Rose Colombo (C) December 2017, ed. 1/2018 

Mark Twain stated, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

 Rose Colombo says, “The truth is being overrun by the liars in public office and on Wall Street.  The people from America and citizens from around the world must wake up to the real truth.  It’s important to understand the meaning of “freedom for all”  before Western Civilization is erased from future history books and forgotten forever.  The New World Order is dangerous to America, Europe, Israel and the world.  The NWO prohibits individual freedom, rights, and liberties.  Women and children are particularly vulnerable in their countries with the open border policies in the USA and Europe.”

Colombo adds, “Evil has reared its ugly head and the masses around the world are being silently imprisoned and enslaved by the (New World Order (NWO)  known as the “Beast” and referred to as 666 as warned and predicted in the Bible. It appears that the people in America and around the world are just waking up.” 

Let me take you back to the past so we can know how we are being led to the slaughter and to the end of Freedom by the domestic traitors from within and the foreign traitors inside our nation should they not be removed from office or from the nation for sedition.  You see, WWIII isn’t necessarily going to be a nuclear war, but a quiet genocide using domestic enemies from within to implement programs that reduce the population and allow foreigners from foreign enemy nations to illegally or legally enter into the USA and infiltrate.

Colombo says, “I remembers that more than ten years ago, I inadvertently came across a business magazine that caught my  attention addressed to the CEO where I was employed.  The cover of the magazine highlighted that President George Bush was jetting off to Brussels to visit the facility where the “Beast,” which is a  worldwide supercomputer was located, built and stored. 

The worldwide computer is reported to track every individual in the world.  This raised my eyebrows and I wondered why would evil people want to track every individual in the world from birth to death and control each person.  Of course, the answer is that there are psychopaths in the world who are control freaks seeking power. These narcissist psychopaths believe they are gods or icons.”  They believe they are the “one.”

Isn’t controlling every human being on the earth what Hitler dreamed of doing as he built his army and marched across Europe placing terror in the hearts of disarmed European men and women whose doors were knocked down?  He felt so empowered as his army of sociopaths, weak men and women of no conscience, carried out his orders, but didn’t kill Hitler.   Instead, they did as the drugged out insane little man ordered.  Why would human beings follow a serial killer like Hitler, who ordered his army, to slaughter millions of innocent people?   Oh, that’s right, Hitler’s justification is that the Jews offended him.  Well, the Christians and Jews and Christians offend the radicals from the Middle East!   The world is filled with bigots and prejudice, but in the end, if a man or woman was drowning, I doubt that the person who came to their rescue would be turned away because they are a Christian, Jew or white, olive, brown, black or red or yellow. 

If the Europeans weren’t so weak, they would find a way to legally remove leaders, who sold out their country and citizens, to the New World Order and the United Nations.  They would replace their leaders with natural-born citizens who love their country and citizens and sovereignty, laws, civilization, and culture and they would protect their homeland.  They would bear arms legally and form militias legally to defend their sovereignty.  They would detain and deport foreign enemies who rape their women and kids.

Recently , it appears that the citizens of Europe are awakening and uniting.  They are uniting to defend their homeland from domestic and foreign enemies since their leaders refuse to do so in quite a few countries. The patriots are known as the yellow jackets. They are attempting to prohibit foreigners from setting up a dual government and stealing their homeland and changing their laws and way of life.  During WWII, Hitler’s army ordered his army to break down doors at gunpoint and his army did. They raped women, kidnapped women and kids and men and violated laws of sovereign nations, which tells us, so much for laws written on paper, when foreign enemies attack.  This proves that the only people, who are always armed and ready to shoot at their targets, appear to be the foreign enemies, criminals, terrorists, cartels, and gang members.

The German Nazi’s executed anyone who attempted to fight back. They  threw the survivors on trains with nothing except the clothes on their backs and they treated the captured human beings like crowded cattle taken to the slaughter.  Why would the Europeans  allow their land to be conquered in today’s world knowing the consequences?  Tomorrow could be too late.  America was their hero and saved Europe from the drugged out insane little man named Hitler.  One man did make a difference.  Hitler left a stain on the world he did. A large blood stain of innocent people.  America’s military are the heroes, but sadly, we were  17,000,000 victims too late. But, thank God, for our U.S. Military, because how many more would have been enslaved, experimented upon, sterilized, tortured, and killed?  It took ARMED men from the USA to destroy the enemy and save more lives.

Ironically, former President Bill Clinton, who dodged the draft and stated he would never fight for this country fled to Oxford and from Oxford fled to Communist Russia. His wife, Hillary Clinton was a #1 fan of Saul Alinsky and embraced the Rules for Radicals and communist ideologies.  She embraced Robert Byrd, and Margaret Sanger, a plain sorry looking female and founder of Planned Parenthood who hated Blacks, Jews, and most people. I think she and Hitler hated themselves.

How to Depopulate Western Civilization Without Dropping a Nuke! 

One woman made a difference as well.  Margaret Sanger proved one woman can make a difference.  Unborn and born babies during WWII were aborted and since the 1970’s, the Liberal American women decided that millions of natural-born Americans should be killed at birth by declaring it legal in the USA.  To-date, about 70,000,000 natural-born Americans have been aborted over nearly 40 years.  Last year, in 2018, about 42,000,000 babies were aborted worldwide.  They are on a roll. 

Rose says, “The natural-born citizens who are unborn babies in Western Civilization are becoming an endangered species.” 

Transgenders and Same-Sex Indoctrination

The rest of the silent genocide which is part of the undeclared war on America and Europe is for the socialist-communist types who secretly are in Congress and state legislatures are forcing laws into the public school system to indoctrinate kids into changing their gender and embracing same-sex indoctrination under the guise of education without parental opt outs. This is how the states take control of the children.  This is part of the anti-Christian movement since the 70’s.  These two indoctrinations appear to be in conjunction with the Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions as part of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 program that requires reducing the world’s surplus of natural-born citizens by 2050 by 90%.

  This is a silent genocide. It is part of the United Nations and NWO’s goal of reducing the population in the USA and Third World Nations, especially of future natural-born Americans and natural-born Irish and Europeans as well as Africans.  

Hitler wanted the children!  He said, “He who controls the youth, controls the future.” 

But, Hitler didn’t want all the children. He wanted the pre-selected and pre-elected to be part of his army.  An ugly little man on overdosed on Rx drugs with a thirst for blood, control, and power, wanted to create the superior race.

THE NEW DEMOCRAT PARTY USA:  In my opinion, it would be better to get recall or vote out or petition expulsion of the new Democrats who appear to have disdain and express their hate on camera for the world to witness against the President of the USA, Donald J. Trump.  These new Democrats have disdain even hate for fellow Americans who don’t vote for Democrats or support the Obama’s or Clinton’s. 

The new Democrats apparently hate natural-born American babies. They support Planned Parenthood and their abortion doctors who stab the babies in the head and rip apart their body parts for taxes, profit and to sell to the food industry and medical field as part of reducing the population of natural-born Americans.

The news reported that Kenya and Ireland have bought into Obama’s global mandated taxpayer funded abortion program paid by the American taxpayers in their countries as well.  The new Democrats appear to have much disdain for the Constitution, Sovereignty, Legal immigration, Freedom, Liberty, and the God-Given Right-to-Life.  The new Democrats oppose Freedom to bear arms and Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the Second and First Amendments.  The question is if they are Democrats or foreign and domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution and natural-born Americans?

The Silent War on the Homeless, Poor, Elderly, Veterans, and Sick!

Obama and the Democrats said they didn’t read Obamacare because they didn’t want mob rule attacking them when they found out what was in it after Obama and the Democrats rubber stamped the unconstitutional 2700 pages “approved.”  How can unread laws be legal?”  Obamacare was implemented about April 2009.  Americans died because they couldn’t sign up (intentional?) and waiting in long lines and for long periods of time for treatment.  Obamacare as I warned Americans in my blog of 2009 prior to its passage included Death Panels for Americans.  Early end-of-life counseling and early-end-of life pulling the plug on people who ran out of insurance, the poor, the veterans, the elderly and the chronically ill.  The Obama’s and Clinton’s and Bush’s and Democrats view the Middle Class and Poor as deplorable, small minded, foolish, stupid, ignorant, bottom feeder who are of little or no worth to the New World Order.

Remember what former President George W. Bush said, “I would rather be one of the haves than the have nots,” and he laughed.  Did you know what he meant by that?  Think about how many natural born Americans they are depopulating between mandated taxpayer funded abortions and the poor, homeless, sick, uninsured, veterans, and chronically ill every year!   This is a depopulation war behind closed doors.  You won’t hear shots fired!

A disarmed nation is a nation waiting to be slaughtered by evil people who would promote disarming their citizens for any reason.  More people die from cancer, car accidents, Alzheimers, and Drugs and hospital error and abortions than from guns.  A silenced nation is a nation that has been what I coined, “SOD”:  Suppressed, Oppressed, and Depressed.

In fact, the citizens of Europe  in WWII and in the UK and Sweden, as well as Germany, currently, if armed, could form a lawful and legal militia of their legal citizens under current law or by passing a law so they can fight back against foreign enemies who come to rape their women and kids or  kill their citizens with knives or rocks.  In WWII, the Europeans didn’t prepare for a foreign invasion.  The citizens didn’t  arm themselves and form a citizens militia against Hitler and the Nazi’s until it was too late.    

The Europeans didn’t fight back because they were disarmed.  A disarmed nation is a doomed nation, but in America, the U.S. Constitution orders legal Americans to pick up their arms and form a militia and defend their borders as well as defend their nation from foreign enemies within.  The Europeans were prisoners of  their failure to prepare for a foreign invasion, so the American men and women volunteered to help defeat Hitler and the Nazi Germans who were committing mass genocide and save their countries and citizens.

Let’s go down the Rabbit Hole and Ponder How We Are So Close To Reducing the Surplus Population and Enslaving Every Human Being on The Planet by agendas laid out by the United Nations, Agenda 21, The Muslim Brotherhood with Organizations in Central and South America, Communist Party and Socialist Party,  and the Worldwide Supercomputer, The Beast, 666!

The article I am revealing to the masses is a serious agenda because it affects every individual in the America. In fact, it’s part of the agenda leading to the worldwide Supercomputer that will affect everyone in the world.  I inadvertently came across the Presidential Order online entitled, “Human Capital” and it caught my attention.

The Presidential Order implemented by Bill Clinton ordered a study on  “Human Capital” with intent on  how to capitalize on human beings from birth to death so that the federal government could decide the worth and lack of worth of individual human beings to the government.  This agenda is definitely a communist agenda that provides far too much power to the POTUS and his appointees.  It leaves the door open as to who should live or die and leads to Communism.

Former impeached President Bill Clinton is an evil man in my opinion, but women love attractive bad boys it appears because they elected him into the oval office not, once, but twice.  Bill Clinton fired a United States General for telling the truth.  The General called him a skirt chasin’, pot smokin’ and flag burnin’ man. 

Americans thought it was funny when the charming anti-Military Bill Clinton said he smoked pot but he didn’t inhale.  Yet, he and his DOJ run by Eric Holder and Janet Reno had no problem sending thousands of Americans to jail for smoking even one marijuana cigarette.  His wife, Hillary Clinton, also attended flag burning as well as Barack Hussein Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, who he refers to in speeches on occasion as “Michael.” 

