Rose Colombo is the go-to Advocate for Justice.  She’s got 25 years of first-hand experience, even though she isn’t a lawyer; however, Colombo  represented herself in court many times when she ran out of legal fees to keep the game going created by the lawyers.  Colombo actually won cases against her own lawyers. She’s was a business woman, wife, and mother, who turned Legal Advocate for Justice based on her first-hand experience when she was suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into the status of “victim” of legal abuse.  Colombo picked herself up and fought back for 15 years until she became a  “survivor.” 

Furthermore, Colombo spent years researching law books, true stories, documenting cases of real litigants, court monitoring, and proposing laws that were implemented.  She is the founder of an inactive group today entitled, “Women Fight Back” and she led marches, protests against injustices and led a grassroots movement as the catalyst for what Americans are witnessing today.  ose Colombo says, victims shouldn’t remain in a state of depression and continue to have a pity-party, but must be pro-active and fight back against the goliath legal system that has excessive wealth and the power to uphold the law or ignore the law and destroy lives of unsuspecting litigants or citizens.

Colombo provides the following chosen excerpts of letters and statements that were sent to Colombo by well-respected persons who work within the Department of Justice and the Senate as follows below:  :

“It really [corruption] is all true, your friend, Johnny,”  wrote and stated Senator John De Camp (deceased).   Colombo interviewed Senator De Camp twice in 1996 when he flew out to meet with her a a few members exposing the corruption in the family law courts.  De Camp shared his revealing book about pedophilia and how people of wealth and many politicians within the USA and around the world as well as Priests and Boys Town, a newspapers editor and even a Chief of Police were alleged in his popular book , “The Franklin Cover-Up,” to be intertwined in an international pedophile ring.”  Colombo says that De Camp told her that he and his family had been threatened while investigating and publishing the book.

“The Truth shall set us free,” Hon. Presiding Judge, Nancy Wieben Stock – (Rose Colombo through her organization, “Women Fight Back” provided support as an invited member of the Judges Committee that hit national news in the  O.J. Simpson case.  Colombo and her quotes, “Women Fight Back” non-profit group, and her writings appeared in major newspapers.  Colombo  was quoted as the Advocate for Justice and referred to as a “Crusader.”  She appeared on major and local television and radio defending a female Judge who opposed gender bias against females in family law courts.)

Colombo posted a few Testimonials below written by victims of injustice addressed to Colombo as The Legal Advocate for Justice  as follows:

1. “I wish to express my heartfelt thanks…..before having heard of “Women Fight Back” [Rose Colombo], my girls and I have been caught up in the extreme trauma of an almost two-year custody battle….my life was at a point I was without hope, strength, and financial support…..Rose….has been a constant support to myself and my daughters…a gift from God….”

 2.   “Just a note to say thanks for starting this organization [Women Fight Back] and    care enough…..just knowing you are there gives me strength everyday….I’ve suffered in court at the hands of the judges and attorneys…..destroying my 30 years of credit….”  

3.  “Courts should not have the right to take away a parent’s ability to provide for their children or dictate a person’s lifestyle and thereby preventing them the need to provide for the basic needs under the pretense of “equal standards of living…….”

4.  “What is going to happen to the one who has already gone to hell because of the [legal] system?  It’s great if we can stop judges who are doing this for the future, but what about me and others?……..”

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Rose Colombo wrote, in her award-winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” the following:  The goal is to help victims of injustices or legal abuse become survivors and individuals who just have a concern and feels isolated.  You won’t be asking a computerized  virtual assistant.

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