There’s Nothing Patriotic About The Patriot Act! The Patriot Act is in Direct Violation of the 4th Amendment! The Patriot Act Violates the Constitutional Rights of All Innocent Legal Innocent Americans!

Rose Colombo, author, award winning author, poet & Freelance writer

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Rose Colombo, original (c) 7/12/2011,  rev. 2017, rev. 10/10/2018

There is nothing patriotic about the “Patriot Act!”  In fact, it is unpatriotic to suspend or revoke  any part of the U.S. Constitution.  Congressional members who suspend or Revoke, circumvent, or usurp the Constitution violate their sworn oath, which is a Federal Crime punishable by a fine and jail time, but they aren’t going to order themselves to jail or their colleagues!  Congressional members swore to Uphold,  Defend, Protect and Preserve the U.S. Constitution, not dismantle it as they manipulate the law to make constitutional law unavailable to the American people.

“Section 215 of the Patriot Act violates the Constitution in several ways. It: Violates the Fourth Amendment, which says the government cannot conduct a search without obtaining a warrant and showing probable cause to believe that the person has committed or will commit a crime.  (source

USA PATRIOT Act. USA PATRIOT Act, also called PATRIOT Act, in full Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001, U.S. legislation, passed by Congress in response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and signed into law by Pres.” source:

Furthermore, every year America lights up the sky with dazzling fireworks across this great nation.   Americans plan the celebration looking forward to the “Declaration of Independence” held on the 4th of July!  But, for the first time in more than 235 years, there is a real concern ringing out across the nation as the bell rings out a message for legal and natural-born Americans, “Let Freedom Ring.”  Unfortunately, more Americans are concerned that our freedoms are being denied once again as congress extended the Patriot Act which President Bush told Americans was a temporary law.  Who believes politicians any longer?

Its  been more than eleven years that congressional members and even vetted or non-vetted U.S. Presidents appear to have suspended parts of  the Constitution of the United States of America without the knowledge or approval of the majority of legal American Citizens.  It appears that the lawmakers have cleverly become law breakers under the Clinton-Bush-Obama regimes.  They’ve found a way to replace “Due Process of Law” and “assault and Battery” by radiating Americans and patting them down against the will as law-abiding citizens at airports and public government buildings without probably cause.  The two words, “Probable Cause” was intended to stop, question, and search people suspected of a crime.  They cleverly declare that it’s for the “protection of the citizens” when we know it’s  testing the citizens to see how far they can push them before they stand up for their constitutional rights.

[Note:  “What is the “Patriot Act?”  First of all the “Patriot Act” was approved by the Congress under the Bush regime as a temporary law to protect Americans from foreign enemies, who by the way, these same Presidents embraced, Communist China and the Saudi King.  Do you smell oil in the air?  This was the first well-designed plan to make Americans the enemy of the USA. source:]

The USA Patriot Act was passed by Congress as a response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The Act allows federal officials greater authority in tracking and intercepting communications, both for purposes of law enforcement and foreign intelligence gathering.” source:]

The  Clinton-Bush and Cheney regimes used U.S. tax dollars to secretly build more private prisons which many are now known as “Fema Camps” but never disclosed who they intend to warehouse in those private for-profit prisons and FEMA Camps.

Why not ask Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Bush’s. They appear to be the best of friends. Hillary stated during her 2016 campaign that anyone, who she called out as the “deplorable” and didn’t vote for her should be sent to [FEMA] camps.  That was a huge red flag that should have sent chills up the spines of every red-blooded American.

The abuse is real and possible.  No one should be able to use their position to target innocent Americans and deny them constitutional protection to exercise privacy without probably cause and justification and a signed warrant by a Judge with full disclosure. For example, it appears that agents within the FBI were spying on an innocent American and possibly his family and campaign team that led to the  an investigation involved the Russian Dossier.  Is it possible that Obama and Hillary and certain members of the FBI violated the 4th Amendment Rights of their targets.  Furthermore, it appears that the FBI agents involved in seeking a warrant related to the Russian Dossier may have abused their power and obtained a FISA warrant without disclosing or submitting all the pertinent facts to the Judge during the hearing.

The fact that the “Patriot Act” has expanded its “Big Foot” to trample and eliminate the 4th Amendment Rights of legal American Citizens is frightening.  They aren’t separating the thorns from the Roses on the this “Rosebush.”  It looks beautiful when presented in full bloom, but it can sting and end the life of the Roses.  It’s true that the FBI may be able to target guilty terrorists inside the USA, but why didn’t they object to Obama and Holder releasing terrorists, funding terrorists, and flying terrorists out of the country after found guilty of plotting and/or murdering innocent Americans?

And, why did Obama and Hillary and the Democrats and Rino’s secretly preplan to carry out a no inspection flight plan to  migrate thousands of radicalized Muslims into the USA who chanted on television that they will “dominate America” and “Death to America?”  Why did the Obama, Holder, Brennan, Kerry, McCain, and Hillary regime allow radicalized males from foreign enemy nations to set up no-go zones on  U.S. soil and deny American’s FBI and Law Enforcers the authority to inspect their training camps where they’ve been seen on video training up with weapons?

