Isn’t Diverting $2 Billion from Social Security for a Partisan Faux Impeachment to Overthrow the Votes of 70M Americans an act of Seditious conspiracy by a “coup?”

Treason: The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which one owes allegiance, either by making war against the state or by materially supporting its enemies. Treachery is a deliberate and willful betraying of a trust and confidence. The American people are the government, We The People, and the Democrats have betrayed us and based on their documented hate for the POTUS, they are ignoring and violating the WILL of the majority of America’s registered voters, legal citizens, and taxpayers.

"Fight Back Legal Abuse" & Rose Colombo featured in prestigious L.A. Law Journal
“Fight Back Legal Abuse” & Rose Colombo featured in prestigious L.A. Law Journal

Rose Colombo, original (c) 2/17/2011; ed. 11/9/2019, 3/9/2020

Seditious Conspiracy:  A Criminal Conspiracy to forcibly (1) Overthrow or destroy the United States Government (2) to oppose its authority (3) prevent the execution of its laws, or or (4) seize or possess its property. 


Is Pelosi, Schiff, Brennan, Soros, Biden, Charlie, Atty Zaid, Hillary Clinton, Obama, and their long-time Democrats in the DOJ and inner circle involved in this faux “COUP” as admitted by the so-called Whistleblower’s attorney Laird,  to impeach President Trump meet the definition of  a Seditious Conspiracy by overthrowing the 2016 Elections and wiping out the VOTES of 70M Americans who are the GOVERNMENT – We The People – are the Government.

Which constitutional authority is Schiff and Pelosi applying that grants them the right and authority to ignore and violate the WILL of the majority of Americans who oppose the Bias Secret Partisan hearing to impeach the President of the United States based on Hearsay and Gossip?

To-date, the American people are learning of the ties to the Ukraine of all parties involved in the “Coup” as admitted by the attorney who threatened the POTUS with a “cease and desist letter.”  To-day, Schiff hasn’t provided Americans with “factual” first-hand evidence of pressuring the Ukrainian President who stated that he wasn’t pressured and didn’t have any knowledge of any U.S. aid being withheld. Transcripts that are blacked out and selected excerpts of testimony that favor the Democrats isn’t factual evidence as it isnot being read in total context. And, the questions remain unknown if the Transcriber and the Chairman, Adam Schiff, are Certifying and signing the transcripts under oath and penalty of perjury.

The American people need to realize each natural-born citizen, legal naturalized citizen, has rights and protections guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

In my opinion, anyone who is a foreign enemy on U.S. soil and gained access into our Republic that operates by the Rule of Law and entered with intent to overthrow our government and constitution or harm Americans or spy on the government and impose anti-American Socialism, Communism or foreign ideologies of radical Muslim nations on U.S. soil must be detained and deported. If they are legal Americans, they must be held accountable, but how can we do that when George Soros is funding Democrats into the Department of Justice?

America is not a Socialist Nation, but Third World Nations such as Venezuela are Socialist Nations where the government rations and denies health care, food, water, and resources. The monster dictator who imposed Socialism on a once free nation now forces them to be numbered in order to access the rations of water and food. This is communism, not socialism. They can’t even access clothing or toilet paper, soap and many are dying and being ignored because of this tyrant. He changed a happy and thriving nation into a Socialist nation that is run with a communist iron fist. Is that the goal of Soros, obama’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s, and the wealthy inner-circle of Democrats?

In America, the once All-American Democrat Party was equally as strong and popular as the Republican Party and the masses voted and the winner and he’d be inaugurated as the President of the USA and supported by most Americans even if they didn’t like his policies, they figured they vote him out in 4 years. Americans went on with their lives after elections, but Hillary was promised, probably by Soros and the powers that be that she would be the first female U.S. President in 2016.  She lost for the second time by the WILL of the American Citizens and voters who didn’t were tired of the Clinton Chronicles of crimes without accountability.

