Rose Colombo, Irwin award-winning author of 2 5 Star Review books, poet, and critical thinker whose published “Women Fight Back” and Pro-Justice Newsletters; columnist pub. in local newspaper for 2 years; former am-FM radio and cable TV producer and host and currently Blogger, writer, and podcast host on the “Issues of the Day,” which was the name of her former cable TV and radio shows referred to by radio hosts who interviewed her as the “Crusader for Justice.” (C) 8/14/2021

Once upon a time, there were cartoons named “Tom and Jerry” produced by the Disney Corporation and millions of kids and adults continue to watch those same cartoons even today. Tom was a cat who was a hunter. Jerry was the Mouse who was the hunted. It was a game of cat and mouse; however, if the cat caught the mouse, he would become Tom’s dinner similar to the movie called “Hunger Games.” I assume if Jerry was caught and Tom ate Jerry for dinner, Tom would continue hunting for the next mouse and the game would continue on. One must ponder what would happen to Tom if all the mice had been captured, eaten, and exterminated from the earth. Would the Hunger game be over or would it cause the extermination of the cats if they lost interest as they grew too old or sick and tired to hunt and eventually self-exterminate from starvation.

Group of Jewish civilians being held at gunpoint by German SS troops after being forced out of a bunker where they were sheltering during the Warsaw...
Innocent Americans don’t need Government Agents Invading the privacy of their Homes and Families and Harassed as we know what happened to the Jews, Europeans, Gays, Blacks, Christians and Catholic when they knocked on their doors during WWII for years before anyone bothered to send help

Recently, I came across a rare video that I’d never seen before. It caught my attention because it explains what many Billionaires and their wealthy inner circle of friends, relatives and associates may have created who are part of the corporate inner-circle who control the wealth. Some people inherited wealth or gained wealth through creating a business. It’s no secret that without money, life is extremely difficult. And, should the people within that inner circle who control everything that the human race needs to survive lose their souls and decide to play the “Hunger Games” to reduce the population come to fruition, they will not succeed after 3 1/2 years of tyranny.

The wealthy ones involved in the New World Order justify their evil deeds should they carry through as benefitting humanity. They convince themselves that there are too many people on the planet and they need to sustain the planet by reducing the population. In other words, they view everyone outside of their secret societies as disposable and discardable people, which I wrote in my award-winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse.” They measure people on a merit system as they do in Communist China who determine an individual’s worth or lack of worth to those involved who believe they are superior because of money. Some believe they are gods and only answerable to themselves and live immoral secret lives or turn a blind eye to those involved in evil deeds.

Should Americans and the world not raise the question if it’s possible that wealthy secret society members could use their money and knowledge and technology to reduce the population of the planet with shots, not using a gun, but a needle? If true, they could commit a potential silent worldwide mass genocide without dropping a nuke. They would sweep the truth away on MSM and Twitter and Facebook and blame it on cancer, viruses, diseases, age, race, ethnicity or poverty while rationing energy, medicines, food and water like they do in most communist nations.

What if they were attempting to achieve the goal of reducing the population using the NWO-United Nations 2021 agenda which begins in 2021 to reduce the population at 50% by 2030. The rumor is that the NWO-United Nations members involved in reducing the population moved their date down to 2025 because President Trump set the NWO-UN agendas back 4 years. Anyone involved in depopulating the planet already justified worldwide depopulation of babies around the world. They justify their crimes by declaring they are reducing poverty, saving lives, and saving the planet. It does raise the question how many involved in population control are racist and targeting specific races and ethnicities to create what they believe to be the super race. Remember, Indian Tribes and African tribes and others around the world over time have been exterminated or nearly exterminated by evil people.

Of course, the world is wondering where are the good guys in law enforcement, who are paid to protect the people, not the wealthy evil ones, not all wealthy people are evil, just those that are evil and enacting programs that are not in the best interest of human beings around the world. They offer financial incentives to candidates running for office who will obey. They offer financial incentives to universities and public schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and churches in exchange for following their agendas.. It’s called bribes utilized under the guise of donations should the money paid out is used for depopulation programs or to harm any human and cause pain and suffering..

