Listen Taped Live! Too Many Judges, CPS Workers, and States Taking Kids Away from Non-Offending Parents! Rose Colombo welcomes Rob Raskin to Colombo Chronicles

Rose Colombo (c) pub. 8/12/2020

Rose Colombo, author of the award-winning book, 5 Star Review, “Fight Back Legal Abuse” seen around the world and published in 2010, exposed the Family Law Courts and Child Protective Services Social Workers (CPS) who appeared to have more power than the judges when they recommended that children be removed from the custody of their birth parents. The judge did was they recommended every time and removed the children from the parent’s custody after divorce. The non-offending parents were in a state of shock and traumatized. The lives of the children and the parents are told they will be reunified after the divorce is settled, but thousands of parents find themselves buried in legalities and legal fees trying to fight back for custody of their own kids.

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Rose Colombo, an advocate for justice and host of Colombo Chronicles invites Rob Raskin to share his new found purpose in life which is to help save our country.s Many of us who have been on the front lines fighting back against injustices welcome Rob Raskina and his wife and anyone who seeks to help save the USA from domestic and foreign enemies as well as helping to save the lives of children being used and abused. It’s a rude awakening when people inadvertently learn that the justice system has a web of deception and discover how many uses minor children as the pawns in the family law courts and juvenile facilities.

Colombo’s special guest, Rob Raskin is an entrepreneur, successful businessman, and consultant who inadvertently found himself on a new journey with a new cause in his life which is to help save our nation and to help save children from being used as human commodities for human capital and shares his research with the audience.


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