The Coup that rocked the nation was the coup against the Kennedy family loved by Americans of both parties, but insiders hated his policies and foreign enemies hated him and his policies and instead of attempting to file impeachment hearings, their coup decided to have President John F. Kennedy and future President Bobby Kennedy assassinated. And the second attempt to assassinate targed a GOP President who was a Pro-Life and God-fearing man named Ronald Reagan. They didn’t succeed, but wounded hom. Today, the Liberal Hollywood Celebrities and Congressional Democrats like Maxine Waters and Rep. Hirono and the squad, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Soros, and Obama’s and Democrats view the POTUS who is Pro-LIFe – GOP – Supports Legal Immigration and Secure Borders and bringing U.S. companies back to the USA hate President Donald J. Trump. After Bernie Sanders gave a scathing vile commentary on President Trump, one of Bernie’s supports took a gun and shot at the GOP and injured Rep. Scalisle who was hospitalized and many believe he thought that President Trump would be at the park. The Extreme Left Democrats know they can’t beat President Trump unless they remove him from office or he’s assassinated or they drive to quit and accuse him of being mentally disturbed while Biden talks to a blank screen with his back to the audience and sniffs kids and women’s hair and gropes them isn’t targeted as mentally disturbed. Or, Hillary Clinton laughing hysterially on TV when asked about her and Obama’s orders to assassinate Gadaffi.  Or, Hillary Clinton laughing hysterically during a senate hearing when asked about abandoning 4 Americans at Benghazi or laughing when talking about getting a rapist of a 12-yr old left violent abused and sterile a short sentence. The Democrats don’t find Hillary’s laughing hysterically at murder and rape as being mentally disturbed.

In fact, the radical disrupters known as ANTIFA is alleged to be funded by Comrade George Soros, an anti-Trump and anti-American billionaire, who does everything in his power to fund Democrat candidates into the Department of Justice in as many states as possible so in other words, he has influence on decisions it appears when it comes to prosecutions.  This is very dangerous to all Americans and they are setting a very bad precedent of distrust for the Department of Justice by accepting donations from Soros.

SOROS and Obama and Hillary Clinton have been building an army of masked radicals inside the USA by paying them wages and placing ads in newspapers such as “Craigs List” and probably online. They migrated healthy males since 2009 from Third World poor and diseased and radicalized nations of uneducated and gang and terrorist infested foreign communist, Muslim Brotherhood, and socialist nations without proper vetting. obama and Holder made sure they were flown into the USA secretly at night and allowed to walk across the borders without fear of being detained and deported. After 2016, we witnessed the Soros money helping millions of people by Central and South Americans and China and Jihadist coming together in the thousands to invade the USA at the borders. The Liberal media and the Hollywood LIberals and Democrats demonized fellow Americans who feared unidentified foreigners, 75% healthy males, entering with unidentified children and females  – fake families – possibly used to be trafficked or for organ harvesting once they were detained and released. 

The SOROS army known as ANTIFA has not been designated as a domestic terrorist organization to-date and yet, they are domestic terrorist organization in my opinion who attack the police as well as the general public who aren’t one of them. They could be radical Jihadist or terrorists behind those masks because they wear masks in those 57 countries including the woman and children they train up. Antifa could be American converts to the Muslim Brotherhood or Communist or Socialist Parties. Masks should never be allowed for any reason including religion to be worn in public.

ANTIFA and the extreme Left join hands and block roads which is a violation of the traffic laws that can cause them to be injured or killed by a driver accidentally as well as innocent people who are trying to get to a hospital or the police trying to save someone’s life or the First Responders who may need to get to a fire and every second counts.

Furthermore, these ANTIFA comrades have been illegally threatening drivers, elderly people with walkers and veterans in wheelchairs.  They target innocent Americans who don’t comply with their extreme Leftist ideologies and knock Americans to the ground and pummel them including females because they’re cowards. If they weren’t cowards, they wouldn’t be threatening elderly, sick, vets in wheelchairs, or females. I often wonder how they would feel if their wives, parents, grandparents, or kids were attacked in the same manner that they threaten and attack innocent people in the USA to stifle their freedom.

Unfortunately, the female members of congress have a limited vocabulary that is offensive to millions of Americans as representatives of the American people and it as they state in their anger for President Trump, Representative Hirono and Rashis Tlaib appear to be limited to the words “MF” and “F…er.” Speaker Pelosi has called the POTUS a “criminal and called for his indictment and impeachment as well as her partner, Rep. Adam Schiff and their squad, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rep. Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. Omar and Rlaib are terrorist sympathizer and linked to the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR-Hamas orgs and Hamas is linked to Hezbollah. 

