Listen Taped Live: Rose Colombo’s author, JD Mass Shares a White Man’s Journey & Healing Racism/ Pt 2 Is Famine Being Implemented?

Rose Colombo (c) 3/16/2022

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How many people believe that the Critical Race Theory should be taught in public schools, colleges, and Universities in the USA? We must question if we’ve made political progress as a young country versus the ancient history of slaves that included the Middle east, Africa, China, Egypt, Rome and Greece long before America was discovered by Christopher Columbus which raises the question why would any American want to destroy the historical statues and history and founder of The United States of America?

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Americans ended slavery 150 years ago. Some slave bosses were tyrants and committed crimes against humanity, while others were kind and caring and provided separate housing, clothing, food, and even taught the slaves how to read who worked on the plantations. In fact, Thomas Jefferson was one of the moral and caring slave owners.

JD Moss is an activist and author who shares his book hot off the press, “Race for What?” A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within on Colombo Chronicles. He explains how he intermingled with mostly Black students in school and what it was like being the only white student in the school. He provides 7 steps to guide people on how to began the healing and treat all people as they would like to be treated on both sides of the aisle.

On Part 2, Colombo shares her input on the coming preplanned famine that will reduce the population of the planet if the Globalist achieve their goal after breaking down the food chain over 2 years by locking down Americans and the rest of the world. Colombo believes that we’re all enslaved to the New World Order only we don’t want to acknowledge it or address it, so we ignore it, but we can’t ignore it any longer because it’s a matter of life and death and the potential to make God’s children extinct upon the earth by changing the survivors into cyborgs, Trans-Humans who can’t procreate and mindless zombies who can’t think for themselves.


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Is It Possible to Premeditate a Global Genocide for Financial Incentives and Depopulation by 2030?

Rose Colombo (2/13/22)

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The video link below should be watched by every human being on the planet, who isn’t part of the New World Order and their “New Norm” health care. Anyone who isn’t seeking to reduce the population of the planet, which is an ancient goal and equates to crimes against humanity, should be aware that people are waking up around the globe. The depopulation program isn’t new. The fact that Hiter and his Nazi and Communist army committed a genocide by people who were suffering from economic hard times in Europe complied for promised housing, food, health care, and shelter and jobs. The Marxist and Muslim Brotherhood tyrannical leaders do the same. And, now the secret society of NWO wealthy members believe they should redevelop the planet with mind controlled zombies and Trans Humans created in a petrie dish by a Scientist. Trans Humans can’t procreate and they are possibly controlled through the experimental jabs and hooked up by the internet it does appear.

Obviously, they don’t believe in God, only in Science. They worship money. They believe they are gods who discovered immortality. They mess around and experiment on humans using each one as a human lab rat – chattel – property – slaves forced into servitude by unconstitutional mandates using mRNA genetically engineered organisms that can possibly alter the God given unique DNA of individual human beings. And, let’s not forget the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula being injected into millions of human with unknown materials or consequences.

Many wealthy people in business who worship money believe it’s their duty as the chosen ones and their offspring who deserve to breathe in fresh oxygen and exhale carbon monoxide, while mandating everyone else cut off their oxygen supply, and obey them. Every human being realizes that once living beings or plants and trees are denied oxygen, they die. God created oxygen – fresh air – and referred to it in the Bible as The Breath of Life. After God created Adam and Even, he breathed oxygen into their lungs so they could live.

Furthermore, if God didn’t want Adam and Eve to live and enjoy life, he wouldn’t have created the nose and mouth. Oxygen is a necessity of life breathed in 24/7 and exhaling carbon monoxide which keeps the lungs and cells and immune system healthy. A strong immune system worked since Adam and Eve without experimental jabs and without experimental drugs. People lived for 400 years. What happened to the U.S. Constitution when it comes to using human lab rats for experimental vaccines or what I refer to as injections or jabs because they aren’t FDA approved licensed vaccines. The truth is that by using the FDA Emergency Authorization Experimental and Trial vaccine act, they are abusing their authority as we’re going into the 3rd year which wasn’t intended to be long term and was rarely used in the past.

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In 2019, Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates and MSM and Social Media giants and NWO members on Wall Street decided the immune system was “meaningless.” Many wealthy bankers and public servants in the blue states and some in Congress White House, Supreme Court Justices and Wall Street chose to invest in the money making faulty PCR toxic Ethylene Oxide swabs and toxic Ethylene Oxide masks made in China as well as invest in Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and J&J. (Check out my blog on Ethylene Oxide}. The immune system fights off viruses and bacteria and if masks worked, China should be virus free.

Consequently, communist China opened up 300 manufacturing companies to supply the world with masks and PCR tests raking in billions. China-Gates allowed Dr. Fauci to fund China and use the careless Biochemical Wuhan Lab to continue the alleged gain-of-function after the USA placed a moratorium on Dr, Baric and Dr. Fauci’s research, but wealthy friends and associates linked to China through Wall Street supported the research despite the danger. These wealthy NWO members donated millions to secretly transfer Fauci’s research offshore to a foreign enemy communist nation.

Every minute that someone is coerced, threatened or fear mongered or threatened with punishments such as being fired from their jobs if they resist being used as a Human Lab Rat, Big Pharma is creating a built-in customer base of never-ending future jabs. The government and Anser and Wall Street involved in this agenda are using Human Beings as Human Commodities for Human Capital. Human Lab Rats have complied under fear and duress of losing their jobs and the U.S. Military is under threat of getting jabbed or be kicked out of the military.

Americans aren’t being controlled by the guaranteed laws of the U.S. Constitution that guarantees the right e to exercise freedom, liberty and rights, but by Billionaires who donate to the entire Democrat Party as they seek to control the USA and eventually the world. Remember, in reality, these criminal minded wealthy people haven’t any constitutional authority to deny any American their constitutional Rights to Free Will, Free Choice to control their own bodies and minds and that of their minor children.

In fact, they are in violation of human rights violations because Americans are guaranteed to exercise the Necessities of Life Laws granting them protection of human rights to work and educate, access health care, travel, provide for the necessities of life. Americans didn’t elect or taxpayer fund appointees to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and Sovereignty or Free Will and Free Choice. over a flu with a vaccine passport which is treason and sedition.

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Time is running out to wake up…..The Truth Shall Set You Free and Humanity

Thank you to the brave doctors and medical staff and any man or woman and child, public servants regardless of party who are concerned citizens from around the world and can discern evil from good and right from wrong. Who can discern propaganda from truth. Who can discern real Science from Pseudo-Science. Who can discern spiritual warfare and the evil one coming to destroy all that God created including 90% of the population and animals, birds, fish, mammals in exchange to create their own Trans Human world that can’t procreate but only be enslaved as mind-controlled zombies.

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Is USA Standing Up Against Totalitarian Wealthy New World Order CEOs, Politicians, AI Investors in a Potential World COUP D’ ETAT?

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! Anyone who uses coercion, threats, and fear mongering and Harassment to force another human being to obey them with intent to do something against another person’s Free Will and without their consent that could cause harm to their victim’s body or their family’s emotional, physical, or financial health, is a crime. It’s a crime for government or CEO’s to cause duress and place fear in the minds of their victims or employees, who they coerce or threaten to comply with their mandates based on fear of punishment that their victims or employees will be fired from their jobs or starved to death or made poor and isolated from family and society. It’s a crime to force anyone to be used as a Human Lab Rats without consent and without informing them of the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula and what is in it and what the mRNA genetically engineered gene manipulation does to one’s body including injury or death.

Some states' COVID vaccine perks are cash prizes. NJ's is free beer

It’s a crime to coerce or fear monger or threaten human beings that if they won’t be used as human lab rats so Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson, and all investors can earn Billions off Human Commodities for Human Capital as they laugh all the way to the bank. It’s a crime to threaten any human being to obey or else be be punished and be forced into concentration camps like in Australia which is cruel and unusual punishment for people who question their tyrannical leaders. It’s fear mongering to threaten Americans or anyone else that they will be arrested and jailed as the Democrats and RINOS did to free Americans in the USA in 2019 – 2022 as well as during the 2019-2020 WHO and CDC and NIH, Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates Lock Downs for not wearing a stupid mask. These agents including NIH haven’t any Scientific evidence to prove that the mandates to wear stupid bandit used during the riots stop a virus. If masks stopped a virus then China would be virus free!

And why would DHHS and the Congress grant 100% immunity from injury or killing people with experimental and trial injections which should equate to manslaughter or murder or genocide, Crimes against Humanity and violations of the Nuremberg Codes. After all, Gates and Soros and other NWO members have stated for generations that the goal of the NWO is to reduce the population of the planet by billions. It appears that they may be committing extortion, as well as a potential genocide by threatening people to roll up their sleeves and use their bodies for injections or else by punished in exchange for their jobs and for Big Pharma’s profits.


Americans are standing up and speaking out against the faulty masks with no Scientific proof that they stop viruses which has been published by the NIH and other medical studies. There isn’t any scientific evidence that their distancing indefinitely mandated stops a virus from spreading because people who have a cold or flu all linked to the coronavirus have always stayed home without CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci treating people like children and idiots while they were caught violating their own mandates. They have caused duress by pitting people and family members against each other and created depression and increased suicides among the youth. How healthy are these agendas when they are creating stress and economic disaster? This isn’t healthy for any society.

So, who are they trying to fool? It appears they’re trying to fool everyone around the world that they’re into ending a plannedemic when their goal is keep jabbing people forever for profit and it appears for depopulation. They have knowledge that excessive chemical laden jabs weaken the immune system and once the immune system shuts down, people die. The adverse health effects can be immediately, or hours later, days, weeks, months, or 1, 2, or 3 years or more down the road. The experimental injections and Boosters as well as death is irreversible.

Why isn’t China-Gates and the NWO Big Pharma starting their agenda to jab the world in poor countries such as China, Japan, India, and Africa, or the Middle East, where there are wall to wall people, who can’t distance? Why is Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros, Klaus Schwab and CDC, WHO, NIH, DHHS, and the White House and Pfizer, Moderna,J&J and Astra Zeneca targeting the healthiest countries in the world who know how to stay home if sick and what to do instead of the overpopulated nations where they are plagued with viruses and diseases?

And, why would Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO remove Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine from hospital and nursing home protocols as well as remove them from pharmacies and OTC shelves during a plannedemic knowing those products are 100% approved by the FDA as safe and effective products. These 2 products are referred to by the medical field as “miracle cures” and they’ve have been around for decades as effective and safe. In fact, Ivermectin is used on humans and horses and so far, Ivermectin and HCQ, which has been around 70 years, has a long historical track record without any deaths or injuries linked to them, unlike the Experimental and Trial injections that are injuring and killing millions of once healthy babies, children, teens, young and old in Western Civilization.

What authority did Big Pharma or Dr. Fauci or CDC or WHO apply to remove FDA approved safe and effective OTC or RX use for any reason of Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin? What will they pull from the markets next? Vitamins C and D3 and Zinc or Vicks? Did you know that President Bill Clinton attempted to make Vitamin C a Rx Drug while he was in office for 8 years and he and Eric Holder went after anyone selling natural products such as Herbalife and many more organic supplements? Not so long ago, they arrested a man who was doing info-commercials about how to stay healthy and which foods to eat. So, how long was the plannedemic in the works?

The truth is that all the protocols by Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors and Bill Gates have failed. In fact, group insurance companies and morticians and hospitals are reporting an increased of deaths, especially among young people who died from heart attacks, after the experimental jabs were rolled out over the past years 2021 – 2022. As stated, Bill Gates or Melinda Gates aren’t Scientists or Doctors or Ph.D., so why their interest in population control, Planned Parenthoos depopulation program as babies are needed to preserve sovereign nations, or viruses and stating to the world that everyone must be used as human lab rats and injected with multiple experiments injections and that “You have no choice?”

How is it that Bill and Melinda Gates are held up by the media as the experts on giving medical advice and medical information on viruses and vaccines without medical licenses? Is it becamse Bill Gates purchased more than $500 Million in media air time for himself, Dr. Fauci, and the CDC and WHO Directors on MSM, BBC, and Facebook and Twitter’ worldwide platform. How many of these wealthy media and social media CEOs donated to Dr. Fauci’s research in the USA and offshore in the Wuhan Lab through Eco-Health to avoid conflicts of interest as they silence everyone on the right or credentialed doctors and scientists who oppose their narratives on covid 19 and the experimental and trial injections?

Many doctors from the USA and around the world have been denied or restricted and even stated threatened to be stripped of their licenses or removed from social media platforms if they dare to disagree with the NWO members such as George soros, Bill Gates or Dr. Fauci or the CDC and WHO Directors. After all, Bill Gates has donated millions to the CDC and WHO and Democrat Party and EU leaders and major Universities.

Apparently, this is how and why Gates whose invested $10 Billion expecting a $200 Billion return on his investment in vaccines is allowed to promote and market and distribute through Big Pharma the experimental injections with mRNA genetically engineered organism gene therapy never used on humans before, but Bill Gates stated in an interview that they will “plunge a genetically engineered organism into every child’s arm” and he animated his statement and gave that happy grin of his when he feels he’s about to control everyone and the entire planet in the future..

And, doctors have stated that the mRNA allegedly creates spike proteins that multiple and allegedly cause blood clots that travel in the body and can attack the organs in the body that can cause blood clots that result in possible direct adverse health effects such as brain injury, heart attacks, Paralysis, strokes, and more adverse lifetime effects or death.

HOW IS THIS HEALTH CARE? And, why doesn’t Pfizer want to inform the world what is in the unknown Pfizer Trade Secret Formula that whistleblowers state contains graphene, which is a poison to humans, and can cause death. Why did the Pfizer CEO state that he won’t be vaccinated and seeks 75 years to devulge his Trade Secret Formula being injected into the arms of millions of people?

Therefore, should Americans conclude that the U.S. government is lying to Americans, Europe, and Canada and either they don’t know what they’re mandating be injected into the bodies of pregnant women, babies, children, teens, young and old in this Experiment on Humanity or don’t care? They are injecting experimental and trial injections into millions of human beings worldwide that are non-licensed and unapproved FDA experimental injections and can’t even tell you what is in these injections knowing people are dying and being permanently injured for life?

The White House, NWO CEO’s, CDC, WHO, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci continue to use threats, coercion or fear mongering and even harassment as seen on MSM by doctors who try to convince patients to be used as human lab rats. When was it a doctor’s job to convince people to be used as human lab rats and they can’t even tell their patients what is in the Pfizer jabs and what are the direct adverse health effects that are permanent?

The Gates and Dr. Fauci, NIH, CDC, and WHO Directors and MSM with their fear mongering have placed fear in the minds of their victims and fear causes duress. People fear losing their jobs which then causes emotional, physical and financial distress. It’s common sense and everyone knows that without jobs and income, they will be impoverished. Homeless. Unable to buy food. So, people will die from malnutrition, instead.

Trust God. Don’t trust investors in the business of vaccines with faulty Science while people are dying or healthy people are being injured for life with no liability for the deaths and lifetime injuries after bullying once healthy people, whose injuries were caused by Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Astra Zeneca or any investors, distributors, marketers or media involved with this Experiment on Humanity. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!

GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD WHO ARE AWAKENING TO THESE EVIL ONES. It’s no secret that the members of the New World Order who are the wealthy on CEOs or Investors on Wall Street and EU and U.S. and Canadian public servants or other nations are involved in reducing the population of the planet down by 90% by 2050. It appears that the intent to enslave the survivors and create a world of Trans Humans who are neither male or female and can’t procreate. This is a war on God’s Creation of Human Beings and a War on Babies needed to preserve sovereign nations and a War on God. Remember, Bill Gates stated, “You have no choice” and George Soros stated, “They will alter your bodies” and hook the survivors up to the internet. Klaus Schwab stated, “You will own nothing and be happy.”

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Is OSHA Filing a Case in Supreme Court using the Misleading word, “Vaccines” and Filing a Case to Mandate Fear and Recruiting Employers by Mandate to be their watch dogs and spies for this worldwide Covid 19 Experiment?

Rose Colombo (C) January 07, 2022Consumer Advocate for Justice; author; poet, producer and host of Colombo Chronicles podcast..

Americans should be asking if OSHA is filing a case promoting Fear? Is Osha filing a case against Healthy Americans and healthy children, teens and young adults? And, is it a crime in America today to be of sound mind and a individual with a healthy immune system and healthy body for those who resist being jabbed or used as Human Lab Rats?

Should Americans not ask if healthy Americans feel as if the Democrats and NWO Billionaires are placing an imaginary gun to their heads saying, “Stand in Line every 3 days or every 3 minutes and be jabbed when we order you to do so and, if you don’t comply, we will punish you? We will impoverish you and destroy your life. We’ll strip you of your state licenses and fire you from your jobs!” Or, we’ll have you arrested for daring to breathe in fresh oxygen if you take off the masks and breathe in free fresh air that keeps your body and immune system healthy and keeps you alive?

These Blue State Socialists Democrats who are invested and laughing all the way to the bank raking in Billions coerce and fear monger and threaten Free people that they must comply with diminishing your natural needed supply of oxygen and the right to breathe in and exhale all day and night by ordering people to wear 1, 2, or 3 masks and a plastic shield and goggles and stop inhaling fresh oxygen or exhaling carbon monoxide? How is that healthy when they have no Scientific studies to prove CDC or WHO or Dr Fauci’s opinion and theory to my knowledge. In fact, Dr. Fauci stated on MSM that masks don’t stop a virus but make people feel protected. He also has been caught off camera removing his mask.

50 Greatest Presidential Quotes of All Time

Should we the American people, who are are the government, ask the question, “When did America’s representatives forget they are public servants and they don’t own our bodies and minds or our children’s bodies and minds? They don’t own private small businesses and which authority are these federal and state agencies applying to order employers to become doctors without licenses order people to get a medical experimental treatment and become watch dogs for the government and compile medical records and report their employees to the government as well as firing healthy people and forcing employees to work under duress? Why is Dr. Fauci, WHO and CDC, FDA and DHHS, Surgeon General and OSHA attempting to control everyone’s minds and bodies and force them to become human lab rats without knowing what’s in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula and what the consequences are of the mRNA genetically engineered organism gene manipulation never used on human beings and immediate or future consequences to humanity?

How is it that the federal and state Democrats are working overtime to deny Free Will and Free Choice with intent to control our minds and bodies and deny us the right to live our lives as a free people granted by God, not by Democrats or Republicans or wealthy New World members on Wall Street compromised or working with China as well as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution?

Americans should be asking the elected representatives when did the Democrat elected and appointed taxpayer funded public servants decide it’s okay to rip up the U.S. Constitution and replace it with the alphabet soup agencies created by government who appear to be creating police states and seeking to either starve Americans to death or destroy their lifestyles and impoverish them or throw them in FEMA camps? Did Obama and Biden secretly grant police powers to CDC, WHO, NIH or DHHS without disclosing that information to the American people?

Perhaps, we should ponder if that’s why Speaker Pelosi ripped up the State of The Union without fear of being removed from congress or charged with a crime while standing behind President Trump on the world stage. Her mean and childish act cast a shadow of shame on America as she insulted a duly elected President of the United States of America. She insulted the people honored during the event and Fallen Heroes as well as the entire nation.

Words have meaning. Ripping up the State of the Union and ignoring, rewriting, altering, or ripping up the U.S. Constitution by announcing it is “meaningless” by taxpayer funded elected or appointed representatives should be a crime and they should be stripped of their titles. It appears that Speaker Pelosi was attempting to send a message to the NWO Democrats and RINOS, Iran, EU, China and the CCP as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and the world that the U.S. Constitution will be ripped up next after Covid 19 in 2019 was announced as an alleged covid19 pandemic because the Biden-Harris and Democrat regime appear to be trampling on the Constitution is “meaningless” by taking Americans hostage for 2 years which is a far cry from a quarantine which is rare and lasts about 2 weeks.

They did and continue to destroy and threaten the livelihoods of American lives as well as destroying the right to an education, businesses, jobs and income. They have impoverished millions of Americans. They forced once successful free Middle Class Americans into food lines and ordered them to fear each other, wear masks with no Scientific evidence and wait for a bag of food and a bottle of water as they train up the population. They ordered healthy people to stand in line and be jabbed with experimental and trial injections knowing that there were high risks of serious direct adverse health effects and even death.

Natural News reported on January 18, 2022, that Male Teen Deaths have skyrocketed 53% from covid vaccination. Click on the Link Below:

Did OSHA file a Supreme Court Case Case Mandating Fear? Did OSHA file a Supreme Court case against We The People and in favor of Big Pharma investors? In Osha’s filing of a Supreme Court case did their legal counsel refer to the injections as “vaccines” instead of referring to them for what they are basing their case by referring the injections as mRNA treatment as an “FDA approved Emergency Authorization Act of Experimental and Trial Injections or did OSHA’s lawyers file a case that misrepresents the truth?

