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Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Women Fight Back, Author, Advocate for Justice

Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Women Fight Back, Author, Advocate for Justice

“Robert Crane’s investigation into the murder of his dad, his own life lived in the shadow of the show-business career of Hogan’s Heroes’ Bob Crane, and the fallout from that murder yield is a penetrating study in the fundamentally unhealthy, even corrosive impact of celebrityhood.  Crane deserves to sit on bookstore shelves to the latest biography of a fatuously famous star,” wrote Kirk Honeycutt, former chief film critic.   Robert Crane and Christopher Fryer penned the book, “Crane:  Sex, Celebrity, and My Father’s Unsolved Murder” which provides insight into Robert Crane’s childhood and his years growing up with a famous celebrity dad of Hogan’s Heroes and celebrity Radio personality leads to disappointment, loss, survival, and renewal in the shadow of the Hollywood sign that makes a profound statement about the desire for love and permanence in a life where those things continually slip away, as noted on the cover of “Crane.”   – Taped Live – (Listen – Follow- Like -Comment and Donates Below)   – Click the link below.

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