Rose Colombo, author, asks you, “How many Innocent Casualties will it take?”

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“The government is your parent!” This is the new chant by the socialist Democrats pushing for more Entitlement Programs after failing to create 350,000 shovel-ready jobs with the Recovery Funds that funded Fast and Furious. Shockingly,  untracked guns were sold in Mexico to untracked cartel members, who killed Border Patrol Agents, Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata and hundreds of innocent people along the U.S.-Mexico borders without accountability by the U.S. Congress and Senate!

World War II Photos | National Archives

Hitler was a German Nazi who was an insecure man as well as a coward and a terrorist. He ordered the extermination of 12,000,000 innocent human beings throughout Europe (some experts say he murdered as many as 50,000,000 people). He ordered innocent people to be murdered, tortured, and terrorized and indefinitely detained and he confiscated their property, assets, and children. Hitler targeted and persecuted  mainly Jews, but also Catholics and Christians who hid the Jews.  He despised unhealthy Germans, the Dutch, Polish citizens and those he saw as weak.  He was determined to execute or enslave the masses into concentration camps and he succeeded because the people didn’t resist.  He thought of the masses as numbers or non-persons or as Obama stated, “bumps in the road.”

Hitler’s most horrific crimes were hidden prior to WWII and during WWII (1939-1945).

The psychopath who experimented with drugs whether Rx or non-Rx was seeking absolute world domination. He intended to be the world’s dictator and create the Master Race. The Nazi Holocaust must never be repeated anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, we have members of the New World Order or One World Government (NATO countries) seeking to lock down all Americans and force Americans to give up their Freedom, Liberty, and Rights, their inalienable Right to be Free and the Right-to think and choose and speak out.

I Was a Nazi, and Here's Why” | The New Yorker
In 2021, the U.S. government, under the BIden (BHO) and Democrat majority, they enacted the coordinate worldwide Agenda 21 to begin experimenting on the elderly and children worldwide and alleged that they would be taking citizens in Australia and Canada, to concentration camps should they resist being used as human lab eats for an Experiment on Humanity developed by Americans amd American NWO Wall Street fimdomg and secretly used funding from U.S. taxpayers.

The New World Agenda which can be read by googling “Wikipedia” online is Treason. It’s committed by Traitors of Western Civilization who appear to be committing treason, misdemeanors, High Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity worldeide as using human beings for an Experiment on Huamanity is violations of all human rights around the world without informed signed consent by individuals.

Americans such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci, George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama, Senator Dianne Feinstein, former V.P. Joe Biden and son, who became President of the USA under suspcious circumstances in 2020, and most Democrats appear to have embraced Communist China and Experiments on Humanity by leaders of the Free World. They also appear to have joined former deceased President George H.W. Bush pledging his allegiance not to the U.S. Constitution, but to the New World Order. Any person who pledges their allegiance to the New World Order or the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR foreign enemy ideologies, and the Communist manifesto, are foreign enemies and domestic enemies of the United States of America and the American citizens and Free People everywhere.

There are historians who claim that during WWII,  Adolph Hitler was an Austrian and some claim he was of Jewish descent, but one thing is for sure, he was one of the most evil men ever born and could be referred to as a demon seed.  Hitler terrorized Europe.  He shocked the world.  His insatiable appetite relished in the blood shed of human beings around the world.  He destroyed cities and  the lives of millions of innocent Jews and Europeans who were spied upon and whose lives were threatened and punished for opposing his regime. The citizens were terrorized by home invasions at gun point. I’d describe him as a sociopath and perhaps, even a psychopath, as well as a narcissistic man with illusions of grandeur.  He was a racist, terrorist, murderer, bigot, and he ruled with an iron fist and without conscience.  He was a demon seed who had tunnel vision, non-flexible in his thinking, and he was on a mission and exuded rigid non-flexible tunnel vision that called out Death to God’s children.

Holocaust : Top 10 Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals - Memoires de guerre
Nazi’s were secretly given safe haven in the USA after WW II and the Scientists were given top jobs with Disney and government agencies who continued on with their communist roots, it appears.

Yet, the words by a narcissist who demanded to be worshipped or else the non-conformist was severely punished and the people were brainwashed and trained up to stand in line and comply or else they were arrested. In America today, under the Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Dr. Collins (ret.), HHS, CDC, WHO, and Bill and Melinda Gates advice, Americans are to be isolated, stay-at-home, and trained up for distancing and to be 6′ apart at all times or else the police can arrest them despite the fact that they aren’t public servants elected by We The People and haven’t any legal, lawful, or constitutional authority over any American unless the people comply and get on their trains.

The news reported online as MSM doesn’t report anything of substance or truth any longer to help protect We the People from death panels as the WHO link, Dr. Koopman stated, they have 9 more pandemics ready to be unleashed on the world. And, online news reported that Gates has funded 19 more experimental jabs with Big Pharma. In a recent video, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates push for more people staying home and working and educating from home which is a tracking device through Mologic and BioNTech which they are invested with Pfizer. They also fund millions to MSM to promote their infomercials and silence everyone who dares question their agendas. Even Mark Zuckerberg, who helped fund Dr. Fauci’s research inb Wuhan says the FBI informs them of national security risks and whay they need to do. Really? This was seen in an online video with Joe Rogan. Bill and Melinda Gates expect to make $200 Billion deom rhwie $10 Billion investment with Big Pharma. The news reported that the jabs are bringing in $67 Million per minute around the world. Is it Health Care or about money, control, power, death panels, and enslavement? Bill Gates stated before chidren were even mentioned as portential lab rats for this human experiment prohibited on children in the original FDA approved EUA-PREP act that the current HHS Secretary revised continuously to suit Pfizer and it appears Bill Gates agendas because Bill Gates stated, They’ll “plunge a genetically engineered organism into every child’s arm” and no one asked what are you talking about and what organism!

Bill and Melinda Gates who control communications with their Billions are pushing for everyone to work from home, educate from home, so they can be more3 easily tracked and traced and spied upon it appears by them, and their partners, George Soros, and Klaus Schwab, Founder of WEF, World Economic Forum. None of these people are doctors, Ph.D’s, or Scientists or virologists, but money making Wall Street Billionaires seeking to sustain the planet by destroying it and depopulating it through microchips, barcodes, worlwide surveillance, and that is the Communist CPA way and KGB way of life.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates and Dr. Fauci announced more surprises and Pandemic #2 coming to the world and Bill Gates stated, “I will say that {pandemic #2) will get attention this time,” and Bill and Melinda have the biggest happiest grins on their faces. Who laughs or can’t control their joy when warning the world of death coming to the world by pandemic #2?

Bill Gates stated could cause about 10% or 15% (100B or 150B deaths), but inferred he couldn’t be responsible because it’s an “experiment.” They have abused the EUA-PREP act that originally stated that this FDA approved EUA and PREP act must not be used to harm people and if it does harmy anyone, it must be ended and cancelled as well as the 100% immunity from lawsuits, so it appears they have violated the EUA-PREP act many times over. In fact, doctors, Group Life Insurance companies, and morticians are stating there is excess mortalities of people after the jabs were rolled out in January 2021.

The Europeans during WWII were poor and hungry and when Hitler came along and promised jobs and clothing, shelter, and food, they were thrilled and ready to be taken care of by this unknown man who appeared to be able to put them into a trance.  Millions of people cheered. Cried. Saluted. Bowed. They willingly handed over control and power to an unknown man who they empowered by complance.

