Are You Awake and Ready to Defend Western Civilization, Christians, Jews, and Save the Children from the Wealthy Evil Ones Working Against the USA, Europe, Canada, UK, Austrians, Australians, Germans and Americans?

Rose Colombo (C) December 09, 2021 – 30-year Advocate for Justice, Award-Winning Host, Producer, Researcher, and author quoted and featured in national newspapers and international Asian Journal of Commerce and Science.

Is America, Europe, Canada, Australia, Aborigines, Hyuger Muslims, South Americans, Christians, Jews and Patriots under attack by foreign enemies and those who sold out their Homelands and Citizens?

Are you awake, yet? Twitter has just removed Christians from their website so America’s Senators and America’s FCC and American Citizens should demand that Twitter be Banned from America which is One Nation Under God. America was discovered by people who believed in the Bible and lived by the Biblical laws and built Christian churches on American soil. America is built on a Judeo-Christian Foundation and rooted from the laws instructed by God to obey written in the Bible and The 10 Commandments. Social Media Billionaires have determined they have the power and authority to deny Americans access to their established Supreme Laws of the Land.


In 1989, Rose Colombo coined the term, “Wake Up, America!” on my am-FM radios shows in California, “Issues of the Day” and “Women Fight Back” as the opening for my shows as I exposed injustices and legal abuses and wrote the self-help book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” pub. in 2010 and featured in Asia Journal of Science and Commerce; Daily [Law] Journal, Veterans Newspapers and local and national radio shows.

Americans have the guaranteed and established Right to exercise Freedom of Speech, Protest, Rally, freedom of Media, freedom of Press and freedom of speech granted to WE THE PEOPLE, who are the government in the USA, but apparently, the 2 giant CEOs of Twitter and Facebook believe they are our authoritarian dictators on Freedom of Speech and control over our Constitutional Laws establishing such Freedom.

Yet, Facebook and Twitter CEOs are exercising Freedom of Speech and Opinion and influencing political parties and candidates they prefer to win in elections and controlling medical information that could have saving tens of thousands of lives by suppressing doctors and Scientists who oppose Dr. Fauci’s recommendations while Mark Zuckerberg is alleged to have donated 6 figures through Eco-Health to Dr. Fauci’s Research paid to China to continue Fauci’s research at the careless biochemical Research Lab in Wuhan.

How is it that they congress, FCC, and Senators or DOJ haven’t broken the social media monopoly on Freedom of Speech? Are they donating big bucks to the Democrats to protect them from being deregulated or punished?

In 1989, I coined the term. “Wake Up America” to open my am-FM radio shows I created to expose the legal abuses coming against Americans that was suppressed from the public. I couldn’t get MSM to produce my shows including FOX and continued in California producing and hosting “Issues of the Day” and “Women Fight Back” with whistleblowers and victims exposing injustices, legal abuses.

The guests included heavy hitters who left government to inform the people what the government was planning to do to America and the American people, Military and Law Enforcers by wealthy Wall Street CEO’s and politicians who were funded into office and carrying out the agendas of the NWO members. After 2000, the phrase “Wake Up, America” was heard everywhere and even today. My question to you is the majority of Americans awake, yet, as they are about to lose their country and their freedom and children if they ignore the truth.

We The American people made the 2 giant Social Media young persons wealthy after creating a app online then they turned on Americans and cater to only NWO, Liberals, Muslim Brotherhood members, radicals, Democrats, and provide a worldwide platform for Dr. Fauci only as well as Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros and Hollywood Liberals and Democrats only which is discrimination and dangerous to freedom.

The shows which I created, produced and hosted, aired on Time-Warner and Cox Communication exposing legal abuses and the secret strategies revealed by former government employees who became whistleblowers or politicians concerned about child trafficking, MTBE poisoning of water and soil, confiscating cars because people didn’t wear seat belt of confiscating their money and assets in their vehicle based on accusations only and never returning the money or assets to the innocent people which has also occurred at the airports. This is communism, not Americanism. In fact, it’s criminal in my opinion.

If you aren’t awake and aren’t uniting with fellow Americans targeted for speaking up against immoral and unethical and illegal and unlawful behaviors by the government then you should not complain when injustices happen to you.


The People who are Awake Call Upon All Americans, Europeans, Canadians, Australians, Austrians, Germans, South Americans who are threatened by tyrants seeking to use every human being including your babies and minor children for their money making FDA Approved Experimental and Trial injections, not licensed vaccines while granting Pfizer 75 years to conceal their Trade Secret Formula!

These wealthy NWO people are looking to starve the world to death by buying up all the land and farms and breaking down the food chain with lock downs and creating famine as in Venezuela and parts of Africa and even in America, since their lock downs, about 15 millions kids are going to bed hungry every night.

IT’s PAST YOUR TIME TO WAKE UP to this New World Order long-time agenda which began after America saved the Surviving Jews and Europeans from Adolph Hitler, the Nazi Leader working with some wealthy Americans on Wall Street as well as Scientists and many say the Vatican Bank and the Trillion Dollar secret banks that remain off the radar and haven’t revealed where is America’s gold that would allow them to devalue the U.S. Dollar without gold backing for their Reset to redistribute the wealth of the world and your wealth – large or small – to the top 10% of wealthy NWO Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires. COMMENT BELOW – LIKE – SHARE FOLLOW

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