In fact, Obama admitted that he did drugs and his former friend, Larry wrote a book and spoke out about their gay relationship, partying with drugs and riding around in limos. The truth is that 51% of Americans have been electing actors – charmers – liars – and anti-American in my opinion.   In fact, the Clinton’s took off with the China, silverware, and art pieces  when they left the White House. They got caught and had to return everything.

In my opinion, former President Bill Clinton committed “espionage” when he allegedly accepted millions in donations from the Communist Chinese and tried to give away America’s Long Beach Naval Base and L.B. Port to the communist leader who committed a massive genocide of his own citizens.  After Clinton signed NAFTA and opened the borders and called it “globalism,” it’s my opinion that he violated the sovereignty of the USA and left us vulnerable for foreign enemies on sea and air and on land.  Obama invited the enemy into the USA with the blessings of the Democrats, Clinton’s, and Bush’s.

After Americans protested led by Anthony J. Hilder, Clinton and the Democrats in Congress agreed to lease the L.B. Naval Base and Port to the Communist Chinese, a foreign enemy nation, who have been by-passing U.S. international water laws and even docking the naval ships in U.S. Ports such as San Francisco and Long Beach tariff free for 25 years.  In 1993, Communist China threatened to blow Los Angeles off the face of the map.  The Communist army was spotted walking through the Arizona airport in uniform under Obama’s reign.

The Clinton’s were the stars of a book and video entitled, “The Clinton Chronicles.”  The impeachment of former President  Bill Clinton alleged he was  impeached for skirt chasin’ a teenage girl and taking advantage of her in the oval office on America’s time and dime, but she appears not to be the only one.   There were many more than we can probably even imagine. And, he is a “good” husband and of “good” character?  The proof is in the pudding.  The scandals that were sept away were reported in the news and revealed that the Clinton’s flew on the Lolita Express many times with underage girls, who were being trafficked to Orgy Island with their wealthy friend, a King Pin Child Trafficker and Registered Pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

It appears that there are keys persons who work or worked in the FBI who have long-time ties to the Clinton’s, Bush’s, and Obama’s, i.e., Comey, Strzok, Mueller, McCabe, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder. Some of the key figures who go back years are Bill Ayers, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Valerie Jarrett, Senator Schumer,  Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Feinstein.  It appears that for decades, the Department of Justice, U.S. Congress, and President Clinton and Obama weren’t all that concerned about “The Franklin Cover-Up” or “Orgy Island” as well as Jeffrey Epstein.  In fact, it appears that Epstein has been well-protected with a stay-out-of-jail pass as he was released early.   It pays to have friends in high places.  It appears, he was given special privileges even when he was arrested. 

Apparently,  Epstein kept a little black book and of the rich and famous. The American DOJ did little to stop him and them.  Sadly for the children who were the victims, they may never see justice.  A few victims reluctantly spoke out and a few ended up in jail or feared testifying and backed down.  A few of Epstein’s victims, who are now adults, filed a lawsuit and he’s alleged to have made financial settlement offers to avoid a trial.  Some times, evil people do get away with their crimes. 

After the 2016 elections, when the Democrats went into a meltdown because the Clinton’s weren’t taking back the White House, they began verbally threatening President Trump and his family.  They threatened his son, a minor child.  They threatened Trump supporters.   They spied on Conservatives in the USA under the Obama regime. The key Democrats are extremely loyal to the Clinton’s despite all the allegations of sexual abuse and trafficking and scandals over the past 40 plus years and the video confiscated by the NYPD.  They don’t care.

The fact that the Democrats won’t budge to protect Americans and children from dangerous cartels and gangs and terrorist cells illegally inside the USA and who continue to illegally enter into the USA is stunning.  The Democrats are aware that the terrorist, radicals, cartels and gangs have a multi-billion dollar business harvesting organs, kidnapping women and kids, and trafficking guns and excessive amounts of opioids and fenatyl and meth. Drugs are killing more Americans, especially kids, than guns.

entering the USA who kidnap and traffic females and children is unacceptable and outrageous and extremely negligent in my opinion. This behavior by representatives in Congress is unprecedented in the USA. 

How did the Democrats end up thinking that they are sworn to represent illegals, gang members, terrorists, radicals, and cartel traffickers and thwart the will and their sworn oath.  The sworn oath  requires them to uphold legal immigration and to secure the border and defend the sovereignty of the United States as well as uphold the will of the majority of Americans, but they refuse to do so. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Schumer apparently can’t deal with their anger and the reality that the American people had enough of the Clinton’s and the Obama’s and Bush-Cheney agendas and elected an outsider who wasn’t part of the “good old boys and girls” who were imposing their New World Order agendas on Americans.  Pledging allegiance to a foreign international body and upholding Sharia Law on U.S. soil appears to be treason according to the Constitution of the USA and the sworn oath taken by all public servants in the USA.

Eventually, the citizens do experience that something is very wrong.  They awaken to a rude awakening, but only when it affects the masses in an adverse and direct manner.  The people realize that the law is being trampled upon.  Adults and kids are being accused of wrongdoing for just about anything and wrongfully sent to private for-profit prisons to fill the beds that former President Bush and V.P. Cheney secretly built around the nation with U.S. tax dollars. People wake up when they lear that there is a movement to use public schools as a pipeline to send public schools kids who misbehave to private for-profit prisons for 4 years as felons. 

These agendas are implemented in my opinion by domestic and/or foreign enemies and greedy Wall Street investors which I labeled the  greedy communists, not the needy, just the greedy.  They work with the government agencies and it appears to be a program that helps control individuals so that almost everyone will have a criminal record and be on probation or parole which will destroy families and make it more difficult for single parents trying to work and survive.

The pipeline from public school to prison for America’s kids only; not the illegals and foreigners from the Middle East because the Democrats can’t offend them, right?  This will trickle down to parental alienation for 4 years for American parents only.   And, the Democrats appear to care less about Americans only about the  kids illegally in the USA.  The Democrats accused resident Trump of separating kids of ILLEGALS at the borders from their parents; however, the Democrats aren’t concerned about thousands of  America’s parents alienated from their kids.

The fact is that this public school pipeline to prison program will cause parents to mortgage their homes to pay for legal fees.  This program will create a hardship on parents and add more taxpayer funded kids who are housed in for-profit private prisons or juvenile facilities. This program of creating a pipeline from school to prison will cause America’s parents to mortgage their homes or drain their savings to pay for legal fees.  For example, FBI Director, Robert Mueller, targeted General Flynn and accused him of perjury. General Flynn was reported in the news because he had to mortgage his home in order to pay for his legal fees.  

People wake up when their necessities of life to feed and shelter themselves and their families are being adversely and directly affected. People wake up when they note their cities are being overrun with foreigners who aren’t assimilating as Americans but are taking over their cities and are witnessing their cities turned into ghettos with increased crime and disease. 

In fact, the news reported recently that the radicals in Michigan are putting no-go zones in their cities which appears to be unconstitutional and unlawful on the Homeland of the natural-born Americans who are innate to this soil and born in the United States of America.  This appears to be an invasion to conquer land by declaring public land a private property that is paid by the American taxpayers.

People wake up when their kids are kidnapped or their female friends or family members are raped or killed. People wake up when they realize that Democrats such as the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s, and Reps such as Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Harris, Lewis, Feinstein, allowed terrorist cells inside the USA and cartels knowing they traffic humans, drugs, and guns.  People wake up when the foreigners are squatting on U.S. property and claiming it as theirs by setting up no-go zones and sanctuary cities, while Americans and Europeans, are forced to fund these cities and the foreigners on entitlement programs. 

Ironically, Speaker Pelosi supports illegal immigration from Third World Nations and foreign enemy nations.  However, when they set up sanctuary tents on her property, she called the police to have the illegals which she views as undesirables apparently,  removed from her property.  People wake up when diseases and crime increase.   

Americans are waking up to the fact that under the Obama regime, Americans were losing their jobs and businesses were closing their doors.  Obama promised to use the money to help create jobs and repair the infrastructure but apparently he lied. The stimulus money racked up more debt than all Presidents combined in 242 years.  Obama used the stimulus money for Solyndra; releasing terrorists from GITMO and sending them back to the Middle East; funding $150B to Iran plus another $1 B in cash for Iran who threatened to wipe America off the face of the map.  He funded IMF and the money went missing.  Under the watch of Hillary Clinton, $6B is missing from the State Department. And, he funded Muslim Brotherhood terrorists running for positions of power in Kenya, Egypt, and the Ivory Coast.  Obama released felons onto America’s streets and he released hundreds of felons right before he left office in 2016.  These  agendas appear to be in line with The United Nations and Muslim Brotherhood, as well as The New World Order. 

Hitler’s Human Commodities and Human Capital:   The Holocaust, also referred to as the Shoah,[b] was  genocide during World War II in which Nazi Germany, aided by its collaborators, systematically murdered some six million European Jews, around two-thirds of the Jewish population of Europe, between 1941 and 1945.[c] Jews were targeted for extermination as part of a larger event involving the persecution and murder of other groups, including in particular the Roma and “incurably sick”,[6] as well as ethnic Poles, Soviet citizens, Soviet prisoners of warpolitical opponentsgay men and Jehovah’s Witnesses, resulting in up to 17 million deaths overall.[7]   (wikipedia) 

Human Capital is the study that turns human beings into human commodities at birth until death and even after death, the lawyers and government come after the dead person.  They want any  property, assets, taxes, and medical costs if they can confiscate it.  Human Capital is based on the individual’s worth or lack of worth to the government and if the individual pops up as a person targeted for lack of worth.

The government is tied into the medical industrial complex set up for-profit is linked to  Big Pharma Rx drug and vaccine industrial complex (and many of those drugs as they state can kill you), which is tied to the wealthy Lobbyist and their attorneys, who file a lawsuit against the estate. 

This is a vicious circle of the money flow from the rich to the Middle Class to the poor legal and illegal people inside the USA.  The Middle Class supports the entire nation.  They pay for everything to operate the federal, state, county, and city operations around the nation. The Middle Class open small businesses and hire 85% of the working class.  They pay for the prison system.  They pay for the Military Industrial Complex. The Middle Class are the majority of consumers that keep the economy stimulated.

In America, the Middle Class is under attack  by the Democrats and the Rinos.  It’s a fact that if they succeed at eliminating the Middle Class who are being forced to redistribute their “wealth” aka taxes as well as pick up the tab for the additional 22,000,000 plus illegals then their taxes will increase excessively until they are equally poor.  It appears the NWO and Muslim Brotherhood and Communist agenda is to create a society of the very wealthy and the poor, which is why the original Europeans  fled Europe. 

Today, America’s Middle Class is struggling to pay for their own living expenses after being burdened with millions of illegals and radicals from Third World Nations and 57 countries in the Middle East.  Ironically, the new Democratic females in congress complain about America and how unjust we are when they can’t speak out in their countries or wear whatever they want or drive or go to college or run for public office and America is unjust?  The Middle East doesn’t allow anyone to illegally enter their countries or else be executed or jailed.  The Middle East or Communist China prohibits Americans or Christians or Jews to live in their countries and run for positions of power and promote constitutional law or build Christian Churches on their soil.

If these wealthy former leaders of our nation, who pledged their allegiance to foreign international bodies, the U.N. and the NWO succeed at making the Middle Class poor and were able to create a two-class nation, then America will become a Banana Republic .  America will be no different than Venezuela,  Americans shouldn’t have to flee from their homeland because secret foreign enemies and domestic enemies sold out the USA and aren’t arrested for sedition and Treason to our knowledge.  They appear to be working towards creating police states.

