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The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio
The Justice Club and Women Fight Back Live Radio at Freedomizer Radio

Rose Colombo N The Justice club welcomes Special Guest and Author:

Clarissa Talve revered as a famous star-studded Flamenco dancer was a rose in the garden plucked out by the greatest Flamenco dancer in Hollywood and worldwide, Jose Greco, when she was only 14.  Jose Greco was the well-respected Flamenco dancer and movie star of their time and Ms. Talve shares her story that runs deep. She generously and expressively shares her memoirs. Ms. Talve explains her tragic moments when she was hit with polio and TB as a child, but overcame her physical challenge.  Clarissa Talve (the e pronounced as a long “A”) takes us back in time at the unwavering dedication to the magic of dance in her latest book, “Dancers Never Die.”  At a young age, she was chosen by Carmen Amaya to be the featured dancer in her Dance Company which led to her traveling extensively. The gypsies taught her the “wisdom of the gypsies.”  As a young adult, she was again picked by Jose Greco to be one of the great Flamenco Dancers with Escudero and other greats admired in the world of dance including many who were working with the Jose Greco Dance Company.  

Today, the fabulous Ms. Talve currently resides in New York and continues to work while contributing her experiences and talent to the history of dance by the energies of her heart ad mind.  Her second great passion today is drawing and painting.  She says, the years with the Flamenco Gypsies were special in that they were inspirational and joyful  and a great part of her life   (Follow – Share – and Comment below)  Click the Link Below to listen Taped Live –

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