Are Droughts Created by Billionaires Privatizing Water, Oil, Food Using Chemtrails, Radiation, EMPs, 5G, Microwaves Reducing the World Population by Thirst, Hunger, Freezing or Dehydration Creating Death?

A hungry boy and a girl with a cardboard tablet with the inscription I'm hungry . A hungry boy and a girl with a cardboard tablet with the inscription I'm hungry . hungry child stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

“…but there was  no water for the people to drink….But the people thirsted there for water….”Why did you bring us up out of Egypt to kill us and our children and  our cattle with thirst?”  Exodus 17

Rose Colombo, pub. (c) 5/3/2015, ed. 2021 award-winning writer, author, poet and radio host:

 Have you ever wondered “What if?”  What if controlling all the Water and Food, Health Care. and Oil are the keys to a dictatorship by creating a man-made sinister agenda which would deny and ration the necessities of life such as health care, food, and precious water that is needed for the survival of all living beings. What if rationing and denying necessities of life is linked to the fear mongering created by Obama and Al Gore and the members of secret societies as they push “Climate Change” and their agenda entitled the “Carbon Footprint” and “Lock Ste”  with a goal of reducing the population?\

A hungry boy and a girl with a cardboard tablet with the inscription I'm hungry . A hungry boy and a girl with a cardboard tablet with the inscription I'm hungry . hungry child stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

13,000,000 children went to bed hungry in the USA in 2021 

“Water is the oil of the 21st century.” Andrew Liveris, CEO of DOW Chemical Company (quoted in The Economist magazine, August 21, 2008)

How is it that the federal government continues to use MSM and radio and social media ads in an attempt to downplay the serious water problem that is plaguing the world, especially Third World nations who are overpopulated, but also the USA. And, imagine if Wall Street Billionaires and politicians tied to Wall Street controlled all the water which then would control all the food and animals, birds, fish, bees and human beings.  Wall Street privatizing water and food and oil control the world.  We might say that Wall Street Billionaires buy politicians through Lobbyists making deals to do their will behind closed doors in exchange for millions of campaign donations or favors to sell out the U.S. Constitution and trample on the three branches of government and sell out the American people to Wall Street and China that could enslave the people of the world.  They would control life and death.

Democrats love to blame the people for what they have done to our nation while making themselves and their families wealthy.  We The People no longer trust Wall Street, Big Pharma, Monsanto, Bankers, Energy and Land Directors who sell out the majority of land to Wall Street who are putting farmers ond ranchers out of business. They are blaming We The People for the drought that they’ve created getting into bed with Wall Street NWO Billionaires who are now controlling the water, food, farms, energy, gasoline, air waves, money, healthcare.  Wall Street is taking over everything human beings need to live decent lifestyles.

The truth is that NSA knew that a comet was coming since the mid-2000s but didn’t want to panic the people, thus cam e Y2K2 and the “end times” and 12-12-12.  And, it’s never ended when the truth is that Water and Food could be the reason that depopulation and using people as human lab rats for experimental chemical jabs as well as causing famine, thirst and disease to reduce the population of the planet if the New World Order members who support Agenda 21 on Wall Street gurus have their way, but unfortunately for them, they will face God one day as they try to destroy and reinvent including human beings for their power, control, wealth and sexual preferences.

The other problem that we are facing is weather manipulation, triangulation that creates storms, HAARP, Chemtrails over the decades spraying lead, aluminum, and barium according to chemists as well as pesticides sprayed on our foods.  These Wall Street CEO’s products could possibly be evaporating the oceans and heating them up as well as the radiation from Fukushima that may be killing off the fish and plants under the ocean and above as well as trees.

Americans were informed by myself and guest Ca. Senator Dick Mountjoy, during the 1990s on my former cable TV shows, Women Fight Back and Issues of the Day that hit the TV Guide seen on cable TV, California.  Senator Dick Mountjoy confirmed the fact that the drinking water was contaminated and the soil with MTBE.  In fact, I reported on the story during the 90s on my am-FM radios shows  that the Colorado River was contaminated by the EPA.  People weren’t paying attention during the 90s unless they were effected by these problems.  The EPA dumped gallons of toxic poisonous chemicals into the Colorado River and there wasn’t an outcry by the American citizens except for the few of us.. The didn’t do it once, they allegedly reported to do it twice and called it a “mistake.”

CHINA is a foreign enemy Communist Nation that overpopulates and is one of the most polluted nations on earth next to India. China keeps it quiet that they have a serious problem with lead in its rice and products.  China commits crimes against Humanity by using their citizens as human lab rats to harvest their organs.  They also cook the fetuses of aborted babies for food which is caanibalism.  There are articles that allege that China not only has committed genocide against their citizens, but rules with an iron fist. 

China has a tie to our Water Supplies and Farmlands.  This foreign enemy nation developed thought machines and created thought police as well as the “mobile death vehicle.” Communism is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution’s Freedom, Liberty and Rights as well as they deny any citizen the right to read the Bible and engage in Christianity or believe in God and yet, Democrats praise China and are in bed with China literally with honey pots and sleeping with the enemy selling out America it does appear.  

While historic winter storms have battered much of the USA, California is suffering its worst drought on record. So why is America’s most valuable farming state using billions of gallons of water to grow hay – specifically alfalfa – which is then shipped to China?  (Source:  BBC pub. on 2/19/2014).  We also send tons of grain to China, an overpopulated nation, who is an enemy of the USA, so hurt the farmers in America and create loss of grain, hay, and drought and Americans suffer so this created the “vegan lifestyle” blaming American beef eaters, not their exporting our water and food to China.

25,229 California Drought Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty  Images Photo for educational purposes only, Getty images.

FOOD GROWS WHERE WATER FLOWS:   California’s Bread Basket and Farmers lost their farms and farm hands as they exported tons of water to China and Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered farmer to use the water to save a fish versus saving the crops to go to market for the American people.  Crops were lost. Farms and jobs were lost and Farmers stand in line for carrots imported from China.

Furthermore, the EPA approved the request by the oil companies to add toxic poison into the gasoline in California which people breathed at the pumps so the oil companies wouldn’t have to pay millions of dollars to the government to dump the toxic waste.  Instead, the oil companies  were allowed to charge Americans more money at the pumps to add the toxic poison, MTBE, to the gasoline which eventually caused respiratory problems and cancer as reported in lawsuits.

After decades, MTBE was reported to have leaked into the water, and soil and contaminated the drinking water in Northern California and Southern California including one of the wealthiest counties in the USA, Orange County also known as the “OC.”  The toxic poison MTBE not only leaked into the drinking water at levels higher than were reported according to Ca. Senator Dick Mountjoy, who was investigating MTBE toxic poisons in the water and soil, but proposing legislation to end it and clean it up.  But, for many who contracted respiratory health issues and cancer, it was too late. People died. 

179,799 Drinking water Stock Photos | Free & Royalty-free Drinking water  Images | DepositphotosHow many people did the EPA and Oil Companies kill by dumping MTBE toxic poison into the gasoline that leaked into the drinking water and soil and how many breathed in those toxic poisonous fumes into their lungs at the gas pumps?  And, the government orders people to trust them that they will do no harm to Americans?

Is it fair to say that by creating a drought to help the New World Order’s  global warming agenda that it would simultaneously help justify the excessive penalties and taxation the government passes onto the taxpayers, especially California?  And, what about the millions of illegals they are inviting to illegally enter into California from around the world and even from foreign enemy nations and  terrorist nations who will consume more of our water, food, and gasoline causing a potential drought and shortage of food and gasoline as well as job pushing the taxes for the Middle Class even higher?

Recently, credible news article published in 2015 , reported that Saudi Arabia purchased miles of land in Arizona and bought up the water rights on U.S. soil.  It’s also reported that Communist China bought up acres of oil rich land in Texas.  They are selling out America’s oil, water, mineral, health care and food rights to enemy nations and buying it up for themselves and their families while Americans slumber.