Since Donald J. Trump was elected in November of 2016, the wannabe candidates for President of the USA, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, George Soros, and many more long-time associates, members of the Democrat Party, and the DNC have been working overtime to accuse President Trump of being a foreign agent and working with Russia and Ukraine and pressuring the Ukraine over a phone call, when they and their families have ties to Russia and the Ukraine and they and their families have made millions of dollars while in positions of influence for themselves and their families while accepting taxpayer funded wages by hard-working Americans.  And, their big thank you to Americans is that your VOTES are “meaningless.”  We will abuse our positions of power and influence with MSM and funding from George Soros to indict or impeach the duly elected President of the United States, regardless of the fact that he did nothing wrong, and put Comrade Hillary or Comrade Pelosi or Comrade Warren in the oval office.

Consequently, we should ask if the American people have been duped by the federal government, which appears to be corrupted, by Hollywood Liberals such as sexual predator, Weinstein who donates big bucks to the Clinton’s and Democrats. They appear to be corrupted by looking the other way for 25 years at the Clinton’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, who they and many Democrat Candidates accepted large donations from the billionaire and international kidnapper of children, trafficker, and money launderer, Jeffrey Epstein and his female assistant who MSM and the Democrats have bothered to even whisper her name most dangerous registered pedolphile. The Democrats and MSM ignored the biggest international pedophile ring involving mostly wealthy Democrats.

Senator Nancy Pelosi recently diverted $2 Billion from Social Security funds that belong to the taxpayers.  The taxpayers and Congress need to file a complaint and question her authority to divert $2 Billion from the taxpayer’s government retirement fund they paid into most of their lives for her faux Impeachment Inquiry hearings when she and her son are linked to the the Ukraine and oil and gas companies wherein they are seen in a commercial together promoting the company for financial gain while she was and is a member of the Democrat Party and Speaker of the House. Pelosi was not removed from Congress after she engaged in more than one Insider Trading deal that provided her and her family millions of dollars while she was a member of Congress.

The federal government promised to open up a Trust Account and deposit the taxes collected for social security but they lied and did not!  The American people have been too trusting of their public servants and placing all their trust into a majority of ivy league college grads weaved from the same cloth until 2008. 

In 2007, the unknown stranger in the knight flew in on a magic carpet from either Kenya or Hawaii about 1981 or 1982 as a National Indonesian and as Barry Soetoro without disclosing that information to the American people, nor did MSM, because Soros, Bill Ayers, al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR and the Democrats and MSM wanted this stranger in the night to become the POTUS as part of the New World Order agendas of the Bush dynasty, Clinton dynasty, Pelosi dynasty, Feinstein dynasty, and other Democrats and some RINOS.

Americans didn’t ask, “Who are you?”  Americans didn’t ask as they chanted, “Yes, we can!”  But, didn’t ask, “Yes we can do what?”  The question of “what” they can do were clues in his speech when he spoke in Germany at the wall and stated that “change was coming to America in 5 days.”  And, that he didn’t need congress or the Constitution to implement laws, he only needed a “phone and a pen.”  He ruled by Executive Orders and Congress did nothing about it since they knew that E.O.’s weren’t intended to make laws, but laws must be proposed as bill through congress, studied, reviewed, and approved by congress that are in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the WILL of the American people. 

Obama approved  Executive Orders and inserted communist agendas into Obamacare that were not in the best interest of the American citizens, but in the best interest of congress and their donors, Justices, Judges, and illegals and Muslims who didn’t have to sign up or pay up or be punished. Only Americans would be mandated to pay for taxpayer funded abortions to depopulate the number of future natural born Americans in the USA for this takeover in the future by foreign nations that he and Hillary Clinton pre planned when they diverted tax dollars and incentives to U.S. Refugee workers to secretly migrate as many unidentified radicals into the USA between 2009 and 2018 when the funds ran out thinking Hillary Clinton would be the next POTUS in 2016.

Obama sold the American People snake oil along with the Democrats, Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Feinstein, Kerry, Brennan, McCabe, Ohr, Page, Wasserman, Biden, Comey, Lynch, Holder, and all the rest who have known each other for decades because they refuse to impose Term Limits. If Term Limits had been the law of the land then the cabal could never have existed.

