Listen Taped Live! Colombo Chronicles/ Rose Colombo Welcomes Gerry Hauser, World Diamond Expert/pt. 2 U.S. Doctors Alarming Suicide Rate!

Rose Colombo (C) 1/30/2019

Listen to Colombo Chronicles Live with Host, Rose Colombo interviewing the world’s expert on DIAMONDS! And, with Valentine’s Day coming up, you don’t want to get ripped off when searching for the right diamond for your loved one. GERRY HAUSER, owner of HADAR DIAMONDS and world experts in San Diego, California provides invaluable information and some history about diamonds.

On Part 2, Rose Colombo provides commentary on a shocking story about Doctors in America. No one is talking about Doctors and the problems inside the USA that they are facing on main stream media and one of those crisis is that America’s Doctors are committing suicide at an alarming rate! Leave a LIKE and COMMENT at the bottom of this page if you appreciate the topics.

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