The Market Oracle December 21, 2012  (Excerpt)  Jo-Shing Yang writes: The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks and the Tycoons Are Buying up Water at Unprecedented Pace

“A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multi-billionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace. Familiar mega-banks and investing powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Macquarie Bank, Barclays Bank, the Blackstone Group, Allianz, and HSBC Bank, among others, are consolidating their control over water.

Why did the Bush Family Dynasty buy Up the largest Aquifer of fresh renewable water in Paraguay?  Wealthy tycoons such as T. Boone Pickens, former President George H.W. Bush and his family, Hong Kong’s Li Ka-shing, Philippines’ Manuel V. Pangilinan and other Filipino billionaires, and others are also buying thousands of acres of land with aquifers, lakes, water rights, water utilities, and shares in water engineering and technology companies all over the world.”   (source Global Research)

“In my 2008 article, I overlooked the astonishingly large land purchases by former President Bush’s family that consisted of  298,840 acres  while on a trip to Paraguay for the United Nation’s children’s group UNICEF, Jenna Bush (daughter of former President George W. Bush and granddaughter of former President George H.W. Bush).  She  reportedly bought 98,840 acres of land in Chaco, Paraguay, near the Triple Frontier (Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay). This land is said to be near the 200,000 acres purchased by her grandfather, George H.W. Bush, in 2005.” (source Climate Imperatives) – Are the elite looking to get out of the USA and into a safe haven is the question?

The lands purchased by the Bush family purchase  is not only South America’s largest aquifer — but the world’s largest aquifer  as well. — Acuifero Guaran runs beneath Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. This aquifer is larger than Texas and California combined.  (source: Climate Imperatives),  

“The second disturbing trend is that while the new water barons are buying up water all over the world, governments are moving fast to limit citizens’ ability to become water self-sufficient (as evidenced by the well-publicized Gary Harrington’s case in Oregon, in which the state criminalized the collection of rainwater in three ponds located on his private land, by convicting him on nine counts and sentencing him for 30 days in jail). The title of the article reads, “Let’s put this criminalization in perspective:” (source Global Research)

Also, “Billionaire T. Boone Pickens owned more water rights than any other individuals in America, with rights over enough of the Ogallala Aquifer to drain approximately 200,000 acre-feet (or 65 billion gallons of water) a year. But ordinary citizen Gary Harrington cannot collect rainwater runoff on 170 acres of his private land.”  The article also states, “It’s a strange New World Order in which multimillionaires and billionaire  elitist banks can own aquifers and lakes, but ordinary citizens cannot even collect rainwater and snow runoff in their own backyards and private lands.”(source Global Research)

Warren Buffet bought Nalsco, A chemical maker and water process Technology Company. (source Global Research)

CHINA:  BBC Reported on  February 19, 2014: 

The reservoirs of California are just a fraction of capacity amid the worst drought in the state’s history.

“This should be like Eden right now,” farmer John Dofflemyer says, looking out over a brutally dry, brown valley as his remaining cows feed on the hay he’s had to buy in to keep them healthy. In the dried-up fields of California’s Central Valley, farmers like Dofflemyer are selling their cattle. Others have to choose which crops get the scarce irrigation water and which will wither.

“These dry times, this drought, has a far-reaching impact well beyond California,” he said as the cattle fell in line behind his small tractor following the single hay bale on the back.  “We have never seen anything like this before – it’s new ground for everybody.”

Did former senator Harry Reid and his son, a lawyer for Big Pharma, and family members have any interest in Goldman Sach’s and or other  Bankers who are seeking to buy up all the water rights in Reno Nevada?  This raises the question if the Bundy Ranch is under attack by Senator Reid and the federal government in Nevada raising the question if the Bundy family own water rights on their land?  It was never quite clear why the Bundy’s cattle were being killed reported by the news.

“The City of Reno, Nevada, was approached by Goldman Sachs for “a long-term asset leasing that could potentially generate significant cash for the three TMWA [Truckee Meadows Water Authority] entities. The program would allow TMWA to lease its assets for 50 years and receive an up-front cash payment” (Reno News & Review, August 28, 2008). Essentially, Goldman Sachs wants to privatize Reno’s water utility for 50 years. Given Reno’s revenue shortfall, this proposal was financially attractive. But the water board eventually rejected the proposal due to strong public opposition and outcry.” 

The agendas known as Climate Change and the Carbon Footprint could be a sinister move towards an evil agenda that could provide the reason for the White House to ration and deny water and food as they ration and deny health care.  In California, the powers that be  have rationed electricity from time to time as well as gasoline. In fact, in 2016, in the desert area of Riverside County, they have informed their residents that the water will be rationed by 70% during the spring of 2016. There are heavy penalties for using more than the 30% allotted.  And, then there are the smart meters that they intend to put into every home and apartment building to track Americans that also spew more radiation into the homes and apartment buildings?

Smart Meter Illustration Smart Meter Illustration smart meters stock illustrationsSMART METER The World Health Organization also has a statement on their website claiming, “In response to public and governmental concern, WHO established the International Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Project in 1996 to assess the scientific evidence of possible adverse health effects from electromagnetic fields. WHO will conduct a formal risk assessment of all studied health outcomes from radio frequency fields exposure by 2016. American Cancer Society addresses the issue of Smart Meters on their website. Here’s a portion of what it says, “RF radiation is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” This is based on the finding of a possible link in at least one study between cell phone use and a specific type of brain tumor. Because RF radiation is a possible carcinogen, and smart meters give off RF radiation, it is possible that smart meters could increase cancer risk.

Should we not ask if fluoride in the water, chemtrails falling from the skies everyday for decades, radiation dumped into the ocean as well as plastics that contain carcinogenic chemicals and Rx drug waste and chemicals dumped into the gasoline that leaked into the drinking water and soil where food grows as well as pesticide and carcinogenic to humans included  in auto and household products we breathe into our bodies are causing more deaths, cancer, allergies, or other health adverse effects to humans and birds, animal life, fish and mammals, plants and trees?

After all, the Obama Democratic regime has unconstitutionally rationed and denied health care and medications for Americans only, not illegals and radicals from the Middle East, because he appears to believe that  would be discrimination and offend the radicals he flew into the USA secretly at night and scattered around the nation for 8 years, only Americans are required to show excessive ID and go through excessive extreme means to drive or visit Disney, get a credit card or buy a home or work or see a doctor or dentist or travel or buy a cough syrup or bottle of wine, but not illegals or radicals. How are chemtrails and pesticides healthy for the American people or pay up and sign up for Obamacare’s health care or else be punished with jail or a fine? 

How is it Americans don’t fight back for their country’s constitutional freedoms, rights, and liberties as well as sovereignty, but allow only long-time Democrats and Billionaires who fund the Democrats to spray our food with poisons and add poisons to our food and vaccines and Rx Drugs or else why would there be so many lawsuits for deaths and permanent injuries to once healthy people?  Shouldn’t American call or email or write to their representative and demand answers as to why they’re spraying the skies with chemicals that fall onto the people, soil, and water and who is  paying to dim the sunlight by covering the sunlight with chemtrails that appear to cause excessive microwave type heat and fake clouds that spread out across blue skies and remain there until the skies are no longer blue?

Perhaps, the chemtrails are preventing moisture to enter the atmosphere which would dry up the soil, plants, trees, crops, and water supplies, and destroy America’s farmland and crops and put farmers and farm workers out of work as part of the New World Order’s depopulation program. 

These agendas have caused and will cause more Americans and American farmers to sell their farmlands and all Americans who were once feeding the world will end up standing in line to buy a bag of carrots from China.  This would cause cattle and animals, fish, birds, bees, butterflies, insects to die.  Everything God created upon the earth that needs oxygen, fresh air and clean water could die from the chemicals falling from the skies and the pesticides and toxic poisons, radiation, and plastics poured into the oceans that effect the drinking water, lakes and soil that can kill fish and plant life under the ocean as well as humans.  The chemtrails are alleged to be linked to Alzheimers as ethical chemists who turned  whistleblowers stated chemtrails are consisted of  nano-particles of aluminum as do some vaccines, auto and household or maybe cosmetic products..

