astra Zeneca packaging lists the Covid 19 experimental jabs which they refer to as “vaccines” that states the jab alters DNA and includes aborted fetal tissue of 14 week old white Caucasian baby boys.

And, then there’s the unknown chemicals and adjuvants being injected into everyone’s arms multiple times which isn’t disclosed kept secret because Pfizer filed the formulas as a Trade Secret Formula which is totally immoral and unethical. How could the FDA and White House allow unknown chemicals or materials be injected into millions of arms without knowing what they’re injecting. It could be a secret Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid formula or something beneficial for all anyone knows because it’s a secret.

And, if OSHA referred to these worldwide experimental and trial jabs as “vaccines” then they are being dishonest for they know that there is a Pfizer Trade Secret Formula and mRNA gene therapy never used on humans with unknown consequences immediately or hours or days or weeks, months, or 1, 2 or 3 years down the road or longer and in my opinion that equates to gross negligence. Again, if OSHA used the word “vaccines” in their case filings, the case should be made null and void as it is misleading the courts and the American people and future generations.

If the Democrats and RINOS and NWO Wall Street CEOs and government agencies don’t wipe out humanity, hopefully, future generations will seek the truth of what happened during this time of American history between 2019 and 2024. After all, adults and kids and grandkids and great grandkids will seek the truth of what happened at Ruby Ridge, WACO, OKC, 9/11, JFK and Bobby Kennedy assassinations the the attempt on President Reagan’s life, People will continue to look for answers to major events such as WW II and Vietnam and the Holocaust. Americans never forget.

Remember, people went on you tube and videotaped their complaints and questions after they were jabbed. Victims shows how metal stuck to their arms where they were jabbed and that fluorescent light was glowing from their jabs. Not so long ago, there were news reports that the government recalled Moderna vials because metal was found in Moderna experimental and trial jabs after Pfizer and Moderna denied metal was part of their formulas, but Moderna said, it was an accident and that metal they discovered was from an accident.” On the other hand, what about the people who now have metal inside their bodies?

How is it in 2021 – 2022 that Americans and their kids and grandkids, parents and grandparents are being used as Human Lab Rats jabbed with the covid 19 experimental and trial injections that equate to implementing the United Nations Agenda 21 that was rolled out in 2021? Do people think these are all coincidences and not by design? Covid 19 announced in 2019? They are not coincidences.

Americans should ask their representatives which constitutional authority is being applied under as taxpayer funded public servants that causes them to believe that they have the authority to interfere and control private businesses and mandate that employers become law enforcers, medical trackers of employees and compile medical records on their employees or invade their private medical treatments and ignore the EEOC and HIPPAA laws? Which constitutional authority grants employers the authority to force medical treatments that are experimental or not and without any financial liability, it appears, threaten to fire employees and punish them for not obeying and complying as a human lab rat for an experiment on humanity?

Why would CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci deny doctors and health care professions the right to continue to sell or Rx or promote FDA approved safe and effective Big Pharma products Rx’d and sold OTC and online to the public which should be our choice. After Dr. Fauci announced Covid 19 on or about January 2019, he immediately debunked Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Dr. Fauci and WHO and CDC prohibit doctors from using them on their patients or prescribing them or promoting them on TV, Radio or Online or else be punished. These unethical agendas are unprecedented in American history.

If the FDA approved products are dangerous after years of use.i.e., HCQ and Ivermectin, then why would anyone trust warp speed Big Pharma “FDA Approved Experimental and Trial” injections? It appears that if OSHA were to get their way that in the future, employers will be facing a mountain of filings for unemployment benefits and civil lawsuits for discrimination, as well as injuries and deaths from the jabs taken under duress and fear of losing their income and jobs and starving to death. The injured or families of those who were physically or mentally disabled or died will be exercising their constittuional rights and probably filing lawsuits.

The FDA requires willing volunteers and generally paid to be willing volunteers for experimental and trial injections or Rx drugs. The volunteers are examined for health issues to see if they are a good candidate for the experiment. They are informed of what will be injected or ingested into their bodies and informed of the potential adverse side effects as well as permanent injury or death. They are told of the risks and they require a signed consent form. How did the entire government allow the FDA to bypass their requirements for experiment and trial injections and without informing the public of the mentioned information along with signed consent forms?

Even if a willing volunteer signs a consent form who isn’t under duress or coercion or fear or threatened, if they aren’t informed of the mRNA risks and what’s in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula or they aren’t handed a copy of the FDA and Dr. Fauci list of potential permanent adverse reactions including death, then they should be eligible to file lawsuits against Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci/NIH, Bill Gates and Big Pharma and the government.

Ironically, the indictrinated Liberals believe they are 100% safe because they’re fully jabbed and Boosterered up. Betty White tweeted she was fully vaccinated and boostered up right before her 100th Birthday Party, and sadly, shortly afterwards, she died. At least 3 other celebrities posted they were fully vaccinated and then died. Why would Big Pharma’s Astra Zeneca and Dr. Fauci admit that “candidates” as he calls those being jabbed to be at an EXPECTED HIGH RISK of Direct Adverse Health Effects. Yet, Dr. Fauci, at 80 and considered elderly, remain covid free? Does he take Ivermectin and HCQ, C with zinc and D3 and so forth?

