Rose Colombo (C) 12/30/2021, ed. 1/01/22

No one knows except the government and the Pfizer CEO and their staff what is in the Trade Secret Formula. A brave Pfizer employee and humanitarian exposed this information online during an interview on video. It appears that the Trade Secret Formula is not favorable to human beings; otherwise, they would not be trying to conceal their formula from the government and the world population. What are they hiding from those they are injecting with FDA Experimental and trial injections?

The question remains why are the EU Leaders and Canadian Leader, Trudeau, as well as American leaders and Third World Nation Leaders not demanding that Pfizer disclose the Trade Secret Formula before injecting it into human beings around the world, especially pregnant women and children, babies and young adults? What if the secret formula destroys the body and mind or depopulates humanity? What if it weakens and destroys our God given immune system? What if it destroys our unique DNA created by God that makes each human being unique as God gifted us with natural inalienable rights to a Free Will and Free Choice to control our own bodies and minds and that of our minor children?

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What if they are seeking depopulation instead health care and imposing death care by disabling children and babies and everyone else in order to control the minds and bodies of the survivors? It wouldn’t be the first time that psychopaths in Science and Health Care used human beings for research and development money as well as for profit. It wouldn’t be the first time, psychopaths experimented on human beings, babies, children teens or adults behind closed doors and in secret with experimental injections and drugs and surgeries!”

Do you believe that the leaders who are now dictators elected by We The People and paid by We The People are protecting Big Pharma and all investors, because they trust Big Pharma and Dr. Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates, CDC and WHO Directors totally and no other doctors or Scientists? Why would the DHHS and the White House grant private corporations who have been sued for FDA approved vaccines and Rx drugs that caused permanent injury and death to babies, children, and adults in the past, make an exception for Billionaires making Billions using Human Lab Rats for free with no liability for any damages to the body and mind or deaths?

The agencies funded by Bill and Melinda Gates such as WHO, CDC, who owns the covid patent filed in 2003-2004, and NIH, appear to have been granted carte blanc worldwide platforms on Social Media, BBC and MSM. Gates invests or buys up air time, while silencing anyone who doesn’t agree with their agendas. In fact, Speaker Pelosi wants to make it a crime to disagree with anyone on the left related to Dr. Fauci and covid. Is it because Speaker Pelosi has been in the news for engaging in Insider Trading, while on taxpayer’s tim,e without any complaints by anyone in government? Yet, Martha Stewart went to prison for less. It’s alleged in the news that Pelosi is invested in Big Pharma, AI, 5G and Electric Cars. It must be nice to be paid by the taxpayers for 30 some years with benefits and vacation and Health Care and Pensions and making personal investments as well and going to beauty salons during a pandemic and violating her own mandates.

Which constitutional authority are any of these people applying that grants CEOs of Social Media and MSM the authority to silence Americans and violate our First Amendment Rights that guarantee Freedom of Speech? They are violating our taxpayer funded right to access taxpayer funded air waves which they’ve stolen apparently with the blessings of the FCC and federal government.

Therefore, why are U.S. taxpayers forced to pay cable corporations as well as pay tax dollars for the use of public airwaves? Shouldn’t the Billionaire CEO’s of cable TV be paying Americans a royalty for using our taxpayer funded airwaves? I believe that is true and it should be retroactive. The cable companies stole our public airwaves denying us the right to continue to plug in our TV’s and watch channels, 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and public TV as in the past which is why we pay for taxpayer funded public airwaves. Why did the FCC allow this to happen along with congress and the senators since the 1990’s? Did they invest in these corporations or accept huge donations to their campaigns or favors behind closed doors? Or, were they offered stocks so they could make millions on the stock market? Just Askin’. So, why are they monopolizing our public airwaves for free and denying Freedom of Speech which now includes Facebook and Twitter?

It’s my opinion that Social Media giants need to be deregulated and their monopoly on our public taxpayer funded airwaves. The Senate and DOJ and FCC must end the over reach of denying Freedom of Speech our our public airwaves and discriminating against the Right. If the Democrats were being denied access to FB or Twitter and denied Freedom of Speech, they would be screaming and in a blink of an eye dereulating the monopoly of social media. After all, the senators of the past broke up the monopoly on the super markets and the banks and utilities. It’s their duty. The senators and FCC have the power to do the right thing or refund Americans their taxpayer money paid to the FCC for public airwave access or the choice to end the taxes for public airwaves immediately. Americans are fed up with Wall Street donating to public servants at the expense of the American people and U.S. Constitution.