The truth is that the chemical-laden jabs are no more than warp speed experimental and trial injections with an mRNA genetically engineered organism never used on human being and a Pfizer Trade Secret Formula unknown to anyone except Pfizer what is in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula injected into millions of human beings and not FDA approved licensed vaccines that taked 5-25 years to complete.

Why is OSHA requesting employers mandate that their employees be jabbed with ineffective experimental jabs knowing more than 1,000,000 people are reported to have died or been permanently injured after they were jabbed once the experimental jabs were rolled out in 2021? Isn’t that more than lives lost on foreign battlefields and now being lost on the Big Pharma covid experimental jabs creating a battlefield in the USA as the Democrat Socialist federal government and Blue State Governors and Mayors divide the nation?

Americans should be asking the question, “Why is OSHA interfering in private businesses and dictating what employers must do when it comes to ordering Americans to be used as Human Lab Rats and discriminating against healthy employees who aren’t covid infected or possibly be shut down or cut off their employee’s oxygen supply with 1, 2 or 3 masks and a shield without Scientific published evidence that masks stop a virus and Scientific evidence that suddenly Natural Immunity and strong immune systems no longer work. Where is the Scientific published evidence in medical journal on these issues and the fact that healthy people are dangerous to the Human Lab Rats?

Which medical journals or U.S. Law Books and Medical Books can we find this this Scientific evidence on these controversial issues that are putting people into “camps” or jailing good people and denying them the right to work or go to church as well as threatening to remove people into FEMA camps?

Americans should call their senators (202) 224-3121 and demand to know how is it constitutional for agencies to force employers to become doctors with licenses and watch dogs over the medical treatments of their employees and ignore or violate the HIPPAA laws and invade the confidential medical records of patient-doctor confidentiality?

The White House and Congress should be explaining to the American people where in the U.S. Constitution does it state that employers have the authority or any government official to violate the privacy of any American and Wall Billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros can buy corporations to track and trace individual Americans as well as and create files on every American without violating all constitutional rights to privacy and Freedom?

It’s no secret that Bill and Melinda Gates and Gates’ dad and Bill Gates’ friend, Jeffrey Epstein, and the NWO Globalists end goal is to reduce the population while raking in Billions in profits and working hard at controlling human beings under the guise of “health care” using advanced technology. Which constitutional authority is the federal or State Democrat Socialist Party applying to require employers to fire healthy employees or discriminate against healthy employees and/or demote them or isolate and punish them?

It’s a fact that doctors report that they can’t distinguish the difference between covid 19 patients and seasonal flu, pneumonia, or other respiratory ailments; however, most patients who enter the ER or testing sites or ICU are reported as covid 19 patients and all other top causes of death such as seasonal flu and pneumonia, Heart Attacks and Strokes, which are increasing it appears after the roll out of the experimental covid injections in January 2022.

Therefore, it’s important to note that the FDA and Dr. Fauci 2020 FDA compiled a covid lst of potential direct adverse health effects include blood clots and Myocarditis and Heart attacks and strokes. They also include the potential for Paralysis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Kawasakei Disease, and many more serious adverse effects that change healthy people into permanently injured persons whether immediately, hours, weeks, months or 1, 2 or 3 years or more down the road because every human being reacts differently to chemicals and drugs.

Furthermore, President Reagan and the congress and DHHS granted immunity to Big Pharma and all investors and everyone involved in the business of licensed vaccines and now experimental and trial injections as well. Why would President Reagan and the DHHA and Congress protect Big Pharma from liability and not protect Americans from permanent injuries or deaths caused by Big Pharma?

The deaths that are recorded as covid 19 deaths on death certificates, after all, the hospitals and nursing homes are offered $39,000 for each covid death as reported online. This agenda creates dishonesty and a potential to pull the plug on patients for financial incentives. Hitler targeted the elderly first for death panels and then the children for depopulation.

The truth is that is what happened in the USA starting in January 2019 when Covid 19 was announced. They told us that they were worried about the elderly and were saving their lives. They said they were jabbing the elderly first to protect them, but instead they were dying by the thousands in New York City where they ordered covid patients be admitted into non-covid 19 facilities. Apparently, NYC didn’t care about the deaths of those infected by the covid 19 patients that former Gov. Cuomo ordered to be admitted into non-covid facilities, but care more about Trump’s taxes.

Were “financial incentives” paid to public servants to issue such an immoral and unethical order? It appears to me that the words “financial incentives” equate to “Bribes for Covid Deaths.”

If the OSHA case filed in the Supreme Court misleads the public and U.S. Justices consciously or unconsciously into believing the experimental jabs are FDA approved licensed “vaccines” while reading and hearing the case, it’s possible that they may base their opinions on thinking of the jabs as FDA approved “Licensed Vaccines” which would could create a decision based upon false statements that appear to be grossly negligent.

The alphabet government agencies as well as media funded by Bill and Melinda Gates who spent over $500 million to buy up air time on MSM and BBC and Social Media have repeatedly referred to the FDA Emergency Authorization Act using Experimental and Trial injections as “vaccines.” How is it ethical and legal for anyone to purchase the majority of air time or invest in their companies on Wall Street to influence a medical narrative and silence and threaten all other doctors and Scientists with case studies who treat covid patients.

How can the government if they aren’t invested not take action and stop Twitter and Facebook and MSM from denying doctors who save lives using HCQ or Ivermectin and other FDA approved safe and effective treatments and supplements be silenced and allow the media to control the narrative that may have caused thousands of deaths by suppressing the information of ethical doctors in the USA and around the world?

Is it Payola? Isn’t using millions of dollars to influence media and radio and retailers without any consequences of the deaths or injuries to promote a consumer product without disclosing that these are PAID COMMERCIALS to be repeated non-stop by all media hosts and the 2 giant Social media ads that influence people with the words, “Get Vaccinated,” which is similar to Payola. How is it any different because payola is a crime in the USA.

The newspapers and TV news was balanced and objective and the anchors or hosts didn’t give their personal opinions and bash politicians freely based on their personal political beliefs. The hosts actually reported the news as it happened and left out their personal opinions. The news has been turned into talk shows and personal opinions, not news.

Nevertheless, the scandals were reported at a time when Americans were taxpayer funding real Department of Justice agents and FBI agents, who were not political, but men and women who investigated crimes that led them to uncover crimes. They uncovered payola in the music industry. DJ’s were caught repeatedly playing and promoting the same songs and rock stars on their radio stations in exchange for “financial incentives” shall we day? How many doctors or hospitals or nursing homes are taking the “financial incentives” since 2019 to promote covid patients and deaths?

Conflicts of Interest: Bill and Melinda Gates spent over $500 Million to promote the Big Pharma experimental and trial injections. They’ve donated millions to Dr. Fauci’s NIH research and WHO and CDC agencies, who are in the business of patents and vaccines, and once a patent is manufactured and distributed then they can began raking in Billions using human lab rats as their built-in customer base by fear mongering, coercion, and threats which are crimes. How is it not considered influencing the medical treatments of people in the USA and the world when the alphabet agencies and the Director of NIH earns more money than the President of the United States? And, it’s the same people promoting the experimental and trial injections and using human beings as their human lab rats for-profit and without any liability for injury or death.

It’s a fact that the covid 19 experimental and trial injections appear to be intentionally being advertised with misleading words in the media and social media around the world when they order people by stating, “Get vaccinated” repeatedly. These ads are non-stop on TV, Social Media, radio and BBC over the past 2 years and continuing into the 3rd year. This appears to be indoctrination. They’ve been misleading Americans into believing that they are being injected with FDA approved licensed vaccines and are protected from getting covid and the variants. They are promoting the false narrative that the human lab rats jabbed with the experimental and trial injections should be angry and isolate and fear the healthy people who don’t have covid and have a strong immune system and resist being used as human lab rats.

The truth is that the government may know and are concealing the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula, but it appears to be gross negligence when they don’t reveal what is in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula or wait until they do know before injecting millions of people in the USA and around the world. And, the same goes for the mRNA genetically engineered organism that allegedly alters God-given DNA and without known consequences to individual human beings as its never been used on human being until this experiment on humanity was rolled out by Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors and the Federal Government in 2019.

Bill Gates boasted that he invested f $10 Billion in Big Pharma and expects a $200 Billion return on his investment in this Big Pharma Human Lab Rat Covid 19 Cult Industrial Complex. In order to generate $200 Billion in profits, he and Big Pharma need a built-in customer base of repeat customers who will roll up their sleeves and be jabbed repeatedly. They hold themselves above the law and congress and DHHS granted Big Pharma, distributors, marketers, and investors 100% immunity from the deaths and injuries being caused worldwide.

In fact, Bill Gates partnered with George Soros to buy a tracing and trcking company called Mologic because they intend to spy and trace and track all the survivors on the planet as well as using the Gates ID 2020 Vaccine Passport to control the survivors on the planet. In fact, they’re training DOGS to sniff people who a dog believes has a flu symptom, believe or not, this is tyranny.

Consequently, if OSHA used the word “vaccines” in their case filings then they have misled the Supreme Court Justices and the public on the fact that they have knowledge that these jabs were approved and intended for the use as “Experimental and Trial injections” only with “high risk” as admitted by Astra Zeneca and Dr. Fauci and “unknown efficacy” as well as direct “adverse reactions” and “unknown consequences” to the individuals.

The U.S. Supreme Court is aware that the White House and Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors are using coercion, threats, and fear mongering against the American people claiming that everyone will die from Covid 19 if they aren’t jabbed multiple times and healthy people are the culprits who don’t have any covid symptoms. It’s the first time since God breathed oxygen into Adam’s lungs so he would live as the “Breath of Life” that healthy people are the problem.

During an interview, Dr. Fauci stated his goal is to get everyone injected in the USA and then order them to be jabbed 2X per year. That is a creation by Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, and Big Pharma and the NWO investors to keep Big Pharma and those investors free from liability for deaths and injuries while raking in billions for investors using the courts and OSHA and DHHS and Surgeon General and Democrats to order Americans to be thei built-in-customer base and repeat human lab rats that cause a money making corporation to remain in business and without any liability for the consumer products they’re selling that can kill people or injure them for life.

The airlines have the same program going for them by using naked x-raying and DNA swabs and Hair strands collected for their NWO wealthy masters knowing Radiation can injure people permanently or cause cancer and death without any liability to the CEO’s of those airlines.

The White House and congress, senate, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors need to tell the truth and stop using the word “vaccines,” which is dishonest and misleading the world’s population. If the investors and MSM and Social Media giants and the alphabet government agencies were honest, they would tell the truth when promoting their snake oil and state that the Big Pharma ineffective jabs are FDA approved as “experimental and trial” injections with High Risk of adverse side effects to humans and can even cause death.

The question that people should be asking is why would the Directors of these government agencies, social media giants, and media conceal the fact that Dr. Fauci and Astra Zeneca admitted that these experimental and trial injection have a High Risk of permanent injuries and deaths? Death is permanent. No one can go back and reverse course and remove the experimental and trial jabs from their bodies. Click on the Link Below:

As the name suggests, emergency temporary standards “are an ‘unusual response’ to ‘exceptional circumstances.’” Int’l Chem. Workers, 830 F.2d at 371 (quoting Pub. Citizen Health Rsch. Grp. v. Auchter, 702 F.2d 1150, 1155 (D.C. Cir. 1983)). Thus, courts have uniformly observed that OSHA’s authority to establish emergency temporary standards under § 655(c) “is an ‘extraordinary power’ that is to be ‘delicately exercised’ in only certain ‘limited situations.’” Id. at 370 (quoting Pub. Citizen, 702 F.2d at 1155).

OSHA: “No person shall discharge or in any manner discriminate against any employee because such employee has filed any complaint or instituted or caused to be instituted any proceeding under or related to this Act or has testified or is about to testify in any such proceeding or because of the exercise by such employee on behalf of himself or others of any right afforded by this Act.”

Jackson Lewis writes, “Forty-seven U.S. Senators and 136 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives assert they needed to file an amicus brief because of their concern with the executive overreach seen in the current administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They argue that vaccine mandates are “a prototypical state police power” and “not within the purview of the OSHA Act, let alone something on which Congress intended OSHA to take unilateral action under its ‘emergency’ powers.” They further argue that OSHA’s assertion of authority over COVID-19 violates the non-delegation doctrine because “Congress provided no authority—let alone an intelligible principle—for OSHA to become a roving public health agency.”

Court Filing by Petitioners states, ” After the President voiced his displeasure with the country’s vaccination rate in September 12, the Administration poured over the U.S. Code in search of authority, or a “work-around,” [13[ for imposing a national vaccine mandate. The vehicle it landed on was an OSHA ETS. The statute empowering OSHA allows OSHA to bypass typical notice-and-comment proceedings for six months by providing “for an emergency temporary standard to take immediate effect upon publication in the Federal Register” if it “determines (A) that employees are exposed to grave danger from exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from new hazards, and (B) that such emergency standard is necessary to protect employees from such danger.” 29 U.S.C. § 655(c)(1)..

‘Huge Impact’

The OSHA case “will have a huge impact on the future of American workplaces,” said Robin Samuel, an attorney with Baker McKenzie in Los Angeles.

“In the short term, the case will determine whether millions of additional American workers will get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs,” he said. “In the longer term, if the ETS is struck down, federal OSHA’s authority to regulate workplaces on a national scale will be significantly undermined, leaving states to regulate workplace safety issues in more of a patchwork fashion.” (SHRM)

Colombo says, OSHA is filing a case to mandate FEAR! Coercion. Threats. And their case would create physical, emotional and financial stress in the work place which has been present since 2019 – 2021. OSHA would add the stress that would be placed on the employers and employees forced to work under fear and duress. How is that healthcare? They are causing duress for employers who don’t fear healthy American employees. OSHA is discriminating against healthy Americans and especially children and teens and young adults with strong immune systems, but kids are now in hospitals after jabbed at their public schools.

Why are the Democrats and Billionaires working overtime at criminalizing healthy people who have the right to refuse to be used as money making human commodities for Gates and Big Pharma and the investor’s profit who are attempting to make it legal that they can use human beings as human lab rats forever without being held liable for deaths or injuries.

When was it a crime for Americans to question experimental jabs by people of sound mind and have read historical events, where people such as Hitler and Psychiatrists behind closed doors or Scientists or Nazi doctors used human beings, under duress and without consent to be used for mind and body experiments as well as in current times after WW II in Canada and the USA? How is it that in 2019 when Dr. Fauci announced the Covid 19 plannedemic that it became a crime to be healthy? It should concern every American why it’s a crime to buy or be prescribed a 70 year old “miracle drug” by Rx or OTC available in drug stores named Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and FDA approved Ivermectin used on horses and humans that doctors state has been approved as safe and effective and helped cure covid patients who many state kept case studies?

Why would healthy people want to be human lab rats for private corporations and investors raking in billions on Wall Street while we are witnessing by proven statistics by One America Group Insurance company and Morticians and Hospitals who agree that there has been a 40% increase of serious injuries and deaths between people between the ages of 18 and 64 since 2021 when these jabs were rolled out? Why is the government pushing for Americans to be Human Commodities for Human Capital?

In addition, the NFIB said that even if the ETS results in a 1 percent to 3 percent attrition in the workforce, the ETS would cause significant injury to businesses.” (SHRM)

COVID AND HEPATITIS: We have read with interest the recent cases suggesting the possibility of vaccine-induced immune-mediated hepatitis with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccines for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.1234567 However, as the cohort of vaccinated individuals against COVID-19 increases, the previously reported cases could not exclude a coincidental development of autoimmune hepatitis, which has an incidence of 3/100,000 population per year.[8] Our case demonstrates conclusive evidence of vaccine-induced immune-mediated hepatitis with a rapid onset of liver injury after the first Moderna dose, which on re-exposure led to acute severe autoimmune hepatitis. (source: Journal of Hepatology)

It appears that the case filed by OSHA is an overreach and they are seeking to enact a tyrannical mandate on all Americans or punish healthy Americans who resist being used as human lab rats. They are criminalizing 80M Americans or more who are not willing to be Human Commodities for Human Capital, Human Lab Rats which violates their Human Rights, and Human Collateral for their money making Experiment with Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros and NWO Billionaires who seek to reduce the population of the planet from their own words and written and stated strategic goals.

Does this sound more like Communism? OSHA will be causing more of headaches for business owners that will lead to more government interference in their business and more paper work and tracking and tracing and reporting to the government who will punish the healthy Americans. Employers will be under more regulations by the government agencies. The stress will effect productivity.

For example, many County District Attorney’s offices have passed the burden of collecting child support from deadbeat parents onto the employers without compensation complying with these governmental orders. Employers are forced to do all the paper work for the government taxpayer funded agencies. They have placed the county’s job on the employers who must comply with the government agencies and provide information and deal with the payments through the employee’s wages without any compensation for the extra work and effort and time taken away from the employer’s businesses.

Moving back to the experimental and trial injections, Bill Gates stated in an interview seen in the news and online that they will “plunge a genetically engineered organism into the arm of every child,” and Bill and Melinda Gates with WHO have travelled to the Congo and India where kids died or were permanently injured after orally vaccinated or plunged chemical-laden needles in thousands of children’s arms and Bill Gates is seen giving vaccines to children in photos and he’s not a licensed doctor. How is it Bill Gates is allowed to be the world spokesperson on covid vaccines and biochemical viruses when he doesn’t have a medical license, just a lot of money to market and buy up MSM and BBC as well as Radio and FB and Twitter commericals aired to the public as speeches or interviews with only Dr. Fauci or Bill and Melinda Gates orWHO and CDC Directors?

Why would the entire Democrat and the RINO members of congress promote “FDA Experimental and Trial Injections on Humanity when there are statements by Dr. Fauci and Astra Zeneca on their packaging that state the “candidates” aka human lab rats, who are jabbed are at “High Risk” and that the jabs contain aborted fetal tissue, and alter DNA? And no one knows what the Pfizer Secret Formula consists of because Pfizer and Dr. Fauci to-date haven’t disclosed what they are plunging into everyone’s arms including pregnant women, babies, children, teens, young and old adults.

Sadly, no one is protecting the Scientists and Doctors who oppose Dr. Fauci’s NIH agendas on mRNA Gene manipulation theory. They have been silenced, even though they reported that mRNA is dangerous to our health. Some of those whistleblowers in the medical field who spoke out including the inventor of the PCR Test who stated it wasn’t intended to detect covid and the tests are faulty have been reported online as suddenly passed away. Plunging unknown materials and possibly Graphene Oxide, Bromides and Phosphates and stem cells into the arms of every human on the planet without disclosing the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula appears criminal or at the very least grossly negligent and malpractice.

“Scientists associated with the initial development of recombinant DNA methods recognized that the potential existed for organisms containing recombinant DNA to have undesirable or dangerous properties. At the 1975 Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA, these concerns were discussed and a voluntary moratorium on recombinant DNA research was initiated for experiments that were considered particularly risky. This moratorium was widely observed until the National Institute of Health (NIH – USA) developed and issued formal guidelines for rDNA work.

Today, recombinant DNA molecules and recombinant proteins are usually not regarded as dangerous. However, concerns remain about some organisms that express recombinant DNA, particularly when they leave the laboratory and are introduced into the environment or food chain. These concerns are discussed in the articles on genetically modified organisms and genetically modified food controversies. Furthermore, there are concerns about the by-products in biopharmaceutical production, where recombinant DNA result in specific protein products. The major by-product, termed host cell protein, comes from the host expression system and poses a threat to the patient’s health and the overall environment.“[33][34] (Wikipedia)

If these attacks on small business owners and employees continue in the USA, it won’t take long before this HEALTH CARE program causes more people to shut down their businesses as it’s already caused the loss of millions of businesses and jobs and loss ofincome. They’re insane plannedemic agendas have increased divorce, child abuse, crimes and drugs and alcohol abuse from depression and suicides. It’s a fact that idle minds are dangerous as kids around the USA have lost their right to an education for 2 years. How is it that the people in charge of NIH, CDC, WHO, DHHS, White House and Big Pharma believe they are saving lives when there are over 1,000,000 injuries and deaths?

Why doesn’t OSHA and the the White House concentrate on the illegals pouring into the USA from a myriad for foreign enemy nations who are working in the USA and who came into the USA with covid. President Biden and the Democrats, OSHA or CDC or WHO and NIH Dr. Fauci aren’t interested in that fact or that illegals and Muslims aren’t required to be health care checked or vaccinated as they spread infectious diseases into America.

