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I am offended when the human lab rats or guinea pigs are jabbed and then refer to anyone else who doesn’t want to be human lab rat as anti-vaxers which is a lie. These are not licensed vaccines to the best of my knowledge. They are genetically engineered jabs with unprecedented mRNA gene therapy that wasn’t part of the definition of a licensed vaccine except recently. It appears that there are entities attempting to cover their tracks and add mRNA to the definition of a vaccine in the Merriam Dictionary as of November of 2021 if the post online and photo is true. If not, apology to Merriam Dictionary.

Such action of playing word games with serious chemical-laden injections where more than 800,000 Americans are permanently injured in just months and this is just one nation is serious and dishonest and appears to be a fraud on the American people and the world speaking out as a critical thinker, writer, and researcher and God-believing lay person. Many people have adverse reactions to chemicals and toxins and nano-particles, dyes, toxins, phosphates, and an alleged Pfizer Trade Secret Formula which is a secret,, just like their secret Pfizer contracts giving them carte blanc and 100% immunity no matter how many people die or are injured worldwide, and no liability for any errors or failures which was signed off in the USA, Israel, Uk, and Australia. People have religious beliefs and millions believe the covid experimental and trial jabs are the MARK of the BEAST 666 and that is their right to believe it.

STORY AT-A-GLANCE by Dr. Joseph Mercola

  • Fauci is the highest-paid federal employee in the U.S., and 68% of his $437,000 a year salary comes from bioweapons research
  • Instead of safeguarding public health, Dr. Anthony Fauci turned the National Institutes of Health into an incubator for pharmaceutical products, and essentially sold the entire country to the drug industry
  • Fauci has had a hand in creating the vaccine gold rush. In 2000, he met with Bill Gates, who asked to partner with the NIH in an agreement to vaccinate the world with a battery of new vaccines. In 2009, this agreement was rebranded as “The Decade of Vaccines,” the objective of which was to implement mandatory vaccinations for every adult and child on the planet by the year 2020
  • One of the darkest stains on Fauci’s career, aside from his role in the COVID pandemic, was his handling of the HIV epidemic. Suppressing the use of repurposed drugs, Fauci zeroed in on AZT, a toxic drug that has killed an estimated 300,000 AIDS patients
  • The similarities between the AZT scandal and what’s happening today with the COVID jab and remdesivir are striking. Again, Fauci has suppressed all treatments using inexpensive and nontoxic drugs. U.S. taxpayers have paid for research, while drug companies have raked in the profits, all while having zero liability for injuries and deaths

International ethical doctors and Scientists have warned the world leaders, Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, Gates, Soros, Anser, and NWO members that this plannedemic could create a potential genocide 1, 2 or 3 years or more from 2021. The wealthy NWO members (New World Order gave everyone a clue by calling it the Luciferase. “Erase” means erase all of God’s children and creatures he created, animals, mammals, bugs, bees, birds, plants, and trees. (Note: unprecedented fires and flooding, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes that are displacing people around the world?) No one is saying there isn’t a flu – a virus – but there have been viruses since time began and God created the immune system and provided the foods to keep it healthy or we would not live long lives. We would be sick all the time. But, man created the plannedemic by gain-of-function research as proven by Dr. and Senator Rand Paul and Senator Jim Jordan and silenced doctors and Scientists.

QUOTE:Tony Fauci basically created this template that he then used over the next 45 years, to develop toxic drug after toxic drug. He killed early treatment, and killed any protocol that competed with his pharmaceutical enterprise. A lot of people have died [as a result].” ~ Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (source: Dr. Joseph Mercola)

Millions of people around the world have allergies to specific chemicals, toxins, phosphates, nano-particles, and dyes. They can die. They can be neurologically or physically damaged for life. One shoe doesn’t fit all 7 Billion people while Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Anser, NWO CEO investors, and Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, CDC and WHO Directors, DHHS, Surgeon General, AMA, as well as the EU and NWO U.N. Agenda 21 members rake in Billions seeking Trillions knowing that there is a potential for a genocide down the road.Is this really about you and your health and keeping you healthy and alive?

If God’s immune system didn’t work then why is China, Africa and the Middle East plagued with flu, covid, SARS, MERS, HIV AIDS, Ebola, Malaria and more viruses; because these Third World Nations have over one billion people each while Western Civilization that hasn’t been plagued with viruses has more vaccines and fewer people. America and all of Western Civilization are targeted with the jabs and they are now plagued with excessive chemical-laden and unprecedented gene manipulation that allegedly can alter your DNA. In my opinion, they are committing crimes against children and babies by jabbing them with 72 chemical laden vaccines for profit before the age of 18 as they known chemicals aren’t natural to the body and destroy the immune system if excessive.

The FDA approved experimental and trial covid 19 jabs, they didn’t approve licensed vaccines. Licensed vaccines and the case studies are published proving the short and long term direct health effects versus the benefits and all the materials and chemicals included in the licensed vaccines. To the best of my knowledge, they remain experimental and trial jabs still in Research and Development (R&D). It takes 5 to 15 years or more to review and study the cases as well as obtain FDA approval as a licensed a vaccine.

The medical journals reveal the chemicals and nano-particles such as aluminum and barium or lead or mercury, toxins, dyes, metal , Graphene, Ethylene Oxide, Bromide, phosphates or the genetically engineered mRNA therapy. Many doctors state that the mRNA gene manipulation aka therapy creates spike proteins that Dr Been stated, “Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair..” (In-Vitro Study in Stockholm Sweden) . Should we not ask if the Reptilians are playing God with humanity?