GEOENGINEERING in our skies and the American people need to ask why and what is the purpose and how much money is this costing and who is paying for it.  Climate geoengineering proposals represent efforts to manipulate the climate on a global scale, but each proposed technique brings its own environmental and social impacts. We’re gathering as much information as possible about their anticipated effects. It’s funded by Billionaires and small group of elite engineers. 

The radiation dumped into the oceans from Fukushima are killing fish, mammals and plant life and have quietly blown its way to made its way to America’s shores.  Radiation can’t be seen, but it enters the pores, nose, mouth, ears, and eyes and can cause cataracts, aging, sterility, cancer, and even death.  A drought would create an increase of need for food,  water supplies and could lead to food rationing.  nuclear power Ein laufendes Atomkraftwerk gegen den Abendhimmel fotografiert. fukushima nuclear plant stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Eventually, these chemical-laden agendas and radiation could affect the entire world and America’s bread basket could be destroyed.  After all, they’re destroying the greatest health care system in the world and a drought would affect health and health care as well. If water and soil is contaminated and a drought continues, could this lead to water and food rationing making room for  Monsanto and GMO’s to be forced upon the world in the future?    Would the White House and the EPA push harder to deny natural herbs, vegetables and fruits grown on private property?

Therefore, the lack of health care and medications, clean water, and ample supplies of natural foods could create diseases and viruses to spread as they flood our nation with unchecked illegals and foreigners from terrorist Third World nations. China and the Middle East and Africa are plagued with deadly viruses and measles and hepatitis and if foreigners are allowed to sneak into the USA without vetting and health care checks, they could spread the viruses and measles and other disease to the American people which they aren’t plagued with any longer.

Eventually, this would affect the entire world of thirsty and hungry people that could create a man-made crisis.  Therefore, should one wonder why the White House would not use Military Force to eradicate ISIS but allowed ISIS to move on and move forward until they’ve forced millions into Israel, Europe, and America that creates collectivism and more people than the economic status of a nation will be able to handle?  Supply and Demand will not be met when it comes to  food, water, health care, and oil, jobs, and housing needs as the prices skyrocket to survive in the USA without upholding quotas and legal immigration and vetting and legal citizenship that requires assimilation as an American and loyalty pledged to American, not foreign ideologies or a communist manifesto.

This many sound to millions of Americans as a  sinister agenda, but what if one day Americans woke up and the  federal government declared that there isn’t enough money to supply oil, health care, medications, food, and water,  to meet the demand of the increased population by flooding the nation with illegals and foreigners under the guise of “refugees” and if we oppose the illegal migration that violates America’s sovereignty and quotas and federal and state border laws, the Democrats who refuse to uphold the sworn oath to defend an illegal invasion by thousands of Third World foreigners into the USA are called “Racist.”



Yet, the Democrat Congress have elected  many Black Americans and minorities into public office and then they complain in the news that their natural born American kids come last.  How does their adamant support for  illegal migration, violating state and federal laws, that costs billions of taxes to pay for these illegal crossing that could be money to improve their neighborhoods, schools, and help the kids live in safe neighborhoods makes any sense? 

“Water is the oil of the 21st century.” Andrew Liveris, CEO of DOW Chemical Company (quoted in The Economist magazine, August 21, 2008)

It appears that the wealthy people in America on Wall Street and Public Servants who engage in investments on Wall Street, while accepting taxpayer funded wages, is a huge Conflict of Interest.  This causes mistrust between the people and the elected public servants and creates a huge shadow of doubt upon the members of congress and creates a nation of greedy politicians who are in it for themselves, not to protect, defend, uphold, and preserve the Constitution of the USA and defend America from Third World Nations including China from invading our nation through ports and airports and open borders and offering financial incentives to those who are weak Americans and take the dark money to look the other way and we are now facing a serious National threat that will bring pain and suffering to the American people.

These unethical acts  can cause public servants to be compromised by Lobbyists paid to make secret deals for their Wall Street Billionaire CEOs, be it, water, food, farms, oil, electricity, chemtrails, weather manipulation, GMO non-nutritional seeds, Big Pharma in the business of chemical injections, Planned Parenthood depopulation program, public schools to indoctrinate kids into same-sex and trans as a depopulation program or health care that they approved with death panels for Americans which is a depopulation program.  Wall Street Billionaires use our taxes to pay for our own demise while they keep their money an ours for their family dynasties and thrive on controlling the world and redistributing the world’s wealth to themselves, so they are using people like the Clinton’s and Obama’s to write E.O.’s to deny vitamins and minerals to Americans as far back as the 1990s and Governors to ration and deny electricity or water or fine people and create more wealth for the Wall Street Billionaires and investors.  It’s a circle of greed and power, control and taking kids away from parents.  Believe it or not.  If you can’t afford to pay for water or food then they may take your kids away if they target that particular family.  And, we know there are millions of missing children, right?

Obviously, NWO members on Wall Street involved with these secret societies seek to control the government and every person on the planet using their big donations that appear to be unlimited for their pet projects that involve controlling what people need to survive.  After all, no one donates millions of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars to a candidate unless he or she is getting back something from their investment from that candidate.  This is a huge problem for America and it can only get worse. This means that the wealthy investors on Wall Street tied to China, who are involved in any of these projects, appear to be  choosing the President of the USA and the V.P. and Congressional members, not We The People.  In other words, these anti-American projects to overthrow the U.S. Constitution to control the people through Wall Street Corporations couldn’t happen unless they invested in people willing to enact their will on the people.

The truth is that the American people should be concerned about  China.  Russia.  The Middle East Muslim Brotherhood nations such as  Iran.  It’s disturbing that Billionaire CEO’s who control the oil and energy companies as well as wealthy NWO Wall Street Corporate CEOs involved with China inside the USA began building “The Super Highway” to  China and “married” China after the Clinton Regime entered the White House about 1993.  Today, it appears that Social Media giants and Wall Street Billionaires have been allowed to monopolize the necessities of life for Americans once controlled and regulated by the government now out-of-control who appear to be controlling the White House, Congress, Senate and telling them what they will or will not do – period.

5G Radiation Towers:   Are 5G towers another threat to humanity emitting radiation?  How about birds and can they catch on fire and explode?  For example, the wealthy lawyers and CEOs for 5G never did any testing or providing any documentation that these 5G towers that emit radiation and can explode and catch on fire as witnessed in Italy on video are safe for humans and cities to be installed near schools and residential areas.  They flat out told the Senators, they weren’t providing them with any documentation and that was that.

5G Tower Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures 5 G SPEWING UNSEEN RADIATION UPON HUMANITY


Never forget that it was Bill Clinton who embraced Communist China’s leader with knowledge that he had  committed a genocide against his own innocent Chinese people. Many young people in China were protesting tyranny and demanding freedom and they fired upon their own citizens; however, in the 70’s, the federal government began shooting teachers and students peacefully protesting at Ken State University and Bill Clinton ordered the feds to surround American men, women, children and a dog at Ruby Ridge and WACO and they fired on American men, women and children and a dog and a woman holding a baby on her front porch. 

Bill Clinton was alleged to take bribes from China, but who cared? He’s alleged to give Communist leaders tours of the White House and parts of National Security.  Bill Clinton opened the Long Beach Naval Base and Port to a foreign enemy nation and handed the U.S. keys over to China’s control.  A foreign enemy nation was about to bring China’s biggest retail store to America and wipe out American retail stores such as GEMCO and Woolworths and Macy’s and Bullock’s and so forth as Americans shopped in the new giant one-stop warehouses where  100% or 90% of the products were made in China and imported into the USA that benefitted China.  

America’s manufacturers were also hurt by this move to sell out our U.S. Intellectual Property and manufacturing companies. . We are selling products originally invented and stamped “Made in the USA” that is now “Made in China.”  China doesn’t develop products with the same quality as the USA but they sell their products for less money.  Wall Street Billionaires didn’t care because they paid 25 cents per day to use the Chinese people or other Third World nations forced to work in sweat shops.

