Rose Colombo (C) September 3, 2019, ed. 4/17/2022 (Rose Colombo is an award-winning author, poet, and avid Researcher of 30 years, Consultant on injustices and wrote the 5 Star award-winner, “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and seasoned Consumer Advocate for Justice)

Gangs and Gun-Related Homicide and Gun-related homicide is most prevalent among gangs and during the commission of felony crimes. In 1980, the percentage of homicides caused by firearms during arguments was about the same as from gang involvement (about 70 percent), but by 1993, nearly all gang-related homicides involved guns (95 percent), whereas the percentage of gun homicides related to arguments remained relatively constant.

The percentage of gang-related homicides caused by guns fell slightly to 92 percent in 2008, but the percentage of homicides caused by firearms during the commission of a felony rose from about 60 percent to about 74 percent from 1980 to 2005.[5]” (NIT- National Institute of Justice) Think about that America! It’s not average Americans who use guns to kill people, but for self-defense or hunting, who exercise their right to own a gun, because the statistics prove that homicides are 95% gang related crimes in the USA.

Among prisoners who possessed a gun during their offense, 90% did not obtain it from a retail source such as Walmart and retail stores who sell guns according to the DOJ (Department of Justice). This is antithetical to the claims by the Democrats who seek Gun Control. Most Democrats in key positions have armed security and live behind walls and security. Imagine if only Security and police and Sheriffs and the Military owned guns as well as the criminals and illegals coming through the open borders by the millions and what will happen to the disarmed Americans. The Democrats evil agenda to eliminate the Second Amendment by using media to present the USA as a crime-infested nation instead of cleaning up the gangs, open borders, and neighborhoods in crime infested cities where the taxes mysteriously go missing and the Democrat mayors and governors can’t figure it out.

DOJ reports that “Among prisoners who possessed a firearm during their offense, 0.8% obtained it at a gun show” which makes it a very minimal amount of guns purchased by criminals from the NRA at Gun Shows.

It’s amazing how hypocritical Democrats happen to be as their decisions blow with the wind. Senator Feinstein trained in firearms and carries concealed weapon and she said if anyone tried to take her out, she was going to take them out. She said she was a victim of terrorism and that terrorism has increased. So, now that Obama, Biden, Holder, and Hillary and the DHS has been okay with fling in illegals under the guise of refugees from foreign enemy nations as well as walking them across our borders illegally since 2009 and without vetting them for guns, drugs, and fake Identifications by tying the hands of law enforcement, Americans are the target for gun control. If you recall back in 2009, it was Sen. Feinstein and president Obama and Hillary Clinton, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Schumer and the Democrats calling for Gun Control and Infringing on the “Rights of the Americans” and their constitutional right to bear and own arms without limit unless they have criminal record. Ironically, no one knows if the gun smugglers walking across our borders for decades have criminal or terrorist or cartel and gang linked criminal records in their countries or repeat offenders inside the USA with out legal vetting.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans and the President of the United States of American that should the USA be invaded by foreign enemies that the President of the USA has the right to call upon and form the citizens to form an armed militia and defend our borders and our nation. Most Americans believe that we are facing a foreign invasion at our borders, but Obama and Biden and the Democrats insist we do not call it an “invasion.”

Just think how happy China and Russia and Iran and cartels and gangs and jihadists and terrorists would be if all Americans were disarmed. Today, we’re witnessing what is happening to the Ukraine because the citizens aren’t armed and trained up to defend their nation. They are being killed and fleeing their homes and Homeland and leaving their possessions behind.

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“About 29% of state and 36% of federal prisoners serving time for a violent offense possessed a gun during the offense.”(DOJ) It appears that the more serious criminals possess a higher percentage of guns which includes many illegals, jihadist, dangerous gang and cartel members and gang infested Democrat neighborhoods in the USA where the illegals smuggle the guns into poor neighborhoods where kdis are more easily recruited as gun and drug couriers. This is a communist and KGB style agenda that has been going on for decades.

Among state prisoners who possessed a gun during their offense, 27% killed someone with it, another 12% injured someone, 7% fired the gun but did not injure anyone, and 54% did not fire it. (DOJ). This is stunning that most prisoners who were arrested with possession of a gun/s never fired one shot.

The DOJ reports that “State prisoners with no military service were more likely to possess a gun during their offense (21%) than prisoners who had served in the military (16%).” It appears that the Democrats target military vets and people who served in the military or retired police as mentally disturbed who shouldn’t be allowed to possess guns because they are trained on hitting their target, I would guess is the reasoning by the gun control supporters on the LEFT and the RINOS.

The United States Department of Justice statistics provide a clear picture of whose responsible for 95% of the crimes committed with mainly hand guns in the United States of America and that the large majority of Americans never fire one shot but only possess them for protection for themselves and family and perhaps, hunting. If the Democrats like Obama and Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton and Sen Feinstein and Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer and all the entire Democrat congress truly wanted gun control then why do they want the borders open and deny Detain and Deport and legal vetting required by law?

This proves that the Democrats are not interested in stopping guns and drugs flowing into the USA since the problem points to the gangs, cartels, jihadist, no-go zones, training camps of Jihadist recruiting in the USA, and allowed to illegally enter into the USA through open borders and tunnels without fear of being inspected, but detained and released or secretly flown into the USA on U.S. planes bypassing TSA, Border Patrol, Customs, Police or Sheriff inspections. How nice, while Americans are patted down and must show legal Driver Licenses, Passports, Iris Scans, Facial Recognition, Fingerprints, and naked radiation body scans that have adverse health effects on human beings. The illegals don’t have to undergo any of these requirements they force on the innocent American citizens.

In fact, the Democrats use our taxes to pay for the flights and financial incentives to the U.S. Refugee agents who are willing to push through as many as possible before the taxpayer money they diverted for their unconstitutional illegal and intentional migration of foreigners from foreign enemy nations under the guise of Americans are “racist” and under the guise of “refugees” and “asylum seekers” as these issues are abused.

The Obama-Biden-Hillary-Kerry-Pelosi-Schumer leaders and Democrats have used U.S. taxes not for Americans who are having trouble paying their rent and feeding their families, but to open sanctuary cities and turn the cities into ghettos and diseases, drug infested that breed rats, and devalue the property and businesses in those cities which have now led to excessive costs for housing, rents, water, electricity, gasoline, and food.

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