Listen! Silenced In USA China and Europe by Thought Police? “Hate Speech” and “Web Speech?”/ Is Online Spying Entrapment Targeting Natural Born Citizens and Seniors?

Rose Colombo (c) 2/16/2019

What if there were secret “Thought Police” implemented in sovereign nations targeting Europeans, Canadians, and Americans, in order to silence the Free Citizens, so the New World Order can be implemented? This appears to be entrapment with the intent to turn good people into criminals and place fear in their minds so they keep their mouths shut and comply with totalitarian laws. What if the Free Western Civilized Nations turned against their natural-born mature and senior citizens who know the history of their nations and the taste of freedom with intent of forcing the right to comply or else be punished?

The natural-born citizens, who were born on their homelands and innate to their soil which they love, appear to be an endangered species in Europe and America since the “age of Obama and the Bush’s and the Clinton’s.” This agenda flowed into Germany and France, and EU nations, with the approval of Merkel and Macron, Belgium, and Sweden whose leaders can’t get enough of it. Anyone who voted for Barry Soetoro aka Obama voted for what appears to be a usurper. In most free nations, the natural-born citizens are guaranteed Freedom of Speech; however, Freedom of Speech appears to have been trampled upon by the “Big Foot” of the EU and the Democrats in the USA.


The Democratic Party appears to have changed and transformed into the Socialist Party. The Democrat leaders and their followers engage in violence after they created an anti-American organization known as ANTIFA. ANTIFA was funded by George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama. The Democrats use knock downs of innocent seniors walking down the street, who support President Trump, as well as, unlawfully confront Trump supporters. They spew vile words against the “right” who are a majority of loyal Patriotic Americans.

The Leftist organizations and leaders in Congress and Liberal Hollywood and their supporters threaten to indict or assassinate or impeach President Donald J. Trump, which includes Liberal Hollywood Celebrities, and politicians on the Left. It appears they are using nazi-like fear tactics to silence their fellow Americans on the “right ” and anyone, who disagrees, with their socialist or Muslim Brotherhood agendas.

The Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Liberal Democrats and legal or illegal foreigners from foreign enemy nations have been brainwashed from childhood by a Leftist thinking Liberal Public School System. The Millennials and the Muslim Brotherhood nations state that America is the “Big Satan” and Israel is the “Little Satan.” The Middle East radicals, who Obama and Hillary Clinton migrated into the USA and overflowed into Europe and Canada are anti-semitic and anti-Israel which is stated from their own lips in the USA and the Muslim Brotherhood nations.

The Democrats on the far Left are against Sovereignty of the USA. They are against Legal Immigration and God, and the Right-to-Life for natural born babies. They appear to be anti-Christian, anti-Capitalism, and anti-Constitutionalist which means they are against Freedom for the masses.

The foreigners from foreign enemy nations from Palestine linked to a terrorist organization, Hamas, and later on, ISIS as well as al-Qaeda, were secretly flown into the USA as pre-planned by Obama, Hillary, possibly the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Democrats without the knowledge or agreement of the American people as there are laws preventing the Middle East foreigners from becoming U.S. Citizens approved in 1952 due to their anti-Western Civilization and anti-Israeli published writings and statements carried on for generations.

The Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Kerry, Holder, Biden, and Democrats in congress was a pre-planned agenda using $220,000,000 in U.S. tax dollars to implement this agenda which appears to be a Trojan Horse as they set up no-go zones on U.S. soil which belongs to natural-born Americans and no-go zone training camps across the USA without the Democratic FBI stopping them for 8 years even though they were seen on video training up with guns and weapons. Americans were being forced to pay for their own demise and to kill off the future natural born Americans by calling it legal and forcing Americans to taxpayer fund the evil Planned Parenthood agenda that Hitler subscribed to during WWII.

The overflow of migrants from foreign enemy nations flowed into Canada, Mexico, and Europe. They had the blessings of the Democrats in the USA, Trudeau in Canada, the Former President of Mexico after Obama secretly flew to Canada and Mexico right before the secret foreign invasion took place in America and those countries. Obama and Hillary lifted the quotas established by U.S. Law to allow for as many as possible Middle East foreigners to be brought through the U.S. Refugee Agents who were paid financial incentives to migrate as many as possible each day for 8 years without no inspections by ICE or Border Patrol or TSA as required by law.

Obama and Hillary Clinton used taxpayer funded DHS buses in the night after flying the radicals into the USA at taxpayer’s expense and scattered the foreigners from foreign enemy nations into U.S. cities where they set up no-go zones and training camps around the USA. If that isn’t treasonous than what is the definition of treason? Of course, they would have to silence the conservative Americans, who would oppose their agenda, once they found out it.

