Rose Colombo welcomes Author-Joseph D’Antoni, Author/Rogue Asset/Forensic Expert and Economic Expert/ 08/26 Current Events Podcasts

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Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Women Fight Back, Author, Advocate for Justice
Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Women Fight Back, Author, Advocate for Justice

Rose Colombo welcomes Joseph D’Antonio, a true forensic and economic expert who wrote his latest book, “Rogue Asset” and shares this fictional exciting book about a fugitive MI-6 agent gone rogue.  Mr. D’Antoni spent many years testifying in court cases throughout the world.  His clients include the FBI, Department of Justice, Intelligence agencies, and some of the largest law firms in the country.  He holds advanced academic degrees and has taught at three major universities.  His fictional characters are often inspired by actual cases he has worked on and events he investigated.  The fugitive MI-6 agent is suspected of supplying Russian arms to rebels in a West African nation.  The key character, “Wade Hanna, accepts the deadly Tangier assignment to stop the arms before they arrive.  His fellow agent and lover, Megan remains in the dark about his disappearance.  The unwelcome uncertainties greet Wade when he finds his separation from Megan may be permanent at the hands of others he can no longer trust.”

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The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio
The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio

Listen Taped Live:  Rose Colombo welcomes Dr. John Gamble, distinguished Professor of Political Science and International Law at Penn State and International Law at Penn State’s Behrend College in Erie and Director of Honors Programs.  Dr. Gamble has dealt with stuttering during his life time and despite the challenge, he’s overcome his life’s challenge and moved forward climbing the ladder of success in the field of education. He managed to turn his personal challenge into an opportunity which helps enlighten and empower people and students. He used his personal experiences and belief that words are precious and should not be taken for granted.  His life’s experiences led him to write an informative and intriguing book, “No Bull Information” available at  (Click Follow – Like – Comment and Reblog) – Click the Link Below to Listen:

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Dr. John Gamble/Professor/Political Science 06/24 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

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James Lowe Syndicated National Radio Host invites Rose Colombo, award-winning author and Crusader for Justice!

Rose Colombo, Radio Producer and Host, Author. advocate for justice
Rose Colombo, Radio Producer and Host, Author. advocate for justice


James Lowe, popular Radio Host of the nationally syndicated “James Lowe Radio Show” invited Rose Colombo, award-winning author and well-respected Advocate and Crusader for Justice.  Rose has appeared on  major and local TV and heard on major radio stations and quoted, as well as published, and featured in major magazines, newspapers, and social media.  She hosts, The Justice Club, MWF, 9a-10:30a pdt on Freedomizer Radio.  Click on the link below to hear the taped live clip recorded January 2015.


The Justice Club 01/13 FreedomizerRadio/Guest Lloyd Wright, author re: Hepatiis C

Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club on Freedomizer Radio at BTR
Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club on Freedomizer Radio at BTR

Special Guest, Lloyd Wright, author of “Triumph Over Hepatitis C,” exposes the adverse side affects of Rx drugs and the myriad of alternative natural supplements and share his story of how he helped heal himself on the JUSTICE CLUB with Host, Rose Colombo – Click below and move the dial to 70 minutes to begin the interview – or listen to all three shows on Freedomizer Radio at Blog Talk Radio

TLRoars / CthePower / Justice Club 01/13 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

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