The Democrats aren’t satisfied with 22,000,000 illegals living off the taxpayers in America, they want more illegals to flood into the USA. They care less about the burden they are placing on Americans.  America is the only country who allows illegal immigration to recur over and over again for decades, so now the foreign illegals expect to enter illegally, storm the borders, and live off the taxpayers.  The word has spread. America is the Land of the Free and today, America is the Land of the Freebies. 

The Obama’s and Clinton’s and Bush’s opened the borders to the illegals and the illegals don’t get detained and deported under their watch, they get child care services, medical care, brown bag lunches, soft drinks, tents, blankets, clothing, shoes, cell phones, Drivers Licenses, Voting Rights, Citizenship, Harvard education, HUD, Obamacare, SNAP food stamps, Medicare, Social Security, and Cash and transportation. The Democrats and Rinos  bow down to the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR foreign ideologies and demands and write laws to punish Americans who refuse to do so which appears to be sedition in my opinion.  How long does a reasonable person think this can last with a $20 Trillion National Debt until the bubble bursts?  Are they intentionally creating civil unrest and a pandemic in the USA?  These agendas are all leading to the WorldWide Supercomputer known as the “beast” or “666.”

Americans and Europe can thank  former President George HW Bush,  deceased, who promoted the New World Order and President George Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the Obama’s, who support the United Nations, Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR, CFR, and the New World Order and join secret societies. These same people support reducing the surplus population beginning with unborn babies in America and Third World nations requiring Americans to pick up the tab for the legal mass genocide of 42,000,000 babies killed with abortion scissors around the world in 2018.  Congratulations, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, and the Bush Family.

In reality, the money flow is a vicious circle. The Middle Class pays for their own expenses after taxes and social security and Medicare are deducted and their taxes flow to the entitlement programs supporting millions of  illegals and radicals who are placed on entitlement programs. The money passes back to the doctors, food industry, oil industry, military complex, pison complex which include lawyers, judges and CPS.  The government keeps the vicious circle going around and around like a wheel paid by the Middle Class. 

Big Brother is the protector of Big Pharma, the medical industrial complex, the military industrial complex, the congressional industrial complex, the food and water complex, the legal industrial complex and in the end, the lawyers, the ABA, which was founded as a communist organization runs the nation.  They throw innocent people in prison or send them to their death if they choose to set up anyone they should target for any reason based on accusation only.

Obamacare is still the law of the land even though it was signed by a man who can’t prove he’s a U.S. Natural Born American. That’s how corrupted the Democratic party has become along with the Rinos who go along with it.  The healthcare bill known as ACA also known as Obamacare should be nullified on its face.  Until it is nullified or fully repealed, it remains the law of the land.

Obamacare shouldn’t have to be repealed, just nullified by the U.S. President based on the fact that Obama can’t produce a vetted Certified U.S. Birth Certificate, so how can anything he signed into law be valid?    Obama has an identity crisis, birthplace crisis, birthdate crisis, and that makes him ineligible to be a U.S. President in my opinion. Obama aka Barry shouldn’t have any authority to sign or enforce laws on U.S. soil, period.  Something’s very wrong when the POTUS or Congress or the U.S. Justices don’t nullify unconstitutional laws based on its face.  

Since 2007, it has been my long-time opinion that Obama’s aura was negative for America.   The Democrats slipped Obama into the Senate and the oval office as a non-vetted Indonesian National.  The USA is suffering from a Democratic and Rino congress and federal government, who refuses to declare the Manchurian Candidate to be ineligible.  Every  Executive Order including Obamacare supported by the Democrats, Rinos, U.N. and NWO should be unlawful, illegal, and unconstitutional in my opinion.  The fact that the Democrats lied about it and stated they didn’t read it is gross negligence.  How can laws be legal if they aren’t read, but rubber stamped “approved” in the United States of America?

In other words, America and Europe will continue to  pull the plug on elderly and sick Americans including children.  Obamacare is about Death Care of Americans in my opinion. It is a reduction of who the elite believe are deplorable bottom feeders that are of no worth to them.  America will continue to commit the unseen genocide of natural-born Americans and elderly and sick as legal by writing and approving unconstitutional law and allowing foreigners to violate Article II and slip them into the oval office. 

It’s a fact that America’s doctors to pull the plug as an early end-of-life agenda and in some cases, it’s alleged for organ harvesting.  It’s no secret that the doctors pull the plug on  chronically ill, elderly, veterans, patients in a coma, and the mentally and physically challenged just as Hitler did when he took the Jews away on [FEMA] trains.  One facility was reported recently, who must be communist-like medical staff from possibly foreign enemy nations, who  were caught pulling the plug on people they didn’t like.


In fact, I read a recent online article that the NWO is  targeting sick kids in Sweden for depopulation of white Sweden kids.  This is why the foreign enemies and domestic enemies from within Western Civilization are promoting that people who are white should feel guilty and promote reducing the population of natural-born Americans, Europeans, and Canadians and it’s stunning how many citizens of civilized nations are buying into this evil agenda so that the foreign enemies of Western Civilization can invade, infiltrate, overpopulate, and dominate and conquer.

The current agendas are similar to that of Hitler and the Clinton’s agenda that leads back to Bill Clinton’s study on “Human Capital.” It’s a human rights violation to use human beings as human commodities for human capital, taxes and profit or work slaves, to create a one world government and one world leader ruling the world through the worldwide online supercomputer and ruling with an iron fist.

Apparently, sick kids in Western Civilization as well as the elderly and chronically ill Americans and Europeans don’t fit the agendas of the Muslim Brotherhood, either.  In fact, the sick or mentally or physically injured citizens of  Third World Nations such as India are isolated because they believe a person with a health issue is cursed.  It appears that the sick, elderly, and injured citizens don’t meet the standards of worth laid out by the New World Order’s fight against the right-to-life agendas. 

The Clinton’s, Obama’s, and Bush’s and their Wall Street associates who support the New World Order should remember that many of the career congressional members are grandparents, which raises the question if their kids will pull the plug on them, too.  They, too, will grow old and sick, so should the government pull the plug on them, as well?  These agendas implemented and approved by the Democrats in Congress under the Obama-Clinton-Holder regime are death panels.  They are a quiet genocide that the public can’t see in hospitals and assisted living because it’s being done around the nation everyday around the clock.

For example, the unborn babies are a for-profit business that  increases taxes, profits and provides human organs, and human tissue, which is of value to the medical profession, researchers, and criminals.  Raped girls who give birth could be raped and held captive so the criminals can sell the organs to the criminals who operate on the  Black Market. Human Organ trafficking, sex trafficking, gun and drug trafficking are multi-billion dollar businesses.  We are living in very dangerous and evil times.

 Perhaps, the depopulation programs and pedophilia agendas are part of the reason that leaders in America and Europe as well as Canada approve of the foreign enemy invasion, into Western Civilization. Is it to normalize pedophilia, rape, euthanasia, murder of women and kids as a man’s right without punishment?  The Obama-Holder-Clinton regime forced  Americans to live with  open borders which is the declaration of a gift to the foreign invaders from terrorist nations, but dangerous to legal Americans.  

It was a secret, but  not any longer as its been revealed that about January 2009, Obama signed an Executive Order in secret.  Obama and Hillary preplanned a secret foreign invasion from foreign enemy nations  into the USA without public knowledge using $20,000,000 in U .S. tax dollars as incentives to get the US Refugee agents to migrate as many so-called refugees from Palestine linked to Hamas, a terrorist group, into the USA.  They ordered the foreign invaders onto U.S. taxpayer-funded DHS buses late at night after Obama had them flown into the USA secretly late at night and scattered them around the USA in various cities.  I still recall reading how shocked the Americans were when they woke up the next morning and didn’t recognize their own cities.   Shame on the Democrats!

Obama and Hillary preplanned secretly to migrate a minimum of 5,000,000 Palestinian foreigners, who would be linked or members of Hamas, a terrorist organization, into the USA.  (How to conquer a nation without even trying).  The Democrats are guilty for slipping in a non-vetted foreigner into the highest offices in the land and guilty for abusing their power and committing this fraud on the American people.  The majority of foreigners migrated into the USA under the guise of Christian refugees  don’t meet the definition of “refugees.” They appear to be a majority of healthy  radicalized males and what I coin, “fake refugees.”  They don’t meet the definition of “refugees” fleeing tyrannical laws, but state they aren’t here to assimilate, but dominate.  They state they aren’t here to follow U.S. laws, but to impose their laws on Americans.  How is this not treason as established by the U.S. Constitution?  Is this another great fraud played on America by the Bush’s, Obama’s, and Clinton’s and Democrats?

Therefore, it is apparent that this may answer the question why these NWO supporters are seeking to depopulate the future natural-born Americans to make room for the foreigner invaders.  The Bush dynasty, Obama dynasty, and Clinton dynasty,  firmly support the legal depopulation machine known as Planned Parenthood.  They promote wiping out future generations of human beings who would be natural-born Americans needed to preserve the United States of America, but apparently, they plan on replacing Americans with foreigners.

The natural-born babies are needed to preserve the USA.  It’s believed that only the natural-born citizens will love and defend and protect the United States of America and her citizens more than foreigners whose allegiance will be to their birthplace, especially if they didn’t come to America to assimilate, but to help conquer.  The U.S. Constitution requires a natural-born Citizen be the only person eligible to be a U.S. President, but foreigners are attempting to change Article II or eliminate it. 

A natural-born American is not an anchor baby or a Dreamer.  A natural-born American is a baby born to 2 legal Americans and a baby born on U.S. soil making the baby innate to U.S. soil.  A U.S. Natural-Born President is required to protect America from foreign enemy invasions, not create them.   This same  defense of sovereign nations should be upheld in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia.  Enemies of sovereign nations are enemies and must be removed from the soil they invade or they shall succeed in their goal which is to wipe out all of Western Civilization, conquer, and dominate.

In fact, Communist China has a new computer app to seduce young people in signing up and utilizing it until the government gets enough people using it so they can make it mandatory.   The new app determines every individual’s worth or lack of worth.  The government will determine what the citizens can or can’t be, what they can or can’t buy, where they can or can’t go to school or work or live.  Some individuals will be rewarded and some punished and denied access to their goals and dreams turning the Chinese citizens into robotoids,  The young people in China think it’s cool, but they won’t think it’s so cool in the future when they are no more than enslaved robotoids. 

 In the meantime, it appears that Obama aka Barry Soetoro was being groomed by Bill Ayers, The Bush Dynasty, and the Clinton Dynasty, the CFR,  and their long time Democratic-Rino associates, before he was handed the baton as President of the United States  between 2008 – 2016 to carry on the unlawful spying and tracking of legal Americans which  began under the Bush-Cheney regime.  


The Democrats and Rinos in Congress are cleverly convincing young non-pregnant and pregnant women that they have a choice to give birth or kill their babies at birth legally by the heinous act of stabbing babies in the head with abortion scissors carried out by the Frankenstein abortion doctors.  They crush the baby’s head according to abortion reports and rip the baby’s arms and legs off which is the most heinous crime against humanity ever with the approval of the mothers and U.S. government.  Planned Parenthood has been reported to sell the body tissue and organs for huge profits. 

The abortionists admit that the  babies feel pain, but they don’t care.  They claim it’s their legal right as the past and current 9 Supreme Court Justices approve of  legally allowing the abortionist to legally murder millions of future natural-born American human beings, who are innocent, and denied the right-to-life at birth.  Who needs wars to depopulate a nation and conquer it when you have people within and citizens who are cooperative? 