Instead, Obama and the Democrats used social media it appears to work against the conservatives on the “right” and secretly appear to have implemented, the “Thought Police” as well as the “Web Hate” agendas targeting anyone who dared oppose their agendas. They also implemented a discriminatory bill known as the “Hate Crimes Bill,” which only protects Muslims and gays and denies Freedom of Thought and Speech to Americans in many cases and can criminalize loyal lawful natural-born taxing American citizens on their own Homeland.

The Americans were shocked when they woke up one morning in cities such as Dearborn and thought they were having a nightmare. They may have thought they were somehow transported to a foreign nation in the Middle East or Somalia when they looked out their windows. The Americans can thank the non-vetted man, whose roots lie in Kenya and his appointee, Erick Holder, and Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton lost the bid for POTUS to a Kenyan man who couldn’t produce a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate. She wasn’t angry losing to a man with two names who stated he was born in Kenya making him ineligible, but she was extremely angry when she lost to an eligible U.S. natural-born American in 2016. Obama aka Barry Soetoro remains a mystery to the majority of the American people. Kenyans were shocked and stated they were surprised that America would elect a Kenya to be the President of the USA back in 2009. Prior to the elections, Obama or Barry stated on video that he wouldn’t run for POTUS because he was too inexperienced. What does that say about Hillary Clinton’s bid to be the President of the USA when 51% of Americans voted for a stranger in the night?


Americans woke up only to witness their cities being changed and transformed into foreign cultures as Obama and Hillary Clinton migrated tens of thousands of foreign Muslims from Palestine, a hot bed for the terrorist organization, Hamas. They migrated radicalized foreigners from Africa, Somalia, Philippines, and the Middle East into the USA without disclosing this agenda to the American people. How is that not treasonous is a question blowing in the wind even in 2019!

The foreign migrants are natural-born citizens of their Homelands in Third World Nations. The foreigners migrated into the USA are of the same political and religious beliefs, cultures, civilizations, and ideologies that are in opposition to the U.S. Constitution, Freedom, Women’s and Children’s Rights, Christianity, Jews, Israel, Marriage, Foods, clothing, dogs, pigs, and the Bible as well as the American way of life. Their foreign ideologies bond politics and religion together and the two can’t be separated.

The Third World foreigners of the same ideologies have been given the golden passes to speak out against Christians, Jews, America, ICE, Border Patrol, President Trump, Israel, AIPAC, NRA, Border Security, and Law Enforcers in America without being fined or jailed or held accountable by the Congress, DOJ, or the “Thought Police.” They are given a pass and allowed to run for Congress even if they declare they believe that terrorists aren’t dangerous and defend them or support overthrowing the White House and the POTUS or declare their anti-semitism and call for a revolution inside the USA.

The foreigners are infiltrating into key positions of power in the USA even if they committed bigamy or incest or were arrested in a foreign nation or lied about their address to gain access to a seat in congress. Americans are asking the question if these agendas is the new socialist America on its way to the “New World Order?” In fact, it appears that many American Public Servants on the Left, who swore to uphold U.S. Constitutional Law, appear to be okay with these foreign enemy agendas even if it violates U.S. Law.

It appears that the foreigners can chant, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” or “Death to the Christians,” or “Death to the Jews” and “We will dominate America,” or “We’re not here to assimilate,” etc., on U.S. soil and their foreign soil, which Americans and the world witnesses, as seen on national and worldwide news without being charged by the “Thought Police.”

It appears the “Thought Police” and DOJ care less if the foreigners who migrated into Western Civilization speak out in public and online and on camera on U.S. soil or European soil and declare they will overthrow the White House and the POTUS and “impeach the mf.” Some female foreigners have called for a “revolution” inside the USA and stated in speeches that they intend to replace Americans in Congress with their own people of like-mind and slip one of their own into the oval office. It appears that not only are the “Thought Police” and “Web Hate” staff are okay with anything foreign immigrants from foreign enemy nations inside the USA or Europe but also the elected representatives on the Left.

These issues raise the question if the Department of Justice who support the Left are targeting and spying on grandma and grandpa, especially in Sweden and the USA, who dare to exercise freedom of speech and speak out in defense of their sovereign nation’s crisis or crimes by the foreign invaders. Their crimes include pedophilia, rape, gang rape, drugs, stealing, knocking down grandma and grandpa and stealing their money, or home invasions. The “Thought Police” appear to ignore the foreigners of specific nations who migrated into Western Civilization.

