Rose Colombo, author, Political Activist &, Legal Consultant for Justice
Rose Colombo, author, Political Activist &, Legal Consultant for Justice

by Rose Colombo, original (c) 12/30/2010, rev. 7/4/2013

Mandated auto insurance is  required by state law, but it is different from mandated health care insurance for obvious reasons.  Auto Insurance premiums take effect immediately when the customer makes the first payment. But Obama-Care is a pay-up-front program for services not rendered and may never be rendered due to the economic crisis and the fact that it is not sustainable long-term.  Auto insurance is sustainable long-term and it is for the protection of victims who may be injured.  Health Care doesn’t effect anyone else except the individual. Paying for Obamacare is worse than going to Vegas and throwing the dice on the table.  The Obama Committee of 9 or 15 will determine if you live or die!

Furthermore, many people don’t drive cars, so there is no need for them to purchase car insurance or you can pay for liability only meaning your insurance covers the damage if you cause an accident, but you can choose not to pay to have them cover you and your car.  But, many car insurance policies pay for health care as well, so how does that affect Obamacare?  That’s like paying for two health care insurance policies!   On the other hand, health care insurance can be purchased for a lot less money through an employer and only affects the individual or you can pay a little more to have your family covered, but it’s a choice.  Obamacare leave no choice open to consumers and taxpayers!  But, health insurance offered by an employer is not required because it is a consumer product that the individual may or may not want to purchase.  A person may believe in holistic and natural cures.  Or, the person may feel they are too young and healthy to purchase health insurance.  But, the fact is that in America, no one can be denied emergency services whether they are a citizen or a non-citizen.  The U.S. also provides federal and state programs for the indigent so that they can access clinics or county hospitals.

Furthermore, Obama-Care is an umbrella law which contains hundreds of mandates and requirements that destroy private health care.  Obama-Care  creates a federal government that determines who will live or die based on one’s health, age, and cost to the government.  Maybe, they will secretly determine the political affiliation, race, ethnicity, intelligence, and sexual preference, if you smoke or drink or use drugs,so this is very dangerous. Obama-Care is similar to a the worst HMO that you could ever imagine.  The government will decide who will be rationed services or denied services such as wheel chairs, mammograms, cancer treatments.  But, with auto insurance, there is no rationing or denial of services if the premium is paid up to-date.

Consequently, Obama-Care is like having an imaginary gun to every head of every American man, woman, and child.  The Obama administration is pushing a thug-like and Orwellian style law against the will of the majority of Americans and saying, “Pay up or else be punished!”  It borders on extortion because it forces Americans to live under the threat and coercion of paying up for a consumer product that Americans may or may not want which should be illegal, not legal.  Such laws will cause Americans to be anxious and fearful in my opinion and create physical, financial and emotional distress because the federal government could pilfer the paychecks of every American for services not rendered and may never be rendered by 2014 or thereafter.  Auto insurance does not automatically deduct money from the paychecks of every American without the customer’s consent, but Obama-Care doesn’t care about the citizen’s consent.

Auto insurance doesn’t violate the commerce clause, but Obama-Care appears to be violating the commerce clause.  Obama-Care denies the freedom to choose a consumer product from a private corporation, but no citizen should be forced to spend their money with a private corporation or with the federal government for a consumer product they don’t want to buy with their own earnings.  It is discrimination for the federal government to mandate laws for citizens, but hold themselves above those same laws, unless they do not consider themselves to be U.S. citizens as laws mandate all citizens follow the laws of the land.  Are they law makers or law breakers?

Congressional members are U.S. citizens.  The law states that all citizens must follow the laws established for all people, so how is it that congress can hold themselves above the law and exempt themselves from complying with Obama-Care for only criminals, law breakers, hold themselves above the laws!   Which constitutional law provides public servants the authority to exempt themselves from paying up-front for ObamaCare, and exempt themselves from punishment of jail and penalties, which they call a tax, but isn’t a tax, and hold themselves above the laws of the land that they mandate?  Congress can’t exempt themselves from auto insurance which isn’t mandated, so how can they exempt themselves from Obama-Care?  So, what’s the difference?

If Americans don’t pay their insurance premiums then they can’t drive a vehicle.  A citizen who drives a car without auto insurance is violating the law.  But, a person who doesn’t purchase health insurance isn’t violating any law.  Obama-Care must be repealed because it isn’t in accordance with constitutional law or the will of the people for each law hasn’t been read and studied in-depth before approved according to the fiduciary duty of congress required by the 14th Amendment.  Auto insurance protects people or property that is damaged, but health care insurance doesn’t damage another person or someone else’s property.

Of course, liability insurance for automobiles should be mandated if a person drives a vehicle, because the automobile can be a killing machine and injure someone else.  Common sense tells us that accidents happen everyday and we need to make sure the victims are compensated.  But, the law doesn’t mandate that Americans pick up the tab for illegals or other people who drive without auto insurance, but under ObamaCare,  Americans are mandated to pick up the tab for illegals, refugees from the Middle East, SEIU union members, and new immigrants who can’t afford health insurance making ObamaCare a discriminatory law.

