Listen Taped Live!  COLOMBO CHRONICLES LIVE!  Rose Colombo’s radio show aired live on June 14, 2017 and it’s episode #5.  Rose welcomes a dynamic guest, Preston Rendell,  who shares his unique and powerful novel of many elements which include an adrenaline drenched look at the sport of Boxing like none other as well a the Italian Mafia and his steamy love story.  Colombo Chronicles is archived every Wednesday and is heard Online Worldwide at Blog Talk Radio.    

Preston Rendell, is a three-time award-winning writer whose written for major sports magazines in the nation.  Mr. Rendell is a strong advocate for steroid free sports and believes that he may be the catalyst in the fitness health boom in Massachusetts.  He grew up in the Italian North side of Boston where the Mafia controlled the Boxing business.  He operated Health Care Clubs including a Health Care Spa on Cape Cod.  He’s an expert on health, body building, writing, and nutrition.  Click Follow and Share this radio show with friends – Click the Link Below:

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