In fact, it is the foreigners who appear to have “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Religion” while the natural-born Europeans and Americans and Canadians are being suppressed and told to shut up. The foreigners whose ideologies they claim allow them to engage in these acts are “crimes” in Europe and America and Canada, so how can crimes established in sovereign nations of Western Civilization be approved by the elected politicians and law enforcers as a “religion?”

There are many foreigners who target Christians as offending them and who refuse to assimilate as citizens of the sovereign nations they entered and they call the police to have the natural-born citizens arrested. How can this possibly be upheld by the elected politicians of Western Civilization? How is it that the citizens of other faiths such as Christianity aren’t granted the religious “privileges” when they are offended by the foreigners who they kill in their countries.

How is it okay for foreigners from foreign enemy nations who are loyal to a foreign ideology to state on worldwide television and social media that they intend to “impeach” the President of the USA and spew “hate speech” with vile words such as the “mf” aimed at the President of the USA without the “Thought Police” knocking on their back door?

It appears that the Third World foreigners – even if illegally here – even if they are polygamist or committed the crime of incest or bigamy on U.S. soil which is prohibited by U.S. Law are given a pass? How is it that they’re allowed to display signs that state, “no go zone” on U.S. soil?

In fact, the foreign migrants have been in major and local news in the USA as they are creating organizations that spy on Americans who they believe offended them. The goal is to have Americans arrested who they accuse of offending them even though this is the Homeland of the Natural-Born Americans. This agenda is more than likely a problem in Sweden, Belgium, France, UK, and Germany.


What if the discriminatory policies which are implemented in Communist nations such as Communist China crept into Free Sovereign Nations in all of Western Civilization to suppress the Free Citizens of the world from speaking out against evil deeds, crimes, or totalitarian laws. What if the intent is to target natural-born citizens of each sovereign nation in Western Civilization with intent of placing fear in their minds and prevent them from speaking out for fear of being jailed or fined?


Americans died and were injured and flew across the oceans to save Europe from the Nazi German foreign invasion during WWII. The foreign enemy of Europe and the world, Hitler, intended to destroy and commit genocide and usher in the One World Government. He ordered his Dr. Frankenstein’s to experiment on human beings.

What is the difference of politicians leading their countries and paid to uphold the laws ignore gang rapes and pedophilia in their nations and that of Hitler hand picking young females for his army to rape? They aborted babies and used radiation to sterilize young Jews. Hitler pillaged cities across Europe and he executed people along the way, so what is the difference between those home invasions and the home invasions recurring across Europe and America and Canada by the foreign invaders?

In fact, billionaire George Soros, who pilfered the jewelry and money and assets from the Jews before taken away on trains to concentration camps or executed stated he enjoyed working for Hitler. Hitler not only hated Jews, but he hated Blacks. Polish Citizens. Gays. Christians and most people even though he was an ugly little man hooked on drugs.

One evil man was not taken down. One evil man mesmerized millions of people who carried out his crimes against God and Humanity. One evil man came to power because the people didn’t question him, just believed him. One evil man came to SILENCE and Control the Thoughts of the masses! He came to force them to “comply” or “else” be punished. He came to force free people to march to his drum beat or “else” be executed. He believed he was an icon to be worshipped and his goal was to be the “one world leader.”

Europe was saved by America but only because America was a Free Nation and a Sovereign Nation of loyal natural-born citizens and legal naturalized Americans who believed in sovereignty and human rights and God.


The New World Order in line with the United Nation’s population control is working through Planned Parenthood just as it did during WW II under Hitler’s reign of terror. Today, the Socialist Democrats who brainwashed the Millennials to be Liberal Socialist and Commie types by their leaders are anti-Constitution and anti-America and anti-Sovereignty.

The Socialist Democratic types are public servants from Chicago, California, New York such as former California Governor Jerry Brown and the current Ca. Governor Newsom. Obama. Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Bush family. Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Senator Chuck Schumer. Former NY Mayor De Blasio and Bloomberg. Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren. Maxine Waters. Diane Feinstein. John McCain (deceased). John Brennan. John Kerry. Michelle Obama who stated that Americans “belongs to the Muslims.” And, many more on the Left as well as the Rinos.

These same Socialist Democrats who embraced Communist China and The Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR and their links support Death to American babies even at 9 months or if they live, leave them to die, after aboritonist stab them in the head with abortion scissors. This is a silent and quiet genocide behind closed doors that wiped out 70,000,000 future natural-born Americans at birth since Roe v. Wade was made legal. They aren’t here to help Americans fight back against evil and foreigners who come to steal the land of Western Civilization.