The entire government allowed Dr. Fauci/NIH, CDC and WHO Directors, who have no authority over any American other than to provide recommendations, meaning that the Presidents of the USA or the congress do not have to impose their recommendations on Americans when it is not in the best interest of the American people, businesses, jobs, education and the economy. It’s proven to be an ineffective plannedemic gone bad for the Middle Class American business owners and workers as well as for the American families and public education. Why are we funding public education if our kids or adults can’t attend school? Where are the taxes being diverted if not used to allow kids to enter the school grounds?

How is it that Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO were allowed people to control the nation’s citizens without any authority over any free American, especially people who don’t have the flu and didn’t have symptoms which means, if you don’t have symptoms of even a cold then you’re healthy, yet WHO, CDC, Dr. Fauci have been allowed to take the entire nation hostage and placed under their control as if we are living in Communist China and by the way, Gates has donated millions to each of these agencies for decades.

It’s no secret that Key Democrats are funded by Gates and Soros and wealthy globalist mostly on the Left with huge donations so the Democrat Socialist Party can maintain control of the government. They know their goal will be destroyed if President Trump or a Republican loyal American were elected into the oval office and a majority of senators on the right are elected in 2024. The Democrats could no longer violate constitutional law and deny the American people their constitutional freedoms, liberties and rights and sovereignty.

We The People are FREE Americans and We The People are the government and pay their wages and they are paid to do the WILL of the majority of Americans, not impose their WILL on Americans. They are paid to protect Freedom, not deny it. They are paid to educate the children and adults not deny it. They are paid to protect small businesses and jobs and not destroy them.

The Public Servants and agencies paid with our taxes are paid to help employers, not take over their private businesses and dictate what they must do to stay in business by playing doctor and violating their employee’s private health care treatments. They are paid to subsidize the Ranchers and Farmers and not destroy them then allow multi-Billionaires to buy up their land for less than its worth with water rights. They are elected to do the Will of the People, not impose their unconstitutional and unlawful will upon the people.

The federal and blue state leaders have become dictators without any constitutional authority to do so. They violated their sworn oath and destroyed businesses, jobs, families and caused hunger, while approving and allowing millions of illegals into the USA from Third World Nations around the world, who brought covid, MERS, SARS, Hepatitis, Ebola, Measles or HIV Aids into the USA and Europe? Why would they do that if they were trying to keep everyone healthy and alive?

How many of these leaders are NWO members and accept big donations from the evil ones seeking to reduce the population of the planet and control the survivors and enslave them into servitude or worse. The Conflicts of Interest between Billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros who have donated to CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci/NIH for decades in the millions is not in the best interest of the American people, but in their best interest if you follow the money and Patents worth millions or billions and their investment in Big Pharma on Wall Street.

CLICK THE LINK to read “Hospital Death Camps Exposed” – “COVID patients in America’s hospitals today are actually being treated worse than prisoners in American jails,” Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet said. They are being held hostage and segregated from loved ones. And the reason is money. Source: Desert Review

These wealthy NWO members invest in the research of Trans Humans, same-sex indoctrination in public schools, promote and donate to Plannned Parenthood seeking to establish clinics worldwide, especially in Africa and India and these all depopulation programs. It appears that they call themselves globalists because they don’t want races and ethnicities or anyone who believes in God or the Bible or Religion or sovereign nations as they seek to control the world as a global planet.

Bill and Melinda Gates buy or invest or donate to market their covid agendas and their one world order Vaccine Passport that overthrows the U.S. Constitution and Sovereignty of the Greatest Republic on the planet ever developed in order to take control which they’re doing right now through a worldwide platform on MSM, BBC, FB, Twitter and silencing everyone else who dares speak out on covid cures or oppose Gates, Fauci, WHO and CDC directors as CDC owns the patent on covid filed in 2003.

It appears that Gates just got lucky and made Billions of Dollars and allowed to practice medicine without a license as he isn’t a Scientist or Doctor or Ph.D., and yet, the government because he’s wealthy appear to allow him to present himself as the world’s expert on vaccines and biochemical weapons and fear mongering for decades, while silencing credentialed high-profiled reputable Scientists and Doctors who are hands on with the patients and cure many. Imagine if you started jabbing people without a license over in India and the Congo or began giving medical advice without a license and what would happen to you ordering the world to be jabbed with experiments jabs and told the world, “You have no choice,” what would happen to you?

