Listen Worldwide Online Podcast USA: Colombo Chronicles Live! Godfrey Harris/author and Diplomat/ Lobbycratic Governance/ Brexit-EU/Endangered Species/Host: Rose Colombo

Rose Colombo (c) 1/9/2019

Rose Colombo, award-winning host and author, welcomes GODFREY HARRIS, who wrote 75 books, which can be located on if you type in his name. Mr. Harris just returned from Europe and he will discuss BREXIT. He taught Political Science and Comparative Government at UCLA and Rugers. He was in the U.S. Army during the Cold War as an Intelligence Officer and later served as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer with diplomatic assignments in Bonn, London, and Washington. After serving in President Lyndon Johnson’s Executive Office as a policy analyst on foreign and commercial affairs, he became a public policy consultant. He is still doing that work 50 years after he left government service.

Mr. Harris also travels to Africa as he is concerned about the endangered species and the elephants. Mr. Harris says one of the key issues in his book, Credit the Crocodile, that he experienced through his 25 year interaction with poor African rural communities is that stopping international trade in wildlife products will not stop poaching. (Be Sure To Click Like and COMMENT on this page)

Check out Godfrey Harris’ books, “Credit the Crocodile” and “Lobbycratic Governance” at

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