Why Is Mandated Health Insurance Different From Auto Insurance?


Rose Colombo, (c) 2013

Mandated auto insurance is  required by state law, but it is different from mandated health care insurance for a multitude of reasons.  Your health isn’t going to affect anyone but you.  The Supreme Court says that women have the right to control their own bodies and approved of abortion and Planned Parenthood:  Abortion on Demand.

In other words, auto insurance protects not you if you choose not to be protected, but it is mandated that you purchase the consumer product known as “auto insurance” because a vehicle can kill or injure other people on the road.  It is implemented to protect the “other” people that you may injure or damage their vehicle which makes sense.

Auto Insurance premiums take effect immediately when the customer makes the first payment which is different than health care insurance which may require a physical examination and determine pre-existing conditions and increase the rates depending on health and age.  Health Insurance is a consumer product that was always a choice for Americans because they pay for health insurance either through individual policies or employer groups policies which reduces the costs when large groups are signed up with the same insurance company.  Group insurance offers individual or family rates for less money than individual policies. Health Insurance is a choice because many people can’t afford health insurance or they don’t think they need it because of their good health and their age. It’s called “Freedom of Choice.”

Nevertheless, in 2009, Hillarycare morphed into Obamacare!  And, Barack Hussein Obama II, aka Barry Soetoro, forced it down the throats of every American despite the fact is it 2700 pages of what Congress stated was unread and I wrote to Congress which was partially read on the House Floor with my name to be, “unconstitutional and possibly illegal” bordering on coercion and extortion.

ObamaCare is a pay-up-front program for services not rendered and may never be rendered due to the economic crisis and the fact that it was determined by the powers that be inside the White House to be non-sustainable long-term.

On the other hand, auto insurance is sustainable long-term and it is for the protection of victims who may be injured.  It also offers a choice.  An American can purchase Liability only that protects the other person/s or they can purchase Full Coverage which protects themselves and the other persons should an accident occur on the road.

Health Care doesn’t affect anyone else except the individual who may or may not want to buy a consumer product known as health care.  The truth is that paying-up-front as mandated for Obamacare is worse than going to Vegas and throwing the dice on the table. Paying up-front for a consumer product that can’t be delivered immediately is highway robbery.   Under Obamacare, Obama is to appoint a Select Committee, who will determine who lives and who dies!  In other words, Obamacare isn’t about health care but death care to Americans.   No wonder the radicals chant on their news and U.S. soil, “Death to America!”  It appears their wish is coming true. Obama’s committee will ration and deny health care to Americans which can lead to euthanizing Americans.

Apparently, the committee appointed by Obama would have been members of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR who are anti-American organization.  Think about that for one moment.  The committee would decide who will live or die, i.e., elderly, chronically ill, cancer patients, mentally and physically challenged, poor, homeless, veterans, or perhaps, children with autism.  This sound more like Communism than Americanism.

Furthermore, many people don’t drive cars, so there is no need for them to purchase car insurance so making car insurance mandatory for all citizens is moot.  The Right to Exercise Freedom of Choice is intact, but not with Obamacare.  In fact, many car insurance policies offer medical insurance options,  so how does that affect Obamacare?  Will Americans who opt in for health care coverage under their auto insurance be forced to pay for two health care insurance policies!

On the other hand, health care insurance can be and is purchased for a lot less money through employers which is known as “group” insurance.  Group Insurance in my opinion offers the  best coverage  because the employees pay less money when a corporation signs up large numbers of people.  And, married persons can include coverage for their families. Americans are still exercising their right to Freedom of Choice under group insurance.  They didn’t have to purchase the group insurance.

Obamacare denies The Right To Choose and control your own body. The Supreme Court judged it to be a right when they approved of the abortion law.  So, which is it?  Do we have a right to determine what we want to do with our own bodies which includes buying health care insurance as the body includes the mind?  If not, then the abortion decision to control one’s own body is hypocritical. Abortion is about taking life of another individual, but health care is only about taking contorl of our own body.

Therefore, health insurance offered by an employer is not required because it is a consumer product that the individual may or may not want to purchase.  A person may believe in holistic and natural cures and choose not to sign up for health care and pay the high premiums. Or an American may feel they are too young and healthy to purchase health insurance.  But, the fact is that in America, prior to Obamacare, no one who seeks emergency help in a hospital could be denied services even if they are a non-citizen.   The U.S. also provided federal and state programs for the indigent so that they can access clinics or county hospitals.