The results since Bill Clinton entered the White House that that Americans rarely find  a product stamped, “made in the USA.”   Bill Clinton not only opened the Long Beach Naval Base and Port to Communist China but rewarded them with a tariff free pass over the past  25 years, which creates a National Security threat, but again, who cared then and who cares now in government?  So are we exporting tons of clean water to China to bottle it in plastic and slap a label on it back over to COSTCO and Walmart?

Consequently, it’s ridiculous for  Democrats or Republicans to say,  “Let’s be friends” with these powerful enemy nations because it weakens our defenses. It makes America appear weak to these hard nosed leaders who rule with an iron fist.  They don’t want to be friends. No more than Iran wants to be friends. They laugh at weak leaders. 

China and Russia and Rian are serious leaders with tunnel vision and not flexible on their goal to dominate the world. What is it that the U.S. leaders  don’t understand about Communism and the goal of Communism, Marxism, or the Muslim Brotherhood with the same goals.  Their strategic written and and stated goal to wipe out all of Western Civilization and dominate the world.  They do not believe in Freedom, Liberty and Rights for all.  

3,828 Money Laundering Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

It appears the key leaders of the world are vying to control the world and usher in their NWO One World leader will only have 15 minutes of fame (3 1/2 years) then they will enter into the “Gates of Hell” when God has his way and they know it. Walter Cronkite, a famous news anchor that Americans trusted, stated at a CFR meeting that rather than agree with the Right, he would be happy  to “sit at the right hand of Satan.”  I wonder if that’s where he’s sitting now.

These NWO wealthy individuals violating Constitutional Laws that establishes Sovereignty are traitors. They are traitors to the U.S. Constitution and the United States of America and all Americans who are loyal and natural-born Americans first and then legal citizens who are naturalized and loyal to America.  It appears they are committing treason, but again, who in the government cared or cares even today as the writing is on the wall that if not stopped, we could be living under the thumb of an iron fist and denied food, oil, water, and the necessities of life such as owning homes and businesses and denying jobs to anyone who doesn’t comply with their evil agendas which equate to Crimes Against Humanity.

Furthermore, it  appears there are agendas established by the United Nations  Agenda 21 and the New World Order which President George HW Bush announced his loyalty on national TV and the congress applauded instead of impeaching. One cannot have 2 Masters.  One is either loyal to the U.S. Constitution, One Free Nation Under God, or loyal to the New World Order and Lucifer.

We the People are the government, but should they use food, water, oil, gasoline, heat, fresh air, and jobs and businesses to cause fear in the minds of the American people, they could become their sheeple and obey because of FEAR! Fear is the greatest  enemy of good people for they should not fear men and women, but fear the loss of being with God in heaven for refusing to stand up against evil ones who commit evil deeds.  Don’t fear men and women. Trust God. 

Just as in the Garden of Even, Satan tempted Eve and she tempted Adam and they sinned against God and allowed Satan to seduce them by offering them the material world and they ended up fearing God for disobeying God and were kicked out of God’s Kingdom. Do not fear the word “NO” and Trust God who warned everyone on earth not to take the “mark of the beast” that alters God-given DNA and cuts people off from God.  People who take the “mark of the beast” will not enter into Heaven. Earth is a temporary home where we must fight back to exercise Free Will and Free Choice.

The U.N. and NWO agendas require total control over every person, unborn baby, every animal, bird, fish, mammal, bug, as well as every piece of land, resource, oceans, water, oil, minerals, and all commodities including DNA, human tissue, human blood, body parts, and stem cells.  Everyone could be viewed as Human Capital to be used as a commodity for profit for Bill and Melinda Gates who seek to change and transform the world and eliminate all God created.  Will they succeed by 2050?

 Therefore, should we not ask what does dried up soil and dried up crops have to do with water and oil?  The United States government has been spraying chemtrails across the USA for decades contracted to Evergreen.  Chemists have performed studies and stated that the chemtrails contain lead, barium, and nano-particles of aluminum.  It’s reported that some chemists suddenly died who reported their findings on chemtrails.  Thousands of Americans have reported that their crops are dying up, as well as, flowers, trees as that their water supplies including rivers, streams, and dams are drying up.  There appears to be fewer Bees, Butterflies, Lady Bugs, and birds. 

Another allegation is that the federal government is promoting vegetarian diets and Middle Eastern foods, because the drought dries up the soil, grass, grains, foliage, plants and crops so that there wont’ be enough grain to feed the cattle, pigs, horses, and poultry. There are alternative reports that the government intends to slaughter specific animals as the  droughts increase. They killed cattle at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, recently.  People are already witnessing dogs, cattle, and chickens under attack alleged to be contaminated with swine flu. Cows were under attack with Mad Cow disease during the Clinton years.

It should come as no surprise that Billionaire, Bill Gates, owns 500,000 share of Monsanto.  Many articles online allege that Monsanto  intends to make huge profits  pushing their GMO seeds and lab grown foods to sell so people get use to these non-nutritional foods at the grocery stores which most people oppose.  The GMOS are said to be resistant to  chemicals including aluminum.  Chemicals can be ingested and airborne an they can enter through the nose, mouth, ears and pores.  Remember, the radiation spewing from Fukushima is on America’s shores and radiation is known to cause cancer and mutations beneath the ocean and to kill off the fish and plant lives.

Free Genetically Modified Food 5 Stock Photo - 6574250 It appears that Bill and Melinda Gates are obsessed with injecting foods and people with chemicals and use food and meat and people as his human lab rats.

Credible sources state that “Organic farmers and our food supply have a huge environmental hazard to contend with which could be said to be compliments of the U.S. government – chemtrails. Chemtrails are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public in programs directed by various government officials. These sprays pollute the soil, water and air while compromising the health of humans, animals and plants. But wait – Monsanto has developed seeds that will weather the effect of the sprays, creating a tidy profit for the corporation while organics suffer.”  (source:  Geoengineering Watch)

“Monsanto’s GMO seeds are specially designed to grow in the high presence of aluminum. Aluminum is the chemical found in chemtrails and vaccines. If this poisoning continues, true organic farming may become impossible in the not so distant future. When aluminum pollutes soil and water it kills crops. It collects in people and causes diseases!”  (source Geoengineering Watch)

HAARP is a scientific discovery of Tesla and it is reported that the government can manipulate the weather and create storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and even drought by increasing temperatures.


How to Mass Murder Populations:  The picture above is the HAARP ionosphere heating facility in Alaska. There are numerous ionosphere heating installations around the globe that are used to manipulate the jet stream into historically unprecedented patterns. The manipulated jet stream is one of several primary factors relating to the climate chaos now being inflicted on planet Earth. The atmosphere is now much more conductive due to the constant saturation of metallic particulates from the aerosol spraying.

HAARP’s saturation of metallic particles from the aerosol spraying according to experts state that it  makes the ionosphere heaters much more effective and lethal. The entire “climate science” community is in total denial in regard to the now manipulated jet stream, as well as the aerosol spraying. To speak of these programs is a bad career decision for many, denial is the cowards choice for them.  (Source of photo and excerpt from Geoengineering Watch

Additional Food for Thought!

Remember it was Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the entire Democrat Congress and Senate who secretly without reading this takeover of our health care appears to be part of the Bill and Melinda Gates agenda to reduce the population of the planet in America by donating and supporting  eugenics, euthanasia, mandated taxpayer funded worldwide abortions and vaccines and early-end-of life counseling and pulling the plug on granny and grandpa and the very sick, veterans, and mentally and physically challenged.

Obama’s actions raise the question since the only three bills Obama voted upon were the Bill and Melinda Gates agendas while he was a U.S. Senator which are depopulation programs that approve killing babies called legal on abortion tables before, late term or by infanticide.  These babies would be Natural-born Americans who would be with us to preserve the future of the United States of America.  Babies are needed to preserve nations in the future so when they grow up they will are needed to stand up for America; otherwise, we will no longer remain the United States of America.

