Do U.S. NWO Wall Street CEOs Believe Americans Will Own Nothing, but in the End Will They End Up Broke and Own Nothing? KARMA?

Rose Colombo (C) November 19, 2021

The United States of America appears to be under an agenda to be High Jacked by Billionaires such as Bill Gates, George Soros, New World Order CEOs on Wall Street by using the Covid Communist Cult. They are using fear mongering, threats, coercion and to force the world’s population to comply and obey them while they replace the U.S. Constitution and all of Western Civilization’s sovereign laws in exchange for an illegal, unlawful, and unconstitutional “Vaccine Passport.”

Implementing a “vaccine passport” is unconstitutional based on a flu that has a 99.9% recovery rate for children and between a 99.5% up to 99.9% for adults, but intentionally appear to be suppressing the cures while they rake in billions and ignore the injuries and deaths worldwide claiming the jabs have nothing to do with their covid agendas. This is treason in my opinion because the “vaccine passport” was pre planned and it was pre planned to deny all freedom, liberty, rights, and sovereignty, Free Will, and Free Choice to control our own bodies and minds and that of our minor children.

The greatest fear of the Luciferians is God, Jesus Christ, Bible, The Cross, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Christians, Catholics, Jews, and all God-fearing and God-loving Americans as well as worldwide. They fear guns in America, but they got a new weapon called the covid 19 chemical-laden clot shot that can injure, disable, and kill men, women, and children in the USA and around the world while Big Pharma and all involved and invested or own patents are raking in Billions.

Will God’s children around the world wake up to whose involved in this War against God?

New World Order is an Old World Order That Creates Disorder to Usher in the New World Order that will fail as they are causing grave pain and suffering and deaths with their Covid Communist Cult. God wins in the end.

The New world Order and NWO Democrats funded by these wealthy NWO Billionaires have sought to take the guns away from Americans and destroy the Second Amendment, but when that failed over the past 30 years, they changed course. They created a different type of weapon – a virus – called the covid 19 Sars 2 – a chemical-laden c lo t shot that can injure, disable, and kill men, women, and children in the USA and around the world while Big Pharma and all involved and invested or own patents are raking in Billions. How many must die or be injured before the end what international doctors and Scientists war is a potential genocide in the future.

planned to deny all freedom, liberty, rights, and sovereignty for the government, We The People, who are the government and the governing body of the United States of America. Anyone involved in the High Jacking of the United States Constitution by enacting an unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful Vaccine Passport to usher in the One World Government forcing people to comply and obey Bill Gates, George Soros, NWO CEO employers and all NWO members of the communist covid cult is outrageous. .

They will turn on each other. The sad part of this is that they could have done so much good for humanity, the world and future generations. Greed is addictive and even sadder is that they sold their souls out for the material world and will never be able to enter into the “Gates” of Heaven, but unless they repent upon the earth, they will enter into the “Gates” of Hell for all eternity. Pray for our enemies and Pray that Smites All Their Greedy agendas to highjack the world and reduce the population of Humanity by 90% by 2050 if they succeed.

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