Rose Colombo (c) 6/3/2018

The fact that Special Prosecutor Mueller is spending multi-millions of dollars on what American taxpayers thought would uncover the allegations of the Democrats and former  Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and any involvement related to the funding of the Russian Dossier, spying on the Trump Campaign,  as well as the investigation into Uranium One; however Mueller’s investigation appears to ignore Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, but focused only on President Trump.  Prior research involving Uranium One and Russia prior to the Mueller investigation  links Hillary and the Democrats to a Russian corporation, Rosatom.  This could possibly lead one to ponder how the Russians have succeeded in secretly building the first “Civilian Floating Nuclear Plant” that was unveiled at the end of April 2018, yet mainstream media (msm) and the U.S. Department of Justice as well as Congress appear to have ignored this important story that involves Russia, Rosatom, Uranium One, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats under former non-vetted President Obama’s watch.

It’s alleged by the White House in reports online that Mueller has spent multi-millions of tax dollars on what many refer to as a “witch hunt” without a clear objective backed up by clear evidence that has been continued on for two years, while Russia built the first “Civilian Floating Nuclear Plant,” named “Akademik Lomonosov” which is reported to have been in the works over the past nine years.  That would mean that commencement of this Russian project began about 2009.  Its reported that online that Mueller had knowledge of the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium as far back as 2006.  This allegation would lead one to ponder if the negotiations were made between 2006 and 2009.  The project to build the civilian floating nuclear plant commenced in 2009 under the Obama-Clinton administration.  If true, then the  negotiations between the U.S. and Russia to sell 20% of  U.S. uranium to Russia would then have commenced under the Bush administration back in 2006 and continued  forward under the Obama administration.

In fact, the online news reports that the Clinton Foundation benefited by keeping all the profits, which in reality, should belong to We The People, as the taxpayers pay for the uranium which belongs to the government and the government is We The People.  The uranium didn’t belong to the former Secretary of State or public officials elected and employed by We The People.  It appears that the DOJ wasn’t concerned about the Russian Dossier (alleged to be leaked by Senator John McCain) or Uranium One (although myself and a few researchers blogged about the sale of 20% of U.S. Uranium to Russia about 2015-2017, until the election of November 2016.)

According to a commercial magazine article titled, “Paint Square,” dated May 3, 2018, “the world’s only Floating Nuclear Power Plant built by Russia’s state nuclear corporation, Rosatom, started making its way toward Chukotka, a Russian Arctic port, where it will provide power to remote industrial plants and port cities…..”

Also, “In the fall, its two nuclear reactors will be loaded with nuclear fuel and started up and the power plant is expected to be online in 2019.”

Tom Schwerdt stated:  “Perhaps, the first floating civilian nuclear power plant.  There are already many floating military nuclear power plants.”

Tony Rongus stated, “When the unit completes its mission and is decommissioned, they will just sink it in the Arctic Ocean like they have done with their decommissioned nuclear submarines and submarine reactor cores.”

Lou Lyros stated, “The Russians, the Chinese, the French, and others  building nuclear power plants – even this floating one.  Only the United States is ignoring the cleanest and safest supply of energy that is needed to combat the alarming rise in CO2 emissions.”

(Source:  Paint Square)

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