Rose Colombo, author, Legal Activist Receives Award from Media Breakfast Club; author, Radio Host
Rose Colombo, author, Legal Activist Receives Award from Media Breakfast Club; author, Radio Host  -radio shows and blogs (C) 2011-2015

Rose Colombo welcomes Dr. Kara Egger, who is the author of a trilogy of books, “White Chocolate,” into Author’s Corner as she shares her book, White Chocolate Rain, a suspenseful Novel of Romance and Spirituality. She earned her Masters Degree in Counseling and she’s a former Middle School Principal, whose robust understanding of human behavior is revealed in her books and in her interview.  She uses fiction, suspense, romance, as well as human behaviors seducing readers to feel entertained and intrigued with her novels that share important information on how people can learn to deal with their own issues. She shares her expertise and tools so people can understand how to define themselves and seek out their purpose, which will help them improve themselves, and their relationships with family, friends, and spouses.  She reveals how self-deception is dangerous and toxic and where do most relationships go wrong. She provides six basic secrets for a satisfying relationship.  Her books, White Chocolate Rain, White Chocolate Garden, and White Chocolate Tree are available at  Listen to the interview on Rose Colombo N The Justice Club by clicking the link below:  (Like, Reblog, Follow, and Comment Below) 

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Author Kara Egger/Romance and Spirituality 5/13/ 05/13 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

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