Furthermore, it isn’t any secret that absolute power corrupts people.  Money corrupts people.  People are weak.  Most people find it difficult to say “no” to bribes.  After all, we’ve seen the “white envelope” passed to a lawyer on television recently during a senate hearing;  however it appears that no one dared to ask what was in the white envelope .  It wouldn’t matter because whose going to tell the truth?  We’ve witnessed  the news report that former United States Attorney General (USAG) met with a high-profile potential witness, Bill Clinton on the tarmac in a secret meeting, while h is spouse, Hillary Clinton was under federal investigation during the email scandal.

Americans have witnessed the flat-out lies on national television from Susan Rice, Barack Hussein Obama, and Hillary Clinton related to the “Stand Down” at Benghazi.  Americans witnessed people lie in a recent case involving a female psychologist who appears to have lied under oath versus a federal Judge nominated to the Supreme Court in what appeared to be a “political hit job” by the Democrats.  Abuse of Power was, is, and shall continue, unless unconstitutional laws such as the Patriot Act, NDAA Law, and the presumption of guilt aren’t amended  and brought in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and in the best interest of the majority of innocent legal Americans.

In my personal opinion and researching the laws as well as experiencing injustices within the legal system, it’s my opinion that The Patriot Act as it stands currently appears to be dangerous to our Right-to-Privacy and our Right to exercise the protections guaranteed by the 4th Amendment.

” Overview – Major provisions of the 2001 USA-PATRIOT Act included:

  • Enhanced surveillance procedures for law enforcement, including amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Specifically, the Patriot Act gave federal officials new surveillance authority in terrorism cases, as well as the ability to conduct searches of property without the consent or knowledge of the owner or occupant.
  • Increased federal authority to freeze financial assets of suspected terror groups and individuals.
  • Measures enhancing border security, restricting suspected terrorist ability to obtain visas, and detaining suspected terrorists within the U.S.
  • New criminal statutes broadening the category of terrorism-related offenses. In particular, the Act made it illegal to provide “material support” for terrorist activities.  (source:

And, of course, it wasn’t long before the pre-planned elections appear to have been set up so the Democrats couldn’t lose.  It appears that the Bush’s were prepared to pass the baton onto  Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro.  Obama is an alleged Muslim, who stated that he was born in Kenya.  He received his birthright from his generational Kenyan Muslim father  and sated on TV, “My Muslim Faith,” and “I know, I am one of them” when he spoke in perfect Arabic in Cairo and shocked Americans across the nation.

It appears that Soros and  the globalists appear to have pre-selected Hillary Clinton to be the Secretary of State.  During Hillary Clinton’s term in the State Department, it was reported that $6 Billion in tax dollars went missing, but who cares?  Congress remains silent.  The DOJ remains silent.  Maybe, someone should check the Clinton’s bank accounts and offshore bank accounts.

In fact, their sidekick, “The Southern Poverty Law Center,” was reported to deposit millions of dollars into offshore bank accounts around the time Hillary Clinton lost the November 2016 election. In fact, the news reported that Lois Lerner, Director of the IRS, spied upon the Tea Party and Conservative groups before she was caught and set free under the Obama regime.  So, was that part of the Patriot Act or the OFA and NASA surveillance program that Obama set up prior to leaving office in 20 16 according to Congress member, Maxine Waters?

It appears that the powers that be may have slipped in non-vetted Obama and “tricked” the majority of voters in 2008.  Perhaps, the powers that be pre-selected Hillary Clinton to be the Secretary of State until November 2016, so she could build up the treasure chest through worldwide donations deposited into the Clinton Foundation for personal, financial, and political agendas.  The danger of NASA trampling on the 4th Amendment under the Patriot Act is that the Obama regime could abuse their power and spy on anyone who was a potential witness, whistle-blower, or threat to their agendas.

Consequently,  Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, is reported to have assisted with  what appears to be an unethical sale.  It’s alleged she assisted with selling off 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia, a foreign enemy nation. We The People own the uranium. It appears that Congress and the DOJ are reluctant to audit the Clinton Foundation.  It appears that  attempting to audit the Clinton Foundation is just as  difficult as attempting to audit the Federal Reserve.  Maybe, the Clinton Foundation holds more money than the Federal Reserve since no one has ever audited the Federal Reserve or the Clinton Foundation or the books of Jeffrey Epstein who owned Orgy Island.

After the donations were deposited into the Clinton Foundation to assist with her  political run for President,  it appears that Obama was prepared to pass the baton back to Hillary and Bill, so they could take the White House back in November 2016.  Perhaps, if Hillary Clinton would have been elected in 2016 as President Of the United States , she would have appointed Obama to be a Supreme Court Justice, even though he turned in his law license prior to campaigning as required by the Illinois State Bar due to an alleged fraud investigation.  Bill Clinton was an impeached President based on his “lie” and he was disbarred by the State Bar.

In  2009, Obama and Hillary secretly flooded the nation with foreign enemies from the Middle East under the guise of “Christian Refugees” fleeing from ISIS.  It’s alleged that ISIS was funded by Obama and Hillary.  Obama and Hillary diverted $220,000,000 of U.S. Tax Dollars as incentives to the United States Refugee agencies so they would migrate as many radicalized Muslims into the USA in 8 years as possible beginning in Dearborn, Michigan.  So, how it the Patriot Act wasn’t used to inspect and spy on the tens of thousands of  foreigners from 57 foreign enemy nations instead of used on the Conservatives, legal Americans, and Tea Party?

