Only Marry the Nation You Love!
Only Marry the Nation You Love!

Rose Colombo, pub. 7/16/2011, rev 9/3/2011,rev. 8/17/2013, rev. 2019

The voices to disarm Americans rang out as alleged from Obama’s lips on “Meet the Press” back in 2008, but appears that statement isn’t anywhere to be found in the current transcripts. We do know that Obama, Holder, and the Clinton’s and Democrats are staunch supporters of Gun Control.”

Press Conference: Obama appointed AG Holder and asst. Ogden to launch Fast and Furious about March or April of 2009. Ogden stated on TV that Obama was launching a program entitled Fast and Furious, but what he didn’t disclose is that Obama was diverting Stimulus Recovery Funds promised for infrastructure jobs to Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious was presented to President George W. Bush, but he never implemented it.

Furthermore, Governor Brewer requested that president Obama secure the borders for at least two years based on the excessive executions and beheadings along the borders, but Obama was seen in the news laughing and joking when he asked if the American people wanted him to build a moat with alligators, yet he continues to support “gun control” for law-abiding Americans. Obama appeared upset when Sheriff Joe Arpaio bucked him and opposed Obama’s open border policy.

Gun Control is a Nazi Law and Denies Americans The Right to Exercise Constitutional Law known as the “Second Amendment.”

Protection for Americans! The only protection that Americans have from being totally denied Freedom, Liberty and Rights or from being overrun by a totalitarian government, foreign enemies or avoid a genocide and the creation of a Police State is the Second Amendment.

Congress shall Not Infringe on The Right of the People! The Second Amendment prohibits congress from infringing on the Right of the American citizens to own or buy legal guns and legal ammunition, and doesn’t even state the word “legal.” Guns and Ammunition are Consumer Products. It appears that the federal government is seeking to control by law what we can and can’t purchase with our own money after taxes. First it was Obamacare. Second, it’s guns and ammunition? Of course, they will exempt themselves and family, friends, Judges, and donors, Muslims and Illegals like they did when they rubber stamped Obamacare approved, right?

NO GUN CONTROL FOR MEXICO OR SYRIA OR SAUDI OR CHINA? The United States Constitution prohibits the POTUS and Congress from selling weapons to foreign enemy nations who threaten to wipe out Western Civilization, but under Obama’s reign and the Democrats that appears to have been trampled upon. He left a vacuum in Iraq that provided weapons, ammunition, and trucks that gave ISIS their start. He funded Iran with Billions in Cash and approved of the bad deal known as the Iran Deal that would fund Iran with $50B after threatening to wipe Israel and America off the face of the map.

In fact, Obama and Hillary are alleged to have been trafficking weapons to Syria during Benghazi. They lied about Benghazi on national television. Obama and Holder trafficked guns into Mexico and the guns were sold to unidentified cartel members that ended up murdering Americans and Mexican citizens.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Such language has created considerable debate regarding the Amendment’s intended scope.

Gun Control and Forfeiture Laws Are Unconstitutional!

Forfeiture Laws: Democrats and RINOS elected to Congress promote the “asset forfeiture law.” This law in my opinion is dangerous to all Americans and should be viewed as unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful and repealed. The exception to that law would be any person/s charged with sedition or treason or misdemeanors or High Crimes against the USA. The asset forfeiture law should never be used against the average citizen. The truth is that even innocent people accused of a crime – not even charged – accused – without “due process of law” or heard in court before a jury or a judge can experience their lives and that of their families destroyed by police or prosecutors who confiscate their vehicles, homes, property, assets, cash, jewelry, based on accusation only and the presumption of guilt even if you’re 100% innocent. Your life is ruined.

In this dangerous two-tier Justice System for example, the DOJ/FBI didn’t confiscate the properties in Paris, 2 Islands, and a New Mexico Ranch or Palm Beach and NY-Manhattan Townhomes of Jeffrey Epstein, an international child trafficker and allegedly money launderer. and more it appears. Should we assume if you’re rich and well-connected that you get a pass?