This is truly important and it was printed on the box of the Astra Zeneca vials that stated, “Artificial Intelligent software to track everyone” vaccinated for adverse health effects, but what good does that do the victims of injuries and deaths?

Remembe, this NWO agenda boils down to not only reducing the population of people on the planet, but control and power over the planet and the survivors. It comes down to implementing a worldwide tracking and tracing device through Microsoft, AI, National Security, and the Bill Gates ID 2020 Vaccine Passport. The AI Vaccine Passport is create a built-in-customer base of human lab rats repeatedly jabbed and tracked and traced by Soros and Gates for profit and control over the survivors. Gates partnered with George Soros and purchased Mologic. Mologic is a company that tracks, traces, and spies on individual Americans and people worldwide for flu symptoms.

Is everyone on the chess board waiting to be targeted, jabbed, die, be disabled or remain healthy or jailed or fines for not complying with the NWO Masters? Is it a fun game for wealthy Billionaires who seek to play Russian Roulette with 7 Billion lives as they spy and track and trace them on their worldwide computer gameboard as they are the hunters and everyone else is to be the hunted attempting to survive for their entertainment? Bill Gates stated many times during speeches and interviews that 10% or 15% or 10M or 30M or 2 Billion could die after vaccinated during a TED speech but they are saving the planet and reducing poverty.

I guess the survivors who dodge the death panel will be enslaved by Artificial Intelligence under a program George Soros called “Bodies for Internet.” Soros remaked that everyone’s body will be altered. It’s my opinion that the Gates ID 2020 Vaccine passport is Treason. The vaccine passort overthrows The U.S. Constitution. The NWO Vaccine Passport is similar, if not the same concept, as the CCP China “Merit App” that controls their citizens. It’s Communism using high technology to control every person on the planet. Hitler would be thrilled.

It appears that these NWO members believe they are all of the same bloodline and linked to the Royal Family. Even Princess Diana said she was an outsider. Many believe they are related to Hitler and his s alleged daughter, Angela Merkle, alleged to be Hillary’s cousin, and Bill’s alleged to be Hillary’s cousin and GHWB and GWB and John Kerry and Obama believe they are all linked to this same bloodline. They are the “kissing cousins.” And, they are tied to the CCP and Communist China including the American Wall Street NWO CEO’s involved in this New Norm.

The major Wall Street CEO’s have been using slave labor for higher profits by Clinton’s opening the borders, L.B. Naval Base and L.B. Port tariff free to the Communist CCP Republic of China where they can access drugs and Honey Pots while others have been sleeping with the enemy inside the USA as China records the behaviors on the Laptops from Hell and while Jeffrey Epstein and the Maxwell’s recorded the wealthy jetting over to Orgy Island.

The fact that they have been isolating children and using children for human lab rats in this experiment is Child Abuse in the USA. The fact that they’ve been isolating the elderly and using them as human lab rats is Elder Abuse in the USA on the law books. But, who cares in government since 2019? The wealthy appear to be the protected ones who are held above the law. Violating the Nuremberg Codes and committing Crimes against Humanity are acts of tyranny which are unconstitutional and illegal, unlawful and must end.

It’s no secret any longer that the goal is to reduce the population by 50% by 2030 and by 90% by 2050. These wealthy people view the surplus human beings as useless “bottom feeders” or discardable and disposable non-humans. In fact, this is why I informed readers of these agendas and the 2-tier Justice System in the USA in my award-winning book featured around the world, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” published in 2010.

Why did Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates began fear mongering over a biochemical weapon coming to the USA and the world about 2014-2021? And, why did Dr. Fauci state that President Trump is in for a big surprise coming during his term as President of the USA? And, then he stated more surprises were coming during the winter. As the Director of NIH over Health Care and paid possibly more than the POTUS and promised a matching pension paid by the taxpayers despite his wealth, why didn’t he start telling people why he felt a biochemical weapon or variants would be released and how to protect themselves?

It’s my opinion that legally and lawfully and constitutionally, morally and ethically that Pfizer, J&J, Moderna and Astra Zeneca jabs should be paying volunteers to be their human lab rats and not following the FDA protocol by their regulations that require willing volunteers to be human lab rats who are paid to participate in their experiments. Big Pharma should be paying the injured and funeral costs and punitive damages for medical bills and treatments and funerals. Big Pharma should be paying every Americans a royalty monthly and/or a payment for using our Taxes to fund their private corporation for their experiment using Human Lab Rats without any liability while using our taxes to rake in Billions which shouldn’t be a giveaway to private corporations, but a loan with interest and payment plan to pay back the American taxpayers.