Once Productive and Strong Men were Starved to Death under Nazi Regimes – Communism – Socialism – Marxism whocommitted genocide in order for ethnic, religious, and political cleansing of the planet, it was Americans who saved the survivors and today, the current Democrat regime is sending our military to protect Ukraine’s borders and leaving America’s borders wide open that leave Americans vulnerable to injury, death, and economic disaster.

In America today, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, Microsoft business owners, and billionaires, together with George Soros, an anti-American billionaire, appear to be working overtime against the United States Constitution to overthrow it by using a coronavirus as the catalyst to deny freedom, liberty, rights, and the pursuit of happiness. Dr. Fauci, who Gates, Zuckerberg, Obama, Eco-Health, Soros, and others on the Left funded for his R&D at the Communist Chinese Wuhan Lab, advised President Trump to lock down the nation. CDC admits they lied about the number of positive Covid cases between 2019 and 2021 and they were fault PCR testing which the developer stated were never intended to detect covid. CDC is in the business of vaccines and has received millions from Bill and Melinda Gates as well as the WHO organization for decades. This isn’t health care. This is enslavement and overthrowing the Constitution of the USA and has killed or injured and destroyed more lives worldwide than it saved.

Healthy people don’t need to shut down their businesses or lose their jobs which is unprecedented in the USA as all viruses and diseseas can spread and if they really cared about saving lives, Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros would be encouraging and funding the Border Patrol, ICE, and Sheriffs so they would secure the borders. It’s that simple. But that isn’t the plan of the NWO or WEF and their members.

CDC admits that there were financial incentives offered for every case reported as covid positive and every hospitalization and every death recorded as covid death even if they died in a car crash or from a drug overdose. It’s alleged they offered $10,000 for the positive covid reports and $39,000 for each recorded covid death, so if they recorded 3 covid deaths in a nursing home or hospital each day, that over $100,000 in bribes, oops, financial incentives.

They have been violating our freedom to choose to control our own bodies and minds by using fear, coercion, and threats or donuts to cause people to have fear in their minds and create emotional, financial, and physical distress that if they don’t get jabbed claiming as Joe Biden did, that “if you get vaccinated, you won’t get covid” which is a lie because most people who got jabbed, got covid such as himself, Dr. Jill Biden, and Dr. Fauci. Explaint that to anyone with any common sense. They nisled the world that these are licensed vaccines by calling them vaccines – but they are not. They are experimental and trial injections with unknown pfizer formulas that the former Pfizer CEO refused to reveal what he’s injecting into human beings and the consequences as well as lied about mRNA and now Bill Gates and CDC admit mRNA alter your human God-given DNA. And, they are allowed to continue on with this program that could wipe out humanity if babies and kids are being sterilized as well.

his appears to also be part of the agenda to increase the number of cases and deaths so that Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci can justify and implement their mandated vaccinations, mandated microsoft digital immunity tracking cards, 5G Microwave Radiation Weapon that experts allege interferes with oxygen and is alleged to alter lung capacity and can kill people with respiratory health problems or the coronavirus.

Melinda Gates is alleged in the news to donate millions of dollars to reduce the population of the planet by funding Planned Parenthood which recently thanks to Judicial Watch who obtained government records reported is in the business of chopping up body parts of babies and selling them to the highest bidders which is organi harvesting while these same government officials condemn China for organ harvesting which isn’t a humanitarian private corporation that Obama and Biden and Speaker Pelosi and Hillary Clinton push as a woman’s choice, but a forced mandated taxpayer funded organization who uses babies as human commodities for human capital ($$$$$$) and human collaeral.

It appears the members of the secret societies including the CCP are members of the New World Order. It’s time to rid the world of all the alphabet agencies and in the USA restore the federal government by downsizing and defunding all the alphabet organizations involved with the New World Order agendas to reduce the population of the planet while they get wealthy and believe they will survive and redevelope a sustainable planet for themselves, ther 1%.

Rose Colombo says, “You cannot not have 2 Masters. You cannot be loyal to the U.S. Constituiton and the New World Order. You must choose. You can’t be loyal to the U.S. Constitution and be loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood. You must choose. You cannot be loyal to the U.S. Constitution and be loyal to the CCP or KGB. You must choose. No one can be loyal to 2 Masters. Choose wisely. It’s a matter of life and death, injury, and the loss of the Middle Class and being impoverished by them who are against us.

Under Obamacare, which I opposed and wrote the first blog in the nation posted on about February 2009, “Obamacare is Unconstituional and Illegal” alleging death panels for Americans only, and stated that the government doesn’t have constitutional authority to force Americans to buy a consumer product or service with their own money after taxes; and borders on extortion. It was sent to every senator and congressional member and Justice and read in part on the congressional floor with my name. My personal opinion is that Bill Gates compiled Obamacare that included mandated taxpayer funded abortions and vaccinations worldwide paid by Americans at Microsoft for his control over the planet using AI and all communications as the FCC has been complicit and then they retired probably wealthy.

The members of the New World Order and WEF appear to be using their money to overthrow the U.S. Government and the U.S. Constitution and enslave every American in the USA and in the world. Obama under Obamacare will set up a committee of 25 to determine basically who lives and who dies. And, if you don’t have your Gates digital communist vaccine immunity card then you can’t leave home without it. You can’t work or go anywhere. You can’t do or say anything without being spied on or tracked. You can’t travel without Bill Gates and George Soros and Klaus Schwab and Rothschild’s permission unless you have the Gates ID 2020 or 2021 mandated microsoft digital immunity card or nano-microchip inserted under your skin according to Dr. Yuval Harari and the never-ending vaccinations. It appears Gates and Microsoft will write the regulations on what you can buy or sell and he and his NWO team will regulate businesses and instruct business owners on how to run their operations. in the Gates-Fauci “new Norm.”

And, the good people of the world stood by and said nothing and did nothing until it was too late.  Hitler was the One World Doctor!  The One World Health Care Program!

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Klaus Shwab and NWO Members believe in the redistribution of wealth and that 90% of the population will own nothing under their AI and jab control and that you will be happy living behind barbed wire and enslaved to them. Where is the DOJ? FCC? FDA? AMA? ABA? Senators? Congress? Military? Are we the bait being thrown to the sharks?

  Some historians alleged that Hitler was addicted to drugs.  If true, then people cheered and elected and obeyed an insane psychopath addicted to drugs.  Perhaps, Americans did the same. The people had no choice but to worship him which is the same in Communist China. They saluted one evil man without question as their messiah.  They believed  his false promises and that he would take care of all their needs because he was a pathological liar and no one in the administration or Europe cared!   The Europeans lived in denial of the rumors of his evil deeds.  They didn’t fight back, except for the minority of freedom fighters, who risked their lives, to save the Jews.  Hitler promised the Germans that he would bring  hope and change to the world and he did.  He changed the world and they hoped that he would be overthrown once they recognized they were “easily tricked” when they got hungry and experienced Schwab’s, oops, Hitler’s change and transformation and the “New Norm.”