How Dangerous and Unconstitutional is the Civil Asset Forfeiture Law that Permanently Allows Confiscation of your Property, Cash, Business, vehicles. and assets? There are reports in the news of being stopped for a traffic ticket and the cop decides to accuse the person of a crime and takes their money while on their way to the bank. People have lost their businesses and livelihood by this evil law allowing the police to do whatever they want with the money or asset deposited into their treasure chest even if they never charge the person.

THE LAW: Civil asset forfeiture happens when a person’s property is permanently taken from them even though they never were convicted or pled guilty to a criminal offense. Property taken through asset forfeiture is theoretically used in the commission of a crime or obtained through criminal activity, such as drug trafficking.

The truth is that “Gun Control” is a “Nazi” law. The “Red Flag Laws” are Nazi laws and just more ways to put more Americans into psychiatric facilities, label them mentally unstable, and put them on Rx drugs and destroy their lives and deny them the Rights to Bear Arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The “Red Flag Laws” grant far too much power to the police. Just like the Nazi’s, they’re asking Americans to spy on their families and friends, co-workers and neighbors and report them and these accusations could be totally false out of jealousy, vengeance, or anger. The push for “Gun Control laws began under the Clinton regime back in 1993, which included Janet Reno and Eric Holder, and the long-time key Democrat majority.

Gun Hypocrisy vs. Open Borders and Drug Trafficking – Gun Control should start with the Senate and Congressional members. They should be the first examples and role models of turning over their legal permits and guns. They should fire their armed security guards. Obama is provided taxpayer funded security. Obama-Holder-Clinton-Soros-Democrats and Rinos push for “Gun Control” but most public servants carry or own legal concealed weapon, They hire armed security. Live behind walled secure homes. On the other hand, these same Democrats continue to their goal which is Gun Control and leaving Americans vulnerable to criminals attacks or a totalitarian government which happens after the governments takes away the guns from We The People of sovereign nations.

More Deaths by Open Borders, Drugs, and Hospital Error than Guns! Reality is that open borders cause substantial increases in crime as tons of drugs are smuggled into the USA that destroy the brain, families, finances, jobs, and cause tens of thousands of Americans to end up dead. , Fentanyl, meth, and Opioids, legal or illicit are smuggled into the USA. The government uses our tax dollars to traffic guns secretly into foreign enemy nations and across our borders as they arm cartels, jihadist, and gangs. The State of Michigan is being overrun by Jihadist who are recruiting Americans, even police officers, and America’s prisoners by force inside the jails. And what did Obama and Holder and the Democrats do for 10 years to address this problem?

Figure 1. National Drug Overdose Deaths—Number Among All Ages, by Gender, 1999-2017. More than 70,200 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids—a 2-fold increase in a decade.  (National Institute of Drug Abuse)

GOVERNMENT ABUSE OF GUNS? In the 90’s, the Clinton-Reno-Holder regime chose to test case their gun control agenda against Americans. The Clinton-Reno-Holder regime chose to bypass “due process of law” and fire on an American family in a rural area known as “Ruby Ridge.” The wife and mother was holding a baby on the front porch. The FBI shot the unarmed mother holding her baby in her arms. She died in front of her husband and kids inside the house. I guess the baby didn’t matter because it’s a fact that he Democrats don’t like U.S. Natural Born babies, only anchor babies.

Obama and Hillary Clinton are staunch supporters of Gun Control, U.N. Small Arms Treaty, and Planned Parenthood as well as Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions. They support abortions during pregnancy, at birth, or after birth known as “infanticide.” Hypocritically, Hillary Clinton gave birth to her daughter. Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea, gave birth and is pregnant with a second baby. Speaker Pelosi gave birth. So, it’s okay for them to give birth, but not the rest of the population? Apparently, the Weaver’s baby and son weren’t important enough to protect from being shot at and killed.

