Mark Twain stated, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

 Rose Colombo says, “The truth is that the masses need to wake up to the real truth before Western Civilization wakes up to reality.  Evil has reared its ugly head and the masses around the world are being silently imprisoned and enslaved by the NWO and their “Beast,” it does appear.”

More than ten years ago, I came across a business magazine that caught my attention addressed to the CEO.  The cover of the magazine highlighted that President George Bush was jetting off to Brussels to visit the facility where the “Beast,” a worldwide supercomputer was built and stored that tracks every individual in the world.

This article reminded me of a  Presidential Order signed by President Bill Clinton about 1992 ordering the study on “Human Capital.”   In other words, Bill Clinton was researching the value of every individual in the USA so the government could determine the value of each American or their lack of value.  In fact, The Bush’s, Obama’s, and the Congress, as well as. the Clinton’s support Planned Parenthood.  They promote wiping out future generations of human beings in the USA and Africa and Third World Nations  as part of the strategy for using people as “Human Capital.”  This is why Americans ponder the idea that America is a corporation, but if it’s a corporation, then it was done without public disclosure in secret making it a fraud on the American Citizens.

The Democrats and Rinos in Congress are cleverly convincing young non-pregnant and pregnant women that they have a choice to give birth or kill their babies at birth legally by the heinous act of stabbing babies in the head with abortion scissors carried out by the Frankenstein abortion doctors.  They admit that the babies feel pain, but they continue on by ripping their little body parts to pieces.

Planned Parenthood, abortion doctors, the staff, and the federal government is using the fetuses/unborn babies about to take their first breath outside of the womb as “human commodities” for death, destruction, profits, taxes, and research.  They sell off human tissue and body parts which is disgusting.  It is true that fetuses are being used as food. In fact, in China, a doctor wrote that the fetuses are sold as human commodities and  cooked in soup.  The female doctor stated that the first-born boy is considered a valuable delicacy and a  human commodity for consumption and profit.  And after the Clinton’s were ushered into the White House about 1993, they immediately embraced Communist China in more than one way as the donations from China came pouring into the White House and the borders and ports began to open wide as Clinton violated the sovereignty of our nation and opened up the borders by signing off on NAFTA.

The  photo below displays where the “Beast” also known as 666, the Supercomputer,  is located.  Look at the design of the building with the circular rooftop in the center! The luciferians design many buildings and create markings with symbols wherever their key projects and facilities are developed around the world.  President HW Bush was the first U.S. President to pledge his allegiance to the New World Order on video when he announced the ushering in of the New World Order and looked straight into the camera and confidently stated, “and we will succeed.” And, Americans supported the Bush Dynasty.  The Bush Dynasty, and the Clinton Dynasty and Obama Dynasty announced their allegiance to the New World Order on television.  In fact,  Obama gave a shocking speech stating that Americans must give up their Liberties, I guess Americans were to give up their Liberties to him, or the New World Order, and United Nations, in support of Agenda 21,  I suppose.  And, Obama-Jarrett-Holder- Democratic regime ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR and their tentacles of organizations that reach worldwide, especially into the UK and Germany, Paris, Sweden, Belgium,  and the rest of Europe and Canada as they attempt to dominate Western Civilization.

Image result for Photos of the Supercomputer in Brussels

America’s Central Computer System:  “The Beast!”  According to above-top-secret intel, “The central computer for America is in Texas, and the international computer that ties all the national central computers together is situated in Brussels, Belgium.  The Brussels computer is housed in a 13 story building, the first three floors of which are occupied totally by this system’s hardware. Because of its size, the Brussels computer is referred to affectionately as ‘The Beast.’  It appears the secret worldwide computer known as the “Beast” or 666 in Brussels is more secretive than the rest of the secret computers.  Apparently, the major countries have a supercomputer linked up to the “Beast” with locations in Texas and Brussels and China.  (Do they not wonder what would happen if all the power for whatever reason was shut down then what do they have left?)

