– Rose Colombo (c) 4/13/2019

Sci-fi is exciting to almost everyone around the world as well as Science. Dr. Mark Kingston Levin is a well-respected and famous Scientist as well as an award-winning author of a trilogy that will keep you turning the pages. He shares his exciting trilogy of books. His book first book, 30th Century Escape took “Best Science Fiction Book of the Year” award. In book 2, 30th Century Revived, the sci-fi story expands to bringing down terrorism. In book 3, soon to be published, 30th Century Contact, it is discovered that earth in the 57th century will face annihilation.

Dr. Levin worked worked on both the Apollo and Mars missions. He studied under Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac and obtained his Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics in only 2.5 years. He’s been published over 44 times in the scientific literature works. Dr. Levin founded two companies and he was awarded over 32 patents. Dr. Levin retired in 2014 to apply his ideas about science, technology, space and human relationships to the writing of science fiction.

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