The mRNA therapy is unprecedented and never has been part of the definition of a vaccine because it is a therapy. In fact, the CDC, WHO, U.S. and EU government leaders worldwide as well as Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and MSM and FB refer to the experimental jabs it as a “vaccine;” however, they are misleading the world. A “vaccine” must be in accordance with the definition as defined by the medical and Scientific definitions, not so much as by the dictionary that appears to have been recently altered by adding mRNA, but was that approved by the AMA and FDA and case studies as well? Let’s give the dictionary publishers and editors a pass that they aren’t taking “Bribes for Covid Information” as well.

A licensed vaccine includes 5 and up to 15 years or more of study on animal lab rats and animals. Human Lab Rats must be willing volunteers of their own free will who are usually paid and must be informed of the chemicals or materials injected into their bodies and they must be informed of the “Risks” and they arequired to SIGN a consent form according to the FDA website. So, why did the FDA agree to bypass their regulatory policy for Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates’ FDA approved covid experimental and trial jabs? After the case studies are approved then the FDA decides if the approved R&D case studies of the experimental and trial injections will be approved as a “licensed vaccine” for distribution. In the covid 19 agenda, no one is paid or asked to be a willing volunteer and informed of all the materials and chemicals, toxins, risks and asked to sign anything to the best of my knowledge, but why?

RESEARCH: Bull World Health Organ.  1963; 29(Suppl): 89–97.PMCID: PMC2554890PMID: 20604180

Prospects for vector control through genetic manipulation of populations* by George B. Craig, Jr. – CLICK LINK BELOW”r

Obviously, the medical and Scientific staff and the FDA have a moral and ethical fiduciary duty to approve the efficacy and safety of the licensed vaccine.. This raises the question if they are touting an experimental and trial injection with mRNA therapy as 100% safe and one shoe fits all 7 Billion people then why did they grant all involved in this R&D of the experimental and trial covid jabs 100% immunity from injury and death? If their fiduciary duty is to be honest then they have violated their fiduciary duty by being dishonest and manipulating the definition of a vaccine and failing to inform the American people and the world why they are injecting them and their babies with Spike Proteins and the risks to them and their children!

  • RESEARCH: KNIPLING EF. Sterile-male method of population control. Science. 1959 Oct 9;130(3380):902–904. [PubMed] [GoogleScholar]

Most recently, CDC Director, Walensky, stated they are not changing the definition of a vaccine once they knew people were waking up and realizing these aren’t licensed vaccines. However, it appeared online that the Merriam Dictionary added “mRNA gene therapy” to part of the definition of a “licensed vaccine.” They need to correct and remove that mRNA misinformation in my opinion it that is accurate because they are misleading the world’s population. There is far too much misinformation not by the FB (Facebook) members, doctors and Scientists, who oppose the experimental and trial injections without the proper protocols to study the benefits and the direct adverse health effects and efficacy and safety that takes years to do . It is those promoting the misinformation that the jabs are a “licensed vaccine” and 100% safe and effective, but they don’t know that without the long term case studies do they? And, they’re dishonest because they knew of the potential of deaths and direct adverse permanent disabling of healthy human beings in the FDA workshop draft of 2020.

The truth is that most Americans have been vaccinated during their childhood and flu season and more, so it’s impossible to be wrongfully targeted by employers, public schools, or the government or any other entity as an anti-vaxer.. If a person has received one vaccine, they can’t be anti-vaxers, but in reality, it’s no one’s business what you do to your own body as it’s between you, God, and your doctor, not your employer and the world leaders is it? . The fact that MSM and FB are promoting anti-vaxxers based on their “fact checkers” who dare to question the NWO, Liberals, or Marxist or Communist or Socialist or Democrats is ridiculous. They aren’t objective and helping save lives, only collecting data on members, but why are they collecting that data?

They target anyone who resist believing the gospel of Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, George Soros, Big Pharma, CDC and WHO Directors and all Democrats who resist being used as their human lab rats which include pregnant women or children and elderly and everyone else in between they accuse of being anti-vaxers. In fact, it’s this Blogger’s opinion that Facebook is violating the Rights of every American and the world’s members, who are accused or deleted from their free website, by denying Americans to exercise their established and guaranteed legal right to express Freedom of Thought, Opinion, Speech, Assembly or Press. Why are the senators and DOJ and FCC allowing Facebook to violate the Supreme Laws of the Land and the Right of every American?. Remember, without Freedom of Speech, there is only a dictator and those who are doing the will of the dictator are hiding behind the curtain and that my friends is called Communism.

Could Facebook and their bias fact checkers been part of the cause of the loss of life for suppressing information by doctors and medical staff internationally who treated and cured covid and respiratory illnesses. Could some of the 800,000 injured human lab rats, who were health before the jabs have been saved pain and suffering by allowing the doctors and Scientists to present their credentialed information? The Democrats and NWO Left on MSM and Social Media 2 giants fear mongered and demanded everyone who resists being used as Human Lab Rats for Big Pharma and their associates in the business of making money from jabs be starved to death by firing them from their jobs and stripping them of state licenses and destroying their livelihood and sustainability to provide for the necessities of life. This is Crimes against Humanity, not health care.