“This immense supercomputer has enough capacity to store every detail about the lives of every human being on Earth.  The supercomputer stores all  the information contained in the Library of Congress, and every book ever printed.  This is very dangerous if mankind is to remain free from tyrannical evil deeds by tyrannical evil people involved in these narcissist and sociopath preplanned agendas.  The people involved in the evil NWO agendas are playing god.  They thrive on pain and suffering as they sold their souls to the devil for the material world.  They’re obsessed with power and control over the world, but first they believe they must reduce the population of  the planet by 90%.  The Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Soros, Kissinger, Gates, Ted Turner, Monsanto CEO’s, and more are on board and okay with these evil agendas it does appears.  They are projecting the depopulation of the masses in the world originally by 2021, but too many people were waking up, so they moved it back to 2025, but if not 2025, they moved it again and it’s now known as  Agenda 2030.  They seek to create their robotoid and humanoid transgender utopian world.

They push for same-sex marriages and transgender indoctrination into the public schools in elementary school because these are depopulation programs so fewer natural-born citizens, especially Christians and Jews, are born. They must wipe out morals and Traditional Marriage and the family unit which is the foundation of a civilized nation.  These are obviously communist agendas to destroy God, America, God’s creation, capitalism, freedom, liberty, rights, sovereignty, thoughts, and anything that represents the Supreme Being of the Universe who always was, is, and will be.  Their agendas  are an abomination to God.  They, too, will meet their Maker on Judgment Day for they, too, cannot escape death.  Many of the  NWO’s  old regime are elderly and they may not see their dream come true.  Their dream is turning  “The American Dream” into “The American Nightmare.”  They have no use for seniors, elderly, chronically ill, mentally and physically challenged, poor, homeless, veterans, but focus on the youth, but not the unhealthy youth.  Sound more like Nazi Germany to anyone?   We know pedophilia under these regimes has increased substantially, not decreased as well as the increase of open borders, drugs, human trafficking, gun trafficking, and releasing terrorists and criminals onto America’s streets.  There must be a lot of taxpayer funded personnel accepting bribes or how else could this happen?  And, they call themselves Americans?  And, many Americans and Europeans with their Liberal thinking  are blinded to the truth.  They can’t see what is coming!

Having operated [secretly] for years, the supercomputers store a growing volume of information as additional countries tie into it ever more heavily.”

Several centers for supercomputing exist across Europe, and distribution of access to them is coordinated by European initiatives to facilitate high-performance computing. One such initiative, the HPC Europa project, fits within the Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications (DEISA), which was formed in 2002 as a consortium of eleven supercomputing centers from seven European countries.

It’s my opinion that President Bush, Clinton, and Obama should have been impeached when they each pledged their allegiance on television to an international evil body of the New World Order (which could be the U.N. which they force Americans to support meaning we are paying for our own demise)  that erases the Constitution of the USA, Sovereignty, Freedom, Liberties, and Rights, alienates parental rights through CPS, the Courts, and government and makes the state their parent which Hillary and Obama promoted known as the U.N.’s Rights of the Child.  The NWO is just as the Bible warns, it’s all about pain and suffering, death and destruction to America, Europe, and Israel, because HW Bush believes that the majority of the world live in what he refers to as the “laws of the jungle.”


Revelations recorded in the Bible warns of the “Beast” and 666!  Revelations as recorded in the Bible warns of the “microchip” and against accepting the microchip.  How could a book recorded more than 2,000 years ago predict the “Beast” and “666” and the Microchip?  Think about it.  God is Real and God’s word is Real.   Today, OBAMACARE remains the law of the land as it is NOT entirely REPEALED from mandated vaccinations, or Mandated Microchips or Mandated Taxpayer Funded Legal Murder of babies under the guise of  “Pro-Choice.”  We’ve wiped out more natural-born Americans at birth than natural-born citizens killed in all the wars combined in 240 years.  People such as  Bill Gates, Buffet, Big Pharma, and investors on Wall Street, it appears don’t want Obamacare repealed, so they’re fighting hard to threaten and impeach President Trump because their god is the almighty dollar it does appear!   In the end, not one of these wealthy persons can take one penny with them.  It’s a universal law.  Think of money as an illusion only needed while you’re here on earth, but never needed in the next life.