The One World Government believes in mandated taxpayer funded abortions which was implemented and lied about by Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi on national television. They lied to 330M Americans stating that mandated taxpayer funded abortions was not inserted into Obamacare, but it was inserted, not only in America, but Obama and the Democrats secretly signed a global bill requiring American to fund abortions worldwide in Third World Nations, especially Africa. These agendas are Marxist agendas to depopulate purge and cleanse the world of specific races and ethnicities. This is the United Nations Agenda 21.

On the other hand, the foreigners from the Muslim Brotherhood nations overpopulate. That’s why they have billions of citizens in China, India, and the Middle East. Their females don’t get abortions. They don’t take contraceptives. They are running out of land and resources and clean water and clean coal. One of the weapons used by the Muslim Brotherhood to reach their stated and strategic goal which is to dominate the world with their foreign ideologies is overpopulation, not abortion.

Do the leaders within the EU and Socialist Democrats have the legal, lawful, and constitutional authority to silence the natural-born citizens of each sovereign nation by implementing the “Thought Police?” The man in Sweden who created the “Thought Police” has a criminal record.

Is this secret wall Street internet operation linked to the Department of Justice with intent of entrapping natural born citizens. grandma and grandpa, patriots, who expose their concerns and crimes occurring in their countries by foreigners migrated from foreign enemy nations?

Are the natural-born citizens in America and Europe still guaranteed “Freedom of Speech” without fear of being accused of insulting the foreigners and ending up in prison and fined for telling their truth while the foreigners can say and so whatever they please?

The question is why are elected leaders of the EU and the past leaders of the USA, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, GHWB and GWB, and the CFR and many more on the Left implementing the “Thought Police” in the USA? Isn’t denying Freedom of Speech and Thought a violation of the Constitution of the USA? If they don’t disclose the words they used to target Americans and Europeans and all Free People who are protected by Freedom of Speech, thoughts, opinions, and media which they determine to be “hate speech’ or “web hate” then they are entrapping people in my opinion.

Why are they allowing Americans and Europeans to be entrapped if they type a word on the internet that the “Thought Police” staff decide is “hate speech” or “web hate” based on their opinions without providing that list worldwide in every language! It appears to me that the “hate speech’ is against natural-born citizens of sovereign Free Nations.

And, if the patriot is accused of “web hate” or “hate speech” and ends up standing before a Liberal Judge who approves of the One World government agendas then what chance does the innocent natural-born citizen of sovereign nations have in a court of law?


The “Thought Police” appear to be denying natural-born citizens their right to exercise their “free thoughts” determined by private corporations and the “Thought Police” that was created by a man with a criminal record. If he hates animals, why would he not hate people? Free Citizens should not be jailed and fined for refusing to comply with communist laws such as “gun control,” or “tolerance” and “political correctness” or allowing Freedom of Speech and Thought to be controlled, denied, and suppressed in Free nations. Everyone of these agendas deny Freedom.

It appears that the government is in bed with social media and that they aren’t targeting the radicals as much as they are targeting grandma and grandpa who know the history of the Free Sovereign Nations in which they grew up. Grandma and Grandpa and their parents helped build their Homeland with their hard work and taxes. They need to legally remove their leaders who are punishing them because they are in compliance with the One World Government’s agenda which in my opinion appears to be an act of treason against their country and citizens.

Instead, it appears that millions of natural-born citizens in America and across Europe are just waking up to the totalitarian secret agendas of the EU, U.N., NWO, Clinton Foundation, Muslim Brotherhood, International Pedophile Ring, Drug & Gun Running and Organ Harvesting traffickers, Communist China, Russia, and the Middle East. These nations are competing and vying to control the world, but first they must destroy Freedom in Western Civilization in order to succeed. Thank God, America woke up just in time and elected President Donald J. Trump!

After 9/11/2001, Americans were suddenly accused of being “intolerant” and “politically incorrect” by the Democrats, i.e., former Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Chuck Schumer, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and Obama! The American people opposed the activist radicals from the Middle East who demanded that Americans allow them to build a “victory mosque” on the remains of the innocent Americans murdered on September 11, 2001 at Ground Zero.

The American Citizens like those in the EU countries of Europe are facing the greatest challenges in the history of modern times. Will Freedom Ring Out across America and Europe in 2020? Freedom and Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Press, and Opinion are worth Fighting Back to Preserve!


Sources: Gatestone Institute and La Croix


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