Colombo Chronicles Live! Rose Colombo and Jo Sullido, Investigator and Domestic Violence Counselor, Expose Elder Abuse and a True Shocking Story!

Listen Taped Live – Colombo Chronicles Live!  Rose Colombo, award-winning author and Host welcomes Jo Sullido, Investigator and Domestic Violence Counselor to share her true and first hand shocking story involving Elder Abuse about her family.  Elder Abuse, in Colombo’s opinion is an epidemic across America.  She think that people are ignoring the seniors and elderly who are being abused in this country because it’s a silent crime and it’s done behind closed doors.  In fact, Colombo says that far too many seniors are somehow developing Alzheimers and Dementia at a shocking rate which could be part of the reason why so many seniors and elderly citizens are being ripped off by family, strangers, professionals, and even people who work within the system. Bookmark, Share, and Click on Follow once you get to the link.


Rose Colombo  – Colombo Chronicles Live! 

Tune in every Wednesday, 8-9 pm pst and 11-Midnight, est – Colombo Chronicles Live interviews experts and authors on topics that are of human interest.  You can call into the show and talk to the guests at (646) 564-9742.

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