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Between 2000 and 2015, over 200,000 minors were legally married in the United States. The vast majority of child marriages were between a child and an adult. The majority of married children were girls. In the United States, marriage age laws are set by the various states, territories and federal district. (wikipedia and Forbes).

In America, marrying a minor child or a relative is known as incest and it is against the law, but as Liberals continue to take over the government and as more pedophiles become wealthy and fund the Liberal Left into office, including Soros, Gates, and the NWO wealthy Dems, the laws on marrying children or engaging in sex with children, as well as, rape and trafficking are weakening because gays don’t have kids, so those who approve of SB 145 in the State of California are seeking to engage in immoral acts with innocent children that don’t belong to them.

The Liberal Democrats continue to weaken the laws on pedophilia because pedophiles or those committing incest don’t want to end up in jail as I stated. Intercourse, whether anal or oral or otherwise was intended for young people who fell in love and married the person they chose to bond with and marry. The Liberals are violating the virginity and innocence of minor children and the sanctity of marriage and family which is the foundation of a civilized society.

It appears that Liberal California Democrats no longer care about minor children being used for adult gays and heterosexual pedos seeking self-gratification. It appears they care less about protecting the children from the emotional and physical distresses it will cause for the rest of their lives. It destroy all trust when someone cares about them and seeks to marry them. The Democrat’s California bill, SB 145 passed by the assembly and senators, applies in cases where the victim is between the ages of 14 and 17; it aims to lift an existing registration requirement for oral and anal sex. The state senate and assembly both voted to approve the bill on Tuesday despite Republican opposition in the Senate and bipartisan opposition in the assembly which was introduced by California Senator Scott Wiener and awaits Democrat Ca. Governor Gavin newsom’s signature.

Despite Outrage, No End In Sight For Child Marriage In Iran

It’s shocking that the Democrats in the State of California, the Liberal Assembly and Senators would pass SB 145. They believe that Liberal Democrat Governor Newsom will sign SB 145 into law secretly without the knowledge of most Americans living in California. This is disgusting in this writer’s opinion, but California is 90% Liberal and Democrat. And, not only do the state legislatures support SB 145, but the democrat Representatives in congress support this bill which include long-time members, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris.

The pedophile bill SB 145 appears to protect pedophiles, not minor children. In fact, SB 145 appears to deny parental rights to parents in this matter. Sex with minor children has always been a crime in the USA and according to the Bible as well as U.S. Laws written to protect children from these predators. Minor children aren’t capable of making such decisions when coerced by adult pedophiles or forced by them. It’s a fact that pedophiles know that children fear adults who tell them to remain silent. Remember, the Bible warns men to protect women and children and not harm them. However, the Left appears to be mocking God and the Bible and attempting to kick God and the Bible out of the USA.

The California legislature’s Liberal Leftist bill SB 145 appears to allow adults to use children who aren’t their property and they have no authority to do what they will to minor children and harm them by stating the child “consented.” Common sense and decency tells us that children fear adults when they don’t do as they are told. The secret right of pedophiles seeking self-gratification by taking away a child’s innocence and emotionally scarring them for life includes anal and oral sex, which should remain a crime against children.

In the 1990s, former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was caught in the oval office and accused of having oral sex with a young girl and he lied about it. Bill Clinton was married to First Lady Hillary Clinton at that time. He disrespected the Highest Office in the land. It was Bill Clinton who stated that oral sex wasn’t sex and kids around the nation heard those words. The Clinton’s are reported in the news worldwide to be linked and to have accepted donations from the sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein, who was arrested. The Clinton’s are linked to the international child trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, who was reported to be arrested and reported dead. Recently, his partner in child trafficking, Ghislaine Maxwell linked to the Clinton’s was arrested in 2020 under the Trump administration.

An avunculate marriage is a marriage with a parent’s sibling or with one’s sibling’s child — i.e., between an uncle or aunt and their niece or nephew. … Avunculate marriage is permitted in Norway, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Finland, Malaysia, The Netherlands, and Russia.

StateCommon Law MarriageAge of consent to marry
Age with parental consent
Massachusetts- Title III, Chapter 207NoMale-14 k Female-12 k
Michigan- Chapter 551No16
Minnesota- Chapter 517No16 k

“Sibling marriage and avunculate marriage is prohibited, while cousin marriage is legal. Marriage between parents and offspring is also prohibited, even when there is no blood relationship, i.e. adoptive parent or parent-in-law.” (Forbes)

Most states define incest as “sexual relations with a close family member.” Incest is illegal in all states under sex crime laws and can lead to severe legal penalties. In most states, a “close family member” usually includes a person’s: Father. Mother (May 22, 2018). However, Americans elected a refugee into office, Ilhan Omar, and she is alleged to have been married to one man and married to her brother as well which is bigamy and incest and a crime in the USA, but the federal government appears to care less when it comes to people with titles or wealth or fame.

“Earlier this year, Delaware and New Jersey became the first states to outlaw marriage for anyone under the age of 18, with no exceptions” (Forbes-UNICEF)

“Missouri is a destination wedding spot for 15-year-old child brides”“A review of some 50,000 marriage licenses shows how Missouri’s lax law has for years turned the state into a destination wedding spot for 15-year-old child brides, often rushing to get married,” the Star reported. (Forbes)

“Twenty-Five (25) states have no minimum age requirement for marriage!”

“The risks are just as real for child marriages in the U.S. as they are in developing countries. For the sake of protecting children from abuse and protecting their futures, every single U.S. state must take legislative steps to ban child marriage. ” (Forbes)

Democrat and Former President Barack Hussein Obama, migrated refugees or fake refugees from foreign enemy nations into the USA whose ideologies both political and religious are bonded together and cannot be separated as mandated under their Sharia Law. Their religion operated by males with subservient females and children declare that men have a right to marry their relatives and marry many wives which is known as polygamy and marry children as young as 9 years of age. It appears that many pedos have willingly become converts who believe that they will be protected in the USA from being arrested and jailed.

It’s up to Heterosexuals, Christians, Catholics, God-Fearing Americans and Moral Americans who believe in protecting women and children from rape and physical abuse to fight back against these pedophiles and Liberals with anything goes who oppose the family unit and are undermining the morality, decency, integrity, and American way of life by destroying the bond of marriage and the family unit. And most importantly, they are passing laws to use your children without your consent for their physical self-gratification that should remain a crime.

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