The only reason Social Security is on shaky ground is because the Congress has been stealing aka diverting it illegally for decades and most recently, as I stated, Pelosi took our Social Security in the amount of $2 Billion as if it is hers and the Congress to take and abuse and use and never repay it back.  This has been going on since the congress mandated every worker pay into social security which in the beginning was voluntary and people could take out their money saved, but congress became greedy and saw it as a illegal tool to use for their agendas without paying it back.

If Americans had those tax dollars paid into social security deposited into IRA’s then they would have earned a good amount of interest in the past when interest earnings were substantial and building up their retirement funds with private banks. The Congress stole the Retirement Funds and this is another reason they want SOCIALISM because they ripped off the hard-working taxpayers and robbed the future generations from having the same benefits as their parents and grandparents.

Consequently, as we witnessed in 2011, Obama’s Democrat administration printed and spent $5 trillion dollars which is the highest debt accumulated in only two years by one U.S. President! Think about that! 

In a short time, thereafter, Obama racked up about $20 Trillion Dollars in National Debt when he read his “Chicken Little” speech and the sky was falling if we didn’t bail out the Big Corporations and Banks on Wall Street and racked up more DEBT than ALL PRESIDENTS COMBINED since the founding The United Stated of America and nothing happened to a man who ripped off the American people of their future and their children and grandchildren’s future because he used it for self-indulgences and to migrate foreigners from foreign enemy nations into the USA to begin his “hope” and “change” of America into a Muslim Nation run by the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR which is no different than the Soros goal to make Communist China the super power who would takeover control of the world and fulfill the Dreams of Genghis Khan, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Soros, Obama, and fulfilling their dreams of tyranny and that of their fathers.

The debt Obama has accumulated for the American people can never be paid back. Americans should demand they use the American way of life and file Bankruptcy and start over again with a clean slate and a loyal legal Republican Party in the oval office, congress and senate in order to restore the Constitution of the United States of America, The Pledge of Allegiance, The National Anthem, One Nation Under God, Christian Foundation and Laws rooted into the Bible and Ten Commandments, Christian Prayer in School, Overturn Roe v. Wade, Secure the Borders, Build the Wall to stop child and female trafficking and human organ harvesting and illegal entry into the USA; restore Detain and Deport, and arrest congressional members who employ foreign spies into their staff and FBI agents who give politicians a pass who steal Top Secret Sensitive Government Documents that can easily be hacked by Saudi, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Ukraine and Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR organizations. 

The truth is that the only reason Obama was funded and recruited by Bill Ayers, al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR, Clinton’s, Bush’s, Soros, and their inner-circle was to bring the change and transformation of America into a nation of radicals, felons, cartel and gang members who they migrate illegally into the USA who traffic humans, guns, and tons of drugs to dumb down the youth which is part of the marijuana push for legalization knowing that it makes the police, military, and security legally spaced out when the USA could possibly be under attack and siege. Obama voted as a non-vetted senator on only three bills:  Abortion, Late Term at Birth, and Infanticide after a fully developed baby is born and killed by an abortionist at PP which is muder in my opinion because Roe v. Wade doesn’t include at-birth and after birth murders under the guise of abortion which is not only using babies for organs and body parts, DNA, and tissue but for depopulation of future Natural Born Americans needed to preserve the United States of America while being overrun by foreigners caravaning and forcing their way into the USA because the Democrats want disruption and to end the Middle Class and create collectivism as the foreigners overpopulate and never get abortions or take contraceptives because overpopulation is a tool used for dominating cities, counties, states, and nations.

Nevertheless, Obama threatens to shut down the federal government meaning that the federal government would refuse to send seniors and veterans their social security checks which is money that belongs to the retirees.  Social Security does not belong to the federal government.  The federal government does not have the authority to withhold social security money that belongs to the investors nor hold it hostage, or pilfer social security money. Which constitutional authority did Speaker Pelosi have recently in November 2019 to divert the taxpayer’s social security funds in the amount of $2 Billion for a faux Impeachment hearing?

Also, Social Security is not a welfare check or a benefit, period!  The congress is attempting to make social security a Benefit – like a welfare check but it is far from a welfare check. It was earned by the seat of the browns of hard working Americans and business owners promised as a government retirement savings account. The government should divert the entire social security money into a safe and secure financial institution that congress can never touch again.