After all, the Obama-Biden and Democrat regime (Demo nearly spells Demon and then amazingly, it ends in “rat” and they the Left approves of using human beings as lab “rats) forced Americans against the Will of the majority of Americans to fund Planned Parenthood, a private corporation, with a revolving door not only to earn multi-billions, but donate back to the Democrats to keep this Leftist agenda moving forward. The Democrats are using human babies as “Human Commodities for Human Capital.” Doesn’t anyone ask what are they doing with those body parts? How evil is that? God warned everyone – Woe to those who harm children.

Ironically, President George H.W. Bush (deceased) announced his loyalty to the New World Order on national television. All public servants are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution to belong to any organizations without transparency and pledging allegiance to those organizations because one cannot be loyal to anti-American organizations such as the MB-CAIR or CCP or the United Nations Agenda 21 programs closely-knit with the New World Order. Elected and appointed officials swear an oath. An oath must be recited honestly and with clean hands, but if it is recited dishonestly, then their allegiance cancels out their loyalty and sworn oath to the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, America and the American people. They are frauds and traitors under those circumstances in my opinion. A Public Servant who violates their sworn oath in the USA if found guilty can go to prison and/or be fined.

As a child, I still I recall the nuns adamantly repeating to the students to pray for world peace. They said that if Americans turned their backs on God then God would turn His back on them and allow bad things to happen to His children after the year 2000. God’s children must remain faithful. God granted a free will to choose to pray or not pray as well as remaining loyal to God. The nuns stated if Americans and people around the world prayed, repented, asked forgiveness, and returned back to God and rebuked Lucifer and foreign idols. Lucifer offers the material world to his victims in exchange for their souls. God will intervene, but only if His children ask for God’s Mercy and Grace as well as His intervention. The God of the Bible is a God of Love. God will hear our prayers and smite and purge evil from America and the earth and the evil ones will be brought to their knees.

Consequently, I am so fascinated with Yuvai Noah Harai’s speech that I transcribed his words and included them further down in the Blog. He spoke in 2020 at the WEF. I often wonder how many Americans and foreigners recall the fear mongering in the USA when MSM was reporting that the end of the world was coming in the New Millennium. The year 2000 is the year that would begin the battle of spiritual warfare. The nuns told us to prepare.

Furthermore, the media and government fear mongered that the grid was going down and we would experience what they named Y2K. They said we would be living in darkness. The media also fear mongered over the ancient Inca’s writings and drawings carved into stone. It was alleged that the Inca’s predicted the end of the world on 12/12/ 2012. Prior to that, people around the world thought WW II was the end of the world. The Bible says, no man or woman will know the hour when God ends this old earth and purges it and restores it as new. The end times of this earth or life is not the end of life. Every human being has a soul that will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. Choose wisely. You can store up all the goodies you want upon the earth, but you can’t buy your way into heaven.

WOE TO THOSE WHO PLAY GOD! Woe to those who attempt to create a trans-human that is neither male or female and can’t procreate. This is an agenda to mock God of the Bible. God created everyone and everything upon the earth and the universe. God offers every human being a FREE Eternal Life Insurance Policy; however, you must believe in the Holy Trinity and declare Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Your Savior who died on the Cross for our sins and shed his blood for us and Resurrected from the dead on the third day that He ascended into heaven to be with God The Father. That’s it. God loves every human being and He offers eternal life in Heaven. The alternative is an eternal life in Hell. The choice can only be made individually while living upon the earth.

Remember, God commanded that one man and one woman bond and marry and procreate and fill the earth with God’s children and create nations. As a child, the nuns stated that if men and women tried to create a super human and play God after the year 2000, the End Times would be near. The airports have been collecting DNA and hair strands in my opinion as it happened to me. They are radiating humans which is a depopulation program because radiation has serious adverse health effects and can cause cancer and death. The nuns told us that very bad things would happen upon the earth for those who mock God’s creation and try to play God which will anger God. If this Nation, the USA, Blessed by God as a nation built upon a Christian Foundation turns their back on God, He will pour out his wrath upon the earth. He warns everyone in the Bible and the Book of Revelations to watch for the signs. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Mud Slides. Hurricanes. Flooding, Fires. Diseases. Plagues. Fires.