Furthermore, Obama-Care is an umbrella set of regulations, mandates, punishments, fines, and  laws, which are far-reaching beyond health care and infringe on the duties of other agencies as well as individuals.  Obamacare includes hundreds of unread  mandates and regulations that destroy free enterprise and  private health care.  Ironically, it is called Obama-Care when there is little care involved since people can’t afford to sign up, can’t access the internet to sign up because their site doesn’t operate correctly, it’s unaffordable, and it denies care by rationing and denying care if the government employees implementing Obama-Care choose to do so.

ObamaCare  creates a federal government that determines who will live or die based on one’s health, age, and cost to the government setting up  people and unborn babies and pregnant moms as Human Commodities, in other words no more than a number of consumer products of value or of no value .  Maybe, they will secretly determine the political affiliation, race, ethnicity, intelligence, and sexual preference, if you smoke or drink or use drugs, mental IQ or distress, which is very dangerous. Obama-Care is similar to a the worst HMO that you could ever imagine.  The government will decide who will be rationed services or denied services.  Services include crutches,  wheelchairs, mammograms, or cancer treatments.

Again, auto insurance doesn’t ration or deny insurance unless by law for good reason.  You either qualify or you don’t. You choose your policy.  You receive immediate service upon making a payment.

Consequently, as I stated before, this is a thug-like government agenda that infringes on constitutional rights and discriminates against the legal middle-class and poor Americans forced to sign up, pay up, or else be punished.  On the other hand, the hypocrites who didn’t read Obamacare, but rubber stamped 2700 pages, “approved” exempted themselves from the same laws they mandated for everyone else without constitutional authority to do so.  They exempted those they favor without constitutional authority such as the Muslims, Illegals, Bundlers, SEIU, and Donors to their campaigns.

How is ObamaCare any different from having a thug place an imaginary gun to the head of every  American man, woman, and child and demanding, “Pay up or else?”  The Obama administration is pushing a thug-like and Orwellian style law against the will of the majority of Americans, which appears to be another depopulation program as well as a Ponzi scheme to pay up without having to provide any services to the customer and without being held accountable if the paid up customer is rationed or denied services.

In  my opinion, ObamaCare borders on extortion because it forces Americans to pay up against their will with earnings after taxes in exchange for a consumer product that the government may or may not provide. oesn’t have to provide.  Obamacare is about rationing and denying health care, not providing healthcare for Americans.  It has the makings of a what appeared to be a totalitarian Democratic oval office and congress by using force and what appears to be coercion and extortion creating another Ponzi scheme only this Ponzi Scheme includes death panels.

In 2009,  Senator Nancy Pelosi they didn’t read the 2700 pages of Obamacare, and that they needed “to pass it in order to know what is in it.”  That  is the most classic twisted comment ever made by a Speaker of the House to my knowledge.  Her comment borders on gross negligence and sheer incompetence.  How is it okay for the government to coerce 300M Americans to comply with unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful, unaffordable, discriminatory laws, in which they exempt themselves, illegals, Muslims, and donors from signing up and paying up for the same laws they rubber stamped, “approved?”

Obamacare is not about health care.  It allows the government to remove your money from your bank account without your knowledge if they allege you committed a crime or didn’t pay-up.  Believe it or not!  And, that’s why it appears that Congress claimed they never read what was in it!  In my opinion, they knew exactly what was in it.  How is that any different from what Hitler did to the Europeans, especially, the Jews during WW II?

Auto insurance does not automatically deduct money from the paychecks of every American without the customer’s consent, but Obama-Care doesn’t care about the citizen’s consent because Obama operates with a pen and a phone by signing Executive Orders that by-pass Congress and the Will of the majority of Americans.  In fact, Obama declared that the U.S. Constitution and Congress are “meaningless” and the Democratic Congress stood up and applauded instead of impeaching him at that moment.

Auto insurance doesn’t violate the commerce clause, but ObamaCare appears to be violating the commerce clause.  Obama-Care denies the freedom of every American as I stated to choose a consumer product that they may or may not want to purchase from the government who is a dual national private insurance company without constitutional authority.  This unconstitutional act appears to end  private group health insurance offered by employers at a reduced cost with their own earnings after taxes.  Obamacare takes over the private Insurance Industry which is above their pay grade as they have no authority to take over private industry by using and abusing U.S. tax dollars.  Is the goal to create a totalitarian government and ignore the fact that the U.S. Constitution clearly defines the laws of the land stating that the federal government is granted “limited powers.”