 The Millennials are angry at President Trump since 2016 because they were brainwashed by Liberal, Marxist, Communist, domestic terrorists like Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ayers, at universities across the USA. They don’t understand that the reason they are forced to pay back social security and will never see social security when they retireis the result of decades old diversion by congress from social security. Social Security is NOT WELFARE! The Millennials aren’t supporting their parents, they are paying back what was STOLEN from their parents and grandparents and from them by Congress.

Many legal loyal American citizens on social security are veterans, who proudly fought for freedom and served our nation. Bill Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama,never served our nation. They ripped off our nation by selling Americans and America out to Communist China and Iran and Saudi and made unethical deals with foreign enemy nations by opening our borders and trampling on America’s sovereignty and border security as they allowed foreign enemies such as the Communist and Socialist dictators and the Muslim Brotherhood-Cair orgs. to tour the White House and National Security and access and steal our U.S. technology and government documents without fear of arrest and punishment. George Soros’ has been using his billions to run the USA from the extreme Left and destroy our nation’s sovereignty in my opinion by donating to members of the Department of Justice and Congress who accept his dirty money. Unfortunately, we’re at a crossroads of rigged electronic machines vested with Soros money and social media and MSM invested with Soros money and too many Americans proving themselves to be greedy and worshippers of money and the Soros, Weinstein’s, and Epsteins’ of the world choose money or bribes over God and the One Nation Under God, The greatest Free Republic in the world on the verge of being ended because of GHWB and family who support dark secret societies and the NWO along with Soros and many within the Democrat party and some of the Rinos as the Framers warned.

In fact, the federal government sent Madoff to prison because he took his wealthy client’s money. They trust Madoff and he “made off” with their money!  Nothing good comes out of greed,except for pain and suffering of innocent people and sometimes KARMA comes back to the greedy evil people who seek power, control, illicit sexual encounters and money and it can never be enough!  They are never satisfied. They are without conscious and they are psychopaths and sociopaths who will do anything to remain free and continue on with their titles, power, control, pedo and sexual activities and greed! You must be a sociopath in order to be a tyrannical dictator, Communist, Socialist, or Muslim Brotherhood leader.

The American people are so ripped off by the Politicals on the Left and some on the Right who they trusted and took the time to go to the polls and vote for them. Not only has decades of congressional members ripped off Medicare and Social Security for decades for  personal and political agendas, but they are the Madoff’s (Made Off’s) of the world. They are the key persons, who are protected by the wealthy inner-circle who do their dirty work, to end America and the American way of life. They are held above the law and exempt themselves from the law because they have a person like SOROS who spends his time and money funding Democrats in the Department of Justice who accept his dirty money to do his bidding. 

In fact, under the mandates of Obamacare, many Americans are paying twice as much for healthcare services. Obamacare as I warned every congressman by emailing my Blog, “Obamacare is Unconstitutional and Illegal” partially read on the congressional floor with my name prior to the Democrat Congress rubber stamping 2700 pages approved and unread. I warned that obamacare bordered on extortion and that it includes death panels for Americans only as well as rationing and denying health care services and treatments.

And after the New Millennium, the Soros controlled politicians and their evil inner-circles who hold hearings and meetings in secret in basements, including impeachment inquiries and witness testimony, began using the term “white privilege” prior to their pre-planned secret agenda laid implemented by Obama-Hillary Clinton-Holder-DHS-FEMA and the Democrats to migrate as many foreigners from foreign enemy nations into the USA secretly at night by plane and allowing them to cross illegally into the USA by Obama and Holder tying the hands of the Military, Border Patrol, and ICE.

Regardless, how is it that Americans aren’t outraged that the former Director of the FBI and his team aren’t held accountable for violating their sworn oath after laying out espionage crimes and then reducing the crimes down to “extremely careless?”  Or the same Secretary of State abandoning the U.S. Ambassador and 4 American heroes watching them be tortured and murdered by Islamic Terrorists while allegedly trafficking guns during the Benghazi scandal and then Susan Rice, Obama, and Hillary Clinton lying about it on worldwide television and having an innocent man’s home raided and the man arrested who they blamed?

The Democrats accuse – point the finger – Blame – have their Soros disrupters enter into the hearings or rallies and booing or shouting “he’s guilty” and turning job hearings into criminal trials and spectacles. The key Democrats seek the removal, indictments or impeachments of Justice Kavanaugh,  AG Barr,  Investigator Durham, General Flynn, Roger Stone, and President, Donald J. Trump who did nothing wrong.