It’s stunning why Democrats and RINOS in congress and the senate aren’t ending the Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Soros-China-Gates-and NIH/Dr. Fauci warp speed Experimental and trial jabs using Americans as Human Lab Rats while promoting and marketing and encouraging people to believe they are FDA Licensed vaccines by calling them vaccines instead of what they are – experiments and trials. They are aware that using Human Beings for experiments as Human Lab Rats is dangerous and Crimes against Humanity and enslavement into servitude to Big Pharma and the NWO and violations of the Nuremberg Codes – So, SHAME ON THEM!

Imagine if the majority of Americans Military, Health Care Workers and doctors and First Responders and Law Enforcers were jabbed under duress of being fired knowing because they were told they would be fired and wouldn’t be able to support their families or feed their kids or provide shelter? Imagine if those jabbed end up dying or permanently disabled how easy it would be for the NWO to swoop in along with the CCP and MB-CAIR and MB radicals training up in no-go zone camps or at mosques where the FBI has discovered explosives in the past. America and Europe would be ripe for an easy invasion using a flu as the catalyst for a coup d’etat.

Just imagine if millions in America and Western Civilization were attacked by a biochemical weapon allegedly created in the Labs of the USA and Communist China and it was to be the catalyst to reducing the population of military troops, First Responders, medical staff, doctors, police, Sheriffs, Border Patrol, ICE and young healthy adults because they were physically and mentally disabled from the experimental jabs or millions died how easily the NWO’s creation of civil unrest and a pandemic by design would cause foreign enemy leaders to see America as weak and invade and conquer without firing one shot. Just Sayin’

Remember, the FDA Experimental and Trial injections are not FDA approved as I stated s several times in this blog. There aren’t any short and long term approved case studies or approved “Licensed Vaccines” that take 5 to 25 years to approve. All the animals used as lab rats died after 2 jabs, so why would Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO immediately target human beings, babies, children, teens, young and old to be jabbed? There aren’t any published long term case studies revealing the direct adverse health effects of injuries and deaths reported in medical journals for review. Pray this isn’t what some doctors and Scientists believe to be a potential genocide down the road.

Do any of the taxpayer funded OSHA employees who work for OSHA or filed the Supreme Court Mandate to force employers to be watch dogs over their Employees just happen to own stock in Big Pharma experimental and trial injections or invested in the masks and PCR tests made in China who invested back in 2018? If so, they and all public servants using Americans and the world’s population as Human Lab Rats, Human Commodities for Human Capital and Human Collateral for their investments on Wall Street.

How many CEO’s invested on wall Street, tied to China and who are elected and appointed Public Servants taxpayer funded in the USA and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada are in violation of U.S. Constitutional Law, Laws on the Necessities of Life, Civil Rights as well as Crimes against Humanity and violations of the Nuremberg Codes. Ironically, the Austrian EU Chief who seeks to mandate all Europeans be jabbed also seeks to disperse of the Nuremberg Codes; however, why would she do that if she isn’t guilty of crimes against humanity or violations of the Nuremberg Codes? Any and all investments in Big Pharma, China masks and PCR Tests for profit should be a requirement disclosed to the public for public review and scrutiny.

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3 thoughts on “Is OSHA Filing a Case in Supreme Court using the Misleading word, “Vaccines” and Filing a Case to Mandate Fear and Recruiting Employers by Mandate to be their watch dogs and spies for this worldwide Covid 19 Experiment?

  1. A legal ‘weed whacker’ is required to cut through all this mumbo-jumbo.
    A legal case must define its terms, and the three Emergency Use Authorized drugs are not ‘vaccines’ per se, but now determined to be ineffective, if not perpetuating the pandemic by ‘pressuring’ mutation, i.e., they are ‘mutagenic.’ In addition to being ineffective in protecting the ‘inoculated,’ the mutagen-created variants put both ‘vaccinated’ and unvaccinated at risk. The drugs also have been found to cause inflammation and damage to DNA.
    And, while the State, not the Federal Government, has a ‘legitimate state interest’ in the ‘health, safety, and welfare’ of its citizens, the 1902 Jacobsen case which supported mandatory Smallpox vaccination included a caveat, that the treatment was the only recourse.
    In this case, not only is the so-called ‘vaccine’ ineffective, but there are other treatments that save lives and promote a superior natural immunity. Unfortunately, due to financial conspiracies between the Federal medical science agencies and drug manufacturers, the ineffective and expensive experimental drugs have been artificially supported, and regulatory malfeasance applied to suppress effective and safe drugs.
    In addition, the idiocy of Assoc. Justice Sotomayor is distressing, if not tragic, in her outright NEGLIGENT citing of inaccurate data.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You, Paraleaglenn for your response. You are 100% on the “Mark” (and I don’t mean the “Mark” of the Beast) but your comment definitely reveals the difference between a “Licensed vaccine” with long-term approved case studies pub. vs. an ineffective “FDA Emergency Authorization for Experimental and Trial Injections” (which are not licensed vaccines). Even Dr. Fauci stated the Big Unknown is the “efficacy” and adverse reactions that are of “high risk” to “candidates” with the potential for enhanced infections which definitely makes the Pfizer, J&J, Astra Zeneca and Moderna no more than an experiment on humanity while they have no liability for deaths and injuries and are raking in Billions using Human Lab Rats.”


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