The Congress of the United States and Obama and V.P. Biden along with the approval of the U.S. Supreme Court urged congress to infringe on the constitutional rights of every American by rubber stamping 2700 pages of unread laws “approved.”  In my opinion, every representative, senator, Obama, and Biden should be sued by the American citizens.

The entire federal government of congressional members, a non-vetted President and V.P.,  exempted themselves from the laws the mandated without constitutional authority and in violation of their sworn oath when they held themselves above the law and stated they were exempted from signing up or paying up or being punished under the mandates they didn’t read but approved without legal, lawful, or constitutional authority No one is exempt from upholding and following the law, except law breakers.

Should the American citizens not ask which constitutional law provides public servants the authority to exempt themselves from paying up-front for ObamaCare?

Which Constitutional authority did  Congress and Obama apply when they exempted themselves, Muslims, Illegals, SEIU, Donors, and Bundlers from signing up and paying up for Obamacare which includes punishment and penalties by calling a tax – a tax that isn’t a tax?   Or calling a penalty – a penalty that isn’t a penalty?

If Americans don’t pay their insurance premiums then they can’t drive a vehicle.  A citizen who drives a car without auto insurance is violating the law.  But, a person who doesn’t purchase health insurance wasn’t in violation of the law because health insurance is a consumer product purchased with the earnings of Americans after taxes are paid to the government. Americans have always used their earnings after taxes to purchase consumer products by exercising their right-to-choose, but Obama and the Democrats took the right-to-choose away from Americans loyal to their  free nation when they wrongfully mandated Americans purchase a consumer product with their own earnings they may not want.

Obama-Care must be repealed in its entirety.  It has nothing to do with health care, because it’s all about death care.  Obamacare denies and rations health care to Americans which is death panels.  Obamacare isn’t easily accessed for sign ups and its unaffordable to most Americans which is a death panel.  Obamacare targets death by early end-of-life counseling leading to euthanasia for Americans who are chronically ill, elderly, veterans, cancer patients, the poor and the homeless Americans, while providing for Muslims, Illegals, and those they favor.  Obamacare rations and denies treatments and Rx drugs to Americans which is a death panel.

The Reward for rubber stamping the unread 2700 pages of Obamacare so he could add to his legacy as the non-vetted POTUS without a vetted Certified U.S. Birth Certificate that he morphed Hillarycare into Obamacare under his watch against the will of the majority of Americans.  The Obama regime of Democrats sitting in Congress approved Obamacare and then after exempting themselves approved and secretly grated to themselves a gift   from the taxpayers.  The Democratic Congress approved and  granted themselves the gift of a  $12,000 taxpayer-funded kick back so they could purchase premium health care.

Obamacare must be nullified because Obama can’t produce a vetted valid Certified U.S. Birth Certificate, therefore, how can anything he signed by legal, lawful, and constitutional and in the best interest of all Americans?

All laws must be written and approved in accordance with constitutional law or the will of the majority of legal citizens.  Each law must be read and studied in-depth and debated before approved which is what lawmakers are taxpayer-funded and elected to do.  This is the fiduciary duty of congress required by the 14th Amendment for which they are elected to do.  Are the Democratic members of congress who rubber stamped Obamacare “approved,” just lazy, incompetent, or should we ponder if they pledged their allegiance to foreign international bodies?

Remember, auto insurance protects people or property that is damaged and is in place to save laws, but Obama’s forced health care insurance doesn’t damage another person or someone else’s property and it is more about death, not so much about saving American lives, but enslaving Americans to the rogue government, illegals, fake refugees, donors, bundlers who are a majority from the Left.

Of course, liability insurance for automobiles should be mandated to protect the victims of an accident.  Common sense tells us that accidents happen everyday and we need to make sure the victims are compensated; however, constitutional  law doesn’t mandate that Americans pick up the tab for illegals or fake refugees, the federal government and their donors and exempt themselves and those they favor from the laws they mandate.

