Only Marry the Nation You Love!
Only Marry the Nation You Love!

Rose Colombo, pub. 7/16/2011, rev 9/3/2011,rev. 8/17/2013

The voices to disarm Americans rang out from Obama’s lips on “Meet the Press” back in 2008. Imagine a chorus consisting of NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, secretly singing, “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Son.”

It appears that Senators and Justices and Federal Judges don’t Retire, but remain in office until they die. How did that happen?

The American people appear to vote the same people into office over and over again without researching what the politicians have done for America even though we know what we’ve done for them since most end up extremely wealthy, somehow.

We can remember the sad stories of how poor the politicians told us they were in their speeches while they were growing up and how they were struggling to pay their debts during their campaign, but miraculously after elections, they become extremely wealthy living in mansions, sailing away on yachts, jetting around the world, and shopping in Spain with family and friends on taxpayer’s time and dime.

Ironically, after they end up comfortable in their position in Congress or other appointed positions, especially on the Left, they immediately promote destroying the U.S. Constitution. For example:

  1. Disarm the American people and eliminate the Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms which would eliminate the right to the POTUS calling up an armed Civilian Militia if there was a foreign invasion and we needed to secure and defend our borders.
  2. Democrats and RINOS are determined to eliminate Freedom of Speech for legal natural born and naturalized loyal Americans, but it appears that this same policy doesn’t apply to themselves or those they favor such as donors, Muslims and Communists. Socialists, or the wealthy Democrats who threaten to overthrow the POTUS and the White House.
  3. The Democrats are determined to eliminate Property Rights and Cash and force Americans to use chips turning America into a cashless society so they can control everything you own. The Obama regime tricked Americans by inserting these agendas into the 2700 page Health Care Bill known as Hillarycare morphed into Obamacare. Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that the Democratic Congress never read Obamacare, which is a violation of their fiduciary duty, but they rubber stamped it “approved.” I don’t know what personal Property Rights, Bank Accounts, Tax Refunds and Savings Accounts have to do with Health Care.
  4. Forfeiture Laws: The Democrats and RINOS working in Congress and the DOJ promote the asset forfeiture laws which is unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful unless the person/s is charged with sedition or treason or misdemeanors or High Crimes against the USA. The asset forfeiture law should never be used against the average citizen stopped for a traffic ticket or charged with a crime because they are entitled under the law to “due process of law” and the “presumption of innocence.” The asset forfeiture law has been abused and can be abused and provides too much police power to the officers who can confiscate your vehicle, money, and property even if you are 100% innocent and you may never get it back.
  5. The truth is that “Gun Control” is a “Nazi” law. The push for “Gun Control laws began under the Clinton regime, which included Janet Reno and Eric Holder, and the Democrat majority. They began their agenda to take the guns away from Americans.
  6. The Clinton-Reno-Holder regime who were in support of gun control in the USA are surrounded by armed security as well as the wealthy Democrats and RINOS. Most live behind barriers and security and most politicians carry concealed weapons.
  7. The Clinton-Reno-Holder regime chose to test case their gun control agenda against Americans. The Clinton-Reno-Holder regime chose to bypass “due process of law” and fire on an American family in a rural area known as “Ruby Ridge.” The wife and mother was holding a baby on the front porch. The FBI shot the mother dead. I guess the baby was the weapon or reason to shoot the mother as it appears the Democrats don’t like babies and lied about inserting mandated taxpayer funding abortions into “Obamacare.”
  8. The minor child, their son, was running home with his dog when he was shot dead. The FBI even shot the dog dead. The husband and the baby survived. Former impeached President Clinton and Reno alleged the family was stockpiling weapons. The family wasn’t threatening anyone, so what happened to “Due Process of Law?” Bill Clinton, Janet Reno (deceased) and Eric Holder were not held accountable for the historical scandal at Ruby Ridge. It appears that they were sending a message to Americans who they suspected of stockpiling guns that this is what could happen to you.
  9. Former President BIll Clinton, Janet Reno, and Eric Holder didn’t stop at Ruby Ridge. Why should they when Americans didn’t rise up and demand they resign. Instead, Americans re-elected Bill Clinton for a second term.
  10. The second incident that involved sending a message to Americans who legally owned guns or were suspected of owning more than one gun, I suppose, was delivered at WACO, Texas. The government did exactly what Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently stated when she explained how the Democrats used a smear tactic against a person they targeted and wanted to discredit in the media so the American people would turn against that person even it was a lie.
  11. Bill Clinton told the American people that they ordered the FBI to “fire on Americans” because they “ran out of patience.”
  12. The government surrounded the WACO property, which they called a “compound.” Clinton and Reno and Holder made a decision to fire on the Americans consisting of American men, women, children, and pregnant women. The DOJ states that killing a pregnant woman is a double murder, so did they count the unborn babies as Americans killed or not?
  13. The compound was burned to the ground with most of the American citizens inside who feared coming out of the compound when they saw their home surrounded by armed persons in uniform. They were fired upon even though they didn’t threaten anyone.
  14. I interviewed one of the witnesses and he said that about 18 Americans made it out alive, but they didn’t think they would survive.
  15. A well-respected lawyer, Jerry Spence, flew out from Wyoming to meet with the survivors and he represented them in court.
  16. Americans should ask if this was another Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Eric Holder, test case to see if Law Enforcers would follow their orders when ordered to “Fire on Americans,” even if “due process of law” was never implemented? They answer for many ordered to fire on Americans such as Kent State, Ruby Ridge and WACO, is “yes.”
  17. The Democrats, who have been attempting to take the guns away from Americans is a decades old battle that began to take hold with Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, and Eric Holder. Eliminating the Second Amendment continues on while former President George W. Bush and former VP Dick Cheney were secretly building FEMA Camps and private prisons for-profit inside the USA.
  18. The Democrats and RINOS, including President George HW Bush, deceased, and former President George W. Bush, and former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Senators John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer as well as Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and the majority of Democrats support disarming Americans under the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.
  19. The Second Amendment  establishes the right of Americans to buy and sell any weapons and ammunition. The citizens are not limited by constitutional law as to how many legal guns they can purchase or how much ammunition they can purchase.
  20. The Democrats are trampling on the Second Amendment when they have knowledge that more people are dying from illegal drugs and Rx drugs as well as from radiating Americans and the chemicals they’re adding to the food, water, and spraying into the environment that contaminates the soil and the water.
  21. Should Americans ask how is it that Fast and Furious isn’t seen as a program that was designed to disarm Americans? It’s their perfect opportunity to cry out that “guns” kill even though they supplied the guns with our tax dollars that killed innocent people. Of course,we weren’t suppose to know that the Obama and Holder’s DOJ was trafficking and selling the untracked guns to the untracked cartels.
  22. Of course, any reasonable person realizes that law-abiding Americans aren’t trolling the U.S. and Mexico borders with intent to kill illegals crossing the borders, but only to defend the borders from illegals who are detained and hopefully deported. Most Americans never fire on a human being, but the government approves of assaulting Americans with radiation and chemical laden vaccines that have killed Americans or cause serious and direct adverse health effects to American citizens.