If God wanted to alter our DNA then he wouldn’t have provided healthy cells to fight off viruses as we have 22 Trillion viruses in our bodies and so do animals have viruses and plants, so God would have not provided a means to repair our cells and DNA and organs. Therefore, why does Gates and Soros and Big Pharma and Answer and FB who donated to Dr. Fauci’s research thru Eco Health and more wealthy ones seek to jab the world with an experimental and never used before on human beings or animals, the mRNA gene manipulation that allegedly alters your DNA and the alleged graphene and Bromide can cause hydra-gel cells to birth in your body and if true then in my opinon as a lay person, these are crimes against humanity and dishonesty by those manufacturing jabs and refusing to admit that the NOT ONE of the 800,000 permanently injured or the tens of thousands who died in America after jabbed were caused by the FDA approved experimental and trial genetically engineered jabs!

After all, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and MSM since 2019 has failed to invite guests or listen to any credentialed prominent Scientists and Doctors who work with covid and respiratory illnesses to share their information, but will only promote Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx and Bill Gates, who isn’t a Scientist or Doctor or Ph.D. to be their worldwide spokesperson on viruses and vaccines, but isn’t that practicing medicine and giving medical advice without a license? In fact, MSM and FB have granted Dr. Fauci, Soros, and Gates, CDC and WHO Directors worldwide platforms while silencing any Doctor or Scientist or lay person who dares to question their agendas and even remove their membership from Facebook.

Can Facebook and MSM be held liable for suppressing information that could have saved lives? American deaths and injuries are climbing and it’s reported that more people who have been used as Human Lab Rats for profit are the people in the hospitals and suffering from covid or Delta. One nurse from Australia staed that the adverse health effect known as Delta is caused by the Covid experimental genetically engineered jabs. Why would anyone want to be injected multiple times and their children with unknown materials and chemical adjuvants and mRNA without being told the RISKS to their bodies that can occur immediately, days, weeks, months or 1, 2, or 3 years or more down the road? These people will have already made Billions and Trillions and with people disabled or dead, they will never be held liable for Crimes Against Humanity in the future.

There is a reason why MSM, FB and Twitter who Soros and Gates invest in as well as Big Pharma, BioNtech and Mologic, and Answer, etc.silenced anyone on the right along with doctors and Scientists who spoke against these experimental and trial mRNA genetically engineered jabs. . These Social Media Sites and MSM who are hosts, not doctors or Scientists even debunked their facts and case studies on treatments that saved lives of people with covid, Sars, and respiratory illnesses. Denying Freedom of Speech is what the Communists do. It is what Communist China does with the “Merit App” that equates to the same enslavement of the Gates-Soros NWO “vaccine passport.”

READ THE FOLLOWING if you missed it above because it’s important. NIH Director, Dr. Fauci, on genetically engineered mRNA Gene Manipulation experimental and trial Jabs? Dr. Anthony Fauci stated to his peers on video that the “BIG UNNOWN” is the efficacy and that there are unknown consequences to individuals and those jabbed he referred to as “candidates” by Dr. Fauci meaning you and your family will be “AT RISK” after jabbed and there could be “ENHANCED INFECTIONS!” Think about those words from the Director of the NIH who never developed a vaccine for HIV AIDS nor did Moderna!

The truth is that Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Glaxo-Smith-Kline and most major Pharmaceutical Manufacturers have been sued for deaths and destroying the healthy bodies and/or minds of Americans and foreigners in India and Africa. They employ high powered lawyers to defend them from the deaths and injuries after victims filed lawsuits. They hire high powered Lobbyists (some who approved their drugs of vaccines and were offered high paying positions to work for their pharmaceutical companies) who offer big donations for political campaigns to those running for congress and the senate. They meet secretly behind closed doors. It appears that the Big Pharma Lobbyists write the laws that grant them 100% immunity if they kill you or injure you or your loved ones with their vaccines, experimental genetically engineered jabs, or Rx drugs or OTC products. It appears to be donations, but do those donations come with a price tag on the head of every Human Commodity for Human Capital to be enslaved into servitude by these NWO Billionaires who are then home free from lawsuits?

Do your homework and research the myriad of major lawsuits silenced by the media against Big Pharma manufacturers, but for some reason, the Secretary of the DHHS and President Reagan and President Bush for some mind boggling reasons granted 100% immunity from Lawsuits in Executive Orders and protected the private corporations and Billionaire CEOs from the American people knowing there are unknown consequences to every licensed or experimental injections, but in particularly, the covid 19 FDA approved experimental and trial injections as we’re headed to 1,000,000 permanent injuries in the USA that changed the healthy lives of those Americans who suffer from adverse reactions.How many have to die or be injured before this nightmare ends or as Dr. Fauci said, “You will never go back to normal.” And, as Bill Gates stated, “You have no choice.” And, “We will plunge a genetically engineered vaccine into every child’s arm” and he was so happy.

Americans who suffer consequences from this experimental and trial injection is exactly what Hitler did to the Jews and all those he held hostage. He rationed and denied food and medicines and dental care. He issued lock downs and took them away to death camp and enslaved them into servitude and into hard labor as part of their punishment because they didn’t fit his vision of those who deserved to live or own anything. Hitler ordered the millions of hostages who were starving to death and ended up barefoot and mere skeletal bodies to dig their own graves. His army executed them and dumped their weakened bodies into the hollow ground because after the hostages who had their freedom, liberty, rights and humanity destroyed, he and his Nazi brown shirts injected and starved their disabled victims as their immune systems shut down.

