Listen Taped Live: Colombo Chronicles Live! Rose Colombo and her guest, Philip J. Berg, esq. and author expose his latest book, OBAMASCARE!

OBAMASCARE!  If you don’t read any other book about Obama’s history and how he was slipped into office revealed by a staunch Democrat, it’s the book for you!  Philip J. Berg, is Rose Colombo’s special guest on her new show, episode #3 – Colombo Chronicles Live! A worldwide online Radio Show at Blog Talk Radio.  Mr. Berg exposes facts that millions of Americans and people around the world will find controversial and factual as well.  Mr. Berg has an extensive legal career and he was the first lawyer bold enough to file an eligibility lawsuit against Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro.  Tune in every Wednesday, 8-9pm pst and 11-midnight on the East coast and check your time schedule worldwide and tune in every Wednesday for prominent guests who are authors and experts from around the world for Colombo Chronicles Live!  

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