Ironically, after non-vetted Barack Hussein Obama was slipped into office and Eric Holder helped conceal his identification and credentials, the Americans were being “tricked.” They inserted instructions into an existing George Bush Presidential Order. Remember, Eric Holder worked under the wing of Janet Reno and former President Bill Clinton. Ironically, he was appointed by Obama to be his USAG with the approval of Senator Chuck Schumer and together, they conspired to conceal Obama’s true identification, Indonesian National ID, and all his credentials from public view for public scrutiny.

An article reported and alleged that Eric Holder’s wife owned an abortion clinic and next thing Americans are having shoved down their throats is mandated taxpayer funded abortions. Holder’s wife was alleged to be best friends with Loretta Lynch since their college years and guess what, Loretta Lynch, long-time friend of the Clinton’s and Comey and Holder’s ends up appointed USAG under Obama’s reign.

Ironically, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is alleged to have altered the Certification for Obama so he could be slipped into office with knowledge that he wasn’t eligible because he was born in Kenya according to his own lips and bio and that of his family, Kenyan grandmother, Gaddafi, and the Kenyan Parliament as well as from the lips of Michelle Obama.

Hillary and Bill Clinton knew what was happening as well as the Bush’s and Senator McCain, but no one said one word. So, the Clinton’s and McCain, Pelosi, and allegedly most of the federal government were complicit with slipping in a non-vetted ineligible man born on foreign soil into the oval office for two terms.

Ironically, McCain and Hillary Clinton were competing to be the President of the USA and they never asked him if he was born in the USA or Kenya and if he was an Indonesian National. They didn’t ask if his legal name was Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama. How is it that Hillary Clinton wasn’t upset about Obama winning two terms, who she could have proven was ineligible, but she’s extremely angry and upset about losing to President Donald J. Trump in 2016, who is eligible and can prove he was born in the USA to two legal American parents?

