The truth is that in the USA, there are reports of pedophilia linked to NAMBLA and the Pedo-Gate aka Pizzagate as well as The Franklin Cover-Up.  It appears that the investigations linked to the top wealthy people and the well-connected who work in powerful positions aren’t properly investigated even if the FBI and NYPD are reported in the news to have video tapes.  It appears they haven’t any t fear of being  arrested for their failure to allegedly engage in pedophilia or allegations of rape, and their allegations are dismissed by the system.  Perhaps, some personnel within the system are given gifts or bribes in exchange to ignore the serious allegations made against the rich and famous celebrities, CEO’s, educators, or politicians. and so they look the other way.  Perhaps, some investigators or witnesses and whistle-blowers and investigative reporters are threatened as well as their familes.  The news has reported an overwhelming number of  whistle-blowers and witnesses who were reported dead under suspicious suspicious circumstances as occurred in the  book, “The Franklin Cover-Up.”   Senator De Camp told me during our interviews and meetings that he and his family were threatened.  In fact, not so long ago,  Senator Nancy Shaffer and her husband were found murdered in bed under suspicious circumstances that hit national news shortly after she recited a scathing report on the corruption with Child Protective Services (CPS). It appears that Senator Shaffer’s death was swept away like Justice Scalia’a death was swept away.

The fact is that those who are involved in these evil deeds of kidnapping someone else’s children for their instant sick gratification are stealing everyone else’s kids, not their own, possibly man have none of their own to abuse, so they seek someone else’s children to abuse as reported for decades by former FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, which you can find on You Tube.  Unfortunately, he passed away, alleged that he was possibly poisoned.

Perhaps, this is why the United Nations, which is  made up of a majority of foreign Third World Nations, is obsessed with the U.N.’s Rights of the Child agenda which Hillary Clinton and Obama and the Democrats support making your kids the property of the state.  Are they coming for your kids because there are at least 57 Third World Middle East nations who embrace pedophilia and incest, harems, and rape claiming it as their right under the guise of religion, however, in the USA, under the reign of a loyal Patriotic American President of Good Character, such behaviors would have been dealt with as crimes against children, human rights crimes against women and children, rape, incest, and pedophilia which are against the law on U.S. soil on Christian soil and against Christian religious beliefs, and they would have been denied access into a nation whose laws protect women and children from rape, incest, and pedophilia.

Therefore, should moral American not raise the question why would the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Kerry, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Waters, McConnell, Comey, Lynch, Holder, and all the rest of the Democrats and Rinos embrace illegal migration of young healthy males who are non-vetted and believe this is their religious right when former American Presidents and moral Congressional members who condemn such crimes on the U.S. Law Books.  This is the question blowing in the wind for the moral majority of conservative and just plain old moral Americans.

Further, let us question why  these same American CEO’s and Federal and State government officials who appear to be allowing these generation increasing crimes against women and children to occur  and why they aren’t removed from their positions in office.  Should we ponder if they are a self-protecting organization who are either protecting themselves or their colleagues or perhaps, taking bribes to look the other way, but that renders them guilty as well.  Remember, the Clinton’s good friend, registered pedophile,  Jeffrey Epstein, who jets little girls around to his island where adult men and women vitis regularly for decades including his  long-time friends. the Clinton’s, and prominent wealthy CEO’s,  Public Servants,and wealthy Hollywood Celebrities.  Is this his safety valve to stay out-of-jail  so he can be set free and continue to fly these wealthy people to Orgy Island on the Lolita Express without any fear of Epstein’s arrest or confiscation of his property and Lolita Express private jet?  One documentary on You Tube states that he takes photos as his security blanket from prosecution, similar to a little black book, right?   As we know, many who have tried to expose the international pedophile ring are written up as committing suicide or murdered under suspicious circumstances and swept away ,while the innocent young women and children continue to be trafficked and used and sexually abused and used as drug curriers as written into the book, “The Franklin Cover-Up.”  Even in the book, the Chair of the Franklin Cover-Up suddenly was found dead and the investigative reporter with evidence he was about to deliver was reported dead after his plane blew up with the evidence.

After interviewing Senator John De Camp about 1996, (deceased 2017) reported in his book and in our interviews the same evil stories over and over again about the horrific things that these wealthy and well-connected pedophiles do to children around the world, and yet, nothing is ever done to stop the people at the top, as it appears, they only arrest the average citizen, which is a good thing, but that isn’t going to stop those at the top from harming young women and children.  As long as they feel well-protected from within their own camp and maintain control and power over the USAG, FBI Directors, Prosecutors, and Congress, and in their countries, it will continue.

Therefore, America and Europe and Asia and Russia and the Middle East, Philippines, and Thailand, Cambodia, Columbia, Mexico, and Canada, and the UK are all guilty and have blood on their hands for refusing to end the multi-billion dollar business of using young women and kids for instant self-gratification and for-profit and for sex slaves, domestic slaves and work slaves, and drug curriers.  God Help the innocent parents and children who end up victims of these vile criminals.  Remember, no one lives forever, and they, too, shall meet their Maker and they, too, will judged by God according to their evil and sinister and heinous acts against young women and children.

