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The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio
The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio

Rose’s guest, Vico Confino says, “The gag is off!”  Have you ever experienced the dark side of justice or known anyone who has experienced being caught up in the web of deception as they implement legal abuses againwt you or someone you know or love?  The consequences are never minor, but major.  Legal Abuse as I wrote in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse” causes emotional, physical, and financial distress.  Unfortunately, there’s no where to go, especially if you can’t afford the legal fees that could bankrupt the victim.  It appears the federal government has abandoned Americans who need help.  Vico Confino is a long-time American business owner and a loyal American.  He came up against the legal system and alleges that they stonewalled him as an importer of expensive items and Customs of more than 25 years.  He says that Customs confiscated his inventory and refuses to return the items so he can continue operating his business and keep his employees working and continue to earn a living.  This is an exclusive radio interview and you won’t want to miss this story because Vico Contno is not alone.  It wasn’t long ago that the government targeted Gibson Guitars, Holly Hobby, and Chic-A-Fil and the Bundy Ranch, an egg farmer and many more businesses.  It appears that the federal government is out to destroy American businesses for profit through Search and Seizure laws.  In fact, there are big law firms who seek out  small and big businesses and accuse them of maybe, hiring illegals, and attempt to file class action lawsuits and are putting small business owners out of business who don’t have the financial ability to fight back against their accusations.  In other words, due process of law, is becoming “meaningless.”  It’s about the money and confiscating property and assets, social security, pensions, and more. The Search and Seizure Law could be out-of-control as people are complaining of legal abuses around the nation as they are stripped of their assets and the government agencies auction off the assets and deposit the profits for their departments. Many innocent Americans are being destroyed by the illusion of justice for all!  Listen – Like – Share – Click the Link Below

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/What’s Wrong In America?/Women Fight Back in the USA! /FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts



The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio
The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio

Rose Colombo asks the question, “What wrong with America?”  In fact, she asks, “What’s wrong with Congress?”  She explores the direction that this nation is being led by wolves in sheep’s clothing who appear to have illegals and foreign radicals under the guise of refugees as the favored ones and punishing the American people by shoving unconstitutional, unlawful, illegal, and unread laws down the throats of Americans who are witnessing millions of criminals being invited into our nation who threaten to harm Americans and demand entitlements and Obamacare.  Americans are witnessing their health care being diminished, rationed, and denied.  Less Care for more money while illegals and alleged Muslim refugees are exempt from paying up!  She says, “There’s nothing wrong with America, but there’s sure a lot wrong with D.C. and elected representatives who are bold enough to admit that they are Socialist running for the highest office in the land and don’t support Free Enterprise and Capitalism!”  They admit they support depopulation programs such as Planned Parenthood, Same Sex indoctrination in public schools and open borders!

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Guest Gerry Hauser, CEO-Diamond Expert /Rosie’s Rants/ FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts


The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio
The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio

Welcome to a real live “GEM” in Expert’s Corner on Rose Colombo N The Justice Club! Meet Gerry Hauser, CEO-Founder, Hadar Diamonds, Inc.  Mr. Hauser is a  long time family diamond expert located in San Diego, California who can be contacted on-line for a consultation on buying diamonds, personalizing diamonds, investing in diamonds and the history of diamonds.  He shares some of the history of diamonds as well as what to look for as an investment and some interesting facts about Africa and other suppliers of diamonds.  After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!  And, with the glittering and sparkling holidays coming up – why not add some sparkle to that special person’s holiday season, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or for any special occasion.  Rose continues with a little history of gold and the depression as well as asking Americans, “Where’s the Gold?”  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to LIKE – SHARE – FOLLOW – Click below to listen:

Source: Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Experts Corner/Gerry Hauser, CEO-Diamond Expert 09/28 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts


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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Hot Issues of the Day/Author, Leagan E. Kasper /Sensing Mr. Right Guy/FreedomizerRadio | worldwide online/ Podcasts

Rose Colombo (C) 9/14/2015

The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio

Are you “Sensing Mr. Right Guy: , but  you aren’t sure if you know how to choose Mr. Right Guy? Well, you’re in the right place at the right time. Rose Colombo shares her critical thinking inside “Author’s Corner”  with author, Leagan E. Kasper.    She is the Founder/Creator of Korifaeus Entertainment, the Multi-Genre Entertainment Boutique online which includes Korifaeus Magazine.  “Sensing Mr. Right Guy” is the Ultimate Dating Guide for Women allowing glimpses into the hidden traits of a man’s personality by observing his features and demeanor.  It’s a serious dating guide that’s as insightful as it is entertaining.  Listen Taped Live to a fun and entertaining tips on how to make fun dating while checking out everything about the guy of your dreams.  Rose shares information about the current issues of the day and provides thought-provoking commentary every Wednesday 12 noon to 1:00 P.M. pst-USA,  Listen Live around the world online, podcasts, or call in Live (646) 564-9742  Blogs:  (Scroll down the page and click on LIKE – Follow – Share) – Grab a cup of coffee and sit back and relax and listen by clicking the link below.

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