Planned Parenthood and the federal government legally kill off future natural-born Americans for financial gain, taxes, profits, and to help out the U.N. and NWO members succeed at reducing the population of the world and America is their top priority.  They want to take down the Superpower of the world.

Imagine if someone told you that they were going to stab you in the head and crush your head and rip off your arms and legs and sell your organs?  What would you say to that evil person whose filled with evil possessed by Satan?  What’s the difference between this theoretical question and signing a consent to allow that to happen to a baby about to be born and a gift from God?  Pro-Choice women couldn’t possibly believe in God and kill his precious gift of life.  (Many adults and kids are murdered in China and the Middle East for their organs with intent by the criminals and terrorists to sell the organs on the Black Market) as human capital.  Maybe, there are so many public servants on the take that this is why the borders are open to accommodate the criminals.

Therefore, Planned Parenthood is an important arm of the New World Order and Communist manifesto which Hitler implemented with the help of  a woman who appeared to be a bigot and a psychopath, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.  The Hitler regime approved of radiating Jews for sterility as well as hiring abortion doctors to make Jews extinct from the earth.  In America, thanks to Obama, Chertoff, and Soros, the legal Americans are being naked x-rayed without consent as required in the medical field at the airports by TSA workers, while the terrorists, by-pass the airports and inspections or x-rays.

The white German European Nazi doctors, Nazi staff, and the federal government is using the fetuses which are unborn babies about to take their first breath outside of the womb as “human commodities” known as human capital as a get-rich scheme for the sick wealthy elite.  (I stress the race and origin of the Nazi’s only for the purpose to show that all races and ethnicities are capable of committing genocide and crimes against humanity). 

The Planned Parenthood legal killing machine targets babies at birth similar to a gulag promoting an endless seamless assembly line that shouts out, “Death to America!”  And, “Death to Europe!”  And, “Death to Israel!”  And, “Death to Mexico!”  And, “Death to Canada!”  Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions is an immoral law that mocks God and God’s pro-creation ordering a man and woman to bond and be fruitful and fill the earth with babies in order to preserve nations.  If there are no babies to preserve sovereign nations then humanity will be obsolete as we know it.

Obama’s New World Order, “Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions” is a prelude to death and destruction of mankind.  The Scientists, who are psychopaths and agnostics, are playing god.  Many were migrated into the USA after WII despite their crimes against humanity to work inside the USA, even Disney hired one of HItler’s Scientists who committed heinous acts against the Jews and anyone Hitler hated.  This should be disgusting to Americans and to Israel and Europeans. 

Hitler wanted the children. Did Hitler want the children so he could pick and choose to molest?  Did he want the children he would choose to be experimented upon or sterilized?  Did he want the children to breed with his arm to create what he believed to be the perfect race?  Did he want the children because they would be able to work hard as slaves within the camps?  Did he want the children to train up in his army because he could brainwash them and mold them into his world of hate for most people around the world starting in Europe?  I would guess that all of the mentioned agendas applied.

as well as normalizing parental separation forever from the child’s biological mother and dad because pedophiles separate kids by kidnapping them from around the world everyday.  And, it appears the Deep State had been grooming a Kenyan born from a Generational Muslim Brotherhood family with deep ties to the United Nations and Ayers, al-Mansour, Saudi Prince and George Soros. 

 It appears that the Saudi Arabia’s King and Bill Ayers and his dad, and Obama’s Communist white mother and grandparents, and Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist friend of Obama’s mother and grandfather were grooming  Obama to be the President of the United States of America with the blessings of Kissinger, Soros, Clinton’s, Bush’s, and the entire federal government it appears.


Human Trafficking and abortion or illegal or legal adoptions are a permanent separation of kids from their biological parents.  How cruel is it to know that a stranger  didn’t kill the baby because it’s the mother’s “choice” supported by Planned Parenthood owner, staff, and abortion doctors.  The federal government has interfered in a private business and unconstitutionally is forcing Americans to pay for a private business that murders future Americans and they call it legal for depopulation and ethnic and religious cleansing using pregnant women and their babies as “human commodities” for “human capital.”

The Democrats who promote killing babies by abortion are hypocrites.  Hillary Clinton’s mom didn’t abort Hillary.  Hillary didn’t abort Chelsea.  And Chelsea didn’t abort her baby which is Hillary and Bill’s grand baby, but Hillary Clinton embraces and honors Margaret Sanger and the current President of Planned Parenthood whose clinics aborted more than 300,000 future Americans behind closed doors for profit last year alone.  Oh, and the President of Planned Parenthood has children and grandchildren.  

And the same-sex supporters of Planned Parenthood can’t have children, so what’s their reasoning for supporting abortions when many of them adopt the babies that women give up for adoption at birth? 

Cecile Richards
Image result for What is the name of the President of Planned Parenthood?

Cecile RichardsCecile Richards (born July 15, 1957) is an American pro-choice activist who has served as the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund since 2006……but, in ninth grade, she was disciplined for protesting the Vietnam War after she wore a black armband. She then attended the progressive St. Stephen’s Episcopal School for the remainder of high school.[4]  

Richards’ parents were immersed in political activism from her early years on. At the age of 16, she helped her mother campaign for Sarah Weddington, the attorney who won Roe v. Wade, (abortion law) in her bid for the Texas state legislature.[5]

Richard was the founder of America Votes, a 501(c)4 organization that aims to coordinate and promote progressive issues, and is currently serving as president.[7]Richards founded and previously served as president of America Votes, a coalition of national Democratic Partyaffiliated organizations.[9] Before that, she was deputy chief of staff to Nancy Pelosi,  (who lied to Americans stating mandated taxpayer-funded abortions was not included into Obamacare, but it was) the Democratic Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives.[10] She has also worked at the (Ted Turner support the depopulation of the planet)  Turner Foundation.[11] In 1996, she founded the Texas Freedom Network, a Texas organization formed to counter the Christian right.[12] ”  Richards did not abort her three children!

Ironically, Richards didn’t  abort her three children, but why not since she believed in mandated taxpayer-funded abortions?  And, why  didn’t Hillary abort her child as Margaret Sanger’s and Cecile Richard’s biggest fan?  “Richards is married to Kirk Adams, a labor organizer with the Service Employees International Union, and has three children.[8][18] Their eldest, Lily Adams, served as press secretary for Tim Kaine and later as an advisor of communications for Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Presidential campaign. Richards and her husband live in New York City.[19](source wikipedia)  (Note the long-time generational associations between the Left, i.e., Clinton’s, Ted Turner, Tim Kaine, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic Party and New York City). 

The radicalized women from the Middle East have no rights in their countries and they are used as baby machines for overpopulation to maintain a radicalized army.  The children are taught as toddlers that America is the big satan and Israel is the little satan and all of  Western Civilization  needs to be wiped out. The women are totally controlled by the men.  The Middle East female can be married between 6 and 9 years of age.  In the 57 Middle East countries, it’s reported that they believe it’s a man’s right to engage in incest and polygamy for self-gratification as well as procreation.  The average age of a Middle East girl who gives birth is  15 years of age. These laws are in opposition to the U.S. Constitution and American way of life.

The Middle East women aren’t offered choices as in America to opt into birth control and contraception devices or abortions.  In fact, their husbands are generally arranged and the arrangement could be made at birth.  A little girl could be married off to some old guy while she’s only 6 years or 9 years of age.  It’s reported many of the little girls end up dead afterwards.  This raises the question why Middle East women who are still covering up their heads and faces in America are marching and supporting abortions of future natural-born Americans which is a depopulation program when their 57 nations believe in overpopulation, rape, and incest as their right in modern times.  A woman born in the USA to two Iranian immigrant parents is one of their key supporters.  

Image result for photos of child brides in the middle east

The Pro-Choice Democrats march against illegals detained by ICE or Border Patrol or Sheriffs. The Democrats cry out that the illegal adults who committed a crime which soon will be a felony are separated from their children, but they don’t mention that legal Americans detained in America are always separated from their children and families when arrested by law enforcers. Every prisoner has been separated from his kids after committing a violation of the law. 

In fact, CPS (Child Protective Services) separates families every day somewhere in America and sometimes, they separate kids from non-offending parents during divorce in America.  Many times in courtrooms across the nation, parents are facing a branch of the judicial system known as CPS to determine if you can keep your kids or not.  They make a recommendation to a judge in Family Law Court or Juvenile Court to remove the children from their parent’s custody, which can include non-offending parents during divorce or after divorce, or even during a marriage when the police are called out to the home based on someone’s accusation of abuse or domestic violence. 

Shouldn’t Americans research how many legal American non-offending parents are separated forever after the biological kids are removed by CPS and the Judge’s decision without family reunification after filing for divorce?  In fact, many times, parents are ordered to pay $125 average per hour to visit with their own kids and court ordered to have the paid monitor present to report her thoughts on the interactions of the parent/s with their own children at a place they choose such as McDonald’s.  And, this is America, not Nazi Germany?  Are we sure about that?

 How is it the Liberal, Socialist, Democrats only care about foreigners and illegals who violate immigration laws or any of the U.S. laws by funding them, harboring the illegals and radicals and protecting them from the law?  They worry about the kids separated from illegals who violate U.S. Laws, but not so much America’s parents who are wrongfully accused of abusing their kids.  Sometimes, a spouse or neighbor or friend may falsely accuse a person of abuse based on accusation only. 

The Liberal Socialist and Feminist Democrats in America march against sexual harassment and pedophilia, but they aren’t marching for the mothers who gave birth and wrongfully had their kids taken from them by CPS or handed over to a spouse who the doctors testify they believe molested a child?   The truth  is clear that even Socialist, Liberal, Feminist Democrats have grandmothers and mothers who were pro-life and granted life to them by giving birth so why are they so adamant that millions of babies deserve to die at birth?

It appears that the Liberals aren’t marching against pedophiles who kidnap children and in support of the parents who are searching for their kids, but only march to encourage pregnant American women to abort their babies for depopulation purposes.  They encourage them to abort their babies at Planned Parenthood which is set up earning big profits .  Killing a living being is against the law in the USA, so it’s hypocritical for the men in black to approve killing unborn babies for-profit and taxes!  It always leads back to money and depopulation. The Bible states it is against God’s laws to kill or harm a child and God’s commandments are clear, “Thou shalt not kill.”   Yet, this same Department of Justice charges men who kill pregnant women with a “double murder.”  How hypocritical is that?

Should Americans not ponder if the Liberals who support abortion have ever protested against a wealthy registered pedophile that hit the news named, Jeffrey Epstein?  Has the DOJ or FBI ever investigated his source of income or are people in positions of power denying them their official duties?  Are they protesting against the long list of politicians, celebrities, royalty, and CEO’s who visited Orgy Island on the Lolita Express where Epstein is reported to have trafficked girls as young as 12 years of age?  

Where is the outcry and protests from the LEFT against Pedophilia and Rape.  They only appear to march against sexual harassment and adultery of adults if the man or woman is a Republican.  How is it they never protested against Orgy Island or registered pedophile who owns Orgy Island, Jeffrey Epstein?  He’s been trafficking kids where the Clinton’s frequented and many wealthy politicians and CEO’s and celebrities for decades without the FBI or DOJ giving a hoot and rescuing those kids and confiscated the plane, The Lolita Express,” or the entire island! 