Click on: Crisis in America Deaths Up 40% among those aged 18-64 years old based on Life Insurance Claims for 2021 after Covid 19 experimental injects were rolled out. (Coroners, morticians, and hospitals are stating they’ve never seen so many deaths as in 2021, especially among young people).

Actually, doctors and the Dental Association report that masks worn long term can cause dry mouth, cavities and loss of teeth and gum disease. Gum disease can kill people. THe masks worn long term according to one doctor stated that the masks worn long term can cause Legionnaire’s disease as well as physical, emotional, and financial distress that leads to duress and operating one’s life under duress and a stressed out body and mind isn’t healthy. It’s common sense that people need people, sunshine, and fresh air aka oxygen to remain healthy. The cells, heart, brain, lungs and immune system can’t remain healthy without breathing in fresh air and releasing carbon monoxide 24/7 every single day. Fresh Air and Oxygen and Sunshine, walking, help keep our bodies healthy and our immune system.

Common sense tells us that If masks are the answer to stop a flu then China should be virus free. We have 22 Trillion viruses in our bodies so we can never get rid of viruses, we live with them, and we have cures and herd immunity or else mankind would have been wiped out long ago, but the covid 19 virus is alleged to have been created in a lab using gain-of-function research declared by credible doctors and Scientists.

Osha has a moral and fiduciary duty to inform the public of the never ending jabs and injected mRNA spike proteins and gene therapy that has never been used on humans until 2021. All vaccines can have direct adverse health effects, but those are licensed vaccines. In this case, the warp speed chemical-lade jabs are with unknown consequences to individuals which they admit can cause blood clots that travel in the body and can attack the heart, brain, lungs and so forth and injure people permanently or they can die. Why doesn’t President Biden and Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and CDC and WHO and MSM inform the general public of the truth that their bodies can be permanently injured as well as their brains and can cause early death?

Why doesn’t anyone in congress, senate, White House, CDC, WHO, OSHA, DHHS, Surgeon General and Dr. Fauci-NIH and Bill Gates who ignore that the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula injected into millions of human lab rats is a secret formula and know one knows except Pfizer what they are injecting into millions of human bodies. How is that moral or ethical or okay with the FDA?

How is a mandated taxpayer funded experimental and trial injection with unknown ingredients any different than the Americans who followed Jim Jones into the deep jungles of Africa and when he learned the government was flying in a congressman to investigate? Jones ordered the murder of the U.S. congressman. And, at gun point, ordered the Americans to drink the Kool-Aid. They were under duress and believed they had no choice and found out too late what was in the Kool-Aid.

.By the way, shouldn’t we be concerned why the DOJ isn’t investigating these issues? Does the USA still have a U.S. Department of Justice because they’re pretty silent and when questioned in Senate Hearings, no one know anything or can’t remember or will get back to them in the future.

There is an FDA List of known Direct Adverse Side Effects provided by Dr. Fauci and the FDA on the potential direct adverse effects that can occur from the FDA Approved Experimental and Trial Injections which they listed a 2020 Workshop. An important fact is that the Astra Zeneca packaging lists the Covid 19 experimental jabs which they refer to as “vaccines” that states the jab alters DNA and includes aborted fetal tissue of 14 week old white Caucasian baby boys.

And, then there’s the unknown chemicals and adjuvants being injected into everyone’s arms multiple times which isn’t disclosed kept secret because Pfizer filed the formulas as a Trade Secret Formula which is totally immoral and unethical. How could the FDA and White House allow unknown chemicals or materials be injected into millions of arms without knowing what they’re injecting. It could be a secret Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid formula or something beneficial for all anyone knows because it’s a secret.

And, if OSHA referred to these worldwide experimental and trial jabs as “vaccines” then they are being dishonest for they know that there is a Pfizer Trade Secret Formula and mRNA gene therapy never used on humans with unknown consequences immediately or hours or days or weeks, months, or 1, 2 or 3 years down the road or longer and in my opinion that equates to gross negligence. Again, if OSHA used the word “vaccines” in their case filings, the case should be made null and void as it is misleading the courts and the American people and future generations.

If the Democrats and RINOS and NWO Wall Street CEOs and government agencies don’t wipe out humanity, hopefully, future generations will seek the truth of what happened during this time of American history between 2019 and 2024. After all, adults and kids and grandkids and great grandkids will seek the truth of what happened at Ruby Ridge, WACO, OKC, 9/11, JFK and Bobby Kennedy assassinations the the attempt on President Reagan’s life, People will continue to look for answers to major events such as WW II and Vietnam and the Holocaust. Americans never forget.

Remember, people went on you tube and videotaped their complaints and questions after they were jabbed. Victims shows how metal stuck to their arms where they were jabbed and that fluorescent light was glowing from their jabs. Not so long ago, there were news reports that the government recalled Moderna vials because metal was found in Moderna experimental and trial jabs after Pfizer and Moderna denied metal was part of their formulas, but Moderna said, it was an accident and that metal they discovered was from an accident.” On the other hand, what about the people who now have metal inside their bodies?

How is it in 2021 – 2022 that Americans and their kids and grandkids, parents and grandparents are being used as Human Lab Rats jabbed with the covid 19 experimental and trial injections that equate to implementing the United Nations Agenda 21 that was rolled out in 2021? Do people think these are all coincidences and not by design? Covid 19 announced in 2019? They are not coincidences.

Americans should ask their representatives which constitutional authority is being applied under as taxpayer funded public servants that causes them to believe that they have the authority to interfere and control private businesses and mandate that employers become law enforcers, medical trackers of employees and compile medical records on their employees or invade their private medical treatments and ignore the EEOC and HIPPAA laws? Which constitutional authority grants employers the authority to force medical treatments that are experimental or not and without any financial liability, it appears, threaten to fire employees and punish them for not obeying and complying as a human lab rat for an experiment on humanity?

Why would CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci deny doctors and health care professions the right to continue to sell or Rx or promote FDA approved safe and effective Big Pharma products Rx’d and sold OTC and online to the public which should be our choice. After Dr. Fauci announced Covid 19 on or about January 2019, he immediately debunked Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Dr. Fauci and WHO and CDC prohibit doctors from using them on their patients or prescribing them or promoting them on TV, Radio or Online or else be punished. These unethical agendas are unprecedented in American history.

If the FDA approved products are dangerous after years of use.i.e., HCQ and Ivermectin, then why would anyone trust warp speed Big Pharma “FDA Approved Experimental and Trial” injections? It appears that if OSHA were to get their way that in the future, employers will be facing a mountain of filings for unemployment benefits and civil lawsuits for discrimination, as well as injuries and deaths from the jabs taken under duress and fear of losing their income and jobs and starving to death. The injured or families of those who were physically or mentally disabled or died will be exercising their constittuional rights and probably filing lawsuits.

The FDA requires willing volunteers and generally paid to be willing volunteers for experimental and trial injections or Rx drugs. The volunteers are examined for health issues to see if they are a good candidate for the experiment. They are informed of what will be injected or ingested into their bodies and informed of the potential adverse side effects as well as permanent injury or death. They are told of the risks and they require a signed consent form. How did the entire government allow the FDA to bypass their requirements for experiment and trial injections and without informing the public of the mentioned information along with signed consent forms?

Even if a willing volunteer signs a consent form who isn’t under duress or coercion or fear or threatened, if they aren’t informed of the mRNA risks and what’s in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula or they aren’t handed a copy of the FDA and Dr. Fauci list of potential permanent adverse reactions including death, then they should be eligible to file lawsuits against Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci/NIH, Bill Gates and Big Pharma and the government.

Ironically, the indictrinated Liberals believe they are 100% safe because they’re fully jabbed and Boosterered up. Betty White tweeted she was fully vaccinated and boostered up right before her 100th Birthday Party, and sadly, shortly afterwards, she died. At least 3 other celebrities posted they were fully vaccinated and then died. Why would Big Pharma’s Astra Zeneca and Dr. Fauci admit that “candidates” as he calls those being jabbed to be at an EXPECTED HIGH RISK of Direct Adverse Health Effects. Yet, Dr. Fauci, at 80 and considered elderly, remain covid free? Does he take Ivermectin and HCQ, C with zinc and D3 and so forth?

This is truly important and it was printed on the box of the Astra Zeneca vials that stated, “Artificial Intelligent software to track everyone” vaccinated for adverse health effects, but what good does that do the victims of injuries and deaths?

Remembe, this NWO agenda boils down to not only reducing the population of people on the planet, but control and power over the planet and the survivors. It comes down to implementing a worldwide tracking and tracing device through Microsoft, AI, National Security, and the Bill Gates ID 2020 Vaccine Passport. The AI Vaccine Passport is create a built-in-customer base of human lab rats repeatedly jabbed and tracked and traced by Soros and Gates for profit and control over the survivors. Gates partnered with George Soros and purchased Mologic. Mologic is a company that tracks, traces, and spies on individual Americans and people worldwide for flu symptoms.

Is everyone on the chess board waiting to be targeted, jabbed, die, be disabled or remain healthy or jailed or fines for not complying with the NWO Masters? Is it a fun game for wealthy Billionaires who seek to play Russian Roulette with 7 Billion lives as they spy and track and trace them on their worldwide computer gameboard as they are the hunters and everyone else is to be the hunted attempting to survive for their entertainment? Bill Gates stated many times during speeches and interviews that 10% or 15% or 10M or 30M or 2 Billion could die after vaccinated during a TED speech but they are saving the planet and reducing poverty.

I guess the survivors who dodge the death panel will be enslaved by Artificial Intelligence under a program George Soros called “Bodies for Internet.” Soros remaked that everyone’s body will be altered. It’s my opinion that the Gates ID 2020 Vaccine passport is Treason. The vaccine passort overthrows The U.S. Constitution. The NWO Vaccine Passport is similar, if not the same concept, as the CCP China “Merit App” that controls their citizens. It’s Communism using high technology to control every person on the planet. Hitler would be thrilled.

It appears that these NWO members believe they are all of the same bloodline and linked to the Royal Family. Even Princess Diana said she was an outsider. Many believe they are related to Hitler and his s alleged daughter, Angela Merkle, alleged to be Hillary’s cousin, and Bill’s alleged to be Hillary’s cousin and GHWB and GWB and John Kerry and Obama believe they are all linked to this same bloodline. They are the “kissing cousins.” And, they are tied to the CCP and Communist China including the American Wall Street NWO CEO’s involved in this New Norm.

The major Wall Street CEO’s have been using slave labor for higher profits by Clinton’s opening the borders, L.B. Naval Base and L.B. Port tariff free to the Communist CCP Republic of China where they can access drugs and Honey Pots while others have been sleeping with the enemy inside the USA as China records the behaviors on the Laptops from Hell and while Jeffrey Epstein and the Maxwell’s recorded the wealthy jetting over to Orgy Island.

The fact that they have been isolating children and using children for human lab rats in this experiment is Child Abuse in the USA. The fact that they’ve been isolating the elderly and using them as human lab rats is Elder Abuse in the USA on the law books. But, who cares in government since 2019? The wealthy appear to be the protected ones who are held above the law. Violating the Nuremberg Codes and committing Crimes against Humanity are acts of tyranny which are unconstitutional and illegal, unlawful and must end.

It’s no secret any longer that the goal is to reduce the population by 50% by 2030 and by 90% by 2050. These wealthy people view the surplus human beings as useless “bottom feeders” or discardable and disposable non-humans. In fact, this is why I informed readers of these agendas and the 2-tier Justice System in the USA in my award-winning book featured around the world, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” published in 2010.

Why did Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates began fear mongering over a biochemical weapon coming to the USA and the world about 2014-2021? And, why did Dr. Fauci state that President Trump is in for a big surprise coming during his term as President of the USA? And, then he stated more surprises were coming during the winter. As the Director of NIH over Health Care and paid possibly more than the POTUS and promised a matching pension paid by the taxpayers despite his wealth, why didn’t he start telling people why he felt a biochemical weapon or variants would be released and how to protect themselves?

It’s my opinion that legally and lawfully and constitutionally, morally and ethically that Pfizer, J&J, Moderna and Astra Zeneca jabs should be paying volunteers to be their human lab rats and not following the FDA protocol by their regulations that require willing volunteers to be human lab rats who are paid to participate in their experiments. Big Pharma should be paying the injured and funeral costs and punitive damages for medical bills and treatments and funerals. Big Pharma should be paying every Americans a royalty monthly and/or a payment for using our Taxes to fund their private corporation for their experiment using Human Lab Rats without any liability while using our taxes to rake in Billions which shouldn’t be a giveaway to private corporations, but a loan with interest and payment plan to pay back the American taxpayers.

It’s stunning why Democrats and RINOS in congress and the senate aren’t ending the Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Soros-China-Gates-and NIH/Dr. Fauci warp speed Experimental and trial jabs using Americans as Human Lab Rats while promoting and marketing and encouraging people to believe they are FDA Licensed vaccines by calling them vaccines instead of what they are – experiments and trials. They are aware that using Human Beings for experiments as Human Lab Rats is dangerous and Crimes against Humanity and enslavement into servitude to Big Pharma and the NWO and violations of the Nuremberg Codes – So, SHAME ON THEM!

Imagine if the majority of Americans Military, Health Care Workers and doctors and First Responders and Law Enforcers were jabbed under duress of being fired knowing because they were told they would be fired and wouldn’t be able to support their families or feed their kids or provide shelter? Imagine if those jabbed end up dying or permanently disabled how easy it would be for the NWO to swoop in along with the CCP and MB-CAIR and MB radicals training up in no-go zone camps or at mosques where the FBI has discovered explosives in the past. America and Europe would be ripe for an easy invasion using a flu as the catalyst for a coup d’etat.

Just imagine if millions in America and Western Civilization were attacked by a biochemical weapon allegedly created in the Labs of the USA and Communist China and it was to be the catalyst to reducing the population of military troops, First Responders, medical staff, doctors, police, Sheriffs, Border Patrol, ICE and young healthy adults because they were physically and mentally disabled from the experimental jabs or millions died how easily the NWO’s creation of civil unrest and a pandemic by design would cause foreign enemy leaders to see America as weak and invade and conquer without firing one shot. Just Sayin’

Remember, the FDA Experimental and Trial injections are not FDA approved as I stated s several times in this blog. There aren’t any short and long term approved case studies or approved “Licensed Vaccines” that take 5 to 25 years to approve. All the animals used as lab rats died after 2 jabs, so why would Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO immediately target human beings, babies, children, teens, young and old to be jabbed? There aren’t any published long term case studies revealing the direct adverse health effects of injuries and deaths reported in medical journals for review. Pray this isn’t what some doctors and Scientists believe to be a potential genocide down the road.

Do any of the taxpayer funded OSHA employees who work for OSHA or filed the Supreme Court Mandate to force employers to be watch dogs over their Employees just happen to own stock in Big Pharma experimental and trial injections or invested in the masks and PCR tests made in China who invested back in 2018? If so, they and all public servants using Americans and the world’s population as Human Lab Rats, Human Commodities for Human Capital and Human Collateral for their investments on Wall Street.

How many CEO’s invested on wall Street, tied to China and who are elected and appointed Public Servants taxpayer funded in the USA and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada are in violation of U.S. Constitutional Law, Laws on the Necessities of Life, Civil Rights as well as Crimes against Humanity and violations of the Nuremberg Codes. Ironically, the Austrian EU Chief who seeks to mandate all Europeans be jabbed also seeks to disperse of the Nuremberg Codes; however, why would she do that if she isn’t guilty of crimes against humanity or violations of the Nuremberg Codes? Any and all investments in Big Pharma, China masks and PCR Tests for profit should be a requirement disclosed to the public for public review and scrutiny.

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Rose Colombo (C) 12/30/2021, ed. 1/01/22

No one knows except the government and the Pfizer CEO and their staff what is in the Trade Secret Formula. A brave Pfizer employee and humanitarian exposed this information online during an interview on video. It appears that the Trade Secret Formula is not favorable to human beings; otherwise, they would not be trying to conceal their formula from the government and the world population. What are they hiding from those they are injecting with FDA Experimental and trial injections?

The question remains why are the EU Leaders and Canadian Leader, Trudeau, as well as American leaders and Third World Nation Leaders not demanding that Pfizer disclose the Trade Secret Formula before injecting it into human beings around the world, especially pregnant women and children, babies and young adults? What if the secret formula destroys the body and mind or depopulates humanity? What if it weakens and destroys our God given immune system? What if it destroys our unique DNA created by God that makes each human being unique as God gifted us with natural inalienable rights to a Free Will and Free Choice to control our own bodies and minds and that of our minor children?

2,000+ Best Cemetery Photos · 100% Free Download · Pexels Stock Photos

What if they are seeking depopulation instead health care and imposing death care by disabling children and babies and everyone else in order to control the minds and bodies of the survivors? It wouldn’t be the first time that psychopaths in Science and Health Care used human beings for research and development money as well as for profit. It wouldn’t be the first time, psychopaths experimented on human beings, babies, children teens or adults behind closed doors and in secret with experimental injections and drugs and surgeries!”

Do you believe that the leaders who are now dictators elected by We The People and paid by We The People are protecting Big Pharma and all investors, because they trust Big Pharma and Dr. Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates, CDC and WHO Directors totally and no other doctors or Scientists? Why would the DHHS and the White House grant private corporations who have been sued for FDA approved vaccines and Rx drugs that caused permanent injury and death to babies, children, and adults in the past, make an exception for Billionaires making Billions using Human Lab Rats for free with no liability for any damages to the body and mind or deaths?

The agencies funded by Bill and Melinda Gates such as WHO, CDC, who owns the covid patent filed in 2003-2004, and NIH, appear to have been granted carte blanc worldwide platforms on Social Media, BBC and MSM. Gates invests or buys up air time, while silencing anyone who doesn’t agree with their agendas. In fact, Speaker Pelosi wants to make it a crime to disagree with anyone on the left related to Dr. Fauci and covid. Is it because Speaker Pelosi has been in the news for engaging in Insider Trading, while on taxpayer’s tim,e without any complaints by anyone in government? Yet, Martha Stewart went to prison for less. It’s alleged in the news that Pelosi is invested in Big Pharma, AI, 5G and Electric Cars. It must be nice to be paid by the taxpayers for 30 some years with benefits and vacation and Health Care and Pensions and making personal investments as well and going to beauty salons during a pandemic and violating her own mandates.

Which constitutional authority are any of these people applying that grants CEOs of Social Media and MSM the authority to silence Americans and violate our First Amendment Rights that guarantee Freedom of Speech? They are violating our taxpayer funded right to access taxpayer funded air waves which they’ve stolen apparently with the blessings of the FCC and federal government.

Therefore, why are U.S. taxpayers forced to pay cable corporations as well as pay tax dollars for the use of public airwaves? Shouldn’t the Billionaire CEO’s of cable TV be paying Americans a royalty for using our taxpayer funded airwaves? I believe that is true and it should be retroactive. The cable companies stole our public airwaves denying us the right to continue to plug in our TV’s and watch channels, 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and public TV as in the past which is why we pay for taxpayer funded public airwaves. Why did the FCC allow this to happen along with congress and the senators since the 1990’s? Did they invest in these corporations or accept huge donations to their campaigns or favors behind closed doors? Or, were they offered stocks so they could make millions on the stock market? Just Askin’. So, why are they monopolizing our public airwaves for free and denying Freedom of Speech which now includes Facebook and Twitter?

It’s my opinion that Social Media giants need to be deregulated and their monopoly on our public taxpayer funded airwaves. The Senate and DOJ and FCC must end the over reach of denying Freedom of Speech our our public airwaves and discriminating against the Right. If the Democrats were being denied access to FB or Twitter and denied Freedom of Speech, they would be screaming and in a blink of an eye dereulating the monopoly of social media. After all, the senators of the past broke up the monopoly on the super markets and the banks and utilities. It’s their duty. The senators and FCC have the power to do the right thing or refund Americans their taxpayer money paid to the FCC for public airwave access or the choice to end the taxes for public airwaves immediately. Americans are fed up with Wall Street donating to public servants at the expense of the American people and U.S. Constitution.

The entire government allowed Dr. Fauci/NIH, CDC and WHO Directors, who have no authority over any American other than to provide recommendations, meaning that the Presidents of the USA or the congress do not have to impose their recommendations on Americans when it is not in the best interest of the American people, businesses, jobs, education and the economy. It’s proven to be an ineffective plannedemic gone bad for the Middle Class American business owners and workers as well as for the American families and public education. Why are we funding public education if our kids or adults can’t attend school? Where are the taxes being diverted if not used to allow kids to enter the school grounds?

