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Rose Colombo (C) March 10, 2021

ROSE COLOMBO is a pioneer researcher, award winning writer, author, and poet. She’s produced and hosted cable TV shows on Time-Warner and COX that hit the TV Guide and am-FM Radio Shows, Women Fight Back,” and “Issues of the Day.” Her first-hand experiences and knowledge over 30 years makes her an expert on legal abuse and injustices as she’s consulted with victims of injustices around the nation.

Today, Bill Gates and George Soros and their long-time U.N.-NWO members and wealthy Billionaires seek to reduce the population of the planet with intent of killing off the birds, fish, animals, mammals upon the planet and taking control of the land and oceans, rivers, lakes, farms, ranches, and the skies and usher in the one world government. It appears Gates seeks to be the one world leader.

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How long will the sheeple fall for the fear mongering – 3 masks wearing that cuts off oxygen and prevents releasing carbon monoxide – and mandated worldwide vaccines making Bill Gates Billions and Billions using every human on the planet, even babies, as human commodities for Human Capital for these Wall Street Billionaires under the guise of “saving lives” while depopulating future natural born Amreicans and natural-born babies around the world needed to preserve nations. When will the Free People have enough of the lock downs/.

Lock Downs are destroying millions of lives around the world by destroying Human Rights that destroy the livehood of families worldwide. Soros, Gates, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, CDC, WHO, have taking control of the world tied to the Democrats and EU leaders and CEOs on Wall Street, in particular, Big Pharma and AI and China seeking control over the planet.

They are unconstitutionally, illegally, and unlawfully denying Free People the Human “Right-to-Work” and the “Right to Sustain our lifestyles” as well as the Human Right-To-Provide for the Necessities of Life” such as shelter, food, medicine, education, work and travel. Gates tells people to sacrifice from his $659,000,000 yacht, but you can bet, he isn’t sacrificing anything. Why is Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci tied to the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s, CDC, WHO, CHINA, Epstein, Moderna, Big Pharma, AI, Wuhan and Covid Research and all support abortions, same-sex, transgenderism, trans-humans, and mandated trial/experimental vaccines and testing kits made in China who they claim released the covid-19 flu on the world. Moderna has never developed a vaccine ever.

These same people have been allowed to take control over the lives of FREE PEOPLE in the USA, Europe and around the world as if we’re their guinea pigs or human lab rats and their sheeple to order us to do whatever they declare we must do or else we can’t live as FREE PEOPLE! Who are they to do this to nearly 8 Billion people in the world? Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and CDC are not elected officials and there is no constitutional authority in the USA or precedent that allows CDC and Bill Gates or Dr. Fauci and President Biden to force people to wear 1, 2, or 3 masks which is a piece of clothing over our noses and mouths that diminishes saliva and causes bacteria to form that can cause loss of teeth and gums disease, which is irreversible, then swallowed into the lungs that cause bacterial pneumonia and death. or not be able to shop for the necessities of life or socialize in public even if healthy.

It is unprecedented for who seek to make Billions from vaccines that are no more than trials and experimental injections, while recklessly bypassing short term and long term case studies on lab animals, mice or rats, but after all the lab rats died after 2 injections, they decided to go directly to the entire world and use human beings without consent as their lab rats so they can continue on with their never ending injections that they will declare everyone must comply or else be punished. They are unconstitutionally using human beings for their trials and experimental vaccines without liability for injuries and deaths to their victims or the families who lost healthy family members until jabbed. In the USA, congress approved immunity for Big Pharma which was unprecedented as well prior to covid being unleashed. Why did they do that as more than 12,000 people died in the USA during the month of July 2021 after 2 jabs. And, its reported that 500,000 people have died worldwide within a short period of time after the 2 jabs. How many people have to die or be disabled for life before it’s a genocide and Crimes Against Humanity?

All those named above and many more wealthy investors in public office and business invested in Big Pharma and AI and 5G are seeking to earn billions of dollars from trial and experimental vaccines and allegedly, Dr. Fauci has never identified the isolate genome according to doctors and Scientists. They allege that without identifying the isolate genome, there can be no virus or variants. Some state that this is the biggest hoax ever played on the world for the depopulation of the planet and for the redistribution of wealth to the wealthy involved who granted themselves immunity from financial or criminal liability.

Now, they’ve gone as far as to bypass testing on mice and as well as bypassing their fiduciary duty to publish short term and long term case studies for public review in medical journals on the direct adverse health effects on human beings. One shoe doesn’t fit all and one vaccine doesn’t fit all and many people will be in pain. Babies and elderly and the very ill have weak immune systems, so why would they plunge a needle into their bodies filled with chemicals and a new experimental method never used in vaccines that is referred to as gene therapy that can manipulate the DNA of individual persons that makes them unique with unknown consequences according to doctors from around the world. In fact, a whistleblower who was employed by Pfizer stated that these injection include poison – toxins Graphene Oxide without disclosure. Direct adverse health effects or death can happen immediately or days away, weeks, months, or 1, 2 or 3 years or more down the road. There are doctors online who stated that 50,000,000 people will be dead within 3 years. Isn’t that Crimes Against Humanity and anyone who allows it to happen just as guilty for being complicit?


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