Only Marry the Nation You Love!
Only Marry the Nation You Love!

Rose Colombo, pub. 7/16/2011, rev 9/3/2011,rev. 8/17/2013

The voices to disarm Americans rang out from Obama’s lips on “Meet the Press” back in 2008. Imagine a chorus consisting of NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, secretly singing, “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Son.”

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How is it that Americans elected and support Obama, Holder, Bill nd Hillary Clinton, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Schumer, Bloomberg, and more politicians, who strongly support the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, with knowledge that their goal is to eliminate the Second Amendment and implement the Nazi Law known as “Gun Control?”  The push for “Gun Control” laws began under the Clinton regime when Clinton-Reno-Holder were the pushing gun control. agendas.  Remember, OKC, Ruby Ridge and WACO?  These scandals were all about gun control as Clinton-Holder and Reno accused these Americans of stockpiling guns.  These long time career politicians including many others remaining in the White House and Congress and the Decmocrats and RINOS they’ve mentored fight hard to disarm Americans, whic is violation of the Second Amendment established in the  U.S. Constitution. They push the U.N. Small Arms Treaty against the Will of the majority of Americans.  It is the Second Amendment that establishes the right of Americans to buy and sell any weapons and ammunition. How is it that Fast and Furious isn’t seen as a program that was designed to disarm Americans? After all, Fast and Furious is the perfect political rhetoric that these liberal representatives could use to cry out that guns kill! The truth is people kill and guns were used for self-defense against the bad guys.

Of course, the logical person realizes that there aren’t any law-abiding Americans killing thousands of citizens along the border with their legal guns for self-protection from tyranny and assault and battery; but rather exposing cartel members who were sold guns by the BATF agents under Eric Holder’s watch that involved  gun-trafficking illegal guns purchased by straw men on US soil and selling the untracked guns to untracked cartel members linked to terrorists from the Middle East between 2009 and 2011 when the story leaked to the press.  Apparently, Law Enforcement 101 was not used. The truth is that it’s illegal to use straw men for purchases, so why isn’t congress addressing the use of straw men being paid with  untracked U.S. tax dollars to purchase untracked guns to Mexican cartels on foreign soil?

So, at a time in history when cartels are heavily armed and tied in with the radical terrorists according to news stories confirmed by the FBI. It appears that the American people are confronted with public servants attempting to eliminate the Second Amendment as gun control is one of Obama’s priorities, while he favors the radicals.  This behavior by the federal government has the American people wondering, who these members of Congress and the oval office are actually protecting, since they swore to uphold the Second Amendment.

There are Americans judges who are jumping on the band wagon and violating their sworn oaths to the USA and US Constitution and supporting Sharia law on U.S. soil with knowledge that they are supporting foreign law on U.S. soil, which is punishable by law if charged and found guilty, but under the new NDAA law, I wonder, if they can even be charged.

The U.S. judges are aware that beheading people  on U.S. soil is recurring but these killings have been diminished in the news. Most recently, two American males were beheaded in the state of New Jersey. The constitution doesn’t recognize “honor killings,” but considers premeditated cold-blooded murders a punishable felony on U.S. soil. In fact, the media broke the story that hundreds of people were being killed along the borders with untracked U.S. guns and that the bad guys were beheading and executing people with the guns. There aren’t any laws establishing any type of murder as honorable, but only a crime, rightfully punishable by law.

Consequently, the news reported stories related to the FBI alleging that radical Muslims have been illegally crossing through Mexico into the USA after hooking up with cartels and taking on fake Hispanic names and identifications.  Americans are worried about Fast and Furious while at the same time, Americans are worried about the White House paving the way for Communist China to increase their military arms and armies since the Clinton’s took office, as Obama also appears to favor Communist nations. Communist China has been entering into the U.S. through the one-way super highway implemented under President Clinton as far back as 1992. Clinton implemented the open door policy and the “Super Highway” to Communist China providing them access to U.S. Ports tariff free.  Recently, we’ve learned that Communist China has been importing poor quality products stamped “Made in China” and “Made in India,” and many of these products contain heavy lead content, such as rice,  which is a serious problem.  Products that contain chemicals are known to cause cancer and chronic illness.  Prior to outsourcing jobs and technology to Communist China, Americans developed and manufactured the consumer products  and they were labeled “Made in the USA.” Americans were guaranteed high quality consumer inspections.