Democrat Speaker Pelosi lied to the American Citizens assuring taxpayers that mandated taxpayer funded abortions weren’t included in Obamacare aka ACA, and stated that they didn’t read Obamacare, but needed to pass it to see what was in it and rubber stamped it approved. And congressional members spew how much they respect Pelosi and how smart she happens to be!

peaker Pelosi lied to the Americans back in 2009 and assured every American that mandated taxpayer funded abortions wasn’t inserted into “Obamacare” prior to its passage, but it was mandated.

The minor child of the Weaver family, a little boy and his dog were running home through the woods when the feds shot the U.S. natural-born citizen to death. The Feds shot his dog as well and both died. A white natural born American President of the United States of America and his Black American AG assistant ordered the feds to target this American family living in a rural area without exercising “due process of law.” The husband, Randy Weaver, and the baby survived this surprise attack and it wasn’t ordered by foreign enemies.

The former impeached President BIll Clinton and his DOJ team, Janet Reno, and Eric Holder didn’t stop their attack on U.S. Citizens. They set their target on WACO Texas. Did the federal government want the land or was Bill Clinton and his Democrat AG’s and Democrat congress sending a message to Americans on the “right” who they referred to in Presidential Orders or memos as “right wing extremist?” The feds surrounded the home which they referred to as a “compound” on MSM and a shot was fired. The home caught on fire. Innocent American citizens, women, children, men, pregnant women were killed. About 18 survivors made it out alive.

The same players in the Democrat Party have been in congress and the senate and other positions of public service for 20-30-40+ years. It’s as if they are playing musical chairs as their colleagues, long-time friends, and associates change positions of power which appears to be for self-protection. Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, and the CFR who pushed for the Open Borders since GHWB was elected also promoted the Global Poverty Act which is a depopulation program under the guise of reducing poverty approved by the above named and implemented under Obamacare by Obama and by E.O. signed by Obama after he entered the oval office about January 2009. In plain English, it’s “Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions worldwide” forcing Americans to taxpayer fund the world’s abortions inserted not only by E.O. but into Obamacare.

OBAMA and Holder and the Democrats Promote Gun Control?

The non-vetted President Barak Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro was slipped into office even though he was a long-shot and even beat out long-time Senator McCain and NY Senator Hillary Clinton. It appears that the federal government has created what I termed in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” a “3-tier Justice System” morphed into a 2-tier Justice System,under the Obama-Biden-Hillary-Holder regime operated by a majority of Democrats for 8 years between 1993-2001 and 2009-2016. After the 2016 elections, the Democrats won the Congress and it appears their only agenda as of 2016 through 2020 has been and will be to destroy the Trump agendas and impeach, indict, or assassinate President Donald J. Trump and his family and supporters which are all recorded by social media by the “Trump” haters.

The Southern Poverty Law Center – Former Impeached President Bill Clinton, USAG Janet Reno, and Eric Holder didn’t stop at Ruby Ridge when it came to pushing “Gun Control” and targeting Conservatives, Christians, Constitutionalist, and Patriotic Loyal Americans. Morris Dees, founder of The Southern Poverty Law Center was part of the Clinton’s agendas and The Clinton Foundation. President Clinton and his DOJ and Morris Dees appeared to target American Patriots. Patriots are loyal Americans who believe in God, Pro-Life, Pro-Constitution, Pro-American way of life, Pro-Bible, Pro-Christians, and Pro-Sovereignty.

Furthermore, I met Mr. Dees at the Los Angeles Press Club Meeting in the 90’s when he asked me to drive him to his hotel after the meeting. I bowed out gracefully. I was told by a reliable source that Mr. Dees had something in common with President Clinton. The source alleged Dees was also a womanizer.”