These issues leads us to Gun Control Gone Wild! This scandal is known as “Fast and Furious, but it wasn’t exposed as a scandal or resolved as a serious scandal in a fast or furious manner. In fact, “Fast and Furious” is still blowing in the wind.

Obama called for a Press Conference on national television about April 2009. FBI agent, Ogden, announced that President Obama ordered Eric Holder and Ogden to run a new program known as Fast and Furious to stop the flow of guns and drugs into the USA. The Obama regime used stimulus money promised for infrastructure jobs for Americans, but he lied. The money was diverted to Fast and Furious. It appears that the the DOJ hired a strawman to purchase guns in the USA and traffic them into Mexico where the DOJ sold them to untracked cartel members. It appears that the DOj didn’t bother to use Law Enforcement 101, ie., videos, photos, wires, undercover cops to follow the cartel members. I guess that only happens in the movies.

Fast and Furious continued for two years. It wasn’t exposed until Mexico was concerned about the hundreds of citizens, journalists, and police killed with the guns as well as two U.S. Border Patrol. Border cities were turning into ghost cities because the police fled the cities when the cartels took over and were too dangerous to control.

About April 2009, the President of Mexico began to complain about the guns trafficked into Mexico and the hundreds of Mexican citizens and police being executed or beheaded.

Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder flew to Mexico and were seen on a televised Press Conference. Hillary appeared with Obama and she sid that she assured the President of Mexico that they would assist their government in stopping the flow of guns from the USA to Mexico. This was at a time when terrorists from the Middle East were hooking up with cartels and even beheading people along the borders. In the past, the cartels of Mexico executed their victims with a gun. But, after Obama was elected, more and more terrorists were entering through the open borders. In fact, I read that Dianne Feinstein wrote a letter to the President of Mexico at that time about the role of the USA in assisting Mexico from stopping the flow of guns from the USA into Mexico.

The parents of Border Patrol Brian Terry, who was murdered with the Fast and Furious guns demanded answers. The American people wanted answers. How could hundreds of people be killed for two years without the government under the Obama-Holder-Hillary regime not be aware of what was happening? How is it they didn’t track the guns or the cartel members who purchased the guns that are still out there and continued to kill hundreds of people? Who kept the profits from the sale of the guns?

How is Fast and Furious not considered to be gun trafficking into a foreign nation and selling guns to foreign criminals who killed innocent people and robbed them without entrapping the cartel members? The news reported that trafficking guns and drugs into the USA grew into a multi-billion dollar business since since the Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama’s were in office supporting open borders.

Fast and Furious was in motion at a time in history when cartels are heavily armed and tied in with the radical terrorists according to news stories confirmed by the FBI and for two years, no one in the DOJ knew that hundreds of people were being executed and beheaded at the borders?

The American citizens have been confronted by public servants attempting to eliminate the Second Amendment and ban all guns according to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Obama stated his primary goal was “gun control” and “skyrocketing electricity,” and bankrupting the “coal mining states.” How is it 51% of Americans didn’t hear his words in 2008? And, the fact that he said that he didn’t want to wear “that pin” on his lapel, the U.S. Flag and failed to place his hand on his heart for the National Anthem before elections? In fact, Hillary Clinton stated they would “bankrupt the coal mining states.”

It was obvious that Obama favors Muslims and Gays and Communist and Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Fast and Furious has left law-abiding Americans pondering who the members of Congress and the oval office were actually protecting. After all, public servants swear an oath to uphold the Second Amendment. They aren’t taxpayer funded to traffic guns to cartels, gangs, and terrorists outside of the USA so they can murder Border Patrol agents and innocent people.

Unfortunately, Americans have been witnessing liberal judges jumping on the bandwagon and violating their sworn oath to the USA and U.S. Constitution. Some judges are supporting Sharia law on U.S. soil with knowledge that they are supporting foreign law with knowledge that replacing or upholding foreign law on U.S. soil is treason. It’s plain and clear and as simple as that. It appears that under the NDAA Law that Americans who commit treason, sedition, misdemeanors and High Crimes against the USA can be tried in a Military Tribunal as “enemy combatants.”

Ironically, Obama and Holder, made sure that Americans never said the words “Islamic Terrorists” and “Enemy Combatants” against the Muslims who attacked and murdered Americans on U.S. soil. It appears the reason to place fear in the minds of Journalists, media, and Americans is to prevent the terrorists from being tried by a Military Tribunal for Treason and Sedition as Traitors to the USA. The Congress allowed them to try foreign enemy combatants in America’s civilian courts as if they stole a bag of potato chips and reduce their crimes down to “workplace violence,” so they could set them free and fly them back to the Middle East.