Hitler, the insane genius in a way, secretly intended to dominate the world under his Nazi regime, so he put all his minions in place and infiltrated governments by creating his National Civilian Security Force more powerful and more well-funded that the U.S. Military, so he thought.  He mandated that every individual worship him and comply with his mandates, requirements, and excessive regulations as he enslaved them like cattle and his robotic soldiers led the innocent sheep to the slaughter. They got on the trains because they believed that the hope he promised would make life better, but they were ever so wrong.  They wanted to believe the fairy tale that he had their best interest at heart. The problem being that they never asked him,”Who are you?” But others, were forced onto the trains or executed.

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The CDC, WHO, DHSS, White House, Bill and Melinda Gates, Big Pharma and Dr. Fauci, NIH, and NWO donors locked down Americans. We wsere imprisoned in our homes by people who didn’t have any constitutional authority to do so other than Obama and Biden possibly and secretly granting them some sort of police powers, like he did with TSA, who didn’t go through the U.S. police academies and become certified or licensed as police officers or Sheriffs to my knowledge. They never disclosed which constitutional authority that Gates, Fauci, WHO and CDC Director or the White House was applying since there were cures according to the doctors that they used for generations that were 100% safe and effective for covid such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine and took them off the shelves, but under what authority did CDC and Dr. Fauci do that? How many lives could have been saved? They removed those protocols from hospitals and nursing home and no one asked them in the senate why? A pandemic is a guesstimation by the CDC and that should never happen, either. It was not in the best interest of America or the children or elderly or the American citizens. All acts by taxpayer funded government employees elected by We The People must be constitutional and in the best interest of the health, welfare and safety of America and the American citizens.

And, the good people of the world stood by and said nothing and did nothing until it was too late.  Hitler was the One World Doctor!  The One World Health Care Program!

It appears that Bill Gates wants to make Dr. Fauci the One World Doctor and himself the One World HealthCare Industrial Complex as if one shoe fits all. Bill Gates doesn’t have a Ph.D. and he’s not a medical doctor, Scientist, Chemist, Biologist, but a businessman who appears to have helped create the agenda on overthrowing the U.S. Constitution and denying all Americans their Freedom, Liberty, Rights and Religion, Speech, and Thoughts using microchips and his Gates ID 2020-2921 communist vaccine passport if he succeeds. By the way, who is spying, tracking, and tracing all those who are members of the NWO such as Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Klaus Schwab, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Dr. Collins, CDC Director, WHO Director, and all the rest of the comrades who believe they have this power to spy, track, trace and control every human survivor of their agendas left on the planet?

Bill Gates must have a crystal ball. He predicted a worldwide pandemic. He stated that everyone worldwide must be vaccinated and that the population could be reduced by 15%. He stated that after the first mass vaccinations that 10% o 15% by the first vaccine round which is $100 Billion or $150 Billion people wiped off the planet, but doesn’t include him or any of his NWO buddies in their worldwide experiment on humanity which is Nuremberg Code violations and Crimes against Humanity knowing the Covid jabs don’t work and can cause and have caused death and injury, but why should they care if they continue to pretend the original EUA-PREPE act allows them to harm and injure people, which it did not. And, he most recently stated in April 2020 that 30,000,000 people could die. It appears that Dr. Death and Mrs. Death are all about Death to America, Death to Europe, and Death to the world, except for themselves and their wealthy members and PBS and MSM promote them humanitarians. Remember, Melinda Gates says that we’ll have to get use to working and educating from home and wearing “tennis shoes,” not “high heels” because you won’t be going anywhere and that although, they are “lucky” that they never miss a meal – well, too bad for you, I guess. So much compassion and empathy for humanity.

Ted Turner, donated $1 Billion Dollars to the United Nations Agenda 21, 30, and 50. Ted Turner stated during interviews that the goal was to reduce the population of the planet by 90% on the former “Charlie Rose show,” where he appeared many times. The New World Order members state they are “saving the planet” and “saving lives” and “reducing poverty.” They also donate to Planned Parenthood whose legally or illegally killed more babies than all soldiers who died at war. Nearly 2 Billion babies have been aborted since the 1970ss worldwide for-profits. Organ Harvesting. Human Tissue. Blood. Body Parts. The plan is fewer babies create open borders because it takes babies to grow up and continue protecting sovereigbn nations and securing the borders.

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Obama purchased tons of ammunition and 1000s of FEMA Trains under the Obama-Biden-Clinton regime from 2009-2016 with our tax dollars, but why? Why don’t Americans ask questions of these men and women? Oh, because, you are targets now as facist or threats to the Left and need to be silenced by media and Facebook and Twitter who Zuckerberg says they are the first go-to of what Americans should know or say, I guess. Just an opinion, Heaven forbid, an American should question anyone paid with our taxes – right?

For years, Hitler developed his National Civilian Security Force, which included millions of German soldiers, as well as, training up the youth to continue on with his movement of world domination.  Hitler’s army carried out his orders without conscience and without mercy against innocent human beings and reduced the population of Jews and slaughtered 200,000 children. He was engaging in ethnic cleansing and genocide, while the world remained silent for years.  Hitler’s reptilian side of his brain caused him to believe that he was born into a superior race.  He believed that only the race of his choice should live. He quietly built up his army and demoralized and humiliated the masses through famine, torture, enslavement , sterilization by chemical-laden vaccines and surgeries and threw them inbto concentration camps which appear to be called FEMA Camps today.

President George H. Bush and V.P. Cheney used U.S. taxes to secretly build FEMA Camps in the USA, but why?

Hitler enacted cruel and unusual punishments by enacting tyrannical laws by those he picked out to suffer or those who refused to comply with his physical experiments on the body and mind. Some of his experiments included radiation for sterilization. The enslaved, who weren’t executed on the spot after they were placed on a “hit” list for “assassination”  were treated as numbers and non-persons. U.S. Members of Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, known as the “squad” spewed what appeared to be “hate speech” but never suspended from Twitter or Facebook, or any Democrats in office to my knowledge. Omar referred to the U.S. Military as killers and white males as “non-humans,” who should be feared. So, why is she here in the USA if they think we’re such a horrible nation and people? Why are they okay with taking our taxes for their livelihood in that case? Americans need to step up to the plaet and take back their country and run for public office.

Shameful Democrats who supprted Rashida and Omar on video when they made threats and cursed a President of the United States of America and they were not expelled from congress by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Even the news reported that they were jihadist sympathizers like Obama appeared to be as he released them from GITMO and prisons during his 8 years in office. And Rashida and Omar are reported in the news to be key speakers at the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood secret and closed meeting on U.S. soil And the lft hired Pakistani spies to work on their staff

Why did President George W. Bush and V.P. Cheney use U.S. taxes and possibly Halliburton to build private prisons and FEMA CAMPS in the USA while Obama-Biden regime released terrorists and Felons from GITMO and prisons under their watch 2009-2016? Who are they for because America arrests and imprisons more U.S. citizens than any other nation on the planet, but it appears Australia and Canada could be surpassing the USA and alleging forcing their citizens into concentration camps in 2021 if they refuse to be used as human lab rats.

This tyrannical insane non-human psychopath without conscience, Hitler, was the epitome of a bigot and a racist. He killed just to kill with intent of creating a “One World Order” or a “New World Order.”  He set out to create his Utopian illusion of the world.  In order to accomplish his sick goal, he ordered human beings to be tortured by demented doctors and psychiatrists who used humans as human lab rats. People in American and the world should be asking if history is repeating itself and carrying on with Hitler’s advanced experiments?  The kidnapped innocent Europeans and Jews were treated as non-humans and that is happening today in the USA by anti-Americans who view fellow Americans who oppose their political views as enemies of their political views.