The Bible warns everyone in the world that they should not take the “mark of the beast” (666) or people could break out in sores and suffer serious illnesses and death. Pray for your protection and that of the world. As the gene therapy continues and injuries and deaths continue to be reported from experimental and trial chemical-laden jabs, everyone should be concerned. The doctors who have been silenced by MSM and Facebook and Twitter worldwide warn that there are serious concern with the toxins and nano-particles and gene therapy that can cause blood clots and other serious health problems that may happen immediately or weeks, months or years or 1, 2, or 3 years from now. Although, the FDA and CDC and WHO and health agencies call these experiments and trials, vaccines, they are not vaccines until the FDA approves and licenses the jabs as vaccines.

Yuval Noah Harai is the author of the international best sellers Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2015) and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow (2017). He was born in Haifa, Israel, in 1976, received his Ph. D. (By the way, does everyone in America remember in the mid-2000’s when everyone was using the expression AHH or AH Ha moment? Are these coincidences? The transcription that I transcribed further down on my blog may not be exact, but very close).

Yuvai Noah Harai stated, “This danger can be stated in the form of a single equation which I think might be the final defining equation of life in the 21st Century. B x C x D = AHH which means Biological knowledge multiplied by computing power, multiplied by Data it causes the ability to hack humans. “AHH, “he said. If you knew enough biology and you have enough computing power and data, you can hack my body, my brain, my life, and you can understand me better than I understand and know about myself.”

Harai, stated, “You can know my personality type, my political views, my sexual preferences, mental weaknesses, and my deepest fears and hopes. You’ll know more about me than I know about myself. You can do that not just to me, but to everyone. A system that understands us more than we understand ourselves and in the future can predict our feelings and decisions and can ultimately make decisions for us.

“Now in the past,” he said, “many tyrants and governments wanted to do it, but nobody understood biology well enough and nobody had enough computing power and data to hack millions of people neither the Gestapo or the KGB, but soon, at least soon, some governments and corporations will be able to systematically hack all the people.”

Furthermore, Haria stated, “We humans must get use to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals.” THIS IS A STUNNING STATEMENT.

Colombo says, we are now being being enslaved by the governments of the world and many Globalist CEOs without constitutional authority are enslaving employees or future employees by invading their confidential medical records and coercing them to either get an experimental shot that could be deadly or injure healthy people for life without any liability for the employers or else lose your job or be turned down for a job in the future. In my opinion, they are not only acting as thugs but criminals

The wealthy CEOs on Wall Street got rich because of the American people. They were free to invent and buy and sell and work and do whatever they wanted because of the USA, not because of CHINA! They have been well-funded by the taxpayers or the sales buying whatever they have to sell, or making deals with foreign enemy nations making themselves dependent on China. Most politicians are chosen and heavily funded by Wall Street Corporations, except for the few, who are strong and/or wealthy. The Globalist CEOs have enacted their global tentacles that began expanding to foreign enemy nations and friendly nations which in my opinion appears to be Treason and Espionage. It appears that former President Bill Clinton and many others in-the-know in government and wealthy CEOs seeking globalization sold out America’s corporations under the guise of “globalism” and “outsourcing” to bypass treason and espionage.

Therefore, Americans are now on the verge of deciding if they are going to unite and join with the RIGHT who the NWO Left has great disdain. All Americans have family members, friends, grandparents, parents, relatives and fellow Americans on the Right and left, so why anyone turn on our own families, friends, and fellow Americans based on a party leaning towards Communism and denying all Freedom to Americans and the world. Too many career public servants have refused to RETIRE after 25-60 years in office who have been in office committing wrongful acts, ripping off the taxpayers, ripping off social security, and making Insider Trading deals and more to make themselves and their families wealthy and the rest of the nation they look down upon can eat cake! As John Kerry said, “If you lost your job, then go get another one.”