In the 90’s, I was introduced to a WACO survivor and interviewed him. His name is David Thibodeaux. His interviews were seen on my former cable TV shows, “Women Fight Back”and “Issues of the Day” seen on Time-Warner-COX and listed in the TV Guide in the 90’s. His story versus the government’s story doesn’t match up. After the survivors were arrested, a well-respected lawyer, Jerry Spence, flew out from Wyoming to meet with the survivors and he represented several of them at trial. Mr. Spence is a highly-respected attorney and he authored the book, “Justice for None.”

It’s no secret that the Clinton’s embrace Communism and eventually, the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR. They embraced wealthy Hollywood Liberal Celebrities. They embraced Hollywood Producer Weinstein who was sued by female actresses for sexual assaults/harassment. The Clinton’s appear to have been BFF’s with the international registered pedophile and trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, who trafficked only little white girls. Epstein is currently in the news and his death remains a mystery as to whether or not he committed suicide or murdered, or sitting on an island sipping on a Martini. Epstein is alleged to have been working with Harvard Scientists on his attempt to create the superhuman white race using his DNA and impregnating the kidnapped girls.

Depopulation of Americans Means Less Gun Ownership! Jeffrey Epstein and Hollywood Liberal Celebrities donated for decades to the Clinton’s and they flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express to Orgy Island. It’s no secret that HIllary Clinton’s heroes were Saul Alinsky, Margaret Sanger, who wanted all Black babies and Jews to be aborted at birth. Hillary Clinton was one of Robert Byrd’s closes allies who led the white supremacy movement. So, how do Americans on the Left believe that the Clinton’s and the Democrats support Black Americans or the Jews or Hispanics when they’re actions speak louder than words? Hillary Clinton is Planned Parenthood’s biggest fan as well. On the other hand, the Democrats appear to have created a division within their own party as the Black Caucus appears to be anti-white supporters.

Obama Pushes Abortion and Same Sex in Africa! In fact, Obama supports Planned Parenthood and attempted to push abortions in Kenya and Ireland and I think they bought the snake oil. Kenya’s citizens protested Obama when he attempted to sell them on same-sex knowing that HIV-AIDS is a serious problem in Africa. Why would he do that if he and the Clinton’s and the Democrats weren’t supportive of depopulation programs/eugenics?

I interviewed one of the witnesses who survived the attack on WACO under President’ Clinton’s watch. David Thibodeaux appeared twice on my former cable TV shows, “Women Fight Back”and “Issues of the Day” seen on Time-Warner-COX and listed in the TV Guide in the 90’s. His story versus the government’s story doesn’t match up. A well-respected lawyer, Jerry Spence, flew out from Wyoming to meet with the survivors and he represented the survivors at trial during the 1990’s. So, you see, when the government has guns and legal citizens are targeted, Americans die.

The United Nations “Small Arms Treaty” – The definition of this treaty grants the United Nations GUN CONTROL over the United States citizens. In fact, there are 3X more guns in the USA than people. The 1960s hippies such as the Clinton’s and Democrats, including the Bush’s and Obama’s, Soros, a key funder of the anti-American agendas, support Gun Control and the “United Nations Small Arms Treaty.”

Definition of – The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is a multilateral treaty that regulates the international trade in conventional weapons. It entered into force on 24 December 2014.[1] 104 states have ratified the treaty, and a further 32 states have signed but not ratified it.[2] The ATT is an attempt to regulate the international trade of conventional weapons for the purpose of contributing to international and regional peace; reducing human suffering; and promoting co-operation, transparency, and responsible action by and among states (Wikipedia)

GUN and AMMUNITION ARE CONSUMER PRODUCTS – The Second Amendment  establishes the Right for all Americans to buy and sell any weapons and ammunition they choose in the USA. The citizens are not limited by constitutional law as to how many legal guns they can purchase or how much ammunition they can purchase. In fact, guns are a consumer product. Ammunition is a consumer product. The government has no authority under the U.S. Constitution to deny Americans their right to choose to purchase any consumer product with their own hard-earned money after taxes.