The Clinton’s, with the blessings of Congress and Wall Street, have helped Communist China become an economic super power that under the Obama Regime with the backing of George Soros and the Clinton’s currently exceeds the economic status of the USA, while the USA’s economic and military status, have been substantially reduced and the credit standing of America has taken big hits.

Press Conference:  This leads to the crimes committed during Fast and Furious. According to Deputy D.A. Ogden, Obama launched Fast and Furious about March or April of 2009, which he stated on national television.  Ogden stated that Obama named Holder and Ogden to head up the program and diverted U.S. Stimulus money from the Recovery Fund promised for jobs to fund Fast and Furious. Although, Fast and Furious was a program presented under the Bush Administration, President Bush never implemented Fast and Furious.

Furthermore, Governor Brewer has requested that president Obama secure the borders for at least two years based on the excessive executions and beheadings along the borders, but Obama was seen in the news laughing and joking when he asked if the American people wanted him to build a moat with alligators, yet he continues to support “gun control” for law-abiding Americans.

In the mean time, the news continued to report that hundreds of people, mainly Mexican citizens who are Catholics and Christians, are being terrorized and murdered along the borders, which is similar to the crisis taking place in Egypt.  The Egyptian news is reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood is murdering hundreds of Christians, marking their homes to be burned down in the future according to the Egyptian news,  As of August 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood has burned down 39 Christian churches in Egypt under the U.S. tax funding approved by Obama.  SInce that time, the Egyptian Courts have charged Obama with war crimes and aiding and abetting the enemy and charged Hillary Rodham Clinton with aiding and abetting the enemy.  After all, Hillary was photographed in the news with scarves alleging she embraced the Muslim Brotherhood. alleged she is a Muslim Brotherhood agent.  The main stream news reported she employed Muslim Brotherhood employees linked to or members of the Muslim Brotherhood while she was Secretary of State.

Also, during the Fast and Furious program, innocent Mexican citizens were being terrorized, robbed, raped, executed and beheaded.  Mexican police, politicians, and journalists, and Border Patrol, have been murdered or scared out of office.  In fact, two U.S.  Border Patrol agents were murdered with guns purchased in the U.S. under the program, Fast and Furious that were gun walked across the border and sold in Mexico to unidentified cartel members according to the identified evidence as reported.  The FBI confirmed in news stories around the nation that the radical terrorists have hooked up with the cartels.  Brian Terry, Border Patrol Agent, and Jaime Zapata were murdered by cartel members with the guns trafficked into Mexico as reported in the news.

The news reported that on or about August 2013, a Mexican Chief of Police was murdered with one of the Fast and Furious guns.  The cartels, who were provided U.S. guns, have terrorized the borders cities and taken over the borders, city by city, which is a strategy that would be consistent with that of community organizers and the Muslim Brotherhood as seen in Egypt and Libya and Africa.  They invade one community at a time and take it over.  That would be similar to taking one community at a time in the USA until the entire nation was painted SEIU purple.

Theoretically, one might view this two-year terrorist act of executions and beheadings of thousands of innocent people on foreign soil as a genocide of Mexican Catholics and Christians as well as depopulation of Americans, innocent Mexicans, and authorities, along the borders in order to control the borders and utilize the underground tunnels along the borders.  If cartels tied to terrorists succeeded at taking control of the borders without intervention by the U.S. authorities then there will increased drug, gun, and human-trafficking along the borders.  If the White House of head of the DOJ were to open up the borders to unidentified illegals and order law enforcement to stand down then anything is possible.