Obama and Hillary and the Democratic Congress appear to have allowed the creation of ISIS during the Iraqi vacuum to possibly create the Islamic Terrorist crisis reported to be persecuting Middle East persecution of Christian converts as a reason to migrate 5,000,000 Palestinians into the USA under the guise of “Christian Refugees.”

The Palestinian migrants are linked or members of Hamas, a terrorist organization, and allowed them to set up training camps as no-go zones that deny legal Americans and Law Enforcers access and inspections, which is ridiculous.  The Department of Justice can’t inspect foreigners from foreign enemy nations or the property they are seen on video training up young boys and men with weapons.

Furthermore, under the authority of Obama and Hillary’s incompetence, they cost a U.S. Ambassador his life which is unprecedented in U.S. History.  They also abandoned the Ambassador and three American Military Heroes and about 100 Americans on staff in Benghazi, who the Military Heroes were able to assist in sneaking them out of the foreign enemy nation.  This is the first time in U.S. History that a Secretary of State and U.S. President as Commander-in-Chief abandoned U.S. Military men and a U.S. Ambassador and ignored the cries for help by email while watching the situation on real-time.

It’s the first time in U.S. History that Obama or Hillary ordered a “Stand Down.” John Panetta, former Secretary of Defense, stated Obama was AWOL that night.  Others allege he was sleeping and planning on jetting off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser with Jay Z and Beyonce.  In fact, Hillary Clinton laughed hysterically during the Benghazi investigative Senate hearings when she was questioned about the four Americans who were murdered by Islamic terrorists.  She angrily raised her voice and asked, “At this point in time, what difference does it make?”

In fact,  Hillary was asked by a reporter if she thought she would be indicted for removing and destroying 33,000 non-classified and classified government emails without authorization, while she worked as Secretary of State under Obama’s watch. Although, Hillary Clinton and Obama and Mueller pointed the finger at only Russia, its been proven that Communist China hacked into her personal servers.  Hillary Clinton  responded to the reporter and arrogantly and confidently stated, “That will never happen.”  Perhaps, she knew what she was talking about.

Remember, laws that are revoked or suspended by the President of the USA or the Congress in secret aren’t upheld in the courtrooms if the Judges adhere to such an order. The Americans celebrate the joy of remembering the day when our Forefathers signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence and with great love of country celebrate Freedom every year, but will that continue to recur if Americans don’t wake up before the 2016 elections?

Therefore, the Patriots in America can’t help but ponder how it is that anti-American foreigners, who attacked America on 9/11/2001, and declared war on America, are given the satisfaction of knowing that parts of the U.S. Constitution must be suspended. It is possible that some judges and public servants believe that the foreign invaders are free to live under their foreign ideologies on U.S. soil, and simultaneously exercise America’s Freedom, Liberty, and Rights in America to protest against America’s laws, foods, dress codes after employment, searches at the airports and Ports of Entry, and so much more.

Furthermore, Article I Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution refers only to a Writ of Habeas Corpus and only the Habeas Corpus can be enacted ONLY during a period of National Emergency and only if the National Emergency involves a “rebellion” (civil unrest) or an “invasion.”  However, Civil Unrest wasn’t the case in 2001 or during Obama’s reign.  September 11, 2001 was an act of war by Islamic Terrorists against America. Of course, under the Obama and Hillary Clinton regime, they allowed George Soros, a billionaire, to fund protesters to incite riots inside the USA and cause civil unrest.

The Bush’s and Clinton’s passed on an Executive Order to Obama  in 2009 that stated that if the “right-wing extremist” were declared “war criminals” or “enemies of the USA” that they could be removed and taken to government facilities to be retrained for compliance  and they would have no outside contact until they complied.  It stated that DHS-FEMA would take over the entire nation and the POTUS would declare Martial Law and curfew and the streets would be patrolled if civil unrest broke out.  This also applied to a pandemic which allowed the government to issue quarantines and curfews as well.

Therefore, under which constitutional authority is the U.S. Congress implementing a new law to replace or amend or rewrite sections of the U.S. Constitution by suspending parts of the U.S. Constitution rendering those specific constitutional laws “meaningless?”  Obama  should have been impeached, when he stated to Congress and the nation on television, that Congress and the U.S. Constitution are “meaningless” and he will rule the USA by Executive Order, which the Democrats allowed him to do.

Obama enacted the “Kill List” of Americans and asked the Military if they would “Fire on Americans” with his buddy, former USAG, Eric Holder.  If the Generals and Officers said, “no,” it was reported in the news afterwards that they were purged from the military.

In the 1990’s, under President Bill Clinton’s regime, he and Erick Holder and Janet Reno abused their authority in my opinion when they failed to exercise “due process of law” and ordered the FBI to fire on Americans at Ruby Ridge and WACO.  They murdered innocent civilians on U.S. soil even though they had not been charged with a crime. In my opinion, they violated the “International War Powers Act’ that prohibits Presidents from firing on civilians of those they believe are domestic or foreign enemies.  Bill Clinton, Holder, and Reno were not held accountable for firing on civilians on U .S. soil or for their deaths.  In fact, they arrested the survivors who had to hire lawyers.