Choose wisely. Democrats and China and the NWO members on Wall Street thrive on greed and seek to play god.  Remember, God created the land of plenty and Blessed America, One Nation Under God, with green grass, trees, plants, rivers, lakes, oceans, oil, gasoline, food, water, fruits, vegetables, medicines from herbs and vitamins.  Sunshine.  Moon.  Rain. And, the most important, a nose and mouth to breathe in fresh oxygen needed to maintain a healthy body and release carbon monoxide naturally as well as keep the immune system healthy.  Dr. Anthony Fauci never talks about the need for fresh oxygen to keep the cells, brain, organs and immune system healthy or how to keep it healthy.  He only fear mongers with his long time friend, funder and associates, Bill and Melinda Gates.

Remember, men and women who meet in secret in dark places seek to destroy all that God created. Do you trust Billionaires and only one doctor can make recommendations.  Gates also has supported and donated for years to  WHO and CDC  through Microsoft and possibly the Gates Foundation.  How can anyone or why should anyone trust Bill Gates. He’s not anyone’s doctor! 

Gates has huge conflicts of interest maintaining a long-time  association as a key donor to  WHO and CDC and Big Pharma and Wall Street as well as  George Soros. They are all in the business of making money off vaccines and Rx Drugs on Wall Street.  They need customers to make a profit, so they chose the world’s population to be their built-in customers with or without their consent because if you don’t comply, you will be punished, right?  Starved to death is it?

The communist NWO evil ones in my opinion will use food and water and gasoline and housing, churches, religion, travel and attempt to invade privacy and create fear in the minds of Americans which is a crime because that is what criminals do.  They use fear against their victims to get them to comply and obey them.   Where’s the DOJ and FBI?  Did they all quit?

After all, we’ve been  witnessing the Obama-Biden-Democrat push to force girls to shower and undress with boys as well as use the same bathrooms which is disgusting and immoral. How could any parents allow this to happen to their children when they pay the wages of these administrators and teachers. And, it should be very disturbing to all Americans that Bill Gates is alleged to have a mistress while married as well as a honey pot in China and a son, and a friend and associate of the international child trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, which he denied but there is evidence that he flew on Lolita Express and visited in his condo and at Orgy Island.

This blogger isn’t saying that Gates engaged in any criminal activities  at Orgy Island or on the Lolita Express, but we know birds of a feather flock together.  So he was not only dishonest about his marriage and not admitting that he is a cheater during his marriage, but he isn’t a doctor, Ph.D. or Scientist and yet, he’s ordering the world to get his “injections” with unknown consequences to individuals.  Gates purchases MSM and Social Media time to sell himself as the world expert on vaccines and viruses without a medical license.  Has more than 7 billion people lost their minds?

The fact that Bill Gates denied even knowing Jeffrey Epstein should be a wake up call for the government leaders, not just the people.  Now, because of Bill Gates and his key doctor and governors of  blue states are acting as dictators .  They are forcing their will on the people when they were elected to do the will of the people, by the people and with the people.  They are denying freedom, liberty and rights and denying people their right-to-work and sustain their lifestyle and provide for the necessities of life 

These rogue blue state governors are tyrannical and totalitarian as they are illegally and unlawfully abusing their powers by what appears to be the use of threats, coercion, blackmail, extortion, and they are negligent by forcing everyone regardless of allergies to chemicals or fear of chemicals or pre-existing conditions.  These governors and any employers involved with the Gates agendas are denying the right to exercise  a Free Will an a Free Choice to control their own bodies. They are denying Americans the right to visit and to decide what is best for their  elderly parents, grandparents or minor children and to control our own bodies and minds. 

Have American lost their minds?  These  Rights and Freedoms and Liberties are guaranteed and established for 245 years in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. These threats against Americans to deny them work and food and travel and education and freedom are “Crimes Against Humanity.  They are violating “Civil Rights” as well as “Necessities of Life Crimes” and “U.S. Constitutional Crimes,” that doctors have warned could lead to a potential genocide within 3 years.  

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Uranium One/ Oil and Victor Pinchuk/ Rosatom/Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama/ Putin/ Russia/ China/ Ukraine/ Rose4Justice Blog 2015-2022

Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Women Fight Back, Author, Advocate for Justice

Rose Colombo  (c) 4/28/2015. ed. 2022

Logan Act:(1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that details the fine and/or imprisonment of unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.”

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that between 2009 and 2015, “including the terms of Mrs. Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State appointed by former President Barack. Obama was caught off mic telling a former Russian leader to tell Russia’s President Putin that after the 2012 elections, he could be “more flexible.” Where were the real Journalists who should have been asking Obama what he meant by “more flexible.” Research into the secret uranium deal which should have made major headlines was and still is a huge scandal in the USA. It’s surprising that the FBI and the DOJ didn’t happen to notice the sale? The research alleged that the Clinton Foundation (Hillary Clinton) was paid $8.6 Million from the  Victor Pinchuk Foundation which was confirmed by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation based in Kiev, Ukraine that benefitted Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is interesting that Victor Pinchuk was based in Kiev, Ukraine.

The online alternative news reported that Hillary Clinton was alleged to have been paid $20,000,000 to secretly sell President Putin about 20% of America’s uranium. Did she not know that she didn’t pay for the uranium and it didn’t belong to her just like she didn’t realize the government emails didn’t belong to her personally and her team even though she taught cyber security to her staff on video. Apparently, we have some incompetent people working in our government who didn’t know 33,000 government emails are prohibited from being stored on her personal phone and it wasn’t a good idea to use a hammer or bleach bit to erase the emails. Well, people with lots of money and positions of power do all sorts of crazy stuff, right?

And what about her closely-knit assistant, Huma Abedin, who stored 650,000 government emails on her husband’s home laptop. Where was former President Obama? I guess Obama and Kerry were busy trying to drop Billions of U.S. Tax Dollars on the foreign enemy nation of Iran and on the doorsteps of the anti-American Iranian Imam who threatened to have President Trump assassinated and wipe out the USA and Israel. What happened to all the promises to provide for the American citizens and where did all the Love and Peace and Flowers go? After all, the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Biden’s, Kerry, Brennan, Romney, Feinstein, Waters, Pelosi go back to the hippie days.

Afterwards, alternative news alleged that the profits from selling a foreign enemy nation’s dangerous U.S. uranium and learned of Hillary’s windfall from President Putin in Russia, it appears that no one in the entire Government, National Security, and Military noticed the uranium was shipped off? No one at a U.S. Bank or Russian Bank questioned a $20,000,000 donation into the charitable Clinton Foundation.

In fact, the report from “Conservative Junction” wrote that The Clinton Foundation donations raises new questions about Mrs. Clinton’s long-time friend and major benefactor, Frank Guistra, including the implication that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton supported the “Colombia Free Trade Agreement,” because it helped Guistra’s business interests. The New York Times reported on a previously undisclosed donation into the Clinton Foundation of $2.35 Million to the Foundation from the owner of a Russian uranium Mining Company looking to operate in the United States that required approval by the State Department among other agencies.  And, thus far, Hillary Clinton isn’t held accountable for anything she’s done to this country, not for this country. What did the Clinton’s ever do for Americans?

Headlines: Russia to Triple Uranium Production in Next Two years….Rosatom

Russia will nearly triple its production of natural uranium in the next two years according to the head of the country’s State….The Nuclear Corporation, Rosatom…said Thursday, (January 9, 2014). Sergei Kiriyenko said at a meeting that Russia had in recent years has been producing some 3000-3200 metric tons of uranium annually. “In 2015,, we will reach 8,400 tons (a year) and the prime cost will be completely different,” Kiriyenko said (RIA Novosti, January 9, 2014).

1.  Russia Ratified Nuclear Cooperation Agreement with Japan (Voice of Russia 1/8/2011)

2. Russia invites China to join exploration of Russian Uranium Deposits…..proposing a joint venture with China (RIA Novosti, August 30, 2010)

3. French Utility EDF studying common development projects in Russia and in other countries with Inter-RAO, a Russian producer controlled to 60% by Rosatom…EDF buys Nuclear fuel from its Russian partner and negotiates participation in a uranium mine project, March 9, 2010

4. Russia and South Korea considering setting up a joint uranium prospecting(ITAR-TASS 11/30/2007)

5. Russia to increase its [uranium] production six fold by 20/20 – (Moscow Times, 2/28/2006)

6.  During President Bill Clinton’s administration, in 1993, the US and Russian governments signed an agreement for the purchase over a 20-year period of 500 tonnes of Russian ‘surplus’ high-enriched uranium (HEU) from nuclear disarmament and military stockpiles. These were to be bought by the USA for use as fuel in civil nuclear reactors. Under the deal, the USA transferred to Russia a similar quantity of natural uranium to that used to down-blend the HEU.

