Obama-Hillary-McCain Candidates for President of the USA 2008 Linked to the 2008 Mueller Investigation of the Russian Dossier and Uranium One Scandal! Is it a Conspiracy, Collusion, or Coincidence?

(Rose Colombo, award-winning author, radio and cable TV producer and Host, and Poet (c) 1/16/2018)
The 5 “C’s”: CIA, Conspiracy, Collusion, Clinton Foundation, or Coincidence? No One Else Connected These 3 Dots related to the FBI Key Agents, Russian Dossier and Uranium One Scandal.  You Decide!
Rose Colombo has connected a few more dots in the disturbing case involving the sale of enriched uranium sold to Russian President Vladimir Putin by former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, without authorization for millions of dollars in-profit.  Is she and her team in violation of the Logan Act.?  Hillary Clinton is linked to former President Obama and Sen. John McCain.  And, most recently, after the 2016 Presidential Election, the Special Prosecutor, Mueller, has added the President, Donald J. Trump, to the list by falsely accusing him of being a Russian agent.
Therefore, Americans should look back to the Presidential elections of  2008! In fact, 2008 is the year that the majority of Conservative and Independent Americans believe that the voters made the biggest mistake ever made in U.S. History.  Who was running for President of the USA?   The three candidates were Hillary Clinton,  Barack Hussein Obama, and John McCain! All three of these key politicians were linked as senators and linked to the corrupted DNC.  It should be a rude awakening to Americans that these three key politicians, Obama, Hillary, and McCain were the Candidates for President of the USA and they are named and linked in some way to the Russian Dossier and the Uranium One investigations. Former FBI Direct, Robert Mueller has been investigating these scandals since 2008!  Is the fact that these same three politicians ran for President of the USA and were named in a serious scandal that was kept under wraps a reason for the NWO billionaires such as Kissinger and Soros to pre-select  the next POTUS and V.P. and mentor them in exchange for positions of power, wealth, control, and protection?
“And, according to news reports, Mueller is alleged to have been investigating the Uranium One deal since 2008.  Mueller was alleged to deliver samples of U.S uranium to Russia on taxpayer’s time and dime.  Former FBI Director, Mueller, Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain as well as James Comey, former USAG Eric Holder and former USAG, Loretta Lynch, and Bill Clinton are long time associates or friends which makes who go back decades. These facts are very important to the a myriad of scandals exposed in the news.  Between 2008 and November 2016, I haven’t read anything that mentions the name Donald J. Trump related to Uranium One and the Russian Dossier.  Trump’s name is mentioned after Mueller was assigned to investigate scandals requested on or about 2016 under the administration of President Trump after Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats accused the duly elected President Trump of false allegations with intent to impeach him since the day he was elected to their surprise and anger.
“To the best of my knowledge and research, the three key names names that were mentioned in the news since 2008 appear to be Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain! Of course, most recently, it’s reported in the news that there are FBI agents being named who may be involved in the Russian Dossier scandal as the Democrats  continued their harassment and hate crimes in my opinion against the greatest all-American POTUS, Donald J. Trump.
Is it not odd that the same three key politicians, Obama, Hillary, and McCain, were competing against each other for President of the United States back in 2008 when Mueller was alleged to be investigating Uranium One and The Russian Dossier?  The Democrats appear to using a strategy to maintain control over Hillary Clinton’s secret sale of U.S. pf the sale of U.S. uranium to the Russian President Putin in exchange for multi-millions.  Were they planning to self-protect themselves and their team from their secret dealings?  Remember on or bout 2012, Obama was interviewing a Russian official on camera and he was caught  off the mic stating to the Russian official that he would be “more flexible after the 2012 elections?”
“If one were writing a movie, one might think that Obama was competing against Hillary and McCain because of the possible scandals that was kept under wraps at the time of the 2008 election, The Democrats couldn’t lose no matter what since it appears that McCain sided with the Democrats and he is what Americans refer to as a RINO  was a RINO.  McCain did not side with President Trump or the conservative Americans.  A screenwriter might have pre-planned that if Hillary didn’t win that she would be guaranteed the position as Secretary of State so that she could perform a duel operation on taxpayer’s time and dime  making deals with foreign enemy nations for profit.