Americans witnessed the Clinton-Holder team order the death of American men, and women, children, and pregnant women. They accused the main person, David Koresh, who was preaching the “end times” part of the bible known as Revelations and predicting the government was going to engage in WWIII that would bring the end of the world to fruition. The government called the housing facility in WACO, a “compound” and accused David Koresh of illegally stockpiling weapons. The hypocrisy of Bill Clinton and Eric Holder and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who approved of the attacks on Americans at WACO and Ruby Ridge is that they approve of no-go zones for terrorists and radicals  who they migrated into the USA and are videotaped training up with weapons and even training kids with weapons.

How is it that  the Clinton’s, Obama, and Holder aren’t concerned about foreigners from foreign enemy nations training with weapons and not knowing if the weapons are illegal?  And, to top it off, they’ve been trying their hardest to disarm the American people, now why would they do that when they care less about the foreign radicals training up with weapons?  And, they have knowledge that illegal guns are trafficked through sea ports and  open borders, so why does Bill and Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Obama  and the Bush’s approve of open borders in violation of constitutional law that establishes sovereignty?

How is it congress is allowing the “Patriot Act” to supersede U.S. Constitutional law and  to-date, failed to remove Americans from the Patriot Act and /or nullify it?  How is it the  politicians  hold themselves above the laws they are mandating that trample on the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights?  Many of the congressional members appear to be more concerned about donations by the wealthy CEO’s for their non-profit foundations than they are about upholding their sworn oath.  George Soros and the wealthy Lobbyists and Hollywood’s wealthy donate to the Democratic party.  In fact, Obama’s right-hand named, Valerie Jarrett, hit the news when she threatened the American people. Jarrett stated that if any American opposed them that they would be punished and she wasn’t an elected public servant, but appeared to be running the show.

The majority of Congressional Members, the non-vetted President Obama aka Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian National, upon entry into the USA with no proof of a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate or Certified Repatriation documents, no record of a legal name change upon entry from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama, are vetted and published for public review and scrutiny.  Obama and Holder declared all records related to Obama were concealed from the government and public scrutiny.  These events are unprecedented in U.S. History.

The constitution establishes that anyone who isn’t a “natural-born citizen” of the USA is ineligible to be a U.S. President. It’s a felony for anyone to lie with intent to usurp the Office of the President of the USA and to  commit a fraud and perjury while swearing an oath.   The USA  defines it illegal to use fake passports and fake ID and to illegally walk across our borders, but under Obama’s regime, he invited the fake refugees into the USA by the millions and promised them free housing, food stamps, social security, and Obamacare all paid by the enslaved American taxpayers which is unconstitutional, but who cares in the Democratic-Rino parties?  They exempted themselves from the laws they didn’t read but rubber stamped “approved.”  This is also unprecedented in U .S. History.  It was Gross Negligence and Dereliction of Duty in my opinion.

Obamacare is part of the U.N.’s Agenda 21 with intent to reduce the population in America and around the world requiring America’s taxpayers to pick up the tab under Obamacare to kill off babies by abortion around the world.  The United Nations and New World Order’s goal is to “Redistribute the Wealth” of all Americans to themselves and eliminate the Middle Class.  This is an enslavement program through the reduction of the population around the world.

The U.N.’s conspiracy is to take from the Americans and give to them and their Third World leaders especially those 57 countries in the Middle East.  Obama gave Iran and ISIS and Syrian Rebels and terrorists and billions of U.S. tax dollars without fear of punishment. Those are foreign enemy nations whose stated and written strategic goal is to kill all non-Muslims and invade, infiltrate, overpopulate, dominate and conquer. It’s comply or die apparently.   Americans are supposed to roll over and give up their freedom, liberty, rights, property, children, sovereignty to Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood regime, apparently.

Remember, there isn’t any authority under U.S. Constitutional law that allows Congress to suspend or revoke any part of the Constitution and replace those laws with new unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful foreign laws.  In fact, that would have been called an act of “treason” for any public servant to usurp, circumvent or change and replace constitutional law with new law that supersedes the unconstitutionally suspended laws.

As of 2009, I coined the term  “Fake Refugees.”  The reason for the term, “Fake Refugees” is simple.  The majority of foreigners from foreign enemy nations migrated into the USA by Obama and Hillary clearly state on the news and videos that they aren’t here to assimilate, but dominate. They aren’t here to follow or uphold U.S. Constitutional Laws, but to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia Law which is treason.  Linda Sarsour called out in a speech to overthrow President Trump and the White House which is sedition, but she backtracked her comments and wasn’t held accountable.

The written and stated strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, an anti-American organization published in their book, “The Project” clearly states their written and stated strategic goal is to invade, infiltrate, overpopulate and dominate. Their goal is to dominate the world.  They chant, “Death to America.”  They chant, “Death to the Jews.”  They chant, “Death to Christians.”  And, Obama and Michelle have clearly informed Americans that this country is no longer a Christian Nation and belongs to the Muslims!

This Trojan Horse appears to be an “act of war” by “foreign invaders” as established by the  U.S. Constitution.  The U.S. Constitution mandates that Americans must pick up their arms if needed and form a militia and defend their nation.  The U.S. Constitution always orders Patriotic Americans to defend their country from enemies within and remove them from government as traitors.

About 2009, I viewed candidate, Obama, during a debate.  Obama shocked me when he stated, the U.S. Constitution was meaningless and no more than  a “mere charter of negative laws [liberties] that need to be changed.”  His disrespect for the constitution should have been quite disturbing to Americans, but his words only affected a few of us.  Recently, the U.S. Congress has unconstitutionally suspended parts of the U.S. Constitution by extending the Patriot Act and replacing the revoked or suspended parts of the U.S. Constitution with the new law entitled, “The Patriot Act.”

