The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio
The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio

Rose Colombo Radio Shows (c) 5/6/2015

David Mulatto, author, is welcomed by Rose Colombo, Worldwide Radio Host on “Author’s Corner.” David Mulatto shares his exciting and timely book, Left vs. Right, Black vs. White, bringing his information and true human interest stories into the light and how it reflects upon what is happening in the cities of Ferguson and Baltimore in the USA. Americans are witnessing Black-White tension increasing across America most recently.  David Mulatto was born in 1954. His parents were from different cultures. His other was a White British woman and his dad was African American at a time when stereotypes and prejudice were at an all time high.  After David was born, his biological parents abandoned him and severed all parental ties.  He became a ward of the state and was classified as a “mixed” race.  Racism, isolation, and failure to fit in are just some of the many struggles that are prevalent in the lives of those who visually stand out.  David was no exception to the rule.  David struggled throughout his youth due to lack of education and work opportunity, magnified by racial perceptions making it appear as if reaching any dream, let alone the American dream was impossible. But, after surviving these difficult challenges as an abandoned child and not giving up, he worked his ways through the pain and inner suffering and through his faith and inner light, he succeeded. Today, David Mulatto is a respepcted author and a productive respected citizen as well as an honorable husband and father.   David Mulatto shares his trials and tribulations with the world to bring hope to all abandoned children and all who are treated differently as children and young adults for a myriad of reasons. The pain is the same.  David brings the world a powerful message.  (Follow  – Reblog – Like and Comment at the bottom of the page)  Click the Link Below to Listen to worldwide online radio taped live and archived:

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Author, David Mulatto, 5/6/2015/Freedomizer 05/06 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

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