Consequently, more people were murdered in the two years after Fast and Furious began its operation than killed in some battles fought in the Middle East since 911. Remember, the Mexican people cried out for two years that the guns were coming into Mexico from the United states, after Mexico was blamed for the terrorism, and the takeover of the borders, but in reality, the guns were trafficked into Mexico from the USA’s Department of Justice. Fast and Furious hit the news in 2009 when it was announced during a Press Conference, and once again hit the news about 2011 after the story broke announcing that U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, and Jaime Zapata, were found murdered by a Fast and Furious guns.

For example, if  thousands of innocent people had been executed and beheaded across the oceans, it should raise the question if the American people would rise up and react in comparison to the radicals from the Middle East, who rise up and react. So, how is it that Congress and the American people haven’t risen up against the scandal known as Fast and Furious involving hundreds of murdered people who died at the hands of U.S. untracked guns?

Therefore, how many Americans have written or called their congressional members and senators and demanded that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate “Fast and Furious” or investigate who approved diverting millions of dollars from the Recovery Funds to implement the program, Fast and Furious, since it is Congress who has control of the purse strings according to the U.S. Constitution.

Remember, what happens along the borders can happen in America if there isn’t accountability for thousands of executions.  If the White House failed to seek approval to divert the funding from the Recovery Funds then why isn’t Congress holding the White House accountable for diverting the funds without congressional authority?

Remember, most Americans consider Mexican citizens to be poor and subservient to Americans, because the majority are poor, but that doesn’t make them less human or their pain and sorrow of having their loved ones executed insignificant.  It appears that these crimes against innocent Mexican Catholics and Christians, who were sheep led to the slaughter, are God’s children, too, and don’t deserve to be murdered by programs created in the Federal Government and implemented by the White House and DOJ without any accountability by anyone.  It appears that everyone in the White House and Department of Justice knows nothing or very little about the funding for the program or the program itself known as Fast and Furious.  So, what do they do all day while at work?

This is a major scandal!  But, where is the outcry by the American people, who were promised jobs, but instead were told that the money from the Recovery Fund promised to fund small businesses and create jobs for Americans was used to sell guns to cartels tied to terrorists and the guns walked across the border by straw men knowing cartels kill people?

It is doubtful that Congress will do anything about this scandal.  It’s doubtful that they’ll investigate the funding for the program that belongs to the U.S. taxpayers or the profits from the sale of the guns.  This is the problem when the federal government violates the law of “limited government” and expands. U.S. tax dollars are misappropriated or missing entirely without accountability.  Billions!  Trillions!  What happened to the profits from the sale of the guns?

Of course, whistleblowers are fearful of retaliation if they testify when it comes to  politicians, who abuse their power and punish employees or witnesses, cartel members, or the terrorists. It’s my opinion that they may have intentionally not followed Basic Surveillance 101 and failed to track the guns or the criminals making it nearly impossible to follow the money or prove who is responsible, especially when the DOJ and White House are uncooperative with Congress and Congress does little to seek justice in this matter.

Ironically,  Congress didn’t have a problem impeaching Nixon and Clinton for a lot less than what’s been happening since the 1990’s up through today.  In my award-winning book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, a self-help wealth of information recommended by national newspapers and featured in the Daily Law Journal and the international magazine, “Journal of Commerce and Science; The Veterans Reporter Newspaper….and more, there are sections that touch on the dangers of public servants belonging to a “Brotherhood or Secret Societies.”  For example, Americans are challenged with the “Muslim Brotherhood” gaining access into the White House appointed by elected Public Servants at the top as well as Universities and school administrators. These czars appointed as cabinet members could be deciding your health care and whether you live or die.  These same czars appointed by Obama into his cabinet and are now reported in the news as accessing National Security.  The news reported that members of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, are embracing the Muslim Brotherhood. The Clinton’s also embraced the “Communist Chinese.” In fact, Bill Clinton was in the news stating that “Americans will get use to Communism.”

