Rose Colombo – 7/18/2010

How then shall we determine if there are secret societies consisting of wealthy elitist, who are globalists, and determine if their agenda is controlling and gaining power over the masses as well as reducing the population by one billion or more  by the year 2015?  How would they accomplish such a goal based on the number of people in the world?  They would have to use big money from big corporations, gold, wars, diseases, chemical warfare, Wall Street, banks,  unconstitutional laws, and prisons.  The American people should not fear their government, but as of 2009, they do fear their government, especially the expansion of the Patriot Act.  The Patriot Act and Obama’s many Executive Orders  appear to trample on America’s freedoms and laws, such as Executive Order 13489, which is a self-serving law that provides a president the unconstitutional ability to by-pass Article II of the U.S. Constitution.  People should fear the government when presidents write laws that are self-protecting and self-serving and circumvent Article II of the constitution. Congresss should slow down the expansion of the federal government in violation of the constitution which grants limited power to the federal government.  Furthermore, the federal government has  granted excessive power to the  police, who have been given the job of acting as lawyer, judge and juryon the spot.

What would talk show hosts, politicians and educators say if people said that there are very wealthy elitist and globalists whose goal equates to reducing the population by one billion?  They’d probably, say, “Bah, humberg, no such thing!”  But, let me write a somewhat fictional story for you as follows:

A child was born to a white woman, whose parents were communists living in America, but in this fictional story, we don’t know much about the mother or the father.  The mother favors Black Muslim men.  She divorced the child’s father after she’d moved to the Middle East which is comprised of the Muslim religious beliefs or Sharia Law.  She marries another man, who adopts the little boy, and they live in the Middle East  where he attends a Christian school, but in this Muslim country, the school must teach the Muslim religion only.  This little boy is a naturalized citizen of his stepdad’s country because of his adoption.  The U.S. and the Middle Eastern country doesn’t  recognize dual citizenship, but during the 1980s, he manages to travel from Afghanistan to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport.

After awhile, he decides to attend school in the U.S., on a foreign student loan, so he travels from the Middle East to America using his Indonesian passport and according to reporters and lawyers, he has more than one U.S. social security number and more than one name.  He conceals his school records and birth certificate.  He spends more than $1,000,000 to keep his birth certificate from being vetted.

He has been endoctrinated by his communist grandparents and their associations and informed that he’s been hand picked and is being groomed for the presidency of the United States.  But, he’s also been taught that white people and Americans are the oppressors of the world, spoiled and arrogant, and they should be punished. He says that he graduated from Harvard Law School and attended Columbia University, but reporters state that no one at Columbia remembers him.  No one would forget the name Obama in the United States of America.

Americans know very little about the man who is now running for the office of  the U.S. President.  He speaks of change, transparency, and accountability.  But, after he’s elected, the people don’t like the way he prints and spends the  taxpayers money.  They’re shocked as he takes over the free enterprise businesses and healthcare.  But, somehow, he won the keys to the Rolls Royce and he hit the gas peddle and refuses to step on the brakes before he drives Americans over the cliff while the politicans jump off first.

Although, credible U.S. attorneys, U.S. military officers, U.S. politicians, and citizens file lawsuits with a myriad of allegations against their new president, the U.S. Justices and the U.S. Judges refuse to hear any of the cases and stonewall the lawsuits by insisting that the lawyers don’t have “standing.”

So, he’s allowed to push through his unconstitutional Obamacare healthcare bill which mandates unlawful taxation by coercing U.S. taxpayers under the threat of punishment which includes excessive fines and jail .  This thug like law borders on extortion – “Pay up or else!”  It’s like having an imaginary gun to every U.S. citizen’s head.

Consequently congress claims to have written the unconstitutional Health Care bill, but not read it. Congress voted on Obamacare.  How could they vote on a bill that they never read which violates their fiduciary duty to the American people to pass just and moral laws?  They should all be fired!  And to add insult to injury, the 111th congressional members who took bribes for votes, exempted themselves from their own legislation.  So, the 111th congress, who just gave themselves a hefty raise, does not have to help pay for Obamacare nor be punished for non-compliance which must be another bribe for vote.  In my opinion, the U.S. Congress has no authority to exempt themselves from any U.S. federal laws if they are U.S. citizens, only illegals are exempt from federal laws. Elected politicians have compromised their integrity, lowered the bar, and their standards are at ground level.