The Nazi doctors didn’t bother to use anesthesia or pain killers or disinfectants. In fact, it’s odd that immediately after Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx called out a pandemic in the USA, all the disinfectants disappeared from the shelves such as Lysol, Chlorox, Bleach, and Rubbing Alcohol. That is very suspect. And, Americans were told there was a shortage of ventilators and maks because former President Obama with knowledge failed to replenish the supplies after he called out the swine flu pandemic and threatened to punish Americans and medical staff with jail and fines, who didn”t obey him and get vaccinated with a fast track experimental jab, knowing in the 1970s people died and were paralyzed from the swine flu jabs that the government, Big Pharma, and MSM stated were100% safe and effective.

The Nazi doctors blinded people. Sterilized Jews. Chose young females of their choice to rape and conceive babies. In fact, Jeffrey Epstein, an international pedophile and child trafficker for about 30 years or at least since Bill Clinton was elected to be POTUS in 1992 was ignored by the Department of Justice. Epstein was long-time good friend of the Clinton’s who frequented Zorro Ranch according to credible sources. Epstein trafficked little white girls only to Zorro Ranch and forced them to breed with him so he could create the “perfect” race with his DNA. In fact, it was reported that he hired two Harvard Scientists to work on his evil project. There appears to be similarities of history repeating itself only on U.S. soil.

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The Nuremberg Trials of the Nazis after WW II

Sadly, Hitler’s doctors caused people to lose their sight. Hitler ordered the use of radiation to sterilize the Jews.  They mandated abortions. Obama and Soros, Chertoff, and OSI Systems were involved in using stimulus taxpayer money to fund TSA’s full body naked x-ray Radiation machines in U.S. airports with knowledge that radiation can cause sterility and cataracts, aging, cancer, and death. Does the airlines and OSI systems and Chertoff or TSA have full body naked x-rays of the Obama’s? Soros? Bill and Melinda Gates? Klaus Schwab? Of course not, they’re above their own mandtes for the rest of the world.

It appears that the Obama-Soros-OSI-TSA airline program mayu have hired people off the streets without medical licenses and without certification as medical radiologist and without going through the Police Academies and passing as Police Officers. In fact, some of their were criminals who stole personal items from the passenger’s suitcases or the intrusively molested an adult or child. Women were screaming out, “rape.” Americans were being physically raped but Obama didn’t care because he jetted about in Air Force One without being humiliated and subjected to radiation or full body naked xrays. Even doctors need a signed consent form to touch or see or radiate a patients. And doctors cover up the healthy parts of the body, but the government and airlines since 2009 has been cooking people at unknown levels and risking their lives because there is no reversing the direct adverse health effects of radiation.

The Nazis starved people.  The nazis committed genocide.  They committed acts that one wouldn’t even think of viewing in a fictional horror story.  These were not men and women of the black race or Latin ethnicity or other European ethnic nations, or the Asian race, but white German males who marched to the drum beat of their messiah and carried out these heinous acts to exterminate the Jews and anyone else they believed deserved to be tortured, enslaved and exterminated from the earth. Remember, eveil men have depopulated and made tribes extinct since the beginning of time never to be seen again.

Ironically, Bill Gates stated he has invested in “lab meat” and “lab milk” and Monsanto’s GMO seeds that haven’t any nutritional value for human consumption. He’s alleged to have worked to destroy the Farmers and the Ranchers by having Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx and himself in 2020 lock down the country which now destroying crops and causing the Farmers and Ranchers to lose all profits and kill the cows, chickens, and pigs which is protein needed for human health. In fact, it’s illegal, unconstituional, and a national threat for this current Democrat Regime and Gates who works with China as well as Soros to allow Communist China who threatens to wipe us out and steal our HOmeland to buy up Food pLants and 250,000 acres of Farmland in the USA recently in 2022.

The killing of these animals will cause a shortage of meat, pork, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk. It appears breaking down the food chain is part of the New World Order’s agenda that will cause a food shortage and skyrocket the cost of food that will create chaos and civil unrest as well as rationing and denying food by the New World Order government if they succeed. Climate Change is included within the New World Order. God is in control of the climate, not Gates, Fauci, Soros, Schwab, Rothschilds if that were true then we would have beautiful weather 365 days per year, right?

It appears that a shortage of food and water and loss of jobs and businesses to force people to be impoverished dependent on the government for handouts in exchange for digital tracking immunity cards and microchips is the goal as in Venezuela and China and basically, the same as Adolph Hitler during WWII without Microsoft technology and the 5G Microwave Radiation tracking and dispersing of crowds weaponry.

FEMA concentration camps for US citizens: What Our Governments Won't Let us  Know (Part 6) (Legacy of the Gods) - Kindle edition by Margrove, Gary.  Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @
The Book: Why do so many people believe the FEMA Camps were set up by the NWO LEFT in the USA?

Furthermore,  Hitler’s army  slaughtered 6,000,000 or more Jews and 660,000 Catholics, and 3,000,000 Christians, who hid the Jews and others. Thousands of  Germans were killed under the Nazi’s socialized healthcare agenda after Hitler appointed a committee to determine, who would live or die, based the person’s age, health, ethnicity, race, political and religious beliefs, and according to their worth or value to the German government. 

The enslavement by Hitler happened because people were poor and hungry and thirsty. It happened because people trusted and wanted to believe him. It happened because people feared him and his army. It happened because the people weren’t armed with weapons to defend themselves. They didn’t have the Second Amendment. And, Hitler didn’t have nukes or 5G or a microchipped army.

The first thing that will happen if Gates and Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx and George Soros and the rest of their inner-circle were to succeed may be to send their paid goons to knock down doors which is what Obama’s goal was as stated when he and Biden were in office 2009-2016 and Biden’s and Obama’s goal is happening under Biden’s watch by unconstitutionally expanding the federal government whose powers are limited by the U.S. Constitution, but do they care about the federal Constitutiona law? Will he use these 87,000 armed IRS army to go after MAGA supporters and President Trump and anyone who opposes the Obama-Biden-Democrat regime after all, he stated on national television and worldwide online that the 80 millions MAGA Americans are a threat to the nation – or is it to him and his family and the Democrats involved with Insider Trading and secret deals with Ukraine, China, Russia, and Iran? How do such threats not equate to a conspiracy to verthrow the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Government, and commit Treason, Misdemeanors and High Crimes against 80 million Americans who support this nation with the taxes and expect them to uphold the U.S. Constitution, not the agendas of the New world Order and New Norm.

PM, health officials warn Canadians against believing COVID-19 'internment  camps' disinformation | CBC News
Is this America or Nazi Germany as the FREE PEOPLE are complying with a flu of experimental jabs with unknown materials, trade secret formulas and mRNA never used on humans and after 2 jabs, all the test animals died. This covid flu has between a 99.6% for adults and 99.999% recovery rate for children according to international doctors. Not only do they state that mRNA genetic therapy is not a vaccine but a therapy that alters your God-given DNA, but also a whistleblower who worked for Pfizer alleged the Pfizer jabs include graphene and hydra-gel stem cells which is a dangerous EXPERIMENT on humnanity worldwide according to credential doctors and Scientists who have been silenced. Hilter experiments with experimental chemical-lade vaccines and drugs and surgeries on the Jews, Gays, Blacks, Christians, Catholics, anyone he chose to punish or kill. If they can experiment with chemicals on your body and mind, what will they do to you for their next coming experiments on humanity?