These human beings that God created and our fellow brothers and sisters were dumped like chattel or human collateral into holes and buried because of one psychotic man overdosing on Rx drugs and filled with hate in his heart and mind for anyone who didn’t meet his definition of the superior race. Maybe, some of his hostages were buried alive. Others were told to take off their clothes and stand in line and distance which is what they do at the airports after Obama-Biden took office in 2009. They ordered Americans to be intrusively patted down and some for extended periods of time including little kids caught on video and then stand at unknown levels of radiation and be stripped by a naked x-ray and by strangers and not knowing what they do with those x-rays!

Radiation is a killer and can also sterilize young people (just like Big Pharma’s swine flu and Gardasil jabs) and cause cataracts, aging, cancer and death. Hitler radiated young people and jabbed young people, so maybe, those chemicals sterilized those young people for depopulation. Hitler ordered his Human Lab Rats to strip down and distance and march to their drum beat into the showers. The question that everyone who is pro-active should be asking is not have you been jabbed with an experimental injection with unknown consequences long term, but why are they doing this with a recovery rate higher than heart attacks, strokes, cancer, AIDs and Alzheimers or Influenza?

Why aren’t Americans calling their representatives as I have for 12 years asking why did President George W Bush and V.P. Cheney secretly use our taxes to build FEMA Camps? Should American not ask why did Obama buy up tons of FEMA trains with our taxes? Why were thousands of brown deep plastic coffins purchased with our taxes? Why did Georgia buy up Guillotines where they are stored as well as allegedly in Tennessee?

In 2019, the CDC, WHO, Surgeon General, DHSS, Gates, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, became the voice of Americans and ordered them to obey them or else be punished. The Blue States became totalitarian. They ordered everyone locked down in their homes without any evidence of a plannedemic. It’s amazine how MSM and social media can be used to influence the world using FEAR! The sheelple didn’t even ask for proof!

In the meantime, Soros funded BLM through the Open Society and Act Blue and Super Pacs. He recruited black members and some white members and indoctrinated them into Marxism and Black Power. They were paid it appears to terrorize Americans mainly in Blue States because Red States wouldn’t tolerate the violence and killings and injuries that the the Blue State governors and AG’s and D.A.’s and Mayors and MSM called out as “Peaceful Protests” during a Plannedemic when they locked down Americans which I believe was unconstittuional.

Americans witnessed cities burning down, vehicles surrounded by BLM and ANTIFA fearing for their lives. Looting. Torching businesses and Police vehicles. Shooting cops parked in their vehicles. Beating up old people who tried to stop them from vandalizing and looting their businesses. Terrorizing people locked in their homes and then charging the people attempting to defend themselves and their property. The Kyle Rittenhouse’s case is interesting because BLM and ANTIFA were armed with weapons and seen on video looting a weapons store, but the one young man who had a weapon on his person and tried to defend himself as 3 felons chased him is the only person on trial? Really?

The entire Democrat Party in pubic office and in law enforcement shockingly approved and condoned violence across America and failed to protect the Rule of Law and business owners, police and civilians over politics. They approved and condoned BLM’s rioting and encouraged it as “peaceful protesting.” How can anyone in America believe they are not free when they had a Black Family in the oval office and Black representatives in congress and in business and as Chiefs of Police and earning millions in sports, movies, music world and even as Rocket Scientists because they worked hard for an education and learned skills and pulled themselves up to be whatever they wanted to be in the USA, which no other country has done.

The Gates-Fauci-CDC-WHO-White House ordered the lock downs and empty shelves. After fear mongering, rubbing alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Lysol, Thermometers, Vitamins, HCQ, Ivermectin, Meat, Poultry, Bread, Lysol, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and more were not available. The Blue State dictators ordered curfews and punishments while they dined at fine restaurants, went to salons, didn’t wear masks, partied on yachts, flew on vacations on private jets and to private islands where they lived their lives as “normal” and told everyone else they must be punished if they don’t comply or arrested and fined if they don’t wear a stupid mask that doesn’t stop a virus; however a strong immune system can and has stopped viruses since Adam and Even or the world would have been depopulated long ago, instead it’s overpopulated even in Third World Nations who are plagued with viruses and yet, they are overpopulated even without the jab.

The Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, Gates, Government mandates isolate families and especially children, teenagers, and the elderly parents and grandparents.. They increased depression, loneliness, alcoholism, drug use, divorce and suicides. It appears that these agendas equate to Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes against the Elderly and Crimes against the Children. They destroyed Business Owners and Employees because when you shut down businesses, you destroy “Good Will” and repeat business which they depend upon to stay in business.

It’s this Blogger’s opinion that Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, DHSS, White House and Bill Gates pushing for the plannedemic and lock downs appear to be the persons who destroyed the lives and the American Dream for millions of Americans across this nation, if not their business, their jobs, livelihood, and loss of homes or vehicles or families or all mentioned. The nation suffers from the unspoken PTSD they witnessed on television while these people and MSM attempted to make them believe they weren’t seeing insurrection and riots and destruction of property, killings and injuries by parroting the term, “Peaceful Protests.” And, “Racism.” The truth is we are the least racist country in the world today.