How is it that Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO were allowed people to control the nation’s citizens without any authority over any free American, especially people who don’t have the flu and didn’t have symptoms which means, if you don’t have symptoms of even a cold then you’re healthy, yet WHO, CDC, Dr. Fauci have been allowed to take the entire nation hostage and placed under their control as if we are living in Communist China and by the way, Gates has donated millions to each of these agencies for decades.

It’s no secret that Key Democrats are funded by Gates and Soros and wealthy globalist mostly on the Left with huge donations so the Democrat Socialist Party can maintain control of the government. They know their goal will be destroyed if President Trump or a Republican loyal American were elected into the oval office and a majority of senators on the right are elected in 2024. The Democrats could no longer violate constitutional law and deny the American people their constitutional freedoms, liberties and rights and sovereignty.

We The People are FREE Americans and We The People are the government and pay their wages and they are paid to do the WILL of the majority of Americans, not impose their WILL on Americans. They are paid to protect Freedom, not deny it. They are paid to educate the children and adults not deny it. They are paid to protect small businesses and jobs and not destroy them.

The Public Servants and agencies paid with our taxes are paid to help employers, not take over their private businesses and dictate what they must do to stay in business by playing doctor and violating their employee’s private health care treatments. They are paid to subsidize the Ranchers and Farmers and not destroy them then allow multi-Billionaires to buy up their land for less than its worth with water rights. They are elected to do the Will of the People, not impose their unconstitutional and unlawful will upon the people.

The federal and blue state leaders have become dictators without any constitutional authority to do so. They violated their sworn oath and destroyed businesses, jobs, families and caused hunger, while approving and allowing millions of illegals into the USA from Third World Nations around the world, who brought covid, MERS, SARS, Hepatitis, Ebola, Measles or HIV Aids into the USA and Europe? Why would they do that if they were trying to keep everyone healthy and alive?

How many of these leaders are NWO members and accept big donations from the evil ones seeking to reduce the population of the planet and control the survivors and enslave them into servitude or worse. The Conflicts of Interest between Billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros who have donated to CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci/NIH for decades in the millions is not in the best interest of the American people, but in their best interest if you follow the money and Patents worth millions or billions and their investment in Big Pharma on Wall Street.

CLICK THE LINK to read “Hospital Death Camps Exposed” – “COVID patients in America’s hospitals today are actually being treated worse than prisoners in American jails,” Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet said. They are being held hostage and segregated from loved ones. And the reason is money. Source: Desert Review

These wealthy NWO members invest in the research of Trans Humans, same-sex indoctrination in public schools, promote and donate to Plannned Parenthood seeking to establish clinics worldwide, especially in Africa and India and these all depopulation programs. It appears that they call themselves globalists because they don’t want races and ethnicities or anyone who believes in God or the Bible or Religion or sovereign nations as they seek to control the world as a global planet.

Bill and Melinda Gates buy or invest or donate to market their covid agendas and their one world order Vaccine Passport that overthrows the U.S. Constitution and Sovereignty of the Greatest Republic on the planet ever developed in order to take control which they’re doing right now through a worldwide platform on MSM, BBC, FB, Twitter and silencing everyone else who dares speak out on covid cures or oppose Gates, Fauci, WHO and CDC directors as CDC owns the patent on covid filed in 2003.

It appears that Gates just got lucky and made Billions of Dollars and allowed to practice medicine without a license as he isn’t a Scientist or Doctor or Ph.D., and yet, the government because he’s wealthy appear to allow him to present himself as the world’s expert on vaccines and biochemical weapons and fear mongering for decades, while silencing credentialed high-profiled reputable Scientists and Doctors who are hands on with the patients and cure many. Imagine if you started jabbing people without a license over in India and the Congo or began giving medical advice without a license and what would happen to you ordering the world to be jabbed with experiments jabs and told the world, “You have no choice,” what would happen to you?

So, millions of people, it appears, truly believe the marketing and advertising on social media, radio, MSM, BBC of non-medical peoples ordering you to get “vaccinated,” when not telling the truth that this is an EXPERIMENT and you are a Human Lab Rat and the JABS are FDA approved EXPERIMENTAL AND TRIAL injection with unknown consequences to individuals until they’re jabbed and the adverse effect can be immediate, hours, days, weeks, months, 1, 2, or 3 years or more down the road. And, most people down the road wouldn’t connect the dots because there are no long term case studies approved and published in medical journals.

By Mike Adam

(Natural News) In a stunning development that confirms the mass vaccine die-off is accelerating, the CDC now openly admits that 15,600 Americans will die each week by Christmas, with deaths continuing through the first part of 2022. (Source: UK Daily Mail citing the CDC)

The CDC claims these are “covid” deaths, but of course they are actually vaccine deaths. Covid vaccines inject people with toxic spike proteins or the mRNA instructions to manufacture spike protein nanoparticles. These particles are the disease, and they cause widespread vascular, neurological and reproductive damage. The side effects of these vaccines are identical to the “symptoms” of covid for the simple reason that the vaccines are the pandemic. Thus, when people are injected with the vaccines, they are “given” covid. Once they die, they are said to have died from covid instead of from the vaccine.” written by Mike Adam at

If they really care about saving the lives and the babies and children needed to preserve the sovereign nations in the future, they why are using them since kids have proven by science to have strong immune system? Scientists and doctors agree that children have a 99.9% chance of never getting covid as well as if they did get covid, they are blessed with a 99.9% recovery rate.

Remember, Gates stated if “we do a really good job,” we could reduce the population by 10% or 15% or 10M or 30M or 2 Billion to sustain the planet. He stated he made a $10B investment and seeks a $200B profit after jabbing the world with experimental and trial injections and a secret Pfizer Trade Secret Formula. Gates also stated that we’ll “plunge a genetically engineered organism in the arms of every child,” and he was so excited during the interview. Is that natural? It appears that he’s running the AMA and the entire worldwide medical agendas through his funding for decades of WHO and CDC and Dr. Fauci/NIH as I stated and this should have been a red flag for the DOJ and Senate.

These tyrannical leaders who granted themselves totalitarian and dictatorial authority without any authority to do so, except by the masses allowing them to do so, are in violation of their sworn oath. They swore to uphold the Constitutional Supreme Laws of the Land in the USA and hopefully as well in sovereign countries in Europe and Canada. The question the people must ask them is who granted them permission to play Russian Roulette with individual human beings on the planet using these experimental and trial injections and permitted them to violate the law by using fear mongering, coercion, and threats which are crimes defined in American’s law books?

In fact, fear, coercion, and threats cause people to do something harmful to themselves when they are under duress and fearful for their lives and their family’s lives so they comply which borders on extortion because in this case, the exchange for threatening to fire someone from their job in exchange for rolling up their sleep and being used as a Human Lab Rat for their profit borders on extortion or blackmail. Duress causes stress and turns into emotional, physical, and financial distress and if proven in a court of law, it’s a crime as stress can cause strokes and heart attacks and brain injuries or death as well as financial loss according to legal books and medical reports.

It’s reported and appears to be ignored by Dr. Fauci, Gates, WHO and CDC that these clot shots which are experimental injections can and are causing death, paralysis, GBS, Brain injury, Heart Attacks, Strokes and so forth, even in children? These direct adverse health effects after jabbed are listed on the FDA and Dr. Fauci workshop List of potential direct adverse health effects which coincide with the deaths and injuries reported by the victims. We have no idea how many aren’t reporting to VAERS or aren’t sharing their stories online. We’re witnessing more victims sharing that they were healthy young people and they are being good citizens and jabbed and they suffering permanent injuries and deaths to you and old healthy people remain a mystery! Do you believe they are a mystery?

Should the world’s masses not ponder if these wealthy people in positions of power or infuence of people in high places truly believe everyone is stupid and are buying their snake oil? Do you believe these NWO members and investors in Big Pharma aren’t taking HCQ or Ivermectin and D3 and C with Zinc and when being brave on TV and being injected aren’t being jabbed with saline or B12? Do you believe that they are going to risk their lives and their families as human lab rats or human collateral for this experiment on humanity as they are seeking to control the world and redistribute the world’s wealth to themselves? After all, Klaus Schwab stated, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” This is their plan. If you don’t die from the jabs will you die from being fired from your jobs and denied food and health care?

They are jabbing your parents, grandparents and isolating them while denying them the right to say good-bye to their loved ones which is cruel and unusual punishment in America and once free nations now under the control of the NIH, CDC, WHO and Socialist Democrat and communist leaning type leaders. They are in agreement with knowledge and understanding and of free will engaging in using Human Beings as Human Lab Rats while destroying Middle Class businesses, jobs, Food Chain, Socializing, Families, Travel, and ignoring the deaths and injuries after jabbed using people as human commodities on this battlefield in Western Civilization that they’ve created while denying and suppressing the cures and FDA approved miracle drugs known as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

In fact, Dr. Fauci stated that they will be jabbing your babies in 2022 after they began jabbing your children and ignoring natural immunity and the immune system. They ignore the declarations of cures by ethical doctors who have been documenting their protocols and curing covid for decades and removing those same protocols from the hosptatls and nursing homes, so how many people are dying needlessly?

Remember, If masks stopped a flu virus than everyone would free of the viruses, especially in China where they manufacture the masks. Why is the Middle East and China plagued with covid since they’ve worn masks for generations? Are they having respiratory problems because of the heavy lead in their rice and the heavily pollution that is toxic and causes lung problems and respiratory problems? America isn’t overpopulated and doesn’t have thick toxic pollution in the majority of our states. Fresh air and Oxygen was created by God for us to remain healthy and breathe in and out 24/7 every single day and night. Anyone with a flu dies from the lack of oxygen and a weak immune system and denying free breathing without masks weakens the cells, organs and effects the brain and weakens the immune system according to ethical doctors. That’s why people who are drowning must be saved as soon as possible because they can’t get oxygen to the brain.

Consequently, the same wealthy people and investors in Big Pharma tied to Gates and Soros and NIH, Dr. Fauci and CDC, who owns the patent on cv filed in 2003, and the corrupt WHO organization tied to China as well as Bill and Melinda Gates, are financially invested in the Billions in their EXPERIMENT on Humanity for control and power over the world. Globalist seek to eliminate ethnicities, races, and sovereignty and God and create a Trans Human Superior race who can’t procreate. Their r motto is “Trust in Science,” not “Trust in God.” After all, they are attacking Christians and Catholics and Jews who believe in the God of the Bible by denying Americans the right to pray and worship and sign or chant in their places of worship or even in their homes in some cases.

Therefore it’s important to resist in the Gates ID 2020 Passport. The investors in the GATES ID 2020 Vaccine Passport in my opinion are overthrowing the U.S. Constitution which is treason because it denies all Freedoms to Americans. It’s treasonous in my opinion as well as illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional. It is definitely tyranny being imposed on Americans and the world in my opinion as a long-time advocate for justice, who has proposed laws since 1984 that have been implemented, by lawmakers into law. These wealthy NWO investors with Gates and Big Pharma, AI, 5G, and National Security appear to have granted themselves 100% immunity.

Apparently, they’ve granted themselves 100% immunity from all liability for the deaths or injuries happening around the world. They are intentionally ignoring the deaths and injuries as well as failing to report accurate statistics on the people who died or are permanently injured for life after being jabbed with the experimental injections. WHO and CDC and VAERS have not been 100% accurate and they admit it.

Remember, Hitler assumed power and people complied out of fear after the economy was destroyed and people were out of work and starving. He promised to save them and take care of their health and feed them and shelter them and put them to work, right? Remember, Speaker Pelosi and the POTUS currently suggests hiring 187,000 brown shirts to knock on our doors and interrogate us. Really, America? Whose knocking on their doors and interrogating and investigating them for using human beings as human lab rats in an experiment?

Consequently, Hitler had no liability when he used experimental drugs, injections and allowed Nazi doctors to perform experimental surgeries on human beings and viewed them as non humana and Human Lab Rats without consent. The people involved in this attempt to overthrow countries in Western Civilization and take control over the planet are of sound mind and they have knowledge that they are in agreement and willingly violating the U.S. Constitutional Laws. They are intentionally enslaving the American people and the world’s human beings and forcing them to comply under duress by threat to fire them from their jobs and isolate them from society into servitude. And, Bill Gates, stated he intends to earn a $200 Billion profit from his $10 BIllion investment in Big Pharma. And, he said, “You have no choice.” How did he come to that conclusion and why didn’t the senators subpoena and ask him?

Bill Gates also stated that his goal is not only to reduce the world’s population in order to sustain the planet, but to reduce carbon monoxide down to zero by 2050 and control the planet with 10% of the wealthy survivors involved in this plannedemic. These psychopaths seek seek to play God and control the entire planet and redevelop the world in their view through AI and National Security it appears using robotoids, humanoids, clones and Trans Humans who are neither male or female and can’t procreate. They truly believe that this is the only way to sustain the planet for themselves and continue their bloodline while creating the Superior Race. They are at war with God..

Every person who are members of the NOW who may be businessmen or women, public servants, lawyers or doctors or Scientists or members of the NWO investors as well as CDC and WHO Directors are responsible for their actions. CDC and WHO as stated above have been funded in the millions for decades by Bill and Melinda Gates. They have been destroying our nation since 2019. They destroyed businesses across this nation as well as jobs and motivation and caused isolation and depression. They caused grave depression through their isolation of lock downs, which is a crime against children and the elderly known as Child Abuse and Elder Abuse. Their lock downs increased domestic abuse and divorce, drug and alcohol use and suicides. How is any of these agendas that these experts on health care and saving lives can justify the devastation they’ve brought upon the lives of millions of Americans and the world’s population?

The threat of firing good people from their jobs who pay taxes and produce for this nation and provide services for the nation causing them financial, physical, and emotional distress is evil, not health care and creates more health problems for good people. It’s insane to allow CEO’s to interfere in the health care treatments of their employees and threaten that if they don’t allow themselves to be used for Big Pharma and Bill Gates’ and Dr. Fauci and CDC and WHO and MSM and Fb and Twitter’s Human Guinea Pigs then they’ll lose their and then their homes and won’t be able to buy grocers, so they’ll starve to death or freeze in the winter because they can’t turn on the heater or the air conditioner in the summer because they no longer have an income. This is the most immoral, unethical and unconstitutional cruelty ever played on the American people and the world greater than that of the Nazi Germans during WW II because these people know what happened during WWII.

In my experience as an advocate for Justice, everyone involved in this plannedemic by design should be held accountable by the ICC for Crimes against Humanity and Nuremberg Codes. Recently, the female EU Chief of Austria, threatens to mandate every human being in Europe be jabbed which makes her a tyrannical dictator and she’s not their doctor, so why is she playing doctor as well as their judge, jury and executioner if the Austrians resist and don’t obey her, while she takes on no liability for the deaths and injuries of her citizens. Is this really about health care or changing and transforming the world into an iron fist ruler of communism without the resistors and fewer people?

Therefore, to protect themselves from We The Austrian People, the female Austrian leader says she will attempt to “disperse of the Nuremberg Code violations”, but why would she do that if she believes that she isn’t guilty of Crimes against Humanity and violating the Nuremberg Codes?

The video below is for information and educational and entertainment purposes only – If you want to know what the intent of the MATRIX is seeking to do with what appears to be using and funding Big Pharma and covid cult repeated jabs with never before used on humans known as mRNA genetically engineered gene therapy and the Trade Secret Pfizer formula that may be linked to 5G then its time to wake up……or are we too late?

Is this how they are creating an army of robotically controlled fighters to come against nations and usher in the One World Leader for the 3 1/2 years until Jesus Christ comes with his army and wipes them out and sends them into the pits of Hell forever? We have evil people in positions of power and money who are going to go to Hell if they don’t repent and ask forgiveness from God because their 15 minutes of power and control over God’s creation cannot take the souls away from God – only the human body which dies eventually, but the soul breathed into those bodies by GOD has eternal life. Choose wisely. God offers everyone on earth while they’re on earth the FREE Insurance Policy to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who died on the Cross for our sins so that the Believers can enter into the Gates of Heaven forever versus following the “GATES” of Hell.


Can your Cell Phones and the Jabs and 5G Kill you and cause Heart Attacks during this Experiment?

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HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2022 and May Each of You Be Blessed with Long Healthy Lives and Laughter, Prosperity, Family, Love, Sovereign Free Nation Under God and Healthy Babies needed to preserve sovereign nations in the future. God Bless!

World Health Council Calls for the “Covid-19 Experimental Vaccines to Cease and Desist Declared Dangerous, Unsafe/ Stops Women from Bearing Babies! Depopulation is it?

Rose Colombo 12/24/2020, award-winning writer, poet, author, producer, researcher, advocate for justice

The World Council “call for an immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “vaccines” to cease and desist. We declare that Covid-19 vaccinations are dangerous and unsafe for human use. The manufacturing, distribution, administration, and promotion of these injections violate basic principles of law.” See the entire article by clicking below:


New Zealand Press: Feihe, China’s largest Infant Formula Maker, said, “Sales would drop sharply in the next one to two years since many women cannot bear children within six months of coronavirus vaccination – and thus delaying births.” Colombo says, “The China-Gates-Fauci-CDC-WHO-Big Pharma experimental and Trial jabs with mRNA gene therapy and Pfizer Trade Secret Formula appears to have a secret that includes a possible contraceptive chemical to cause sterility or delay pregnancies which is a depopulation program and Crimes against Women and Crimes against Babies, Crimes against Christianity and Catholics and Traditional Families as well as and Crimes against Humanity in my opinion.”

Colombo says, “Children are reported to have died or suffered heart attacks and paralysis and brain injuries in the USA that appears to be suppressed on MSM and FB and Twitter or dismissed as – “Well, it’s only xxxx amount of kids. Every life is precious and everyone baby or child denied the “Right-to-Life reported on alternative news. This information isn’t coming from Dr. Anthony J. Fauci, Bill Gates, CDC, Rochelle Walensky, or WHO to my knowledge. And, it’s reported online that CDC filed and owns a CV patent in 2003-2004 worth millions once the experimental jabs are developed and distributed worldwide for-profit.

Gates and WHO and Big Pharma have business ties to China as well as Dr. Fauci who praises, not the American Research Labs, China’s offshore biochemical Wuhan Lab as honest and safe. Well, so is Ivermectin and HCQ according to the FDA and the international doctors and Scientists who have knowledge of case studies and saved the lives of patients they treat with these FDA approved OTC and prescription products as well as mentioning tue use of D3 and C and Zinc and other treatments.

The public should ask the AMA and ABA and Senators why the CDC and Dr. Fauci removed Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin off the shelves and from Pharmacies and hospitals and nursing homes after 75
years ignoring that HCQ has been FDA approved as safe and efficient for 75 years. And, doctors have confirmed the effectiveness. After Covid was announced about January 2019, the question that should be asked should be if the doctors who spoke out and are now silenced or suddenly died may have saved millions of lives around the world. Why aren’t senators asking Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, and WHO Director Tedros, why they chose to remove 2 safe OTC and Rx FDA approved products with no serious adverse health effects from the market place denying the public their right to purchase these products?

How is it that the entire federal government isn’t asking these questions while ethical and moral doctors warn the government and Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, CDC and WHO Directors, Big Pharma CEOs and the FDA Chair why they’re jabbing babies and children and young people who rarely got covid in the past until 2021 and had a 99.9% recovery rate until 2021? Did the FDA approve the experimental and trial injections for babies and children and young people because the world was led to believe by these same professionals that it was intended for the elderly.

In fact, it was Bill Gates who suggested and alluded that the plug should be pulled on the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals so they could save millions of dollars to divert to education. He also stated that everyone on the planet should be jabbed and had “no choice.” He produced a video of how he was going to track and trace everyone on the planet to make sure that they are jabbed and boostered up even though he’s a senior of about 67years of age and Dr. Fauci is elderly in his 80s and George Soros is elderly in his 90s. Do you think they were jabbed with experimental and trial injections or their kids?

Gates stated during an interview and was animated on how this was to be done and so excited when he stated that they’ll “plunge a genetically engineered organism into the arms of every child.”

Gates laughed and agreed that they should deny seniors social security if they resist being repeatedly jabbed in this China-Gates Big Pharma experiment on humanity using people as their human lab rats while they rake in billions of dollars with no liability for deaths and injuries. And, without disclosing the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula with unknown materials injected into millions of human bodies which is unprecedented in world history. There have been evil people throughout history who jabbed people intentionally to harm them. They are also injecting a never before used mRNA gene therapy on the human lab rats as part of their experiment. Bill Gates stated that he invested $10 Billion and expects a return of $200 Billion on his Big Pharma investment, but Gates and all invested in Big Pharms require a built-in customer base of 7 Billion people to repeatedly jabbed and used as his consumer product for human capital. .


