Breaking Revelations/Listen Taped Live: Judge Kavanaugh vs. Christine Blasey Ford/ Sexual Harassment vs. Supreme Court/Who is McLean & Former Boyfriend of Ford? /Colombo Chronicles Live!

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Who is the former boyfriend and Monica L.  McLean and why weren’t they mentioned in the U.S. Senate Hearings of September 27, 2018 when the Senators questioned Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  Ford  alleged a Federal Judge, Brett Kavanaugh, nominated to be a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, sexually assaulted her 36 years ago, but Ford’s witnesses, who she named,  can’t remember the act or party except Ford.  Only Ford recalls the alleged assault by two teenage boys at a party that no one else recalls in their small town.  Judge Kavanaugh denies any and all of Ford’s allegations.  New information, which I have questioned and appears to be credible now  comes forward that was  not brought up at the hearings, but in my important are an important part of this serious matter and should be part of the on-going FBI investigations.

Rose Colombo reads a letter posted online providing the source that exposes a letter written by Christine Blasey Ford’s former boyfriend’s letter dated September 16, 2018 that states  that Ford didn’t fear flying and never mentioned being “claustrophobic” and never mentioned or any sexual assault. The information reveals much more about her long time Best Friend, Monica McLean who was never mentioned during the Senatorial hearings when Ford testified under oath followed by Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony under oath.


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Is Your Life Not On Track? Colombo Chronicles Live! Worldwide Online Radio with Rose Colombo and Special Guest, Jane Marla Robbins, Professional Actress, Poet, Teacher, Author, sharing “Acting Techniques for Everyday Life!” 10/26/2017

Do you know who you are as you struggle to find your life’s path?  Do you have dreams and passions but can’t figure out how to reach those goals because you blame everyone else and hurt yourself and those you care about?   We all struggle with our feelings and our thoughts and actions.  It’s not easy no matter how hard we try to be our best.  We need the job.  We want the job, but we aren’t sure we can get the job.  Maybe, you are up for a promotion and you can’t figure out how to make it happen.  When we behave in a positive manner then we attract more positive people into our lives.  Some times, we need the help provided to us by professionals who get it, live it, and found the secrets and are willing to share them with you and me.  Sometimes, we just need to build up our self-confidence and self-esteem.  Join Rose Colombo and her special guest, Jane Marla Robbins, a professional actress, writer, award-winning poet, and best-selling author.  She will share her poetry and share the tips and techniques in her popular Best-Selling book, “Acting Techniques for Everyday Life” so you can look and feel self-confident in difficult real-life situations.

Remember, you are not alone.  There is information, tips, and techniques, that each of us can learn so we can live a better life on the job and make our lives happier with our families and friends and become the person we are intended to be.  Who are you?  Who am I?  We all ask these questions.  What is our purpose and how do I reach my purpose?

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Listen Taped Live: Colombo Chronicles! Rose Colombo Speaks Out on “Female Genital Mutilation” Tripled in the USA Despite Laws Prohibiting the Barbaric Practice on Female Children

It is reported that there have been 500,000 Female Genital Mutilations disclosed or discovered in the USA.

The words, “Female Genital Mutilation” is an old Third World Practice and tradition in many Third World Nations such as the Middle East, China, and Africa.  This was rarely heard of until most recently in the USA.  In the 1990’s, Colombo produced a show on Salem Communications am-Fm radio stations exposing this painful cutting of female children that can cause death, sterility, painful intercourse, bleeding, depression, shock, and more.  It has no positive benefit or health care benefit and is generally done by non-doctors.  Since Obama and Hillary Clinton  approved a secret pre-planned Executive Order which Obama signed as soon as he entered the oval office on or about 1/27/2009 that ordered the migration of  millions of Muslims into the USA from Palestine, whose citizens are linked or members of terrorist groups, such as Hamas, as reported by Israel and credible news sources for generations.  Later on, after Obama left the Iraq vacuum that caused ISIS to form their terrorist organization, Hamas is reported to have  joined up with ISIS.  The Obama E.O. has and is migrating millions of Radicals and Terrorists into the USA under the guise of “Christian Refugees” or “Refugees” who are not Refugees as defined by law which is a fraud on Americans.  They are not escaping the tyrannical Sharia law to live in a free nation under U.S. law where they would be protected from converting or refusing to comply with Sharia.  Instead, America is experiencing radicalized young healthy men and some women, who state they are not here to assimilate on worldwide news and video, but overpopulate and dominate.  Thus, they brought with them, “Female  Genital Mutilation” which now has TRIPLED in the last few years on U.S. soil after Obama took office despite the fact it is illegal and prohibited in the USA.  Most recently two radicalized doctors who migrated into the USA from the Middle East were arrested for performing “Female Genital Mutilation” on two 7-year old girls in the USA.