Consequently, the enslaved Jews and Europeans were viewed as discardable and disposable people.  This is known as “Human Commodities” for “Human Capital” which is evil! In America, Hillarycare morphed into Obamacare, which turned the federal government into a dual system operating as a [rogue and lawless] federal government. They no longer expect the wars as in the past because of the advanced technology and nukes, so they’re turning to humans for profit. It was President Bill Clinton who ordered the study while he was in office on “Human Commodities for Human Capital.” People should ask him why did he order that study?

How is it that Obama was allowed to take over the private healthcare system and use the federal government as a dual system to operate as the federal government and as a National Insurance Corporation making up all the mandates, regulations, penalties, taxes, punishments if an American couldn’t afford to sign up or didn’t want to sign up for a consumer products and pay for it after taxes with their own money. Obama puniushed Americans who couldn’t afford to buy Obamacare by financial penalizing them up to $2,500.

It’s interesting that during President Bill Clinton’s term in office, he signed a Presidential Directive on the study of “Human Capital.”  In other words, the study would conclude how the government and Wall street Corporations could use and abuse programs that utilized  human beings for profit based upon the individual’s age, health, and cost or value to the government and create a mandatory built-in customer base of citizens under the guise of “benefiting” mankind, but in reality creating more injuries, illnesses, cancer, paralysis, heart attacks for the AMA and Big Pharma for-profit, so perhaps, this is a war on Americans and the World by the 1% New Order billionaires and Leftist involved using people as their products – commodities – income.

In reality, the Democrat Comrades were creating an agenda that benefitted the New World Order and Big Brother as well as corporations such as Monsanto who works with Bill Gates and the GMO’s and lab foods. Colombo says, “Whoever controls the food and water, oil and apparently the microchips controls the people.” In other words, they will use babies, children, men and women as human commodities for profit after they’re enslaved which they began under Bill and Melinda Gates’ and Gates’ dad to reduce the population of natural-born Americans that turned out to be sn organ harvesting business and selling the body parts to the highest bidders.

This is exactly why Obamacare, in my opinion, should be repealed or nullified and rendered illegal on its face, immediately!  And, exactly why Rapiscam, oops, I mean Rapiscan, owned by OSI Systems, should be prohibited in my humble opinion, immediately. In fact, everyone was made homeless who was on the “hit” list or “kill” list that Hitler approved and if they survived, they were impoverished and sent to concentration camps and starved. Today, many people believe that the Clinton’s and Bush’s and Cheney secretly built the FEMA camps and private prisons for sinister reasons and if not, tell us.

And the good people of the world stood by and said nothing and did nothing until it was too late.

No Guns Please, the Graveyard is Full!
No Guns Please, the Graveyard is Full!

Hitler ordered the masses of innocent people to get on the trains like cattle that would take them to the concentration camps and they did.  He ordered the naive human beings to be humiliated and strip naked and they did as they were told at gunpoint.  (Today the current administration uses a sophisticated high-tech method to strip Americans naked by using a full body radiation x-ray scanner implemented by the private company, Rapiscan) without any protective shield because humans should never be radiated except if absolutely necessary by a doctor or dentist.

The radicals aren’t patted down and don’t go through the naked x-ray machines. The Obamas, Biden’s, and wealthy bypass their own naked x-ray machines and pat down and fly on private jets, but they aren’t legally, lawfully, or constitutionally granted authority to hold themselves above the laws that they mandate or enact for everyone else who pays their wages.

Why are they taking naked x-rays of our bodies. Radiation is a killer and can cause cataracts, aging that is irreversible, sterility and cancer and death?

And, they hired mostly immigrants at the airports to perform intrusive pat downs, DNA swabs, Iris scans, facial recognition, naked x-rays, and humiliate legal natural born Americans without probable cause. In a sense, they are raping us for profit while causing physical harm to our bodies by radiation which is a poison to the human body, but what about the brain cells? This was the test that Obama-Biden used to test Americans to see if they would comply by telling them if they didn’t comply, they couldn’t fly to grandma’s house. Stand in line and strip down but not Muslims or Illegals or them! Now, they’re telling us we can’t leave home without the experimental jabs.

Hitler  ordered millions of human beings tattooed with numbers and humiliated them by ordering them to strip naked, stand in lines at gunpoint, and walk into the showers, where they were gassed to death, which was his method of ethnic cleansing, while the soldiers and the world did nothing.  This begs the question how radiating Americans at airports by unlicensed health care professionals, to my knowledge, meet the health standards required by state laws of providing protective covering for the body and the eyes, since radiation needs precautionary standards. 

Americans should demand to know if failing to take those precautions prior to radiation could result in a slow unseen genocide that could adversely affect the health of people down the road.   After all, each customer is full body naked x-rayed in a radiation scanner who paid to fly to grandma’s house, not to have their constitutional rights violated or comply with a physical examination. 

This insanity all started with Obama and Biden Regime, while the Clinton’s were flying and other wealthy associates on the Lolita Express, without being patted down and naked x-rayed except for the victims that no one in the government appeared to care about or protect because of titles and wealth. Before Obama and Biden and Clinton’s and Kerry and Pelosi and Schumer and Waters took over the nation, America was still Free and still America.

They didn’t pay to have their health jeopardized by TSA exposing men, women and children to radiation.  Isn’t radiating people an assault on every American citizen?  If China took an American hostage and radiated them wouldn’t that be called out as a Crime against Humanity? And Americans who get cancer, cataracts, or young people made sterile, or the family’s of people who died with cancer will never connect the radiation at unknown levels at the airports or years from now will they link the experimental jabs with unknown consequences to humanity.

Shouldn’t Americans be asking the following:

  1. When did the initials Dr. end up in front of a TSA worker’s name or the initials M.D. end up at the end of the TSA worker’s names?
  2. Why are TSA workers performing health care examinations at airports allegedly without Medical State Board Licenses?
  3. When did TSA add health care services add certified X-ray tech to their job descriptions as security guards?
  4. When did the American Medical Boards, Medical State Boards, Consumer Affairs Boards, and Labor Boards regulating TSA workers, legally add health care professional duties to their job descriptions?
  5. Are the TSA workers performing the additional jobs as health care professionals receiving additional pay for those services?

Ironically, an FDA study was published that stated that TSA was radiating passengers at levels which were 10% higher than the stated levels that they led passengers to believe were “safe” levels. By the way, doctors say there is no such thing as safe levels of radiation.  So, did they notify those passengers that they had been radiated at extremely high levels so they could contact their doctors?

Are TSA Workers Trained Technicians with State Licenses? While law and medicine are the two professions commonly associated with practicing without a license, states have a variety of laws that impose criminal sanctions on other professions as well. For example, how did Bill and Melinda Gates become the world’s experts on vaccines, pandemics, and mRNA, and the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula or the safety and efficacy of experimental and trial jabs since they appear to be practicing medicine without a license which other people are charged and imprisoned for attempting to do? Just Askin’

The law states that doctors must be licensed and request permission to x-ray  patients or touch a patient’s body, but not TSA.  Even a police officer must have probable cause to pat down or examine a suspect’s person.  It’s disturbing that history tells us that Hitler used radiation as a weapon against the Jews and for sterilization and experimentation on human beings, so what’s the difference?  And it’s hypocritical that the FDA warns that radiation can have adverse side effects on human beings, especially children whose bodies are still in the developmental stages and shorten life spans.