So, millions of people, it appears, truly believe the marketing and advertising on social media, radio, MSM, BBC of non-medical peoples ordering you to get “vaccinated,” when not telling the truth that this is an EXPERIMENT and you are a Human Lab Rat and the JABS are FDA approved EXPERIMENTAL AND TRIAL injection with unknown consequences to individuals until they’re jabbed and the adverse effect can be immediate, hours, days, weeks, months, 1, 2, or 3 years or more down the road. And, most people down the road wouldn’t connect the dots because there are no long term case studies approved and published in medical journals.

By Mike Adam

(Natural News) In a stunning development that confirms the mass vaccine die-off is accelerating, the CDC now openly admits that 15,600 Americans will die each week by Christmas, with deaths continuing through the first part of 2022. (Source: UK Daily Mail citing the CDC)

The CDC claims these are “covid” deaths, but of course they are actually vaccine deaths. Covid vaccines inject people with toxic spike proteins or the mRNA instructions to manufacture spike protein nanoparticles. These particles are the disease, and they cause widespread vascular, neurological and reproductive damage. The side effects of these vaccines are identical to the “symptoms” of covid for the simple reason that the vaccines are the pandemic. Thus, when people are injected with the vaccines, they are “given” covid. Once they die, they are said to have died from covid instead of from the vaccine.” written by Mike Adam at

If they really care about saving the lives and the babies and children needed to preserve the sovereign nations in the future, they why are using them since kids have proven by science to have strong immune system? Scientists and doctors agree that children have a 99.9% chance of never getting covid as well as if they did get covid, they are blessed with a 99.9% recovery rate.

Remember, Gates stated if “we do a really good job,” we could reduce the population by 10% or 15% or 10M or 30M or 2 Billion to sustain the planet. He stated he made a $10B investment and seeks a $200B profit after jabbing the world with experimental and trial injections and a secret Pfizer Trade Secret Formula. Gates also stated that we’ll “plunge a genetically engineered organism in the arms of every child,” and he was so excited during the interview. Is that natural? It appears that he’s running the AMA and the entire worldwide medical agendas through his funding for decades of WHO and CDC and Dr. Fauci/NIH as I stated and this should have been a red flag for the DOJ and Senate.

These tyrannical leaders who granted themselves totalitarian and dictatorial authority without any authority to do so, except by the masses allowing them to do so, are in violation of their sworn oath. They swore to uphold the Constitutional Supreme Laws of the Land in the USA and hopefully as well in sovereign countries in Europe and Canada. The question the people must ask them is who granted them permission to play Russian Roulette with individual human beings on the planet using these experimental and trial injections and permitted them to violate the law by using fear mongering, coercion, and threats which are crimes defined in American’s law books?

In fact, fear, coercion, and threats cause people to do something harmful to themselves when they are under duress and fearful for their lives and their family’s lives so they comply which borders on extortion because in this case, the exchange for threatening to fire someone from their job in exchange for rolling up their sleep and being used as a Human Lab Rat for their profit borders on extortion or blackmail. Duress causes stress and turns into emotional, physical, and financial distress and if proven in a court of law, it’s a crime as stress can cause strokes and heart attacks and brain injuries or death as well as financial loss according to legal books and medical reports.

It’s reported and appears to be ignored by Dr. Fauci, Gates, WHO and CDC that these clot shots which are experimental injections can and are causing death, paralysis, GBS, Brain injury, Heart Attacks, Strokes and so forth, even in children? These direct adverse health effects after jabbed are listed on the FDA and Dr. Fauci workshop List of potential direct adverse health effects which coincide with the deaths and injuries reported by the victims. We have no idea how many aren’t reporting to VAERS or aren’t sharing their stories online. We’re witnessing more victims sharing that they were healthy young people and they are being good citizens and jabbed and they suffering permanent injuries and deaths to you and old healthy people remain a mystery! Do you believe they are a mystery?

Should the world’s masses not ponder if these wealthy people in positions of power or infuence of people in high places truly believe everyone is stupid and are buying their snake oil? Do you believe these NWO members and investors in Big Pharma aren’t taking HCQ or Ivermectin and D3 and C with Zinc and when being brave on TV and being injected aren’t being jabbed with saline or B12? Do you believe that they are going to risk their lives and their families as human lab rats or human collateral for this experiment on humanity as they are seeking to control the world and redistribute the world’s wealth to themselves? After all, Klaus Schwab stated, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” This is their plan. If you don’t die from the jabs will you die from being fired from your jobs and denied food and health care?