Consequently, the former Secretary of States, Hillary Clinton, used taxpayer funded wages to secretly operate a secret profitable business outside of her job duties for which she was appointed. This is a huge Conflict of Interest when a public servant is secret selling 20% of U.S Uranium to President Putin.  Hillary Clinton also was secretly stealing Top Secret, (c) and non-classified government documents.  Hillary and her team attempted to destroy government
that included long-time intimate friend, Huma Abedin and her attorney team, as well.  She was  involved in what could be referred to as “espionage” in the past. Long-time BFF, former FBI Director, James Comey, ordered Hillary, Huma, Mills, and team be granted a golden pass and the cases dismissed as “extremely careless.”
 How could the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, possibly have time to read Ambassador Steven’s emails from Benghazi when she was busy making deals with foreign enemy nations who donated to the Clinton Foundation?  Hillary lied and later admitted that she removed classified government documents and her team destroyed government servers without authorization.  And, her top intimate aid, Huma, whose family is linked to and employed by the Muslim Brotherhood  stored 650,000 government documents and a video confiscated by the NYPD according to the news labeled as “life insurance.”
And, to boot, former FBI Director, Comey, laid out the evidence of guilt on national television and shocked the nation when he reduced the alleged crimes down to “extreme carelessness” with the approval of former USAG, Loretta Lynch.
In fact, a screenwriter might add that the other part of the duel job would be domestic enemies in government or businesses or universities and churches or schools making secret deals with international foreign enemy leaders and friendly nations or even wealthy CEO’s in exchange for donations deposited into the Clinton Foundation (CF). The CF appears to be used for personal, political, and financial gain and self-protection. It appears that former senator John McCain was just a prop running against Obama and Hillary’s Clinton back in 2008, or chosen as a  back-up just in case something went haywire.  Obama or Hillary didn’t get elected, but how could they lose with illegals voting.  Dead people voting.  People voting more than once.  Obama and Ayer’s organization named ACORN appear to have trained up members to commit voter fraud in 2008 and several landed in jail.  Military votes were stored in warehouses and not counted and electronic voting machines were slipping ballots.  Obama, Hillary, and McCain do appear to be on the same page with the NWO.
Consequently, form senator John McCain was the one senator who could prevent Obamacare from being repealed and guess what – he was successful!  He voted against the POTUS, Donald J. Trump,  and the majority of the  American citizens.  All three of these key politicians embraced Communist China, The Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR Hamas Organization as well as The New World Order and U.N. agendas.”  Public Servants can’t be loyal to the U.S. Constitution and the international body of the New World Order because no one can have two Masters.  Every person must choose or be pushed off the fence.
“Furthermore, it appears that no matter which of the 3 candidates for President was elected in 2008,  Obama, Hillary, or McCain, the agendas would be completed as ordered by the CFR, Soros, Gates, and the NWO.  These three long-time public servants were in key positions and would be in positions of some control of the White House and DOJ.  The three Musketeers were named as links to the Russian Dossier and the Uranium One Deal.  These three candidates embraced Communist China and the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR.  Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Obama, and John Kerry pushed hard in support for the $150 Billion Iran Deal.
In fact, these 3 public servants and the entire Democrat Party and RINOS not only supported   The Iran Deal that turned out to be a very bad deal for Americans, but Open Borders and unidentified Third World foreigners migrating through open borders for 8 years which is a violation of their sworn oath and constitutional law.  The illegals and fake refugees from the Middle East are then granted freebies and welfare, food stamps, phones, and Obamacare without having to sign up or pay up and without being punished.   They supported migrating the foreigners from foreign enemy nations into the USA and by-passing TSA at the airports by flying them into the USA secretly at night and lifting.  Obama and Hillary with blessings of the Democrat majority congress bypassed the required quotas for the Middle East some real and most fake refugees who came to change and dominate the USA.  Obama’s goal was to change and transform the USA.