Since the agreement was signed, 500 tonnes of Russian weapons-grade HEU – equivalent to 20,000 warheads – have now been down-blended into 15,259 tonnes of LEU.  On 21 August, the final shipment of LEU under this program left the ECP plant by rail on route to St Petersburg. From here it will be shipped to the USA.  Since 1996, US experts have visited the ECP plant some 94 times. A US delegation was present at the plant to witness the final shipment of LEU. They will make their last visit to the plant in October to mark the end of the Megatons to Megawatts program, which has provided about 10% of US electricity over the past two decades. Tenex has estimated that by the time the Megatons to Megawatts program expires by the end of 2013, it would have brought in total revenues of some $13 billion to Russia’s federal budget, Interfaxreported.  (source WNN News)

Following the death of the South Stream, whereby the EU pressured Bulgaria to refuse passage of the Russian gas pipeline to Europe, Russia needed an alternative route of bypassing Ukraine (and Bulgaria) entirely, something which according to Kremlin’s plan should happen over the next 3 years. And with Hungary and Serbia all eager to transit Russian gas to the Austrian central European gas hub, Greece was the missing link for a landline transit. With this agreement, Russia gets the green light to extend the Blue Stream all the way to Austria and preserve its dominance over the European energy market while leaving Ukraine in a completely bargaining vacuum.  (source: The Greek White Knight Emerges:

Finally, for those confused about the flow of funds, here it is:

Russia (Gazprom) gives Greece money, which Greece uses to repay the IMF, which uses the Greek money to fund a loan to Kiev, which uses the IMF loan to pay Russia (Gazprom).

A perfect circle. (source The Greek White Knight Emerges, April

This week, Russia Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov is visiting Cuba, Nicaragua, Columbia, and Guatemala.  According to reports, rumors are flying that Russia plans to sell fighter jets to Nicaragua’s Sandinista government after helping them set up a topographic center.  In Cuba, Lvrov and his counterpart reportedly discussed U.S. aggression against regional ally Venezuela.  “Last year and again this year, a Russian intelligence ship docked in Havana multiple times while conducting operations in the GULF OF MEXICO and along the EAST COAST OF THE UNITED STATES.,” Lt. General Kenneth E. Tovo told members of the Service Arms Senate Committee.  Russia has courted Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua to gain access to air bases and ports for resupply of Russian Naval assets and strategic bombers operating in the Western Hemisphere.

Russian media also announced Russia would begin sending long range strategic bombers to patrol the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico in an effort to monitor foreign powers, military activities and maritime communications.”  These agendas have been building up since 2008 according to Lt. General Kenneth E. Tovo, USS Southern Command, and the primary conduit for Russia’s entry into the region was the late President of Cuba, Hugo Chavez.  (source:  It’s Time to Start Worrying” – The 

Uranium in Canada (Updated 27 February 2015)

Canada was the world’s largest uranium producer for many years, accounting for about 22% of world output, but in 2009 was overtaken by Kazakhstan.
Production comes mainly from the McArthur River mine in northern Saskatchewan province, which is the largest in the world.

Production is expected to increase significantly from 2015 as the new Cigar Lake mine comes into full operation.
With known uranium resources of 572,000 tonnes of U3O8 (485,000 tU), as well as continuing exploration, Canada has a significant role in meeting future world demand.

Canada is a country rich in uranium resources and a long history of exploration, mining and generation of nuclear power (for coverage of nuclear power, see information page on Nuclear Power in Canada). To 2008, more uranium had been mined in Canada than any other country – 428,000 tU, 18% of world total.  (source World Nuclear Association)

The truth is that the U.S. taxpayers own the uranium and it belongs to the American taxpayers and the alleged $20,000,000 windfall should have been returned to the taxpayers or as a payment towards the National Debt. It remains a mystery how cleverly all this sale was enacted and how no one in National Security or FBI or DOJ or Military or Obama noticed that 20% of the uranium was missing? Who guards it? Do Journalists ask any questions when it comes to risking the lives of the American people and now the Ukrainian citizens? Questions, such as who packaged the uranium. Who delivered it to President Putin’s doorstep? So, what does Uranium One have to do with Kiev and the Ukraine, oil, uranium, gasoline, NATO, EU, USA, Russia and China? Is it all part of the New World Order diversion to create one crisis after another crisis while using the world’s population for human lab rats?

These issues are important in 2022 because Russia has now attacked Kiev in the Ukraine in an unprovoked war that has killed Ukrainian civilians causing families to flee their homes and their Homeland. And after the war was provoked by President Putin, Americans learned from the news why their gasoline was skyrocketing up to $5, $6, and $7. President Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline so Americans couldn’t drill for more oil. Americans were shocked to learn that Biden was buying gasoline from Russia. This didn’t set well with millions of people in the USA and Ukraine or Europe because they alleged that President Putin turned into a a war criminal.

In the meantime, China is silent while withholding microchips for the auto industry causing them to shut down because they couldn’t complete the new vehicles without the chips and yet. it appears that the NWO Wall Street investors in electric cars are doing business with China and again dependent on China for lithium! Which one of these NWO Billionaires and Millionaires on Wall Street or in Public Office love their Homeland and fellow Americans more than they love the Almighty Dollar by willingly making Communist China wealthy and making America’s Middle Class poor with these secret sinister deals that make themselves wealthier?

Furthermore, the Americans learned that there are biochemical labs funded by the U.S. government in the Ukraine. It was also alleged that the Ukraine is the #1 country for child trafficking and they have extensive secret tunnels. It appears that the population of the world are overwhelmed with the corruption and the planedemic as well as the BLM-Antifa insurrection and riots, Open Borders, Lock Downs, covid 19 flip flopping and masking up Americans for-profit as well as sticking Ethylene Oxide in their noses for-profit and fear mongering that being near another human being is dangerous. Or that the natural immune system went out of style as well as Ivermectin and HCQ.

The Big Pharma CEO’s, FA, CDC, WHO, NIH, HHS – Surgeon General, White House and Big Pharma Investors destroy the American Dream of thousands of innocent people who owned small businesses and created jobs for millions of Americans. They intentionally broke down the trucking business by stifling it from delivering food and products to restaurants, bars and grocery stores. The NWO goal is to create genetically engineered foods only. How does any of these preplanned agendas equate to health care and economic and military strength?

The wealthy NWO members on the LEFT broke down the food chain and skyrocketed food. They appear to be planning a New World Order famine and drought in my opinion. Are they creating wars and homelessness and biochemical weapons with China as well as collectivism that will force people to flee their countries so people can be easily corralled? Isn’t that what Hitler did?

Obviously, only the insiders involved in these evil and sinister New World Order agendas know what the Ukrainian war between Putin and Zelensky is really all about as there is also the EU, NATO, NWO, and WEF and CFR and so many other unknown persons and agendas behind the curtain. It’s hard to determine who are the good guys and who are the bad guys because the NWO controls the media.

In the past, secretly selling 20% of America’s Uranium to a foreign enemy leader or removing government emails or destroying government property or dropping billions of U.S. taxes at the feet of a foreign enemy would have probably been considered espionage. However, the Democrats in office have never left office even if voted out. For example, former FBI Director, James Comey, and former USAG Loretta Lynch, shockingly agreed that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” when she removed 33,000 government emails. Did they mean that she was extremely careless because she got caught? It appears that the Clinton’s are protected.