And, the good people of the world stood by and said nothing and did nothing until it was too late.  (Let’s see: Under the Clinton-Holder regime, Bush-Cheney Regime, Obama-Biden regime, America has FEMA Camps, FEMA Trains, Rationed Food and Water, Lock Downs, Experimental Jabs and Therapy being injected into Americans under fear, coercion, and threat, and Pat Downs & Naked X-rays at airports, Iris Scans, Facial Recognition, 5G, BioNTech and Mologic owned by Bill Gates and George Soros to track and trace and spy on every human who survives on the planet. You do know that CDC, WHO, Gates, Fauci, NS all who threatened, and fear mongered, isolalted elderly and children, and coerced their victims, the world of human beings into their web of complying as human lab rats are crimes on the U.S. Law books?

Image of a ration book commissioned by the UK Ministry of Food for the years 1948-49. It has yellowing pages and a leather pouch to be kept in.
Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, White House, CDC and WHO created a shortage of food and access to necessities of life with their over reaction to a pandemic without the congress, senate and White House taking control over a flu with a 99.5% recovery rate, so was it about the flu or about making BILLIONS and taking advantage of Dr. Fauci’s research? Most recently, under the Biden watch, there wasn’t any baby formula for American babies because the news reported he shipped it down South of the Border was it?

Consequently, they pre planned to enforce the Gates ID 2021 Vaccine Passport to wipe out the U.S. Constitution which is treason, so maybe that’s why Gates stated he didn’t fear a nuke, because the plan was obey him because he said, “You have no choice” but to be jabbed or starve to death like in Venezuela as his and CDC and Dr. Fauci’s lock downs broke down the food chain and caused suffering for the American people and the world. Obey and comply or else you can’t work or buy or sell or survive. However, this agenda is Crimes Against Humanity, Violations of Nuremberg Codes, Civil Rights Violation, Necessities of Life Law violations, and constitutional violations as well as beyond immoral and unethical, down right evil.

It appears that President George W. Bush’s 2006 E.O. related to pandemics and civil unrest is coming to fruition as stated inside the E.O., so of course, Gates wouldn’t fear a nuke, because the plan is multiple jabs it appears. And as Rham stated, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And as Obama stated, “America is a battlefield.” And, as Klaus Schwab says, not to worry because “You will own nothing and be happy,” In fact, Bill Gates stated, “You have no choice.” He said, they’ll “plunge a genetically engineered oragnism into evey child’s arm” when the EUA prohibited children from being used during an EUA experimental and trial program. Bill Clinton said, “The American people must sacrifice.”

And, George Soros commented, “I will make China the super power in the world and devalue the U.S. Dollar.” Of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci remarked, “You will never go back to normal.” Let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton said that the Trump supporters on the right were a “basket of deplorables who should be sent to camps.”

Oh, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “The American people are ignorant.” And, Professor Gruber stated, “The American people are foolish and easily tricked.” I think I have to agree with Professor Gruber, I’m sad to say, but not because they are foolish, because they were too trusting.

“Abortion was introduced for Polish women by Hitler on March 9, 1943,” reads the poster, referring to a law passed by the Nazi regime during its brutal six-year occupation of Poland during ww II. Images of blood-red aborted fetuses are juxtaposed with Hitler’s brooding face on the poster.

Therefore, Americans should examine the government’s mandated abortions ordered throughout Communist China for depopulation of their female unborn babies. The tyrannical government leaders enacted a mandated abortion program, which violates the human rights of women, children, and the unborn.  Also, the Communist government monitors the monthly menstrual cycles of young girls which is demoralizing for young girls and women. 

These programs were carried out for at least 20 years, without an outcry by the U.S. or the U.N., which are programs for population reduction.  It was also reported in the news that they killed pregnant women carrying baby girls if they tried to hide from the government.  These laws should be seen as oppressing the rights of women and the Right to Life.

The news reported that the Communist Chinese would collect the fetuses and cook the unborn babies aka fetuses for meals or sell them in restaurants to sell on their menus as a delicacy.  These behaviors diminish humanity of the unborn babies with the intent to wear down the shock value so the masses don’t protest.  Some Communist Chinese citizens believe that eating the fetuses keeps them youthful.  One Chinese female doctor stated that the Chinese prefer to eat an unborn boy fetus, especially the first-born. After all, Stalin had the people who owned nothing as Klaus Schwab wants to happen eating bugs and bark off the trees.

Bill Gates who stated he would plunge a genetically engineered vaccine into every child’s arm along with his wife, Melinda Gates, say they are humanitarians saving lives when they support and fund Planned Parenthood worldwide and Gates’ dad was head of Planned Parenthood and also the abortion pill, so how is killing babies on abortion tables and wiping out their lives for profit part of saving lives and humanitarianism?

In other words, the hungry Chinese could be eating their own unborn babies fetuses in communist China, which is also known as cannibalism, but not reported as such.  Twenty years later, the Communist government discovered that they had aborted so many unborn baby girls that the mandated abortion law ended up as a serious problem.  After 20 years, the Chinese government found that there weren’t enough girls of marrying age available for the large number of young males who were seeking brides.  Remember, anyone who doesn’t comply with any laws laid out by a  communist nation renders severe punishment.

And, the good people of the world said nothing and did nothing until it was too late! 

And the Congress did nothing until it was too late!
And the Congress did nothing until it was too late!

Furthermore on or about 2010,  the 111th Congress of the United States, without constitutional authority, passed an unread national health care law and rubber stamped it “approved” and exempted themselves and the oval office and those they favored.  Obamacare includes hundreds of laws, requirements, mandates, death panels, excessive regulations, taxation, and punishments which violates constitutional law. The bill is known as ObamaCare aka the Affordable Care Act.  This draconian umbrella set of laws was passed against the will of the majority of U.S. citizens. 

Obamacare includes mandated abortions and death panels and early end of life counseling and euthanasia as well as rationing and denying health care services to U.S. citizens even if they pay-up-front, which equates to depopulation of future U.S. Natural-Born Citizens and a reduction of adult U.S. Citizens should they be denied health care treatments. This fits in with Bill Gates agenda that 15% of the planet could be reduced after being vaccinated and now he’s up to 30,000,000 people could dis as of April 2020?

Shouldn’t the American people at least speak up and demanded answers from the Decmorat majority of the  111th Congress who exempted themselves from signing up as well as Obama and his family and those he favored? They don’t have to pay up or sign up or be punished with jail or fines. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said,“We need to pass Obamacare to see what’s in it!”


Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping up the State of the union and disrespecting the Special Guests and the American People and the Great Republic in front of the entire world!

The 111th, 112th, and 113th Congress hasn’t justified under which constitutional authority they are applying that provides them the authority to exempt themselves from federal laws which they mandate for all U.S. citizens, unless they aren’t U.S. citizens!  In fact, congress exempted Muslims, refugees, union members, and illegals from having to comply or pay-up-front for Obamacare, but haven’t cited the law that grants them authority to exempt anyone! The truth is that Obama in my opinion didn’t have authority to take over the Health Care Industry by Executive Order and bypass the constitution, congress, and with knowledge knew that E.O.’s were never intended to change, alter, rewrite, the U.S. Constitution or make laws.