The U.S. judges are aware of cases involving radicals from foreign nations who have beheaded family members . The legal Americans have been diminished by MSM since Obama and Holder took office and mocked for speaking out against rape, pedophilia, money laundering, open borders, trafficking humans, organ trafficking, gun and drug trafficking, and forcing kids into prostitution or murder be it foreign enemies or one of their own such as Jeffrey Epstein, KingPin Child Trafficker, who appears to never have been punished or attacked at gunpoint by the FBI before dawn while asleep ready to bust down his door.

In fact, there was a story reporting that two American males were beheaded in the state of New Jersey. The constitution doesn’t recognize “honor killings,” but considers premeditated cold-blooded murders a punishable felony on U.S. soil. These foreign ideologies should never be allowed to exist inside the USA. They are in opposition to the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Sovereignty, God of the Bible, The Bible, and Ten Commandments.

Consequently, the news reported stories related to the FBI alleging that radical Muslims have been illegally crossing through Mexico into the USA after hooking up with cartels and taking on fake Hispanic names and identifications.  Americans are worried about Fast and Furious, while at the same time, Americans are worried about the White House paving the way for Communist China to increase their military arms and armies since the Clinton’s took office. It appears the Democrats have surrounded the American citizens with foreign enemies within and without.

Many Americans believe that Obama and Holder, Valerie Jarrett, The Clinton’s, Huma Abedin, the Bush’s and Democrats appear to favor Communist and Muslim Brotherhood Nations. Communist China has been entering into the U.S.A. through the one-way super highway implemented under President Clinton as far back as 1992. Clinton implemented the open door policy and the “Super Highway” to Communist China providing them access to the U.S. Long Beach Naval Base and Port tariff free. The oil companies approved of marrying Communist China and building the Super Highway back in the 1990’s.

Recently, we’ve learned that Communist China has been importing poor quality products stamped “Made in China” and “Made in India,” and many of these products contain heavy lead content, such as rice,  which is a serious problem in China and America.  Products that contain chemicals are known to cause cancer and chronic illness.  Prior to outsourcing jobs and technology to Communist China, Americans use to develop and manufacture high quality products and foods and drinks that were inspected and labeled “Made in the USA.” Americans were guaranteed high quality consumer inspections. Most American miss that stamp, “Made in America” that the Clinton’s diminished substantially in America.

The Clinton’s, with the blessings of Congress and Wall Street have helped Communist China become an economic superpower and that of the Obama Democrats and the financial support of George Soros. Under Obama’s regime, China is reported to exceed the economic status of America and they are building up their military and military defenses while Bill Clinton and Obama have diminished the U.S. economic status which didn’t hit and negatively effect our economy until 2008.

In 2008, the Housing Crisis hit, because the Democrats in congress voted to force banks to fund people buying homes even if they didn’t qualify. Millions of Americans lost their homes to bank foreclosures and abandoned their homes and filed bankruptcy and for public assistance. After Obama was elected, he racked up $20 Trillion in a National Debt and under his reign, America suffered a credit downgrade twice for the first time in America’s history while Communist China superseded Americans economic status. And, at a time when Obama and Holder were trafficking guns into a foreign nation and selling untracked guns through their agents and strawman to cartel members using America’s tax dollars to do so.

Recently, an intelligence report disclosed that Communist China has been cloning America’s advanced military technology developed at Lockheed and has been building superspeed missiles with a range that could hit the USA. How is it Communist China has been able to clone America’s advanced military technology unless we have foreign or domestic spies?

Press Conference:  This leads to the crimes committed during Fast and Furious. According to Deputy D.A. Ogden, Obama launched Fast and Furious about March or April of 2009, which he stated on national television.  Ogden stated that Obama named Holder and Ogden to head up the program and diverted U.S. Stimulus money from the Recovery Fund promised for jobs and divert U.S. tax dollars to fund Fast and Furious. Although, Fast and Furious was a program presented under the Bush Administration, President Bush never implemented Fast and Furious.

Furthermore, Governor Brewer requested that president Obama secure the borders for at least two years based on the excessive executions and beheadings along the borders, but Obama was seen in the news laughing and joking when he asked if the American people wanted him to build a moat with alligators, yet he continues to support “gun control” for law-abiding Americans.