In the meantime,  Americans will continue to pay for their current health insurance, and the federal government will deduct money from every citizen’s paychecks and social security checks for services not rendered for ObamaCare for at least two years because their website isn’t up and running.  Americans are forced to pick up the cost for all those who are exempted from paying up for health care along with all the Muslims, illegals, and SEIU members who are exempted from the unread Obamacare mandates.

Also, buried in the news is the fact that senior citizens on a budget who use Medicare will suffer because it’s reported that under Obamacare, their premiums will increase for Medicare will increase from $100 to $247 per month beginning in the year 2014 to pick up the tab for the millions of fake “Christian Refugees” Obama and Hillary have walked across the borders and flown into the USA by a preplanned secret E.O. without the knowledge of the American citizens.

America has county hospitals and free taxpayer-funded clinics for the indigent .   America doesn’t turn away people who have emergencies from emergency rooms.  So, why does Obama and Congress believe that it is necessary for the government to take over health private health care when they bankrupted social security and Medicare?  The federal government does not have a good track records when they trample on “limited powers.”  In fact, it’s reported that Obama with the blessings of Hillary Clinton and Congress are  funding ObamaCare by diverting funds from Medicare and denying the Advantage program under Medicare.  In time, the seniors will be punished .  The seniors helped build America by their blood, sweat and tears. Obama contributed nothing, but brought his change so he could fund his foreign enemy invasion into the USA under the guise of “Christian Refugees,” but appears to be a Trojan Horse.  The Democrats will destroy Social Security and Medicare at the rate they’re spending.

ObamaCare made a demand that American taxpayers pay the federal government up-front for Obamacare for two years or else be punished for services NOT rendered and may NEVER be rendered.  It’s a fact that the White House has been warned that the long-term financial costs to maintain ObamaCare is not sustainable.  And, there lies a huge difference between car insurance and successful private health insurance paid through employers versus a federally run health care system known as Obama-Care Private industry, who operates the auto industry, auto and health insurance private industry is a proven success,  but federally operated Obamacare will be a disaster. 

The federal government has proven its inadequacy to run any business as they turn into Ponzi schemes.  The House Crisis?  Social Security?  Medicare?  Welfare?  Obamacare?  T like the housing crisis – government-run Social Security – Medicare – Welfare – and  the Stimulus! They’ve all been pilfered and bankrupted by the federal government!  The limited powers was granted to the federal government so they couldn’t bankrupt the nation.

The Nazi-style Obama agenda:  Obama-Care creates a generational built-in pay-up-front customer base for the federal government and a consistent flow of taxes for the federal government with intent to hire 1700 IRS agents.  The agents under Obama’s watch will be allowed  to knock on the doors of Americans which is what Obama planned for Americans and frighten people.  This is Obamacare.  It’s not about health care.

Obamacare is about Obama!   Obamacare is about implementing the taxpayer funded microchip with intent to microchip every individual in order to control and enslave the masses.  There are many people already microchipped.  Obamacare is a death panel clever 2700 pages forcing Americans to pay for their own demise and that of babies around the world.  It’s about forcing teachers to indoctrinate little children into same-sex agendas and transgenders by feminizing little boys.  These are depopulation programs of future Americans that will be spread across Western Civilization if not stopped.

Obamacare forces America’s taxpayer to fund death to future natural-born Americans and babies around the world about to be born to poor parents. These are worldwide depopulation programs.  Planned Parenthood aborts about 1,000,000 future natural born Americans per year.  They’ve wiped out about 70,000,000 Americans who would be natural-born citizens helping defend this nation, but they are being replaced with illegals and fake refugees from foreign enemy nations.

In other words, Americans are  forced to pay for their own  demise ,  It’s the catalyst to wipe out the constitution, Freedom, Liberty,  Rights, Individualism, Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Sovereignty, God, Christianity,  U.S. history, America’s monuments, by creating civil unrest funded by George Soros.  These NWO and UN and EU agendas are funded by extremely wealthy supporters determined to destroy the greatest Free Christian Nation on earth.

Europe is already falling, especially the UK who caters to the foreign invaders.  Canada under Trudeau is on its way to find out that the Canadians are being replaced as Trudeau changes and transforms Canada. Merkel is transforming  Germany  and nearly lost to the foreign invaders .  Macros is a problem for the French.  Sweden and Belgium aren’t fighting back against the foreign invaders to save their nations.  Hillarycare morphed into Obamacare!  Obama and Hillary are the same.  These agendas are clever depopulation programs implemented  as health care, but in reality ends in “death to America!”   Obamacare ends the lives of the elderly and seniors, chronically ill, mentally and physically challenged, possibly kids and adults with autism, and veterans.