The Patriot Act was  implemented under the guise of the “war on terrorism.”  However, it appears to be the war for terrorism making America the battlefield by bringing foreign enemies into the USA and witnessing these foreigners from foreign enemy nations stating that they aren’t in America to assimilate, but to dominate. Why would public servants paid with tax dollars migrate foreign enemies into the USA whose goal it is to wipe us out and conquer our land?  How is that not treason?

Should Americans not rise up and demand to know why the United States Presidents and Congressional Members have appeared to either revoke or suspend the U.S. Constitution as they refuse to repeal the unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful, unread tyrannical law with death panels for Americans only.  How is it that they call it the affordable act  when it’s the unaffordable act and most Americans couldn’t sign up because of the glitches and most Americans who were able to access the site found it unaffordable.  Why would they fine Americans who couldn’t afford to sign up $2,500 when they need the money to find some cheaper health care to help them out?  Unaffordable health care is Death to America!

And, McCain nailed the final nail into the Obamacare coffin when he gave a thumbs down and voted against President Trump and the majority of Americans who needed that vote so Obamacare could be repealed in its entirety. It’s my opinion that Obamacare can be nullified on its face because  Obama can’t prove his true identity or provide a certified U.S Birth Certificate, so how can anything he signed by legal, lawful, or constitutional?  He forced Obamacare down the throats of Americans and it calls for death panels for unborn future Americans, and euthanasia for elderly, chronically ill, mentally and physically challenged, and veterans.  Obamacare is all about death to America as well as the unborn babies in Third World nations.

Obviously, if  congress unconstitutionally suspends parts of U.S. Constitution, which are the supreme laws of the land, then the federal government has the power to violate individual rights guaranteed by the constitution as the laws they suspended would not be recognized as laws of the land rendering the original constitutional laws as worthless and meaningless as the non-vetted unidentified man stated.  So, how is it possible that U.S. Presidents and U.S. Congressional members have misled the American people into believing that the Patriot Act was temporary, but allowed it to remain in effect for more than 11 years?  Once again, congress has suspended parts of the constitution, which violates their sworn oaths, but they apparently, don’t believe the Constitution is the law of the land any longer, so why do we have to pay them to lie about the laws they pass and while they become wealthy and hold themselves above those same laws?

Public Servants are believed to swear to uphold, defend, and preserve the U.S. Constitution and We The People are to believe they are swearing with honesty and in Good Faith, but far too many have sworn dishonestly and in “Bad Faith.”  The supportive vote to replace constitutional law with the Patriot Act  has caused adverse side effects to every American citizen by denying them specific individual rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution as intended.  Thus, the question remains which constitutional authority is congress applying that allows them the constitutional authority to SUSPEND or REVOKE the constitution?  Did they just wake up one morning and say – “Gee, I think I’ll vote to suspend parts of the constitution and replace parts of it with new laws and leave the American people unprotected and vulnerable to legal abuses and a foreign invasion by migrating millions of radicals into the USA under the guise of “Christian Refugees?”

Only when the American people wake up and rise up constitutionally, legally, and lawfully, before it’s too late, and they are lying down, not rising up at the possibility of a genocide or  civil unrest as history may repeat itself, Americans must demand that congress nullify the Patriot Act and or remove Americans from it as well as the NDAA Law and Hit List aka Kill List implemented by Obama, Clinton, and Holder. Until the American Citizens, Legal, Natural Born Americans, demand that the U.S. President and Congress restore integrity to our nation and restore and follow the law, not exempted themselves from the laws they swore to uphold, will the American citizens and future unborn natural-born Americans feel safe in the country they are born, innate to the soil upon which we were born, and own!

Should We The People not be asking the U.S. Congress under which constitutional authority are they applying that provides them the authority to write a new law under the guise of  “war on terrorism” and REPLACE parts of the U.S. Constitution with the new law titled, The Patriot Act,” when they are targeting Americans as the terrorist and criminals at the airports by the TSA agents.  Radiating Americans is an assault on their bodies as well as search and seizure without “probable cause” in my opinion.

The agendas that only affect Americans, but not radicals  makes Americans feel as if they are vulnerable to arrest for buying a ticket to Grandma’s house  thanks to Obama, Chertoff, and Soros who laugh all the way to the bank.  Soros owned stocks in OSI Systems and he’s laughing all the way to the bank at the Americans who are no longer free in their own nation, but appear to be turned into the enemy, while the foreign enemies are flown into the USA secretly at night by-passing the same searches and naked x-rays at the airports. Americans are paying for their own enslavement and demise while people such as Soros, a true enemy of America, whose only goal it appears is to commit treason against the USA and take us down.

In fact, such unethical actions by federal elected public servants should be seen as a violation of their sworn oaths as well as their fiduciary duty to the people, country, and their pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag and at a minimum, Gross Negligence and Dereliction of Duty!  They failed under the Clinton-Obama regime to end the “war on terrorism,” but appears to have expanded the “war on terrorism” and in America, they appear to have created, “a war of terrorism from within” by secretly migrating millions of unidentified radicals into the USA.  This applies to the “war on drugs” which is a huge failure and now it’s a multi-billion dollar business and appears to be the “war for drugs,” with competition by Big Pharma and their pain killers rivaling Heroin and causing unprecedented numbers of Americans hooked on “legal drugs?”