In the mean time, the news continued to report that hundreds of people, mainly Mexican citizens, who are Catholics and Christians, were being terrorized and murdered along the borders, which is similar to the crisis that took place in Egypt.  The Egyptian news reported that the Egyptians opposed Obama funding Morsi because they stated that the Muslim Brotherhood member, Morsi, would murder Coptic Christians if elected. Morsi, was elected and replaced Mubarak. Morsi was elected with the financial assistance of Obama and Hillary using U.S. tax dollars at about $350M. This is why foreigners believe Americans have blood on their hands and how our tax dollars were abused and misused. Morsi did slaughter Coptic Christians and their pastors and burned down their churches.. The Morsi regime marked the homes of Coptic Christians that were to be burned down in the future according to the Egyptian news.

Obama and Hillary Clinton interfered with a foreign election against the will of the Egyptian citizens, but Congress and the DOJ did nothing to them, but then Speaker Pelosi was in charge and Eric Holder was in charge of the DOJ. What should we expect?

This leads to the question as to why Mueller and the Democrats are so concerned about Russia interfering in the 2016 alleging they helped Trump get elected when they committed so many violations of national and international law as well as jetting about to Orgy Island? How is it the Comey-Mueller-Rosenstein and their team weren’t concerned about Obama and Hillary Clinton diverting U.S. tax dollars over to a foreign enemy of the USA on foreign soil and interfering in a foreign election to swing the vote for Morsi against the objections of the Egyptian citizens?

 As of August 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood has burned down 39 Christian churches in Egypt under the U.S. tax funding diverted by Obama.  Since that time, the Egyptian Courts have charged Obama with war crimes and aiding and abetting the enemy and charged Hillary Rodham Clinton with aiding and abetting the enemy which was reported online. .

In fact, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi were photographed in the news wearing a scarf wrapped around their heads and the article stated that they embraced the Muslim Brotherhood. alleged that Hillary Clinton is a Muslim Brotherhood agent.  The mainstream news reported that Hillary Clinton, employed Huma Abedin for more than 20 years, as her intimate confidante, with knowledge that Huma’s family and parents are loyal members of and employed by the anti-American and anti-Israeli Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, her parents are employees of the Muslim Brotherhood and publish articles on their behalf. Hillary Clinton was aware of these issues while Hillary Clinton remained in public office.

Furthermore, the news reported that on or about August 2013, a Mexican Chief of Police was murdered with one of the Fast and Furious guns.  The cartels, who were provided U.S. guns, terrorized the border cities and took over the borders, city by city. This is a strategy that would be consistent with that of community organizers and the Muslim Brotherhood as seen in Egypt and Libya and Africa.  They invade one village or one city or one community at a time and take it over.  That would be similar to taking one community at a time in the USA until the entire nation was painted SEIU purple which is what Obama promised SEIU in exchange for donations. Instead, Obama painted the city of Dearborn green with signs that read no-go zones.

Theoretically, one might view Fast and Furious, a two-year terrorist act of executions and beheadings of hundreds of innocent people on foreign soil as a genocide of Mexican and U.S. Catholics and Christians. It could be viewed as part of a depopulation program of Christians and Catholics on the borders as well as Mexicans and Americans on the borders. Should Americans ask if Fast and Furious was a tool that cartels and terrorists could use to take control of the borders and traffic guns, drugs and kids through the underground tunnels and across open borders as well as illegally enter into the USA bypassing ICE and Border Patrol?

 If cartels tied to terrorists succeeded at taking control of the borders without intervention by the U.S. authorities then there would definitely be a major increase of drug, gun, and human-trafficking, along the borders.  As long as the Obama White House and Holder DOJ kept the borders open to allow unidentified illegals to enter by ordering law enforcement to stand down then anything is possible. After all, the Jihadist who attacked and killed Americans in San Bernardino was hired to secure the borders. Believe it or not!

Consequently, more people were murdered in the two years after Fast and Furious began its operation than military men and women killed in some battles fought in the Middle East since 911.  Remember, the Mexican people cried out for two years that the guns were coming into Mexico from the United states, after Mexico was blamed for the terrorism, and the takeover of the borders. The truth is that the illegal guns were trafficked into Mexico from the USA’s Department of Justice.

Remember, Fast and Furious hit the news in 2009 when it was announced during a Press Conference, and once again hit the news about 2011 once it was exposed because of the murder of Border Patrol Officers, Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata were shot with Fast and Furious guns purchased in the USA by the Obama-Holder DOJ. The story story of gun trafficking from the Obama-Holder regime into Mexico to cartels was exposed and although Holder testified under oath at a congressional hearing, he didn’t respond to the questions appropriately and he was removed as the USAG.

Therefore, how many Americans have written or called their congressional members and senators and demanded that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate “Fast and Furious?” How many Americans have called their representatives and urged them or investigate who approved diverting millions of dollars from the Recovery Funds to implement the program, Fast and Furious, since it is Congress who has control of the purse strings according to the U.S. Constitution. This is definitely Dereliction of Duty and Gross Negligence in my opinion and someone should have been held accountable for the deaths of the Border Patrol and innocent victims.