They are jabbing your parents, grandparents and isolating them while denying them the right to say good-bye to their loved ones which is cruel and unusual punishment in America and once free nations now under the control of the NIH, CDC, WHO and Socialist Democrat and communist leaning type leaders. They are in agreement with knowledge and understanding and of free will engaging in using Human Beings as Human Lab Rats while destroying Middle Class businesses, jobs, Food Chain, Socializing, Families, Travel, and ignoring the deaths and injuries after jabbed using people as human commodities on this battlefield in Western Civilization that they’ve created while denying and suppressing the cures and FDA approved miracle drugs known as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

In fact, Dr. Fauci stated that they will be jabbing your babies in 2022 after they began jabbing your children and ignoring natural immunity and the immune system. They ignore the declarations of cures by ethical doctors who have been documenting their protocols and curing covid for decades and removing those same protocols from the hosptatls and nursing homes, so how many people are dying needlessly?

Remember, If masks stopped a flu virus than everyone would free of the viruses, especially in China where they manufacture the masks. Why is the Middle East and China plagued with covid since they’ve worn masks for generations? Are they having respiratory problems because of the heavy lead in their rice and the heavily pollution that is toxic and causes lung problems and respiratory problems? America isn’t overpopulated and doesn’t have thick toxic pollution in the majority of our states. Fresh air and Oxygen was created by God for us to remain healthy and breathe in and out 24/7 every single day and night. Anyone with a flu dies from the lack of oxygen and a weak immune system and denying free breathing without masks weakens the cells, organs and effects the brain and weakens the immune system according to ethical doctors. That’s why people who are drowning must be saved as soon as possible because they can’t get oxygen to the brain.

Consequently, the same wealthy people and investors in Big Pharma tied to Gates and Soros and NIH, Dr. Fauci and CDC, who owns the patent on cv filed in 2003, and the corrupt WHO organization tied to China as well as Bill and Melinda Gates, are financially invested in the Billions in their EXPERIMENT on Humanity for control and power over the world. Globalist seek to eliminate ethnicities, races, and sovereignty and God and create a Trans Human Superior race who can’t procreate. Their r motto is “Trust in Science,” not “Trust in God.” After all, they are attacking Christians and Catholics and Jews who believe in the God of the Bible by denying Americans the right to pray and worship and sign or chant in their places of worship or even in their homes in some cases.

Therefore it’s important to resist in the Gates ID 2020 Passport. The investors in the GATES ID 2020 Vaccine Passport in my opinion are overthrowing the U.S. Constitution which is treason because it denies all Freedoms to Americans. It’s treasonous in my opinion as well as illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional. It is definitely tyranny being imposed on Americans and the world in my opinion as a long-time advocate for justice, who has proposed laws since 1984 that have been implemented, by lawmakers into law. These wealthy NWO investors with Gates and Big Pharma, AI, 5G, and National Security appear to have granted themselves 100% immunity.

Apparently, they’ve granted themselves 100% immunity from all liability for the deaths or injuries happening around the world. They are intentionally ignoring the deaths and injuries as well as failing to report accurate statistics on the people who died or are permanently injured for life after being jabbed with the experimental injections. WHO and CDC and VAERS have not been 100% accurate and they admit it.

Remember, Hitler assumed power and people complied out of fear after the economy was destroyed and people were out of work and starving. He promised to save them and take care of their health and feed them and shelter them and put them to work, right? Remember, Speaker Pelosi and the POTUS currently suggests hiring 187,000 brown shirts to knock on our doors and interrogate us. Really, America? Whose knocking on their doors and interrogating and investigating them for using human beings as human lab rats in an experiment?

Consequently, Hitler had no liability when he used experimental drugs, injections and allowed Nazi doctors to perform experimental surgeries on human beings and viewed them as non humana and Human Lab Rats without consent. The people involved in this attempt to overthrow countries in Western Civilization and take control over the planet are of sound mind and they have knowledge that they are in agreement and willingly violating the U.S. Constitutional Laws. They are intentionally enslaving the American people and the world’s human beings and forcing them to comply under duress by threat to fire them from their jobs and isolate them from society into servitude. And, Bill Gates, stated he intends to earn a $200 Billion profit from his $10 BIllion investment in Big Pharma. And, he said, “You have no choice.” How did he come to that conclusion and why didn’t the senators subpoena and ask him?