Of course, these were crimes committed against our Great Republic. It’s a fact that the police, vets, kids, teens, and innocent Americans who did nothing to the rioters burning down our cities and tearing down our American historical monuments, art and statutes that belong to the American taxpayers. It appears to me that George Soros should be the person who pays for the damages since he allegedly funded BLM and paid people through non-profits and Super Pacs to train and recruit Marxist as stated from some of the members own lips who were seen in the news. American lives and their American Dreams gone up in smoke. Saving to Build Businesses and working long hours gone up in smoke. A million jobs wiped out. Thousands of Families destroyed while MSM and the Democrats defended the criminal acts including murder and injuries. How was this not a Hate Crime, Facebook fact checkers?

The BLM and ANTIFA rioters stealing from the hard working American businesses as well as any Democrat didn’t have their pages taken down did they? Since the Great Depression, this is the first time Americans were forced to stand in line and distance with masks since 1918. This appears to be a planned attempt by Soros, and Gates and their NWO investors in China to train up Americans to shut up and sit down and be quiet and comply or else be punished over a flu they are criminalizing by attempting to hook up Big Pharma to AI and National Security which appears to be a real conspiracy if true, right?.

In fact, in many stores the Nazi clerks behaved as brown shirts. Spying. Tracking customers. Reporting customers. The Democrats empowered $15 hr. clerks in stores who use to treat customers and follow their instructions but reversed it. They denied doctors from using HCQ and Ivermectin and infusions it’s alleged of D3, Zinc, C and their other treatments. They were training up Americans to live with rationed and denied health care and food as they broke down the food chain and were destroying the trucking businesses and cargo ship businesses. They were denying visits to the Dentist and cutting off the natural flow of fresh air breathed into the lungs 24/7 to keep the heart, lungs, cells, brain, organs, and immune system healthy. Why would millions of Americans fall in line like the Europeans during WWII after criticizing the Europeans for not resisting?

Do your homework and these Billionaire who made Billions prior to being sued in the past and settling with their victims for a Billion or so to be distributed among them meant nothing to them because they made multi-Billions and knew they would be paying victim’s crumbs because the lawyers take 40% up to 60% in legal fees. In the meantime, the doctors who were jabbing them got rich from “Bribes for Jabs” and now Bribes for Covid Death Certificates it appears. So, the Big Pharma Billionaires, Lawyers, and Doctors who receive “Bribes for Covid Deaths” and “Bribes for Jabs” and “Bribes for Rx Drugs” aka called “Bonuses” or “Financial Incentives are part of the problem not thinking that one day, Karma will come back and haunt them and their loved ones because greed is like a cancer and it spreads and when no one shares the cure or takes action to stop the cancer from spreading then everyone eventually will be directly and adversely effected. It’s just a matter of time.

Big Pharma had been sued many times after they made Billions in profit. For example, they touted these products as 100% safe and somehow, the FDA approved them and Licensed these Rx’s and OTC medications or vaccines such as Lupron, J&J Baby Powder, Polio and Small Pox jabs or oral injections. Gardasil reported to have caused thousands of healthy kids to be paralyzed or made sterile, depressed and suicidal and others died in the USA, India and the Congo, Swine Flu vaccines that caused deaths, paralysis, and more adverse health effects was touted by Obama and Biden and DHHS in 2009, but Americans and the Medical Staff around the USA resisted and it was ended.

It appears that they went back to the NWO drawing board to use “warp speed” and “fear monger” and coerce and threaten the innocent sheeple in America who look down on anyone who tells them to their research before being jabbed. Remember, Thalidomide that caused birth defects and was touted as 100% safe and effective. There wasn’t any compensation or apology from that German Pharmaceutical company for violating Human Rights of the unborn health babies into physically challenged babies that caused a lifetime of care, financial expense, and pain and suffering..

There isn’t one pharmaceutical CEO or the White House or Congress, Senate, CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, Soros or DHHS or the Surgeon General apologizing for the deaths and injuries happening everyday in the USA and around the world, but what do they care? They’re making Billions off the Human Lab Rats and they have no conscience and granted themselves and all investors involved 100% immunity from financial injury or deaths, but what about Criminal Charges that can’t be granted immunity down the road, no more than the Nazi’s who stood before the world and the judges at the Nuremberg Trials. They justify their using coercion and bullying and fear and threats of destroying your lives as benefits for others. There is ot benefit for the children and pregnant women and elderly’s isolation and causing pain and suffering and economic destruction to our former strong economic status.

It’s no secret that these FDA experimental and trial jabs that are generating n Billions to Pfizer and Moderna and their investors and China and the hospitals and nursing homes taking “Bribes for cases labeled as covid or deaths labeled as covid.” And, there’s no apologies coming from Pfizer or Moderna or J&J or Astra Zeneca or the White House or Blue State Governors and Mayors or Soros funded D.A.’s and Judges and AG’s. There are no apologies coming from Soros or Gates and their agenda to control the population who surive with a AI -China Communist “vaccine passport,” if they succeed. They won’t care unless their agendas hit home. We all know that KARMA never sleeps or forgets.

God is watching them. God is real and He exposed them to the masses. Millions didn’t do their homework or their research and because they were fear mongered that if they don’t get jabbed, they’ll die or be fired from their jobs and in my opinion, these are crimes against Humanity at least on U.S. Law Books. Bullying. Coercion. Threats. Fear Mongering. Intentionally and Negligently causing fear in the minds of another and causing duress and stress that can cause mental and physical health problems is against the law.