Remember, what happens along the borders affects America. If the Obama White House failed to seek approval to divert the funding from the Recovery Funds from Congress then how it is he isn’t held accountable?

Therefore, the majority of  Americans consider Mexican citizens to be poor and subservient to Americans, because the majority are poor, but that doesn’t make them less human or their pain and sorrow of having their loved ones executed insignificant.  It appears that these crimes against innocent Mexican and American Catholics and Christians, who were sheep led to the slaughter, are God’s children, too, and don’t deserve to be murdered because of gross negligence created by the Federal Government and implemented by the White House and DOJ without any accountability.. 

It appears that everyone in the White House and Department of Justice knows nothing or very little about the funding for the program or the profit from the sale of the guns. It appears that no one knows anything about the program named, Fast and Furious. So, what did the taxpayer funded DOJ employees hired to protect Americans do all day while at work?

This is a major scandal!  But, where is the outcry by the American people, who were promised jobs, but instead, Americans were told that the money from the Recovery Fund promised to fund small businesses and create jobs for Americans was used to sell guns to cartels tied to terrorist? Who will tell the American people why the guns walked across the border and purchased by a strawman ended up in the hands of cartels who walked away without being tracked and arrested while killing hundreds of people?

It is doubtful that Congress will do anything about this scandal.  It’s doubtful that they’ll investigate the funding for the program that belongs to the U.S. taxpayers or the profits from the sale of the guns.  This is the problem when the federal government continued to violate the law that grants “limited powers” to the federal government. It appears that  U.S. tax dollars have been misappropriated and gone missing entirely without accountability.  Billions!  Trillions!  What happened to the profits from the sale of the guns?

Of course, whistleblowers are fearful of retaliation if they testify against  politicians, who abuse their power. Americans know that corrupted politicians do punish employees or witnesses who speak out. The witnesses fear the cartel members and the terrorists. What if the Obama-Holder DOJ intentionally didn’t follow Basic Surveillance 101 and intentionally didn’t track the guns or the criminals with intent to continue trafficking guns to the terrorists as part of a covert army being created by Obama who declared that he would form an “army” entitled the National Civilian Security Force more powerful and more well-funded than the U.S. military. Remember, it was Obama who funded ANTIFA with Soros and Hillary Clinton and it’s Obama who moved down the street from the White House in 2017 and stated his army, OFA, consisted of 35,000 members.

Ironically,  Congress didn’t have a problem impeaching Nixon and Clinton. It appears the stain on the blue dress to impeach Clinton was a diversion from far worse allegations involving his alleged crimes over the past 40 plus years. He will always be known as a skirt chasin’, flag burnin’ and draft dodgin’ impeached president.  In my award-winning book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, a self-help book filled with a wealth of information and recommended by national newspapers and featured in the Daily Law Journal, an international mag, “Journal of Commerce and Science; The Veterans Reporter Newspaper, major radio hosts, and an amazon 5 Star Review and more, there are sections that touch on the dangers of public servants belonging to a “Brotherhood or Secret Societies.”

 For example, Americans are challenged with the fact that Obama embraced the “Muslim Brotherhood” and “CAIR” and made them a non-profit status on U.S. soil and allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to frequent the White House and tour the White House and allegedly tour National Security. Clinton was alleged in the news to take millions in donations from the Communist Chinese and allow the Communist Chinese to tour National Security as well. And, the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s appear to be BFF’s – Best Friends Forever with the same agenda leading to the U.N. and New World Order.

Obama and Clinton also allowed the Muslim Brotherhood and radicals to access and donate to Universities and public schools to insert foreign ideologies into America’s schools and brainwash the youth. Isn’t that what Hitler did as well? He brainwashed the youth!

Obama hired what he called Czars, which many people probably don’t recall, and he forced Obamacare down America’s throats and inserted into Obamacare was a section that granted Obama the authority to appoint 25 Czars to a committee to determine who would live and who would die under Obamacare. Imagine, if foreign enemies were making such a determination about America’s babies, children, and adults? After all, it appears that Governor Cuomo has blood on his hands passing a new law to kill babies at 9 months with the mom’s consent at Planned Parenthood probably to harvest the organs and make big profits as the more developed organs are more valuable.

