Obama Busted! Did Barry aka Obama attempt to assist Iran in laundering Iranian money into US Dollars then into Euros?

Obama is a name recognized around the world, but actually unknown until the 2008 elections within the United States of America.  Obama is a man without a vetted Certified U.S. Birth Certificate which hasn’t been produced for eligibility to-date; however, he did post fake altered Certificates of Live Birth and Birth Certificates as outted by Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and even his own lawyer that hit the news, which the entire Democratic and Rino Congress and DOJ within the Federal Government cared less about for the first time in U.S. History.

Obama has become extremely wealthy after the preplanned invasion of a majority of radicalized males and some females were walked across Mexico and Canadian borders into the USA.  This was part of the preplanned secret E.O. signed by Obama on or about 1/27/2009 right after he entered the oval office and was handed a pen.  Obama and Hillary Clinton’s preplanned agenda to use taxpayer dollars to fly a majority of  unidentified healthy young males into the USA using America’s tax dollars as incentives to encourage the Refugees agencies to migrate as many as possible into the USA before the funds ran out with a goal of 5,000,000.

Under Obamacare that was forced down the throats of Americans, the Obama regime ordered America’s taxpayers to pick up the tab for the foreigner’s necessities of life which was mandated without the consent of the majority of Americans and without  constitutional authority to do so, but who cared in the Democratic party between 2008 and 2016?

The unidentified foreigners walking across the borders and being flown into the USA without proper vetting as required by law was in place, period.  The Obama regime without interference from the Democratic Congress, who he called out as “meaningless” were complicit with the foreign enemy invasion who were scattered around the USA into cities at night to the surprise of the legal Americans who woke up and didn’t recognize their cities any longer.  But even today, the Democrats appear to support these unconstitutional agendas, especially in California, Oregon, Maryland, Chicago, and NYC.

Obama was Busted on June 6, 2018 when Breaking News Hit About this latest scandal related to the alleged attempt of using American banks and Europeans banks to assist the foreign enemy nation of Iran linked to the Muslim Brotherhood to use the U.S. Banks and European banks to launder money from Iran into Euros.   The written and stated strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood nations is to invade, infiltrate, overpopulate and dominate all of Western Civilization and enslave those who refuse to comply, rape the women and children according to their own videos and conquer and steal America’s land, Europe’s land, and Israel.  Apparently, nations can be conquered if there are complicit leaders from within who are either complicit or support foreign international bodies and sell out their nations and their citizens.

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