The FBI and Journalists who study the Muslim Brotherhood have reported in documentaries that the stated strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, is to “wipe out Western civilization.”  Isn’t this similar to sleeping with the enemy and having to sleep with one eye open?  The President is non-vetted and this raises the question if the Muslim Brotherhood members have been properly vetted.  The 22nd Amendment requires that any person, including the President, must be properly vetted before accessing each government document or facility prior to accessing any information or documents determined to be protected by National Security.  In other words, any person who isn’t vetted cannot access any document or facility related to National Security, but the 22nd Amendment is being ignored and trampled upon.

Recently, the DOJ, under Holder transferred federal agents involved in Fast and Furious into different departments of the DOJ.  Now, how does that resolve the problem of who is responsible for Fast and Furious or account for the millions of U.S. tax dollars diverted from the Recovery Fund to Fast and Furious of the profits from the sale of the guns?  It’s not possible for the head of a Department to know nothing about a taxpayer-funded program involving BATF agents and the buying and selling and trafficking of guns into Mexico unless the person in charge was in a coma for two years.

Again, US Deputy AG, Ogden, seen in the news said the President named Holder and Ogden as the persons in charge of the program, but I don’t recall anyone ordering US Deputy AG Ogden to testify at the congressional hearings.  I don’t recall any congressional members asking to see how the funds were diverted from the Recovery Fund or what happened to the profits from the sale of the guns.

Remember, Arizona’s Governor Brewer, cried out for help many times and Obama laughed and joked about her concerns.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the American people have been protesting the open border policy since the Clinton’s were in office, but are met with resistance.  In fact, Obama responded by filing a lawsuit against Arizona and the American people.  There were news reports that Obama filed a Complaint with the United Nation’s Human Rights Committee against the American people.

Recently Obama and Hillary, Schumer, Feinstein, NYC Mayor Bloomberg, and liberal democrats have been pushing to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. The news reported that Obama is banning certain types of rifles and approves tracking  U.S. citizens who buy guns at stores, such as Walmart. Is Walmart agreeing to do this because Hillary Clinton was on their Board of Directors for 6 yeas while she represented Walmart at the Rose Law Firm which is a huge Conflict of Interest?   Is it coincidence how Hillary and Bill were involved with the founding of Walmart and now Walmart is the key store for tracking Americans and guns by the federal government?   How is that even legal for private department stores to track Americans for the government?

Hillary Clinton, Obama, Feinstein, Biden, and Kerry, have been the U.N.’s greatest supporter of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.  Ironically, Hillary Clinton traveled to Mexico about April 2009 and she and Holder assured Mexico’s President that they would do everything possible to stop gun trafficking into Mexico from the USA, which was about the same time that Fast and Furious had been launched.  This raises the question as to why Obama found it necessary i n 2009 before the swine flu alleged pandemic hit if a secret deal to open the borders and create the North American Union took place which is supported by the Bush Family Dynasty and the Clinton Family Dynasty as well as Obama.  After all, American has been invaded with illegals.  Furthermore, Holder worked under Clinton and Reno and all were supporters of gun control which is a Nazi Law, not an American law.

Ironically, the DOJ was selling guns to dangerous cartel members by using US tax dollars to fund the sales under the watch of Holder and Obama. Simultaneously, the Department of Homeland Security implemented laws that would not only disarm Americans, but track every law-abiding American, who legally purchased guns and ammunition on U.S. soil!

This begs the question of whether or not the U.S. federal agents arrested the criminals during the criminal gun deals and tracked them and if not, why not?  And, if the untracked guns purchased in the USA that were sold to criminals were recorded on video, audio taped, photographed, or tracked. And, if not, why would they want the sales of law-abiding Americans who purchase guns tracked with a background check, but not track guns sold to cartels or track the cartel members?

Even in the old classic cowboy movies, the Sheriffs tracked the bad guys and arrested them and they didn’t have videos or cameras!  For example, if the average citizen purchased an illegal gun from an U.S. federal agent in a sting operation, he’d be placed under surveillance, wired, videotaped, recorded, photographed, followed, and arrested immediately….right or wrong?  Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger had a better track record.