Obama and Holder and the Democrats trample and ignore federal and state migration and citizenship laws and in order to accomplish their goal, obama and Holder changed legal immigration laws so illegals could enter by the millions without required legal inspections by BP and ICE or TSA  under the guise of Detain and Release.  This was the beginning of attacking white and European descent natural born Americans, in particular, white males pulling the “race card” back in 2009. And, 10 years later, 2019, the “squad” joined forces and MSM can’t get enough of them on the air bashing the USA,Military, Jews, Israel, Christians, white males, POTUS, BP, ICE and detention centers.

The secret pre planned migration of radicals from foreign enemy nations into the SAY was implemented by Obama, Holder, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats with a goal of migrating a minimum of 5,000,000 Palestinians who are members of  or tied to the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas org into the USA by diverting America’s tax dollars for their secret illegal and unconstitutional agenda. They also migrated 70M unidentified radical alleged refugees from Somalia.  The reason I state they are alleged refugees is simple. They didn’t migrate into the USA through legal channels, but circumvented the constitutional federal and state laws on refugees and asylum seekers entering into the USA. The majority do not  meet the standards required to be Citizens of the USA by Refugee status because they aren’t fleeing from tyranny and fearing for their lives, but are sympathetic to terrorists and admit they’re here to overpopulate and dominate the USA and replace the Constitution with their foreign ideologies which equates to traitors and treason and sedition according the Constitution of the USA. 

The Bush-Clinton-Soros-Obama leftist comrades appear to support Socialism and Communism. Their actions raise the question of how they aren’t being held up as traitors to the U.S. Constitution as well as to America and the legal loyal American citizens? If we wanted to be Socialists, we’d move to Venezuela or Cuba. If we wanted to be Communist then we’d move China or Cambodia or North Korea. If Americans sought to be members of  the anti-American  Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR-Hamas orgs, then we’d move to Africa or one of the 57 Muslim radicalized nations.

The Liberal Department of Education under the Obama-Democrats in office, Hollywood, and wealthy Democrats such as Bill Gates and Soros who support the U.N. Agenda 21, 30, and 50 for depopulation of the masses on the planet under the guise of saving the planet and reducing poverty are seeking to control a world with fewer human beings, especially Europeans and Africans and America’s Middle Class, poor, and natural-born Americans and natural-born babies. The reason AOC and the Democrats are putting fear in the minds of the youth that the end of the world will happen in 10 years which would be 2030 is because the evil elitist on the LEFT who support the United States which is the intended One World Government have a goal of reducing the planet’s population by 2030. Is it using weather manipulation and triangulation as well as vaccines and 5G and 6G with horrendous amounts of radiation and abortions and same-sex agendas and transgender surgeries which are depopulation programs.

Loyal Patriotic Americans Pray for Your Country and for the President of the USA, Donald J. Trump, and his family and supporters. We The Patriot Americans who are loyal to the U.S.A and believe in upholding and preserving sovereignty, God, Freedom, Liberty, Capitalism, Free Enterprise and Morality and “GET IT” know that time to reverse this dangerous socialist-communist-UN-NWO dark and evil agenas is now!  Tomorrow could be too late if Americans don’t wake up NOW!  Call the GOP and urge them to protect the Office of the POTUS, the American Free Elections, and the Will of the American Citizens to elect the President of the USA by fair honest elections in 2020. America is the last and only Hope that stands as the Beacon of Freedom for America and the world. 

Donate President Donald J. Trump’s campaign for 2020! Save America and the American way of life that is being changed by foreigners inside our nation. Save the Republic operated by the federal Rule of Law established by the U.S. Constitution. Save Christians and Jews being murdered around the world and white Farmers tortured and murdered in South Africa. Save your children and all children who are being trafficked by dangerous unidentified foreigners and Americans who are involved. The children are helpless and defenseless and so are the natural-born American babies being depopulated on abortion tables and at birth and after birth for profit as human commodities for human capital. God will not tolerate these grave sins against his commandments defined by the 10 Commandments and the Judeo-Christian Bible. Men can interpret these laws to their personal fake interpretations to justify their sins or ignore them altogether and deny God and the Bible. Choose wisely.

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