There is an office located on Wall Street whose building address is numbered 666 and the staff manufactures the Microchips. They will tell you it’s for your pets in case they get lost then they’ll tell you it’s for people who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.  They will tell you it’s for the babies and children who are being kidnapped every day.  They will tell you it’s for employees and then they will tell you it’s for everyone and anyone who wants to work or buy and sell.  That is the “mark of the beast” and it’s from Lucifer, not from God.  It’s pure evil.

It appears that unless the OBAMACARE  mandates are repealed in their entirety, that the microchip, mandated taxpayer abortions and vaccinations, as well as, enslavement to the new migrated radicals implemented by Obama and Hillary Clinton with the blessings of the Democrats  and Rinos,  Governors and Mayors,  harboring illegals, terrorists and radicals in sanctuary cities and no-go zones,  and releasing dangerous foreigners and criminals from prison and GITMO will create civil unrest and possibly death by infectious diseases they are bringing into the USA,  if these agendas aren’t nullified. In fact, Obamacare includes Sharia Law inserted into Obamacare as the Democrats allowed the insertion of  Taqiyya meaning that the fake Christian Refugees migrated into the USA from foreign enemy nations believe they have the right to lie in order to reach their goal which is to conquer all of Western Civilization.  Comply or die agenda one might say!

Obamacare is still on the books in 2018 believe it or not until it is repealed and defunded in its entirety.  Obamacare mandates that the American taxpayers must pick up the tab for the living expenses of all the illegals and fake Refugees secretly flown into the USA or walked across the borders without searches as required by law as preplanned by the Obama-Jarrett-Clinton-Democratic-Rino regime to change and transform America into a foreign nation of foreign ideologies.  After all, he was positive that he could do that and without fear of impeachment Declared to Congress on television that the “Constitution of the United States and Congress were “meaningless;” and instead of exiting and impeaching the non-vetted man without a vetted Certified Birth Certificate, they stood up and applauded which according to the U.S. Supreme Laws of the Land they swore to uphold is treason..

 [Rose Colombo, author and researcher says, “Take heed of persons who many Americans  elected into the highest offices in the land. America’s citizens have been supporting many of the traitors to America and Americans most of their lives while they became extremely wealthy.  Americans are required to support them with pensions until they die no matter what they’ve done to our nation and citizens. We The People know what they’ve done to America and Americans, but what have they done for Americans and for America in the past 40+ years?

It appears that Bill Ayers is Obama’s key mentor.  Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn are domestic terrorist and anti-American persons that go back to the 1960’s.  The rest of the NWO and UN supporters who may have mentored Obama could be the Bush Dynasty, Clinton Dynasty, as well as George Soros and Henry Kissinger, as they’ve also admitted to supporting the New World Order. They formed their secret societies and the American Citizens long ago should have demanded that no public servant can belong to a secret society and must disclose that information as a candidate and an incumbent.  They should have demanded that every candidate and incumbent attach a certified vetted copy of their U.S. Birth Certificate to their application.