Of course, they didn’t bother with the Playboy mansion either owned by Hugh Hefner, who is now deceased and alleged to have underground facilities as well.  How is it they never entered and searched those facilities and confiscated those computers?  In fact, it was alleged that Bill Clinton was instrumental in cutting Epstein’s prison sentence short. 


In America, young  women have been brainwashed and bought into the Liberal, Socialist, Feminist movement of pro-choice and free sex and anything goes.  They’ve been brainwashed since the feminist and Liberal movement of the 1970’s.  They were brainwashed to believe that they have the right to kill their babies by legal abortions under the guise of controlling their own bodies.  The Liberals don’t ask the question, “Why aren’t females controlling their own bodies when they decide to have reckless sex with knowledge that it’s very possible that they could conceive a baby?”   

These same women, who believe they are responsible to have sex outside of marriage know the consequences and they aren’t our kids that were responsible to support, so why are they demanding that the taxpayers pick up the medical expense for the bad choices made by people who are responsible for their own pro-choices?  After all, they state they have the right to control their own bodies so they should control them before they have unsafe sex.   (The exception for abortion is rape and health and incest, of course) – It’s not everyone else’s responsibility to pay for abortions. It’s the responsibility of the two parents and/or  the biological grandparents.  

In fact, pregnant females can choose to give birth and give the baby up for adoption.  Some lawyers have clients who will pay to adopt a baby legally, so why abort the babies?  Women who give birth are forced to pay for their own medical bills, so why the discrimination against women who give birth vs. women who abort?  Millions of females every year choose to have sex and get pregnant and abort their babies, but the rest of the world who aren’t related to them shouldn’t have to pick up their medical expenses!  These women are bold enough to march and claim they have  a “Choice,” so  that says it all – “It’s their choice,” and that makes their abortion costs their responsibility. They have choices, just say, “no,” or prepare to protect themselves by being responsible for their choices.

The majority of young Americans have money to buy cell phones, laptops, designer shoes, and tickets to attend Rock Concerts at $100 to $400 per ticket, or go to the movies which can cost $50 with popcorn and a drink,  but they complain that they don’t have money to buy contraceptives which can be easily accessible and cheap.

Should responsible Americans not ask why are American taxpayers  responsible for the choices of strangers being forced by a Kenyan-born non-vetted man with two names, who entered the USA about 1982, as an Indonesian National? How can a man who can’t prove he was eligible to be a U.S. president force 300,000 Americans to pay for someone else’s abortions in the USA and around the globe with their hard earned tax dollars?   How is it legal and lawful to force America’s taxpayers to participate in an act that is against their values, principles, beliefs, and morals?

Americans are being “tricked” into wiping out the future natural-born Americans  at birth.  The evil Left is wiping out the  moral fabric of the nation and compromised the moral conscience of  the nation by implementing  Liberalism with approval of the U.S. Congress and U.S. Supreme Court Justices.  Remember, Obama and Pelosi and the Democrats flat-out lied to Americans about “mandated taxpayer-funded abortions”  which targets white Americans and loyal Patriots for death panels.  Their lie should have nullified mandated taxpayer-funded abortions on its face and they should have been removed from office.

Image result for photo of obama and farrakhan

Consequently, these Democratic Socialist Liberal agendas that taxpayer-fund Planned Parenthood  has been reported in the news to sell  off  human tissue and body parts to the medical profession for big-profits.  The government is using pregnant women and unborn babies as a big business for-profit making and taxes.  The government has turned unborn babies and pregnant moms into  human commodities for “Human Capital.” 

Abortion Surveillance [U.S.A.] —Findings and Reports. In 2014, 652,639 legal induced abortions were reported to CDC from 49 reporting areas. The abortion rate for 2014 was 12.1 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years, and the abortion ratio was 186 abortions per 1,000 live births.Nov 16, 2017  (source: wikipedia) In other words, 1,000 women are pregnant and approximately 800 will live while about 200 will be sentenced to death on a Planned Parenthood deathbed.

The medical industrial complex of professionals swear an oath to save lives, not  pull the plug without consent with the intent to end lives in America for people they view as worthless?   What’s the difference between the medical profession and government aborting future Americans at birth or euthanizing the elderly, chronically ill, and even children by starving them to death or pulling the plug?  We couldn’t have strayed further away from Christian values, principles, and traditions than we are today.  Anyway you slice it, the evil U.N. and NWO and secret societies are intent on depopulating the citizens of the world!   

Why does the medical profession use artificial support if the elderly persons or chronically ill persons can’t breathe on their own and will have no quality of life? This appears to be one more way for the matrix, which includes Big Pharma and the Medical Profession, to use the elderly, chronically ill, veterans, and mentally and physically challenged as human commodities for human capital by bilking the taxpayers. 

It appears that there are unscrupulous doctors and administrators and foreigners from foreign enemy nations who have been ripping off Medicare in the millions.  It’s no secret that doctors and administrators have ripped off the taxpayers by overcharging Medicare.  Recently, the news reported that foreigners from the Middle East working with a doctor from the Middle East were involved in trafficking opioids and ripping off Medicare in the millions.  In fact, some doctors are reported in the news who encourage their patients to get specific prescriptions and vaccines because they are rewarded by Big Pharma with big bonuses. 

For example, if  a person is found dead and written up by the coroner as death by  “natural causes” that means the person stopped breathing on his or her own!  They don’t slap a tube for artificial support down their throat to bilk the taxpayers for more money,  right?  I wonder how many congressional members are vested in Big Pharma on Wall Street.  A doctor was reported in the news for wrongfully removing a kidney, just this week, but my question remains if he was actually harvesting an organ for  big  bucks.

In line with abortion and the New World Order’s agendas, it’s a true fact that  fetuses are being used as food.  In fact, a Chinese doctor  wrote and  published an article reporting that  in China, the fetuses are sold as human commodities and  cooked in soup.  The female doctor stated that the first-born boy is considered the most valuable delicacy and a  human commodity for consumption and profit.  They believe the fetuses help keep the person youthful. 

Ironically, after the Clinton’s were ushered into the White House about 1993, they immediately embraced Communist China in more than one way.  Communist China aborted about 40,000,000 future female Chinese by mandated abortions!  They found out down the road that they didn’t have enough females of marrying age for the males of marrying age.

In fact, there is a serious problem for people who engage in the sick act of eating fetuses and human organs or flesh that occurs over time and causes a disease that eats the brain cells and can drive persons crazy.  Kuru is a rare and fatal nervous system disease.  Kuru means to “shiver” or “tremble.” 

Obama and the Democrats instituted mandated taxpayer-funded abortions to reduce the population of  future Americans Obama signed the E.O. that requires that Americans pick up the tab for abortions around the world.  The secret law was known as “The Global Poverty Act” approved about December 2007 by  senators, Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, John Kerry, and the CFR and possibly the NWO and U.N. in line with Agenda 21.  Did the U.N. conspire with Obama to implement this law?  Obama signed mandated worldwide taxpayer funded abortions into law as an Executive Order on or about January 2009.  This Executive Order requires Americans to pay for worldwide abortions of poor pregnant women, not only in America, but to pay to promote abortions in Third World nations under the guise of reducing poverty and saving the planet.

Bill Clinton hit the news and reported that he allowed the Communist Chinese to tour the White House and National Security areas when he invited them to the White House as his guests.  He’s also reported to have allegedly taken millions in donations from the Communist Chinese.  In fact, Bill Clinton opened the borders when he signed NAFTA which in my opinion is a violation of our sovereignty as I stated before.  Afterwards, he attempted to sell the Long Beach Naval Station and Port to the Communist Chinese leader who had committed a genocide of his own citizens.  It was Anthony J. Hilder who led a protest in the 1990s and exposed Clinton’s plans and prevented the sale.  


In fact, Bill Clinton ordered the L.B. Naval Station  and Port be opened to the Communist Chinese so they could easily import and export products into the USA tariff-free over the past 25 years or more.  The Communist Chinese hit the news after they’d been caught smuggling military weapons into the USA under Clinton’s reign. On or about 1993, Communist China threatened to wipe out Los Angeles – wipe L.A. off the face of the map under Bill Clinton’s reign.

“Clinton was so eager to push the deal through that he met twice with Long Beach officials and once at a White House meeting in 1995 that included his then-chief of staff and the Pentagon’s No. 2 official and others.  The deal finally approved by the Secretary of the Navy turns over control of the Long Beach Naval Station, with a value of at least $65 million, free of charge to the City of Long Beach. The city has agreed to lease it to the China Ocean Shipping Co. of the People’s Republic of China.”   Many people ponder – How is this not treason?   (source:

Image result for Photo of communist ship?

Furthermore, it’s a true fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the catalyst for Walmart.  Walmart  became a huge discount chain wiping out small American businesses.  They import 90% of their products from China.  COSCO imports 100% of their products from China into the USA that use to be made and exported to China stamped, “made in the USA.”  Walmart appears to be linked to the government for spying on people who purchase legal guns while Janet Napolitano headed up DHS-Fema.  In fact, China, the Clinton’s, and Walmart,  appear to be linked to DHS-Fema and Walmart is alleged to have underground facilities and DHS-FEMA vehicles.  DHS-FEMA is the shadow government in my opinion who takes over the entire nation and wipes out the federal government if a President of the USA calls out a pandemic or civil unrest as a National Emergency.  

In fact, Hillary Clinton sat on the Walmart Board of Directors in its early stages of development when they used cheap labor in foreign nations.  Hillary Clinton sat on the Board for 6 years and simultaneous substituted in as their Legal Counsel when she and Vince Foster worked together at “The Rose Law Firm.”  This is a huge Conflict of Interest, but no one cared, apparently.  This was taking place in Arkansas prior to Bill and Hillary Clinton accessing the White House and Bill Clinton opening up the Long Beach Port to Communist China as well as signing off on NAFTA and outsourcing U.S. jobs, manufacturing companies, and technology to a foreign enemy communist nation.  It all appears to be the perfect plan does it not to help out a foreign enemy nation whose goal is to conquer the USA which is the dream of Russia and the Muslim Brotherhood, right? 

These events began back in the early days of the Clinton’s entering the Governor’s mansion in Arkansas.  Americans have been asking the question as to how Vince Foster shot himself in the back and walked into the forest without getting dirt on his shoes after committing suicide.  And, how is it that it’s reported the original carpet was allegedly removed as reported in documentaries before  law enforcement arrived at the scene?  This scandal is similar to a who done it movie. 

Bill Clinton and Hillary embraced the Communist Chinese during their reign in the White House.  As stated. Bill Clinton created “outsourcing” of American  jobs, manufacturing companies, and U.S. technology to a foreign enemy communist nation.  These actions should appear to most people as a preplanned New World Order and United Nations agendas in line with the Communist Chinese goals. It appears that these agendas should reflect the laws that equate to aiding and abetting foreign enemy nations as these agendas under the guise of “outsourcing,” but in reality should have been viewed as “espionage” in my opinion, appear to be intended with a goal of making Communist China the economic and military superpower of the world.  It was to be “The Super Highway to China.”

After accessing the White house on or about January 1992, Bill and Hillary Clinton couldn’t get enough of Walmart and Communist China or their “Clinton Foundation.”  They welcomed the Communist Chinese leaders and dined with them,  while the Communist Chinese leader mandated that pregnant females in their country abort their babies or face jail time or execution.  