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Listen: Justice Club 10/03 /Dr. Nick Delgado, author and expert on Health and Anti-Aging/ Rose Colombo’s Commentary re: ISIS/Ebola/FreedomizerRadio |Podcasts

Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Women Fight Back, Author, Advocate for Justice
Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Women Fight Back, Author, Advocate for Justice

Listen Taped Live:  Rose Colombo’s invited the Dynamic Special Guest, Dr. Nick Delgado, who will wake you up to the best health tips ever.  Americans are facing poisoned foods, poor quality imported foods from foreign nations, and attack on the farmers.  Dr. Delgado explains how to maintain a healthy immune system so people can live healthier and longer lives and remain active as they age, especially knowing that the population is getting older and Obamacare is all about taxes, penalties, death panels, and euthanasia, not about health care. Click Below to Listen. All shows with special guests and commentary produced by Rose Colombo at Freedomizer Radio are archived.

CthePower / Justice Club 10/03 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

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Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Constitutionally Speaking with co-hosts, the Knox's on Freedomizer Radio at Blog Talk Radio
Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Constitutionally Speaking with co-hosts, the Knox’s on Freedomizer Radio at Blog Talk Radio

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Congress ignores "limited Powers" and tramples on the Constitution!
Congress ignores “limited Powers” and tramples on the Constitution!

Are you concerned about your children and what they will be taught in the future in U.S. taxpayer funded public schools under the current regime?  Rose Colombo and General Rick Knox welcome Attorney, Lauren Martel, who practices law in Houston Texas.  She shares her expertise about Common Core.  Americans need to know  whose implementing “Common Core” to train up kids, not in the traditional American lifestyle that teaches reading, writing, and arithmetic, but provides for the federal government to think for the kids so eventually, they will be marching to the drum beat of the government instead of thinking for themselves.  Will the government tell them who and who can’t go to college or who and who can’t be doctors, lawyers, politicians, and engineers?  Will the government decide who will work at white collar jobs and who will work in blue collar jobs?  Will the government become the parent?  And, who is developing the computer program and writing the curriculum for Common Core?  Taped Live for listening convenience.

Click the Link Below dated 11/15 and move the blue dial to 90 Minutes to listen to Constitutionally Speaking with special guest, Lauren Martel, Attorney at Law, discussing Common Core, the Federal Government coercing the public schools to take money to implement their program, alienating parental rights with Co-Hosts Rose Colombo, Dr. Rick and Cindy Knox……or listen to both shows.

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The American Way of Life guaranteed by our Framers and God
The American Way of Life guaranteed by our Framers and God

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Taped Live and Archived:  Rose Colombo interviews,  PHILIP J. BERG, Esq. as they explore Obama’s eligibility and the first lawsuit filed in the USA with evidence on or about January 2009, but dismissed by U.S. Justice Roberts, who administered the oath of office twice.  Justice Roberts was appointed by President Bush as a Conservative, but when he dismissed the lawsuits on the basis of “no standing” even though, vetting a U.S. President properly is paramount to protecting a nation or leaving it open to foreign enemies, shocked me and the nation.  It was more shocking when Justice Roberts voted in favor with Obama and what he calls his “signature legislation” but is probably the health care program known as Hillarycare that was rejected by Congress back in 1993.  Bert is the first lawyer to file a lawsuit seeking the truth related to the  911 events.  Beg’s website is –  Move the blue dia with your mouse to 120 minutes to begin the JUSTICE CLUB with host, Rose Colombo taped Friday, October 11th, 2014.

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