The Orange County Register Newspaper in the OC in California exposed a scandal in the 90’s, before organ harvesting was even a topic. The doctors were arrested who were secretly getting bribes to harvest the organs of babies aborted at 6 or 7 months when they were fully developed because they get more money for fully developed organs. This was at a time when partial-birth abortions were approved. This begs the question of politicians like Cuomo who are passing laws in their states to abort fully developed babies u to 9 months is receiving kickbacks from the medical field or researchers such as Scientists, After all, there are CPS workers who were exposed taking Bribes for Kids by removing kids from non-offending parents and placing them with pedophiles.

The FBI and Journalists who study the Muslim Brotherhood have reported in documentaries that the stated strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, is to “wipe out Western civilization.”  

Isn’t this scandal similar to sleeping with the enemy and having to sleep with one eye open?  The President is non-vetted and this raises the question if the Muslim Brotherhood members have been properly vetted.  

The 22nd Amendment requires that any person, including the President, must be properly vetted before accessing each government document or facility prior to accessing any information or documents determined to be protected by National Security.  In other words, any person who isn’t vetted cannot access any document or facility related to National Security, but the 22nd Amendment is being ignored and trampled upon.

Recently, the DOJ, under Holder transferred federal agents involved in Fast and Furious into different departments of the DOJ.  Now, how does that resolve the problem of who is responsible for Fast and Furious. It appears that the multi-millions in U.S. tax dollars diverted from the Recovery Fund to Fast and Furious was an abuse of taxpayer funds. It is not reasonable to believe that Eric Holder and his team when questioned before congress under oath didn’t remember anything and didn’t know anything.

Again, US Deputy AG, Ogden, seen in the news said the President named Holder and Ogden as the persons in charge of the program, but I don’t recall anyone ordering US Deputy AG Ogden to testify at the congressional hearings.  I don’t recall any congressional members asking to see how the funds were diverted from the Recovery Fund or what happened to the profits from the sale of the guns.

Remember, Arizona’s Governor Brewer, cried out for help many times and Obama laughed and joked about her concerns.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the American people have been protesting the open border policy since the Clinton’s were in office, but are met with resistance.  In fact, Obama responded by filing a lawsuit against Arizona and the American people.  There were news reports that Obama filed a Complaint with the United Nation’s Human Rights Committee against the American people.

Recently Obama and Hillary, Schumer, Feinstein, NYC Mayor Bloomberg, and liberal democrats have been pushing to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. The news reported that Obama is banning certain types of rifles and approves tracking  U.S. citizens who buy guns at stores, such as Walmart. Is Walmart agreeing to do this because Hillary Clinton was on their Board of Directors for 6 years, while she represented Walmart at the Rose Law Firm, which is a huge Conflict of Interest?   Is it coincidence how Hillary and Bill were involved with the founding of Walmart and now Walmart was named by Janet Napolitano, former DHS Director as the key discount store to track the guns purchased by Americans and report those sales to the federal government?

Hillary Clinton, Obama, Feinstein, Biden, and Kerry, have been the U.N.’s greatest supporter of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.  Ironically, Hillary Clinton traveled to Mexico about April 2009 and she and Holder assured Mexico’s President that they would do everything possible to stop gun trafficking into Mexico from the USA, This occurred about the same time that Fast and Furious had been launched.  This raises the question as to why Obama found it necessary to call out a pandemic in 2009. The swine flu hadn’t even hit the USA, but Obama threatened every American who refused the government’s agents to assault their body with a chemical-laden swine flu vaccine would be fined or jailed or both. In fact, Obama threatened the medical staff that they could be fired if they refused to be vaccinated.

On the other hand, foreigners from Third World Nations were being hired in hospitals and the news reported that many of the workers refused to wash their hands before and after procedures and touching patients and according to the news, they were allowed to work without washing their hands which spreads disease under Obama’s reign.

In the In the 1970’s, the mainstream media as well as the Federal Government assured the American people that the chemical-laden swine flu shot was 100%, but afterwards, lawsuits were filed because people were paralyzed or died.

In fact, Obama supported open borders and the North American Union agenda created by the CFR. The Open Border policy was approved by the U.N., Bush’s, Clinton’s and Condoleeza Rice. After all, America has millions of illegals inside the USA and most Americans believe the government is lying about their guesstimate at about 11,000,000. Most Americans believe that there are more like 30,000,000 inside the USA.

Rose Colombo stated in 2011, “Gun Control is a Nazi Law, not an American law.”  But under Fast and Furious, Gun Control for cartels went rogue and the sky was the limit until caught. 

Senator Feinstein pushed to declare Veterans mentally disturbed and promoted taking guns away from them. It’s ironic, because there are articles and videos of Feinstein carrying guns and shooting guns as target practice online. Feinstein was trained on how to fire guns and stated she carried a concealed weapon. Democrats are hypocrites.