The NWO chose her to be the first female President of the USA. The Democrats are well-funded by Soros and Gates, Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF, and many other wealthy Democrats. They went into a psychotic rage when Hillary Clinton lost the bid for President of the USA in 2016, but she was happy when she lost the race in 2009 against Obama and congratulated him. What was the difference? After all, she and Bill Clinton have known Donald J. Trump, the businessman, for decades on a friendly note.

It appears the sale of uranium deal negotiated by Hillary Clinton’s ability to maneuver such a shocking deal since she must have been communicating with President Putin, who is a former KGB agent, and he knows all the tools of their trade. Did that sale possibly risk the National Security of America in 2022 or just the Ukraine? The research alleged that this uranium one oil deal, a major scandal, was created by another billionaire, Mr. Pinchuk.  His fortune stems from an [oil] pipe-line making company. He served 2 terms as an elected member of the Ukrainian Parliament and is a proponent of close ties between the Ukraine and European Union.” Now this article I came across is even more disturbing that it’s all about the oil and gasoline, uranium, and the USA, China, Ukraine, and the EU.

Furthermore, it’s reported in alternative news that Mr. Pinchuk allegedly was seeking to sell the oil pipeline to Iran through Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State, while Obama’s sanctions against Iran were in place’ and thus, Americans can now raise the question of the alleged $8.6 Million donation to Hillary Clinton who was alleged to have deposited the windfall into the Clinton Foundation. The question that may have never been asked by Congress or the DOJ is if Mr. Pinchuk was able to access Iran’s leaders and sell the oil-pipeline to Iran after the donation to the Clinton Foundation which appears to have been accepted by the Secretary of State apparently without disclosure or transparency. Wasn’t it Obama who said he and his administration would be the most transparent ever in the USA?

I believe that We The People can assume that the entire DNC cared less about the scandals that hit the news involving the Clinton’s since Bill Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas. In fact, they did what they always do and diminished and used spin to dismiss the Clinton Chronicles. It appears that they were already being groomed for the White House. The entire nation believed they were the all-American young couple that would look out for the welfare and safety of America. The American people even in 2022 dismiss their involvement with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell over the past 40 years.

The posts online revealed that many Americans believed that the Russian Uranium One Deal was a personal and political and financial pay-to-play gain which was better than any investment on Wall Street would have reaped. Should Americans not ask the question since Hillary Clinton was elected and actively working and paid by the taxpayers, if she abused her position and violated the Logan Act and tax exemption laws as well as her sworn oath? On the other hand, there’s no support by MSM and there hasn’t been at least 40 years. They have become the protectors of the Democrat Socialist Party.

The Clinton Foundation donations appear to have direct links to foreign friendly nations as well as foreign enemy countries. They racked up another windfall of an alleged Billion during the Haitian devastation after George HW Bush and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton flew off to Haiti and made promises to restore them island and their lives. They were begging the world to send “cash.” I always found that to be odd since they want to track every penny that Americans have in their possession and kids have in their piggy banks from selling lemonade on their front lawns.

In fact, Obama and Kerry are determined to give $150 Billion of our taxes so Iran can build more nukes after promising to wipe us off the face of the map and all of Western civilization. In other words, they want us to pay for our own demise, punishments and persecutions by those who appear to be puppets of the New World Order leaders.

In fact, Obama was so determined to help out Iran that the news reported he dropped barrels of cash off in the dead of night at the Iranian Imam’s feet without seeking authority from congress, but as Hillary Clinton asked, “At this point, what difference does it make?” Uranium One and Russia, China and allowing Communist China to install Huawei communications on our soil is insane. They also secretly installed Huawei, not only in China and the USA, but Iran. And, they want Americans to believe they can’t figure out how China and Russia could possibly hack into our computers?

What constitutional authority did the USA have to use drones on the Libyan citizens. Men, women, and children were killed. The Obama-Biden-Hillary-Kerry regime had Gaddafi assassinated and his home destroyed and his grandkids and his son killed. Gaddafi never threated to attack America, only to create his own monetary system. Libya was extremely wealthy because they owned tons of gold. SO, what happened to the gold? How is Obama’s orders to attack Libya who never threatened the USA and ordered the assassination of Gaddafi any different versus President Putin attacking the Ukraine?

Remember, Obama ordered the military to fire off 220 Tomahawk missiles in the dead of night. The missiles were fired off at a nation and a leader and his family who never threatened the USA. Obama-Biden-Hillary-Holder team were just fine with assassinating the leader of Libya who never threatened the USA and in fact, congratulated the “Kenyan elected as President of the USA. He called him, “my son” and “our son.” During an interview on MSM, Hillary Clinton stated, “We went, we saw, we killed.And, she laughed hysterically on camera.

In my opinion, these globalist are attempting to build  the super highway to China and the Middle East which would be an oil pipeline that would allow them to take control of the oil supply worldwide.  Is the “Super Highway to China” the secret deal to outsource America’s oil or diminish drilling made between the oil giants under the Clinton administration during the 90s?

And, what about the Middle East that is oil-rich and building up and developing their countries oil supplies and industry? Is the New World protecting China, Japan, and the Middle East through Obama and Biden, Clinton’s, and the NWO Wall Street members seeking to control the world’s wealth and enslave the Third World survivors of China and Japan and maybe the Middle East? After all, if we go back to Uranium One and Kiev and oil and child trafficking, while in America there was Orgy Island and Zorro Ranch and wealthy CEOs on Wall Street and Presidents like Bush’s family buying up the water supplies around the world while Gates and NIH Director, Dr. Fauci, who Gates funds were busy locking down Americans while they broke down the food chain and destroyed farms and then purchased the farms.

Yet, Congress doesn’t appear interested in the links of foreign enemy nations such as the war on Iraq, the war on Libya, Russia, China, Saudi and Iran linked to Bush, Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Senator Feinstein, Biden family, Obama, Gates, McConnell, Rep. Sowell and NWO Billionaires on Wall Street such as Zuckerberg, Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, Big Pharma, and more. Many Americans used slave labor and outsourced American corporations, jobs, and Intellectual Property to foreign enemy nations and it appears to be “espionage,” but they referred to it as “outsourcing” and “globalism.” Well, we are a sovereign nation and President Clinton and Bush, Biden, and Obama didn’t have any constitutional authority to globalize the United States of America, but swore to protect the sovereignty of the United States of America.

What if a U.S. President, perhaps, a Manchurian Candidate, slipped into office by the funding of George Soros and the globalist and Democrats who seek to take control over the wealth and redistribution of America’s wealth and all the land in the USA and on major communications began the speech with “People of the World?” How many people would actually pick up on what he was saying that tp plant the psychological seed in the minds of the world’s population because he came to the USA to change and fundamentally transform America in 5 days after the inauguration as part of his loyalty it appears to the New World Order?

Theoretically, What if in reality, this Manchurian Candidate with Biden and the Bush Dynasty and Clinton Dynasty and the NWO members and secret societies who groomed him promised that he would be wealthy and never want for anything, They would make his wildest dreams come true if he follows their agendas and does as he’s told so these billionaires can gain control and power over the most powerful nation in the world? Could that happen in the United States of America?  Could Professor Gruber be right that Americans are foolish and easily tricked?

In other words, what if the Democrats and globalists succeeded at slipping in a Manchurian Candidate to set the stage with the idea that either the Bush’s or Clinton’s would take back the White House in 2016, so they could finish the change and transformation of the United States of America into a foreign nation of Socialism, Communism, mixed in with the Muslim Brotherhood, United Nations Agenda 21 now 2030, and the New World Order? After all, they must destroy the old and create chaos and civil unrest and plandemics and fear mongering, wars, diseases, famine, drought, civil disruption in order to usher in the New -the New World Order of tyranny? Who would their One World Government leader be that rules with an iron fist and reduces the population of the planet with a goal of 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050?

Consequently, the New World Order Communist agendas would end the U.S. Constitution that guarantees the right to due process of law, justice and fairness. Equality. Honesty. Men and women of Good Character. Integrity. Principles. Legal Immigration and Legal Citizenship. Secure Borders. The Globalist would eliminate God, Christianity, Jews, Capitalism, Morals, Religion, Freedom, Liberty, and Rights for they thrive on chaos, crisis, death and destruction. They seek dominance over every individual on the planet. They openly admit that they intend to wipe out 90% of the population from the face of the planet under the guise of protecting the planet and reducing poverty. 