The news reported that the Clinton’s were renting out the bedroom to the Communist Chinese.  It was quite a spectacle. Bill Clinton laid out the red carpet for Communist China with Kissinger and Soros in the background, I am going to assume. The  White House raised the Communist flag on U.S. soil.   Bill Clinton probably signed anything that his NWO masters requested as long as he could continue on with his skirt chasin’ obsession of females and adulterous affairs.  Bill Clinton escaped any real punishment for 40 plus years while an overwhelming number of women complained of being raped, sexually harassed, and sexually abused, but who cared then and who cares now? 

The Clinton’s hurt America with their Liberal Socialist globalist agendas and immoral lifestyles as well as their lies. It was obvious who wore the pants in that marriage of two people obsessed with money, power, control and sex it does appear from their actions.  They violated the Right of Sovereignty along the borders and opened up the borders and ports of a sovereign nation they swore to defend, protect, and preserve. The economic loss of America’s wealth, jobs and products began to take effect when the housing crisis hit in 2008; however, the Clinton’s went from rags to riches after accessing taxpayer-funded public service for a lifetime.

By 2008, unemployment increased as well as the National Debt.  The outsourcing of America’s businesses enacted by Bill Clinton and the Democrats, which they refer to as “globalism” versus “espionage” caused thousands of  small business owners to shut their doors.  Americans were losing their jobs.  Americans began to take notice in their own communities,  They witnessed more and more empty buildings. 

More Americans made homeless under the Democratic regime. America’s manufacturing use to be thriving, but it was dying and many manufacturers were shutting down. It was a sad time in the USA.  Americans were forced to move away from the cities they loved because they couldn’t find work and some cities turned into ghost towns.  .  It appears the  young Americans today aren’t aware of the history of the Democrats and the Bush-Clinton-Holder national problems that Americans were facing because of their decisions. 

Democratic congressional members Franken and Maxine Waters and their colleagues defended the housing crisis stating that there was no crisis.  Waters said, “Everything is just fine,” right before the collapse.  Waters and the Clinton’s and many Democrats live in mansions, so they were “just fine,” not the majority of middle-class Americans.

In the meantime, Walmart, opened up huge discount stores.  Walmart sold 90% of its products out of Communist China  as they continued building across America.  This also added to a hurting economic status and unemployment.  Walmart caused small businesses to shut down across the USA.  Americans were hurting, but not the Clinton’s or their close associations of 20, 30, or 40 plus years.  The Clinton’s and Democrats caused more unemployment through attrition by their “outsourcing” of jobs and helping build Walmart into a billion dollar business.  They were in the  business of making the Communist Chinese wealthy.  China owns 100% of  COSCO  and they only sell products Made in China  (perhaps with a tiny exception). Americans created China’s economic status to supersede that of America’s when Obama was in office.   

Image result for Free stock photos of walmartImage result for Free stock photos of coscoImage result for free stock photos of costco storesC

This  led to Obama being slipped into office without providing vetted identification records or credentials which he and Holder declared were sealed from the government and public review or scrutiny which is  unprecedented in U.S. History.  It appears that the Democrats weren’t asking ing what did Hillary Clinton do for women and children’s rights and what did Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Bush’s and Obama’s do to preserve America’s status and keep America great?  They were all in it together slowly diminishing the Freedom, Liberty, Rights, and Sovereignty that they swore to protect for all Americans as they lied about the “Patriot Act” and the “NDAA Law,” as well as “Obamacare,” and “U.S. Kill List” and flooded the nation with radicals, a majority of males, who state they aren’t coming to assimilate, but dominate!

Products that made America great created and invented by Americans that were stamped, “made in the USA” were exported to Communist China and stamped, “made in China.”  Every American adult who paid taxes and paid the wages of these people should feel hurt, pain, abused and used as they breached the trust of every loyal patriotic American.  In reality, it appears Bill and Hillary Clinton and their masters may have  committed “espionage.” 

The Clinton’s and Democrats, who are a majority of  lawyers, used the “slick willy” technique and referred to Bill Clinton’s clever actions as “outsourcing” because they were all getting wealthy or engaging in other activities behind closed doors it appears.  The Clinton’s referred to Hillary’s universal health care bill as “Hillarycare”, which was a depopulation program that failed, but eventually morphed into Obamacare and destroyed the greatest health care system in the world and actually takes American lives rather than saves lives! 

The  photo below displays where the “Beast” also known as 666, the Supercomputer  is located in Brussels   Look at the design of the building with the circular rooftop in the center! The luciferin design many buildings that resemble a pyramid, an upside down cross, or an owl or a triangle, but you have to actually do your homework to see the connections to their insane New World Order agenda.  They believe they are gods and they are doing the work of the Master in exchange for their souls as they are promised wealth, protection, and important positions in this life. They have enslaved themselves to money and the “Material World.”  The world is living in a matrix and strangled by the invisible net placed around the planet.

Furthermore, the  members of the old New World Order created markings with symbols wherever their key projects and facilities are developed around the world.  President George HW Bush was the first U.S. President to pledge his allegiance to the New World Order in modern times on video when he announced that he and his members would be  ushering in of the New World Order.  He looked straight into the camera and confidently stated, “and we will succeed.” 

 Former President George HW Bush made it clear in his  speech on national television that his allegiance wasn’t so much to the U.S. Constitution, but it was definitely with the New World Order.  In order to support the New World Order, it’s impossible to uphold the U.S. Constitution or be loyal to the sworn oath of the POTUS that swears to  uphold, defend, protect, and preserve the U.S. Constitution, because the New World Order  requires allegiance to international foreign bodies.  The New World Order consists of a secret elitist society and their agendas are in total opposition to the Bible and the Ten Commandments and the Constitution.

The theme of his speech on national television was simple.  He informed the American citizens that  the New World Order would reduce the population of the “jungle,” apparently, targeting Africa, the overpopulated jungles of Africa, where disease and poverty exist as well as Third World Nations, but most Americans didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.  But these elite are obligated to tell the people their intent, but Americans didn’t get the clues. The name itself states their intent, “The New World Order” which says it’s a worldwide organization with intent to wipe out the old world and usher in the New World  under their New Orders.  In order to complete the New World Order, the majority of mankind who they consider undesirable must be killed off.

However, the American people were naive to these agendas in the past or didn’t want to believe that their pre-selected and pre-elected leaders, which are the Bush dynasty, Clinton dynasty, and the Obama dynasty support an international foreign enemy body known as the New World Order.  These created family dynasties have been funded by George Soros and George Soros is allowed to invest in nearly every major stock on Wall Street and non-profit organization that he uses for political agendas against America’s best interest.

The NWO and U.N. and Muslim Brotherhood will do anything that would eliminate sovereignty, the U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment, alienate parents from kids through Family Law Courts and through CPS (although, there are many kids who need to be protected from abuse, there are kids who aren’t abused and placed in foster care or adopted out as well).  They trample on constitutional rights that ignore “due process of law” and approve of knocking down doors and terrifying  legal Americans without warrants based on accusation only and two words, “probable cause.”  

The New World Order members support weather manipulation, chemicals dumped into the drinking water, oceans, rivers and lakes while they buy up the water reservoirs and the water facilities.  Remember, whoever controls the food and water controls the world, not just the oil.

Despite the fact that the Bush dynasty, Clinton dynasty, and Obama dynasty support the United Nations, Agenda 21 depopulation program, Planned Parenthood, and persons such as Saul Alinsky, Margaret Sanger, Robert Byrd, and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as Communist China and Socialist Russia, the Liberal Democratic Americans don’t recognize that euthanizing sick children and the elderly, veterans, and chronically ill Americans are depopulation programs.  These are tools used by the NWO in order to reduce the population of the USA and worldwide.  Should we not ask if this is at least one major reason why Russia, China, and Japan refuse to be a part of the NWO?   It appears the world leaders are all vying to be the One World Leader and worldwide controller.

 In fact,  Obama gave a shocking speech prior to leaving office when he released hundreds of felons onto U.S. streets. Obama is alleged to have sent more funding of U.S. tax dollars to the  foreign terrorist nations in the Middle East.  And, yet, many Black Americans and White Americans are blinded by what he’s done to our nation when he and Hillary Clinton opened the borders and flooded the nation with a majority of  unidentified radicalized males.  It appears there was but a hand full of real “Christian refugees” fleeing to safety.  But in fact, we didn’t witness any fleeing from tyrannical laws to safety, they chanted, “Death to America,” and stated they weren’t here to assimilate or follow U.S. laws, but to impose their foreign ideologies on Americans.  According to U.S. Laws, that could be an act of sedition and treason.

It appears that the majority of foreigners aren’t Christian refugees at all, but among them are pedophiles, rapist, terrorists, and illegals. It appears that the majority are coming for the freebies that Obama and Hillary promised them. Many state that they are here to impose their tyrannical laws in America and Europe which is treason according to U.S. constitutional law.  The majority of foreign invaders crossing into European nations as well as flooding into the USA through Mexico and Canadian borders are a majority of radicalized males that  could be a “Trojan Horse.” 

The Citizens of America and Europe must be sure to thank Bill and Hillary Clinton, George HW Bush and George Bush.  The Obama’s.  George Soros.  Henry Kissinger.  Bill Ayers.  Brennan.  Kerry.  McCain.  Boehner.  Pelosi.  Reid.  Waters.  Schumer.  Feinstein.  Holder.  Lynch.  Warren.  Sanders.  McCaskill.  Collins.  Holder.  Jarrett.  Huma Abedin.  Weiner.  Kagan.  Lynch.  Lerner.  Sebelius.  Sharpton.  Jesse Jackson.  Pelosi.  Hollywood Celebs.  Kathy G.  Omarosa.  Madonna. Rosie. DeNiro. and more. MSM.  ANTIFA.  The Democrats are determined to change and transform America into a ghetto with tent cities, no-go zones, poop on the streets in San Francisco, open borders, and disease if this doesn’t come to a halt soon in America. 

And across the oceans, the Europeans should thank Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, George Soros, Bill Ayers for what they’ve done to America, Israel, and Europe.  They should be sure to thank Merkel,  Macron, Tony Blair,  Belgium, Sweden, the UK, Spain, and all sovereign nations who are allowing their leaders to destroy their sovereign nations.  They should thank them for attempting to destroy their economic status.  Language. Culture. Civilization. Ethnicity.  Laws.  And, placing their women and children at high risk.  Of course, their economic status will be destroyed in no time and it may not take long for the millions of foreign invaders to  turn Europe and America into Venezuela in no time.

The Europeans should be recalling their leaders before it’s too late in my opinion like America did in November 2016.  For example, Canada can thank Trudeau for the foreign enemy invasion under the guise of “Christian refugees,” as well as Merkel, Macron, Belgium, Sweden, and especially the UK, including Tony Blair, who supports the foreign enemy invasion and dual government on the soil of the UK.  And, Sweden, whose risked the lives of their young girls and children by allowing a foreign enemy invasion into their nation and approving child marriages for the foreigners!  Setting up a dual government on the soil of Western Civilization’s sovereign nations is an “act of war” to dominate, overpopulate, infiltrate and conquer all of Western Civilization  according to the U.S. Constitution which is in line with English law.  It should be an “act of war” in every European nation.

ObamaCare vs. the Sanctity of Life and the Right-to-Life in the USA!