So,  Americans will continue to pay for their current health insurance, and the federal government will deduct money from every citizen’s paychecks and social security checks for services not rendered for ObamaCare for two years.  Americans are forced to pick up the cost for all those who are exempted from paying up, right, but how is it that some states are exempted and congress is exempted from paying up?  Also, buried in the news is the fact that seniors using medicare under ObamaCare will increase from $100 up to $247 per month in the year 2014.  That’s quite an increase for seniors, veterans, and the sick without an opt out for those who can’t afford it?

America has county hospitals for the indigent and clinics.  America doesn’t turn away people who have emergencies from emergency rooms.  So, why does Obama and Congress believe that it is necessary for the government to take over health care when they bankrupted social security and Medicare?  He’s funding ObamaCare by diverting funds from Medicare and denying the Advantage program under Medicare, so the seniors will be punished who built this country and Obama and Congress could possibly bankrupt Medicare.

ObamaCare mandates that American taxpayers pay-up front to the federal government for two years or else be punished for services NOT rendered and may NEVER be rendered because the White House has been warned that the long-term financial costs to maintain ObamaCare is not sustainable.  And, there lies a huge difference between car insurance and private health insurance paid through employers versus Obama-Care.  Private industry, who operates the auto industry is succesful, but Obama-Care will be a disaster – like the housing crisis – government-run Social Security – Medicare – Welfare – and  the Stimulus! They’ve all been pilfered and bankrupted by the federal government!

So, Obama-Care creates a generational built-in pay-up-front customer base for the federal government and a consistent flow of taxes for the federal government to hire 1700 IRS agents to knock on the doors of Americans and to taxpayer fund Planned Parenthood who uses women and unborn babies as commodities for-profit as well as depopulation. So, Americans are forced to pay or else be punished?  This is how Americans are treated who elected these thugs?  The federal government is pointing an imaginary gun to the heads of every working American who must pick up the tab for all the illegals, new immigrants and refugees, who don’t pay up and won’t be punished and contributed nothing to America!   And to top it off and rub salt in the wound, congress  and the oval office, probably the entire federal judiciary of judges, unconstitutionally exempts themselves from complying, paying up front and from punishment.

Remember, the federal government collected social security and Medicare up-front and promised to put the money into a Trust Fund where it would never be touched, but the federal government lied and secretly diverted social security and Medical.  They turned around an used the Social Security for their secret agendas and bankrupted it.  There was no accountability by any member of congress, but in my opinion, their actions are no different than that of  a Ponzi scheme.  So, what’s the difference between collecting up-front for Social Security and collecting up-front for Obama-Care?  Since this regime has already pilfered nearly $5 trillion in 3 years, perhaps, Obama-Care is just another way to secretly divert more tax dollars from the Americans and in a few  years claim that the government’s Obama-Care program is bankrupted, too! Nothing happens to the public servants involved.  They retired wealthy!  At least, through employers and private industry, there is accountability, but not with the federal government, who has proven less than trustworthy.

Should we then not ask what happens to the paid-up-front money removed from employee’s paychecks for Obama-Care up-front if the taxpayer dies before Obamacare is implemented?  What happens to the employees who paid-up-front if Obama-Care never comes to fruition>  What happens to the taxes paid for health care services, but are denied or rationed by Obama’s committee?  How do Americans pay-up-front for expensive Obamacare, a consumer product they don’t want, when 15% of the American people are unemployed and nearly 50% are on welfare or food stamps?

This is like a dentist telling you that you need all your teeth replaced, but you’ll have to pay-up-front for three years, and after three years, come back and see him.  And, if he’s still in business and you didn’t die from gum disease – he might be able to perform the dental work which will be dependent upon your age, health and the costs for his services.  At least with the current health care system, the services are rendered and the same goes for car insurance.  **Note:  You may share this blog, but please do not use content without giving this writer credit for my work.  Do not change the content.  The law prohibits Plagiarism.

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9 thoughts on “Why Is Mandated Health Insurance Different From Auto Insurance?

  1. Rose,
    I don’t see any difference between forcing one to have one insurance or the other. The decision of how you should live your life and/or protect yourself is being made by others. The only way either one “helps” you is if you have a disaster. Insurance assumes that you are irresponsible and must pay —upfront—to cover yourslf. Accidents aren’t “inevitable”. (One could say the same about becoming sick and they have.) “Right to bear arms” is no different from sleeping around with AIDS or driving a car into a crowd. The citizen is responsible for his actions. It’s not criminal to have AIDS, drive a car, or need an operation. It becomes so if you harm others in the process of fullfilling these possibilities in life.


  2. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who had been doing a little research on this. And he actually ordered me lunch due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to discuss this topic here on your web page.


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