"Fight Back Legal Abuse" & Rose Colombo featured in prestigious L.A. Law Journal
“Fight Back Legal Abuse” & Rose Colombo featured in prestigious L.A. Law Journal

Rose Colombo, original (c) 2/17/2011

The American people should understand that they have rights!  They should understand that holding social security checks hostage could cause the Infliction of Emotional, Physical, and Financial Distress for millions of seniors, veterans, and the mentally or physically challenged Americans!

Consequently, we should ask if the American people have been duped by the federal government who led the American people into believing that congress had their best interest at heart, but they did not.  The federal government promised to open up a Trust Account and deposit the taxes collected for social security but they lied and did not!  The American people have been too trusting of their public servants and placing all their trust into a majority of ivy league college grads weaved from the same cloth until 2008, when an unknown man with Muslim, Kenyan, Indonesian, and U.S. roots sold the American people on his agenda that included “hope” and “change,” as well as false promises. The key to Obama accessing trillions of U.S. dollars was the promise that he would use the tax dollars to create jobs in 2009 and 2010, but he did not.  He diverted the stimulus money without transparency and without a thorough accountability of the stimulus.

Today, we are faced with the truth!  Social Security has been pilfered by public servants ,who the American people trusted, to save that money for their retirement.  Many Americans have worked for 30 or 50 years expecting the federal government to return their money in the form of payments each month.  The money was taken from their earnings for their share of social security which is already taxed.  Social Security is a payment paid out for a savings account through the federal government, but the government calls it a tax!   How could it be a tax if it is money removed from each paycheck as a savings for retirement and the federal government promises to return the money they’ve collected as a retirement savings?

Consequently, as we see today, the federal government under Obama’s watch has printed and spent $5 trillion dollars which is the highest debt accumulated in only two years by one U.S. President.  The debt Obama has accumulated for the American people can never be paid back because of the high interest rate which will require future hard-working Americans to pay down, but in reality, it is probably an unsustainable debt that could collapse the economy long-term.

Nevertheless, Obama threatens to shut down the federal government meaning that the federal government would refuse to send seniors and veterans their social security checks which is money that belongs to the retirees.  Social Security does not belong to the federal government.  The federal government does not have the authority to withhold social security money that belongs to the investors nor hold it hostage, or pilfer social security money.

Also, Social Security is not a welfare check, but a long time savings investment with the government.  Instead of depositing that money into a bank account, the federal government promised to save it for retirement.  The government is not giving seniors or veterans free money because it’s money the retirees earned and paid out of their wages. In fact, younger citizens are not paying the social security costs for today’s seniors.  The younger generation is paying back the money that was pilfered from social security for generations by congressional members.  For example, if a bank held your savings and refused to pay it back to you then the bank would be shut down and the bankers would go to jail!  Refusing to send out social security checks, which is money belonging to the retirees, equates to the government holding the people’s money hostage and punishes the retirees and veterans.

In fact, the federal government sent Madoff to prison because he took his customer’s money and promised that they’d get it back and earn profits, but instead, he stole their money and diverted it for his personal agendas.  The customers suffered the infliction of physical, emotional, and financial losses.  So, is there any difference between Madoff and the federal government creating a generational savings as a retirement plan or promising that after 20 or 50 years that they would be paid back when seniors retired, but instead, the congress pilfered and diverted the money and now threaten to hold social security that doesn’t belong to the government – hostage?  How does that not equate to fraud, lies, and Grand Theft?

Therefore, if Obama and the congress shut down the federal government on or about March 2011, it could cause millions of Americans to lose their homes or fail to pay their rent and possibly force them into bread lines, while those in the White House living off big fat tax payer wages and benefits, will continue to live comfortably!

Furthermore, if the same citizens who paid into social security for 20 to 50 years had deposited that same money into an IRA or savings account or a CD for retirement, their saving would have earned them a lot of interest on that same money, but under the social security program, Americans are denied interest on the money that the government uses and diverts for their own agendas which should be illegal.  Social Security money doesn’t belong to congress.  It was collected for a specific promised program and the people believed congress and the presidents. . But, to add insult to injury, congress turned around and taxes the already taxed social security money every April 15th.  How does the government justify their unethical, immoral, and unjust behaviors as legal or honest?

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