Bush senior set the agenda for the New World Order which is an Old World Order of the Communist party.  The baton was passed to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton as First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and wannabe US President twice.  The Clinton’s passed the baton to Soros funded Obama’s who were to pass the baton back to either Jeb Bush or Hillary and Bill to carry on the agendas of the NWO that were set in place by the Obama’s through Obamacare and Open Borders and depopulation programs as well as FEMA Camps and FEMA trains purchased under the Obama-Clinton regime with tax dollars.  Together, they flooded the nation with unidentified fake Refugees and illegals under the guise of “Christian Refugees” and “illegals are one of us.”  The three Family Dynasties have been passing the baton back and forth for at least 40 years, so how is that a democratic process?  And, then we have Jerry Brown making a comeback and becoming Gov. of California once again opening up the borders to illegals and radical by harboring, protecting and funding them and forcing California taxpayers to pick up the tab against their will and it appears in violation of federal laws of the land.  Oregon also went off the deep end with their euthanasia programs for Americans only, not illegals or foreigners from the Middle East, included under Obamacare.

Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama II and the Clinton’s and DNC as well as MSM were certain that the baton would be passed to Hillary Clinton in November 2016, but that didn’t happen.  The Democratic Liberals spewed their hate and angry and disrespectful threats against the President of the USA, Donald J. Trump, his family, and Trump supporters.  Anti-American and anti-Trump and anti-Conservative groups were funded by Obama, Hillary, and Soros, namely, ANTIFA. In fact, conservatives were shot and beaten and death threats were posted online. I don’t recall ever witnessing the Citizens of the USA express behaviors of hate, that were shameful and immoral and disrespectful  to a POTUS and shaming our nation around the world. 

The Liberal Democrats ignored and care less it appears that  Hillary Clinton and Huma Abdein removed tens of thousands of  government classified and non-classified documents without authorization, stored the classified government documents on home computers, which are easily hacked, destroyed government property without authorization, and risked  the lives of the investigators, Military personnel, and every U.S. Citizen, without fear of punishment.  They lied about it to the nation and Huma lied to the FBI.  Hillary and Obama secretly preplanned the secret invasion of unidentified foreigners from terrorist nations using our tax dollars for our own demise.  And the Democrats are in shock and extremely angry that an outsider, Donald J. Trump,  leading from behind turned out to be the  winning stallion.  The November 2016 elections threw a wrench in their plans and ever since, they’ve demeaned and spewed hateful words as well as threatened the GOP Reps and Trump supporters, and mainly the President of the United States of AmericA, Donald Trump and his family, on a continuous no-stop agenda. 

The three family dynasties, who went from rags to riches, while in public office and their close-knit regime of like-mindS are destroying America from a Republic operated by the Rule of Law and a sovereign nation to a Banana Republic Socialist nation without walls or borders leaving the door open to radicals, terrorists, illegals, pedophiles, rapist, thieves, unidentified non-citizens, who the Democrats harbor in sanctuary cities and no-go zones illegally.

Foreigners and Public servants who intentionally violate our immigration laws do not respect America, the laws of the land, or the legal American citizens who pay the wages of public servants who they trusted to uphold the laws when they voted and placed them in positions of trust.  Unfortunately, Americans are experiencing what appears to be RICO, Espionage, Breach of National Security, Abuse of Tax Dollars,  fraud, money laundering, sedition and treason from within and without.  Millions of Americans now believe that America is infiltrated by foreign enemies and no longer are We The People  protected from the criminals, but the criminals are protected from We The People.  The Democrats call illegals – legal and they call fake Refugees – Christian Refugees.  They built their party on a Party of Lies.

In order to implement the New World Order and complete their depopulation programs, as many of the members of these secret societies are wealthy elders or seniors now, they appear to be ramping up their agendas.  They have run the nation as a Monarch, not a 3-branch democratic process establishing Checks and balances, and  a Republic operating by the Rule of law, but they have been operating outside of the Rule of Law.  And, they have no problem lying to the natural-born legal and law-abiding Americans about their never-ending serious  scandals.  Too many public servants care less about their sworn oaths and laugh out loud when confronted.  Hillary Clinton is one of them.  She was asked if she thought she’d be indicted by a reporter, but she laughed and stated, “That will never happen.”  It appears by their words and actions that the key long-time Democrats and Rinos are arrogant and hold themselves above the laws of the land .  They  self-discipline, self-police, and self-protect each other from punishment.  They are so intent on destroying the world that they are  now moving forward and improving the NEW World Order’s Worldwide DNA Supercomputer! 