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ARE THE CHILDREN AT HIGH RISK OF DEATH WHO ARE VACCINATED AND HOW DOES DR. FAUCI and CDC and WHO Directors or Bill Gates Investor for Decades Not Know This Information?

Rose Colombo, Researcher of 30 years as an award-winning writer on injustices and legal abuses who has proposed laws to lawmakers that have been implemented over the years and coined the term in 1989 when she opened her am-FM radio shows in California with “Wake Up, America! Is the American Dream on the Verge of the American Nightmare?” Colombo asks, “Are you awake, yet” or will the New World Order succeed at reducing the population?

Americans and the world have listened to Dr. Fauci, but there are ethical and moral Scientists and Doctors worldwide who are highly respected and credentialed and work with covid patients for decades and saving their lives. Your children should never be human commodities for Human Capital.

✓ Group of healthy fit people training in gym Stock Photos
Healthy Kids

Dr. Robert Malone, has put his reputation and career on the line by coming out and warning Americans and the world that their children are more likely to die from the vaccines than from covid because it is so rare for babies, children, teens and young adults to get covid. They have strong immune systems.

Sadly, the CDC, WHO and Dr. Fauci ignore Natural Immunity; How can they ignore natural immunity and herding since that’s how viruses have suddenly disappeared since time began? They’ve intentionally turned a blind eye to Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that are touted to be 100% FDA approved as safe and effective taken with D3 and C and Zinc and other treatments according to international doctors declared they use to treat and cure covid patients who receive early treatment.

Many of the doctors who have silenced and threatened state they compiled case studies on the lives they’ve saved including some who were seriously ill. (It’s alleged online that 50 doctors who shared information on the cures for covid suddenly died). The Inventor Of mRNA Robert Malone sttated, “More Children Will Die From These Vaccines Than Will Be Saved”

Inventor Of mRNA Robert Malone: “More Children Will Die From These Vaccines Than Will Be Saved”

December 23rd, 2021

Robert Malone – Inventor of mRNA vaccines – “Do Not Give Them To Your Kids!”

December 16th, 2021 – Watch this Video to come to your own informed decision.

Bill Gates stated on television and social media that he invested $10 Billion into a vaccine for covid with Big Pharma. He said that everyone will be vaccinated and “you have no choice.” He said that they will “plunge a genetically engineered orgasm into the arms of every child.” What is it that the world’s population didn’t understand? Gates also stated that he invested the $10 Billion and boasted and expects a $200 Billion in profits which is a much greater return on his investment than the S&P.

It appears that Gates markets himself as a humanitarian as well as appears to be a control freak seeking with the goal of controlling the planet and the world’s wealthy. He’s said to be the second richest man on the planet, but appears to be seeking to control the population by reducing it by 2030 and finishing humanity off at 90% by 2050. Online articles allage that he’s attempting to create immortality using cloning and replacing body parts. The articles allege that he funds the research on creating a world of Trans Humans, who are neither male or females, and can’t procreate.

It’s no secret that Bill and Melinda Gates are the greatest fans including Gates’ dad who promote and support and donate to Planned Parenthood and seek to establish clinics worldwide and distribute abortion pills worldwide. Gates is alleged to support the indoctrination of kids into same-sex agendas as well as promoting euthanasia for the elderly, very will, vets, and mentally and physically challenged for the purpose of “saving millions” for their care to be diverted to “education.”

The majority of agendas promoted and marketed and funded are by Bill and Melinda Gates are depopulation programs. He stated, “if we do a really good job and vaccinate everyone on the planet,” we could “reduce the population by 10% or 15%” and during other interviews, the numbers were 0M 0r 30M or 2 Billion, I suppose that would be after the first round of jabs injected into the Human Lab Rats.

Bill and Melinda Gates over the years have donated millions to NIH to research being studied by Dr. Fauci. In fact, Dr. Fauci and his wife work for NIH. Dr. Fauci sat on the Gates Foundation as a Board member. He’s paid taxpayer funded wages that rival the President of the United States’ wages. Dr. Fauci is alleged to own patents on HIV AIDS worth millions as well as CDC who own a covid patent filed on or about 2003-2004.

Vaccine patents can be worthless unless the patents are manufactured, packaged, and marketed and promoted to hospitals, nursing homes, and hospitals around the nation and the world. The patent owners and investors need human beings as their built-in customer base to jab repeatedly worldwide in order to earn the Billions they seek in profits to fill their bank accounts.

Furthermore, it appears that the same people invested in vaccines and patents are overreaching and taking the world hostage without constitutional authority in the USA and in violation of the Nuremberg Codes and Crimes Against Humanity, using every baby, child, young and old as Human Lab Rats with multiple jabs that apparently don’t work to end covid.

In conclusion, the covid experimental and trial jabs appear to be giving covid and variants to the Human Lab Rats who are fully vaccinated. It’s disturbing that the entire Democrat and RINO government would ignore the number of deaths and serious injury, especially among young people. It’s reported that there are more than 100 athletes who have fallen to their death while playing sports who died from heart attacks or strokes. We know for a fact that young healthy kids rarely died from strokes or heart attacks until 2021 when they rolled out the jabs. And, recently, it’s reported by a CEO of “One America” Insurance company that their statistics have reported a startling 40% increase in deaths of working age people between 18 and 64 as well as long term serious injuries since 2021 after the experimental and trial injections were rolled out.

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Are the NWO Wealthy, Dem and EU Leaders invested in Ethylene Oxide PCR Tests and Masks Can Cause Cancer or Injure Lungs or the Brain and Can Lead to Death Worn Long Term?

Rose Colombo, (C) 12/13/2021, ed. 12/16/2021: award-winning writer, poet, local columnist, Researcher and Blogger, author, am-FM radio host and currently produces and hosts, “Colombo Chronicles Live” as well as long-time advocate for justice who led a grassroots movement that hit national news.

What is Ethylene Oxide and why is China using Ethylene Oxide in the masks and the PCR testing swabs made in China with no U.S. symbols of inspection or ingredients on the packages imported from China?

What is ethylene oxide?

At room temperature, ethylene oxide is used as a flammable colorless gas with a sweet odor. It is used primarily to produce other chemicals, including antifreeze. In smaller amounts, ethylene oxide is used as a pesticide and a sterilizing agent. The ability of ethylene oxide to damage DNA makes it an effective sterilizing agent but also accounts for its cancer-causing activity. (Thanks to the for providing information on EO)

photo shared by of ethylene oxide molecule

What products contain ethylene oxide? Ethylene oxide (EtO) is a flammable, colorless gas at temperatures above 51.3 ºF (10.7 ºC) that smells like ether at toxic levels. EtO is found in the production of solvents, antifreeze, textiles, detergents, adhesives, polyurethane foam, and pharmaceuticals (Colombo asks, “And, since 2019, can it be found in most humans and could some of the hospitalizations and ER visits be caused by EO masks and PCR swabs long term?)

The major use of ethylene oxide is as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of ethylene glycol. Ethylene oxide is also used as a sterilizing agent for medical equipment and a fumigating agent for spices.

Is ethylene oxide hazardous?

Image result for Do products that contain ethylene oxide have FDA warning labels?

Ethylene oxide (C₂H₄O) is a flammable gas with a somewhat sweet odor. Exposure to ethylene oxide may cause headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulty, drowsiness, weakness, exhaustion, eye and skin burns, frostbite, and reproductive effects. Workers may be harmed from exposure to ethylene oxide.

Lymphoma and Leukemia are the cancers most frequently reported to be associated with occupational exposure to ethylene oxide. Stomach and Breast  cancers may also be associated with ethylene oxide exposure. How can exposures be reduced? The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has information about limiting occupational exposure to ethylene oxide.

Does the Ethylene Oxide with a wet swab swirled 3 to 5 times and must be done every 3 days if you aren’t vaccinated and need to enter a hospital or nursing home or maybe the work place drain into your lungs and stop the release of carbon monoxide as well as cause Dry Mouth while sleeping at night or during the day time?

Google the following Link at New Jersey Health – New Jersey Department of Health – Hazardous Substance: Ethylene Oxide – Fact Sheet – RIGHT TO KNOW –

(Colombo says that this long term agenda of never ending surprise variants and jabs and forced Ethylene Oxide masks and Ethylene Oxide PCR swabs that can harm healthy people is ignored. We cannot ignore the warning labels issued by the government. It appears that the investors are making huge profits from the experimental jabs and they are involved and/or invested in the FDA Experimental and Trial E.O. masks and E.O. PCR swabs. It appears that they are selling snake oil to the public to appease China because the Democrats and RINOS got us into debt with China decades ago when they outsourced and opened our ports.)

Update 12/17/2021 reported on – Delta and other airlines are pushing back against mandated masks worn in flight. “The coronavirus pandemic has killed millions of people. Over 800,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 complications. The plague caused by this virus has devastated families, communities, and entire nations. Additional studies, including one from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, arrive at the same conclusions. The research study summarized that, “the scientific evidence shows a low risk of SARS-COV-2 transmission on aircraft.”

It appears there is a reason for excessive long term masks and swabs in my opinion. It’s a definite money maker using America, Europe, and Canada for profit for China and the members of the Billionaire’s Club. The reality is that China manufactures the EO masks and EO swabs and it’s no secret that China has been linked to the Biden’s, Soros and Gates for decades. China is definitely married to Wall Street major U.S. oil companies through the Super Highway when they were married in 1996. China has control over the chips for the auto industry and withheld them during the plannedemic so was that a coincidence, while they seek to force Americans to buy electric cars?

China is definitely linked to communications, HUWEI, which they installed in China, USA, and Iran. Another coincidence? And, we wonder who hacked America’s Intellectual Property and Military and our personal information and collects the DNA from American women? It appears that Americans are vulnerable to China and China is vulnerable to the USA. I wouldn’t call it a match or marriage made in heaven, would you?

In fact, it’s no secret that there are domestic and foreign Chinese spies working in government and caught working at Harvard University and perhaps, other major universities. The truth is that China’s CDC Direct, Mr. Gao, is involved with the Covid agendas. Bill Gates and many key Democrats are linked to China. It’s no secret that Bill Gates donates millions to most major universities which is public record. It appears from online news that Wall Street, Gates, Soros, Obama, Facebook CEO and Eco-Health are alleged to have assisted in funding China for use of the biochemical research at the Wuhan Biochemical Lab. This doesn’t appear favorable to Americans, European or Canadian citizens and taxpayers.

Furthermore, China was reported in the news to have opened up more manufacturing companies and expanded their slave labor to rake in Billions from the E.O. masks and E.O. PCR swabs exported from China and use the American money to expand the CCP Army of Communists even though Chinas has threatened to come against America. China has made Billions from the USA in their export business and their military defenses and army consists of more than one millions people. In the mean time, our young healthy troops are being threatened to be used as Human Lab Rats for an experimental and trial injection with unknown consequences to individual healthy young men and women needed to defend America if China, Iran and Russia come against America.

Remember, that it was Obama who bowed to the Communist President while POTUS. And, it was Obama and Biden a majority of Democrats in control of congress, who left behind Billions in weapons, ammunition, data, helicopters, and vehicles for ISIS in Iraq and again in Afghanistan. And, in the mean time, the Obama-Biden Democrat regime threatened to take one hot meal per day away from our troops on the battlefields in the Middle East.

Sadly, under the Biden and Democrat regime, Americans are being coerced, fear mongered and threatened to be punished and impoverished and starved to death and their lives destroyed if they resist the Gates-Big Pharma-WHO-CDC-NIH-Dr. Fauci’s recommendations turned into mandates by Democrat Governors to be used as human lab rats and under fear and duress get the experimental jabs and the Ethylene Oxide PCR swabs shoved up the nose of millions of human beings every 3 days. They are being threatened in Democrat States such as California and New York to continue to wear the E.O. masks long term as 2 years is long term without liability for emotional and physical distress as they state that the E.O. masks lying against the pores of our skin on our faces long term is harmless, but protection. Protection from whom?

Only the N95 masks for doctors worn to protect the patients from doctors sneezing or coughing or spitting on their patients in ICU or surgery work. All chemicals are not natural to the human body. Remember, one shoe does not fit 8 Billion people. If a flammable gas called E.O. isn’t harmful then why bother to study and test and write the cancer causing effects on the body and attach the warning labels? And, why do the Class Action Lawsuits continue to be filed by products containing chemicals harmful to the human body?)

Despite the FDA and Cancer Society warning that breathing in ethylene oxide and exposure can be cancerous and dangerous to one’s health, they instruct that person to call 911 immediately, especially if swallowed. These warning are not to be ignored or debunked by the investors in the experimental jabs and Ethylene Oxide PCR swabs and Ethylene Oxide masks being forced to be worn long term around the clock. Why should they be ordering Americans to risk their health by threats of punishment which is unconstitutional?

What are the similar adverse reactions and symptoms of chemicals such as Graphene Oxide or Ethylene Oxide to Humans that match the potential symptoms listed by CDC for the Pfizer Experimental and Trial Injections being injected into the human body? After all, no one except Pfizer knows what’s in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula being injected into pregnant women, babies, children, and adults which makes no sense with so many potential serious direct adverse health effects including death. So, how can the doctors figure out what caused the direct adverse health effect or death without knowing what is in the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula? At least 2 serious direct adverse health effects without knowing the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula appears to be LYMPHADENOPATHY and BRADYCARDIA defined below by medical dictionaries.

Report: School District Warns Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Grades K-12 reported December 17, 2021, 11:06 am

In this Blogger’s opinion, the big similarity between the Ethylene Oxide breathed in or exposed to long term such as the E.O. masks and E.O. PCR swabs and the experimental and trial injections on the Human Lab Rats that stands out in my mind is the effect on the lungs and breathing issues as well as CANCER. Every flu and respiratory illness is similar in symptoms and the key component is that the covid flu and every flu or pneumonia and respiratory illness prevents the natural oxygen flow into the lungs and body. Ethylene Oxide can effect breathing according to government warning labels.

The Pfizer jabs and the Ethylene Oxide adverse effects both list Lymphadenopathy which is dated as recently as Feb 27, 2019 — Lymphadenopathy refers to the enlargement of one or more lymph nodes, the bean-shaped glands found in the neck, armpits, chest, groin, …And, on Oct 20, 2021 it reads — Bradycardia (brad-e-KAHR-dee-uh) is a slower than normal heart rate. The hearts of adults at rest usually beat between 60 and 100 times a minute .

And, how do the Ethylene Oxide Masks and Ethylene Oxide Swabs made in China that are required to be taken every 3 days if needed to enter a facility placed on tables and strewn on the ground or thrown into the oceans and lakes help the environment and improve health care? The Ethylene Oxide after swabbed obviously enters into the body through the nose and through the pores and if worn or swabs used long term add to the direct potential adverse health effects, but if you are injured from the E.O., there isn’t any way for people to connect the dots. How is the Ethylene Oxide interacting with the chemicals and mRNA gene therapy and the Pfizer Trade Secret unknown formula injected in human bodies or Rx drugs a person may be taking? I doubt anyone invested knows or cares.

In the mean time, since 2019, CDC and Dr. Fauci have denied even mentioning the use of natural cures that international doctors use who cure covid such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine which are approved by the FDA as safe along with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C and Zinc and other treatments they use for their Covid patients who they’ve cured. Below is a list of Pfizer and Moderna and other vaccine manufacturers potential direct adverse health effects after the experimental and trial injections with their Trade Secret Formula and genetically engineered mRNA organism gene therapy and myriad of chemicals.

Anaphylaxis medical term means: an acute allergic reaction to an antigen (e.g. a bee sting) [vaccine] to which the body has become hypersensitive [ that can lead to death or near-death.]

Pruiritus is severe itching of the skin. Pallor is an unhealthy pale appearance. Diaphoresis is sweating, especially to an unusual degree as a symptom of disease or a side effect of a drug.

Urticaria means a rash of round, red welts on the skin that itch intensely, sometimes with dangerous swelling, caused by an allergic reaction, typically to specific foods [Rx/drugs].

Signs and symptoms of angioedema?

Image result for what is angioedema?

Swelling: The hallmark of angioedema is swelling and puffiness of the eyes or lips. It may also affect the hands, feet or legs, and less often may involve genitalia. 1 Swelling can develop in the throat and tongue as well, and this can affect breathing or eating due to physical obstruction of the airway and food pipe. Sep 26, 2021 Source: Pfizer Table at:

Tragically, MSM and Social Media giants linked to Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros and Dr. Fauci and the Wuhan Lab, WHO and CDC Directors continue to report that Ethylene Oxide isn’t causing harm to one’s body even though it is a flammable gas or even if it’s a minute amount. The warning labels list direct adverse health effects that former healthy people complain about after they get Covid or the Covid experimental jabs. The government agencies list the direct adverse health effects on humans who may end up ill after wearing the E.O masks and using the E.O. PCR swabs long term. They are forcing people to be exposed to Ethylene Oxide for 1, 2, going on 3 years which is very long term.

Many of the Dentists, including the Miami Herald and the Dentists they interviewed stated, “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,” Dr. Rob Raimondi, co-founder of One Manhattan Dental, told the newspaper. Another dentist said, “Now that a lot of us are mouth breathing while we have our masks on, we’re drying out all that saliva that usually protects us from getting cavities, and that’s increasing our risk of cavities,” Dr. Piya Gandhi told Texas station KAMC.

Key words to remember about long term E.O. PCR swabs and E.O. masks is “LONG TERM!

According to CNN, they wrote, “Your oral health could be a strong indicator of your overall health. Gum disease and tooth loss are connected to a higher risk of early death in women past the age of menopause, a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association finds. For older women, having a history of periodontal disease, a serious gum infection, presents a 12% higher risk of premature death from any cause, while loss of natural teeth is associated with a 17% higher risk, the researchers say.”

(Colombo says everyone should be shocked. Wearing the E.O. mask long term causes diminished saliva needed to protect the mouth from bacteria and causes Dry Mouth, Bad Breath, Cavities and can lead to Gum Disease and cause death, especially in older women after the age of Menopause. So, how is CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates and the Democrats allowed to do this with the support of the Presidents of the USA and the congress and Senators. How many are invested in Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Masks and Swab they are forcing on the healthy and unhealthy Human Lab Rats that they equate to saving lives? It appears if you don’t die from covid, you may die from the experimental jabs or the E.O. PCR swabs and the E.O. masks worn long term, right or wrong?)

Heart Disease (So, how is the CDC who owns the Patent on CV-mRNA-Cloning and Replication with Dr. Fauci promoting EO Masks and EO fault PCR Swabs made in China not the USA for 2 years which is Long Term that can injure or kill and cause Heart Disease?

Dr. David Chavez, DDS stated, “Take it to heart: A healthy cardiovascular system depends on good oral health. The research over the years doesn’t lie. If you have dental disease, you have an increased risk of having a heart attack. In 2018, a study found that patients with bleeding gums (caused by poor brushing and flossing practices) had an increased risk of heart disease. One of the most “popular” places bacteria likes to stick to is your platelets. Once this happens, blood clots can form and interrupt your blood’s flow to your heart. You can guess what happens next: A heart attack. Of course, a heart attack doesn’t always occur. But what starts out as a simple gum infection can turn into a serious heart condition if left untreated. (Colombo says remember, the WHO Director and CDC limited our visits to our doctors and dentists for 1 year during the lock downs unless it was an emergency?)

Furthermore, Dr. Chavez stated, “It’s really no wonder that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S. According to the CDC, 1 out of 4 adults has untreated cavities. Even more concerning: Almost 50% of all adults aged 30 or older (65 million people) have signs of gum disease. The CDC has been working to improve the oral health of Americans and what they refer to as “a silent epidemic of cavities” and gum disease that may be connected to damage in other areas of the body.”

So, why didn’t the CDC and Dr. Fauci disclose they own the patents worth millions? The CDC with Dr. Fauci who say they’re working to improve everyone’s health use a warp speed experimental and trial injection with mRNA gene therapy never used on humans and Pfizer’s Trade Secret formula which is grossly negligent for them and the government to allow a corporation to inject Human Lab Rats with unknown chemicals or materials? Why are they jabbing healthy people who are covid free and after they’re jabbed they end up getting covid or injuries or die or get the variants when there are natural cures used by healthy people and recommended by ethical doctors who treat covid patients and save their lives without experimental jabs?

Colombo asks, After CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci and the Democrat and RINO government destroyed the United States Middle Class economy and rationed visits to our personal doctor or dentists by after locking America down along with the EU and China CDC (bet you didn’t know that) destroyed millions of businesses and jobs and caused excessive stress that can lead to heart attacks, strokes, divorce, domestic and child abuse, and grave depression and suicides and it did. How many people suffered tooth decay or gum disease, dry mouth, and bad breath from rationed or denied dental care? Everyone knows most people can’t afford to go to the Dentist because it’s so expensive, so why did they cause more health problems for the American people that can lead to death?