(No Guns Sold to Kids Under 18) I don’t believe kids should be allowed to buy guns or ammunition under the age of 18. All guns and ammunition should be legally purchased and the amount of ammunition for each legal gun recorded and limited to a reasonable amount It’s my opinion that guns should not be sold online or by mail order. I believe that all guns at gun shows must be registered. I think it’s ridiculous to make it a crime because people make a gun gesture with their hand. Where’s the crime? Italians and other ethnic countries use hand gestures and secret societies do as well. Should everyone be arrested for making hand gestures or could this be the beginning of thought crimes in the USA which are implemented in Communist China.

FAST AND FURIOUS and GUN CONTROL? Why aren’t Americans concerned about Fast and Furious? Obama held a Press Conference in 2009 with AG Holder and asst. Ogden announcing Obama’s program known as “Fast and Furious.” Fast and Furious ended up as a trafficking program that sold untracked guns to untracked cartel members. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to realize what the cartels will do to innocent people who get in their way, right, as they traffick more guns and drugs into the USA every day with the assistance of the Democrats who support open borders.

(Hillary-Holder Trip to Mexico) About 2009, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder flew to Mexico to meet with the President of Mexico after he expressed his concerns about the guns being trafficked into Mexico and sold to cartels. They promised to investigate and end it. Senator Dianne Feinstein wrote a letter to the President of Mexico related to “Fast and Furious.” In the meantime, Fast and Furious continued on for two-years using stimulus taxpayer money that had been promised to provide 350K infrastructure jobs between 2009 and 2011. (The video below is for information and educational and entertainment purposes only: Dianne Feinstein has/had a concealed weapons permit)

Fast and Furious Created Ghost Cities Along the Borders! The sale of untracked guns into Mexico sold to untracked cartel members continued for two years. Hundreds of innocent people murdered along the borders. Ghost cities were created as police fled because of the danger created by Fast and Furious. This agenda didn’t end until two Border Patrol agents were murdered with the Fast and Furious guns, Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry that hit the news. It would be interesting to know if the guns were being supplied to “El Chapo” and if the former President of Mexico and others were receiving bribes from this operation. After the arrest of El Chapo, the news outlets apparently went silent as if that story had been suppressed.

(Foreign Enemies and Criminals Always Have Guns and Weapons!) Fast and Furious should awaken Americans to realize that foreign enemies make and smuggle explosives and guns. They appear to have free access in and out of the USA by ports, rural airstrips, and open borders so how are all public servants who swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution which includes secure borders and protection from foreign invaders not suspect or complicit or perhaps, threatened? How else could these crimes against the (U.S. Constitution be ignored and swept away for decades?

Extreme Carelessness? The snake oil sold to Americans was a dangerous program to innocent people carried on for 2 years. It appears that the Holder DOJ didn’t bother to use procedures laid out by Law Enforcement 101 during the sale of the untracked tuns to untracked cartel members on foreign soil in Mexico! No videos? No photos? No Tracking? No Wires? No GPS? But, you can be sure that they can find the texts, emails, faxes, and your face caught on camera if you stole a Twinkie from a 7-11.

Fast and Furious was a program presented under the Bush Administration, President Bush never implemented Fast and Furious.

Furthermore, Governor Brewer requested that president Obama secure the borders for at least two years based on the excessive executions and beheadings along the borders, but Obama was seen in the news laughing and joking when he asked if the American people wanted him to build a moat with alligators, yet he continues to support “gun control” for law-abiding Americans.

The Obama-Holder regime continue to release dangerous terrorists and felons for 8 years who use weapons, explosives, and bombs or vehicles and planes against innocent people. It appears that cartels and gangs are linked to the Terrorist organization coming through Mexico to get into the USA using fake ideas, fake kids, and fake familie. They are using Obama’s Detain and Release policy changed from Detain and Deport.