The CDC, WHO, Surgeon General, DHHS, and AMA, and Big Pharma are allowing the deaths and injuries to continue without admitting that the jabs have anything to do with the deaths and injuries which is disturbing considering that Dr. Fauci, Director of the NIH, stated to his colleagues on video that all “candidates” aka Human Lab Rats are “AT RISK” with “unknown consequences” to each and with the potential for “enhanced infection.” And, considering that the family and friends state that the Human Lab Rat was happy, healthy, and functions before the jabs, that is also ignored.

Recently, a healthy and handsome doctor, a 52-year old Cardiologist, reported iby Natural Health News on November 10, 2021, to have stated that he wanted to punch anti-vaxxers in the face, but instead after he received his jabs and mRNA Booster, he sadly died. Many doctors don’t do their research which is pretty scary since young males jabbed with mRNA were reported in the news to contract heart inflammation. What is the benefit to being jabbed because it just leads to more jabs,, so as Dr. Fauci stated, the “BIG UNKNOWN is EFFICACY! According to news articles, people are ordered to get 1, 2, 3 experimental jabs and never ending experimental Boosters it appears. In order to know the benefits, it takes 5 to 15 years or more because the adverse effects can happen days, weeks, months or years from now. They’ve created a built-in repeat customer base for profit.

Each of these chemical-laden Rx drugs or injections, licensed or non-licensed experimental jabs, are all touted by the government, MSM and Big Pharma as 100% effective and safe! And, yes, some cure the migraine, but have you ever read the potential adverse health effects on individuals who may suffer a reaction? The truth is no ethical doctor will state that Rx drugs or Licensed Vaccines (Covid 19 is not a Licensed Vaccine to the best of my knowledge and remains an R&D experiment) as 100% safe and effective for 100% of the jabbed. Big Pharma and governments and CDC, WHO, DHHS, Surgeon General are allowing people to be used as their Human Lab Rats for the case studies without liability to any of them for the deaths or injuries.

It’s reported that Pfizer and Moderna are raking in Billions in profits and they tout their jabs as 100% effective and safe and deny and liability related to their jabs. On the othe hand, people are told they must be tracked and traced and continue to be jabbed and recorded by Gates and Soros through their companies MOLOGIC and alleged bought up BioNtech who partnered with Pfizer and share the profits?

Furthermore, there is the catalyst named Dr. Baric, not just Dr. Fauci, who began this dangerous research in the USA and were funded by allegedly Gates, Soros, Anser, FB Zuckerberg, Soros, Gates, Obama using our taxes in a Grant, and NWO wealthy investors that allowed Dr. Fauci to take his research offshore after a moratorium was issued to halt the research as too dangerous as a biochemical weapon. So, they paid China to use the Wuhan Lab. It appears that China and those involved in the USA are all responsible, not just China. After all, these NWO Wall Street CEOs do business with China and are dependent on China making the chips as well as Taiwan. And, automobile dealers haven’t been able to obtain the chips for the new vehicles in the USA and the lots appear empty. Or was this part of the plan with China to produce electric cars? Is this all part of the New World Order plan by the same players?

How stupid is that to depend on Third World Nations to provide products for the once Super Power of the world that the NWO Democrats are reducing to an economic disaster with their printing of Trillions of U.S. Tax Dollars redistributed to themselves and their wealthy associates while they destroy the Middle Class? They believe they are above the law and they are gods and dictators using tyrannical totalitarian agendas to control the populations of the world and the Billions they somehow were able to accumuluate and keep while everyone else goes broke. They are destroying the Middle Class and attempting to overthrow the U.S. Constitution with an unconstitutional Vaccine Passport with the goal to hook up people to the internet and National Security and criminalize people with a flu or who don’t continually get jabbed it appears.

They criminalize people for not wearing stupid masks that cut off their oxygen supply knowing people die from lack of oxygen especially with a flu, covid, SARS, MERS, Pneumonia and Influenza. In America, there were officers who arrested taxpayers, hard working American who pay their wages for attending church – praying – going to work – or not wearing a stupid mask made in China with possible graphene in it and ethylene oxide on their PCR swabs and all this is healthy according to all involved in this program. China made Billions from the masks and PCR test kits which the developer stated don’t dictate covid and weren’t intended to detect covid.

The injections of chemicals that aren’t natural to the body according to medical books and ethical doctors and Scientists as well as radiation through 5G towers and at the airports since 2009 and the genetically engineered mRNA gene manipulation appear to weaken the immune system so the immune system can’t fight off the virus.

It’s no secret that vaccines such as Gardasil can and did sterilize young people. It’s no secret that many of the jabs can kill people and kids and cause paralysis and neurological injury or chronic pain in their bodies for life disabling them from being able to live alone or work or enjoy their lives as they were once healthy people such as the Big Pharma Gadasil, Lupron, and Swine Flu. Gates stated during an interview and appeared to be so excited and thrilled when he animated the jab with an imaginary needle into his arm and stated that they will “plunge a GENETICALLY ENGINEERING” vaccine into “every child’s arm?” He has to control his smiles as if he can’t help himself and wants to laugh every time he speaks of plunging vaccines into the everyone’s arms on the planet. By the way, It’s alleged that Gates once stated that he and his kids don’t get vaccinations.