Let’s not forget the “war on human trafficking of women and children,” which is also now a multi-billion dollar business and appears to be the “war for human trafficking,” as the evil spreads and more young women and children go missing each year.  Pray for these victims and for God’s intervention.

Every U.S. federal public servant who stood before God and country swore an oath to uphold, defend, protect, and preserve the U.S. Constitution!  The U.S. Constitution cannot be suspended or Revoked on a whim  by elected public servants, but that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since 9/11 by using the “war on terror” to “change” America and “change” the U.S. Constitution rendering it “meaningless and replacing constitutional law with the “Patriot Act” and the NDAA Law which denies “due process of law” guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to Americans which they swore to defend with their lives, but failed as usual. The targeting of average Americans for arrest and genocide by abortion scissors and calling it legal and death panels and calling it legal through rationing and denying health care should be considered in my opinion, premeditated genocide, as 70,000,000 American babies who would be with us today have been snuffed out which the Congress and Justices call “legal.”

The U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed by our Forefathers on July 4, 1776, but they suffered as they fought against the elite powers who lusted for total power and control over the masses.  The U.S.  Constitution was created, approved, and enacted, so the people could ELECT public servants who would carry out the will of the people and provide a government controlled by the people and for the people, but 235 years later, Americans find themselves misled by temporary federal, state, county, and city elected public servants who are circumventing and usurping constitutional laws, so they can control the masses, who are helpless and left without the specific guarantees of individual rights and due process of law because they fear their government, but what they should fear is what their government intends to do to them if they don’t resist evil.

Consequently, we must demand that Obama and Congress disclose which constitutional authority they are applying to REPLACE all or parts of the U.S. Constitution with NEW Law titled “The Patriot Act”as well as the NDAA Law under the guise of the “war on terror?   Obama and the U.S. Congress do not have the legal or constitutional authority to write new laws and REPLACE or SUSPEND any or parts of the U.S. Constitution under the supreme laws of the land that are discriminatory, dangerous to the health and lives of Americans and unborn babies, unfair, unjust, economically unsound, and deny “due process of law,” and could cause ill-health and death to Americans who pay their wages.

Therefore, suspending and revoking  any part of the U.S. Constitution is a violation of their SWORN OATHS and violates their fiduciary duty.  They swore to UPHOLD, defend, and preserve the constitution.  Public servants promise to pledge their allegiance to the U.S.  flag, America, support the U.S. military, and Law Enforcers, but as we witnessed under the Obama-Clinton-Holder-Lynch-Comey-Democratic-RINO oval office and Congress and DOJ, that wasn’t happening!  They allowed Soros to pay rioters and injure and kill and throw rocks at police and destroy businesses putting Americans out of work and destroy vehicles and cities.  Does the word Demoncrats mean – Death. Destruction. Devastation.   It appears that far too many appear to have pledged their allegiance to the NWO, U.N., Agenda 21, CFR, and the dark side.  This is truly a spiritual battle between Good and Evil.  Which side are you on?

The Patriot Act is not written and implemented in accordance with the constitution or the will of the people.  In fact, the Patriot Act is contrary to the U.S Constitution and was enacted against the will of the people who do not see it as a common sense law, just, moral or fair. The Congress has a fiduciary duty to pass common sense laws which are just, moral or fair, equitable and economically sound and in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, but the Patriot Act, NAA Law, and Obamacare do not meet those standards.

Congress swore a solemn oath, but how quickly they’ve forgotten that they must not take the easy road but read and analyze the laws before they approve or disapprove them for which they are elected and paid.  But, it appears, too many are partying and recklessly spending our tax dollars and taking long lunches in a watering hole.

It is the duty of Congress to be honest and uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights which protects Americans from foreign spies, espionage from within and without, and a Coup and a foreign invasion of radicals and or Communist, who are not the friends of Americans, God, Capitalism, Sovereignty, and Freedom, Liberty or Rights for We The People.  It is up to 330,000,000 Americans to speak up, speak out, and resist tyrannical leaders who have gone rogue and aren’t for the Constitution, but against the Constitution and who aren’t for America but against America, and who aren’t for Americans and future Americans, but against Americans and future Americans!  Wars and genocide aren’t effective for the masses, only for the tyrannical evil sociopaths who thrive on greed and instant self-gratification.

So, which constitutional authority is Obama and the U.S. Congress applying that provides them the authority to SUSPEND any part of the U.S. Constitution when they swore an oath to UPHOLD, defend, and protect the U.S. Constitution?  It is clear that any public servant who attempts to circumvent, usurp, or replace the U.S. Constitution by writing new laws and replacing constitutional laws with those new laws is in violation of their sworn oath.   The law states that if a public servant violates their sworn oath, circumvents, or usurps constitutional law, they can be charged with a crime by the people and if found guilty, they can be punished and ordered to prison and fined.

How is it that America has been involved in many wars, but until 9/11,  U.S. Presidents and the U.S. Congress did not SUSPEND the U.S. Constitution or invite the foreign enemy into the USA and appoint them into positions of power and favor them over Americans?  In fact, there isn’t any constitutional authority to my knowledge which grants constitutional authority to elected federal public servants to Suspend or Revoke the U.S. Constitution and replace constitutional law with foreign or unconstitutional laws, based on wars.   If the constitution were to be suspended or revoked every time America had gone to war then it would have been in suspension continuously throughout U.S. history.