Americans can thank California Gov. Jerry Brown, Chicago Mayor, Rahm, NY  Gov. Cuomo and NYC Mayors Bloomberg and De Blasio, Harvard, al-Mansour, former Saudi Prince, Franken, Kissinger and Obama linked to former Dean Kagan and Harvard for approving of Barry Soetoro without proper vetting and failing to tell the truth for public review and public scrutiny.  Americans can thank Obama and Hillary Clinton for embracing the anti-American enemy organization known as The Muslim Brotherhood and their side kick, CAIR, allowed to operate inside the USA.  Thank the Obama’s, Soros, and Hillary Clinton for funding and/or supporting  ANTIFA, BLM, New Black Panthers, OFA (Obama’s army), rigged protests and riots, “stand downs” and “rigged electronic machines” without going to jail. And, all the NWO supporters, ANTIFA, BLM, NAACP, ACLU, Black Caucus, La Raza, CFR members, Federal Reserve Board, and George Soros cheered!

The Europeans and Americans and Israel can thank the United Nations for their part in seeking to reduce the population of the world by 90% under the guise of reducing  poverty and saving the planet by enacting Agenda 21 that was behind schedule and moved to 2025 and currently moved to 2030.  Thank the greedy Americans and Europeans and Soros.  Soros is heavily invested on Wall Street, including OSI Systems that owns TSA naked x-ray pics at the airports; forcing Americans to be naked x-rayed while they by-pass the same using private jets.

Their New World Order goal is the manufacturing the lithium microchip to be inserted under the skin of the right hand or forehead for enslavement, tracking, and spying of Americans and people around the world.  In America, such an agenda is without constitutional authority.  The lithium battery operated microchip turns people into robotoids. They can probably control your mind.  They can probably enslave each individual with the microchip  They can probably target people and cause an early end of  life death, who would know?  Enslavement of the World!  That’s what this is all about. Comply or Die!  The Bible warns that eventually the chipped person will break out in sores! And, possibly hear voices that will drive them to do things and drive them crazy.  You are an experiment just like Hitler experimented on humans that is what the New World Order wants to do to you.

Make no mistake!  The lithium microchip is an unprecedented worldwide enslavement pre-planned experiment.  Every free individual is a target and a guinea pig to be used and abused by Wall Street and the secret societies.  The manufacturing company for the microchip is located at 555 Fifth Avenue, Suite  666.  The number 666 in the Bible represents the “end times” are near and represents Lucifer also known as the devil or reptilian.  It appears that Lucifer is alive and well somewhere upon the earth, but he can be chained up if people turn back to God and pray to the God of the Universe who created you and everything in the world. God Bless America.  God Bless the World. 

It appears that too many leaders of the free nations in Europe and America appear to be  carrying out the Muslim Brotherhood’s written and stated strategic goal which is published in a book entitled, “The Project.”  How then do we explain to the youth that great grandpa went to war during WWII to save them from the horrors of communism if their own government has been enslaving them by trampling and ignoring and changing and rewriting the Constitution of the United States of America.  These luciferin agendas aren’t in the best interest of every legal lawful natural-born and legal naturalized loyal American or person anywhere in the world.  Why would people want to be controlled by the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Bush’s, Soros or anyone else?

The stated and written strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR is to invade, infiltrate, overpopulate, and dominate with intent of  conquering  Europe, America, and Israel which is treason.  However, no one in America or Europe dares mention the words, “treason,” or “traitors,” or “sedition” and “misdemeanors and high crimes” which require hanging!  Unfortunately, it is the whistleblowers and witnesses who are about to testify against traitors who are reported to consistently and more frequently hang themselves from a door knob.  As I stated, the written and stated strategic goal of communist and the Muslim Brotherhood and NWO is to wipe out all of Western Civilization and kill all the infidels which would equate to about 90% of the population upon the earth.  Do you not think the citizens of the world should stand up for their “right-to-live” as free individuals?

Therefore, it appears every leader of the Free World in my opinion should be held accountable by their citizens as traitors committing treason against their legal natural-born citizens and legal loyal naturalized citizens in Western civilization.  The free citizens have a duty to uphold and defend and protect the  sovereignty of their home country where they were born and innate to the soil.  Their leaders swore an oath to protect their sovereign nation and legal citizens  from foreign enemy invasions, 

 Unfortunately, the enemies from within and foreign enemies who infiltrated into public service appear to embrace this change and transformation of the New World Order.  Many of these leaders who joined the EU and CFR, U.N., and secret societies are members of the international foreign bodies known as the “New World Order.  The New World Order is a Communist-Marxist-Socialist” and Muslim Brotherhood complex agenda.  These enemies of Western Civilization oppose freedom, liberty, and rights for everyone else except themselves. 

The only truly free nation in the world is the United States of America.  The Communist hate God, Capitalism, Morality, Traditional Marriage, and Sovereignty, so they have been working overtime with enemies from without and within to destroy the solid foundation whose laws are rooted in the Bible and Ten Commandments by burning the U.S. Flag, aborting future natural-born Americans making room for foreign enemies who overpopulate, and opening the borders.  They are allowing the government to pass laws that protect foreign laws under the guise of religion that include murder, rape, and pedophilia, and indoctrinate kids into same-sex lifestyles for depopulation of future natural-born Americans as well. In America, these are called crimes, felonies, and crimes against humanity.

The New World Order supporters who admitted to have pledged their allegiance to this foreign international body are The 2 former Presidents of the Bush Dynasty,  The Clinton’s, and the Obama’s, and their mentors, George Soros, and Henry Kissinger.  Obama stated on national television that the American citizens were “small-minded” and couldn’t think for themselves and they must give up their “Liberties” assuming to him and the New World Order which is laughable based on his arrogance.  And yet, millions of Americans are willing to give up their Liberties to the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, and the NWO.  ANTIFA is one of those groups willing to give up their Freedom to Socialism.  The Obama-Jarrett-Holder-Clinton-Soros Democratic regime ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR  into the White House and the USA as they were well-funded as a charity under the Obama-Clinton regime. The tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are far-reaching worldwide, especially into the UK and Germany, Paris, Sweden, Belgium, France,  Canada, and the USA, despite the fact that they state and write they aren’t invading to assimilate, but dominate, overpopulate, and wipe out all of Europe, Israel, Canada, and America. It’s stunning.  How many millions of free people are complicit to their enslavement by the supercomputers and microchips?

Image result for Photos of the Supercomputer in Brussels

America’s Central Computer System is linked to “The Beast!”  According to above-top-secret intel, “The central computer for America is in Texas, and the international computer that ties all the national central computers together is situated in Brussels, Belgium.  The Brussels computer is housed in a 13 story building, the first three floors of which are occupied totally by this system’s hardware. Because of its size, the Brussels computer is referred to affectionately as ‘The Beast.’  It appears the secret worldwide computer known as the “Beast” or 666 located in Brussels is more secretive than the rest of the secret computers.  Apparently, the major countries have a supercomputer linked up to the “Beast” with locations in Texas and Brussels and China.  (Do they not wonder what would happen if all the power for whatever reason was shut down then what do they have left?)  And, they blame Russia for hacking the Democrats computers and Hillary Clinton’s servers when China is hooked up to “The Beast.”

This immense supercomputer has enough capacity to store every detail about the lives of every human being on Earth.  The supercomputer stores all  the information contained in the Library of Congress, and every book ever printed.  This is very dangerous if mankind is to remain free from tyrannical evil deeds by tyrannical evil people involved in these narcissist and sociopathic preplanned agendas.  The people involved in the evil NWO agendas are playing god.  They thrive on pain and suffering as they sold their souls to the devil for the material world. Many with titles respected by their citizens are selling out their families and friends because they are without conscience.  Many are pedophiles because they are insecure beings and thrive on overpowering the weaker sex, the females, and/or children which empower the pedophiles and rapist or murderers and provide instant gratification.  They justify their crimes by stating, it’s “normal” because many are sociopaths without conscience.

They’re obsessed with power and control over the world.  They believe the population must be reduced worldwide by 90%.  This is a pre-planned serial mass murder and worldwide genocide and no one is being arrested or going to jail for their part.  The masses of educated civilized people in Europe, Canada, America, South America and the USA appear to think that there isn’t anything they can do.  Yes, there is.  Demand that the Military Generals and High Ranking Officers arrest those who appear to be committing treason against the world and their citizens.

It appears as they continue with their collectivism of migrating foreigners from Third World Nations around the world into Europe and America that it’s part of their plan that allows them to slaughter more people in on nation or continent.  Maybe, they plan on spraying their evil  from the skies.  After all, they’ve sprayed poisons on people in America and Columbia as recorded in history alleging the Killer Bees were coming or some insect was invading and they lied about the time and people weren’t prepared to be inside and they got sprayed.

It’s apparent that the intent of those in charge of the nation for decades appear to intent on flooding Europe and America and Canada with felons and terrorists  and more pedophiles.  It appears that civil unrest is another agenda so that more crimes are being committed creating crisis and chaos.  It also appears that they are attempting to disrupt the economic status of each country, perhaps to create civil unrest and a pandemic so, the leaders can  “fire on the citizens in Western Civilization.”  Could that be possible? 

After all  in  the 90’s, Bill Clinton and Holder ordered the DOJ to fire on Americans at Waco and Ruby Ridge!  American men, women, children, a mom holding her baby, a boy and his dog were killed on U.S. soil.  And, under Obama’s regime, Americans were facing armed feds on their property and one rancher was shot dead even though he was unarmed.  Under Obama’s reign, the Native American Indians were jailed for protecting their water rights.  So these people have already fired on their own citizens.

The Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Soros, Kissinger, Gates, Ted Turner, Monsanto CEO’s, and more are on board with the secret societies and NWO and okay with these evil agendas of reducing the population of the planet by 90%, but they never volunteer to be the first to go or be the first to stand in line for their lithium microchip and mandated chemical-laden vaccination or euthanasia due to their age or health do they?  The original goal for reducing the population of the planet was 2021 (Agenda 21) changed to 2025 and currently changed to 2030 with a goal of completion by 2050.  Of course, many are seniors or elderly and won’t be around in 2050.

The New World Order Socialists, Communists, Muslim Brotherhood, U.N. supporters are promoting same-sex marriages and transgender indoctrination into the public schools in elementary school because these are depopulation programs and it appears to be similar to Hitler’s agendas and that of Margaret Sanger.  The NWO appears to be targeting the reduction of natural-born citizens, especially Christians, Catholics, Africans, and Jews.  If they are to succeed in their quest to rule the world, the NWO members must wipe out morals and Traditional Marriage as well as the family unit, God, Christianity, Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Sovereignty, Liberty, Rights, and Freedom.  The Family Unit with one mom and one dad and their children as a unit is the foundation of a civilized nation.  The only reason to marry through the state is to procreate and for the sake of the children.

The break down of the “Family Unit” and “Traditional Marriage” is a communist agenda to create broken homes, increase divorce, increase the number of single moms out working leaving the kids without supervision.  This creates angry children and  poverty.  The evil ones use the open border policies to traffic guns and drugs into the inner cities by creating gangs.  The inner city kids are used to sell the drugs and guns.  The gangs are enslaved by the Drug Lords.  They  use the illegal drugs to destroy the minds of the youth and recruit more young people as well as young people in the prison system. 

The prison system was to throw more Black Americans into prison and minorities to make products for 25 center per hour for the wealthy CEO’s, believe it or not.  The prison system is big business.  Again, people are used as human commodities for-their profit.

The Communist recognize the fact that if  they destroy the minds of the youth through a program known as “liberalism” then it’s easier to control the youth who won’t be capable of thinking clearly.  They won’t be of much use to the military if needed, especially if they are feminized.  It’s common sense that the recruited gang members  will take the fall for the Drug Lords.  Apparently, the U.S. and Europe and worldwide nations are facing some public servants who apparently are taking the bribes or none of this could have reached unprecedented levels of drug addicted Americans living among foreign enemies and forced to live in a borderless nation of lawless public servants. 