“Therefore, it appears that the Obama-Hillary-McCain-Kerry-Brennan-Schumer-Pelosi-Reid-Waters and Democratic-Rino team appointed their long-time associate, Eric Holder as USAG.  Holder worked under President Bill Clinton in the DOJ, when WACO and Ruby Ridge were attacked.  American men, women, and kids were murdered on U.S. soil by the U.S. government including a little boy’s dog and a mom holding her baby on the front porch.  And, then came Fast and Furious and illegal gun trafficking into Mexico.  After Holder was removed as USAG, the Obama-Hillary team appointed Loretta Lynch, long-time friend of  Mrs. Holder, since their college daysa as reported in news items.
Furthermore, prior to former FBI Director, James Comey announced his recommendation regarding the Clinton e-mail scandal.  Former USAG Loretta Lynch met with President Clinton on a tarmac for a secret meeting about the grandkids during a federal investigation of Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation which cast a huge shadow of doubt across the DOJ. In fact, former FBI Director, James Comey and former USAG Loretta Lynch go way back to the HSBC scandal.  Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch go back decades ago to the Lockheed scandal.  The news reported and alleged that Comey’s wife received tens of thousands of dollars in a donations from Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation.  In fact, Comey’s  brother is employed by the Clinton Foundation as well as another FBI key person’s wife.  Former FBI agent, McCabe’s wife was reported to be  granted a donation in six figures as well which are conflicts of interest.
In conclusion, it appears that what I coined in 1990, “Political Nepotism” may be at play here.  The Federal Government appears to be a foreign entity operating on its own apart from the United States of America who tramped on constitutional authority that mandates “Limited Powers.”  It appears that this rogue federal government morphed into one branch of government as I wrote in my award-winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” and that eliminated Checks and Balances.  Americans were being dictated to by Obama who trampled on the Constitution and freed felons and dangerous terrorists.  Obama and Kerry and Hillary interfered in foreign elections in foreign enemy nations against the will of the foreign citizens such as Europe and the Ivory Coast.
Obama and his Democratic-Rino loyal followers dictated to Americans from the oval office and denied Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Religion for Christians and Freedom of  Religion.  They continue to deny “Due Process of Law,” and encourage mob rule and guilty by accusation only. They attempt to deny  “Sovereignty,” and “Legal Immigration,” as well as  “Vetting of foreigners migrated into the country since 2009.  They supported McCain’s NDAA Law that  trampled on the Right to Charges Filed if arrested and guaranteed to every American by the Constitution.  Americans are guaranteed the constitutional Right to be “Innocent until Proven Guilty.”   This all happened since 2009, but was slowly being slipped into law since 1984. These same 25-50 year career professionals consist of the same Rinos and Democrats  who continue to mandate open borders and disarming Americans.  They seek to enact the U.N.’s Rights of the Child and eliminating parental rights and making the State their parents.  They are working overtime to impeach the POTUS!  Believe it or not!
The Democrats and Rinos hold themselves above the laws and exempt themselves from the laws.  They have created a self-serving system and many have offshore bank accounts and become very wealthy. In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center, is linked to the Clinton’s for decades promoting the Clinton’s anti-American patriots agenda who support the Second Amendment.  The So. California Poverty Law Center is a non-profit organization whose alleged to have deposited millions in offshore banks.  It is a fact that the Federal Government over the decades have have created a two-tier system that provides secret courts which self-discipline their own, self-police their own, and self-protect their own from punishment or even from removal from office.  The Congress also holds themselves above the laws they mandate and exempt themselves from punishment.
 The above comments are based on my personal opinion, research and assessment of the information provided in the online news and news from around the world. I doubt that anyone other than myself, an award-winning writer, researcher, and Advocate for Justice, ever mentioned that the 3 key persons running for the highest office in the land back in 2008, Obama, Hillary, and McCain, are also in the news linked to the Russian Dossier and Uranium One deal and that Mueller is alleged to have been investigating the scandal since 2008. Is that a coincidence or collusion or conspiracy? You decide.”

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