Save The Flag of the United States of America, The U.S. Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, and Rights
Save The Flag of the United States of America, The U.S. Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, and Rights

LUPRON BOMBSHELL!  (Click the Link Below to go Directly to the interview) Rose Colombo says, “No,” to mandated vaccinations or mandated Rx drugs, and “yes” to opt outs.  She says, “Protect yourselves and young people at the doctor’s office , work, or in public schools, from becoming victims of Rx vaccinations by doctors or schools who fail to provide  a choice or knowledge about the  adverse side affects of vaccinations and Opt Outs.  Rose, a long time political activist, author, and host,  welcomes special guest, Terry Paulsen.

Obviously  Rose opposes mandated vaccinations, which are inserted by president Obama, the Democrats and Rinos, as established inside of Obamacare, while they exempt themselves fromt he same and their families.   Rose began exposing the Lupron stories on live radio after she was contacted by a key victim and activist, Karin Klein.  Karin is on a mission hoping Americans will wake up by exposing the truth as Americans and authors reveal their human interest stories on Rose Colombo N The Justice Club’s worldwide online radio show for “intelligent people with inquisitive minds.”  

Colombo says, “Follow the Money,” and you’ll always find your answers.  Ms. Paulsen is a Registered Nurse, (R.N.), but currently lives in chronic pain.  She exposes her her horror story with the hope of preventing others from falling into the same trap.  She says she was perfectly healthy, but after her doctor, who she trusted, injected her with Lurpon, she ended up chronically ill.  The website of victims online explains that there are thousands of victims that have been injected with Lupron, a prescribed vaccination by doctors, manufactured by a branch of Baxter.  There are also allegations that the doctors receive bonuses or gifts for recommending specific Rx. drugs.  The victim’s pain increases and manifests in different ways in individuals, but the results of the victims allege that they eventually are unable to work and provide for themselves due to the body becoming debilitated and or in chronic pain on a daily basis. The case related to Lupron vaccines representing the victims has gone all the way through the Supreme Court and dismissed once again by the U.S. Justice Ginsburg.  The victims filed Grievances with Congress, but Congress dismised the Grievance.  Of course, many congressional members rely on Big Pharma for Big Donations!   The victim’s sharing their real life true stories are a majority of women who have been injected with Lupron, while they were healthy. or visited their doctor with a minor health issue.

The victims allege that after they were injected they were forced into a life of severe pain and financial distress with little help by the government or legal system. Today, Ms. Paulen exposes her experience with Lupron when she was injected and working as a Registered Nurse.  Big Pharma hires a myriad of Lobbyists on behalf of their products and Big Pharma donates to the campaigns of Congressional members which is a huge Conflict of Interest.  Ms. Klein alleged that Senator Harry Reid’s son is a lawyer employed by Baxter, as well.  Not so long ago, writers reported that Texas, the test state, under Governor Rick Perry mandated vaccinations and denied parental opt outs in the schools.  As I stated, mandated vaccinations are included in specific section of Obamacare,  How is it that for 7 years, Congress failed to nullify, defund, and repeal  the unconstitutional Obamacare?  Furthermore,  the news alleged that Governor Perry mandated vaccinations because a former staff member worked for Big Pharma and convinced him to mandate Gardisal in the public schools for girls as young as 11.  Afterwards, news reports began appearing alleging that after girls were injected with Gardisal that they were dying or becoming ill and possibly sterile.  If you are a victim and would like to share your story with the public on “Rose Colombo N The Justice Club,” send Rose a message on her contact page  at –  Follow Rose’s Blogs and archived radio shows , Reblog, Comment, and donations welcome.  Click on  LIKE – SHARE – FOLLOW – COMMENT – And, Click on the link below to listen to worldwide online radio taped live:

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/SpecialGuest on Lupron 03/02 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

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