The open borders and the increase of pedophilia and prostitution has led to millions of females and children being kidnapped and flown to foreign nations to be used as sex slaves, child porn, torture, caged, terrorized, threatened, and used as drug couriers and prostitution and much worse.   Read “The Franklin Cover-Up” and Senator Nancy Shaffer’s scathing report on some agents within Child Protective Services” or watch the You Tube video while you still can because Sen. Shaffer and her husband were found dead by gunshot wounds shortly after exposing this truth that was swept away.  Senator De Camp passed away, but told me personally that he had been threatened as well as his family for exposing the pedophiles in government.

These are communist-Marxist-Socialist-Liberal-Progressive agendas to destroy God, America, God’s creation, capitalism, freedom, liberty, rights, sovereignty, thoughts, and anything that represents the Supreme Being of the Universe who always was, is, and will be.  Their agendas  are an abomination to God.  They, too, will meet their Maker on Judgment Day for they, too, cannot escape death.  Many of the  NWO’s  old regime are elderly and they may not see their dream come true.  Their dream is turning  “The American Dream” into “The American Nightmare.”  They sold their souls to the devil long ago and they weren’t punished by the Department of Justice on this planet.  Hopefully, they will face their punishment when they meet their “master” down below once they leave their evil legacy behind.

The New World Order leaders who belong to the same secret societies or similar secret societies end up wealthy and famous.  They have operated [secretly] for years and they’ve been gathering information on every individual which is in violation of U.S. Constitutional Laws by utilizing the supercomputers which store a growing volume of information as additional countries tie into it ever more heavily.”  They used NASA to spy on Conservatives under the Bush-Obama and Lois Lerner regime who they targeted through the IRS.

Several centers for supercomputing exist across Europe, and distribution of access to them is coordinated by European initiatives to facilitate high-performance computing. One such initiative, the HPC Europa project, fits within the Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications (DEISA), which was formed in 2002 as a consortium of eleven supercomputing centers from seven European countries.

It’s my opinion that President Bush, Clinton, and Obama should have been impeached when they each pledged their allegiance on television to an international evil body known as The New World Order that intends to erase the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and alienates parents from their children as wards of the state under the United Nation’s law entitled, “The Rights of the Child.” 

The California Schools and Oregon and other state governors have overstepped their bounds by forcing kids to be indoctrinated into their sexual preferences under the guise of education in my opinion without parental rights to opt out.  That means the state has taken control of  the kids and will mold them into what they want to mold them into.  Perhaps, they’ll mold the boy into a girl and the girl into a boy even though they are only paid people by the taxpayers with no such legal authority or powers to confuse children.

This law is intended to hand your kids over to the state without providing parents the right to choose what they will learn or be taught or be when they graduate. They are already making kids wards of the state.  They already make the elderly through government agencies and Family Law Courts, Probate Courts, conservatorship, wards of the state. The state then can access all the property of the elderly or chronically ill persons in such cases that most Americans don’t bother to research.  

Is the U.N. and the NWO forcing Americans and Europeans to pay for their own demise under their elected officials mandates?  If they succeeded at declaring the U.S. Constitution meaningless, which is what Obama did then they he trampled on our right to remain a sovereign nation.  He trampled on Choice, Individual Freedom, Liberty,  and Rights. His  goal and that of the Clinton’s, Holder, Reno, and the Democrats is to disarm all American citizens.  It was George HW Bush who stated that the majority of the world lives in what he refers to as the “laws of the jungle.”  The YT video is a dissemination of information for education and entertainment purposes only.

There is an office located on Wall Street whose building address is numbered as IO stated above,  555 Fifth avenue, Suite 666 and the staff manufactures the Microchips. They will tell you it’s for your pets in case they get lost.They may tell you that it’s for people who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.  They will tell you it’s for the babies and children who are being kidnapped every day.  They will tell you it’s for employees. The NWO members are waiting for the day when they will tell every man, woman, and child that the Mark or 666 Microchip is for everyone and anyone who wants to work or buy and sell.  That is the “mark of the beast” and it’s from Lucifer, not from God.  It’s pure evil.

It’s my opinion that the only people who should be chipped are those promoting it and they’re the ones who need to be tracked.  Have they ever heard of a GPS that doesn’t have to be inserted under the skin?

It appears that unless the OBAMACARE  mandates are repealed in their entirety, that the microchip, mandated taxpayer abortions and vaccinations, as well as, enslavement to the new migrated radicals implemented by Obama and Hillary Clinton with the blessings of the Democrats  and Rinos is the law.  The Democratic and Socialist  Governors and Mayors,  harboring illegals, terrorists and radicals in sanctuary cities and no-go zones will state the same.  The obama and Clinton regime release dangerous foreigners and criminals from prison and GITMO  onto America’s street without fear of being arrested.  They know that these agendas create civil unrest and possibly death by infectious diseases which they are allowing to occur.  These evil agendas by evil people are happening today especially in Orange County, California and San Francisco, Oakland, Oregon, San Diego, Michigan, NYC, Chicago, Georgia, Tennessee, and many more cities. 

In order to implement the New World Order and complete their depopulation programs, they must  have National Security Clearance. They must have people in the FBI and DOJ.  They must have their people in Congress.  They must have their people as Governors and AG’s.  It is not as simple as they may have thought it would be considering the internet was used to spy on Americans, but Americans spied on them and exposed them.

There are many who are  seniors or elderly and they may not live long enough to see the American Dream turned into their nightmare.  They have run America as a monarch, not as a Republic operated by the Rule of Law.  They dismiss the American people as peasants and not as We The People are the government, not those we elect to be public servants.  The U.S. Constitution establishes 3-branches of government which requires Checks and balances. 

In the past, prior to 2016, the former U.S. Presidents and V.P. and Congress appear to have ignored that America isn’t  a democracy, but a Republic operating by the Rule of law.  They are holding themselves above the Rule of Law by creating a two-tier justice system.  The Liberal Socialist Democrats haven’t any problem lying to the natural-born legal and law-abiding Americans about their never-ending serious  scandals knowing they are well-protected from within.

Too many public servants care less about their sworn oaths and laugh out loud when confronted.  Hillary Clinton is one of them.  She was asked if she thought she’d be indicted by a reporter, but she laughed and stated, “That will never happen.”  It appears by their words and actions that the key elected and appointed public servants  are arrogant and exempt themselves from the laws they impose on everyone else.  They provide immunity to each other and pardons.  They have nothing to lose.   They  self-discipline, self-police, and self-protect each other from punishment.  They are intent on destroying the world and continue to improve the One World Order’s most powerful new computer, the “Worldwide DNA Supercomputer!”

The following excerpts are written by prof. Timothy Spearman:

“The latest Johnny Depp film “Transcendence” offers us a glimpse of what rule under the Beast of Revelations will be like. Could the Beast be a supercomputer? It’s looking more and more like this is the case. Think I’m kidding?  Take Depp’s character, Will Caster, who designs the world’s first A.I. supercomputer called PINN (Physically Independent Neural Network). And what happens right after the film’s release, right on cue?  A computer is made the Director of a company.  That’s right.  A Japanese venture capital firm called Deep Knowledge just appointed an A.I. computer to its Board of Directors.

VITAL is the first ever software program to be appointed as a board member. The robot was  chosen for its ability to pick up on market trends, not immediately obvious to humans‟.  A Japanese venture capital firm called Deep Knowledge just appointed anA.I. computer to its board of directors.VITAL is the first ever software program to be appointed as a board member. The robot was developed by Aging Analytics UK, who licensed it out to Deep Knowledge to help make business decisions on therapies for age-related diseases. Who knows

 –As for the prototype Antichrist, Will Caster, he says, “Once they see what the technology can do, I think they will embrace it and I think it will change their lives.”  But while Will persuades, others, his former partner Max, isn’t  so certain.  “It will evolve, to influence, perhaps, the entire world,” Max warns.  Brightwood is the location selected for the development of the developed by Aging Analytics UK, who licensed it out to Deep Knowledge to help make business decisions on therapies for age-related diseases. Who knows – in the future, the robot might even have a say in who should be euthanized and who should be kept on life support.”Beast-like supercomputer.  The name ‘Brightwood’ is steeped in Illuminati symbolism.  ‘Bright’ suggests clarity and illumination, while ‘wood’ suggests a grove of trees.   Groves of trees are the traditional place for witchcraft and the holding of black mass.  “Coventry” meaning “tree of the coven” is a perfect example as well as the “Bohemian Grove” in California.”

“And let’s not forget “Hill Billy”, where the Bush family and their fellow coven members meet to perform Satanic rites at Bohemian Grove.

The sign leading into Brightwood says, “Every thing must go”. It is an ominous sign. The fact that the word “Everything” is broken is significant. It emphasizes the fact that every ‘thing’ in God’s Creation must go to be replaced by a counterfeit, a remake, a replica, that is known to be an abomination to God.  Not even the earth on the ground or the water in the pond can be allowed to exist in its natural state.  Everything must be remade, redone and remodeled in the image of the Beast. Nothing can be allowed to stand on its own. The new interior designer of Creation insists on remodelling everything in his image.  He says, “Remake the planet and build a better future for all of us.” This statement sums up the intention of the creators of the film.  It is designed to usher us into the New Age, the Golden Dawn of the Age of the Antichrist.”

“The Elite Agenda is to destroy the world. “Everything must go.” They intend to remake the world in the image of the Beast. The new world will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of the old world. It will be a counterfeit world. It will be a world designed to replace [God’s] Creation. They wish to transmute every living thing into an abomination. They want us all to be X-Men or more appropriately ex-men.  This is what Trans-humanism/Transcendence is all about. They want to replace the Old World of God with the New World Order of Lucifer.”

( disclaimer:  The video below is a dissemination of information for education and entertainment purposes only)

As for the better future, forget it. Such utopias have only ever ended up as dystopias. They never quite seem to pan out. The same is the case with efforts to achieve Transcendence.  The Trans-humanist agenda will only lead to our ruin. The Bible is unequivocal about the consequences. The King James Bible states, “And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.” (Revelations 16:2) While the New International Version states, “The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.” (Revelations 16:2).” – (Prof. Timothy Spearman)

The NWO elite  view most people as bottom feeders unless they are part of their inner circle.  They embrace robotoids and humanoids touting non-compliant human beings as worthless and of no value to them and label them as disposable and/or discardable individuals.  They promote euthanasia even for sick children determined by doctors who have the power to pull the plug, not just the elderly.  They’ve been depopulating millions of Americans at birth through the mandated taxpayer-funded abortions as well as same-sex agendas, transgender agendas, and wars which are all depopulation agendas.  MARK MY WORD.  The  Mark of their word is the end of individual freedom, liberty, rights, sovereignty, and thought, speech, ushering in enslavement of those who survive, possibly a nuclear attack or some other evil agenda as well as procreation.

Image result for The Supercomputer, the Beast worldwide computer

This is a photo of a massive computer as seen and pictured on Wikipedia!  The massive computers can be connected to other massive computers storing every individual’s information so that the evil one who intends to rule with an  iron fist by enacting a One World Government, One World Order, a One World Leader, can access immediately. SCROLL DOWN AND COMMENT -(Disclaimer: This blog is for information, education, and entertainment purposes only. Always seek out your own information, medical, legal, or financial advice).

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