Bill Gates also stated that his goal is not only to reduce the world’s population in order to sustain the planet, but to reduce carbon monoxide down to zero by 2050 and control the planet with 10% of the wealthy survivors involved in this plannedemic. These psychopaths seek seek to play God and control the entire planet and redevelop the world in their view through AI and National Security it appears using robotoids, humanoids, clones and Trans Humans who are neither male or female and can’t procreate. They truly believe that this is the only way to sustain the planet for themselves and continue their bloodline while creating the Superior Race. They are at war with God..

Every person who are members of the NOW who may be businessmen or women, public servants, lawyers or doctors or Scientists or members of the NWO investors as well as CDC and WHO Directors are responsible for their actions. CDC and WHO as stated above have been funded in the millions for decades by Bill and Melinda Gates. They have been destroying our nation since 2019. They destroyed businesses across this nation as well as jobs and motivation and caused isolation and depression. They caused grave depression through their isolation of lock downs, which is a crime against children and the elderly known as Child Abuse and Elder Abuse. Their lock downs increased domestic abuse and divorce, drug and alcohol use and suicides. How is any of these agendas that these experts on health care and saving lives can justify the devastation they’ve brought upon the lives of millions of Americans and the world’s population?

The threat of firing good people from their jobs who pay taxes and produce for this nation and provide services for the nation causing them financial, physical, and emotional distress is evil, not health care and creates more health problems for good people. It’s insane to allow CEO’s to interfere in the health care treatments of their employees and threaten that if they don’t allow themselves to be used for Big Pharma and Bill Gates’ and Dr. Fauci and CDC and WHO and MSM and Fb and Twitter’s Human Guinea Pigs then they’ll lose their and then their homes and won’t be able to buy grocers, so they’ll starve to death or freeze in the winter because they can’t turn on the heater or the air conditioner in the summer because they no longer have an income. This is the most immoral, unethical and unconstitutional cruelty ever played on the American people and the world greater than that of the Nazi Germans during WW II because these people know what happened during WWII.

In my experience as an advocate for Justice, everyone involved in this plannedemic by design should be held accountable by the ICC for Crimes against Humanity and Nuremberg Codes. Recently, the female EU Chief of Austria, threatens to mandate every human being in Europe be jabbed which makes her a tyrannical dictator and she’s not their doctor, so why is she playing doctor as well as their judge, jury and executioner if the Austrians resist and don’t obey her, while she takes on no liability for the deaths and injuries of her citizens. Is this really about health care or changing and transforming the world into an iron fist ruler of communism without the resistors and fewer people?

Therefore, to protect themselves from We The Austrian People, the female Austrian leader says she will attempt to “disperse of the Nuremberg Code violations”, but why would she do that if she believes that she isn’t guilty of Crimes against Humanity and violating the Nuremberg Codes?

The video below is for information and educational and entertainment purposes only – If you want to know what the intent of the MATRIX is seeking to do with what appears to be using and funding Big Pharma and covid cult repeated jabs with never before used on humans known as mRNA genetically engineered gene therapy and the Trade Secret Pfizer formula that may be linked to 5G then its time to wake up……or are we too late?

Is this how they are creating an army of robotically controlled fighters to come against nations and usher in the One World Leader for the 3 1/2 years until Jesus Christ comes with his army and wipes them out and sends them into the pits of Hell forever? We have evil people in positions of power and money who are going to go to Hell if they don’t repent and ask forgiveness from God because their 15 minutes of power and control over God’s creation cannot take the souls away from God – only the human body which dies eventually, but the soul breathed into those bodies by GOD has eternal life. Choose wisely. God offers everyone on earth while they’re on earth the FREE Insurance Policy to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who died on the Cross for our sins so that the Believers can enter into the Gates of Heaven forever versus following the “GATES” of Hell.


Can your Cell Phones and the Jabs and 5G Kill you and cause Heart Attacks during this Experiment?

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HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2022 and May Each of You Be Blessed with Long Healthy Lives and Laughter, Prosperity, Family, Love, Sovereign Free Nation Under God and Healthy Babies needed to preserve sovereign nations in the future. God Bless!


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