Congress also exempted a specific religious group from paying up or being punished, but those who are exempted can still obtain the benefits at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.  Many Americans and  talk show hosts are in love with the leader of the regime.  They appear mesmerized as he sends chills up their legs.  They chant to him and churches spring up and people worship and pray to him. The media is in love with him and they point out that he’s  extremely articulate.  The media and Justice Department could care less in my opinion that he violated constitutional law when he took on a title by a foreign entity and chaired the U.N. while simultaeously acting as U.S. President.  He should have resigned as the U.S. President first.  He violated the constitution when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.  He is called the “one,” or the “messiah” by many.  He makes promises that he never keeps.  He says one thing and does the opposite.  He says he can do this because the laws of the land are no more than a charter of unconstitutional liberties or [laws].  Now, we don’t know the end of the story, yet….but think about the following.

In ancient history, there was debtor’s  prison, but it no longer exists today, but under an unconstitutional law such as Obamacare,  free American citizens are being forced to pay up for a U.S. product that won’t be rendered for four years and may never be rendered with their own money similar to how leaders do business in Third World countries. Money paid to buy a  consumer product is a payment and not a tax, but no one in the justice department or congress seems to care that money for a consumer product is not a tax.  They don’t care if Obamacare is legal or not legal, apparently.  Consequently, if Americans fail to comply with the unconstitutional Obamacare laws then they are punished with excessive fines and or jail .  Obama says that he’s hiring thousands of IRS agents to go after U.S. citizens who don’t comply and pay up.

So, has president Obama reinstated what was once known as debtor’s prison?  Isn’t it against the law to extort money by coercing a person against their will under threat to buy a product they don’t want with their own money and threaten them that if they don’t pay up then they’ll be punished?

What if the elitist are grooming Obama and pulling all the strings while our tax dollars are pilfered and our economy destroyed as well as our environment?  After all, more chemicals have leaked into the water, soil, and air since 1970 than is reported in the news.

Where are the billions of dollars missing from the Pentagon books, and why are millions beings sent to the U.N. and across the oceans or to Odinga?  Therefore, is it possible to think that worldwide mandated abortions is another method of genocide as billions of babies are slaughtered at the hands of men paid with U.S. dollars to reduce the population?

Why didn’t Obama disclose his bill, S. 2433, the Global Poverty Act, during his campaign?  He received the approval of  V.P. Biden, Feinstein, and Kerry and implemented it as an Executive Order immediately after his election in 2009.  Obama’s Executive Order mandates worldwide abortions on the dime of the American people.  He recently authorized over $700,000,000 for planned parenting which is for the abortions agenda and $60 million to the U.N. for the same agenda.  The millions consisting of U.S. tax dollars should have been spent to create jobs for the American people, not spent on mandated abortions.

Pro-Abortion Supporters: Rahm Emmanuel; Sen. Tom Daschle; Dawn Johnson, Ellen Moran; Melody Barnes; Hillary Clinton, Jeanne Lambrew, Tim Kaine, VA. gov., Thomas Perrelli, the lawyer who represented Terri Schiavo’s husband, Michael, in his efforts to kill his disabled wife, is now the third highest attorney in the Justice Department and pro-abortion. The list goes on and on with names of people Obama appoints or supports into positions of power.  If  you’re interested in the pattern and chronological list google, compiled by Steven Ertelt on 3/7/10, “President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record:  A Pro-Life Compilation.”   Disclaimer:  Nothing said in this blog is intended to be legal, financial, political, or medical advice, but a dissemination of information only.  Order the Irwin Award winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,”  on or Barnes & Noble or get an autograph copy from

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    1. speedvx, yes, my whole book is now available on and and it is like this! “Fight Back Legal Abuse” a self-help book with the hope of helping people empower themselves with knowledge before the fact, not after.


  1. Superb blog! Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m completely confused .. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!


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