Remember, the federal government collected social security and Medicare up-front from America’s earnings and promised to open a Trust Fund where it would never be touched by the congress but promised it to be returned as a government retirement plan for all American workers. The greedy and dishonest elected congressional members throughout the years,  diverted social security and Medical. without the knowledge of the American Citizens. They spent it without accountability.


So, what’s the difference between collecting up-front for Social Security and collecting up-front for Obama-Care?  Since this regime has already pilfered nearly $5 trillion in 3 years under the Obama-Democratic regime without accountability, just a bunch of hot air of how they were going to use it to create infrastructure jobs and put Americans to work and repair infrastructure in dire need of repairs for decades.  They lied and it appears to be more of the Ponzi scheme that helped fund donors, bundlers, themselves, and foreign enemy nations. as well as migrate tens of thousands of fake refugees and illegals they invited into the USA without constitutional authority.

Of course,  the Obama’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, and all the rest of the Democratic taxpayer-funded congressional members are laughing at Americans all the way to the bank where they depot their wealth into U.S. Banks or Offshore Banks.  They could be laughing at the hard-working Americans they’ve ripped off and state are  “foolish,” and “easily tricked.”  The Democrats also stated that the Americans citizens are “stupid.”  Obama stated that Americans are small-minded,” when he demanded that all  Americans give up their Liberties.  He declared that America is “no longer a Christian Nation.”  Michelle  Obama stated in her last speech before leaving the White House that this nation “belongs to the Muslims” and they should never forget it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that enemies from within can take down a nation without worrying about having one bomb dropped from the skies by foreign enemy nations.  It only takes, enemies from within working with foreign enemy nations and allow them to invade, infiltrate, over populate, dominate, and conquer a nation.  Obama and the Democrats apparently wrote the Hate crimes Bill to silence Americans and punish Americans who spoke out against these agendas and the fake foreign refugees

Remember,  Obamacare is a trap towards enslavement.  It’s about death to Americans and depopulation of future Americans and changing and transforming the USA into a nation of foreign babble, foreign religion, foreign ideologies, and compliance.  The motto is “comply or die.”   This is an example of how Obamacare operates:  You are in pain and you need a Dentist to take away your pain.  The Dentist says he can relieve your pain and make you all better.  He says, “First, you must pay-up-front for three years, and after three years, come back and see me.”  He blurts out, “And, if I’m still around and in business, and you didn’t die from gum disease, I might be able to perform dental work but it will depend on your health, age, politics, religion, gender, and sexual preference and mental state.  And, if you meet all the criteria at that time, we can proceed, but you must continue to pay-up or else you could be punished.”  (c 2013)

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11 thoughts on “Why Is Mandated Health Insurance Different From Auto Insurance?

  1. Rose,
    I don’t see any difference between forcing one to have one insurance or the other. The decision of how you should live your life and/or protect yourself is being made by others. The only way either one “helps” you is if you have a disaster. Insurance assumes that you are irresponsible and must pay —upfront—to cover yourslf. Accidents aren’t “inevitable”. (One could say the same about becoming sick and they have.) “Right to bear arms” is no different from sleeping around with AIDS or driving a car into a crowd. The citizen is responsible for his actions. It’s not criminal to have AIDS, drive a car, or need an operation. It becomes so if you harm others in the process of fullfilling these possibilities in life.

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    1. Thank you, for your comment; however, there are car accidents on the road everyday in this nation who injure people kill people drunk drivers, people driving on legal or illegal drugs. and the average driver making an errors while driving can cause injury or death and the loss of a vehicle – of course, injury and death are the worse, but losing a vehicle without insurance without injury or death can cause the loss of job or pleasure of travel if one can’t afford to replace the vehicle and most can’t. So, auto insurance – if just liability is necessary to protect victims of our errors on the road..


  2. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who had been doing a little research on this. And he actually ordered me lunch due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to discuss this topic here on your web page.

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  3. I do trust all of the ideas you have introduced to your post.
    They’re very convincing and can definitely work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for novices.
    May you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time?
    Thank you for the post.

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