Consequently after doctors and dentists warn of the direct adverse health effects these covid agendas are creating on the world’s population, these agendas raise more questions without solutions thus far and continue to deny Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that doctors used for years until Dr. Fauci and CDC removed it from the hospital protocols on or about 2021.

Furthermore, Americans should be asking their senators, phone (202-224-3121, how it is that Big Pharma, CDC and WHO, and Dr. Fauci/NIH or Bill and Melinda Gates, who fund these same agencies, are creating better health care if millions of people suffer from Dry Mouth, Bad Breath, Cavities, Gum Disease or Die? “Bad breath and tooth decay are possible when people are mandated to wear face coverings for long periods of time, dentists told multiple news outlets,” reported by Miami Herald.

Ethylene Oxide (EO) is not banned by any U.S. regulatory agencies. Ethylene oxide continues to be broadly used for the processing of food products, cosmetics, museum artifacts, manufacturing and medical devices. According to EOSA, over 4 billion pounds of EO is produced each year in the United States.

The Ethylene Oxide Masks and Ethylene Oxide PCR Testing swabs made in China sold in the USA by the millions or billions mandating that Americans wear 1, 2 or 3 of these masks long term. Remember, 1, 2, and entering the 3rd year is long term after Dr. Fauci and CDC lied along with the Blue State Governors who coerced people to get the experimental injections so they could throw away their masks.

People wearing the E.O. Masks 24/7 around the clock, some wearing 2, or 3 with a plastic shield are living in fear because of the fear mongering and brainwashing on MSM, Facebook, Twitter, and BBC. These major communication networks accept donations or they Gates invest in the major MSM and Social Media sites so they have a lot of influence on the narrative which could be causing death and injury to human beings around the world, not just in America. The CDC and WHO, Gates, Dr. Fauci, NIH, Facebook and Twitter, Big Pharma and MSM have suppressed all doctors and Scientists who disagree with these agency directors in the business of vaccines. These same people are generating Billions in profits.

The U.S. government leaders on the Left and The White House as well as Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors, DHHS and the Surgeon General demand all children that aren’t their property be jabbed. In other words, it appears that your biological babies and children that you give birth to are not your property, but the property of Big Pharma – Bill Gates – Dr. Fauci – Surgeon General – DHHS – White House and CDC and WHO will determine that your kids can be used for FDA Approved Experimental and Trial Injections of unknown chemicals in Pfizer Secret Trade Secret Formula as well as unprecedented Genetically Engineering mRNA Gene Therapy never used on human beings with unknown consequences to each child even if they have autism, cancer, or other health issues.

Which Experimental and Trial Treatments will the U.S. Government, CDC, WHO, Surgeon General, DHHS, Bill and Melinda Gates with Gates’ Gavi support and influence over the EU and Communications and AI investments and University donations in the millions as well as donations to the Democrat Party Candidates require all Americans and their children be coerced, fear mongered, threatened to be punished or starved to death and lose their jobs and income and homes who resist being used as their money making Human Lab Rats?

In fact, covid, SARS, MERS has plagued Singapore, China, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia for decades, but didn’t effect Americans until Obama and Biden and Hillary Clinton and the EU leaders allowed the foreigners from these Third World Nations to flood illegally and unvetted into the USA for years without health care checks for Mers and SARS, HIV, Ebola, Measles or Hepatitis or Covid , which are common illnesses in their countries.

And, even today, 2021, Biden appears to be carrying on the Obama mandates at the open borders and allowing foreigners infected with Covid and Sars and possibly other infectious diseases to go unchecked and scatter around the nation. One could ponder if this NWO agenda is part of the NWO – CFR- CCP – KGB Russia – Muslim Brotherhood Iranian plan to flood the nation with millions of foreigners, diseases, civil unrest, economic collapse, and death to America, Europe, Canada, UK and Australia.

Pfizer and Moderna, Gates, Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors and the White House ignore that people are being used as human lab rats and jabbed with experimental chemicals, genetically engineered mRNA gene therapy never used on humans and a Pfizer Trade Secret Formula with unknown consequences and unknown chemicals or therapies being injected into every human body knowing that BIll Gates and his NO members believe there are too many people on the planet and the population needs to be reduced whether by deatn, or it appears starvation or change boys into girls and girls into boys and funding Trans Human genetically engineered babies through AI technolog in Sci-Fi Lab Pods who can’t procreate and are not male or female.

Therefore, Americans should ask why is Pfizer’s CEO and Dr. Fauci are allowed to determine what will be sent to the government and what will be removed from the documents over the next 75 years according to Judicial Watch who requested the documents on the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula?

Why would the White House and Congress and Senators allow Pfizer to keep a chemical-laden experimental Trade Secret formula a secret when they are injecting unknown chemicals or therapies into every human’s body, but maybe, the elite and investors and donors are injected with Saline who invested in Pfizer or AI or 5G or those in politics who accept donations from the Big Pharma Billionaire’s Lobbyists.

If the New World Order members and the United Nations Agenda 26 is achieved and they succeed at reducing the population by 90% by 2050, which is Gates and Ted Turner and Henry Kissinger and George Soros and The New World Order’s members intent as written and stated in the United Nations 21 and Georgia Guidestones and Lock Step and from Gates and Turner’s own lips on television. What about the people supporting their agenda for favors or bribes or donations or financial incentives, whichever you prefer, believe they will survive and be one of the 10% who controls the planet for redevelopment for them? I guess that’s what get jabbed for the benefit of others means – the 10% of Billionaires and multi-Millionaires.

How is it that Pfizer and the EU and U.S. government, CDC and WHO and the FDA are all immune from being sued for financial injury or deaths to their victims, but they can offer $39,000 in financial incentives to doctors as reported in online news, which I refer to as “Bribes for Covid Deaths,” if the doctors records for each death on the death certificate is signed off as covid even if it was a car accident, which is stunning? Think about that for a moment.

The victims of the FDA Experimental and Trial injections and EO Masks and EO PCR swabs that the developer says are worthless are a built-in customer base for China’s new business as they’ve opened up 300 more manufacturing slave shops to make the masks and PCR swabs for worldwide distribution. I’m sure they don’t want this money that builds up their million man army to end. Besides, if they conquer us, it appears they will fewer healthy people to worry about unable to fight back.

These products made in China and ordered as far back as 2018 using U.S. taxes to purchase them by Blue State Governors such as California and Illinois. Its been alleged online that even The World Bank invested in the E.O. PCR swabs and E.O. masks made in China back in 2018. It appears that these masks and swabs are a control mechanism to pit people against each other and cause fear among the citizens in order to divide and control the sheeple,. The truth is that it appears that the DHHS and the entire U.S. and EU governments are protecting Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, and Big Pharma and all investors from liability for the injuries and deaths of people used as human lab rats, who had immediate direct adverse health effects, after jabbed with experimental injections from around the world so far.

These sinister investors have knowledge that wearing Ethylene Oxide masks that cause people to breathe in the Ethylene Oxide poison through their noses and enters the body can’t be healthy to our bodies which doesn’t fall into the definition of health care.. And they are forcing people to wear Ethylene Oxide masks laid against the skin that in my experience as a long time licensed Esthetician heats up the masks and E.O. that enters into the ears, nose, mouth, eyes and pores on the face and into the inner body.

Are any Americans or doctors and Scientists asking under which constitutional authority are they applying to force people to wear products or clothing over our faces or use products that could cause them bodily injury? Or is this something China and the Muslim Brotherhood require as they both seek to wipe out Western Civilization and dominate the world, so masks is part of their world. The chemical research studies state that being exposed to the toxic poison of Ethylene Oxide long term of is dangerous and we’ve been ordered to do this for 2 years and going into 3 years with evidence and knowledge that such an agenda can cause cancer and injury and death?

Remember, Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO, White House, EU leaders, DHHS, Surgeon General, and the entire federal government so far haven’t addressed the fact that the victims are without financial compensation from Big Pharma’s multi-Billion Dollar Private Corporation if they harm any American or cause death to the Americans. This is immoral and unethical for the government to secretly use our taxes to fund this Pfizer Trade Secret experimental injection’s distribution and then protect them from us. In fact, it should a $1.6 Billion Dollar Loan with interest to be paid back every month by Pfizer since they’re just raking in the profits and we are getting nothing back for our unknown investment that was leaked online.

Why did the White House secretly force Americans without the knowledge of the taxpayers or the Will of the American people decide that they have the authority on their own to sign a contract with Pfizer and and divert our U.S. taxes of over $1 Billion to fund Pfizer’s distribution for their profit and that of Gates, Soros, and all invested? Why are Americans investing in private corporations with no financial incentives to be paid back and without compensation if they injure or kill anyone? It sounds more like a long time agenda to overthrow the U.S. Constitution than a flu!


Therefore, even if Americans or Europeans are injured for life from the experimental jabs or E.O. masks and E.O. swabs long term and end up strapped with medical costs, funeral costs, or becoming caregivers and end up caring for a disabled loved one who is unable to work or go to school after jabbed and causes the loss of income, these wealthy people don’t care. How is that saving lives or caring about humanity as they claim they are humanitarians, right?. Bill Gates and George Soros could send Ivermectin and HCQ and Vitamins D3 and C and Zinc and to every person on the planet and food and water and still end up wealthy.

FACT CHECK: Ethylene Oxide Residue on Masks can cause CANCER! – article December 3, 2021 – Only long-term and occupational exposure to EtO has been linked to cancer in research studies. For major manufacturers that follow production …

This Blogger says wearing masks 24/7 indoors and outdoors for 2 years and going on 3 years in 2022 is long-term as well as taking PCR Ethylene Oxide swab tests every 3 days to visit a loved one in a hospital or socialize or shop or work. This equates to an occupational long term health hazard in this blogger’s opinion as well as excessive exposure to EtO that is linked to breast and stomach cancer and direct health effects which can cause death.

Should Americans not ask why is Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors as well as everyone involved and invested in China’s E.O. swabs and E.O. masks for-profit making billions by a worldwide mandated long term distribution? Why not ask the wealthy Democrat Governors, EU leaders, especially the EU Chief in Austria and her husband, whose reported in the news, to be linked to mRNA genetically engineered gene therapy.

Do these EU leaders such as the female Austrian leader, female Australian leader, female German leader, and Canadian P.M. Trudeau if they own stocks in Pfizer and Moderna and Big Pharma or the E.O. PCR swabs and E.O. Masks ? Do you believe that these Western leaders are ordering the Muslims in the Middle East or the Muslims who forced their way into Europe or USA, or Canada being forced to be jabbed and wear the E.O. masks and E.O. PCR swabs up the nose or are they only targeting Western Civilization, India and Africa?

Many agencies have written and published their findings on the direct adverse health effects of breathing in Ethylene Oxide or being exposed to Ethylene Oxide for long periods of time when it enters through the nose, ears, eyes, nose and pores is a human hazard being implemented by China and America and distributed and implemented in Europe and Canada, UK and Australia.

Does anyone know the truth as to why so many people who claim to be in health care fields with hopefully to save lives are persecuting people who resist being Human Lab Rats for their profitability? Millions of people have allergies to chemicals or religious beliefs that oppose abortions and chemical-laden jabs. Dr. Fauci, World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Democrats in Government pushing these EO drenched swabs and masks with a EO poisonous gas and forcing people to comply or be punished knowing they’re unhealthy and PCR tests are faulty?

And, how many Americans realize that quarantines are a guesstimate by 1 or 2 people such as the Directors of NIH or WHO or CDC? But even at that, Americans are not the property of these agencies and they are elected officials, but they do accept millions in donations from Bill and Melinda Gates for decades and are in the business of patents and making money from vaccines, but they need human commodities to earn windfalls of profits.

The research points to the fact that using these E.O. drenched products for medical purposes long term can cause cancer or brain injury, lung injury, gum disease or death. Is it for profit and control over the planet using Big Pharma Covid Communist Cult tied to China, Russia and Iran. Is Gates and his associates and those he donates to or invests or funds seeking depopulation of humanity and control and power over the planet and working with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and National Security to criminalize a flu? Why have the taxpayer funded American Government, Military, DOJ, and EU Leaders gone along with it if they aren’t part of it?

In fact, it was V.P. Joe Biden and Obama who signed off on the Global Poverty Act to abort babies worldwide using mandated U.S. Taxpayer taxes to fund Bill and Melinda Gates agenda of worldwide abortions. Mandated taxpayer funded abortions worldwide was secretly inserted into Obama and it is a depopulation program. How do you steal a Super Power Nation? You depopulate by lowering the birth rate down to zero. Hitler depopulated the Jews and those he hated using experimental vaccines and drugs to sterilize them.

How is it that the Obama-Biden-Pelosi regime secretly inserted worldwide mandated taxpayer funded vaccines paid by American taxpayers without their knowledge into Obamacare? They also inserted euthanasia for Americans only for the elderly and veterans and seriously ill patients. They included rationed and denied health care death panels which we in the USA experienced during the lock downs. The question blowing in the wind is if Bill Gates compiled Obamacare at Microsoft in order to secretly mandate U.S. taxpayers pick up the tab for these worldwide depopulation programs ?

The FDA and government chemical agencies place warnings on the products except they didn’t place warnings on the E.O. PCR swabs or the E.O. masks made in China and have been used long term in the USA since 2019. The FDA appears to have failed to require that all the chemicals and materials used in the E.O. swabs and E.O. masks be listed. Ethylene Oxide is also linked to Lymphoid Cancer and Breast Cancer as well as brain and spinal injury. This raises the question if the Pfizer FDA approved Experimental and Trial Jabs Trade Secret Formula used on the Human Lab Rats that are dying or permanently injured include the ethylene oxide poisonous toxic chemical as well as Graphene oxide.

The U.S. leaders and medical field as well as Big Pharma and Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO and EU-NWO members have knowledge that Ethylene Oxide can damage the brain, nervous system, nose and lungs and that they contains Ethylene Oxide. And yet, with knowledge, consent, and in agreement and willingly they are using fear, coercion and threats for this totalitarian experiment to be jabbed in the arms of people around the world and beautifl faces to be covered up causing psychological belief that humans are all carriers that will kill them if they get too close to each other. The truth is that humans have 22 Trillion viruses inside their bodies and the immune system built into our bodies by GOD is what needs to be healthy and has kept humans alive since Adam and Eve were created.

Colombo says that this information should raise the question why would they use Ethylene Oxide as part of a medical treatment for a Flu – any Flu -as masks and Ethylene Oxide is reported to cut off the oxygen supply to the lungs and the brain? Every doctor and most people know that fresh air keeps the cells, organs, brain and immune system strong, so why suppress the cures? It’s no secret that men and women can’t live without oxygen and when anyone who has a flu or pneumonia COPD, asthma, brain injury, or any respiratory illness needs FRESH AIR -OXYGEN to keep the brain and lungs, heart and cells properly functioning.

God breathed oxygen – fresh air – into the lungs of Adam and Eve and told the world that oxygen aka fresh air created by God is the “Breath of Life” and without it, you die. And, to suppress it, you are injuring your heart, cells, lungs, organs, brain and immune system. Isolating people from outdoors and denying fresh air and that sunshine isn’t healthy because the body needs sunshine and fresh air. Isn’t that why people like to breathe in the winds and fresh air or ions at the oceans and get sunshine and rain that invigorates people when they smell fresh rain in the air? They feel healthier and take deeper breaths of God’s Fresh Air supply. Why is Dr. Fauci and WHO and CDC cutting off our oxygen supply? Why does Bill Gates seek to dim the sun?

Reuters (whose articles I enjoy reading; however, this one caught my attention) is out to convince the world that the International Cancer Society doesn’t know what they’re talking about but Reuters says that people have nothing to worry about. Just put on the ethylene coated masks long-term and get your ethylene oxide PCR tests every 3 days and see what happens…..according to Reuters, you will be safe from cancer and all the direct adverse health effects listed above.

Does the writer know that Ethylene Oxide is a poisonous gas to humans and once the mask hits the face, it goes into the nose, mouth, pores and ears and eyes? And, after people are EO PCR swabbed every 3 days it goes into the nose then it appears that it’s breathed into the body and drips or is breathed into the nasal passage, throat, and possibly into the blood stream, lungs and brain? What could possibly go wrong? On the other hand, I think I’ll believe the Cancer Society and Researchers and OSHA and the Environmental Protection Agencies that state that Ethylene Oxide swallowed or breathed in through the nose can be a killer: See Below:

Hazard Summary
The major use of ethylene oxide is as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of ethylene glycol. Ethylene oxide is also used as a sterilizing agent for medical equipment and a fumigating agent for spices. The acute (short-term) effects of ethylene oxide in humans consist mainly of central nervous system depression and irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes. Chronic (long-term) exposure to ethylene oxide in humans can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs, and damage to the BRAIN and NERVOUS SYSTEM.

There also is some evidence linking ethylene oxide exposure to reproductive effects. EPA has concluded that ethylene oxide is carcinogenic to humans by the inhalation route of exposure. Evidence in humans indicates that exposure to ethylene oxide increases the risk of lymphoid cancer and, for females, breast cancer.
SOURCES: Please Note: The main sources of information for this fact sheet are, for cancer, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Integrated Risk Information System and, for other information, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry’s (ATSDR’s) Toxicological Profile for Ethylene Oxide (1,2).

The primary routes of human exposure to ethylene oxide are inhalation and ingestion, which may occur through occupational, consumer, or environmental exposure. Because ethylene oxide is highly explosive and reactive, the equipment used for its processing generally consists of tightly closed and highly automated systems, which decreases the risk of occupational exposure. It’s airborne and if you breathe into your nose and mouth and pores and guess what happens long term to human beings, especially little kids and babies?

Despite these precautions, workers and people who live near industrial facilities that produce or use ethylene oxide may be exposed to ethylene oxide through uncontrolled industrial emissions. The general population may also be exposed through tobacco smoke and the use of products that have been sterilized with ethylene oxide, such as medical products (used on patients), cosmetics, and beekeeping equipment.

Selected References:

  • Health Effects Notebook for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Ethylene Oxide. Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2018. Also available online. Last accessed December 28, 2018.
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer. Ethylene Oxide, IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans, Volume 100F. Lyon, France: World Health Organization, 2012. Also available online Exit Disclaimer. Last accessed December 28, 2018.
  • National Toxicology Program. Ethylene Oxide, Report on Carcinogens, Fourteenth Edition. Triangle Park, NC: National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety, 2016. Also available online. Last accessed December 28, 2018.
  • Agricultural Health Study
  • Updated: December 28, 2018

Consequently, the FDA and CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, White House, DHHS, Surgeon General and doctors involved in the Bribes for Covid Cases and Covid Deaths who sign off on their patients as Covid Death Certificates aka “Financial Incentives” knowing they have isolated their immediate families and even allegedly cremated some parents and grandparents in New York and denied a family funeral or allowing immediately family to say good-bye to their loved ones in my opinion is evil. And this evil causes more duress which causes more stress and stress causes physical and mental illlness.

It’s alleged by families whose loved ones were denied access to their family members in hospitals and nursing who actually died of long-term cancer or pre-existing lung disease, heart disease, or diabetes, or car accidents, etc. appear to be guilty of greed and possibly murder in some cases in exchange for the $39,000 financial incentive. This incentive appears to be illegal and unconstitutional unlawful, immoral and unethical, but so far, who cares in the government? Are they offering “Bribes for Jabs” in public schools and Universities as well as most Universities are funded by Bill and Melinda Gates or is it just millions in donations?.

It appears that if you don’t die from the FDA approved multiple Pfizer and Moderna Experimental Jabs and genetically engineered mRNA gene therapy never used on humans before 2021 and injected with the Pfizer Secre – a Trade Secret Formula – meaning people don’t have a clue what else Pfizer is injecting into their bodies or into pregnant women, babies and children which is stunning. Shouldn’t people ask their senators if people and kids can be injured or die from wearing EO masks long term and EO PCR testing every 3 days long term? Or, could lives have been saved if CDC and Dr. Fauci hadn’t suppressed the hospital and nursing home protocols of Ivermectin, HCQ, Vit. D3 and C and Zinc and other medical treatments that doctors informed the world cure covid but are silenced by MSM and Twitter and Facebook. Bad things happen to good people and healthy people.

Anyone who refuses to comply with Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO, Biden White House, Democrat leaders in Blue states, EU leaders, the DHHS, Surgeon General and the NWO CEO Billionaire employers, who appear to be committing malpractice in my opinion by playing doctor without a license or ordering unlicensed or licensed vaccines are guilty as stated. In fact, they’re guilty of gross negligence in my opinion for failing to inform the public about the dangers of the China E.O. masks and E.O. PCR tests worn long tern and these intentional behaviors appear to be blatant violations of the HIPPAA Laws and EEOC Laws and Necessities of Life Laws, discriminatory against the healthy, as well as the U.S. Constitutional Laws. Shame on them!