The Obama-Clinton push to disarm Americans begs the question if the DOJ arrested the cartels members purchasing the guns during the exchange and if not, why not? Did the DOJ present any recorded deals or were there any photographs or wires used to record the sale of the illegal drugs to the cartels and if not, why not? They Obama-Holder-Hillary regime appear to have supplied guns to cartels and radicals during Benghazi, but they push banning guns and punishing Americans who carry guns.

Furthermore, people who are fans of the cowboy classic movies from the past know that the Sheriffs tracked the bad guys and arrested them back in the day. The Sheriffs on horseback didn’t have the technology they have today. It’s common knowledge that if an average citizen purchased an illegal gun from an U.S. federal agent in a sting operation, he’d be placed under surveillance, wired, videotaped, recorded, photographed, followed, and arrested immediately….right or wrong?  Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger had a better tracking record than Eric Holder.

Today, the U.S. federal government is tracking Americans on their cell phones, in their cars with GPS, black boxes, drones,computers, cameras, Iris scans, photos, videos, naked x-ray photos, facial imaging, fingerprints, microchips, and using stores such as Walmart and at the airports, but the Democrats in congress and the Rinos allow millions of illegals to illegally enter our nation and illegally live in our nation and be funded without required inspections by law and by-pass TSA, ICE, and Border Patrol inspections. The only people being required to carry legal ID and legal Passports and be naked x-rayed are law-abiding natural-born Americans.

Americans should ask what if there was an attack on Americans by armed cartels and terrorists after the Americans were disarmed. Isn’t that leaving Americans vulnerable to a genocide on U.S. soil as Americans would have no way to defend themselves and their families just like the Jews didn’t have anyway to defend themselves during WWII. Therefore, should Americans not ask the following questions:

1.  Did the senate watch the video of Ogden stating that Obama launched the $10 million plus taxpayer “Fast and Furious Program” naming Holder at the head of the program in 2009 and did they subpoena Ogden for questioning?

2.  Were any Memos issued from various departments relating to “Fast and Furious” which should include agents, supervisors, the stores where the guns were purchased; the names of cartel members, tracking of cartel members after buying the guns, tracking of the guns between 2009 and 2011?

3.  Was there a Budget Report listing Income and Expense Records relating to “Fast and Furious” between 2009 and 2011?

4.  What happened to the Profits the agents received from the sale of the guns sold to the criminals and where are those reports between 2009 and 2011?

5.  Where are the Annual Budget Reports for the $10 million taxpayer “Fast and Furious” Program launched by Obama for  2009 – 2010 – 2011 by the employees who received the tax dollars and how were the tax dollars spent?

6.  Were there any emails between the various agents and departments between 2009 and 2011 or cameras recording their conversations in their offices like the government is now using to spy on law-abiding and innocent Americans and invade our privacy?

7.  Was there any Computer Tracking of the guns from the store to the agent to the criminal? (Remember, the federal govt launched a program to track law-abiding Americans who bought guns at Wal-Mart and other gun stores and are secretly spying on law-abiding Americans according to Whistle Blower Edward Snowden)

8.  Were there any videos of the sales of the guns and tracking on video like a GPS following the criminals so they know where the guns ended up? (Under the Obama regime, law-abiding Americans are being tracked and the Obama regime is attempting to disarm Americans and deny the 2nd Amendment, yet DOJ was selling guns to criminals without tracking them)

9.  Did the senate inquire if there are any recorded phone calls between the Executive office and the DOJ and Secretary of State, Feinstein, Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Kerry, Biden and Mexico related to the $10 million taxpayer “Fast and Furious Program” between 2009 and 2011?  (Remember, the federal government has suspended the 4th Amendment, due process of law, and the news reported that they’ve been eavesdropping on innocent Americans).  [Please share this post, but please don’t change the content or plagiarize…much appreciated

Rose Colombo, a long time legal and political activist experienced the dark side of justice and took up her sword to fight back against legal abuse. She’s helped victims of legal abuse for 25 years.  Rose is a Researcher of Legal Abuse, award-winning columnist, author, writer, and poet. She created a local newspaper column titled, One Woman’s Opinion” and she’s proposed laws that have been implemented.  She’s been written up and her articles published and quoted in the L.A. Times, O.C. Register, Denver Post, Boston Globe and more….seen and heard on TV and radio debating injustices, including the O.J. Simpson case involving  the Recall that hit the news of Judge Nancy Wieben Stock.

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