The fact that Obama and Congress extended the “Patriot Act” equates to their declaring that the “Patriot Act” supersedes constitutional law and “due process of law” based on their declaration that parts of the U.S. Constitution have been [unconstitutionally] suspended.  In fact, Obama stated he wants the “Patriot Act” extended through 2013.  How is it that Congress continuously includes Americans within the Patriot Act that they promised would be in existence temporarily?

How then is it that the U.S. Congress believes it is part of their SWORN oath and their fiduciary duty to uphold the constitution, and hypocritically, without constitutional authority and against the will of the people suspend any or all parts of the U.S. Constitution by writing a new law, which isn’t in accordance with constitutional law, entitled,  “The Patriot Act” under the guise of protecting the American people from the war on terror which appears to be “the war for terror.”  The Congress and the Oval Office have left legal Americans without individual rights guaranteed by constitutional law?  Suspending constitutional law forces Americans to face the dragon without a sword!

Thus, Americans are misled by congress when they mislead Americans that suspending  parts of the U.S. Constitution is for the protection of the American people and targets the terrorists when they haven’t even captured any significant number of  terrorists, but target Americans and label conservative, patriotic, Christians as terrorists.  Replacing parts of the U.S. Constitution with the Patriot Act is unconstitutional and violates the sworn oaths of every congressional member who swore to UPHOLD the Constitution, not Suspend the Constitution.  In a Meet The Press interview back in 2008, Obama stated that his goal was to Disarm Americans, but the only way to Disarm Americans is to suspend the U.S. Constitution and make it “meaningless” and “change” it.

Therefore, I continue to ask the question, “Under which constitutional authority is Obama and the U.S. Congress legally and constitutionally applying that provides them the authority to SUSPEND any part of the Constitution of the United States of America?  I believe they have abused their power and are misleading Americans into believing that they have the authority to SUSPEND the U.S. Constitution, but they do not.  But, they are trampling and suspending individual rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

It isn’t the fiduciary duty of Obama or Congress to usurp, circumvent, or by-pass constitutional law by re-writing new laws and replacing the constitution OR ANY PART  of the constitution with their new laws even during war-time.  Americans have fought many wars before 9/11 and presidents and congress never violated their sworn oaths to uphold the constitution by suspending the Constitution of the United States of America.   So, can the Sheriff’s decide on a whim to suspend the laws of their states?  Remember, the Patriot Act was passed more than one decade ago – 11 years ago – and the American people were led to believe under Bush that it was a temporary Act, but so far, that isn’t the case and they lied to the American people.  Aren’t lies and misrepresentation violations of their Code of Ethics?  So, how is it not an abuse of power and an obstruction of justice for the U.S. Congress and Obama to violate their sworn oaths when they swore to UPHOLD, DEFEND, and PRESERVE the U.S. Constitution which they failed to do by extending the Patriot Act?  Americans must ask where in the U.S. Constitution does Obama or Congress interpret that they’ve been granted the authority to SUSPEND any or all of the U.S. Constitution for more than one decade rendering Americans unprotected by the supreme laws of the land and vulnerable to tyranny?

Remember, history warns people what happens if they don’t pay attention to their government.  Americans shouldn’t stand by and allow public servants to circumvent, usurp or attempt to replace the U.S. Constitution with foreign or new laws against the will of  people.  Suspending the U.S. Constitution with a new law titled “The Patriot Act” means that those laws don’t exist for Americans – they’re in suspension – the people have no protection under suspended constitutional laws.  The constitution clearly establishes that no man or congressional body shall usurp, circumvent, or replace the supreme laws of the land.   The Patriot Act has replaced the protection of  Search and Seizure laws guaranteed by the constitution so that the federal government can create police states.  They are allowing law enforcement to knock down the doors of innocent Americans without a Search Warrant.  This is an increasing problem for Americans.  There are reports of accidental shootings after law enforcement broke down doors and injured or killed innocent people and destroyed property, but congress cares less knowing law enforcement writes up legal abuses as “justifiable” and “probable cause.”  Lives are being destroyed.

Another example recurring after the Patriot Act was implemented, and constitutional laws are unconstitutionally suspended, involves Rapiscan and TSA.  Obama promised stimulus money for private sector jobs, but instead, he diverted millions of dollars to Chertoff so he and Soros could fund their private corporate radiation, naked photograph, intrusive groping business through TSA using every American baby, minor child, teenager, and adult man and woman as commodities for-profit – Wall Street Human Capital!

This should lead people to wonder how many politicians are invested in the corporations which they’ve allowed funding from the stimulus tax dollars promised for U.S. jobs, but were never delivered. How can the U.S. Congress stand by and watch innocent Americans be radiated which kills healthy cells  – naked photographed – and physically groped by non-health care professionals? Does congress even care if Rapiscan owners are violating the 4th Amendment; or  Sexual Harassment laws, Child Molesting Laws, Rape Laws, and Assault and Battery laws?  Also, if TSA workers don’t need medical training and health care licenses as well as Medical State Board licenses then it appears we no longer need doctors or the State Boards – TSA is a one-stop health care facility for all your intrusive health care needs!  Ironically, even a hair dresser has to have a license before she touches a customer!