Furthermore, it appears that each person involved in this plannedemic from the patents issued and filed by CDC and the U.S. government back in 2003-2004 points to a pre planned experimental vaccine. The patent listed mRNA genetic engineering, Cloning, and Replication and involved our DNA as well as Boosters. It also appears that the Covid 19 Sars offshore leak at the Wuhan Biochemical Research Lab in China was not above board. Obama placed a moratorium on Dr. Baric and Dr. Fauci’s biochemical research in the USA, so why continue on secretly by donations from Bill and Melinda Gates, FB’s Zuckerberg through Eco-Health and Obama’s U.S. taxpayer funded Grant, knowing this research was dangerous if leaked? And, Senator Rand Paul is not alone stating that Dr. Fauci’s Research is gain-of-function research.

Everyone in the NWO – EU – Billionaire’s Club invested and involved in this worldwide unprecedented agenda that equates to Crimes against Humanity and violations of the Nuremberg Codes (which the Austrian EU Chief seeks to disperse of) had and have knowledge of the FDA’s long list of serious direct adverse health effects on healthy human beings. The FDA long list of adverse side effects to humans (after all the animals tested and died after 2 jabs) that could cause temporary or permanent injuries or death listed on the FDA’s published long list in 2020 that could lead to a potential worldwide genocide of humanity by continuing on with this experiment on humanity.

Ask yourself how are these agendas saving lives or considered health care because millions more people who were healthy are now unhealthy and disabled or dead or locked up and isolated or thrown into concentration camps and being persecuted for resisting to be used as Human Lab Rats? The people in ancient times shouted, “God save the King!” Today, the change should be, “God save Humanity from all who crowned themselves as the Kings and Queens.”

Lastly, it is true that one man and one woman with too much money and too many people accepting dark money aka bribes aka “financial incentives” can make a difference in the world, even if their real goals are evil based on greed, power and control over the planet. And, even if they tell the world that if they do a really good job and vaccinate everyone on the planet, they could reduce the population by about 2 Billion people. People laugh and think the psychopaths are joking. They are not joking. They seek to reduce the population of the planet by 90% by 2050 or sooner and reduce carbon monoxide down to zero by 2050 which requires wiping out God’s creation of human beings and animals. Believe it or not!

During interviews, Bill Gates told you that after vaccinations that they could reduce the population by 10% or 15% or 10M or 30M or 2 Billion or more if “they do a really good job.: He said, “We’ll plunge genetically engineered organism vaccine into every child’s arm” which proves this was preplanned. And, he stated on the world stage, “You have no choice.” And, Dr. Fauci stated, “You will never go back to normal. This is the “new norm” and he used his crystal ball to inform you of the never ending surprise variants after Covid 19 Sars 2 was coming to the world. So, why bother with booster after booster after booster if none of them prevent covid 19 Sars 2 and the multiple variants alleged to be caused in people who received the first 2 jabs?

And, of course, these are businessmen making Billions from patents on viruses and vaccines using people as a built-in-customer base under duress by spewing “fear” and coercion and threats of even starving people to death. Who granted these people under U.S. Constitutional Law, or Human Rights Laws authority to touch or control anyone’s bodies and minds or that of their minor children without written consent to be used for their worldwide FDA EXPERIMENTAL AND TRIAL INEJCTIONS. Which constitutional authority providing health care agencies and the POTUS the authority to force adults and children to endanger their health and weal E.O. MASKS worn long term and E.O. Swabbing in the nose every 3 days. They have knowledge of the direct adverse health effects of Ethylene Oxide poisonous gas being breathed into the nose and the body and the brain can that cause cancer of the lymphoid, breasts, stomach, injury to the spine, brain, lungs and other serious illnesses or death?

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God Bless America and People Around the World

Why Did the CDC Patent #7 220 852 Covid 19 Sars study in 2004/ mRNA gene therapy; Cloning and Replication without Public disclosure until 2021/Who Profits from the Patent and 8 Billion Experimental Worldwide Jabs?

Rose Colombo (C) December 11, 2021 – winner of the Irwin award and 5-Star author of “Fight Back Legal Abuse” pub. 2010 revealing the two-tier Justice system morphing into 1 tier. . Colombo is the second person in 45 years to have won the Irwin- award twice for a second book, 6 Star review, a political satire on depopulation and the Redistribution of Wealth pub. 2013 (new updated version coming in April 2022)

This information is PUBLIC RECORD…… (Remember, the people pushing these jabs on the world are invested and making billions from the experimental and trial jabs with no liability!)

The patent 7 220 852 (April 2004) reveals the information dating back 17 years. Ironically, Covid 19 was announced in the year 2019 as named, Covid (20)19. Consequently, The New World Order and United Nations Agenda 21 depopulation program and the Gates ID 21 Vaccine Passport was enacted in 2021. On or about 17 years ago, Bill and Melinda Gates and Gates’ dad, a key player promoting Planned Parenthood for decades as well as Bill and Melinda Gates supported and donated to reducing the population of future natural born babies in the USA and worldwide targeting the USA, Europe, Africa, and India as priorities.

110 Family Quotes

THE CDC PATENT of 2004 on Coronavirus and mRNA Gene Therapy: (Excerpts: Click on the Link for the entire Patent reading: on mRNA – artificial manipulation, genetic engineering, cloning and more….This is an Experiment on the world’s population! (CDC Patent: source google)

Didn’t Bill Gates begin to fear monger about the coronavirus on television and on stage about 2014 under the Obama-Biden-Holder regime after Obamacare was enacted with death panels and mandates that secretly require American taxpayers pick up the tab for worldwide abortions and vaccines which are Bill and Melinda Gates agendas, who are into eugenics, with his long-time friend, Jeffrey Epstein and the Democrats? Didn’t he state that he didn’t fear a nuke, but his biggest fear is a biochemical weapon. How is it that Gates, who isn’t a Ph.D. or Scientist or Doctor be the key person in this worldwide plannedemic and Dr. Fauci, the choice of 2 Bush Presidents as Director of the NIH, whose wife also works in a key position for NIH, which appears to be Nepotism.

How is it that since 2003, Bill Gates has been concerned about a biochemical weapon and not a nuke? It’s alleged that Bill and Melinda Gates funded Dr. Baric and Dr. Fauci’s coronavirus research in the USA for decades and funded millions over the decades to CDC and WHO. Millions in donations breeds influence. It’s alleged that FB Mark Zuckerberg through Eco-Health which includes, Bill Gates, George Soros, Obama, and currently president Joe Biden’s Executive Orders that enact covid 19 mandates. Perhaps, more wealthy Wall Street CEO’s and NGO’s secretly funded Dr. Baric and Dr. Fauci’s NIH gain-of-function research in the USA and transferred offshore to be continued in China at the Wuhan Biochemical weapons Lab after a moratorium was placed by former President Obama in the USA.

These actions by public servants and CEOs and non-profit organizations raises the question as to why would Obama approve a U.S. Taxpayer Grant for Fauci’s research to secretly transfer research on a biochemical weapon that he said must end because it’s too dangerous to do in the USA, but okay to transfer and continue the research in China at the Wuhan Lab where it was unleashed. So the unleashing of a biochemical weapon on the world appears to include many leaders and wealthy CEOs as well as Big Pharma, Bill and Melinda Gates, WEF and Klaus Schwab, Eco-Health, FB CEO, Pfizer, Moderna, as well as Presidents of the USA, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and China?

If a biochemical weapon was Gates biggest fear, not a nuke as he stated in an interview then why would he fund a biochemical virus in the USA and offshore in China at a careless Wuhan Biochemical Research Lab knowing the consequences and danger to humanity? And, why is only China being blamed since Soros supports China and stated his goal was to make China the #1 super power in the world both economically and militarily. Soros stated he was working at devaluing the U.S. Dollar to achieve this goal which appears to be Treason, Sedition, High Crimes and Misdemeanors, but apparently his huge donations to key people on the Left and RINOS in positions of power and influence are either anti-Americans or complicit and weak people who value money, titles, and positions of power.

These are enemies of the American people and Free Western sovereign nations, They mock God, country, Christians, Jews, the Bible, and the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution guarantees Free Will and Free Choice, Freedom, Liberty and Rights granted by God naturally at birth, not by men and women. Remember, Presidents Clinton, Obama, and Biden, as well as Wall Street Billionaires George Soros and Bill Gates, and many NWO CEOs on Wall Street favor Communist China because they use slave labor for higher profits. China has threatened to attack the USA as well as IRAN, an anti-American and anti-Israel nations, whose stated and written strategic goals is to wipe out America and all of Western Civilization and Freedom, Morals, Capitalism, Bible and God.

Remember, Gates unleashed mosquitoes about 2015 when he was talking about vaccinating the world and depopulating the planet by 10% or 15%, probably on the first batch experimental jabs or 2 Billion people because he believes that there are too many people in the world and the planet can sustain them, so depopulation is the answer for Gates and his New World Order Billionaire members it appears. He was talking and has been dancing to the tune of a potential genocide and no one is paying attention as his audience laughs and applauds. I find that rather disturbing that they don’t believe him, but I always believed him and his intent.

Applications Claiming Priority (2)

ApplicationFiling date Title US10/822,904 2004-04-12 Coronavirus isolated from humans US11/748,359 2007-05-14 Coronavirus isolated from humans

“Sizes of the SARS-CoV mRNAs were calculated by extrapolation from a log-linear fit of the molecular mass marker. Lane 1, SARS-CoV mRNA; lane 2, Vero E6 cell mRNA; lane 3, molecular mass marker, sizes in kB.

Recombinant Nucleic Acid: Genetic Engineering: A sequence that is not naturally occurring or has a sequence that is made by an artificial combination of two otherwise separated segments of sequence. This artificial combination is often accomplished by chemical synthesis or, more commonly, by the artificial manipulation of isolated segments of nucleic acids, for example, by genetic engineering techniques such as those described in Sambrook et al. (ed.), Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual, 2nd ed., vol. 1–3, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., 1989. The term recombinant includes nucleic acids that have been altered solely by addition, substitution, or deletion of a portion of the nucleic acid.

Virus: Microscopic infectious organism that reproduces inside living cells. A virus typically consists essentially of a core of a single nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coat, and has the ability to replicate only inside a living cell. “Viral replication” is the production of additional virus by the occurrence of at least one viral life cycle. A virus may subvert the host cells’ normal functions, causing the cell to behave in a manner determined by the virus. For example, a viral infection may result in a cell producing a cytokine, or responding to a cytokine, when the uninfected cell does not normally do so. “Coronaviruses” are large, enveloped, RNA viruses that cause respiratory and enteric diseases in humans and other animals.

Coronavirus genomes are non-segmented, single-stranded, positive-sense RNA, approximately 27–31 kb in length. Genomes have a 5′ methylated cap and 3′ poly-A tail, and function directly as mRNA. Host cell entry occurs via endocytosis and membrane fusion, and replication occurs in the cytoplasm. Initially, the 5′ 20 kb of the positive-sense genome is translated to produce a viral polymerase, which then produces a full-length negative-sense strand used as a template to produce sub genomic mRNA as a “nested set” of transcripts. Assembly occurs by budding into the golgi apparatus, and particles are transported to the surface of the cell and released.

Transformed: A “transformed” cell is a cell into which has been introduced a nucleic acid molecule by molecular biology techniques. The term encompasses all techniques by which a nucleic acid molecule might be introduced into such a cell, including transfection with viral vectors, transformation with plasmid vectors, and introduction of naked DNA by electroporation, lipofection, and particle gun acceleration.

Vector: A nucleic acid molecule as introduced into a host cell, thereby producing a transformed host cell. A vector may include nucleic acid sequences that permit it to REPLICATE in a HOST CELL, such as an origin of replication. A vector may also include one or more selectable marker genes and other genetic elements known in the art.

Also disclosed herein is a composition including an isolated SARS-CoV organism. In one embodiment, the isolated SARS-CoV organism is an inactive isolated SARS-CoV organism. In another embodiment, the composition includes at least one component selected from the group consisting of pharmaceutically acceptable carriers, adjuvants and combinations of two or more thereof. In yet another embodiment, the composition is introduced into a subject, thereby eliciting an immune response against a SARS-CoV antigenic epitope in a subject.

Booster injections can be given at regular intervals, and antiserum harvested when the antibody titer thereof, as determined semi-quantitatively, for example, by double immunodiffusion in agar against known concentrations of the antigen, begins to fall. See, for example, Ouchterlony et al., Handbook of Experimental Immunology, Wier, D. (ed.), Chapter 19, Blackwell, 1973.

Remember when China wanted to swab people through the buttocks, not just their noses and they chose the nose first? The Patent reads: The compositions provided herein, including those for use as immune stimulatory compositions, may be administered through different routes, such as oral, including buccal and sublingual, rectal, parenteral, aerosol, nasal, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intradermal, and topical. They may be administered in different forms, including but not limited to solutions, emulsions and suspensions, microspheres, particles, microparticles, nanoparticles, and liposomes.

VIDEO of Dr. Fauci and his colleagues planning the plannedeic – and how to cause fear so people will get their jabs –

GENETIC IMMUNIZATION DELIVERY: Thus, the term “immune stimulatory composition” as used herein also includes nucleic acid vaccines in which a nucleic acid molecule encoding a SARS-CoV polypeptide is administered to a subject in a pharmaceutical composition. For genetic immunization, suitable delivery methods known to those skilled in the art include direct injection of plasmid DNA into muscles (Wolff et al., Hum. Mol. Genet. 1:363, 1992), delivery of DNA complexed with specific protein carriers (Wu et al., J. Biol. Chem. 264:16985, 1989), 

US7220852B1 (Note: The Patent says U.S. – not China)

United States Download PDF Find Prior Art Similar Inventor Paul A. RotaLarry J. Anderson William J. Bellini Cara Carthel Burns Raymond Campagnoli Qi ChenJames A. Comer Shannon L. Emery Dean D. Erdman Cynthia S. Goldsmith Charles D. Humphrey Joseph P. Icenogle Thomas G. Ksiazek Stephan S. Monroe William Allan Nix M. Steven Oberste Teresa C. T. Peret Pierre E. RollinMark A. Pallansch Anthony Sanchez Suxiang Tong Sherif R. Zaki

Current Assignee Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (2004-2024: A 20 year agenda?)

Worldwide applications 2004  US 2007  US

Application US10/822,904 events 2003-04-25Priority to US46592703P2004-04-12 Application filed by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention CDC 2004-04-12 Priority to US10/822,904 2007-05-22 Application granted2007-05-22 Publication of US7220852B1 2007-06-28 Assigned to THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AS REPRESENTED BY THE SECRETARY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION StatusExpired – Fee Related 2024-04-12 Anticipated expiration (Interesting that the Expiration Date is 2024, Election Year or Will There Be an Election in the USA in 2024 or a rigged one?)

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1. An isolated nucleic acid molecule consisting of the nucleotide sequence as set forth in SEQ ID NO:


PRIORITY CLAIM This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/465,927 filed Apr. 25, 2003, which is incorporated herein by reference in its entirety. (NOTE THE DATE AND YEAR April 25, 2003) When and Why was Bill Gates donating millions to the WHO and CDC and NIH, Dr. Fauci for decades? Why did President Bush compose a Presidential Order on or about 2004 or 2006 related to a Pandemic and Civil Unrest, Martial Law, Quarantines, Curfews, Troops on the ground in America’s neighborhoods and taking “right wing extremists” who resist their orders to government facilities (Fema Camps?) for reprogramming with no outside contact? Reminds me of the lock downs and the Americans who attended a rally on January 6th being labeled under the NDAA Law and accused by allegations made online that Biden and Pelosi referred to these Americans who killed or injured no one and stole nothing to be domestic terrorists and white supremacists. On the other hand, they were seen on national television and social media kneeling to BLM members who did kill and injure and commit an insurrection across America.

These arrestees are treated worse than the terrorists who were given special prvileges after attacking the USA and killed 3,000 Americans and probably more who may have died from toxic poisons spewing into the atmosphere down the road. Obama and Biden and Hillary Clinton flew radicals from the Middle East secretly into the USA and allowed the foreign radicals to walk across our borders illegally while Obama-Biden-Holder regime tied the hands of law enforcers such as ICE and Border Patrol. They changed Detain and Deport to Detain and Release.

The Americans arrested on January 6th, 2021, according to the online news haven’t had any outside contact and appear to have been denied due process of law and treated as non-human beings as alluded to by congressional members. It was Obama and Biden and Holder and the Democrats who enacted the NDAA Law with Senator Graham and McCain and Levin who proposed this unconstitutional law in my opinion which I opposed. Senator Feinstein read this shocking unconstitutional proposal on television and then the congress and senators voted for it without removing Americans from it..

STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENT SUPPORT This invention was made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency of the United States Government. Therefore, the U.S. Government has certain rights in this invention. FIELD OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to a newly isolated human coronavirus. More particularly, it relates to an isolated coronavirus genome, isolated coronavirus proteins, and isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding the same. The disclosure further relates to methods of detecting a severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus and compositions comprising immunogenic coronavirus compounds. (In 2003 the CDC and Scientists and doctors involved in the patents and research knew of a “newly isolated human coronavirus?)

Coronavirus have not previously been known to cause severe disease in humans, but have been identified as a major cause of upper respiratory tract illness, including the common cold. Repeat infections in humans are common within and across serotype, suggesting that immune response to coronavirus infection in humans is either incomplete or short lived. Coronavirus infection in animals can cause severe enteric or respiratory disease. Vaccination has been used successfully to prevent and control some coronavirus infections in animals. The ability of animal-specific coronaviruses to cause severe disease raises the possibility that coronavirus could also cause more severe disease in humans (Fields et al. eds. Fields Virology, 3rd edition, Raven Press, Philadelphia, 1323–1341, 1996; Mahey and Collier eds. Microbiology and Microbial Infections, Volume 1 Virology, 9th edition, Oxford University Press, 463–479, 1998 (In 1998, they believed the coronavirus raises the possibility that CV could also cause more severe disease in humans?)

In late 2002, cases of life-threatening respiratory disease with no identifiable etiology were reported from Guangdong Province, China, followed by reports from Vietnam, Canada, and Hong Kong of severe febrile respiratory illness that spread to household members and health care workers. The syndrome was designated “severe acute respiratory syndrome” (SARS) in February 2003 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (MMWR, 52:241–48, 2003).Past efforts to develop rapid diagnostics and vaccines for coronavirus infection in humans have been hampered by a lack of appropriate research models and the moderate course of disease in humans. Therefore, a need for rapid diagnostic tests and vaccines exists.

(Colombo says, this CDC patent stated that vaccine…hampered by a lack of appropriate research models and the moderate course of disease in humans, so when all the animal lab rats died they decided in 2021 to take the entire population of 8 Billion and jab them multiple times with their warp speed FDA approved Experimental and Trial injections with unknown efficacy and unknown consequences to individuals such as death or permanent injury and potential for enhanced infections as stated by Dr. Fauci in 2020?

And, DHHS and the White House and EU Leaders grant Big Pharma and investors 100% immunity no matter how many people die or healthy people are injured for life and can’t work and earn a living or go to school. And, they care less that the families of victims injured will need expensive caregivers and are then strapped because of these experiments that cause victims to be in need of excessive health care costs?)

In 2009, Obama jumped on board with this same agenda as well as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and approved mandated taxpayer funded abortions and vaccines worldwide that mandated the American taxpayers to pick up the tab for abortions worldwide and distribution of vaccines worldwide. Mandated taxpayer funded abortions is a depopulation program of future generations so there will be no more natural-born citizens in the future and no more sovereign nations, but a global world operated by wealthy investors in China and AI and 5G and the Gates-Monsanto genetically engineered foods. Gates is heavily invested in Monsanto.

Farmer Gates has been buying up all the farmland during the lock downs, especially in Arizona. Farmer Gates now owns more farmland than any other person on the planet. And, he probably bought it at rock bottom prices after he and Dr. Fauci and WHO and CDC and the White House called out the lock downs that destroyed the farms and crops and the Ranchers. The Obama-Biden regime forced Native Americans off their land where they owned water supplies and oil as well as copper mines.

Most Americans didn’t have a clue that mandated taxpayer funded abortions and jabs were inserted into Obamacare after misled by Obama and Biden and Pelosi about these 2 agendas. They claimed they didn’t read the 2700 pages of Obamacare and didn’t know what was in it, so they had to approve it to find out what was in it. Now, that’s what I call gross negligence on their behalf as representatives of the USA! These secret agendas should have gotten Obama and Pelosi impeached, but it did not. Is it possible that Bill Gates compiled the 2700 pages through Microsoft?