  • RESEARCH: KNIPLING EF. Sterile-male method of population control. Science. 1959 Oct 9;130(3380):902–904. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]


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Genetically Engineering Humanity and depopulating the majority and enslaving the survivors if they succeed – and no one appears to be stopping them – Not even the Worldwide Military – Law Enforcement – No one –

Consequently, the government has recklessly funded Billions of our tax dollars to Dr. Fauci and h Bill and Melinda Gates have donated millions to NIH, CDC, and WHO over the years. These taxes were used to hep Dr. Fauci’s research and experiments and Patents filed over the past 40+ years as Director of NIH. Dr. Fauci’s wife also works at NIH. It appears, this program has been kept “all in the family” – of who they believe are of the same bloodlines. It appears that they have been granted free reign to run the nation since 2019 when they announced a pandemic without any real evidence that it existed, yet they were allowed to run the nation and lock us down with the approval of the entire government! How is that?

Are we, the American Natural Born Citizens who are discriminated against on our own soil by the Democrats, paying them to destroy our lives and reduce our lifestyles and paying for our own demise? After. all, most of them became millionaires or Billionaires, how did that happen on taxpayer wages? And, now, they are attempting to destroy America and wipe out our history as they’ve destroyed the public school system with indoctrinating children and sexualizing them as young as 5 into same sex, Drag Queens, Trans Humans, and confused them about their gender and forgot to teach them reading, writing and arithmetic and the Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer, and U.S. History.

We the People are the government. There are many who are taxpayer funded or non-profit funded entities or public servants who accept donations from Soros and his non-profits and Gates. They were elected or appointed and swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution, sadly, they are willing to replace it with the Soros-Gates-China “Vaccine passport” that denies all constitutional rights, liberties, freedoms and sovereignty of this Great Republic as they appear to be assisting the NWO members to takes control over everyone’s mind and body which is prohibited by moral, ethical and constitutional law.

ihe NWO agenda is called Treason and Crimes against Humanity. Sadly, millions of Americans gave up their Freedom, Liberty and Rights when they complied out of fear with the NWO Democrat pre planned plannedemic created in the USA and China. It’s no secret China has been plagued with viruses for generations as well as the Middle East since time began, yet, they’re overpopulated. And, they wear masks! How can that be when they didn’t have any vaccines to save them? Oh, was it the natural immune system that God created to fight off the viruses is what saved them and not eating NWO packaged foods and fast foods? We The People have the inalienable right from the time we are born to exercise our Free Will and Freedom to Choose just like Soros and Biden and Bill and Melinda Gates and Pelosi and Newsom and Pritzker, Harris, Kerry, Obama’s, Clinton’s, and all Democrats never give up their Free Will or Freedom to Choose or Constitutional Rights to Speech, Liberty, Life, Freedom.

These wealthy tightly close-knit long time associations of 20-50 years or more support the right to protect themselves and their families and homes as they have excessive security and walls around their mansions and some pay for personal security. How is it that many Democrats don’t support the right of Americans to have the right to excercise the 2nd and 4th Amendments. After all, shot to kill or injure isn’t always with a gun, but can be with a Rx pill or a chemical-laden vaccine if they contain poison! It appears that the Left only wants to approve that anyone has the right to control their own mind and bodies, but only if they seek to get an abortion and kill their own baby legally. Abortion is a depopulation program that the Democrats and Bill and Melinda Gates support be enacted around the world, but especially in the USA, Africa and India. They believe in eugenics just like Gates’s dad, Hitler, Jeffrey Epstein, and many more on the Left.

These are just people. They aren’t gods even though they may think they are gods. There is only one God and that is the God of the Bible for He created every human on the planet and all living creatures including plants, trees, sunlight, moon, energy, oceans, rivers, lakes, mammals, fish, bugs, birds, for us to enjoy and these people are destroying The Right-to-Life. The Right-to Breathe in Fresh Air – Oxygen. Oxygen was created by God and made it FREE and accessible to humanity worldwide. Oxygen is needed stay alive and needed to be breathed into our lungs to stay healthy. The human cells, lungs, liver, heart, brains and immune system need oxygen inhaled 24/7 and carbon monoxide released 24/7, but Bill Gates with his NWO wealthy members seek to cut off our oxygen supply that is a natural inalienable right given by GOD, not by CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, DHHS, The White House, or NIH, Dr. Fauci.

How many times have they been caught off camera without maks and without distancing and partying and enjoying their lives and Free Oxygen supply? The MASKERADE should end immediately. because it’s alleged the World Bank and Blue State Governors such as Newsom and Pritzker tied to Wuhan hotels invested in PCR test kits that have toxin ethylene oxide on the cotton swab stuck up your nose and invested in the masks made in China using our taxes it appears back in 2018! WHAT? 2018?

Which constitutional authority is the covid cult applying to deny constitutional rights, Freedom and Liberty and Free Will and Free choice to the American people because I can’t find it in their job descriptions. And, Gates isn’t even working for the government or is he and if so, which one after all, he told Americans and the world, “You Have No Choice” and that would be something that a tyrannical narcissist Communist Leader would state, not an American – a real American Patriot.

Which constitutional authority are they applying to use every American unborn future natural-born American, child, man and woman as Human Lab Rats for these NWO Luciferase money making experimental jabs and I doubt any of them have gotten the real thing, but that is an opinion because I don’t see them playing Russian Roulette with their bodies or their children or grandchildren do you?

It’s quite evident that Gates, Soros, Big Pharma, NWO CEOs, China, CDC, WHO, White House, Investors, Facebook, Anser, LLC, Surgeon General, NWO members of Hospitals, Public Schools, and sadly, some in top positions in the Military appear to be involved or they wouldn’t be forcing Americans against their will and under duress of losing their jobs and income to comply with such evil doing because my dad and uncles and and your families fought or died or were injured for life fighting for Freedom and fightback against Communism and tyranny.

