Rose Colombo (c) 6/2/2017

It’s not over until it’s over!  The video report below and online news reports that 2,078 pages of new Clinton Emails Released.  It appears that the Clinton’s were pretty much controlling the nation’s direction by remaining in key positions since Bill Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas when scandals and mysterious deaths of persons who were working with the Clinton’s or in-the-know or witnesses were reported in the news ever since the name, Vince Foster, hit the news that led to the Clinton Chronicles.

Hillary Clinton told a reporter that she would never be indicted.  How is it that Hillary Clinton is so positive that she will never be indicted and laughs off the question of indictment, laughed off the attack on Libya and the assassination of the former leader of Libya, Gaddafi, and laughed while under oath and questioned about the four dead Americans murdered by terrorists at Benghazi.  Hillary Clinton also laughed on an audio tape when discussing how she defended a violent rapist who violently raped a 12-year-old virgin and traumatized her and made her sterile after blaming the minor child for the rape.  She laughed off her husband, disbarred lawyer, and impeached President and womanizer who was accused of rape and spending about 2 dozen visits to Orgy Island owned by his friend, a listed Pedophile, who got an early release from prison and whose Orgy Island wasn’t confiscated by the  federal government to the best of my knowledge or shut down.

In fact, the NYPD and FBI are alleged to have videos of the Clinton’s on video with a minor child on Huma and Weiner’s home computer without being arrested or charged or indicted for those allegations or the alleged Breach of National Security reduced by former FBI Director, Comey and Loretta Lynch down to “extremely negligent” which is a nice way of avoiding the term, extremely “Gross Negligent” and dropping the ball of alleged Espionage and alleged National Security Breach.  (View the Video below posted for educational and entertainment purposes only)





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