Bill Gates is linked to the international child trafficker of 40 years, Jeffrey Epstein, and ironically, Bill and Melinda Gates and Gates’ dad and Epstein support eugenics. In fact, NWO member, Ted Turner believes the world is overpopulated as well as Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger. The wealthy NWO members believe that there are too many people on the planet and that makes the planet unsustainable because they believe there is no God and if there is a God that He doesn’t know what he’s doing, but they know better. Gates mentioned that his goal is to reduce carbon monoxide down to zero by 2050 which requires depopulation of God’s human creation and animals. Ted Turner stated in a news clip and while interviewed on the Charlie Rose Show that the world’s population should be reduced down by 95%.

Bill and Melinda Gates founded GAVI and partnered with multi-Billionaire George Soros. They are invested in all major corporations tied to Communist China who seeks to wipe out the USA and dominate the world with an iron fist. China is also collecting DNA from America’s females (remember the movie, The Stepford Wives or Rosemary’s Baby?). It appears that Gates and the NWO’s end game is to create the AI Trans Human Superior Race. They are playing god. Gates has been a long time supporter and donor to Dr. and Mrs. Fauci at the NIH as well as donating millions of dollars to the CDC and WHO organizations who are in the business of earning billions in profits from vaccines.

These same wealthy persons or agencies such as CDC own the patents worth millions. Is it any wonder why they would promote the warp speed FDA Experimental and Trial injections and seeking to use every person on the planet, even babies, as their Human Lab Rats and built-in customer base with never-ending jabs. After all, it appears that Gates and Dr. Fauci have a crystal ball so they can announce their surprise variants probably every 3 months and their new pop up boosters. They’ve granted themselves through DHHS Secretary and the oval office 100% immunity from lawsuits for injuries and deaths around the world while they rake in Billions.

It’s this Blogger’s Opinion that Bill Gates began fear mongering over a virus and mandated vaccine obsession back in 2004. Perhaps, it was Bill Gates who contacted President George W. Bush after his dad, R.I.P., President George HW Bush, who announced his allegiance to the New World Order, on national television, may have bought into the Bill Gates fear mongering. It appears from Journalists back in the day, when we were blessed with many objective and real journalists, that President George W Bush became obsessed with pandemics on or about 2004. The reason this is possible is based on the fact that President George W. Bush created a Presidential Order that included what occured in January 2019 to the current time.

Furthermore, the E.O. stated that if a President of the USA declares a pandemic and civil unrest that he can declare quarantines and curfews. He can put troops on the ground in our neighborhoods. If the President declares Martial Law that he would be removed from office and replaced with the shadow government and power granted to DHS-FEMA as the temporary shadow government who will control the population who are ordered to obey. The E.O. stated that any “right-wing extremist” who resisted and refused to comply would be removed from their homes and taken to “government facilities” with no outside contact to be “reprogrammed.”

The fact that President George W. Bush would suddenly fear a virus and a biochemical weapon back in 2004 must have been presented to him by a person or persons whose greatest fear stated on stage was not a “nuke” but a “biochemical virus” and promoting his pre planned worldwide experimental and trial injections which was tried out in the 1970’s known as the Swine Flue and then again in 2009-2010 under the Obama-Biden regime as a Pandemic ordering everyone to be jabbed or else be fired from their jobs or jailed and fined. How did people forget that they actually resisted and the people won out. What happened in 2019 that caused people to fear death from a flu with a 99.98% recovery rate?

Why did the world listen to a Billionaire whose invested in Big Pharma vaccines for profit and who favors and does business with Communist China and donates to CDC, WHO, Cornell University, NIH, Dr. Fauci’s Research, founded GAVI, and a member of the WEF as well as invests and/or buys air time on MSM and BBC, PBS, Radio, and Facebook and Twitter to promote only the Gates and Fauci, CDC and WHO and Democrat White House agendas and mandates while silencing the rest of the world on the Right as well as neutral doctors with credentials who oppose the Fauci-Gates-CDC-WHO protocols that prohibited the sale and use of long-time FDA approved safe and effective Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin since 2019 in exchange for Remdesivir Rx drug for covid in hospitals and nursing homes with a higher profit margin and a list of potential serious direct health effects?

It seems that the Presidential E.O. by President George W. Bush, is part of the New World Order piece of the puzzle that was to lead up to the planned demic and civil disruption with intent of controlling the massing and destroying the Middle Class for depopulation and breaking down the food chain and forcing masks that cut off God’s Free natural breathing process that keeps saliva in the mouth and keeps the lungs and organs, brain, heart and immune system healthy, while masks cut off God’s “Breath of Life” that is needed to stay focused without brain fog and potential fainting and causing emotional distress for most peopleunder the false assumption that these money making control masks stop a virus. If masks stopped a virus then why do we need mRNA experimental jabs and Pfizer’s Trade Secret Formula jabbed into the arms of every person on the planet who isn’t infected with covid?

The public servants and MSM involved with Wall Street’s money making Big Pharma communist cul Industrial Complex know the the truth and allowed Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Bill Gates tied to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and secret society members seeking to reduce the population of the planet and rob the world of its wealth and personal cash and coin are committing a worldwide High Jacking of the World’s wealth – greatest theft in world history – under the guise of a man made flu and under the guise of Health Care because they care about you, right? It’s for your benefit that
“You will own nothing in order and you will be happy” according to WEF’s founder, Klaus Schwab.

Remember, his partner in this worldwide alleged crime against humanity, Bill Gates, stated on main stream media that they will “plunge a genetically engineered organism into the veins of every child.” Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates stated, “You have no choice.” The truth is that every human being on the planet has a choice and that they haven’t any legal, lawful, or constitutional authority to deny your Free Will and Free Choice. Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors, if licensed doctors or Scientists, can only provide recommendations, not change and transform themselves into tyrannical dictators.

Shouldn’t Americans ask if these agendas have been implemented since 2019 as written into the Rothschilds Lock Step Phase 1, 2 and 3 and the George W. Bush E.O. of 2006, as well as the Development for a sustainable Planet and the Global Poverty Act? Apparently, they’ve never read the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and the “Law of Nations.” After all, as mentioned, the Americans they view as the Left’s enemy and “right wing extremists” are now viewed as “domestic terrorists,” while the real Middle East Terrorists were set free from prison and GITMO and even funded and given a civilian trial by Obama and Holder and the Democrats at taxpayer’s expense from 2009-2016.

Bill and Melinda Gates invested Billions in Big Pharma, in particular, Pfizer and Moderna and partnered with Billionaire, George Soros. It’s reported and alleged that they purchased BioNtech who partnered with Pfizer and that they share the Billions in profits from the experimental jabs. And, of course, there are hospitals and doctors who take big “financial incentives” to participate in what allegedly appears to be “Bribes for Covid Death Certificates.” Gates and Soros hit the online news that alleged that they purchased BioNtech and Mologic to trace and track everyone on the planet and make sure they are in compliance with their never ending jabs or else be punished.

Of course, these are all unconstitutional agendas and Mandates and Violations of Human Rights and violations of the Nuremberg Codes, not to mention that Pfizer has a Trade Secret Formula that Judicial watch has sought to read through a FOIA request. But, Pfizer asked for a 75 year time frame in order to produce the documents while they sort through them with Dr. Fauci and determine what they will produce and what they won’t produce. Wouldn’t it be nice if all people who were ordered to turn over documents to the government or a judge could request 50 years to turn over the documents which they chose to disclose? Money talks.

And, now, even in America, the Left is suggesting that anyone who doesn’t get the experimental jabs must be isolated from travel, jobs, income, education, and even buying groceries, so they can starve those nasty right wing extremist who refuse to be human lab rats and enslaved into servitude to Farmer Gates and BIg Phama and the NWO. During the 1918 Spanish Flu, most people actually died from lack of nutrition and starvation because 60% of the population was poor and undernourished. They also threw off their masks and found that fresh air – oxygen – and ventilation was key to getting healthy along with sunshine and clean water.

Otherwise, the “right wing extremist” who refuse to be human lab rats for Gates and the NWO can freeze to death or dehydrate in the summer as they skyrocket electricity and gasoline and cost of food and housing. The Nuremberg Codes were established because Hitler pulled off taking people hostage and throwing them into concentration camps and using them for slave labor. He used starvation to make them ill and punish them and caused many to die. Starvation is a painful death as well as lack of water.

Hitler also used experimental drugs, vaccines and treatments on the people who took hostage to mess with their minds and bodies with chemical-laden vaccines and surgeries without antibiotics and anesthesia. Millions were disabled who were once healthy happy thriving human beings. However, the Nazis and the Communists thrive on death and destruction and pain and suffering for everyone else because they have no conscience and they are psychpaths.

The secret New World Order Nazi’s pretend to care about the Blacks, Muslims and the Hispanics, but that’s just an illusion for votes. They justify what they do by declaring “it’s for the good of others” and they are cleansing the world of the people they view as non-humans and as Hillary stated, “deplorables” and as Obama stated, “small minded” and as Pelosi stated, “ignorant,” and as Gruber stated, “stupid” and “easily tricked” and “foolish.” The secret societies care about no one and despise Christians, Jews, and Catholics.

People are complying under duress to be used as human lab rats. It is illegal to force anyone to do anything under coercion, fear mongering or threats causing them to do so under duress and stress that creates emotional, physical and financial distress to avoid punishments of losing their jobs, homes, income, social life, freedom to travel or work or educate. No one in America has any authority to deny any of the Human Necessities of Life to anyone. Anyone involved in these agendas are committing Crimes against Humanity.

Which constitutional authority is the White House, Military, Government agencies and NGO’s and investors in Big Pharma applying to grant themselves authority to inject or touch anyone without written consent and use them for human lab rats for their for-profit experimental and trial injections with unknown materials in the jabs. After all, the government has allowed Pfizer to inject people with a Trade Secret Formula that is a “secret” so no one knows exactly what they’re injecting into the world’s bodies and apparently, the AMA, ABA, White House, EU Leaders, DOJ, Military don’t care to know.

The truth is that Americans are paying for the distribution so they should be stockholder in Pfizer and Moderna and they should have the right to know immediately and those documents should be made public for public review and public scrutiny as a matter of life and death and it’s the policy of the FDA to inform anyone used as human lab rat for any experiment to have knowledge of the chemicals and materials they will be jabbing or ingesting in human bodies.

By using the FDA Approved warp speed Experimental and Trial Injections is no different than what Hitler did to the Jews and everyone he believed were disposable people and non-humans and didn’t deserve to live. He also took control over their children and separated them from their parents and biological families. He adopted out the kids who had blond hair and blue eyes to Germany families and changed their names and ethnicity and taught them to speak German.

And, Americans are paying for the distribution of the Pfizer FDA approved Experimental and Trial Injections while the government agencies granted Big Pharma and all invested in the experiment with jabs total immunity from lawsuits for injuries and deaths while raking in Billions in profits. On the other hand, Americans are getting nothing back from this Wall Street Private Corporations and they should be receiving refund checks or royalties, right? Because, the Obama regime had no authority to force Americans to fund this private corporation with their tax dollars.

Why would the government protect a private corporations from We The People instead of protecting We The People from private corporate CEO’s experimenting on the American citizens? Gates stated, that they intended to vaccinate every person on the planet and reduce the population by 10% or 20% in the first round. Gates also stated during a televised interview that they intended to “plunge a genetically engineered organism into every child’s arm,” as stated above, but why is the government and MSM and Wall Street CEOs okay with injuring or killing children or sterilizing kids using experimental and trial injections without long term case studies and without FDA approved and licensed vaccines by declaring they are volunteers which is a lie.

The Truth is that Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO, and the White House has used fear mongering and threats and coercion that places fear in the minds of every human being. They intentionally have been causing emotional, physical, and financial distress so that people will obey and get the jabs out of fear of losing their jobs and businesses and income or education and isolated from society. There may be some people who volunteer to be jabbed believing they are being good citizens, but in reality, they are uninformed people who have been fear mongered on radio, TV, cable, FB and Twitter and by the White House and Gates, Dr. Fauci, CDC, and WHO.

This is not a voluntary experiment of Free Will because they began fear mongering in 2019 that people will be dying if they aren’t jabbed and the people who resist being jabbed will be a threat to everyone else. It’s a flu. And, appears to be developed by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Baric and funded by those invested in Big Pharma, 5G, Ai, and communications and China. The FDA regulations for volunteering as Human Lab Rats for Big Pharma’s experiments requires that the person volunteer after being informed of the ingredients in the Rx Drug or the experimental jabs. They must be informed of the potential direct adverse health effects including death and permanent injury. They must sign a consent form of their free will as volunteers and cannot legally sign a consent form or volunteer if they have been fear mongered, threatened or coerced which are crimes in the United States of America on the law books. Hitler experiments on millions of human beings for the benefit of others and killed, sterilized, and permanently injured millions of human beings and he was ordering these experiments while overdosing on Rx drugs. No one stopped him and his monsters until it was too late.

Parents are under stringent duress by the government’s threat and that of the CEOs that they will be isolated from society and at work or fired and lose their careers, licenses, jobs and income as well as their kid’s education. How is that in accordance with the U.S. Constitution knowing kids have a 99.98% recovery rate and rarely get covid?

He told the world’s population, “You have no choice.” Dr. Fauci stated on mainstream media that “masks don’t work or stop a virus,” then switched and began selling his snake oil to the public worldwide that they must wear 1, 2, 3 masks inside and outside of their homes and businesses and schools without any Scientific evidence because there is none. The masks are unhealthy and strewn everywhere including the oceans and lakes and parks and parking lots and so forth. The masks cut off the natural Breath of Life which God’s creation so that you can live and have healthy lungs, cells, organs, and think clearly and it’s free and doesn’t belong to Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, and all the rest of the Democrats who are invested in Big Pharma experimental jabs, masks, and faulty PCR Ethylene Oxide swabs. You are now Human Lab Rats. Human Collateral for their Experiment on Humanity. Human Commodities for Human Capita for the investors.

People die when they have a brain injury or heart attack of stroke and they don’t have enough oxygen entering into the lungs and immune system and organs and that’s why paramedics bring the oxygen supply with them when called out for an emergency. Why would Dr. Fauci and CDC, and WHO Directors and Bill Gates promote cutting off your Breath of Life that God provided so you can live? People who contract the flu die from not getting enough oxygen! I guess they’re helping them out to move on to the next dimension and into Phase 3 of this depopulation program so the doctors involved can collect allegedly their bonus of $39,000 per patient if they sign off as a covid death on the death certificate.


(Well, now the Big Pharma Covid Cult Industrial Complex with what appears to be never ending variants and jabs for profit have come up with a plan to use 7 Billion people with or without covid 19 and people who are covid free and healthy or have natural immunity or may be allergic to chemicals without opt outs or else be isolated, starved, and punished from society in the USA, which are Nuremberg Code violations and Human Rights violations and totally insane. The psychopaths are getting away with what appears to be an mass murder around the world. Big Pharma and Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO haven’t any constitutional authority to take Americans hostage and impoverish them because people who don’t trust their non-scientific agendas choose natural immunity, or exemption for religion or exemption due to allergies, or exercise the right to control their own minds and bodies and that of of their biological children.

Which constitutional authority, other than the authority they grant to themselves grant them the right to coerce, fear monger and threaten people with harm to themselves and families and use each person as a Human Lab Rat on the planet for case studies and put under their microscope for-profit as their slaves forced into servitude and used as their property and chattel in the USA with intent of Gates and Soros using their money to buy corporations for worldwide human tracing and tracking of individuals under their microscope?

In the mean time, Bill Gates and George Soros purchased companies to trace and track humans as if they are the hunters and we are the hunted to be under their unconstitutional authority which tramples on our constitutional rights. And, they have no liability no matter how many people they injure or kill while they have Americans paying for Pfizer’s worldwide distribution of experimental jabs and letting Pfizer off the hook from revealing what they are injecting into everyone’s bodies with their Trade Secret Formula. How insane, immoral, and illegal is that? Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

Read the entire patent – Click on the Link:

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Are you awake, yet? Twitter has just removed Christians from their website so America’s Senators and America’s FCC and American Citizens should demand that Twitter be Banned from America which is One Nation Under God. America was discovered by people who believed in the Bible and lived by the Biblical laws and built Christian churches on American soil. America is built on a Judeo-Christian Foundation and rooted from the laws instructed by God to obey written in the Bible and The 10 Commandments. Social Media Billionaires have determined they have the power and authority to deny Americans access to their established Supreme Laws of the Land.


In 1989, Rose Colombo coined the term, “Wake Up, America!” on my am-FM radios shows in California, “Issues of the Day” and “Women Fight Back” as the opening for my shows as I exposed injustices and legal abuses and wrote the self-help book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” pub. in 2010 and featured in Asia Journal of Science and Commerce; Daily [Law] Journal, Veterans Newspapers and local and national radio shows.

Americans have the guaranteed and established Right to exercise Freedom of Speech, Protest, Rally, freedom of Media, freedom of Press and freedom of speech granted to WE THE PEOPLE, who are the government in the USA, but apparently, the 2 giant CEOs of Twitter and Facebook believe they are our authoritarian dictators on Freedom of Speech and control over our Constitutional Laws establishing such Freedom.

Yet, Facebook and Twitter CEOs are exercising Freedom of Speech and Opinion and influencing political parties and candidates they prefer to win in elections and controlling medical information that could have saving tens of thousands of lives by suppressing doctors and Scientists who oppose Dr. Fauci’s recommendations while Mark Zuckerberg is alleged to have donated 6 figures through Eco-Health to Dr. Fauci’s Research paid to China to continue Fauci’s research at the careless biochemical Research Lab in Wuhan.

How is it that they congress, FCC, and Senators or DOJ haven’t broken the social media monopoly on Freedom of Speech? Are they donating big bucks to the Democrats to protect them from being deregulated or punished?

In 1989, I coined the term. “Wake Up America” to open my am-FM radio shows I created to expose the legal abuses coming against Americans that was suppressed from the public. I couldn’t get MSM to produce my shows including FOX and continued in California producing and hosting “Issues of the Day” and “Women Fight Back” with whistleblowers and victims exposing injustices, legal abuses.

The guests included heavy hitters who left government to inform the people what the government was planning to do to America and the American people, Military and Law Enforcers by wealthy Wall Street CEO’s and politicians who were funded into office and carrying out the agendas of the NWO members. After 2000, the phrase “Wake Up, America” was heard everywhere and even today. My question to you is the majority of Americans awake, yet, as they are about to lose their country and their freedom and children if they ignore the truth.

We The American people made the 2 giant Social Media young persons wealthy after creating a app online then they turned on Americans and cater to only NWO, Liberals, Muslim Brotherhood members, radicals, Democrats, and provide a worldwide platform for Dr. Fauci only as well as Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros and Hollywood Liberals and Democrats only which is discrimination and dangerous to freedom.

The shows which I created, produced and hosted, aired on Time-Warner and Cox Communication exposing legal abuses and the secret strategies revealed by former government employees who became whistleblowers or politicians concerned about child trafficking, MTBE poisoning of water and soil, confiscating cars because people didn’t wear seat belt of confiscating their money and assets in their vehicle based on accusations only and never returning the money or assets to the innocent people which has also occurred at the airports. This is communism, not Americanism. In fact, it’s criminal in my opinion.

If you aren’t awake and aren’t uniting with fellow Americans targeted for speaking up against immoral and unethical and illegal and unlawful behaviors by the government then you should not complain when injustices happen to you.


The People who are Awake Call Upon All Americans, Europeans, Canadians, Australians, Austrians, Germans, South Americans who are threatened by tyrants seeking to use every human being including your babies and minor children for their money making FDA Approved Experimental and Trial injections, not licensed vaccines while granting Pfizer 75 years to conceal their Trade Secret Formula!

These wealthy NWO people are looking to starve the world to death by buying up all the land and farms and breaking down the food chain with lock downs and creating famine as in Venezuela and parts of Africa and even in America, since their lock downs, about 15 millions kids are going to bed hungry every night.

IT’s PAST YOUR TIME TO WAKE UP to this New World Order long-time agenda which began after America saved the Surviving Jews and Europeans from Adolph Hitler, the Nazi Leader working with some wealthy Americans on Wall Street as well as Scientists and many say the Vatican Bank and the Trillion Dollar secret banks that remain off the radar and haven’t revealed where is America’s gold that would allow them to devalue the U.S. Dollar without gold backing for their Reset to redistribute the wealth of the world and your wealth – large or small – to the top 10% of wealthy NWO Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires. COMMENT BELOW – LIKE – SHARE FOLLOW

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