It appears that these evil NWO members only want you to get 2 jabs and the never-ending Boosters that may include the unprecedented evil mRNA jabs never tried before on humans in the history of mankind (injecting humans after all the animals died from the jabs) Doctors and Scientists who were silenced like me state the mRNA is gene manipulation which allegedly pierces the nucleus of your DNA so it can’t be repaired, wow, what a concept of caring for you and your health. And, don’t forget it allegedly includes metal found in Moderna, dyes, graphene oxide and ethylene oxide toxins, which are poisons to humans, nano-particles of aluminum and mercury, (but CDC and WHO and Big Pharm say don’t worry about it – they’re very tiny) as well as Bromide, Phosphates and a secret Pfizer Trade Secret formula (another surprise? wow – I wonder what it could be) and that my friends leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

For example, “Why jab anyone when there is a known 99.9% recovery rate for children and young adults? And, a 99.5% up to a 99.9% for everyone else depending on their health. Why prohibit Americans from deciding if they’ll isolate at home for 2 weeks or go to the ER on their own or go to their doctor to make their own decisions? When did the CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, and DHHS, and POTUS decide it’s their right to force anyone to become Human Lab Rats when many of them are invested in Big Pharma, such as Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, GSK, and Astra Zeneka, and AI 5G and Communications who are earning big bucks off of everyone else’s bodies and minds subjected to this tyrannical agenda? How many people did Hitler inject and made them sterilized, paralyzed, or neurologically damaged with his experimental and trial jabs?

The only way that Gates and Soros, Big Pharma, CDC and WHO and 5G and Social Medial and Communications investors make Billions, maybe Trillions, is to create a built-in customer base of Human Beings by punishing them like Hitler did. Without millions of human beings, Big Pharma is out of business and so are the investors and the “Bodies for Internet” mindless zombies experiment would end.

America is witnessing the greatest moneymaking and what appears to be a worldwide high jacking of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights (and foreign nations) by messed up people who thrive on greed and get high and empowered by abusing Humanity in my opinion. And, it is the psychopaths – sociopaths – narcissist driven people who demand that you obey them and their comrades because they know what is best for the planet and who should live and who should die and who should be enslaved and forced into servitude to the top 10% wealthy people in the world. Why don’t you think about that for a moment.

The truth is that they are insecure people driven by money as their god who are without emotions and conscience other than they get excited and empowered when they gain personal, financial and political control over the masses and deny them their Right-To-Live and their Right-to-Happiness and their Right-to-Speak and their Right-to-Defend their own bodies and minds. They feel empowered when they deny people the Right-To-Work and their Right-to-Buy and Sell – and their Right-To-Attend Church and Pray – and their Right-to-Own Property and their Right-to-Travel…..They are control freaks. They love to deny you the RIGHT TO THE NECESSITES OF LIFE without their permission! They are doing it using MSM and Facebook worldwide and fear mongering, coercion and threats to punish everyone on the planet who doesn’t obey them! REALLY, AMERICA? REALLY PEOPLE OF THE WORLD?

In fact, during an interview, Bill Gates was so excited and animated when he spoke out about the viruses and the coming viruses and vaccines and said, “You have no choice” and the people didn’t say, “You have no authority over any human being on this planet, except your minor kids, but even they are adults now!” When did Bill Gates become the dictator over every American’s life and decide that he will deny us our Free Will and Freedom to Choose what to do with our own bodies and minds and that of our minor children….and then….and then….came the preplanned agenda – Fear Mongering – Coercion. Threats of destroying the lives of good people in America – Do as you’re told or else you’re fired from your jobs and will be stripped of your earnings and impoverished! How healthy is that? Is that the “New Norm” Health Care System?

Maybe, I’m just too much of a stickler for Upholding the U.S. Constitution and Rights of all Humanity who are caught up in the fear of people who without conscience view everyone else as I stated in my award-winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” to be disposable and discardable people. They hold themselves above the laws and believe that their wealth can save them from punishment and many times it does, until God intervenes. And, then they find out they can’t buy their way into Heaven or BRIBE GOD to open the Heavenly Gates, but will send them into the “GATES “of Hell” and that is for all eternity, not for a temporary visit. Such a merciful God who forgives people who repent but that can only happen while you’re alive on this earth. Tomorrow could be too late to ask – so be careful what you ask for today.

These tyrannical mandates appear to be illegal. Immoral. Unconstitutional. Unlawful. Unethical. and violations of the Nuremberg Codes. Crimes against Humanity. Crimes against the U.S. Constitution. Crimes against God. This is what child traffickers or criminals do to children and adult. They fear monger, coerce and threaten to harm their victims if they don’t comply and obey or else be severely punished. Sociopaths and Psychopaths have no conscience and justify their crimes by stating that they’re reducing poverty in the world and saving the planet. Taking people hostage. makes these insured people who end up as criminals feel so empowered over the innocent and the helpless, right? Well, those criminals go to jail when caught – remember that one! This is what Communists do to their innocent citizen who live in fear but become conditioned because they have no way to fight back against the CCP’s 1 Million man army. Did the Billionaires and Millionaires who were born in the USA and sold out our country and U.S. Constitution and Sovereignty pend too much time over in Communist China with the “honey pots” and making deals with foreign enemy nations for profit?


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