In my opinion, someone should call these people out as criminals who are plotting to commit Treason, High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and a potential worldwide genocide by utilizing many high-tech and sophisticated technologies and chemical laden jabs that can lead to permanent injury of death. They’ve already implemented worldwide death panels for babies at Planned Parenthood as well as same-sex agendas in public schools and euthanizing the sick and elderly which are all depopulation and/or death panels.

Remember, they already ran their test cases on Americans at Kent the OKC Murrah attack on women and kids which was blamed on one person. Under the Clinton-Reno-Holder regime they ordered attacks on American families and men, women, children and even pregnant women or women holding babies at Ruby Ridge and WACO without due process of law by our own government.

Ironically, since 2009, the Democrats and their White House have released tens of thousands of dangerous terrorists from the Middle East who murdered thousands of Americans and military men and Navy Seals. They’ve released felons from prisons and arrested Americans who went to church or didn’t obey the Democrat authoritarians and Dr. Fauci and CDC and wear a mask for nearly 3 years cutting off their oxygen supply and criminalized hard working innocent Americans.

Former Impeached President Bill Clinton-Reno-Holder regime n and Obama-Biden-Holder regime diminished defense funding and downsized the U.S. Military and Defenses when he laid off an overwhelming number of Military employees.  Obama purged the U.S. Military of seasoned Generals and High Ranking Officers who failed his “litmus test” when asked, if they would “fire on Americans.”  These are examples of how and why Hillary Clinton was appointed to Secretary of State back in 2009 and lost the Presidential race to an unknown and inexperienced Obama, but was that decision made by Obama aka Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian national, or was it made by the WEF, CFR, and NWO members? In fact, Obama reduced the supply of Tomahawk Missiles when ordered them to be fired off at Libya under his administration without congressional approval or notification. It was reported in the news that the Tomahawk Missiles would be depleted by the end of 2018. The news reported that the cost of each missile to the taxpayers at that time was about $600,000 each to manufacture.

In conclusion, we have American leaders who promote their same-sex preferences to children and that abortions are no big deal as well as late term and infanticide and that changing their gender is a good thing so they can’t procreate and becoming Trans Humas and being chipped is cool and that the seniors and elderly are no more than a financial burden and if euthanized, they could save billions of dollars. And, communism and Marxism is good and America is racist. And, it’s okay if the U.S. Presidents on the Left attack nations who never attacked the USA or assassinate their leaders who never threatened the USA then it’s okay, but if another leader attacks a nation who didn’t threaten them then they need to be sent to Siberia as war criminals.

Can someone explain the difference between Putin’s attack on Ukraine and the U.S. Presidents ordering attacks on Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Kent State, Ruby Ridge, WACO, and threatening Americans to be banned from society if they don’t comply as human lab rats with repeated never-ending experimental and trial chemical-laden jabs with potential death sentences or permanent direct adverse health effects listed by CDC, FDA, and Pfizer? It’s all meshing together somehow leading to worldwide catastrophe if not cleaned up by the U.S. Military and Department of Justice in 2022.

Nuclear Video of President Obama declaring he would rid the world of Nuclear Plants and Nuclear Weapons:

Therefore, it appears that the former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as a disbarred lawyer, former First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady at the White House, Senator of NY, and Secretary of State, who can be seen teaching  cyber security classes to her staff, appears to be above the law.  The former long-time associate of the Clinton’s along with his wife and brother, allowed Hillary the golden pass and told the nation that Hillary was  “extremely careless” for removing classified documents without authorization and destroying the servers for 4 years.  Did he mean she was “extremely careless” because he didn’t believe she knew what she was doing or extremely careless in that she got caught along with her Muslim Brotherhood link, Huma Abedin and her team she employed to assist her?

It would appear that anyone with such a perfect strategy and plan not only knew what she was doing along with such credentials, but appears to be exercising “intent” to diminish her knowledge of National Security in the minds of millions of Americans.  It appears that Hillary and Bill will never be held accountable for her actions and the secret alleged deals made between Hillary Clinton as former Secretary of State and Russia in exchange for millions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation and that allegation remains to be seen.  Remember, Capone ended up in jail not for his long time career for criminal activities, but for tax evasion! 

Hillary Rodham Clinton is alleged to have made backroom deals with foreign enemy nations and friendly nations in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation which should never be allowed to happen in the USA.  No Public Servant should be allowed to use their influence with foreign or friendly nations or CEO’s for personal financial gain while on taxpayer’s time and dime!  Hillary is alleged to have made deals to secretly sell enriched uranium to Russia that included Iran and Victor Pinchuk, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to be deposited into The Clinton Foundation – The Victor Pinchuk Foundation -seeking to sell oil-pipe lines to Iran, despite the fact that former non-vetted President Obama’s Iranian Sanctions were in place.

The majority of Americans seek knowledge related to the donations made to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for Hillary’s allowing each foreign leader or CEO access to meet with her personally or access to her office while she was Secretary of State either electronically,  phone calls, or during secret or open meetings. The “donations” appear to have been deposited into the Clinton’s Charitable Clinton Foundation in exchange for whatever deals she made without transparency.

If f access was provided to the former Secretary of State shouldn’t there be records of guests who signed in or phoned her office recorded by the White House?  It would be proper for the Congressional Ethics Committees  and the Senate Judiciary Committee and more agencies to investigate if these actions are Conflicts of Interests, a violation of the Logan Act and a violation of the tax-exemption laws for non-profit organizations whos used their foundation for personal financial and political gain.  Are Hillary’s actions Abuses of Power and Dereliction of Duty to her sworn oath and the Constitution?  Did Hillary Clinton risk the lives of the American Citizens and commit an abuse of political influence for self-gain? The American people deserve to seek justice and transparency when politicians in key positions are alleged to be working at a dual job, one job paid by the taxpayers and a secret second job working for the Clinton Foundation on taxpayer’s time and dime  for financial and political gain. 

Furthermore, Congress can’t track actions taken by high ranking politicians if White House officials are allowed to maintain non-disclosed records or erased records, missing records, and shredded government records, which is how this regime, appears to operate as of 2009. If the White House officials conceal government records or erase emails, memos, faxes, phone records and refuse to answer congressional questions –  then why are Americans paying them?  How is it the current Obama administration appears to be exempting themselves from U.S. laws and holding themselves above U.S. law as well as U.S. Policies, such as proper vetting, and Regulations and Obamacare? What’s the point of paying a high price for a federal government if they’ve gone rogue?

Hillary Clinton  competes for the highest office in the land, U.S. President 2016, yet, she, too, like non-vetted President Barack Hussein Obama, is anything but transparent. How is it Congress fails to subpoena the emails involving Hillary with Fast and Furious as well as those of  Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett or Barry aka Obama’s emails?  How about John Kerry’s emails and Huma Abedin’s emails?  How many have been alleged to have funneled taxpayer’s money and how many politicians deposited their money in offshore bank accounts or with the Vatican Bank to avoided U.S. taxes?  In other words….Americans have more questions and fewer answers as the corruption continues without resolution and without key people involved ever being prosecuted….perhaps, slapped on the wrist, but it does appear that wealth does buy justice for the guilty, but not so much for the Middle Class, Upper Middle Class and very little if any for the poor. 

Rose Colombo wrote these statements inside her book. Rose stated, “There is no justice.  There are only decisions.  Good or bad, you will get a decision.”   

Chapter 10 of Rose Colombo’s book pub. 2010, Fight Back Legal Abuse, reads, “There is only Justice for $um and Justice for Some!”  And, she wrote, “Without Justice, Americans have nothing!” 

Rose Colombo’s written quote:  “Justice is an illusion. The American Citizens were set up for the disillusionment.  When injustice comes knocking on their back doors, they will be stunned by a rude awakening to the truth.  Justice is in the eye of the beholder. It is a rude awakening for most.” 


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