Are you interested in the real true and untold stories about the big time Mafia Leaders who built up the American Gangland and their lives, careers, that led them to develop the four biggest Prohibition gangs and later ran elegant, illegal casinos, across the country before moving on to build the Las Vegas Strip? You are in the right place at the right time.  The big names in Bill Friedman’s book, “30 Illegal Years To The Strip” include Ben Siegel, Charlie Luciano, Frank Costello, Al Capone and Frank Nitti and more.

Mr. Friedman wrote the award-winning, Depression era, true crime novel, “All Against the Law.”  He wrote the groundbreaking research work, “Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition,” published by to University of Nevada Reno.  He’s the author of the seminal book for succeeding in the casino business, “Casino Management.”  He taught the pioneer course in casino management for UNLV’s College of Hotel Administration during the decades of the 70’s.  Bill Friedman was President of the “Castaways Hotel and Casino” and the “Silver Slipper Casino” in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip….President of the “Friedman Management Group,” which he specializes in solving casino marketing, design, and operations problems.  He has consulted for forty years to casinos in the USA and England, Monaco, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and several Caribbean Islands.

Click Here to Listen Colombo Chronicles Live:–8-9pm-pst

(Rose Colombo is an award-winning poet, author, radio and cable TV producer and host and Advocate for Justice.  Check out her website –  and – and Facebook/Rose Colombo – Facebook/The Justice Club and Twitter@Rose4Justice



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