Consequently, the Leftists and RINOS have been abusing and continue to abuse and use the hard working Americans and their taxes by engaging with Communist China and Iran and Russia which risks the lives of every American. They are also risking every American’s life by the federal government and State Governors and Mayors granting protection and 100% immunity to Big Pharma no matter how many people they kill or injure with their experimental and trial jabs instead of protecting We The People from harm and Big Pharma.

The truth should be very disturbing to every human with any common sense at all that the government leaders are covering up the fact that the Billionaire CEOs involved in the greatest hoax ever played on the world are using human beings around the world as their slaves and taking control of their minds and bodies by fear mongering which is what criminals do to their victims so they can use every human being as a “Lab Rat” aka “property aka chattel by coercion and extortion – Do as you’re told or else be punished because they’re invested in Big Pharma and in exchange for the jab will make big profits. Or, do as you’re told and you can have a job and leave your home to go to a movie or dinner or a concert..

In order to coerce every human being on the planet to be used as their “lab rats” and control your body and mind they must enslave you like China does which is training you p to obey the NWO billionaires who appear to be running the nation and influencing the key people in government. There isn’t any constitutional authority granting CEOs or government authority to use Americans as slaves, property, chattel, or lab rats for Big Pharma and the “FDA Emergency Trials and Experiments.”

The truth is that the FDA policies and regulations require CONSENT and Volunteers who decide to join in for financial incentives to be used for trials and experiments after they’ve been informed of the direct adverse health effects for these tests. Big Pharma manufacturers must compile case studies needed to obtain a license and approval for a vaccine or a Rx Drug in order to apply the case studies for review by the FDA who determines approval and licensing. There is no vaccine without FDA approval and licensing, it only an experiment!

Recently, a European Health agency reported and published their studies online revealing that 15,000 Europeans died after they received the jabs as of July 2021. They also reported that over 1 million Europeans have been seriously injured after receiving the experimental jabs. .

The goal it appears is not only the potential for a worldwide genocide, but possibly collection of DNA and strands of hair and harvesting organs as the Communist Chinese are seeking to develop the super race. It’s very disturbing that many wealthy CEO’s born in the USA joined the New World Order and are sleeping the the enemy nation of China and allowed them to manufacture the chips for vehicles sold in the USA and medical supplies and so forth…because the NWO and the Democrats appear to support the “Merit App” used in China to control their citizens and their spending or deny it which is being touted in the USA as the “Vaccine passport” so people like Bill Gates and Zuckerberg and Xi Jining and Merkel and so forth and track, trace, and spy on every surviving American and human being on the planet.

Remember, a shot can kill either from a gun or from a needle. The United States Constitution prohibits what is being done in the USA. The Supreme Laws of the Land and Human Rights Laws prohibit slavery. Why are they violating the laws and holding themselves above the law in the USA that prohibit slavery and using people as “lab rats” and taking control over their bodies and minds and using human being as their property or chattel prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. God granted a Free Will and Free Choice to control our own bodies, not men and women with titles or money.

The Following Video is not for monetary use or commercial use, but for information, education, and entertainment purposes only.

No One is disclosing this information published by the FDA:


OPT OUT and REQUIRED TO INFORM PEOPLE OF THE RISKS. Why is President Biden sending people door to door when the FDA says Americans have the “OPTION” to accept or refuse the vaccine and of any available alternatives of the product. I don’t know anyone who was provided a “FACT SHEET on the risk of the experimental and trial vaccines as stated in the documents or offered the Opt Out. . Has anyone else received a verbal and/or written potential list of the risks?
FDA INFORMATION: “How will vaccine recipients be informed about the benefits and risks of any vaccine that receives an EUA? FDA must ensure that recipients of the vaccine under an EUA are informed, to the extent practicable given the applicable circumstances, that FDA has authorized the emergency use of the vaccine, of the known and potential benefits and risks, the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown, that they have the option to accept or refuse the vaccine, and of any available alternatives to the product. Typically, this information is communicated in a patient “fact sheet.” The FDA posts these fact sheets on our website.

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