Ironically, Eric Holder didn’t oppose Obama’s Detain and Release program. As a Law Enforcer it would appear that he would have fought it, but he approved of it. Obama tied the hands of Law Enforcers, Border Patrol, and ICE when it came to Legal Immigration and allowed everyone and anyone who put one foot down on U.S. soil to stay in the USA and Democrat Governors in California ordered California Taxpayers to pay for immigration lawyers to protect the illegal from Third World Nations from deportation. The Democrats had it all figured out how they would depopulate future natural born Americans and seniors and elder, sick and vets, chronically ill, and mentally and physically challenged and replace us with healthy males from Third World nations.

OBAMA’S TROJAN HORSE – Erick Holder once told a a college with a majority of Black students something like -within 10-15 years the face of America will be changed.

The hands of Law Enforcement have been tied for 10 years and continue to be tied as thousands of healthy males from Third World Nations that breed dangerous gangs, terrorists, jihadist, and cartels are flowing in and out of the USA without fear of being deported or arrested from 2009-2019. Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer and the “squad” freshman Democrat Reps and the Democrat Congress refuse to support President Trump’s efforts to secure the borders and/or build the wall along the borders.

 If cartels tied to terrorists succeeded at taking control of the borders without intervention by the U.S. authorities, Americans will experience higher crime rates, more children and young females missing, and a higher death rate of Americans hooked on drugs which is a Communist agenda. They migrated radicals/jihadist into the USA now they are overwhelming the State of Minnesota without being deported.After all, the Jihadist who attacked and killed unarmed Americans in San Bernardino. He was hired to secure the borders. Believe it or not! The Jihadist recruited into the U.S. Military killed unarmed Military personnel with his military gun as an admitted Jihadist attack on Americans.

Consequently, more people were murdered in the two years after Fast and Furious began its operation than military men and women killed in some battles fought in the Middle East since 911.  Remember, the Mexican people cried out for two years that the guns were coming into Mexico from the United states, after Mexico was blamed for the terrorism, and the takeover of the borders. The truth is that the illegal guns were trafficked from the USA into Mexico and sold to the cartels by order of Obama to the DOJ led by Eric Holder and Ogden.

Fast and Furious wasn’t a scandal until it hit the news on or about 2011: In 2011, MSM reported the shocking news that two Border Patrol Officers, Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata were killed by the Fast and Furious guns purchased with U.S. tax dollars.

The story of gun trafficking from the Obama-Holder regime into Mexico to cartels was exposed after Brian Terry was murdered with a F&F gun. Although Holder testified under oath at a congressional hearing, he wasn’t cooperative and eventually, he was removed for Contempt. He was replaced with Obama appointing Loretta Lynch from NY’s DOJ who was a long-time college friend of Mrs. Eric Holder. Coincidence? It appears that the Democrats have a history and a pattern of appointing and electing key persons who are long-time associates or friends or colleagues mostly from Harvard U, Chicago and NYC. The video below is Obama trying to convince Americans that he and Holder knew nothing about the cartels being sold guns trafficked into Mexico to kill BP officers and 100s of innocent people. (Video posted for educational and entertainment purposes only)

It is doubtful that Congress will do anything about this scandal.  It’s doubtful that they’ll investigate the funding for the program that belongs to the U.S. taxpayers or the profits from the sale of the guns.  This is the problem when the federal government continues to violate the law that grants “limited powers” to the federal government. It appears that  U.S. tax dollars have been misappropriated and gone missing entirely without accountability.  Billions!  Trillions!  What happened to the profits from the sale of the guns and how many people will be murdered in the future?

Of course, whistleblowers are fearful of retaliation if they testify against politicians, who abuse their power. Americans know that corrupted politicians do punish employees or witnesses who speak out. The witnesses fear the cartel members and the terrorists.

The 22nd Amendment requires that any person, including the President, must be properly vetted before accessing each government document or facility prior to accessing any information or documents determined to be protected by National Security.  In other words, any person who isn’t vetted cannot access any document or facility related to National Security, but the 22nd Amendment is being ignored and trampled upon.

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