On the other hand, Hitler’s healthcare plan for everyone else except himself and his regime rated people as non-humans and tattooed a number on every human being  (today, it is called a bar code, fingerprint, Iris scan, or a microchip). The Bible prohibits Christians from accepting tattoos and microchips. Hitler used intrusive and invasive mandates that de-humanized and de-sensitized innocent human beings including unborn babies, babies, and minor children. 

Many of the children were removed from the custody of non-offending biological parents to be raised up by his regime.  Today, thousands of parents complain that Child Protective Services removed their children without just cause from their custody in the United States of America.  In fact, Senator Nancy Schaffer was murdered under suspicious circumstances, after presenting a scathing report on the corruption involving Child Protective Services which hit national news.

Children trafficked on planes Children trafficked in and out of our open borders. Children trafficked into tunnels. Children trafficked onto trains and taken to concentration camps and separated from their parents and some forever.

And the good people in the world stood by and said nothing and did nothing until it was too late as they failed to protect their 4th and 2nd Amendment Rights that all Free Nations must defend. Americans are protected by the U.S. Constitution unless they don’t fight back against the NWO’s agendas such as the current lock down of the world. Remember, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates and Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx haven’t any authority over any person in the USA.

They can only take such authority if the American people give it to them by not filing Lawsuits or Injunctions and demanding investigations into their intent as written and stated and yet, it appears that they’re intending to commit a genocide and crimes against humanity and overthrow the U.S. Constitution and enslave Americans and every person on the planet. MSM has covered for him from what his and Klaus Schwab and Soros’ agendas happen to be….but Americans aren’t “ignorant’ or “small minded.”

In November 2010, the news reported that under Obama’s watch,  Michael Chertoff,  the former secretary of Homeland Security, who earned taxpayer wages under Obama’s watch, admitted that he intended to set up a private business for himself and Obama granted him stimulus tax dollars to treat Americans as criminals for profit. Obama and the wealthy have us paying for our own demise by using and abusing our taxes for their New World Order agendas.

This is more of the Human Commodity study ordered by Bill Clinton. They’ve been using every American for their personal and financial and political gain without being held accountable for the scandals and the conflicts of interest while abusing their positions of power and diverting our tax dollars without any accountability by even funding foreign enemy nations and making Communist China wealthy and empowered to come against America as they’ve threatened while buying up our Homeland which should be considered treason if the leaders of this nation don’t stop this insanity like yesterday. Prohibit Communist China from buying anything in the USA and give them their money back!

Businessman Holding Money US Dollar Bills On Digital Stock Market Financial  Exchange And Trading Graph Double Exposure City On The Background Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 92158072.
Greed! Follow the Money Trail! Using Human Beings as Human Commodities for Human Capital is sick.

Does it surprise you to know that George Soros owned substantial stocks in OSI systems? Rapiscan uses every American man, woman, and child as human commodities for-profit at the airports and for training up Free People to get use to being stripped and standing in line and obeying the New World Order. Under Obama’s watch, he and Michelle pushed for transgender and same-sex bathrooms, showers and lockers in public schools and businesses. Their morals are questionable. It appears they may be taking hair strands and DNA swabs as well as naked x-rays.

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough lawyers asking under which constitutional authority is Obama and Rapiscan and OSI Systems using that provides them the authority to radiate the bodies of every American knowing that the FDA warns that radiation has adverse side effects to human beings or animals and the environment?  And, which constitutional authority are they applying that provides them the authority to play doctor and violate the privacy rights of every American man, woman and child as well as treat Americans as criminals while they give foreigners from terrorist nations a pass?

This author says, “The only stimulation by the installation of the naked body radiation scanners is the stimulation in the bank accounts of the CEOs and the Wall Street fat cat investors.”  The government is aware that radiation according to the FDA and Medical Journals can have adverse side effects to human beings and can even be deadly, but the federal government has shielded themselves from lawsuits but they violated their immunity rights.  Recently, the government went after tanning salons and regulated the small business owners who can be sued and fined or jailed under the government’s new regulations because of the radiation, so instead, they went straight to full body radiating everyone, so who’s regaulating them?

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Planned Parenthood brings in multi-Billions of Profit every year and Pfizer and Moderna Jabs are generating multi- Billions in profit in less than a year with their FDA approved experimental injections with mRNA therapy and no liability for those injured or who die from the jabs which is all depopulation of races and ethnic nations on the planet using Human Beings as Human Collateral and Human Commodities for Human Capital. And, Bill Gates and Public Servants, Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors and all Investors are making money off of humanity.

 Doctors have written articles that inform people that every human being has different health issues and each person reacts differently to radiation and there aren’t any safe levels of radiation.  Dentists and doctors use what is considered safe levels of radiation, but they still cover up all other parts of the face and body and walk out of the room before pushing the button.

Medical reports warn that radiation causes free radicals to react and begin killing off the healthy cells. and it’s not reversible. Radiation can cause cancer. Americans pay for a ticket to fly not for a medical exam by a non-medical and non-licensed doctor without consent. Every doctor must have consent form signed or they can’t touch the patient, so how is the government getting away with this evil Obama-Biden-Chertoff-Soros-OSI-airline agenda?

Patients Rights and Informed Consent: A patient must give informed consent. In essence, informed consent means that before a doctor can treat or touch a patient, the patient must be given some basic information about what the doctor proposes to do. Informed consent has been called the most important legal doctrine in patients’ rights.

How many terrorists have they caught by naked x-rays at the airports when the illegals and jihadists come through the open borders and welcomed by the Obama-Biden staff who shake their hands for violating our immigration laws, I suppose. How can they catch jihadists and cartels and gang members or felons when Obama and Biden and Hillary Clinton were funding their flights late a night and secretly using our taxes into the USA without any inspections while releasing terrorists from Gitmo and prisons who murdered American contractors, Journalists, civilians, Military, and Navy Seals.. And, he and the Democrats continue to release terrorists, jihadist, cartel and gang members after illegally crossing into the USA and even from prison, but law-abiding natural-born Americans who own this land and are born on U.S. soil and pay to be protected are now the criminals if they oppose illegal migration or don’t show our identification when entering or leaving the USA?

1)  Does Rapiscan/OSI Systems make a profit from every person radiated?  2)  Does the federal government offer incentives to Rapiscan owned by OSI Systems for each person radiated and what happens to the scanned x-rays?  3)  Why is the federal government exempted from lawsuits and how is it legal to use US tax dollars to fund private corporations who use radiation machines that can cause health risks such as cancer and death to U.S. Citizens down the road?

Christianity vs. Chrislam and God vs. Socialism!
Christianity vs. Chrislam and God vs. Socialism!

Ironically, the radicals, who flew into the U.S.from the Middle East, boarded U.S. planes without providing identification and without checking their suitcases and without a pat down or being radiated.  They attended our schools and work at jobs without being identified as radicals.  Public servants work in the White House who aren’t vetted or identified and have ties to radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.   So, why are law-abiding U.S. Citizens, who have clean backgrounds, being treated as the suspected criminals while the actual radicals can’t be offended as they are exempted from complying with the same mandates imposed on Americans?

In other words, American men, women, and children can walk into an airport healthy and could be walking out of the airport unhealthy and traumatized believing they were raped or their health put at risk. For example, a terrorist who killed more than 200 people and caused millions of dollars in property damage was provided the best legal defense U.S. taxpayer dollars can buy for him in a civilian court  and there was a chance he could be set free.  So, more than one decade later, why are law-abiding Americans subjected to radiation and physical groping while the actual terrorists are treated as guests who aren’t to be offended?