There are reports in the newspapers and online and in the news which you can google and research and you’ll find that the buck doesn’t stop with the average guy on the street, but that some judges and lawyers, who are reported to be pedophiles. There are some judges and lawyers, who actually laugh at children or women who testify in a court of law about their traumatic crime of  child molestation only to be dismissed as not believable.  Maybe, some aren’t, but what about the victims who told the truth?  There are young boys and girls who fear talking about their sexual or physical abuses because kids are dismissed and they fear punishment.  Some judges and lawyers laugh at the accusation of child molestation or they get angry and punish the innocent spouse as “vindictive” and hand over the abused kids to the abuser.

Believe it or not, there are such cases within the American Family Law Courts and apparently around the world.  Remember, without justice, there is no justice and no protection for the people.  Women across the nation who accuse a suspect of rape, especially from the Middle East, will find that they may not be believed or the suspect will be given a pass and set free to do it again as most people don’t pay attention to what is going on inside their taxpayer funded public courtrooms.  And, of course, there is the serious issue of gender bias by gender bias judges and lawyers, who don’t believe men should have to pay child and spousal support.  Gender Bias judges or judges on the take or perhaps, golfs with one of the attorneys, will ignore the law, rewrite the law, and ignore community property law from the bench. These judges are called Liberal Activist Judges and they are a danger to the U.S. Constitution for their job is not to make law, but uphold the law.

Furthermore, it’s  my position as a political activist and advocate for justice of 25 years, founder of Women Fight Back that hit national news, and based upon my interviews of lawyers and politicians and victims of legal abuse, it’s a fact that some judges and lawyers in California, Texas, New York, Chicago, Florida, and many other states treat too many single moms poorly when it comes to divorce and custody and support.  There are single moms who have their kids taken away by the judge and/or Child Protective Services (CPS) even though they are innocent spouses and non-offending parents.  Some judges require them to pay a “monitor” to visit with their own children who they gave birth and in other cases, they never return the kids to the biological mom or dad.

In fact, some moms are kicked into the street without any support and without their kids. This is what has been going on within the closed doors of the courtrooms in the United States of America, not in a Third World nation, without recourse.  And, of  course, if you do your homework and research these issues, you’ll find that many wealthy Pastors, Priests, well-connected people, buy their way out of punishment when accused of pedophilia and child molestation or rape.  Many of the wealthy can afford to buy a lot of justice and they aren’t punished for their crimes against women, and boys  and girls, but either given a light sentence or a slap on the wrist.  Don’t do it again, but the average pedophile will find a victim within the first 15 minutes of his or her release, although the majority of rapist and pedophiles are males.   The dismissal of the cries of victims int he courtrooms who have been violently raped or molested is a shock and traumatizing to the victims. In other words, not only can’t they now trust men, but they no longer trust the legal system.

These psychopaths who engage in abusing women and children not only harm their victims physically,  but they scar them for life emotionally and rob them of their innocence as well as their trust in the Department of Justice.  They soon discover there is little justice for the victims of rape and pedophilia in far too many cases as the world is witnessing today with a network of  mentally deranged people who spend their time seeking out their next victims!  Many pedophiles and rapist engage in online pornography, child porn, movies, video games and sick magazines such as Hugh Hefner, who passed away recently.  A YT video alleges that he was a  CIA link who blackmailed those who engaged in sexual activities with the young women at his mansion, therefore protecting himself from punishment, and keeping control of those in power.  Don’t know, that was the allegation on the video and found it not so far fetched.  It’s even more stunning why young women would fall into such a trap with a 90-year-old man who wore silk pajamas every day and smoked a pipe!  Seriously?  But, money and fame talk!

Remember, the news reports on those you are taught to “respect” and “trust,” however, its my position they should be viewed as “suspect,” especially if they are a candidate for public office.  The corruption on all levels in the USA and around the world is stunning.  It’s my opinion that parents should trust no one with your children unless you truly have checked them out.  If if your child begins to act out in various ways then maybe, pay attention that it’s not just a phase.  Pedophiles and Rapist can be anyone including a family member, neighbor, friend, police officer, judge, lawyer, teacher, coach, Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, or a business owner or a babysitter.  Remember, there are cases of really sick twisted minded people who are pedophiles who rape babies, too!

In conclusion, by researching and being aware and concerned and careful, you may save your children from the next predator.  If the U.S. Federal and State Government won’t arrest the people at the top of the international pedophile-rape ring  then they are just as guilty and they, too, have blood on their hands.  Remember, women and boys and girls are the new human commodities used, abused, and sold like property for a multi-billion dollar business!  And, only you can prevent one more child from being kidnapped and raped and worse, never found again.  There are about 100,000 kids who go missing every year, so the numbers haven’t decreased, but increased.

God Bless all women and children and place His hand upon them for insight, intuition, and knowledge and wisdom so they can protect themselves from evil souls.

Rose Colombo, author of 2 Irwin Award-Winning books, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” which is a self-help book addressing injustices that are real based upon research, interviews, documentation, and first-hand experience.  She’s also written a short political satire, Orwellian-style sharing an adventure story into a remote land in search of the Dinosaur Tablets that raises the question in the end if the Dinosaurs were made extinct or depopulated, entitled, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, RedNecks and Radicals.” with complimentary pages at    (Note:  At the end of the article, you can like, follow and comments are welcome. scroll down at the end of the article).

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