Colombo Chronicles Live! Online Worldwide Radio/ Rose Colombo welcomes the well-respected Dr. Mark Kingston Levin, Scientist, Pilot, and intriguing Science Fiction author of “30th Century Escape!”/ Climate Change, Real or a Hoax?

Are you interested in Sci-Fi and the possibilities of what could happen to the human race in the future?  Listen to an intriguing and interesting guest, Mark K. Levin, Ph.D., who shares his science fiction novel and keeps you on the edge of your seat just thinking about the possibilities that appear fictional, but could they actually be in the works and happening today?  Dr. Levin is a Scientist and a Pilot as well as the author of the popular book, 30th Century Escape.”  He will also talk to us about “climate change.”  Is climate change real or is it a hoax?   Will man survive these scientific changes and climate change or will mankind become extinct?

What if there are aliens and as in Dr. Livin’s novel, the main character struggles to hide her superior intellect and nanotech enhanced abilities for among the ordinary humans, she is an alien as the Syndos are in her native countr……

Click the Link Below to Listen to what Dr. Mark K. Levin has to say because some times what appears to be science fiction could actually be reality:

Rose Colombo is an award-winning author, poet, and radio host.  She’s probably interviewed at least 1,000 people over 20 plus years who brought their expertise and shared their books, knowledge, tips, and self-help on a myriad of topics that are of interest to most people from love to science fiction to crime to the mafia, constitution, family law, animals, and more.

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