Obviously, most bureaucrats are lawyers with knowledge and if they decide to drag on a case, they can stall and stonewall evidence, testimony, and continue cases into ad infinitum, especially if the U.S. Congress believes that their role is “meaningless” and they are “powerless” to perform their fiduciary duty for some reason, but there are serious issues that remain unresolved. In fact, it is the duty of the U.S. Congress and senate to uphold the U.S. Constitution that designated “limited power” and reigns in the federal government. After Fast and Furious, the USA is linked through Fast and Furious in a program that involves open borders, tunnels, murders, beheadings, rapes, and robberies of hundreds of people who lived along the borders.

Consequently, should there be two years of recorded memos tracking the progress of the “Fast and Furious?” Has Holder complied with Senator Issa’s request for copies of emails; computer tracking of gun purchases and sales;  videos, photographs, and audio of the deals made between the U.S. and Mexican cartels? For example, shouldn’t there be a record listing the profits made from the sale of the guns?

Today, the U.S. federal government is tracking Americans on their cell phones, in their cars with GPS, black boxes, drones,computers, cameras, Iris scans, photos, videos, naked x-ray photos, facial imaging, fingerprints, microchips, and using stores such as Walmart.

Americans should ask what if this happened in America and only the criminals were armed should Obama, Feinstein, and Hillary Clinton, and others succeed at disarming Americans, leaving people vulnerable to radical terrorists and criminals.  In other words, because of our White and House and the DOJ, the unarmed Mexican people were led to the slaughter! Therefore, should Americans not ask the following questions:

1.  Did the senate watch the video of Ogden stating that Obama launched the $10 million plus taxpayer “Fast and Furious Program” naming Holder at the head of the program in 2009 and did they subpoena Ogden for questioning?

2.  Were any Memos issued from various departments relating to “Fast and Furious” which should include agents, supervisors, the stores where the guns were purchased; the names of cartel members, tracking of cartel members after buying the guns, tracking of the guns between 2009 and 2011?

3.  Was there a Budget Report listing Income and Expense Records relating to “Fast and Furious” between 2009 and 2011?

4.  What happened to the Profits the agents received from the sale of the guns sold to the criminals and where are those reports between 2009 and 2011?

5.  Where are the Annual Budget Reports for the $10 million taxpayer “Fast and Furious” Program launched by Obama for  2009 – 2010 – 2011 by the employees who received the tax dollars and how were the tax dollars spent?

6.  Were there any emails between the various agents and departments between 2009 and 2011 or cameras recording their conversations in their offices like the government is now using to spy innocent Americans?

7.  Was there any Computer Tracking of the guns from the store to the agent to the criminal? (Remember, the federal govt launched a program to track law-abiding Americans who bought guns at Wal-Mart and other gun stores and are secretly spying on law-abiding Americans according to Whistle Blower Edward Snowden)

8.  Were there any videos of the sales of the guns and tracking on video like a GPS following the criminals so they know where the guns ended up? (Under the Obama regime, law-abiding Americans are being tracked and the Obama regime is attempting to disarm Americans and deny the 2nd Amendment, yet DOJ was selling guns to criminals without tracking them)

9.  Did the senate inquire if there are any recorded phone calls between the Executive office and the DOJ and Secretary of State, Feinstein, Schumer, Kerry, Biden and Mexico related to the $10 million taxpayer “Fast and Furious Program” between 2009 and 2011?  (Remember, the federal government has suspended the 4th Amendment, due process of law, and the news reported that they’ve been eavesdropping on innocent Americans).  [Please share this post, but please don’t change the content or plagiarize…much appreciated

Rose Colombo, a long time legal and political activist experienced the dark side of justice and took up her sword to fight back against legal abuse. She’s helped victims of legal abuse for 25 years.  Rose is a Researcher of Legal Abuse, award-winning columnist, author, writer, and poet. She created a local newspaper column titled, One Woman’s Opinion” and she’s proposed laws that have been implemented.  She’s been written up and her articles published and quoted in the L.A. Times, O.C. Register, Denver Post, Boston Globe and more….seen and heard on TV and radio debating injustices, including the O.J. Simpson case involving  the Recall that hit the news of Judge Nancy Wieben Stock.

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