Consequently, under which constitutional authority is Obama and congress applying that provides them the authority to send police into the businesses of innocent Americans and ravish through their business records?  Are you sure this is still America?  Under which constitutional authority is congress applying to allow police to examine the library records of any innocent American? Is this Nazi America or is it Sharia Law America or Communist China America – as it doesn’t feel much like the land of the free!

Under which constitutional law is the government throwing people into jail without due process of law even if they’re innocent and without search warrants and throwing away the key indefinitely?  Is this Cuba or some Third World nation, now?  How is it constitutional as there are allegations that the president can issue a “kill” order aka “assassination” order against even American citizens and under which constitutional authority is being applied?

The United States Constitution cannot be suspended by President Obama or by the U.S. Congress!  If the U.S. Constitution or any parts of the U.S. Constitution is suspended then isn’t the  U.S. President and Congress in violation of their sworn oath to UPHOLD, DEFEND, and PRESERVE the Constitution?  After all, there’s NO SWORN OATH that grants public servants the authority to SUSPEND or DENY or ELIMINATE all or part of the U.S. Constitution, in fact, the Forefathers established the Constitution so those who violated the Constitution could be held accountable by the American people.  Public Servants, not only have a SWORN oath to UPHOLD the constitution, but a fiduciary duty to the country and the people, as well as an allegiance to the U.S. flag.

In conclusion, under which constitutional authority has Obama and the Congress applied that grants them the authority to allow a new law, The Patriot Act, to supersede the supreme laws of the land guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution?  And under which constitutional authority is Obama and the Congress applying that grants them the constitutional authority to suspend the U.S. Constitution or any parts of the U.S. Constitution and write a new law that replaces the suspended constitutional laws rendering the U.S. Constitution “meaningless” and “changed” which is Obama’s goal as well as the globalists who are supporting the economic growth of communist China.

The Patriot Act provides the federal government “unlimited” power knowing that the U.S. Constitution provides the federal government “Limited” power.  So, when did the sworn oaths of federal public servants change from “Uphold” the Constitution to “Suspend” the Constitution?   Write congress and demand that the Patriot Act be rendered  “null and void” immediately.  The U.S. Constitution has been preserved because of generational Americans who shed their blood, sweat, and tears and  made this country free, liberated, sovereign and great -235 years of loyalty – So,  SHAME ON  CONGRESS!

Remember, there is nothing patriotic about the Patriot Act!  In fact, it is unpatriotic and dictatorial and dripping with tears trickling down by our Forefathers in heaven.   Well, bin Laden is dead according to Obama who had an unarmed man assassinated and dumped his body into the ocean which the Muslim news referred to as an unholy burial of a Muslim leader.  So at that point the “Patriot Act,” should have ended, but instead, they seem to have dumped the U.S. Constitution into the ocean and extended the “Patriot Act” as the law of the land which should result in the removal of public servants.  As everyone knows, the Magna Carta is  the “important symbol that shows that the King was bound by the law.”

It appears that King Obama needs to be bound by U.S. Constitutional law, as well.   The Magna Carta was the spark that caused men to fight back and create the Constitution of the United States of America.  The Declaration of Independence was signed by our Forefathers on July 4, 1776, which set forth the ideas of  Natural Rights and helped form the foundation of constitutional government that would protect and defend the individual rights of the people and provide a government controlled by the people and for the people, not for elected public servants who now believe the people must be brought under the control of the federal government to serve them.

The only protection that the American people have against tyranny is the existence of the “Constitution of the United States of America” and “The Bill of Rights!”  Will you stand up to the U.S. Congress and demand that congress Uphold, Defend, and Preserve the U.S. Constitution and nullify “The Patriot Act,” which they have unconstitutionally suspended, as all or parts of a suspended constitution, results in the dismantling of the U.S. constitution!  A country with a suspended Constitution results in a nation without constitutional laws – laws that are meaningless – in suspension – unprotected citizens  –  citizens who are vulnerable to tyranny by their own government.  And, the “Patriot Act” will lead to a free nation known as the United States of America if not voided changed and transformed in a foreign nation where American Citizens will live without protection or “due process of law” and subjected to indefinite detention.

Shame on You,  Congress!  2008-2017

Rose Colombo, award-winning poet, TV and Radio Host, and author.  She’s a political and legal activist and advocate for justice. Check out  Read Free 5 Star Reviews and Complimentary pages of her award-winning self-help book “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and her latest Political Satire with humorous fictional characters encountering Orwellian agendas paralleling today’s political agendas, entitled, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals”- both books can be viewed at


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  1. The Constitution was written and ratified to protect the rights of citizens from tyranny. It is about time to restore our rights. We need to demand our rights.


  2. McCain is a figure from an old-fashioned America that is out of fashion in our most cosmopolitan precincts the America of Gunsmoke and Gary Cooper, not The Daily Show and George Clooney. For McCain, Duty, Honor, Country isnt patriotic pablum but a credo to live by. And he has worked out a way to apply the credo to politics. He summarized it in a commencement address at Johns Hopkins in 1999, when he gave the graduates this advice:


  3. Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this article together. I once again find myself personally spending a lot of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worth it!


  4. It is almost impossible to locate knowledgeable men and girls about this subject, but you seem to become what takes place that you are coping with! Thanks


  5. I blog often and I really appreciate your information. Your article has truly peaked my interest. I will take a note of your site and keep checking for new information about once per week. I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.


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