The following is posted by Timothy Spearman:
“The latest Johnny Depp film “Transcendence” offers us a glimpse of what rule under the Beast of Revelations will be like. Could the Beast be a supercomputer? It’s looking more and more like this is the case. Think I’m kidding?  Take Depp’s character, Will Caster, who designs the world’s first A.I. supercomputer called PINN (Physically Independent Neural Network). And what happens right after the film’s release, right on cue?  A computer is made the Director of a company.  That’s right.  A Japanese venture capital firm called Deep Knowledge just appointed an A.I. computer to its Board of Directors.

VITAL is the first ever software program to be appointed as a board member. The robot was developed by Aging Analytics UK, who licensed it out to Deep Knowledge to help make business decisions on therapies for age-related diseases. Who knows – in the future, the robot might even have a say in who should be euthanized and who should be kept on life support.”

“As for the prototype Antichrist, Will Caster, he says, “Once they see what the technology can do, I think they will embrace it and I think it will change their lives.”  But while Will persuades, others, his former partner Max, isn’t  so certain.  “It will evolve, to influence, perhaps, the entire world,” Max warns.  Brightwood is the location selected for the development of the Beast-like supercomputer.  The name ‘Brightwood’ is steeped in Illuminati symbolism.  ‘Bright’ suggests clarity and illumination, while ‘wood’ suggests a grove of trees.   Groves of trees are the traditional place for witchcraft and the holding of black mass.  “Coventry” meaning “tree of the coven” is a perfect example as well as the “Bohemian Grove” in California.”

“And let’s not forget “Hill Billy”, where the Bush family and their fellow coven members meet to perform Satanic rites at Bohemian Grove.

The sign leading into Brightwood says, “Every thing must go”. It is an ominous sign. The fact that the word “Everything” is broken is significant. It emphasizes the fact that every ‘thing’ in God’s Creation must go to be replaced by a counterfeit, a remake, a replica, that is known to be an abomination to God.  Not even the earth on the ground or the water in the pond can be allowed to exist in its natural state.  Everything must be remade, redone and remodeled in the image of the Beast. Nothing can be allowed to stand on its own. The new interior designer of Creation insists on remodelling everything in his image.  He says, “Remake the planet and build a better future for all of us.” This statement sums up the intention of the creators of the film.  It is designed to usher us into the New Age, the Golden Dawn of the Age of the Antichrist.”

“The Elite Agenda is to destroy the world. “Every thing must go.” They intend to remake the world in the image of the Beast. The new world will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of the old world. It will be a counterfeit world. It will be a world designed to replace [God’s] Creation. They wish to transmute every living thing into an abomination. They want us all to be X-Men or more appropriately ex-men.  This is what Trans-humanism/Transcendence is all about. They want to replace the Old World of God with the New World Order of Lucifer.”

As for the better future, forget it. Such utopias have only ever ended up as dystopias. They never quite seem to pan out. The same is the case with efforts to achieve Transcendence.  The Trans-humanist agenda will only lead to our ruin. The Bible is unequivocal about the consequences. The King James Bible states, “And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.” (Revelations 16:2) While the New International Version states, “The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.” (Revelations 16:2).” –

Each Human Being is but a number to luciferin such as Hitler and his followers who continue on today.  Lucifer and his followers hate the  Christians and Jews . They hate  moral individuals.  God warns that people should never get a tattoo or Social Security Number which is no different from the number tattooed on the Jews during WW II.  They were tattooed like cattle making human being the property of the Nazi Germans and Hitler to do with as they will.  Today, they are using high-tech computers to swab your  DNA and grab your Iris Scan, fingerprints, facial recognition.  Everyone’s information is to be stored by the “Beast” supercomputer links in Brussels linked to Texas, China, and the 7 EU supercomputers in Europe.   And, the goal is depopulation of all moral human beings, Christians, Jews, and their nations!

