Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Author’s Corner: Dr. Wendy Basil, ‘Spinology/How to Maneuver to success in the Media/ FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts

Rose Colombo (c)

Sorry, this show is no longer available. You’re welcome and invited to Join Rose Colombo with dynamic authors and experts on a myriad of topics by scrolling down once you clinck on the link to her latest Podcast, Colombo Chronicles Live where you can choose your favorite topic and author or expert from Health to the Constitution, Love, Race, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Spousal Abuse, Divorce, Fictional stories and Scifi or Mysteries, and true stories of people who share their childhood and how they succeeded and became lifetime coaches and more. Most shows are archived for your listening convenience.

Colombo Chroniccles Airs Live every Wedinesday from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m.-pst-USA -Listen by phone at (646) 564-9742 or on worldwide internet by clicking the link below:

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Join Rose Colombo on or GAB or Pinterest (Colombo was de-platformed from Facebook and Twitter after 12 years and was happy to interact with at least 1 million patriots over that time)


Rose Colombo N The Justice Club -Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio at BTR/podcasts
Rose Colombo, award-winning author, poet, columnist for local newspaper and Consumer Advocate for Justice for 30 years….Author of “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” pub. 2010 and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks & Radicals, pub. 2013

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