Special Guest 11/8/2013 – DR. ALAN KEYES, Conservative Political Activist who earned his Doctorate at Harvard University on Government Affairs speaks out on Constitutionally Speaking supporting the Constitutional Bar Association.   Dr. Keyes pulls no punches stating Obama is a “communist” and that he will destroy our nation.  He was one of the first voices across America to dare utter those words.   Join  co-hosts  Rose Colombo, and The General  Rick Knox as they explore the socialist direction the Obama administration is taking America without anyone in authority stopping the train wreck.  MOVE the dial to 92 minutes to begin listening online to the show!  Scroll down to leave comments –

Vegan Truth / Constitutionally Speaking 11/08 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

Rose Colombo, Talk Show Host and Author
Rose Colombo, Talk Show Host and Author

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