Consequently, foreigners from anti-American enemy nations are filing  lawsuits to exempt themselves from the same treatment at the airports that is imposed on Americans.  The news reported that the Secretary of  Homeland Security stated that foreigners from the Middle will probably get “special consideration?”

How is it that CAIR filed lawsuits for the exemption of  Muslim women and kids from being radiated or groped, while innocent  American women & kids aren’t exempted?  Remember, the Wall Street elite and the wealthy elite won’t be groped or radiated or naked scanned because they fly in private jets!  Shouldn’t Americans be asking the question, what’s the difference if a stranger molests or rapes you or your child on the street versus the unconstitutional authority of the Obama regime to grant TSA workers at airports, who aren’t law enforcers, doctors, or licensed and certified technicians to  molest or grope and view your naked body and that of minor children without written consent or else prohibit free people from using their paid ticket to travel? This is what Bill and Melinda Gates suggested as well, limited travel from her own lips. The fact is that the pedophile who acts out is performing the same acts prohibited by U.S. state and federal laws that they grant to TSA.

Should Americans not wake up and ask how is it morally and legally and constitutionally right to touch women and children in their private parts, which on the law books, is a crime?  How about pedophilia or pornography and how does the government know if a TSA worker is a pedophile, yet, they arrest people who have porn on their computers, so where is the common sense?  What if the public servants denying due process or law are closet perverts?  After all, many public servants have been arrested for leading double lives as perverts or pedophiles.  These facts should be considered when your emotional and physical health is being affected by the decisions of your public servants who Americans pay with their hard earned dollars.

Ironically, a person who looks at naked women or kids on the computer  during work hours can  be found guilty of a crime, but not TSA employees who are naked x-raying people and to the best of my knowledge, they can’t produce health care licenses at the airports.  Shouldn’t Americans be asking under which authority of the U.S. Constitution is congress or TSA applying  that grants them the legal authority to use humans as human commodities for profit by suspending or denying the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and allows Americans to protect themselves from being harmed?  1)  How does radiation affect an unborn baby?  2)  What if the woman doesn’t know she is pregnant and she’s radiated at the airport?  3)  What if a person doesn’t know they have cancer or a disease? 

Also, let’s look at # 4)  What if the person is on specific medications or has specific health problems and shouldn’t be radiated?  5)  What if the person doesn’t know they have breast cancer or skin cancer?  6)  Can radiation shorten the life span of some people if they are over exposed to radiation?  7) Can radiation damage the eyes and cause cataracts? 8) Can radiation accelerate the aging process?  9) Can radiation trigger cancer?  10)  Can people already being treated with radiation be adversely affected?  11) Can the radiation trigger death?  12)  Can the radiation cause free radicals to kill healthy cells and damage the brain or body which doctors have stated is irreversible?

For example, Hitler sterilized people with radiation. Today, let’s say a passenger was over exposed to radiation in a tanning booth or over exposed by the sun and then ended up radiated at the dental office and the airport. These are reasonable behaviors of people, so shouldn’t Americans ask if over exposure to radiation, especially implemented without protective covering on the body and eyes,  as performed at the airport, can trigger adverse side effects to an individual’s health?  After all, TSA isn’t reviewing the health issues of each passenger before radiating them and that is very dangerous in my opinion.

Furthermore, it’s  my opinion that the federal government is hypocritical for funding a private corporation with U.S. tax dollars (Obama promised to use those tax dollars  for shovel ready jobs and to repair the infrastructure.)  Obama’s granting millions of tax dollars to a former federal employee under his watch for a private business is stunning and it should be considered to be political nepotism.  Of course, this business obviously will make Chertoff and investors extremely wealthy since he has a built-in never-ending clientele.

It appears that the federal government suspended the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, due process of law, as well as, privacy laws, and assault and sexual harassment laws, so Rapiscan, Chertoff and his investors can force every man, woman, and child to go through the naked x-ray scanners and be radiated for their profit.  I see this project as an  untested radiation experiment used on Americans with immunity to those who own it and approved it. The results won’t probably occur immediately, but take months or years, but the damage to the healthy cells is done. In 2022, a doctor stated that there will be an increase of cancer in the USA and the world by 2030. Another doctor stated that 50% of all young boys will end up with autism by 2050. How is that if these same people enacting these programs by their New Norm Big Pharma Covid Communist Cult Industrial Complex is all about health care?

And the masses of good people said nothing and did nothing about their 4th Amendment and Second Amendment Rights until it was too late!” And in 2021, Bill Gates, George Soros, CDC, WHO, White House, DHSS, Surgeon General, Pfizer, Moderna, China, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the NWO came for the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals. Then they came for the adults who were employed. Then they came for the Law Enforcers. Then they came for the Medical Workers. Then they came for the Military. Then they came for the Young Adults and Teenagers. Then they came for the Pre-teens. Then they came for the 5 Year-olds and Toddlers and small children. Then they came for the Pregnant women and Babies. And, then they came for you…..Don’t get on the train.

(Disclaimer: Nothing stated is intended to be legal, medical, or financial advice, only a dissemination of information for educational and entertainment purposes only.)


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155 thoughts on “Hitler Said, “Get Naked” And The Masses Did! Hitler was Everyone’s Doctor, Judge, Jury and Executioner!

  1. anyone with a brain could see the parallels of Hitler and Obama during the campaign. Coincidentally, or on purpose, at his speech in Germany, pictures of adoring Hitler followers looked alarmingly similar to Obama thrill-down-their-leg zombies. And still, there are millions who are asleep. At least some of us are not being quietly led to slaughter and are fighting. Hitler was also into the “green” movement.
    Hitler and Muslim Mufti were in cahoots and now are “leaders” let them off the TSA hook, when, supposedly the whole reason for all this is them.
    Never Surrender!


    1. But other than speaking out and protesting, how are we any different than Germans during the Hitler regime ? Here in the US they now have gone from “nudging” to “shoving” the American people. Their method of overwhelming us is working. This week its the TSA. Next week it will be a Bill to take away our right to have grow gardens. Then give illegals all the freedoms to come into our home (U.S.) and help themselves.


      1. America is different because we take children away from biological parents more civilly through our social services and courtrooms under the guise of justice even if the parents are non-offending parents and just filed for divorce and we make it extremely difficult to grant custody or visitation to grandparents. Americans can have their assets and properties taken away civilly under eminant domain or through divorce courts and bankruptcy or criminal courts even if it should have never happened in cases when unethical lawyers and bias activist judges do so and then the victims are written off as disgruntled litigants.


    1. They are saying it – in a modern more sophisticated manner – full body naked x-rays – molesting women and children and men – (quite a few TSA workers arrested for molesting and stealing) – forcing law abiding Americans into a radiation machine that is operated by non-healthcare professionals and reported at least twice the radiation levels were too high – (radiation kills healthy cells and can’t be reversed) – just a more civilized sophisticated way of forcing innocent people to be radiated and naked photographed – and molested –


    1. Thanks for the reminder – and he’s also reported as a Jew – but wanted to conceal that – In fact, the royalty in England are of German descent – and four sisters married Germans and embraced the nazis – changed their German names to English because the English resented the nazis during the 40s.


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