The goal of the evil New World Order luciferin members, who support pre-meditated murder, is to wipe out 90% of God’s creation from the planet! These agendas are crimes against humanity, yet, these people aren’t arrested.  They have written and stated strategic goals.  It is pre-meditated murder on a massive scale under the guise of saving the planet [for themselves] and reducing poverty.   It is a massive genocide of mankind. (If you kill off the masses, poverty is automatically reduced and the survivors take it all). The secret evil societies who worship Lucifer and Money and themselves are lost souls who sold out their souls, their families, and their fellow citizens, for a bag of gold and a barrel of oil and a roll in the hay.

It is the written and stated strategic goals of the NWO and the Communist and the Muslim Brotherhood to wipe out Western Civilization and usher in the One World Religion and One World Government and One World Leader.  It is treason against America, Europe, Canada, and Israel in my opinion.

In fact, it is written in the communist book authored by Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, the Communist Manifesto, the United Nations Agenda 21 moved up to U.N. Agenda 2030, as well as,  organizations linked to the United Nations and EU, who use tax dollars to build and store your information, on these linked supercomputers.

Furthermore, it appears that the NWO evil ones are behind schedule, so they’re ramming up chemtrails, HAARP and triangulation that is a process to direct storms at their targeted area.  They can use tools and strategies to control individual  property and assets as well as  importing infectious diseases from Third World countries into Western Civilization,.  They can destroy minds and bodies by overdosing people on chemical laden excessive Rx drugs through Big Pharma.  They can use financial incentives so doctors will prescribe excessive addictive Rx drugs like candy.  Drugs can break down a person’s immune system.  Rx and illegal drugs can break down a person’s ability to function, work, focus, and even cause divorce or dropping out of school.

The evil ones in government have intentionally opened up the  borders to traffickers of humans, guns, and drugs.  The evil ones release terrorist and gang members and cartel members who were charged with felonies. The evil NWO members  target the poor, and brainwash the youth that the old are sucking them dry because of Social Security and Medicare.  They set free radicals and illegals who murder American women, engage in  pedophilia, and commit rape in some cases.

Consequently, the NWO member and evil key banksters brainwash the youth to believe that seniors and elderly persons are worthless and they should be euthanized because they’re a financial burden to the taxpayers.  They encourage the youth to  pull the plug.  They don’t realize that they’re talking about their parents and grandparents when they ask them to sign a petition so they can make the State the parent of the youth.

Hillary Clinton, Senator Feinstein, and Obama, support the United Nation’s Rights of the Child written with the intent to make the State the parent of the children and alienate the rights of the parent.  These Democrats and Rinos support the United Nations Small Arms Treaty which intends to disarm all citizens.  The NWO evil doers  have disdain for veterans, poor, homeless, sick, handicapped even though many NWO members are elderly and old now.  They believe there should only be two classes of people who are the “Haves” and the “Have Nots.”

The NWO elite  view most people as bottom feeders unless they are part of their inner circle.  They embrace robotoids and humanoids touting these groups of people as disposable people.  They promote euthanasia and mandated taxpayer-funded abortions as well as same-sex agendas, transgender agendas, and wars which are all depopulation agendas.  MARK MY WORD.  The  Mark of their word is the end of individual freedom, liberty, rights, sovereignty, and thought, speech, ushering in enslavement of those who survive, possibly a nuclear attack or some other evil agenda.

Image result for The Supercomputer, the Beast worldwide computer

This is a photo of a massive computer as seen and pictured on Wikipedia!  The massive computers can be connected to other massive computers storing every individual’s information so that the evil one who intends to rule with an  iron fist by enacting a One World Government, One World Order, a One World Leader, can access immediately. 

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